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Tiled Under nn Apple Tree, nnd the
Lnwy. . liltoned I p Hit
Fx-President Harrison's death has
recalled an interesting incident in tlie
early history of Johnson county, Ind.
The event, according to the Franklin
Star, took place in White River town
ship in August, Isjti, and is interest
ingly related by James Collins, one
of the principals. .
Berrin Reynolds owned a large
flock of geese, and near him resided
Rev. J. It. Surface. The wandering
disposition of geese is a well-known
fact. The ganders of Mr. Reynolds'
flock were wont to stray away over
the fields and garden of Mr. Surface.
This was very annoying to the min
ister. He patiently put up with the
trouble for some little time, but Anal
ly patience ceased to be a virtue, and
he decided to get rid of the trouble
some geese. One day lie drove them
off into the woods, where they wan
dered away and were eaten by the
wild animals that infested the timber
in those early days.
The outcome was a suit filed before
Squire Abraham Miller by Mr. Rey
nolds, claiming damages. Mr. Rey
nolds’ attorney was the late Col. S.
P. Oyler, •and Rev. Mr. Surface was
ably represented by the then young
but rising attorney, the late Gen.
Harrison. The trial took place under
an apple tree that Mr. Collins says is
still standing. The trial was by jury.
Squire Miller, besides being justice
of the peace, was a Lutheran preach
er. Mr. Collins the fact Hint
dttrimr the trial all were coat less,
that Gen. Harrison wore no suspend
ers. nnd during his argument before
the jury would occasionally stop to
pull up his trousers. The jury dis
Her Heartless Yomift llrotlier Cured
Her of Her Desire to
There was an incident of Easter Sun
day that was not down on (he pro
gramme of one of the prominent
churches of the city, but which caused
considerable amusement to some and
satisfaction to others of the worship
ers. says the Chicago Chronicle.
Among the attendants were a young
man and his sister. The youth was
aged perhaps 15 years aid he was.
therefore, at that unromantic period
when faintness in one’s womankind i u
regarded merely ns a beastly bore and
not as an occasion for sympathy. The
young woman was perhaps three years
his senior. The services were long
and before they were half over the
girl swayed as she stood listening to
the Gospel, turned deadly pale and
clutched at her brother's arm.
“I'm going to faint.” she said.
“No. you’re not, either,” replied that
youth in an energetic whisper. “Here,
here, wake up; don't shut your eyes.
What’s the use of fainting? Stand
steady: whoa! now, old girl,” nnd all
the time he was uttering these tender
directions he was poking his compan
ion in the ribs as only a lusty, health;,
15-year-old boy can poke.
The effect was magical. Half a
dozen vinaigrettes and a host of palm
leaf fans could not have brought the
young woman to herself as quickly.
Given no encouragement to lose con
sciousness. she quickly pulled herself
together and was able in a few 1 min
utes to leave the edifice.
W hen This Monkey Got Drunk Hr
lletvau to Throw Asvny His
The unusual spectacle of an intoxi
cated monkey, gaudily dressed in red
and gold, throwing nickels and pennies
at a crowd of children almost resulted
in a tragedy on Chestnut street the
other morning, says the Louisville Cou
The monkey was more intelligent
than most of his race. He wasn’t
young, and his queer behavior could
not be attributed to his inexperience.
Of course, he was the property of an
organ grinder. Up beyond First the
“musician” stopped and ground out
“I'd Leave My Happy Home for You,”
always a favorite with the neighbor
hood students.
At a second-story window the 1 illl >
beast saw a man standing. The stran
ger beckoned and the monkey quickly
climbed to him. The window was
opened, and the' little climber disap
peared within. Five minutes later Ik
climbed down the lightning rod. Aft
er that the whole monkey family would
have been scandalized could they havi
witnessed his actions. Fora block he
was unruly. Then he began to sep
arate himself from the money which
he had collected. Nickels flew in ev
ery direction.
But the animal kept on jabbering
It was not his fault that, lie was drunk
When he went to that second-story
window the young man offered hin
whisky-soaked bread, and the animai
ate heartily,
11 ii nm fit ii Down tier's Sallies.
The dowager empress of Russia is
the possessor of the finest collection
of sables in the world. One of hci
mantles, which she wears in winter
sledge drives and in traveling, has a
lining worth $50,000. It was made ol
kins gathered for her by the gov
•rnor of i polar province where taxes
.re paid in kind with furs.
A \(■ IV llritlsli Ally.
People who have been disposed tr
doubt the stability of the British gov
ernment may as well cease looking fut
its downfall, says the Chicago Record
Herald. J. Pierpont Morgan has
agreed to take hold and help it.
Amt of \onvj.
The entire area of Norway is about
three times the size of New York state
Of Berlin, Germany, the Expert Specialist and Surgeon.
Who has visited Manitowoc for the past SIX YEARS.
Once a Month, will again be in
Manitowoc* Saturday, May 25th.
IDs Specialist
Beca, *sc he gives
his entire attention
to these cases.
AH Cases He Undertakes Guaranteed.
YOi IMF. VIFM If y JU ur, ‘ troubled with
1 V/UIAU ITIUIX nervous debiPß, stop ill
ness, or an l otherwise unfitted for business or
study, caused from youthful errors or excesses,
you should consult this specialist at once. Don't
delay until too late.
iVI A MKIPI There are thousands of vou
.TlMrminus troubled with ak
backs nud kidneys and other unmistakable
siitus of nervous debility. Many die of this diffi
culty, ignorant of (because. The most obstinate
cases of this character treated with unfailing
A? ( HKF 0(1 delicate nature—in-
U I J J!_ J (laminations and kindred
troubles—quickly cured without pain or incon
PAT A DI>H which poisons tin- breath,
\jr\ I /-Al\i\l I |
the way for Consumption, also Throat, Liver,
fi PRW POINTS f l-t—The doctor gie.-s his personal attentn n to each individual ease,
n Iu Hr -Ulltid. Cj] —yh busiu- - mnducte ion a professu mil basis and Ktrl?tly confidential.
3d—Names and pictures never published unless requested to do so. 4lh—The doctor's patients
are bis friends.
WRITR your troubles if living away from city. Thousands cured a liom - by correspondence
llUiiD and med ibsolutt iy in nal dealings* Address
ill letters, giving street and numb- r plainly. Send stami s r r list of questions.
DOCTOR TURBIN, 103 Randolph St., Chicago, II!.
Ouo of Hie \ ililt* !?*•! U‘ii Poiirn n
Bottle til* Scent on
Clot lies.
There is a drug clerk near the
Coliseum who has not jet recovered
from an experience he underwent
when the sportsmen’s show was run
ning in the building. One afternoon
two Indians who dwelt in tht ir tepe s
yn the edge of the miniature tank
and lent an air of picturesqueness to
the scene entered the drug store, says
the Chicago Chronicle.
“Heap smell,” said one of the red
men in guttural tones, pointing to
the show eases where the toilet ar
ticles were arranged.
The drug clerk looked puzzled and
Itis visitors regarded him with stoical
“Heap smell,” said the Indian again.
The drug clerk reached into the
ease and drew out a cake of scented
toilet soap. The Indian sniffed it dis
dainfully'. first tearing off the highly
colored wrapper. Then he cast it on
the floor and placed his moccasin-cov
ered foot upon it in disgust.
“Heap smell! Heap smell!” he
said, impatiently. The clerk’s face
suddenly brightened. Reaching into
i collection of bottles ornamented
with pictures of violets and roses and
other botanical specimens, he drew
one out. The Indian sniffed it ec
statically and then drew from the
pocket of his buckskin garments a
large American dollar. Without wait
ing for his change he drew out the
cork and poured the contents of the
bottle on his person, ilis companion
smiled approval and the two went
softly out, closing the door gently be
hind them.
“And they say the Indian isn’t civ
ilized,” said the drug clerk, musingly.
That In One IteiiNon W ily the Mary
land troii of Diamond Hacks
It huh Short. *
The crow is the evil genius of the
turtle just as of the diamond-back
and other terrapins. When the warm
days of spring come and the female
terrapins and turtles leave their beds
in the marsh the crow goes on guard,
knowing that a season of feasting is at
hand. Hoth terrapins and turilesseek
the warm, sandy uplands near the
shore to deposit their eggs.
A hole is dug several inches deep and
from 20 to 30 inches oblong, white
eggs are deposited and then the nest is
filled or covered with sand. Having
neatly piled the sand over the eggs,
the turtle raises herself just as high
as is possible, then comes down with
a heavy thud on the sand. This is
continued until the sand is quite hard,
when the eggs are left for the sun to
In the meantime the crow has been
on guard, and by means of his sharp
bill and strong claws the work of
breaking into the treasure house of the
unsuspecting turtle is quickly accom
plished and the feast is soon over. The
crow is considered by many lobe the
greatest enemy the diamond-back has.
It is an easily established fact that
the crow destroys thousands of the
eggs of all kinds of terrapin, not mak
ing an exception of the diamond
C It's* far easier to set a good example
than it is to set an old hen tr regulate
an incubator.
Business Men
realize tha fact
that Dr. Turbin
can be depended
on to fulfil his
promises in every
respect, and tho
doctor has
among his patrons
sc mo of tho
most prominent
business men,
who are his best
Hi-art, Kidney, bladder and all constitutional
ami internal troubles; also Rupture. Files,
Fistula, Dy-Diarrhoea and all diseases
of the stomach and bowels tre.au- far in ad
vance of any institution in the conn .ry.
Scrofula, Tumors, Tetter, Eczema ad Blood
Poison thoroughly eradicated, Ir iving the sys
tem in a strong, pure and healthful state.
I APi IF Q If you are suffering from persistent
*- rt L/IL-J Headache, Painful Menstruation,
Uterine Displacements, Pains in Hack, ami feel
as if it were impossible f.,r you to endure your
troubles and still he obliged to attend your
household and social obligations. There are
many women doing this to-day. However, a
great many have taken treatmei t of this spe
cialist, and he can refer you to those who have
been cured by him. Give the doctor a call. He
can give all’ the encouragement in the world
and will cure you if you trust yourself to his
jf? Z 7?/ ('■’
\D /■/
This siprnaturc i on ctvr> Ikc: •■ '. ho gcnt;i:v
Laxative Bro i tine
ho remedy that euros ;t cc!d £:i one day
**sr%, A practical
tl ” B ' M 'kin w!i (lyre of
I1 ■ 1 Painting.
ilijr. carriage and
landscape paint
ini'. kalsoinin'ng, mixi ag colors, con
trading. etc., from om Painter s Book
' hir book of 25 years experience in sigi
ami house painting i.- so explicit that
even boys can team themselves tlu
painter's tnnle in a. short rime. 25 illns
tinted alphabets are included in oat
iddres ■■ Val Schreier Sigi
Works, .Milwaukee, Wis,
Be Fooled?
©The market is being flooded
with worthless imitations o!
To protect the public we cal
especial attention to our t r..
me.rK, printed . nev <r> p
ate. Demand tne genuin .
Fox bale by all Uiutx^h-
There’s honor among thieves -especi
ally when they hang together.
A dark horse is better than a pulitica
Manitowoc, Wisconsin.
1.. I). MOSES. Pkesuiv vr.
LEAXDEBCHOATE. VkkPi:.;siiikxt,
Don't Be Duped
There have been placed upon tin* market
several cheap reprints of an obsolete edit ion
of ** Webster's Dictionary." They are being
offered under various names ui u low price
dealers, agents, etc., and in a few instances
as u premium forsubscriptions to papers.
Announcements of these comparatively
reprint* are very misleading. They nro nd
vertised to bo tho substantial equivalent of
o higher-priced book, while they are ail
Reprint Dictionaries,
phototype copies of a hook of over llfly
yen ra ago, which was sold for about S'i.oo, ami
which was mu oh superior to these imitations,
being a work of some merit instead of one
Long Since Obsolete.
The Webster's Unabridged Dictionary pub
lished by our house is the only meritorious
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Webster’s International Dictionary
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Size 10x1% inches.
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STANDARD AUI HORITY of the U. S. Supreme
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Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.
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to it the best for the family snd student.
Size ipet.es.
Specimen piiyes either hook sent for the luting.
G. & C- MERRIAM CO.. Springfield, Mesa.
Over-Work Weakens
Your Kidneys.
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood.
All the blood in your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes.
Tiro, The kidneys are your
i blooJ P'-' rifie: they fil
,er out - !hs ' vaste or
Vli?rr inipurmes ta tne Hoed.
K~W L-Ja y _ Ifr 1 ! If they are sick cr out
k wl of order, 'hey fail to do
their work.
rKkf' 1 ■ i Pains, achesandrheu
j matism come from ex
cess ct uric acid in the
O blood, due to neglected
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick cr unsteady
heart beats, and makes one feci , though
they had heart trouble, because the heart is
over-working in pumping thick, kidney
poisoned blood through veins and arteries.
It used to be considered that only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
but now modern science proves that nearly
all constitutional diseases have their begin
ning in kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mile
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidne. • is
soon realised. It stands the high t r its
wonderful cures of the most distre ,ng case
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cent and one-doliar slz-Kigw .. .ii.
ss. You may have a' 1
sample bottle by mail Home , r M t u
free, also pamphlet telling you h / to fine,
out if you have kidney or blac: .r trouble
Mention tins paper when writing Dr, Kilmei
& Cos., Binghamton. N. Y.
\ I.II'KVKUS, rongenlloiM. , I•• t)fiicii2itt
fUKESJtimi*. Luim l over, Milk IV%rr.
I!. II.JHIMI \ Lumeiien v Inji r:i *,
'TUKti i Klll'UtUOllNlll.
i\ i . l>OKi: I IIUOAT, Quinsy, I ii/ootlc,
CUBES ) IMoU iiiimt,
cuk’s | WORMS. IloiH, Grub*.
11, K. jCOKiIH, (old*. InfiuniAi, inflntned
• 1 hjw ) Lunge, Pieiiro-PneuiiMMiln.
I’, F.M lll.ir, |{U‘Myacht*, Wluddllo-.ui,
cukes) IHarrlicn, IKwenlrry.
Prevents MBM UiKUA(>K.
clues * blauoeuuimihukhs.
I. I. )KKI\ lIhKASKS, I'miidon-,
cubes 51’lctTM, (ircnM 1 , Farcy.
I \. >lt \ U i OMilllOA. Font.
< l itiis {linlii-t*'ion. Monmch dtaiucr*.
60c. < ?h; Stable! us•. t inSpectfl* I |‘.
At druggists or sont prepaid ou i price.
Hi’mpl.reys’ Medicine Cos., Cor. WiU mi.v .’onu
Sta.,New York. Vkvkkwaby 51amm. mat Khki
nnd Prostration from Over
work or other causes.
Humphreys’ Homeopathic
No. S^8 t in use over 40 years, tli only
successful remedy.
$1 per vial,or special pachagewithrow itr.ibr $5
Sold l.y Druj gid/, or nciit p.>*t paid oui> ! uc.
ill Ml’llUKVa* Jlfcll, O., Cor. William it J il;:i ■ ~ V . VorK
'•W’uniuu, unlike man. d<-n't w, i
hip the almighty dollar," sml tin 1 ,-corn
t'ul mi.-s. "Nu," admitted tic -•> ui, a
individual. ■•her divinity i.s tin- almighty
■til cents."
[lie American Month]}
Review of Reviews
wishes r, Si cure tin active .subscrip
tan went in yum city.
to tin energetic worker. Tin re nr,
it number of intelligent persons i:
your acquaintance who ctnmot
afiord to dowithout this tuagaidin i,
a Presidential year. You will line
it pleasant and profitable oeetip:
lion. Write 1 for par.icnlurs to
‘.({ency Department
Siie Review of Reviews Compasi}
13 Astor Plate. New York Cits.
How < lifivit*t k Convey V(ia>
Ur 111(‘* from (Mm* Locality
(o Another.
The manisr in which animals may
be conveyed from mu area or region
to another hy what may ha caia,
chance agencies has always fonm a .1
subject of idiic*li interest in the eyi so)
naturalists. The same 1 pinion 111:1 \ h>
expressed of the dispel , til of plants
says the London Chronicle. ihmvin
found over so seeds in a tilth'clod ot
earth attached to the hifof a mig rat-
ing bird, and we can r adily imagin
how such agencies s. t ie to widen the
distribution of life. Sir C. Lyeil gives
an instance of a pig an animal popu
larly believed to be nll ything hut an
adept at swimming laing found far
out at sea bravely in .I ing its wav to
ward some haven of n 1, Such ani
mals as tortoises tnav 1 asily he run
vexed on drift wood mi 1 long tracts of
ocean. A recent report of the Indian
marine survey gives a ease in point.
A female leopard was brought down
1 he Mottlmein river and came aboard a
cargo steamer. Then she swam to
land and was thereafter dispntehi I,
Snakes were also found on the flouts
of the paddlew heels oi the surveying
steamer, having been carried down hv
the flood. A lucky -ittlentent in a
new territory tint implies the extend
ed distribution of a race. It Is inter
esting to note how greatly what we
may call chance may influence the 1 x
tension of life over the • art It's surface.
11 ——.
Skirt afTertions will r adily disapptar
by using De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve,
Look out for aountcih'it- If you get
De Witt's you will get good results. It
is the quick and positive tire fur pil,-.
Henry Hiarichs.
De Witt's Little Early Risers search
the remotest parts of tli • 1 towels ami
remove the impiuiri- —-lily with no
discomfort. They are famous for their
efiicaey. Easy to take, never gripe,
Henry llinriciis.
Accordinc to Till* \iithnrify It linns
to the Ha k i>l pcs ut \\ lilch They
Are \ cry Fond.
Now that Prof. Darner is instruct
ing us ill the language of monkeys, it
becomes a matter o family' interest,
as it were, to note any peculiarities
of development in the animals from
which the evolutionists maintain that
the human race descended or, more
properly' speaking, ascended. It may
be classed with the study of geneal
ogy'. The author of “Studies in Cor
sica” touches on monkey music in
speaking of the bagpipe.
“The well-known boast of patriotic
Scotchmen that the bagpipe is sacred
to Scotland, and speaking a language
which only Scotchmen feel, is as
slight in foundation as it is dubious
in imp - . In Syria, in Persia, in
Afgh: an and India, in fact,
throiij. out the south of both Europe
and Asia, the bagpipe is known and
is enthusiastically cultivated.
“in India, if 1 may believe some sol
dier friends, the pipes attached to the
Highland regiments are far more
enjoyed by the native population than
the best brass bands of other bat
t a I ions.
“Nay, so much akin to our original
nature is the dulcet music of Hie
simple bagpipe that it is the one sort
of music which stirs the monkeys
For, according to the testimony of
the same officers, the Indian mon
keys, although unmoved by bands,
are so powerfully fascinated by tin 1
Scottish pibroch that when a detach
ment of Highlanders is marching to
the pipes, and when the roadway tra
versed is lined with trees, the mon
keys will follow the troops with -agns
of delight, scrambling after I hem
from tree to tree. Emm facts such
as these one cannot doubt that the
bagpipe i.s one of our oldest instru
mad:: the hoppers frisky.
Kvultiiijx Knct* ll*('\voen KnnivaryuM
That Unit llccii I)n[l<■<) with
\\ IlliiU}',
“The most exciting race I ever wit
ness! and was between three Kanga
roos." said J. b. Stevenson, of Sy 1 1 -
ney, Australia, reports the Denver
I hist,
“A friend of mine, Henry Huberts,
lias a huge plantation out in the bush
in (yieensland. One day he said to
me; ‘Stevey, did yon ever see a real
good Kangaroo raeeV 1 had seen tin
great hojip *rs playing round tie
bouse, lint never a race. He disap
peared and I do/ed off to sleep in lay
liammoek. An hour later I was awak
ened by the shouts of my host,
'book! Hook!’ he cried, in great ex
citement. ‘Here they come!’ (dan
cing out over the broad,green pas
ture north of the house, I beheld the
kangaroos. The three were dying
over tin* short grass. neck and neck.
“As they drew nearer I saw that
ribbons were steaming from (h< •i r
necks, lied, white anil blue were the
■olors. They approached at astonish
11 g speed, making- straight toward
Huberts, who held aloft a small lias
ket tilled wit 1 1 some vegetable. At
last they reached us, a big brown
' .myarim with the red ribbon slight
ly in the lead.
“HoHerts emptied the basket before
hem, and some sugar beets fell to
the g round. Eagerly the kangaroos
1 \onred them and an odor of Ikpior
arose. Huberts had fed them beets
soaked in whisky, had led them to tin
edge nf the pasture behind the pale
and then retraced his steps to the
house, calling his pets. At a signal
one of hi-- men had lowered the bars,
md the intoxicated kaie. aroos, greedy
'or more of the sf ran ye beets, rushed
after 1 heir ma - ter,”
%*.•*•> of tin I iilnovi n of
\lwii'ii;iiiON in flit* WiltT*
of ItoriHMi,
A strange tribe Juis just been dis
ruiei al in Horneo by Dr. \. \V. Nieu
w* "hit's, the (list inp iii.-ln and Dutch i >■
plon r. As he was traveling fhrotiph
he district <if Sarawak he heard from
he putties that at a little instance
there was a mountain tribe which no
Kiiroi an or America had ever v
rd, and straightway he went t,■..)i. ,
and in a day or two found himself r,
the In adpuarters of these unknown
aborigine--. At once he saw that they
differed from all other natives of
Horned, and he spent some weeks in
a■-ii u,i t big himself vvitn their enri
on.- customs and also in studying
tiieir country, which is entirely mi
nnow n to foreign travelers. In this
way lie aienmnlated a mass of new
material, which he intends to give to
the world at an early date in the
form of a hook.
This is the second journey which
Dr. Nieuw enhnis hits taken to Central
Horneo. He first went there in 1895
md explored the sources of the Ixa
putis and Mahakkani river#, after
which he re.urned to Em - pe. where
he at once obtained an ■ ppointment
as director of the Hotanienl garden
at Huiten/.org. In 18(i'i he went again
to Horneo, intendin'' to thoroughly
explore tin* interior of tin* country,
and it is claimed that in this task lie
has succeeded better than any pre
vious traveler.
\ It rlt lull <i-ii ten n rln ii.
King Edward ha- an aged subject
in the British islands who cannot
speak the language. Sin* is Mi Mary
Stewart, a descendant of tin* Stew
arts, of Appin, and was born in Ar
gyllshire, in 1701, so that sin* hat
seen live sovereigns oti the throne.
She has been .VI years in service at
different places between Appin and
Inverary district. She is still halo
and hearty, and able to get up and
about. The old lady does not know
any English, hut speaks Gaelic.
CT \TK*F WlscnNStV ('m.vrv Docrt i "i. ■
Maxitowoc C'otim In 1
In the matter of the estate of Anthony Kelly
An U'trument in writ tint, purporting to is
the h.t will and testament of Anthony Kelly
•if .Maultowoe, in said eonuty, having been
delivered into said eourt:
And William Kelly, of town of Newton
in saiil comity, having jiresenled to said
ei urt his petition in writing duly ' erillt and. rep
re on tine among other things, that said An
thony Kelly die I testate, at Manitowoc
in said eoiinty, on the llth dav of Aj>ri 1
l!tn|: that said instrument is the last will of
-aid deeeased and that William Kelly
is named therein ns executor. and praying
that said instrument 1- proven and admitted
to prol ate and that letters testamentary hi
thereon issued to William Kelly.
It is ordered; That said petition and tin
matters therein lie heard, and proofs of said
last will and testament he taken at a speeial
term of said county court, to he held at tin
nrohate offlee in the city of Manitowoc, oi
Tuesday, the !S|h day of dm. -. luol. at 10 o'clock
A M.
And it is further ordered: That notice of the
time and place of said hearing he given hy pnh
11l ation hereof for three successive weeks once
• ai h week, previous to the linn of said In-army
in the Manitowoc Pilot a newspaper published
in said Manitowoc county.
Dated May lath. IWI,
By tin-I’onrt,
•IS A N IM’.KSi )N, < 'onnty dm lye
Ilealv A.- dove-v Attorneys.
Publish maylh-'llsf 1
• ’ll the matter of the i Hat of Anton Mod
rm-ll ips -i -;t... .I
< >n leading and tiling tin- petition of Mars
Mndr ■ h sdininisirator of the estate of said
■'•i isl tor the ndinstment and aUov.ane- ot
his ielm; 1 i-i rni s.n aeeonn* and tin- assist,,
menl of l In- residue of said estate to such m ln i
p -rsi ms as ais ■ hv low entitled to t he same;)
If is onh red that said tint he examined
■l' 't -d in and iMowed a: a special term i -aid
orll to he held at Iheollh-io f thee.amty Jndgi
n I 1 " ellv -d Manitowoc. in -aid eoniitv, o'
• ay. the 1111 dune. A I* hull.
; 1 her order and t hat upon tin ml n- Mm-n'
litnt ; liowatn eof-m lm tint hy this eourt Hr
ih'ix -aid. tln> residue of said estate he, hy tin
art h- forilei-andiinlpnii-iit of titisei -urt. assign
'd to siii li persons a- are hy law entitled to tin
It i further ordered that m tiee of the tinn
.ted |di of ex.-ini:uitii .11 ami allowance of sue)
fee,nmt. and of the a-sb nment of the n-sidin
of said estate he given to all persons interested
hy publication of this order for Ihr
*ii ks. h-ifore said day in The Mnnitow oe Pilot
a weekly rew spaper pi ini.-d and published at
tin- ■ it v of Manilow is- ain I -hate of \\ i-eoiisil .
Dated Mn\ Ith M'l.
By the eourt.
.I s AN I)K ItSON. t 'omit v .ludge
Adolphs < 'hlotipek. Attorney for said estate
IV nlish May it, 1(1, Si.
IN IMif'li.xTK Manitowih-I'oix rv l'mu r.
1 In the matter of the estate of Katherim
Kr;vl,so|i deceased.
■ hi reading and tiling tin- petition of Jh nr'
Mnlh-.llai.il, administrator of tip- .--late ■’
Katherine Krieksoe. deieiised, setting furl I
the nn.or.nl of lien mini estate that has me ti
hr- hand-, ami the liisj ositioii thereof (In
amount of debts outstanding against said di
.eaMl and a description of all fin- real estati
•f will, h said dm-, ased died seized, and tin
condition and value of the respective portion.-
tln-ieoi and prming that license he to hin
rat I. dto sell all the inti rest ..f said di .-ease,
ill and 1.1 -a and real i tat.- and ii appearing In
a.‘ i cl. , it, ; I ai t her- ■ is m-t ■ u lit.;.-i-1 p.-r
■'■nil 'Mat* in tin- hand- ..f said 11. in v Mu
- ollaial, immlnii-trator to pm said debts, and
that It i- a --nr ti order to pa-, 11 . —.me. I.
- II all -.T said r.-al estate, it is therefore or
fi'ed lino all person.- inter, -led in - aid estah
■I'D at I . lm* 'ids . oi.i-t .... dav Hi • D; I
in of -Inin A I > i at 1 ■.. k A M . a'
! - prol ai.-, ificc the city of Manitowo -. u
sin r. c.nfy. then and Hu re in -l ow i arise and
nv tin n- i .-I win i.-.-r -• -d-i.,-:d not Is- gran
I "1 I . ■ (."I Ih in \ ’iiilln. Bai-.l II said t.-a
•till, aei oiiiinu' to tin- prav-ruf said pd itn.n
Aid ii- f'ln ther ord. n and that a copy ~f tin
--i di in and shall he pnhll In-d h-r four suecessivi
■a- I pi m- in -nid dav oi hearing in tin
Manitowoc Pilot a weekly newspaper prime
mi ji-ihii-ii.it at Maniti w-.c. m said county
I;- i• ■ 11111 1 vs. -n on al' persons Inten-sti-i
' at' l ! *at idinir ni said u.iiiily. at leasi
■ ’IS d.i! vs hi-ti-• e said dny ol hcacii'g
Dated ai. Mnnltnwi the Hith day of Mm
\ l>, ••>!.
ih till* Court.
■I S. \m-chson ('minty .1 mlge
Dm-tnd A Hongeii. Allorneys.
I’nhllsh May Id. lid .June
i'll K M)l>* I'll I I’M MISUCSSI.N KA II
W \\ I,AMIS I OK S \ I K
Tin* North-Western Line has tor salt
in Northern Wisconsin, at low prices am
i-. sy trims of payment. ahiiiit tidu.iii 1
■ !' chuii r fnnn land*.
Fatly buyers wili mcum* tlit.* udvan
tageof li ca:iiin- on tln* many beautiful
t;t arns ami lakes, which aboard wit'
li-li and furnish a next r ending and must
Mvjh it watei ii] plv, both for family
use and for ti.ck.
Land is generally well timbered, tin
•oil fertile and easy to cultivate, am.
this is rapidly developing into out* of tl e
'n atesi 'hi ep and cattle raising ri gior
111 tile '■oil thv, est.
Fhieago, Mihv; Ilk. e St, I 'aid, ,M in lie
apolis, Duluth. Superior, Ashland and
other towns on The North-West* n
Line ' furnish get and markets for st. ek
and fat in prodm e. For■further j.artic
iilars address; Geo. W.. Hell land coin
misioin r. Umlson, Wi-., orG. 11. Mcltae
As.-si-unit tieiieml Passenger Agent. St,
Paul .Vinn. . jm JT.
New and Tn|rc\id feniu’ to St
Haul and rtinnenpulis
.in the North-W. stern bine. To fur
' her accomodate its many patrons m
■ nle to the ■ Twin ( tties from points
’i of .Mitv.aide e, tlie ( hieago A
>i-rlli-Western It'y now runs a Fret* He
elining ( hair ('.is-on the evening tiain
Milwaukee. Via Pond tin Lac, connect
ing at Appletim ,Tci. w ith train leavii g
Manitowoc at id) I’. M . connect ing
with train leaving A; pletoii .let. bi'.Vi
I’. M. arriving at St. Haul and Minin*
a pot i-,-early tin* next morning, and con
necting at Merrilhin with similary eqn
iped train ft r Duluth and the Superiors*.
Like s* rvi 'e southbound. This in addi
tioir to the Hallman Sleeping ( ars which
are run on the mi me trains daily between
Foil tin Lae ami Minneapolis. Apply b*
agents Chicago and North-Western.
"<>ur little girl was unconscious from
strangulation ilnring a Midtlen and ter
rible attack of croup. 1 quickly se
cured a bottle of cine Minute Cough
< ure, giving ln*r tin* ■ di-os, The croup
was mastered ami our little duriiug
spot tllly recoven and So writes A L.
Spaffoi’d, Chester. Mich. Henry Him
H. A. Danforth, of Lu(rrange, Ga.,
suffered for six months with a frightful
riiuning sore on his leg; hut writes that
Bucklens A mica Salve wholly cured it
in five days. For Fleers, Wounds’ Piles,
it's the 1 test salve in the world Cure
guaranteed, only Ck, Sol Iby Henry
The forger may be v bold, bad man, |
but he is ever ready tu right a wrung.
Between Chicago and Davenport-
Arrangements have been made with
the Davenport, Rock Island & North
western railroad, whereby standard fir- 1
class couches are now run between Chi
cago and Davenport and Kwh Island,
leaving Chicago at 10.00 a. m., arriving
in Davenport at 2:30 p. m., Rock Island
at 2:45 p. m. and, returning, leaving
Rock Island at 3.20 p. m., Davenport
3:45 p. m., arriving in Chicago-at 8:30
p. m.
I B preserves and pickles,spread H
I|| 8T ANQARp’oiL CO. j||
tfeTJT V ’
>1! M
Tlmt rapidly I?vel>j*in>r tenitorry
which occupies the northern halt of
Wisconsin i- not new -nough to cn x
the hardships and v" i-sitndes of
- lite. and not old enough > ••<■})
away the intending Settler on acu - :.t
of exhorbitant land prices. It is in t'-at
stage of partial development which gi es
j-Ci* at opportunity to bring it tothe higb
est j oint of jeilVcth n and prosperity.
Schools, good roads and other improve
ments are going in. All that i- needed,
is a small capital. Prawn and brain,
supplemented by push and energy will
do the rest. The iron ore, marl, kaolin
and c!a\ bed.-, the timber and the rich
soil, give i t,mil opi ortntuly to the -• til
er and the manufacturer. Land is chi: p
and can 1>• • purchased on easy terms.
Tin; Wls.l ONSIN i I, NIK AI. KV.
ofVis facilities for the i,nick and tin p
Irnnspontation of its products and a- tlx
line penetrates tie very center of tiiis
vast ntirliiern territory, choice of !,.ra
tion is not confined to any one particu
lar locality. Interesting pamphlet- an 1
map- fully describing this iieautilnl and
rich country can be obtained by addin -s
W. If. k’lI.i.KN,
Land and Industrial Commissioner
IJt’irniN Johnson*. J.\r. r. Poxn.
C. F. A. (leu, Pass. Agent.
: olby \ Abbot I’ldg.. Milwaukee, Wi-
>' ■■ ~ I!AbV fi
vtti Nov* r 1 . .4 to !{* tore Or.
‘ e ' WW ‘ •'*.!•'> <Ut It ( ...
> I '• I >BI"I .-til I ,G t I I 1., b
-V-ba. : r 1 !
The only reason why some people nev
er go back on a friend is because the
friend w iidt stand for it a s, eond tin;*
Mr. W. -I Baxter of Nortn Brook N.
F. -ays lb* tried iimnv remedies* with
no results until he men De Witt s Wit b
Hazel Salv * ami that quickly cured him
Henry llinriehs.
oi i> soi nn ii s i \ hi im.M F,
M. M. Austin, a civil war veteran, of
Winchester. Iml .writes "My wife was
sick a long tune in spite of good dt ctor s
treatment, but was w holly cured by Dr.
King's New Life Pills which work. *1
wonders for her heath." They always
do. Try them. Only '.’.lc at Henry
iri; ii ti' i\ m\ iionts
Distressing Khlney and Bladder dis
eases relieve*l in -ix hours by the "New
Great South American Kidney Fui
i his new remedy is a great surprise on
account of its exceeding roniptnes- in
relieving qaiu in the iihuloer, kidnej -.
hack and even part of the uriimry pas
■ 11
tenth at of water and pain in passing it
almost immediately. If you want quick
relief and cure this is your only semedy.
Sold by F. C. Buerstutte, Druggist. Mani
owoc, Wis. tf
1 o the Shipping Public of .Manitowoc.
1 have found it advisable, for the inter.
•st of all shippers in the city, to expedite
tb 'irshii meats, to cl se our warehouse
ai o'clock P Mto enable us to loud ail
freight that i- brought to our warehouse
during the day. 1 tin I from experience
that it freight is receive I up*to the la>:
minute of ti o’clock, that we ace unable
ti> get the freight loaded for that day
and it causes dissatisfaction to the slee
pers, as well as the receivers and * a ti. ■
account I U g ami urge every shipper t< >
try iiis very iiest to get freight deliver
ed at our warehouse before or up to and ■
clock I* M each Jay ami 1 assure you
that you will lie belli r pleased with the
dispatch of your freight that you are
sending out 1 hope 1 w ill have you;
co-operation in this nuitti V.
Yours Very Truly.
(’. A. Hr tri MAt’sEX.
A*. I'.NT 0. & N. W. Ky.
Van Lookt But detau t golf make
yon tired. D** Tret—"Not half so
much as some of the golf joins that ap
pear in the comic papers.”

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