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Maxwell Gray—who wrote “The
Silence of Dean Maitland”—is the author
of the complete novel entitled "Four
Leaved Clover” in the June “New” Lip
pincott Magazine. This is a story of
English country life. The heroine starts
off by declaring that she is ' ‘incapable
of adopting other people’s raves, and
she sticks to this sentiment throughout.
In fact, her loyalty to “a sweet and
noble gentleman” who is the beginning
and ending of all her hopes and thoughts
and affections leaves little time for
other enthusiasms. Not that Marcia
Ludlow belongs to the sickly sentiment
al sort of young woman, She is a splen
did type of frank, athletic English girl,
with the added charm of unexpectedness
in all she says and does; and Maxwell
Gray has made her the centre of a very
alluring love-story. The luck of clover
is sometimes almost lost sight of, but
tradition wins the day.
The name of Cy Warman generally
presages something to do with rail
roads. “Oppressing the Oppressor” con
firms this impression, for it is a story
of a political railroad deal, which may
recall real episodes in the reader’s ex
perience. The author himself says that
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“the remarkable part oi the story is the
fact that the building of the side-track
in an open plain turned out to be good
“Her Maiden tame,” by “Snzette”
[Caroline Lockhart], must appeal to
many persons at this season of crowded
ocean travel, when unsuspecting girls
are likely to meet such men as “Horace
Sylvester Monteith” coming to America
“to make large investments in laud" —
or for other reasons.
Clarence L. Cullen, whose “Tales of
the Ex-Tanks" have diverted many read
ers, contributes a humorous skit called
"An Enemy to the Throne.” It is
about a French Minister of Finance.
“Rah, Rah, Rah, Murry 1 A Story of
Princeton Campus,” is by Burton Egbert
Stevenson, author of “At Odds with the
Regent.” This is undoubtedly one of
the best in the series of College Tales
now T running through the "New” Lip
pincott. and does honor to the Orange
and Black.
* *
Almost everybody identified with
lake shipping aw’aits more or less
anxiously the annual appearance of the
“Little Red Book,” the 1001 edition of
which has just come from the press of
the Marine Review Pub. Cos., Cleveland.
It is purposely made small —vest pocket
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other vessels controlled by the same
interest. The value of the book as a
work of reference is obvious. It is ex
tensively used by business houses that
furnish supplies to the vessels, as well
as by persons desiring to send out circu
lars or other business communications.
The book sells fcrfl.
* *
The June Forum is largely occupied
with the discussion of national and in
ternational affairs. The leading article
by Prof. Paul S. Beinsch, deals with the
large question of “Governing the Orient
on Western Principles,” and considers
especially the lessons of British experi
ence in India. Albert G. Robinson sup
plies an account of ‘ ‘The Work of the
Cuban Convention.” Harold Martin,
vigorously protests against the methods
“The Manila Censorship.” Henry
Litchfield West draws upon his long and
intimate knowledge of Washington pub
lic life for an estimate of “The
Senate in Our Government.” Municip
al affairs are presented by a paper in
which Gustavus Myers, an authority
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upon the history of New- York v'ity gov
ernment, sets forth "The Secrets of
Tammany's Success.’’

Among the topics editorially treated
in the June Review ot Reviews are
‘‘Parties in the South,” "The President
and His Journey.” “The Cubans at
Washington,” "The New State of Mind
at Havana,” "Notes on Industrial War
and Peace," "The New English Taxes.'
“Lord Salisbury ami Ireland, The
New- British Army Bill,” “China and
the Indemnity,” "Improvement in Phi
| lippine Conditions,” Hawaii’s Political
i Deadlock,” and "The Exposition Sea
| son.”
in .
landscape paint
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Hold I'rnxH uiul HIuITn of tbc Sra
eoniit Arc Protected by tUc
Mont Modern Unin.
The coast of Ja{>un, notwithstanding 1
its long shore line and numerous har
bors, offers scant allurement to an in
vading army. There is very little
beach; the bold crags and bluffs over
looking every spot where a modern
war vessel can ride at anchor are pro
tected by strong fortifications de
fended by the most modern guns.
Veddo bay, the most feasible bight
for invading purposes, needs careful
navigation, even by steamers of mod
erate draught. When torpedoes are
planted it is simply impregnable, says
a writer in Collier’s Weekly. When the
war with China broke out a small
st earner v> a- select ed t o pilot merchant
steamers up and down the bay. 1 re
member perfectly the unexpected
curves made by this steamer, showing
plainly the countless dangers beset
ting a hostile fleet, regardless of the
care that may be used in feeling its
way. .Vo invading army could possi
bly land; and even if it succeeded in
doing so, the rice tields, readily sub
merged as they are. would aid materi
ally in thwarting the advance and in
isolating : bo enemy. A sue
vnsion of Japan is simply impossible.
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Charitable Practice That Cast (tiieen
Victoria About #1.500 a Vcnr
for Forty Tram,
“I had once,” writes a correspond
ent of the London News, “the curiosity
to write to Windsor castle and ask the
origin of the queen's charitable prac
tice of giving a ‘bounty’ to women who
had given birth to triplets. I had a
very courteous reply from the queen’s
private secretary explaining that the
first gift to a woman who had three
children at a birth was prompted sole
ly by her majesty's sympathetic feel
ing toward her. The ease had hap
pened liiiiime to the knowledge of the
queen, and she sent a sovereign for
each of the newly-arrived little llrit
ins, as an assistance to the mother in
aer embarrassment of family treas
jres. This had happer* and about 40
years ivefore this correspondence, and
quite early l in the reign, and had cost
the queen's private purse about £3OO
a year ever since. Of course, it is not
in all eases of the kind that this
’bounty’ is sent to the mother. It is
only in those who are poor and apply
for it, but as the majority of people
are poor, and somehow these little sur
prises seem geueraJly to overtake peo
ple who cannot afford them, tin
| queen's bounty for triplets had come
to be regarded a Invest as a matter of
Spring Hats.
The hundrcdsof men who
bought their Spring Hats
here, have seen everything’
tat is newest in both soft
ami slilT lints. They have
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ive hatter asks from 50c to
$2.00 more.
Men's Derby and Fedora
$3, $2 $1.50 andSI.OO
Hoys’ Fine Fedora Hats,
$1.50, SI.OO and 50c.
Between CliLajfo and Davenp< rt.
Arrangements have I een snarl with
the Davenport, Hock Island & North
western railroad, whereby stand;: .Si at
■lass coaches are now tun between < hi
jagu and Davenport anu Rock island,
leaving Chicago at 10.00 a. cm., -arriving
in Davenport at 3:80 p. m., Rock Island
vt 3:45 p. m. and, returning, leaving
Rock Island at 8:25 p. m., Davenport
•!:45 p. m.. arriving in Chicago''at 8 .50
p. in,
| In every town
JL and village
may be had
lljt Msca
| Mo.tc that makes your j
i horses glad. j
If all a man's weak spots were visible
you would think he had the measles.
That rapidly developing terrib try
which occupies the northern halt of
Wisconsin is not new enough to cause
Uie hardships and vvissitudes of fron
tier life, and not old enough to keep
away the intending 'settler on account
of exhorbitaut land prices. It is in that
stage of partial development which gives
great opportunity to bring it to the high
est point of perfection and prosperity.
Schools, good roads and other improve
ments are going in. All that is needed,
jis a small capital. Brawn and brain,
i supplemented by push and energy will
do the rest. The iron ore, marl, kaolin
j and clay beds, the timber and the rich
( soil, give equal opportunity to tin* settl
ler and the manufacturer. Land Is cheap
i and can be purchased on easy terms.
| ofTeia facilities for the quick and cheap
i fanspoatation of its products and as the
I line penetrates the verv i enter of this
j vast northern territory, choice of loca
tion is not confined to any one particu
lar locality. Interesting pamphlets and
maps fully describing this ueautiful and
, rich country can he obtained by address
! ing.
\V. H. Killes,
Land and Industrial Commissioner
Bckto.v Johssos, Jac. C. Pond.
G. F. A. Gen. Pass. Agent.
Colby V Abbot Bldg., Milwaukee. Wis,
Cl •'"••• •mi betutlflr the hair.!
Promotes a lumnant growth. I
New Kalla to Hpiilcr? Oruy
ilnlr to ita Youthful Col r.
Prevents I landniff ami hair (alliuz I
The only reason why some people nev
er go back on a friend is because the
friend won t stand for it a second time.
M. M. Austin, a civil war veteran, of
Winchester. Ind..writes "My wife was
■iek a long time in spite of good doctor’s
treatment, but was wholly cured by Dr.
King's New Life Pills, which worked
wonders for her heath." They always
do. Try them. Only 25c at Henry
A true woman never attempts to drive
nails with a hammer if there's a hair
brush handy.
Distressing Kidney and Bladder dis
eases relieved in six hours by tlie "New
Great South American Kidney Cure."
This new remedy is a great, surprise on
account of its exceeding romptness in
relieving qain in the bladder, kidneys,
hack and every part of the urinary pas
sages in male or female, it relieves re
tention of water and pain in passing it
almost immediately. If you vvantquick
relief and cure this is your only seuiedy.
Sold by F C. Buerstatte, Druggist, Mani
owoc, Wis. tf
Sprinkle a little salt of economy on the
tail of riches and they will not fly away.
To the Shipping Public of Manitowoc.
1 have found it advisable, for the inter,
est of all shippers in the city, to expedite
their shipments, to close our warehouse
at 5 o’clock P. M to enable ns to load all
freight that is brought to our warehouse
during the day. 1 Hud from experience
that if freight is received up to the last
minute of# o’clock, that we are unable
to get the freight loaded for that day
and it causes dissatisfaction to the ship
-I*ts. as well as th** receivers and on this
account I beg and urge every shipper to
try his very best to get freight deliver
ed at our warehouse before or up to 5 o’
clock P M each day and I assure you
that you will be is-tter pleased with the
dispatch of your freight that yoi are
sending ont. I hoik* 1 will have your
co operation in this matter.
Yours Very Tiuly,
C. A. Hcchthausen,
Ac jest C. & N. W. Ky.

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