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Is a Territory Subject to Congres
sional Jurisdiction.
Senators Tillman ami McLaurin Resign
Their Seats-
Parisian Dentist Indents a Method of I s
trading Teeth to the Accompaniment of
Music. News of the World.
Justice Brown of the I nited Stotts
Supreme court on Monday announced
the decision of that court in the insular
cases. Tin- announcement of 'hecourt s
opinion was begun at 1- -7 The mam
opinion was handed down in the DeLima
case. Justice Brown first announced
f he court < decision on jsiint of jnrisdic
tion. bolding that the court had juris
The (led*urn in effect in that tli<-
islands acquired hv the United States
are part of the United States, and as
such are subject to all the rights that
may f>e claimed by any territory of the
United States In other words, it is a
vindication of the contention that the
'constitution follows the flair and an
emphatic endorsement of the doctrine
on the point pr militated by the Kan
-as City platt nil on that point and at
the name time a repudiation of the ad
ministration contention on that point.
The derision is a triumph for Dennsrat
ic doctrine and a rebuke to the loctrine
of empire if the Itepnbliean party and
of McKinleyjsm, It is a r assertion of
the logic of William .Tennins Itryan. and
is ore of the most important decisions
affecting government by the jieoplecver
made by any court in any country.
The DeLitna case involved the unpor
t ition of sugar into the United States
from Porto Kira after the ratification of
the treaty of Paris and Is-fore the pas*
age of Porto Rican act.
DeLima & < < doing bnsine-s iu New
York ini|sirted from San Jnan, Porto
Kico. during the months of June and
•Inly. 1 Kii), certain sugars, the product
of Porto Riea The ease tirst went to
t ie New V, rk courts
Justice Brown said that w hether tie
s ’gar* imported fr- m or into Porto Ki< o .
Wert dutiable dejs-nd.- ujs-n whetlar
Porto H; ais a foreign country lie
bld that th> right t< acquire territoiy
involves the right tog. ,ve;n and <-ontr I
it by f-ngre-e bnt he s-dd that a conn
trv < of: n< t be D-tlt foreign and d* •
The pjni' n was j.j. -<<l to the con
tef;- u<f the government. He con
cluded ti at a? the time the dues were
c bee ted P rt- Hu a was a territory and
n■: a f. reign < • nnty bnt a territory of
Ui-.’e-l Srat--
Justice Br-.wn concluded as follows.
If an fi. • of congress l>e necessary to
avert a b reign country into domestic
•errttorv tl'e question at once silgl fl‘t*
it-ei; W iu4t i The character of the leg
ilatnre demanded for this purpose:
Wib an act appropriating money for its
p- rdia-- Is- sufficient Apparenth not
Will an act appropriating theduties ni
leefed upon imports to and from si.eh
C <ttutrv for the benefit of its goven -
ment Is- sufficientApparenth not
Will acts mukitig appropriations f i
if jsistal service for tie establishment
Of lighthouses, for the n aint< nme < ■!
quarantine stations | C ,| erecting public
buildings have that effect Will an in I
establishing a c mplete )iml govern
merit but with the reservation of a right
collect duties upon the commerce is- ad
equate fur that purpose v None of these
nor all together will be Hutlicjeiif if tin
contention of the government U- sound
since acts embracing all these provisions
have Iw-etl passed in Connection with
Porto Kira, and it is insisted that it b
still a foreign country with the mean
ingof the tariff laws We are unable to
a- quiesee in this assumi tlou that a ter
ntf ry may Is-at the satin- time Isttb
foreign and domestic
We are th r*-fore of the opinion that
at the time the-<• duties were levied
Porto Rsca was ret a foreign countn
Within the meaning of the tariff laws,
but a territory of the United Htatesthat
the duties were illegally extracted and
t nit th* plaintiffs nr.-- ntitled ton-covi r
t tetri tiai k
' The .judgment o the ( m int court
f*r th< Southern district of > e.v Votk
U, tlier.-tori reveries] and the cases r
mantled to that eonr' for ft rther pto-
Csedings in const.nance with his opin
•lustic*- McKenna delivered the <1 M
"iii i njr opinion of the Supreme com tin
htr insular <hm-c H.. was joined in
up-eiou iiv .lohtioM ShintK and
White. Thu Supreme court however
h-cl that emigre,* has the right to levy
A duty uruler such it law known as the
For&ker act.
A dispatch from Washington sa\>
"Any d<mht that may have existed a* to
the right of the I tilted States govern
aient to send small auxiliary gunboat,
into the great lake, for tie- training of
the naval militia has is*en dissipated *,
far as tie cases of the Dor. li • , and t In-
Hawk are concerned by tin graceful
acquiescence of the Canadian govern-
ment in the movement.
"It lieingj represented that the little
gunboats would traverse the St. Law
rence and tht lakes without guns aboard,
and, it also being understood that th*-y
are to he used solely for purposes of
drill,the Canadian government, through
the British government has waived any
objection to the entrance of the vessels
into the lakes. ”
Mrs. Arthur Tree, daughter of Mar
shall Fieldj-of Chicago, was married
Wednesday to Capt. David Beatty of
the Royal navy in London.
Mrs. Arthur Tree was divorced from
her husband just a few weeks ago.
An explosion occurred Friday nion iog
at the ITnversal colliery at Senghenydd.
in the Rhondda valley, Wales, Alsnit
100 men were in the pit at the time of
the disaster and there is little hope of
saving the lives of any of them.
John Alexander Dowie. "Overseer of
the Christian Catholic church,” was
arrested in Chicago pursuant to the
action of the coroner's jury which has de
clared him "criminally responsible ’ for
the death of Mrs. Emma Lucy Judd
H. Worthington Judd, a disciple of
Dowie and husband of the alleged vic
tim also was arrested and appeared at
the criminal building in company with
Dowie, Both men were taken before
fudge Tuley, who admitted them to
hail. Henrika Brafsch and Mary B
Speicher. "maternity" nurses, who are
su'd to have attended Mrs Judd, were
irrcsted and later released under bonds,
Mrs. Judd died a week ago at Dowie s
Zion' after sixteen h airs of suffering.
Her infant also died and on expert
Medical testimony before the coroner
'lint the ordinary treatment given by
medical practitioners would have saved
her life easily. Judd, tie- two nursi s
tnd Dowie are now held to await the
wtiou of the grand jury.
I 'niled Sfat s Senators Benjamin H.
i'illnian and John I- McLanrin ofSouth
u lina have resigned their liigh offices
‘I take effect on Sept. Io next. The res
gii'itions. which have been forwarded
o (iov. McHweeny and already are la
y .tid recall resulted from an aerimoni-
His [ optical debate in < iaffney last Sat
ir.lay the eulmination of a bitter fin .
tional fight who represent the rival
livisions of 1 he IJemoeraey in the South.
in th- debate, where McLanrin charg
e 1 Tillman had no business to appear
p-rxiralities and strong language wen
u-ed with lils-ralify. The senior senat
•r's declaration tnat the n-eleetion of
M Laurin would Is- taken as meaning
that the i*-ople could not indorse him
Tillman . was followed by McLanr
m.H suggestion that Is/th resign and go
b--fore the electors of the state for in
Senator Tillman agreed and went
farther than Mel-anrin s in that he left
the race ojs-n to all candidates refusing
to sign an agreement that the gover
nor should appoint him or his rival to
the office when the voters named their
Thus begins what promises to prove
one of the most notable |Militical strng
gles in tin- history of the republic two
I letiiis rats contesting fur supremacy and
for- mg a test of strength u|mhi the op
p mg factions of their pary
I>r leillotdc nf Paris descritied to the
Academy of Medicine a method nf ex
tracting teeth without pain and with
the in -ei unpaid ment of sweet music
which lias been discovered by a Pari*
dentist The patient is put under tin
influence <>f gas, and at the same time
has applied to his ears, ear pieces con
in-, led w ith a ponograph which i- roll
big ntf gay tunes.
The idea of this dentist was inspired
by the fact that v. In n tin gas begins to
a ton the patient it p-uerally - anse
t Trifling n i glit inn re- \ i ieh are . ntn-.-t
ed w ith sounds hi the room or on tin
street By drowing all these sounds
with music such nightmares would Is
Dr I-aborde suggests that this method
might be employed with beneficial effects
in npenitn n which are conducted under
either or . hloroforni to do away with
the rl-k of the after effect iif nervousde
Scotch education societies einbarrased
regarding acceptance of Carnegie s gift
of #IO.OOO IKXI He view of Week pro
lests agait st invasion of almighty
The Kt-v .1 <' Hart/.ell. Methodist
missionarv. Bishop of Africa, Hunks
natives of continent will revolt against
white invaders.
Texas fever discovered ainming native j
cuttle of Northern (b-rmany and said t >
have existed more than 100 years.
John Morlt-v spoke in Hritish House
of Commons against Finance IdII of
Salisbury government.
belief exist* in England that elevation
of Sir Alfred Milner to peerage was due
to desire of government to pacify its
Hear Adinir.il Micbellof Italian navy
claims lit have devised iiest submarine
vessel yet built.
Prediction of clairvoyant of danger
I to Kin/ Edward \ 11. revealed by a ci
i dent on Shamrock 11
Party of Queen's Mounted infantry
I laid ambnab for Boers at Amen*fort,
: Transvaal. and wa itself defeated.
Boers again inva*le<l Cape Colony; re
newed fighting at many point;*; Botha
and De Wet to confer.
Pope Leo had interview with Arch
bishop Chapelle regarding religions
orders in the Philippines.
Late developments indicate that differ
ences among South American republics
may he adjusted and Pan-American
emigres.* will be a success.
Court of Claims has awarded sl*l,Bdo
to be distributed among the officers and
men who fought in the battle of Manila
Broadway cable system in New York
City stopjs*d last Saturday night to
make place for the new underground
trolley. Ends cable transit in Greater
Federal Development company incor
porated in New Jersey hy man from
Illinois with f‘2oo,o(Hl capital in shares of
one cent each.
Edward Burritt Smith savs tr.-K’tinn
grants should U- preserved by the mu
nicipality in order to obtain good re
Steamship Ohio arrived at Boston
with sole survivor of Norwegian bark
F-lsie wrecked in collision on last Thurs
day near Sable Island.
Moses Hole, City Treasurer of Color
alo Springs. Colo., and Charles E
Srnith, former City Clerk, arrested or
charge of emls-zzling $20,000.
Famous paintings show at Sedelmeyet
exhibition for benefit of Orphanage oi
Arts in Paris.
Prin ess Victoria, only unmarried
daughter of King Edward VII., isscri
ottsly ill.
Foreign policy of Austria and speeches
of Count (-roluchowsgi approved it
Laurier's recent ref rences to Joint con -
mission arouse interest in Canada.
Paris Figaro will resume its former pol
i -y in regard to valuation of property.
Admiral Cervera fears Spain may
disintegrate into several small States.
Twenty-one miners reported killed it
fire at Waldenbttrg. Prussia.
Volcanic eruption in Java killed 1*:
Itejsirted that head of Hear Admira
Simpson will appear on medals com
iiieinorating battle of Santiago Bay.
Captain Sigsbee has announced tinit
Mi<s Ethel Sigstiee will not christen tin
battleship Maine.
Ke[wirt of President Taft of the Phil
ippine commission, mailed on transport
Sheridan, is lost.
Most of the staff chiefs of the army
will visit tin- Philippines next summer
Cubed Presbyterain General Assembly
decide to remove inhibition of marriagi
to deceased wife's sister
Presbyterian Assembly refused ti
substitute minority for majority report
on revision of creed.
President McKinley advised Hawaii
atis to bury party differences and work
for common good.
‘My father and sister both died ol
Consumption, writes J. T. Weather
wax, of Wyandotte. Mich . “and I was
saved from the same frightful fate only
by Dr King's New Discovery. An at
tack of Pneumonia left an obstinab
cough and very severe lung trouble
which an excellent doctor could not help.
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fnl medicine made me as well as. evet
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iihle for Coughs, Colds and all Throat
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Henry Hinrichs
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about Kodol Dyspepsia Cure, it would
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(Tom a feeling of fullness after eating,
belching, flatulence, sour stomach nr
wutet-brush, caused by indigestion nr
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Kislol Dyspepsia Cure, which, with no
aid from the stomach, will digest your
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When you is lucky," said Fncle Els n,
'dolin' brag If you does you is simply
advertisiu foil Huineliislv tu come along
an' make trouble fob you."
1 recall now with horror,” says Mail
Carrier Hurnett Mann, of Levanna, ()..
"my three years of suffering from Kid
ney tronble I was hardly ever free from
dull aches or acute pains in my back.
To stoop or lift mail sin ks made me
groan. I felt tins], worn out. about
ready to give up. when I Is-gan to use
Electric Hitters, but ~ix Isitllescomplete
ly cured me and made uiefeel like anew
man They re unrivaled to ngnlatf
Stomach, Liver Kidneys and bowels.
Perfect satisfy lion guaranteed by
* Henry Hinr.chs, <>ulv Mi cents,
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Who has visited Manitowoc for the past SIX YEARS.
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Manitowoc- Saturday, June 22nd.
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most prominent
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I animations ami kindred
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Between (ialata. M 'tit., where
passenger- first see the Rocky
Mountains and Seattle. Wash.,
where they reach tin l tide waters
of the Pacific Ocean. A sea of
mountains snowy peaks cool,
green valleys weird, basaltic
rock formations- -foaming torrents
dashing water falls
Information from agents of the
Great Northern
(ten I Pa“. and Tkt. Agent,
st Paul, Minn.
(Bensons Plaster It Pains Master.)
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thing on” a painful spot all applications
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Biliousness is a condition character
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{organs. The stomach is debilitated,
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! bowels, dizziness, coated tongue and
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