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The ball at the Rangiline hall last
Thursday was a success.
Mrs. Paul Kuromerow and children
and Mrs. Frank Ebert of Chicago are
visiting here.
\f r Wm. Kuumierow and wife of
Manitowoc attended the dance here
When two of our plucky young men
left for the west they cleared the coast
for a certain man in onr neighlsirhood
to come out into the public to make
himself ridiculous, which he did on the
first evening of their departure. He is
well aware that he dare not venture out
to make himself heard or ’bluff others
when they are anywhere in the vicinity.
We would advise him to save his words
and exercise until they return and then
challenge any one of them a fair gam*-
and be convinced who is the ’’best man
on the Rangeliue.'
John Migawa has not been seen here
for several day-. Where has he so su 1-
den 1 y disappeared? We trust he has
pot Vieen kidnapped.
Jos Colanchick won the bicycle raffle*!
nr Miskosh's last Monday.
Last Friday’s ram came as a relief to
those Viiing folks who attended th* l
dance here Thur-dav and would have
been obliged to wrestle bundles the next
Mr. Johnson of Manitowoc called at
Eastwin Tnewlav.
The visitors at La-twin hall on Smi
dav w* 1 !'* 1 Mr- John Zander and Mis,
James H-.lly with-on of Zander. Mrs
Frank Schreiber and daughter and Mrs
I. Carlson of Chicago and iil-o Mr. and
Mrs Arnold Zander with their family of
Two Rivers
Miss Alice Humphrey of Milwaukee i
spending the week at La-twin.
Messrs Frank and Eddie Plu-e and
Frank Meyer visited with Joe Jacket
A harvest ball will take place at Last
win hall on Sunday, Ang. ’■!■>• Music
will la- furnished by the Twin River
Band of Two Rivers, Dancing both
afternoon and evening. '1 he hall has
been enlarged and its convenience is
equal to that of any of the neighboring
I Carlson of Chicago visited with
Wm. Zander last week
Mr. and Mr- Andrew Bishop with
their family have again returned to
The people in our vicinity are all
through harvesting and the engines and
machines are seen moving from barn to
Joseph Decker bas now commenced
digging anew cellar under hi- house,
Frank Novtwhek will soon have his
new houseeouipleted.
Joseph Shebesta Sr. and wife after
being at Dry wood, \\ i- for several
months have now returned home Mr.
Shebesta has purchased their a farm
consisting of la** acres.
A bns load of Miung js-ople from ot r
town attended tie 1 ball in two ( reeks
given bv Jos Lodel
Miss Agnes Royjt of Minoininee Mich,
visited Mr- Wen el Schauer
August Pentzien who has b**en work
Ing at Manitowo' in tiie Land nth Pea
Factory Has returned to his parents
Anti n Laiigei kainpol Manitowo ' has
visited here with his daughter Mr-.
MissJMfttta Hoy* n wln* has I< • n stay
ing at Chicago lias returned and is now
visiting hen-with her parents Dr and
Mrs Hoven
Anton shaiier and Rose Mnr-hab k of
this town are attending the teacher- in
stitute Ht Kewaunee
John W MudrocK of Manitowo- was
i-i our town last Sundav
Arthur Lalmv i home for a short va
U .1 u( - <iiui*T "I Manitowoc spent
last Sunday in this city.
H*v .lulln Ni.n'.'lt f Ashland was
a visitor in tin- < ity last Thursday.
August (iloeisdown from Kelly Itrook
and iiittv remain for some time
r John Kahh-nla-ru left f<.r Chicago lint
Haturdav to be ah-ent a few days
Dr E • ’lirixM.inwn hue ls*eti rotitinei]
to hie reinletll’e the past week h.V illness
Mrs E Hue'll of Manitowoc viaited
friends and relative* in this * ity last
Satur* ay.
Mia (..'hat* StolllieiK and family of
CbicHKo have been vbilintc here the |IIM
week or III* re
Dr. Cnrrer.s lost a valuable driv n
horse last Satunlay.
Mrs C. Pahlk<a lter left Wednesday
to vis t her dauhter who resides in
Valiatraiso, Indiana
It soein* that everybody tooktr.p* into
the country lint Sunday Eveiy lively
rig In the city was out,
Dr (ireiner of Shel*iyi<an visit* and some
of his olil friends and former patient* in
this city last Friday
Miss Adele Holm of Sank City was the
truest of her cousin Mrs. JohnHmith of
this city a portion of last week
Louis S*’hresl*eis and wife of .Milwau
kee are *]ieudiUK the present week at Mr
Jjthreibeb old In me in lh> city.
Mrs. H, Hoepuer and daughter Nora
ot Manitowoc spent last Sunday with
old neighbors and friends in this city.
Mrs. C. Sinieno and her two sons spent
last Sunday in Sheboygan, where Mr.
Sinieno has a dredging contract.
Mr. Chas, Grosspietsch came here on
last Sunday’s train for a short visit w:ih
the friends and companions of his boy
hood days.
Frank Oswald threshed his rye and
The harvest days are over and the
threshing machines are put to work.
Mat. Wilhelm is rejoicing over the
birth of a little daughter.
A number of girls and boys attended
a dance at Fisher s Hall last Sunday
and reported a good time.
Mat. Linsmyre purchased anew
double seated buggy from our village
Mr. Paessar and Miss filegar were
married by Jos. Zahorik Saturday even
John Hill threshed his peas last week.
Jos. Zahorik took a trip to Manito
woc last week.
Ant n Trohal wife and family were
visitiugat .bis, Zahorik's last Sunday
Miss Nellie Lorrigan is visiting at
Forest Jet this week.
J 1 1. Nate has a track horse valued at
vl,‘(iS'. Jake is always up-to-date.
Hobt. Niles visited with Hay Frosch
Tuesday Hubert has a position with |
Ruhr Suns at Manitowoc.
P. H. Gnhin vi-ited onr burg Monday. ]
L. p. Grimm was in Manitowoc on
business Monday.
George Smith had a very select visit
ur Thursday. He shook hands with
Dagos Hnnm.
Matt Heiischaufel returned Monday
from Hill M-rt.
,!<*• Hayek of Manitow.ic is visiting
with his parents this week.
Harvesting is about over in this vicin
Frank Frosch spent a part of last week
at Depere
W. H. Munhall was called to Marsh
held Monday to attend the funeral of |
his cousin.
Hay Frosch took a flying trip to Mani
towoc Tuesday on legal business.
The body of Lawrence Haggerty ar
rived Imre Monday. A large cortege
escorted the remains to the Maple (trove
The Cato Pilot correspondent shook
hands with the Grimms scribe Monday
James ('onley is visiting friends and
and relatives hen*.
Miss Stella Heianger uf Sturgeon Hay
is the guest of Miss Marguerite Pank
Lillian Savage ami Eeoiie ('lark, visit
ed at Silver Lake a few days this week
Mist Mae Killeii return-"! home Sat
Mrs. S * per is very sick at present.
Mary Pankratz returned home Tens
Mis Lottie linchaiiaii or Shehoygan j
is visiting with Two Creeks friends.
nor i m;iM.
Mrs Julia Oretz of Milwaukee is
here for ashurt vacation She is eujuv
iug a pleasant vacation with her par
ents and relatives.
Norbert Ziglinsky came home fnun
Milwaukee hist Tuesday.
Frank Honin returned home from < 'hi
engo hist week Tuesday He said that
it was impossible to stand the tre
menduoits heat and choking smoke in
the stnets and so he returned to his
pleasant Nurdheim residence
Peter KulTel will have a dance next
| Saturday It is huped that the weatbtr
will be suitable and that everybody will
have a g(mml time
It will not take very long Ik*fore
Martin Hhode and Annie Peaschel will
b forever united in the bonds of mat
Three gentlemen ctf Sheboygan cmne |
up t<> purchase Rapidity, a promising i
pacer owned ly Father Kvhii: but
(tri i-ii Hay t urt had already pur J
ehased In in
It i* rumored that M. S Buckler is
about to treat liih cl.nice hall ami house
Pi a mill iif paint.
Frank Hank, who haw taken the con
tne i for a Holirl hriek pastorial resilience
ih rushing the building,
'I he Hcvh Mortal. Min k ami Van
Lusterii were the guests <>f the Uev.
Father Kvan thin Wi ek
Mi-< Mary Mcipiicl of Chicago is visit
ing her uncle Father Hyan
At last two worthy o titetis with the
P per ring of | atriotiMu about them,
are to place in our burg. a splendid Hug
ami lilierty jade.
■b*e siraneky in rarely seen in Maple
• trove of late. I wonder why?
Mi and Mm. Mullins of Forest .let
visited here Hnriday, and in cuui|utuy
with their friendstook a swell spin to
the Caves.
Father Hyan has already at uuunced
that about lue middle of Sept . he'll give
a harvest picnic, anything he touche
goes and we hope the weather will give
him a chance to duplicate the splendid
time we had July sth '96.
Our pound master here has been ask
ed to declare martial law against tramp
Mich Miller did business at Chicago.
John Thornfison was at Reedsville.
Mrs. P. Falck visited at Reedsville.
Miss De Loye visited at Appleton.
Chas Kock, has completed the tin
voit on the new store of Prange &
Frank Zorn was visiting at Potters
Louis Rnsch was in Potters.
Aug. Mueller has erected anew build
John Somers of Forest paid his regu
lar call at C. Barnard's last Sunday.
John Genske of Oshkosh is visiting
iit Win. Filyes and family the past few
Miss Conie Seip of Forest 4vas the
guest of Miss Metzner Sunday.
Miss Anna Barnard attended the
Smiini' r school at Chilton.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Metzner of De
pel e visited at the home of J. Metzner
last week.
Geo. Reicherdt is minus his charm-1
ing mustache.
Dan Werner has purchased two lots
of .Mr. Dnmass and will at once begin
the erection of a residence thereon.
Mrs. Joe Lett hard anil children of
Medford were the guests of Wtn.
Peters and family last week.
P. W. Schatz of Wayside was on tlie
sick list.
Miss Amelia Toll and .Lie. Joos were
at Reedsville Saturday on business.
Herbert Arwin and Ldnya <)tto have
been visiting with their uncle and aunt,
Mr. and Mrs. Kussmau. and their
grandma, Mrs Otto at Neenah the fore I
part of this week, accompanied by their j
parents Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Otto.
Mrs. Mich. Moser is on the sick list.
Mr, and Mrs. John Tikalsky were at 1
(’has. Fiirstenburg and wife of Maui- j
towoc visited friends in this city.
Win. Bachansen of Sheboygan and
family have been visiting here and in j
tiic vicinity for some time.
Mrs Kmil Schlei of Milwaukee visit
ed relatives in this city this week.
Miss Nellie Walsch is visiting at Mil
waukee and < ’hieago.
Lily and Henry Hnls are visiting
their aunt Mrs. Limners near Holland
James Mullins was in Manitowoc.
MissChya Lau went to Chicago this
The children of the Lnthern parochial
school gave a picnic at Ryan’s Grove
which was well attended.
The approaching marriage <>t Anna
Borne and Andrew Duks of Maple
Grove lias been announced
The Northei n Grain Cos. will erect a
new elevator at Reedsville,
John Mumin who recently resgned
the jailorship of the Manitowo 1 ia.il,
has gone into the cigar making busim ss
it Reedsville.
.lac. Lr.eckel is'engaged in repairing
iis dwelling house. He has built a
urge addition to it. It is will be a very
une residence when completed.
City Briefs.
lilevator Leg Injured An elevator
leg *t the elevator broke Friday and the
rubber belt went down the incline on a
rush, making a fearful noise. At first
the accident created considerable excite
ment as it was thought that there had
been a dn it explosion but the true cause
was si sin seen. No damage was done
Mr Mougan will Speak District
Attorney llougan, chief counsel in the
ird* r of th ■ Mo lei n Woodmen, has been
chosen to make the address at the Wood
man picnic, August 36.
New Plumbing l inn Anew firm
has lie. n organized and has started hnsi
ness. Biegel and Phalen is its title.
Imth being well kmivii plumbers. The
tmsines.i will be carried on in the Biegel
(lift to the l ibrary < hit of money
di nated by the Water Cos., the pnbli c
L brary lias been able to purchase
Winior s Narrative and Critical History
j of America.
Prof Pal/er’s position Prof. C. E.
Pat iter former superintendent of t hits
comity, whose scholastic work since has
h en in the Milwaukee normal school,
lia been given liie position of superin
Ir-ndent of practice work in the same
1 school, at a salary of f!'2 too.
Cemeu Sidewalk A e ■ineut
Wit!lt b4(.*< been constructed in front <d
Chut*. I'etcher'a nt'jrc oU street
Bancroft Krtl* hurl Bancroft
Kr*'MH, while nut swimming Tuesday
revived a deep cut in hi knee.
Farmer*. get your rural free delivery
[ mail Ik nee of the Rand & Roemer Hdwe
Cos. ff
Latest Quotations'Corrected for the Ben
efit of Farmers
The following are the current prices of
the various articles of produce as report
ed for The Pilot on Ang. 15
Potatoes .>... -70
Wheat. Spring—' -OB
Wheat -White Winter -BB
Rye... -50
Barley -50
Oats - 85
Coin. -65
Hay 1000-11 00
Butter.., 16-18
Eggs 11-12
Balt per bbl 75-115
Wood .4 00-5 00
Peas—White -70
Peas—Marofat 1.00
Peaa—Green -90
Peas—Scotch 1-00
Wool -U i
Flour Patent 1.90
“ Daisy 1.65
“ Rye 1.60
Midling -85
Coarse Meal 1.00
Fine “ 1.90
Oil “ 1.85
If a dealer a-ks you to take some
hiug -aid tn be ‘ just as good as Rocky
Mountain Tea made by Madison Medi
ci n? Cos. a-k him if he makes more
money. F. C. Buerstatte.
An old bachelor says that woman is
the bitter half of man.
All Sadieville Kv., was curious to
learn the cause of the vast improvement
in the health o f Mr-. S. P. Whittaker,
who had for a long time, endured un
told suffering from chronic bronchial
trouble. "It - all due to Dr King's
New Discovery." writes her husband.
It completely cured her and also cured
onr little grand daughter of a severe at
tack of Whooping Cough. If positively
cures Cough Colds, La Grippe. Bron
chitis, all Throat and Lung troubles.
Guaranteed Imttles 50candsft.rtO. Trial
bottles free at Henry Hinrichs drug
It is easier to approach luxuries than
it is to back away from them again.
The beauty thief lias come to stay,
Unless you drive the pimples and
blackheads away;
Do this: don't look like a flight;
Take Rocky Mountain Tea to-night.
F. C. Buerstatte.
A woman always has best or the worst
of it.
Helps young ladies to withstand the
shock of sudden proposals, that's what
Rocky Mountain Tea has dene. 35c.
Made by Madison Medicine Cos. F. C.
m -■
Sn ail buys and new tlannel shirts
shrink from washing.
Editors. A. Brown, of Bennetville.
s ( . was once immensely surprised.
Through long suffering from Dyspep
sa. he writes, “my wife was greatly
run down. She had no strength or
v.gi r and suffered great distress from
her stomach, but she tried Electric Bit
ters which helped her at once, and.
after ii-iug four bottles, she is entirely
well, can eat anything. It's a grand
t mic and its gentle laxative qualities
an-splendid for torpid liver.” For In
digestion, Loss of Appetite, Stomach
and Liver troubles it's positive, guar
anteed cure. Only 50c at Henry Hin
An open faced watch a yawning po
■ -m -
From frightful disligurment Mrs.
Nannie (falleger, of La Grange. Ga..ap
plied Bncklen’a Arnica Salve to great
sores on her head and face, and writes
it- quick cure exceeded all her nopes.
It works wonders in sores. Bruises, Skin
Krnptions, ( uts. Burns. Sethis and Pilt s.
Cure gn ran teed by Henry Hin
richs druggist.
V gallon of our mixed paint will cov
et ,’Vt square feet, two coats, and only
♦ 1.25 i**r gallon. * tf
Tin: Rand* RokmkuHuv.k Cos.
A well established gents’ furnishing
business connected with custom tailor
ing in a growing village on the (’. & N.
By, Must sell on account of ill
h ■ ilth Will sell store and stock For
un her information write to or inquire
at The Pilot office. ang 22
Then the baby is most like
iy nervous, and fretful, and
doesn’t gain In weight.
Scott’s Emulsion S
is the best food and medicine I
for teething babies. They fi
gain from the start. p
Se.nl for a Irtr rarnplr a
SCOTT a BOWNH, thuniftt, J
tV4O Pearl reet, New York, H
joc. and $■ oo; all druegiata. ■
that burrow* up the scalp, making
dandruff scurf, causing the hair to
fall, and finally
You will have NO MORE DAN
BALDNESS If you use
The only hair Preparation on thia
absolutely new scientific principle.
for sale by druggists. Price |t.
Tiie full i" ing marriage licensese have
been issued by County Clerk Schaffland.
Fred Boeslayer, uf Schleswig, to l<a
Deichert, of Eaton.
Chas. Grimms, of Gibson, to Emma
cteiuier, of Gibson.
John Grim, of Manitowoc, to Clara
rheilou, of Manitowoc.
Adolph Chadek, of Manitowoc, to
Mary Bartha. of Kossuth.
JohuH. Neinaber. of Manitowoc, f
Lima Sie 11. ul M oiitu-.v**c.
Deaths oi’a. Week.
At one o'cloc'j Sato lay after
about a month o severe suffering death
claimed Joseph Nickel at the late home
on the corner of Washington and Thirt
eenth street. Deceased was born in Ger
many fifty-eight years ago and was
married there. In the early ’7oe he cauie
to this county.
Th ■ funeral of Michael Casper, who
lied at Sheboygan Friday occurred at
that city Monday. Casper was a former
Manitowoc comity man and lived near
Two Rivers
Gelling a New Crop of Hair, and Has No
More Dandruff.
Everybody in th® Northwest kuow-
Col. Danniel Searles, the veteran jour
nalist and publicist of Butte. Jan. 1 1 *,
190), the Colonel writes: “I used a
couple of bottles of Newbro’s Herpicide
with marvelous remits. The dandruff
-disappeared; a ne.v crop of hair has
taken root, and the blad spot is rapidly
being covrel." Herp cide is the only
hair preparation that kills tin dandruff
germ that digs up the scalp in scales as
its burrows its way to the root of the
hair, where it destroys the vitality of
the hair, causing the hair to fall out.
Kill the dan draft' germ, with Herpicide.
Between Chicago and Davenport.
Arrangements have been mad ■ with
the Davenport, Rock Island & North
western railroad, whereby standard first
class coaches are now run between Chi
cago and Davenport And Rock Island,
leaving Chicago at 10:00 a. m., arriving
i m Davenport at 2:30 p. m., Rock Island
j „t 2:45 p. m. and. returning, leaving
Rock Islandjat 3:25 p. m., Da vent ort
1:45 p. nn, arriving in Cbicagojat tvMO
p. m.
Manitowoc Dairy Board.
At the meeting of the Dairy Board.
Wednesday, Aug. 1.1, the following off
rs were made:
1150 boxes Daisi s; lot) boxes Twin
000 boxes Y. A.
Offers same week last year: 600 boxes
Dais es; 175 boxes Twins; 850 boxes Y.
Sales reported today; !<>o boxes Twins
(o Site., UOO boxes Y. A. m lOJc; 1150
boxes Daisies in 10c.
Sales same week last year: 175 boxes
Twins i" 9Jc; 850 boxes Y. A. <n 10c,
200 boxes Daisies (a lOJc: 5.50 boxes
Daisies m 10$c.
Em in TKirin- n. Sec y.
Dr. Louis Turbin who visits Manito
woc monthly is to take a vacation in
August, hence will not be here until
Spt. 14th.
Two girls for kitchen work at $2.50
and 8.00 per week.
The Lake House.
15 Two Rivers, Wis.
We kindly ask yon to call for prices
before purchasing vour supplies for the
outing season. We are better prepared
than any previous year to supply your
wants promptly. tf
The Rand & Roemek Hdwe Cos
UThtre are braying men in the world, as
well as braying donV eva
Schuette Bros. Col
I * ** ' 4 . . ■
Report on Progress of our I
Building and Alterations. I
The grocery store has been moved Into its ne
and permanent quarters, and that section of the nel
building is practically completed. |
The fronts of the dry goods and clothing stonl
have been removed and entrance to both of these 1
now through a temporary door of old dry goods frona
The clothing store ceilings and roof are now beinl
raised to a level with the adjoining dry goods store
these stories—the new fronts will now be built t
conform with the rest, meantime the corner is bein
finished for dry goods department, with entrance s
the corner.
No part of the business is being suspended on ac
count of building operations, and the trade we ai
having, despite the disturbance,--our small Augu<
volume of sales—is an indication that our customer
are willing to put up with, and share with us, som
of the unavoidable inconveniences incident to sue
changes, and we have reason Lobe thankful for thei
kind consideration.
PRICES. Call and be convinced
A $35 Bicyle at. . $22.00 I
Second hand Bicycles. ..s3*oo
o rk Street betw. Bth and.Qth Manitowoc, Wis.
Horse and Cattle Fair.
A Horse and Cattle Fair will hi
held at LARRABEE every 4th MON
DAY in the month.
Everything has been done for th<
comfort of man and beast. Buyen
and sellers are cordially invited t<
attend. The Committee.
eS Asa money-saving proposition it is
cheaper *° I )U Y paint than to build a ■
yS u V .. new l>arn— there is no B
V/fAR* paist/ . chance lor an argument (T " B
on that point! Then, as a 11 B
l l.V**' . >■" / natural query, why do so many farmers H
,- v ' allow their buildings to goto ruin and £litr/7' B
f become weather - beaten eyeso es, PI /W f /%■
v when with the honest article, f jf
they could he preserved and made to last (or years, t
their well-kept appearance adding to the value of ML' A hahJ
the (arm. < painiM
Pitkin’s Barn Paint is made of honest mater- MBBB S''
ials and is honestly the best on the market. Ask your HflS
dealer for Pitkin’s Parn Paint and insist upon having
it. If he cannot supply you, write us
and we will fill your order. IK
Geo. W. Pitkin Cos„ Pilot Makers, SXUIVX. \
\ Corner Fulton A Streets, Chicago j
banmiim adv CQ .
Subscribe for The Pilot.
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