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Goetschils base ball nine of Moril
p ayed oor nine lat Sunday and won
by a score of 10 to 18.
The Centreville base ball nine hereby
challenge the Cleveland for a ganie the
losing team to buy a $5.00 chest protect
or for the winners and only local men
of each respective place to play
The G T. G of Centreville will give
a picnic An>? l*th at Strattrnan’s Park
and a ball in the evening at Mills hall.
The Manitowoc Glee Club has been in
vited to attend and fmni-h singing and
have accepted. Everybody is cordially
invited to attend.
Street car is the talk of the day. I !“•
-pedal election held here on the Rh
for giving riirht of way to the Electric
streetcar Cos., of Milwaukee turned out
in thier favor The votes were 48 for
and 45 against Argument still prevails
among the people as to what road tin
company selects to build the tracks
But hopes are still with ns that the line
will strick our town.
Mrs Joe Jackel of Menominee Mich '
is visiting here.
The black smiths f. x squirrel jumped 1
from its cage and was caught by the!
dog and killed
Louie will have to go squirrel hunting !
now to keep np the dot's -quirrel appi-;
Mr. and Mrs Hinz celebrated the
christening of their child Sunday, the j
guests were well entertained
A surprise was given to the Misses j
Zeddies Sundav evening. Ihe boys and j
girls enjoyed themselves darn ing
Mrs. J. Klfner of Manitowo; visited
her mother Wedne- day
Mr. and Mrs Caspar Slmden of Heeds
ville were out here Sunday
Frank Rhode of Green Bay was seen
in our village Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs 1) Goessl were visiting:
at Neshota Sunday.
Mr Hanson the photographer, was
kept quite busy Sunday.
Messers (isrnr Drews and John < ashet
were at Zander's Sunday evening.
tisch mills.
Charlie Stangel who is teaching a
summer school a i Kewaunee visited Mil
wankee last week
Joseph Laugenkamp, who lias been
at Janesvill* has returned.
John Mndrock and Walter Rung'
were here lust Sunday
Joseph Kulil and Nanie Laugenkamp
were visiting a* I’.ranch last Sunday.
Rose Marshelek isattendiug the sum
mer school at Kewaunee
Mrs. Adam Sladky of Milwaukee
who ca ne here to attend the funeral ol
Joseph Parma, returned to her home
('has Hoiiril was \isiting Imre lasi
The surprise parts "U Annie llouyel
was a success.
Last Sunday a party consisting of
aiiout ho people of this vicinity enjoyed
social trip to the Meniahl. - Caves on
there wav home tin v were accompanied
by Peck s band, and the remainder of the
evenin’' wa- -pent in Zanders hall, a
g . id time was repcirted
Mrs I Si-hreil.er of (’hieago come j
to stay with her parent- Mi and Mr-
John Zander for a few weeks
A1 Zander worked a few days in tin
hay field last week A1 claims it to he
good remedy to get rid of some sweat
Mr- Jihn Bull of Manitowoc a sister
to Ed Pa.-lz s|eut last Sunday with ter
A dance will In- Ih-M in the Cato ho
' ial hall Frida> eveniiiK July Iliull art'
eordlally invit*<l t > utt -iil.
Mr- Hu—ey nf Milwaukee i-
friend- and relative-, here
Mr- Mat Mvak’i' mi'Ui-ti-r Mr*
Evan- hfi* vi^itilive relative- in drecn
Mr- Killfii i- vii~itii in Kaukaumi.
Mr- <'•imjHT ha- i' lnnifil from Katmi
Mhlh-1 Meaifhei uf Milwaukff in 11 ••
■fin—t of Madjfe Hifiuian
Mr*-. <’ PeJton wiin ha- Inn vi-itiii*
parent- la ri- ha- relumed home
Harry I(avi ■ and ■ on-in Mahel l>uvi
have returned after vim’Min in liei’eii
An rtain yoiinr gentleman of
drimm- In; faif w vav of -ending if if-i -
without a driver Ilf -end- thfin hv
tdephone ('all on liiiii for in-liuftioTiH
if you wi-h to do ti.f -ante.
('lara Standf of ManitoWi- vi-ited
h urif a ffw day- tlii- week
A crowd of youn if j—iple from here
• ijoyed thein-elve- at thf ('lurk- Mill
riv t Knnday
Nfllif Loriifan wu- a Manitowoc viit
or la-t Thur-dat
Janie- Hair on (fuvf a party in bin tifw
ham Monday fVfuin all reiirting
a giod time,
Frank F roach wan on tin-nick Hat ’ant
Mr and Mr- Kendall of Milwaukee
are vi-iting with Mr- Nel-on
Hr.tfh Halron drove to Manitowoc
Oor little -lutioll -hipj—l 'JO.tXMI llm of
cheese Tuesday.
Lill Cavanaugh was in Manitowoc
Tuesday on legal business.
John Carney is one of the first men
canning a binder this season.
J. Egan of Chicago is visiting with
Mick McConrt.
Friends of Miss Nellie Halroii will he
pleased to learn that she has safely ar
rived in the Rockies and is enjoying her
surroundings at Colorado Springs
Patrick Cavanaugh was in onr burg
Saturday with the same old smile on.
tnr station agent is wearing his arm
in a sling for a change on account of
having his finger smashed Saturday.
Miss A guess Dore lias returned to
Manitowoc Monday after a two weeks
visit with Miss Emma Mullins
Miss Nellie Cavanaugh of Chicago is
home on a visit.
Mrs. (i. Donchne has returned to
Antigo Saturday.
J. Schulzes Palm Garden at Reeds
ville is certainly a fine place to spend
Sunday evening, What is it site likes,
"Ice Cream.”
Miss Lena Ledvina who has ls*en visit
ing with her parents here has again re
turned to Western Springs, 111.
A number of young folks visited the
(laves on Sunday last.
Edward Urey of Manitowoc was a
caller at our village last Sunday.
A certain Irishman from this side ol
the drove calk'd at M. Kellners, walk
ed up to the bar and said. "Sir 1 have
a vacant sjst in my stomach, and
when lie saw thehar tender come with
a lunch yon ought to seen him smile,
(teo, Hrnnchorst from ( 'hicago is visit
ing with Mr. ('lias. Mneneh.
A beautiful and impressive ceremony
took place at St. Joseph's Catholic
church on Wednesday ot last week.
The newly ordained Rev. Alois
Merkgel celebrated his Erst holy Mass,
assisted by Revs. Oswald of dlenmore.
({ever of ( ooperstown and Cipin ol
If,*,*,!svilb*, tlu* las) named acting ns
pi -bvler assiteiiH. Rev. Kramer ol
Algoma acting as master of < 'eremonies.
Besides these there were pr<* “lit in tl i
sanctuary Revs Vorlicek of 1-rancis
('reek. Stelnbrecher of Kaukanna and
Just the local pastor. Sermons were
preached by Revs Cipin and Oswald.
Clara Kellner carried the white silt
nillow with the green wreath resting
upon it she was a attended by littl,
< Hive Kellner and Julia Wauisli. dress
ed iu white and carrying bouquets ol
roses and carnations. After tin* eele
brat ion of solemn Levite Mass lathei
Merkgel bestowed on all preset!', hi
priest ly I le-sillg
Chief Cummings of lie* (irimms tire
department, was in town on Satniday
Tlminas Meany was a Manitowoc call
er Thursday.
Jli .s Millie Kabul is visiting parents
Tile following young people Spent
Sunday at the Caves Misses Ida /ahu
Emilv Scheeg. Laura Sclntl/. Mamie
Sti lling, and Messrs August Uuseli Ed
die Reineuiaiin. Eddie Jonas ( harle-
Zuhn Harry Goodhew. Willie Mueller.
.lull Draheim and Emil Muelh-r.
Farmers in this vicinity have coin
uietieed cutting their rye and hurley.
Mr Bingel of Wayside, was in town
bn i: Friday.
I. A Basse returned from a weeks
va alioii in the north on I hursilay
Mi-h-udy s photo gallery will lie open
The village council met Monday eve
The M W A- held its meeting Tties
day evening.
Thomas Hein of < 'idlins spent Friday
Albeit Busch was a Manitowoc caller
The dance at Beck's hall Fridav eve
mug was well attended
( ha- Koucereck transacted hnsiness
at Wav-iih* and Ihillioit Friday
J'lliuuii- Hmiss of Brilltoti drovi*
through our town Saturday
Palsy Cavanaugh of Maple drovi*
wa- iu town Friday getting hi- hue
curtains trimmed
Mrs It Mueller and children return
ed from a week’s visit at Shawano last
Mi-- Baulina S.-lmsse of Milwaukee
i- visiting relatives here
Emil Mueller of Manitowoc is visit
mg relatives here
Miss Nelli,- ( Toiiin is visitidg friends
in (ireen liav
Miss Vaughn McMullen of Antigo
visiter! relatives liver Sunday
Rev Win Kraemer of Algoma was
lie- guest of Mi and Mrs Mich Miller
Mrs E K Ansergi of Gns*n Bay was
flu- guest of Mrs. Michael Miller.
The Misses Ka* McCotnb and Nora
JJrnss aiti ndt-d the Sr-hink*- Krause imp
tials at Seymour
John < irtx>t*nrmt was a Iteedsville
Miss Jennie Werner transacted busi
ness Mt Appleton
.!<. S.vazma has n-tnrned to Manito-
Mrs H 1 VSatrous of Gravesville,
1 mother of Mrs. SV. s'. McCullen, was a
recent visitor here.
A party of young people, conisting of
Neal and Clara McCullough from Manis
tiqne, Mich, and ABlton andHildegnarde
Jones from Chilton, -pent Tuesday with
I their cousins, Richard and Muriel Mc-
Louis Kempner lias left the employ of
Geo. Schneider.
Mr. K Hobson and family and Miss
Dora DeLove were Oreenleaf visitors.
Violet Kunepferof Chicago is visiting
her uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Otto
j Zander.
Wrn. Heimke transacted business at
I Reedsville.
Mr. and Mrs H. A. Hoops are rejoicing
1 over the arrival at their home last !• riday
I of a wee little baby girl.
Earl McComb returned home.
sValter Harris gave liis house and barn
| anew coat of paint
E. G. Krause has anew rig to deliver
: meat with.
Win F’eters lias purchased a team of
horses of Me. Schtttz of sVayside.
Gust Nicholls of • )mro, is a student at
1 the depot. Schnette also remains.
Jus, Mullins won the carpet which was
disposed of at the Catholic hall last Sun
day. and Mrs. Frank Kleiber won the
oil painted picture.
The busy season has arrived and
among the busiest may be found the
country school tern her enjoying his va
cation in the harvest held.
Arthur Zander, manager of the Pilot,
made a business visit here last week.
Neal Cronin of Norway. Mich., is vi
iting relatives here.
George Kings and Martin DBrien
visited at Maple Grove Sunday evening
Mir-s Mary O'Neil, of Chicago i
among ns. This accounts for Jerry -
ride Sunday night
Miss Ellen O’Neil, who was serious!,
ill is on the road to recovery.
Pat Fielding is at present in Washing
ton. in the interest of real estate owned
there by him.
The young folks enjoyed a pleasant
evening last week, at the home of Mi.
and Mrs Will Mullins. Dancing in a
new resiedetice, lately erected was the
principal feature of the evening.
.1 P sVatt was a Milwaukee visit' ;
last Week.
M S Buckley is making arraug* -
inents for a picnic to be held on Aug. l.i
at Maple Grove, A trotting match he
tween J.P. sV’utt and Jim Buckley will
tw-one of the many features.
11illt> Gnhiu has been employed n
teaeher in (irimms school.
John O'Neil who lias been district
treasurer of tlie school dist. No. I. the
past three years has resigned and Mar
tin <) Neil has been upp dnted to fill the
vacancy Mr < Neil has proven him
self a very efficient "Ulcer, zealously
guarded the school Binds which were
always at hand when needed. Also one
of the foremost and quickest to respend
to the needs of the sclhmJ Although
having! hildren attending lie tnani
fi sted an interest which lies latent in
~ line who have children attending.
John Duggan was a business visitor
in Northern sViscon>iu last week. He
purchased a lot of lumber. He intends
starting a lumber yard in connection
with I tie mill at Reed.'Vl lie.
Ha> ing in this vicinity is in full pro
Herman De jen o Milwaukee is visit
ing at the home of Frank Nciucr.
( has Riiiguu-ier and wife moved to
Two R.vi-rs where they will reside in ,
tin- future.
S Kru.jek has -old hi- farm to Richard I
Schroeder and will move ids family to j
Two Rivers.
otto Engel has been engaged to teach
our school the coming year.
Arthur Zander of the Pilot made ns a
call one day last week
\iigiist Kohl's opening Ball last Sat
nnl> evening was not very largely at
tended. but those pr reported a
good time
(’has Mueller of Two Rivers smiled
with us last Sat unlay
Mr- .lo- Mrsko-h is visiting relatives
at (’i it ip-rstowii
li Klinghol/. d' Manitowoc shook
hands with hi- old friends here last
The home of Mr and Mrs Win. WiU
inan was the scene of r. very large and
pleasant gathering la-t Sunday even
ing in (In' way of Mr. Wilsmans birth
day ttimiversery celebration. The way
the pliu-en-sounded with merry laughter
was an in lication that all were enjoy-
say “Consumption can be cured.”
Nature alone won'tdo It. it needs
help. Doctors say
“Scott’s Emulsion
Is the best help." But you must
continue Its use even In hot
If you hnvr not Irinl it, neiul for (rsr (ample
4<V-415 I'earl Wrrel, New York,
joe and |i oo; all <lrug|U(
ing themselves. Dancing was indulged
in, the Twin River full orchestra fur
nished the music. All of vhe many pres
ent reported having had a most pleasant
and enjoyable evening.
The Sour and Zeman company is gett
ing ready to pull out with the Port Hur
on Rusher.
Mat Tisler is now getting his new
barn painted.
Emil Wilda had a good many men
helping him haul hay last Sunday.
All are invited to attend the ball to
be given at Stephan Menchal’s hall on
Sunday, July 21.
The hay in this vicinity has all been
gathered in, tie* farmers are now at the
j rye and barley.
Frank Novachek s new house is near
ing completion.
! John Boxer and Mike Knope made a
trip to Cato last Monday.
Miss Tressie and Ida Schindler of
Manitowoc are visiting relatives at Cato
i Falls.
Miss B V. Thornton of Manitowoc
-pent a few days what friends at this
A farwell dance was given at Valders
on Sunday, in hmior of Mr. Ben Johnson.
A number from (’larks Mills attended.
Air. Ben Kunihalek, of Manit woe
spent Sunday at this place.
The Lower Falls, is at present the
center of attraction.
Nell Langhlin is spending the week
in Manitowoc
Mrs. C. W. Boynton was a caller in ;
Manitowoc one day tins week.
Rev. Alfsen was in Manitowoc on
Clarks Mills was well represented at
the Fest given at Valders church on
Latest Quotations Corrected for the Ben
efit of Farmed
The following are the current prices oi
the various articles of produce as report
ed for The Pilot on July 4.
Potatoes -(in
Wheat. —Spring -5s
Wheat White Winter
Bye..* -44
Barley -4(i
Oats -82
Corn.... -50
Hay 800-9 OC
Butter Hi is
Eggs ti-12
Salt per bbl 75-115
Wood .400-5 00
Peas White -(id
Peas Marofat 1.00
Peas Green -so
Peas -Scotch 90
Wool -14
Flour Patent 1.00
“ Daisy 1.05
Rvc. 1.00
M idling -S5
Coarse Meal l.( .i
Fine 1.15
Oil 1.50
Manitowoc Dairy Board.
At tin meeting of flit* Dairy Hoard,
W ’ednesdav. July IT. tin* following off
<*rs wen* made
loon lx \. s I (nisic.i; *,MO boxes Twins
Sod box*** V A.
Offers '.inn* week last year: 1000 boxes
Daisies boxes Twins 050 boves V
Sales reported today: 1000 boxes Twine
i" ‘.lie. , s.-,( I poxes V. A. iii ok* 240 hux
esTwins i ■•s<*,
Salt same week last year 250 Boses
Twins OJe; OoOboxes V. A. Oijc:
500 bii.ve- Daisies m Hie; tiOO boxes Dais
ies fa 10e.
Emu. Tkitm.v Secy.
The cnotraet will be let for the paint
ing of till* interior and exterior of St
Isidore church. Osman. Wis For par
ticnlar- apply to.
Tin. TitrsTKKS of St. Isidorks
()NiKKi;.\TioN Osm an, Wis
Mani- boro to rule b it woman comes
along and beats h m out of his jo'.i,
\ BOOK M11.1.10N AI It K-
Lately starvetl it) London becaust* In*
could imi digest his food Early use of
Dr Khu's Ne>v Life Bills would have
saved him They strengthen the Stom
ach aid digestion, promote assimilation,
improve appetite. Price 25c Money
back it not satisfied. Sold by Henry
1 linridis druggist.
Oldest 1 linroh (■> (lie Country.
'Che eld. -1 Protestant church in the
United States is St. Luke's, at Smith-
Held. V i writes AVillinin K. Curtis, in
the ( hirago Keeord-llerahl. St. Luke's
was cri i ted in 1A32. and was restored
in 1 set as nearly as possible to its
original condition and appearance. It
is a beautiful old structure, of early
English i.ottile, with tuullioned win
dows ami a -lately totter, and has been
used for public worship almost con
tinuously for 2*/, centuries. The orig
inal church erected on .lamestown is
land lit the first English colonists in
North \meriea, under (-apt. Jf hn
Smith the church in which Pocahon
tas was baptized and married lias all
disappeared, except a picturesque, ivy
clad lower of black, surrounded by a
grove of trees.
It Ik Ahinyn (be lleaudfnl Woman
Who I'iKureH In (lie bead*
lull Part.
“.Nothing ever happens to the ugly
woman,” said a cynical gentleman,
who had just glanced at the newspa
per notice of a social function to a
New Orleans Times-Democrat man.
“She must live the most prosaic life
imaginable. The hostess is always a
beautiful woman. The heroine is al
ways a beautiful woman, and even in
the sublimated conceptions of poesy,
where facial and physical beauty gen
erally is subordinated, the woman is
always a beautiful woman. Evange
line was beautiful. Lucille was beau
tiful. Lucrece was beautiful—in fact,
all down the line from Eve’s day to
this good hour, whenever a woman
staggers to the center of the stage
in any way, she is a beautiful woman.
I have often wondered what part the
ugly woman plays in life. She does
not give any of the big functions. She
is never the president, the secretary,
or anything else in any of the wom
en organizations of the day. She is
not my sweeheart, nor yours, nor the
wife of the other follow. These are
all beautiful women. Even in the
more violent walks of life the ugly
woman plays no part. She is never
the subject of the designing villain,
and the measliest pickpocket in the
world would not honor her by snatch
ing a purse from her. The fiendish
fellow who delights in the mutilation
of human forms would never think of
picking out an ugly woman for a sub
ject. He would rather dash vitriol
or something equally destructive into
the face of a really beautiful woman.
He would want a victim who was be
wilderingly beautiful, stupendously
stunning and all that sort of thing.
These reflections have convinced me
that nothing ever happens to the
ugly woman, and she must indeed live
a very dull and uninteresting life.
Hut really I have another solution of
the matter. 1 do not know the ugly
lady, and while 1 have made no spe
cial effort to peer into her place of
hiding and cannot say for certain
whether she is there or not, yet I
am inclined to believe that there are
no ugly women. They are all beauti
ful, and I guess this is why nothing
is ever put down as happening to the
ugly woman.”
Machinery in the * nlfnl States I*
Not Permitted to I.UMt 1 ntU
Out of Date.
An experienced railroad man has
the following to say regarding Eng
lish railway methods, says Victor
Smith, in fhe New York Press: ”lt
is singular, to say the least, that the
English railway managers have just
discovered that American locomotives
consume more coal, use more oil and
require more repairs than those of
their home make. If this is a fact,
it could have been demonstrated in
a trial lasting a month. Over here we
wouldn’t accept an English locomo
tive as a gift. It would be regarded
as an antiquated monstrosity. 1 fear
that the British are beginning to feel
a trifle sore over America's commer
cial invasion of all the markets of
the world, and the Midland railway
people are trying to knock us on our
Continuing, the official said: “The
chairman of the Midland made one
impressive statement, namely: ‘We
tend our engines carefully, rest them,
clean them and do everything to
make them last.’ In this country we
rest nothing, not even ourselves.
Bishop Cumberland's familiar saying:
‘lt is better to wear out than to
rust out,’ has taken hold of us, body,
soul and breeches. The Englishman
rests his hats, shoes, trousers, coats,
horses, carriages and whatever else
he may own, animate or inanimate.
A few advanced Americans* have re
cently adopted fhe practice of ‘tree
ing’ their shoes for a rest, and the
result is longer wear without losing
shape. Some of our locomotives are
never allowed to cool from one year’s
end to another. Little wonder they
do not live to be classed among the
If You rc So Ml*po*ctl You Cannot
llcqncnlh Your Corpse to
the Doctor*.
The supreme court of California
has decided in a contest between next
of kin on the one hand and claimants
under a will on the other for the
possession of a corpse, that a man
cannot by will dispose of that which
after his death will be his corpse,
says the Chicago Chronicle. The cus
tody of I In* corpse belongs to the
next of kin in preference to the ad
ministrator. This view is based on
tlie fact that the general English and
\nierieun legal authorities establish
the ride that, in the absenee of stat
utory provisions, then 1 is no property
in a dead body.
If this rule is correct, the sooner
statutory provisions are obtained en
abling a man who feels that a great
benefit to humanity will accrue
through increase of medical knowl
edge. by the continuance post mor
tem of an investigation into his case,
or that new may be shed upon
other scientific problems, to author
ize by will such use of his corpse, the
I-'. 1 ■
—Will Begin
HONDAY, July 22nd
. . . Ending With . . .
SATURDAY, July 27th.
Watch for our circulars, read them carefully,
then allow a good percentage for Bargains
to be added which are not enumer
ated, and you will have SOME
IDEA of what may he ex
pected at this sale.
Horse and Cattle Fair.
A Horse and Cattle Fair will be
held at LARRABEE every 4th MON
DAY in the month.
Everything; has been done for the
comfort of man and beast. Buyers
and sellers are cordially invited to
attend. The Committee.
PRICES. Call and be convinced
A $35 Bicyle at $22.00 I
Second hand Bicycles...
York Street betw. Bth amliotli Manitowoc, Wls.
jiniuuiMiMipii im n mmm\mmmmmm ■iiiiiwi in mu ihiiwii in (iiiiinii—i
Distressing Kidney and Bladder dis
eases relieved in six hears by the “New
Great South American Kidaev Cure.”
This now remedy is a great surprise on
account of its exceeding romptness in
relieving qain in the bladaer, kidneys,
back and every part of the urinary pas
sages in male or female. It relieves re
tention of water and pain in passing it
almost immediately. If you want quick
relief and cure this is your only semedy.
Sold by F. C. Buerstatte, Druggist, Mani
owoc, Wis. tf
Women Ml Beautiful In loi.
If there are now few or none of the
all-conquering "belles” and “toasts"
of olden days, says the Loudon Mail,
it is equally certain that the plain
woman has become an extinct species
in society. The health craze makes
for beauty, as it enjoins exercise, early
hours, fresh air and temperance in
eating and drinking. The plain wom
an. dowdily dressed, has l>eeu left be
hind with the dead ard gone nine
teenth century. We are all moderate
ly beautiful in 1801.
No Discovery] in medicines has ever
created one quarter of the excitement
that lias been caused by Dr. Kings
New Discovery for Consumption. It’s
severest • tests have been on hopeless
victims lof •Consul ption, Pneumonia,
Hemorrhage. Pleurisy and Bronchitis,
thousands of whom it has restored to
perfect health. For Coughs, Colds.
Asthma.'Croup, Hay Fever. Hoarseness
and Whooping Cough it is the quickest,
surest cure in the world. It is sold by
Henry Hinrichs who guarantees satis
faction or refunds money. Large bottles
50c and |l.OO. Trial bottles free
Beggar—Please give a poor old blind
man a dime.
Citizen—Why, you can see out of one
Beggar—Well, then give me a nickle.
It is easier to keep well than get cur
ed. DeWitt’s Little Early Risers taken
now and then, wiil always keep your
bowels in perfect order They never
gripe but promote an easy gentle action.
' F. C. Buerstatte.

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