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Win. Stock is building anew stable
this week.
Northeim has started a Hayseed club.
We hope that it will have as much suc
cess as the card club.
Albert Meyer, of Meeme. has purchas
ed the old windmill of Herman Kar
batch which has stood as a landmark of
this place for a good many years It
was the first geared windmill in this
part of the country.
Christ Kielsmeyer, the Newton black
smith while testing a windmill he had
just finished putting up in the town of
Centerville slipped and fell a distance
of eight feet striking on his shoulder
and breaking his collar bone.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dolach and Mrs.
John Harrian of Two Rivers wer- visit
ing here with Mrs ( harles .darshalek
one day last week
The Rev. Father Klouchek, Mr. and
M Martin Kraus, Mr. and Mrs. Wen
re. Schauer and Mr and Mrs. Wenzel
Buresch attended the silver wedding at
Mr. and Mrs. Spevachek s last Sunday,
Mrs. Charles Marshalek of this town
visited with Mrs. Anton Mudroch at
Manitowoc last week.
Several men went out deer hunting
this year to Sturgeon Bay. Among j
them are, Henry Pentzien, Jos, Stangel 1
and Frank Stangel.
The weddings of Chas. Wojta to An
nie Kaiser, and William Sehr-eder to
Mary Soncoup are .nnouneed.
Mr. Vitak, of Stc ,'eon Bay, passed
through here on his way to Kellners
ville last Sunday.
The social dance held at Frank Ur
iianek s la-t Sunday was well attended.
An infant son "f Mr. and Mrs. Geoige
Monk, died at an early hour Monday ;
morning The little child had b *en sick
f,r only a few days, the parents having
done all within their power to save its
life, but all in vain, earthly jiower being
unable to retain the little aoul from its
journey into the hereafter. The funeral
services at the home will be held Wed
nesday afternoon at 1 o'clock.
Mrs. Reiss accompanied by her two
little sons who are here on a visit from '
Chicago, visited our school Monday 1
County Sujieriiitendent Christiansen
visited our school lust week Wednesday.
The attendance at our school is const
antly increasing from week to week A
few more pupils made their apjs>arance
at school Monday morning which has
l>een the case for the past few weeks.
At the present rate of increase will soon
reach sixty, fifty five pupils being enroll- |
ed at present. They keep our teacher I
busy from morning till evening.
August and Edward Schwab, accom !
panied by John Dreir wont on a little,
bunting expedition. They met with
good success and bagged quite a few of
theootton tailed tribe, who inhabit the
the surrounding woods.
Miss Saddle Yoga I employed in a
dress-making shop at Two Rivers spent
Sunday afternoon and evening wth 1
her parents.
Miss Annie Mrskosh, our correspon- •
dent;>bas adjourned to Cooperstown |
where she will spend a week with
Grand bull will lie given at the Range
line hall Wednesday evening. Novem
tier 7th. A good time is expected and
all are most cordially invited.
Charlie Corrode, onr cheese maker,
accompanied by Mr. Fred Zernieuhleu
spent lastHnnday evening at the home
of August Schulz Card playing was
the main enjoyment and several large
' Sheep Heads" were secured.
Our toucher, Otto Huge!, spent Sun
day evening as usual with friends resid
ing In a neighboring school district,
where be has taught for three succnss-
Ive yeas.
Our teacher attended the teachers'
meeting held at Mi.diicot last Saturday.
He says that the meeting was fairly well
attended and was very interesting on
account of the subjects which were so
critically discussed by some of the
teachers piesetit
Henry Vogal our s hool director to
gether with some of the school children
have been on the sick l.st for the past
w <-k All have again recovered.
Our cheese factory will close for the
season at the expiration of the present
week and Charlie' its nmna er will
bid us ‘ Farewell.
A bridal parade at the head of which
Mr. Ratsack accompanied by Miss
Wiese ids intended wife r<sle along
our road, Tnesday morning on their
way to Two Rivers, where tiny were
malemutaiid wife. Our In-aity con
’ Green must lie the latest color for
whiffle trees, Mr August Schulz one or
nu leading farmers having pmchs-1 a
|ir, tinged with the favorite nut of the
Emerald Isle
The weather is really grand aqd the
eigut moonlight evenings highly
ee-ught of by siirne of our young jieople.
are again making their appearance
S une of our prominent farmers at
the cattle fair which was held
at Cooperstown last Monday.
The fanners in this vicinity are all
: busy hauling av ly farm products, and
the rumbling of their heavy loaded
wagons is heard all day long. The de
lightful weather and good roads makes
! such work quite agreeable.
I Charlie Ringrneir, one of our leading
Cittle dealers, drove along our road
Monday evening a large flock of sheep
which he had purchased at the Coopers
town fair in the morning.
John Messman one of our industrious
farmers accompanied by his wife, visit
ed at the home of Mr, and Mrs. George
Monk lat Monday evening.
Thanksgiving Day is approaching
rapidly and everylssly is beginning to
size up the turkeys and geese.
Miss TilliePelischek spent a few dayt
with relatives at Two Rivers and Mani
Miss Bertha Kvitek has returned to
Manitowoc after spending a few days
i with her parents.
Jacob Berger is on the sick list,
John Hammernik spent a few days at
Manitowoc with relatives.
Miss Martha Zeddies left for Green
Bay where she will attend the high
Mrs. Henry Saeger has been sick for
the last few weeks.
Frank Zcmati attended the wedding
of Lewis Zeman and Mary Batrisney.
George Sypse has returned from North
Dakota after an absence of two years.
Miss F.mma Hodik has returned to
' < Chicago after spending a few days with
| her parents.
Miss Clara Rapple who died last tri
day was intered Monday at Clarks Mills.
The Rev. Father Finch officiating. The
pall hearers were the Misses Theresia
Kolbeck, Clara Pankratz, Anna Riedder,
Lena Meyer, Mamie Murphy and Mag
gie Pankratz.
Miss Nellie Kelley <>f Manitowoc visit
ed Mrs Scanlin Sunday and Monday.
The R.-v. Rederus and wife have re
turned home from Mauston. where they
have IsH-n visiting for the past week
Miss Mamie Murphy and brother
James, of Clarks Mills, were at Cato on
Harry Davis was at Manitowoc last
The Misses Lillian Savage, Clara
Pankratz. Emma Coojier, Estella H'ran I
de and Mr. P H. Gubin attended the j
teachers' meeting at the Branch S..tur
Will Hempton was at Manitowoc Mon
Herman Schultz returned home Tnes
day from the northern part of the state
and brought hack two fine deer.
Mrs. Powell who has been visiting
relatives and friends at Bril lion for the!
p.i t few days has returned home.
Monroe Pierce, the wagonmaker of
( 'lurks Mills, took the train at < 'atu lor
Manitowoc Tuesday.
Mrs. Jerry Hussey visited her sister-in
law, Mrs Mich. Fitzgerald Tuesday.
< 'lias. Etzelr of Reedsville was a call
er at Cato Monday.
Jon. (Jagnon has h little daughter at
liia home.
Mayor Peter Schroeder went to Mil
wanltee on business.
The “grub gale" (it John Braun's last
week proved a great attraction
Mary Mahnke of the town ol Two
'livers, lias Hold lier farm to (ieorge
Monk for s,* 100,
The Ladies' Aid society of the Congre
gational church will meet with Mrs.
Van Nostrand today.
Mr and Mrs. ('has Schwall 1-
ton visited their daughter, Mr Dulph
Magee, of this city a portion of last
Miss 1 {runner of (‘ato. who has heeu
visiting her sister Mrs L. Brel/.I of this
city returned to her home last Thurs
Mr and Jrs ('has. (4ripp and their
youngest son left last Thursday on a vis
it to Cheney. Kansas, where a sister o!
Mrs (4ripp resides
■I K. Hamilton is putting in a f< ,v
lays hunting deer in Northern Wise, i •
T 1 e Cougregatlonalists are plannii g
to reo’edlcate their enlarged chirrh
huilding three weeks from next snnd; y,
I h'cemlsT 15,
Joseph Beltz who had tin* coniraet f r
nutting in the sewer on Main street Is -
twe *n Washington an 1 .1* ITerson sfret ts
Completed the job last week in a very
w irUmanlike and satisfactory ma im*-.
I )<*<■*• iii 1 lUtli tin* Lnilim* ,Vnl wociety
of tin* Coni{ri*((ntlonal church will hold
Ia mill* of apron*. handkerchiefs, mid
' many other fancy and useful article*.
Hupjmr will be served in connection with
tin* *ale
Mr. and Mr* t'arl Mueller of I’c rt
Wiinliitixton were irne*U of Mr. and
Mm Carl WiukeimUler last Saturday.
Mi Mueller, who is one of the leadiiiK
lineiniMonen of Port Washington. i* the
brother of Mm. Winkeluilller
Cha* Koch and wife made a team trip
to Nero, Two River*. Manitowixt, K
(Benton's Platter Is Pain's Matter.)
George Washington made and sold floor,
and every barrel of flour in the market
branded “O. Washington, Mount Vernon,"
sold without delay. No question was ever
raised as to quality or weight.
Benson's Porous Plaster sells on its repu
tation everywhere. All the buyer wants to
be certain of is that the plaster offered him
rtal'f it Benson's, and not a worthless imi
tation of it or substitute for it.
A plaster is the best form of external rem
edy, and Benson's is the best plaster; 6,000
physicians and druggists, and a multitude
of people no man can number, have settled
that. "You can trust it," they say.
Coughs, colds, lame back, lumbago, mus
cular stiffness and rheumatism, troubles of
the liver and kidneys, influenza or grip,
pneumonia, and all other diseases open to
external treatment, are at once relieved and
cure 1 by Benson's Plaster.
Do not assume that Belladonna, Capsi
cum or Strengthening plasters are “just as
.good as” Benson's. They are vastly in
j ferior. —No other plaster is os good as
i Benson's.
[ In competition with the best-known
; plasters of Europe and America, Benson’s
; have received fifty-five highest awards.
For sale by all druggists or we will pre
| pay postage on any number ordered in the
i United States on receipt of 25c. each.
beabury & Johnson, Mfg. Chemists, N.Y.
| waunee, Forrestville. Algoma, and re
turned to Brillion Saturday. At Forest
ville they called on their old friend Al*
Is-rt Busch man, whom he formerly knew
in Manitowoc.
Cieo. Barnard attended the Novak-Ti
kalsky wedding dance.
A. Boettcher has assumed the manage
ment of both the brickyards in this city,
and cotnemplates making considerable
M, 11. Smith who is teaching near Pot
t'-rs is quarantined with the Beilke fam
ily on account of having exposed to
the small pox.
Janitor Schuler has jnst completed
puttying the school windows to be in
readiness f< r cold weather.
The new organ for use in the second
primary and intermediate departments
has arrived anil is giving excellent sat
Miss Jesse is still ill and nimble to re
sume her duties as teacher in the Ist Pri*
mary department.
Harry Harris of Cato is acting as as
sistant I perator in our depot.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wordell attended
a christening at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Frederich at ResJsvHle last Satur
Mrs. Fred Luecker and her sister-in
law. Mrs. Shauhs were Appleton visitors
A daughter was horn to Mr. and M .
(..'has Ziegler last week.
f-Jeorge Tesch and Henry Schmilt are
up north on a deer hunt.
Altiert Behnke accompanied by his son
were callers at Reedsville Tuesday.
W. N. Kil'en of Cato was in the city
1 ist Friday on business affairs.
Mat A. Milbach cf South Kaukauna !
was in the city last Friday.
Alvin Krause returned from Manito-1
woe last Friday.
Babies and children need *
proper food, rarely ever medi- j
cine. If they do not thrive |
on their food something is I
j wrong. They need a little |
J help to get their digestive :
t machinery working properly. |
will generally correct this
If you will put from one
fourth to half a teaspoonful
in baby’s bottle three or four
times a day you will soon see
a marked improvement. For
larger children, from half to
a tcaspoonful, according to
age. dissolved in their milk,
if you so desire, will very
soon show its great nourish
ing power. if the mother’s
milk does not nourish the
baby, she needs the emul
sion. It will show an effect
at once both upon mother
i and child.
Vx. .ml |i no, til liruxxkU.
SCOTT & BOWNK, Chtmxii, N York.
finally BALDNESS v
Du trey the c*usc, you ramav
the effect t
Kill the DandruffJCenn^
The nly preparation that
will destroy those parasites/^
for Sale by all Drujjlitl.
* /w
John E 'kcr moved to a farm near Ap
plet 'i. Wednesday,
Ch. Kapishky and Chas. Dittbrene •
are rejoicing ever the arrival of two
bouncing boys.
Man in ('arney and wife left for Iron
wood, Monday, after a week's visit with
John (-'arney is missing two turkeys
out of his large flock.
Dan Cooney shipped a carload of stock
to Chicago oij Tuesday.
The Doolan-Roeckel wedding dance at
; Lark, Wednesday, was represented from
i our village.
i George Gosz is able to be around
! again.
Adolph Hae.se bought a fine span of
colts at Morrison. Wednesday.
Joe Sheehey and Johnny Morrissey
will start fr the pine woods, Monday.
Mrs. Wm. Mullins of Forest Jet., is
visiting with Mrs, M. Watt this week.
Mrs. McGillis returned to Marinette,
Saturday, after a two weeks, visit with
Mrs. Thomas Welch.
H. Ha Iron and Adolph Haese attend
ed the Doolan-Roeckel wedding, Wed
Mrs. !{. Frosch is visiting her parents
at Sheboygan Falls.
Wood is beginning to arrive for the
kilns. George expects a rushing busi
ness this winter.
Dr. <) Connel was kept quite busy on
the.hill this week.
Miss B O Day visited Miss Lizzie Hal
rou Saturday and Sunday.
Lizzie Hullron's school is closed this
Week on account of smallpox being iu
t mt vicinity.
Michael Watt and wife attended the!
Doolan-Roeckel weddding at I -ark j
Michael Benschaufel speeded his 2:80
stepper to Manitowoc Wednesday, mak
ing tlie fastest time on record. He co\-
ered the distance in Ifhonr la minutes.
Latkk -Record broken by our agent
to .'ISA minutes.
Then. Weise and Win. Byer will re
sume their work at the kilns Monday.
Mr. Byer was general foreman at Mey
er's kilm.
11. Herzog of Sheboygan is here buy
ing stock this week.
Jos. Shimek, our village butcher, will
move his meat market inn tlie- building
which he has rented from Mr. Muench
as the building he now occupies is not
large enough for his trade.
Chas. Muench and daughter Clara
were at Manitowoc on Tuesday last.
John Salta and family have moved
into our village.
A large party of friends enjoyed them
s.-lves at the feather stripping bee which
was held r.t the home of Frank Varnish
1 ist Wednesday evening
Tne infant child ot A:nt Ttshler was
buried in the catholic c metery rn Wed
nesday last.
Dr. ( L. Karnopp of Mishioot passed
through our village last week.
Mrs. A. Lorenzeu celebrated tier six
tieth birthday anniversarylast Wednes
day. Quite a nnnibor of friends and
relatives united to make the occasion a
very pleasant one.
Mrs. ,T. Hanzen and Mrs. K/tinah of
Manitowoc visited friends and relatives
here one day last week.
Mrs. William Kedeker Sr., celebrated
her sixtieth birthday anniversary last
f German Uniment II
11 fcj *n<i II
■I •'! .1.-Hi-rl, Jl
Sunday. Friends, children and grand
children united for the last time at the
old home, to make the occasion a pleas
ant one. Mrs. Redeker sold her farm
and expects ti leave in about a week,
May she spend many a pleasant birth
day in her new home is the wish of her
numerous friends iu which the corre
spondent joins
August Wandtke of Two Rivers,
w idle on his way home from here (tie
day last week came near having a seri
ous accident. His horses became fright
ened and ran away, throwing him t lit
of the rig, and also the rack on th ? bacii
of his wagon, in which he bad son e
stock, and for a little while Eastwiu
was lively with the bleating of sheep
ad calves, hut everything v<e found
a.,cl Mr. Wandtke escaped with a few
b uises while the horses were uninjured.
Joseph Jackett and little daughter Nora
c debrated their birthdays last ’i'hursd >y
evening. A midnight supper was serv
e . and a pleasant time was had by ail.
An infant sou of Mr. and Mrs. George
Monk died last Monday.
Messrs. John and Charles Schmidt of
Chicago visited with their parents last
Mr. and Mrs. William Raatz of She
boygan are visiting with the parents of l
the former.
Arthur Reichert and Miss Berths Zahi.
I were married, Wednesday.
The Mssses Nellie Cronin and Emily
! Scheeg and Harry Goodhew and Carl
Maertz visited at. Brillion, Sunday.
Miss Julia Zahn visited at Manitowoc,
Friday and Saturday,
Miss Cecil Meany is visiting here.
M. M. Guilin attended the teachers'
meeting at Branch, Sat irday.
T. H. Meany has on hand a fine collec
tion of cutters.
Walter Cooney spent Sunday at Two
The pupils of the Reedsville school
will give the following entertainment at
Schulz’s hall, Nov. 27:
Song School
Selection Agnes Cooney
Recitation Geitie Hagenow
Recitation Minnie Kurth
! James Du mass Julia Zahn
Josie Rabat Leola Cary
Mary Scheeg Emily Scheeg
Recitation Esther Otto
Derate:— Resolved that the Indian
has been more cruelly treated by the
Whites than the Negro.
Affirmative Negative
Carl Stein Walter Cooney
John Schreiber Michael Linane
Recitation Raymond Krueger
I Josephine Du mass
n i Manila Kiehl
Laura Schulz Cora Goodhew
Julia Zahn
Sonic '■ Eimly Schee R
&ung \ Julia Zahn
Thanksgiving Operetta The Two
Invitations Primary Pupils
Wm. Bloedorn is at present passing
around the cigars, its a baby boy.
H. Whealen luff for Manitowoc where
he has secured a position.
Jacob Henrich has moved his engine
to Maple Grove where he will spend
some time in cutting fodder and sawing
Henry Goesert met with a serious as
well as a painful accident; while feed
ing his horses one of them bit him on
the cheek.
The dance which took place at the
Kasson hall was a decided success both
socially and financially. Seventy-five
couples danced to the excellent music
furnished by the Clancy band. Maple
Grove came in a body early in the even
ing and seemed bent on pleasure seek
ing. Wayside was well represented as
was also Brillion. The dancers who
came were not all confined to our local
towns as was noticed by having the
pleasure of greeting a denizen of the
“Rockies.” At midnight a sumptuous
supper was served to which all did
ample justice. It was not until tie
dawn of day that the dancers departed
for their respective homes to seek re
pose. All report a very enjoyable time.
Mrs. T. 8. Kings visited at Maple
Machinists Organize. Machinists o
the city, skilled mechanics effected or
ginization of a union on Saturday and
tor which application will be made to
membership in the International As
sociation of Machinists.
Sent to blind asylum Patrick
Burns, age 12 years, of Maple Grove,
has been committed to the state School
for the Blind,
The next lecture.- The next attrac.
tion in the high school lecture course
will l>e Wednesday evening Novem
ber 27 and the celebrated DeWitt
Miller will speak. The selection of the
subject has not been announced.
Schuette Bros. Cos
' - . =r
Everybody knows that the -
was anTunqualified success, and this- week--the opening- sale h;
in S extended one week—will be a close second, as we are
better condition, of course.
New Goods Arrive Daily,
and among them many specials in styles or in prices. Our prese
vast output, sales, of merchandise, creates a big: opening- for ma
ufacturers, importers and jobbers to fill and replenish, of whi
the) are not slow to take advantage, il fortunate enough to ma
us the most tempting offer. We lake advantage of the best
fers, thereby giving our CUSTOMERS the advantage of a well sto<
ed, modern. large*city*store in a small town, having at their dispi
ai a splendid stock to select from, prices at least as low, and oft
ovver, than anywhere in the United Slates, with the advantage
having the entire stock more concentrated, therefore belter
cessable and with less effort: also an old and well known firm
tall back on in case anything is actually wrong in any respect, i
Every department Clothing, Dry Goods, Carpet, do;
Millinery, Grocer) and Crockery has been enlarged and vastly i
proved. Better call this week.
The Francis Creek Herd
Short Horn Stock
As Follows:
Duke of Hillside, 145015, also
Young Duke by Duke of Hill
side by Lottie of Cloverieaf by
Sharon of Homewood, 110199.
Francis Creek, - Wisconsin
The Hopkins lecture —The lecture
given by Dr. Hopkins last Thursday
under the auspices of the Northside
high school, entitled "The Land of the
Golden Fleece," was highly entertain
Spavin Liniment.
English Spavin Liniment removes All
Hard, Soft or Calloused Lumps ond Blem
ishes from horses. Blood Spavins, Curbs,
Splints. Sweeney Ring-Bone, Stifles
Sprains, all Swollen Throats, Coughs,
etc. Save |AO by the use of one bottle.
Warranteed the most wonderful Blemish
Cure ever known. Sold by F. C. Buer
New and Improved Service to
Paul and Hlnneapolis
Via the North-Western Line. To
ther accomodate its many patrons
route to the 'Twin Cities” from po
north of Milwaukee, the Chicane
Forth-Western Ry now rims a Free
dining Chair Car on the evening ti
Milwaukee. Via Fond du Lai-, conn
ing at Appleton Jet. with train leai
Manitowoc at 4:20 P. M., connec
with train leaving Appleton Jet. 1
P. M. arriving at St. Paul and Mil
apolis early the next morning, and
necting at Merrillan with similary <
ped train for Duluth and the Supe ri
Like service southbound. This in a
tion to the Pullman Sleeping Cars wl
are rnn on the same trains daily betv
Fon du Lac and Minneapolis. Appl
agetUs Chicago andNorth-Western,

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