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Blood of (hr Animal Contains an An
titoxin Which la Destructive
to Ike I‘oison,
There is probably no casualty more
appalling than snakebite, by reason of
the usually fata) result which follows
the injury when the snakeis of a high
ly venomous species, says the Lonron
Chronicle. Even a minute quantity of
the virus injected into the blood will
prove death dealing within a very
short period of time. Remedies for
snakebite have hivherto been limited
to attempts made to prevent the
spread of the poison through the sys
tem and to the fortifying of the pa
tient against collapse. But till within
very recent times nothing in the way
of antidote or specific cure for snake
bite was known. True, there have been
“snake stones”—still used in the east
—which have been vaunted as specifics,
but from an examination of specimens
one finds them to be either pieces of
ordinary mineral or bits of bone or
pieces of plant roots. It is fairly safe
to say that if any case of snakebite is
said to be cured by the application of a
“snake stone” the bite was not that of
a poisonous species. Also it has been
said that the immunity of the mon
goose, the renowned snake killer, was
due to the animal eating some herb or
other which counterbalanced the ef
fect of the bite. Nobody, however, has
ever been able to discover this herb,
and it happens that a much more sci
entific explanation of the power of the
mongoose to resist the virus of the ser
pent is forthcoming. That explanation
rests on the fact that the blood of the
animal contains a principle (or “anti
toxin, it may be named) which is
destructive to the poison of the snake,
or which, at any rate, renders the body
of the mongoose resistant to the action
of the venom.
One of thi* Otlileat of lleeenl Inven
tions fop Comlliir Various
One of the oddest of recent in
ventions is e. refrigerating egg, as it
might be called. It is an ovoid cap
sule of nickel-plated copper, about
the size and shape of a hen’s egg,
hollow and nearly filled with water.
For use, it is frozen, so that its con
tents become ice.
If you have a glass of milk that is
not cold enough, you do not like to
put ice into it, because dilution with
water spoils the beverage. But, if
you have one of these eggs handy,
you may drop it into the glass, and
in a few moments the liquid is re
duced to the desired temperature.
In the same way you may cool your
cup of coffee, if it is too hot, and the
Idea is equally applicable to any
other drink.
Many people nowadays are disin
clined to use ice in their drinking
water, because it may contain germs.
All danger is avoided by dropping
one of these metal eggs into one’s
The r< irigerating egg, according
to the Saturday Evening Post, is a
little less than fill of water, so ns
to allow for the slight expansion of
the liquid in freezing; otherwise, of
course, the capsule would burst.
After being i lied, the capsule is
sealed so perfectly that no one can
i ell where the opening was, and
thus it is absolutely water tight.
Such an egg. of metal, it is said,
ran hardly be broken, and ought to
lust forever.
So the Telephone Girl I)I<1 ’ ot Return
Her Admirer's Kls Over
the Wire.
With a blush the young girl at
the telephone branch took (he round
I lack clasps of rubber from her ears,
says the Chicago Daily News, and.
turning on the girl beside her
amused, shocked eyes, she said:
“Maggie, he did it again!”
“The rascal!” said Maggie.
“And, Maggie, do you know what?
He’s told some of his friends about
it, and now, in calling him up, they
do it, too, if I happen to make the
“Gee!” said Maggie.
“Now, Maggie, 1 won’t stand for it
much longer. I’ll give him a call.
It’s so silly—l don’t see what fun he
gets out of it. rle does it every
morning. ‘Good morning, Miss
Blanche,’ he says, laughing a little,
us soon as I answer his ring, and
then he makes that sound like a kiss,
and laughs and waits. It’s a kiss;
it's a kiss all right; a kiss sounds
very plain and real over the wire,
and I suppose he expects me to kms
him back. 1 don’t, though. I'm not
so foolish. If it was the real thing,
now. why, then—”
“Thai’s what,” said Maggie.
Clrhp Amhcm In n round.
If you saved the asli of all the cigars
you smoked you would have consumed
1.600 before you had a pound of ash.
Dorm Tlmf Never llnrk.
There are varieties of the dog that
never bark—the Australian dingo, the
Egyptian shepherd dog and the “lion
beaded” dog of Thibet.
Alcohol to Kllll riuilß,
The enormous overproduction of al
cohol in France has led Jean Dupuy,
the minister of agriculture, to offer a
series of prizes for any kind of appara
tus or machinery that will open a way
for its greater consumption. United
States Consul Covert at Lyons says an
exhibition of inventions for the use of
alcohol for illuminating or heating
purposes or for motor power will be
held in Paris from November 16 to 24.
It is proposed to apply motor power to
agricultural implements under the di
rection of the department of agricul
The littte daughter of Mr. J. N. Powell
jumped on an inverted rake made of ten
penny nails, and thrust one nail entirely
through her foot and a second one half
way through. Chamberlain's Pain
Balm was promptly applied and five
minutes later the pain had disappeared
and no more suffering was experienced.
In three days the child was wearing her
shoe as usual and with absolutely no
discomfort. Mr. Powell is a well known
merchant of Forkland Va. Pain Balm
is an antiseptic and heals Jsuch injuries
without maturation* and in one-third
the time required hyjjthe usual treat
ment. For sale by Henry Hinrichs
There are few men who are not secret
ly proud of an imaginary resemblance
to some greater personage.
‘•Last winter an infant child of mine
had croupdn a violent form/' says Elder
John W. Rogers, a Christian Evangelist,
of Filey Mo. ,- I gave her a few doses
of Chamberlin’s CoughJßemedy and in
a short time all danger was past and the
child recovered.” This remedy not
only cures croup but, when given as
soon as the first symptons appear, will
prevent the attack. It contains no op
ium or other harmful substance and
may be given as confidently to a baby
as to an adult. For sale 1 y Henry Hin
riehs druggist.
J. Pierpont Morgan came and went
But air and wafer are just as cheap as
The undersigned rwill give a free
sample of Chamberlain’s Stomach and
LiTablets to any one wanting a re
liable remedy for disorders of the stom
ich, biliousness or constipation - This
is anew remedy and a good one. Henry
Everything comes to the man who
waits on himself,
Weakness is more apt to be inherited
hau strength.
How’s This?
We offer (hie Hundred Dollars Re
■vard for any case of Catarrh that can
not tie cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & Cos,, Props.T Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F’,
r . Cheney for the last'ld years, and be
Sieve him perfectly honorable in allbusi
iess transactions and financially able to
•arry out any obligations made by their
West & Tuu ax, {Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, O. WALDIXO, Kinxax & Mar
vix, Wholesale Druggists. Toledo, O.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken internal
5, acting directly upon the blood and
nncous surface of the system. Price
•sic. per bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Testimonials free.
Halls Family Pills are the be.-t.
New Werner Edition of the
Latest |||| EDITION OF
volumes J '
' Bookcase' ra^e
rKch |j|t a day
This edition contains ALL that is found in the original edition and in addition
includes 5 volumes of supplement which not only bring 1
the work down to date but are Much More Practical to rililvl 1* fill A
Can you afford JO cents a day for such a library?
You may learn what you wish (no obligations imposed) by calling or
addressing us.
Of Berlin, Germany, the Expert Specialist and Surgeon.
Who has visited Manitowoc’, for the past SIX YEARS
Once a Month, will again be in
Manitowoc- Saturday, Dec. Tth.
oa. niaaiN, Business Men
me Specialist m
CURES Jfmjk on t 0 fulfil his
ALL / promises in every
CHRONIC '• respect, and the
Wh v V 1 amo scm e of P the onß
tv ji ■£' Prominent
his entire attention V ‘ }
All Cases He Undertakes Guaranteed.
YOIIMTi MFM If y°u urc troubled with
IUUINU 1C IN nervous debility, stuptd
uess, or are otherwise unfitted for business or
study, caused from youthful errors or excesses,
you should consult this rpccialist at once. Don’t
delay until too late.
M AMKIWn There are thousands of you
ttl/A. ilMlvL/ troubled with weak, aching
backs and kidneys and other unmistakable
signs of nervous debility. Many die of this diffi
culty, ignorant of the cause. The most obstinate
cases of this character treated with unfailing
Af ! nKFMF* of delicate nature—in
i/ijLrvjLj llanimatiuns and kindred
t -Guides— quickly cured without, pain ot incon-
V tnieuce.
{“ATADDH whlcu poisons the oreath,
I ! stomach ami lungs ami paves
the way for Consumption, also Throat, Liver,
FRV7 POINTS I Ist—The doctor nivcs his personal attention to each individual ease,
a 1u II i uUt I0 , oj business conducted on a professional basis amt stri’tly confidential.
Sd—Names and pictures never published unless requested to do so. 4tb—The doctor’s patients
are his friends.
WHI TP y° ur troubles If living away from city. Thmsands cured at home by correspondence
MUiID and medicine sent as directed. Absolute storecy in nil professional dealings. Address
al' letters, giving street and number plainly. Send stamps for list of questions.
DOCTOR TURBIN. 103 Randolph St, Chicago. 111.
Too Much for the Oatrlcii.
in the Belle Isle zoo, at Detroit,
someone threw the bottom of a
broken beer bottle into the ostrich
yard. The big ostrich, which had per
formed such feats as swallowing
glass marbles, slate pencils, spikes
and tennis balls, promptly tackled
the new food. It disappeared into
the bird's mouth and spectators saw
the moving lump in the ostrich's
throat which showed the course of
the tit-bit. Then the movement
stopped and the ostrich looked un
happy, twisted it.- ncek this way and
that way. and started to run fran
tTaiiy about the yard. F’.ally it
stopptd and drooped its head aft r
•he manner of a sick lien. Next mnrn
ing it was and ad and a piece of r; ;*ed
beer bottle sticking out through his
v iminim told the talc.
Heart, Kidney, Bladder and all constitutional
ami internal* troubles; also Rupture. Files,
Fistula, Dyspeps { i, Diarrhoea ami all diseases
of the stomach and bowels treated far in ad
vance of any institution in the country.
Scrofula, Tumors, Tetter, Eczema aud Blood
Poison thoroughly eradicated, leaving the sys
tem in a strong, pure and healthful state.
Headache, gainful Menstruation.
Uterine Displacements, Patna In Back, and (eel
as if it were impossible for you to endure your
(troubles and still be obliged to attend your
household and social obligations. There are
many women doing this to-day. However, a
.-eat many have taken treatment of this spe
i ciaiis:, and' he can refer you to those who have
been cured by him. Give the doctor a call. II
can give all the encouragement in ttie world
and will cure you it you trust yourself to his
0,1.1 Pig. *..
A Canadian fanner had on In’s lard
' a very leep hole, 18 inches wide, re
i suiting from an nnsnecio sful attempt
! to form aii oil well. Four little pigs
I belonging to the farmer tumbled into
| this hole, probably in arch of food,
| and fell 4 4 feet to the bottom where
a little cave bad been formed by the
caving in of some sand from the
| sides. 'The farmer dropped corn into
I the hole every day for a month,
1 knowing the pigs were alive fr, in
i hearing contented grants ascending
i from below ground. At last’ he had
; the hole widened, and descending by
‘lie aid of a strong rope, he rescued
iwo piggies from their strange
orison. The other two were dead.
Allow me to say a few word-* in praise
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. 1
had a very severe cough and cold and
feared I would get pneumonia, but after
taking the second dose of this medicine
I felt better, three- bottles of it cured
my cold and the pains in rnv chest dis
appeared entirely. lam most respect*
nMy yours for h • vlth. R \ d’.i S. Mkv
krk. ft4-Thirty-seventh St. Wheeling
W. V‘„ For sale by Henry Himichs
The parent that has just cause to Le
proud of his children needs no other
c ut-e for perfect happiness.
Be.'ween Chicago and Davenport.
Arrangements have been mad ■ with
tin Dave'.' rt. Rock Island Sr North
western r.dlroad, whereby standard Hi's'
das-, coaches are now run between Chi
cago anti Davenport and Rock Island
leaving LJhicago at 10:00 a. m., arriving
in Davenport at 3:30 p. in., Rock Island
at 2:4.-> p. m. and, returning, leaving
Rock Island at 3:85 p. in., Davenport
3:45 p. m., arriving in Chicago at S:3(
'p. m.
If we could only have some patent
contrivance that would close our month)
when we lose our temper.
I'd leave my happy home and cros
the deep bine sea,
Bather than bo without Charley and
my Rocky Mountain JTea.
F. C. Buerstatte.
The Children's Friend.
You’ll have a cold this winter. Max
he you have one now. Your children
will suffer too. For coughs, croup,
bronchitis, grip and other winter com
plaints One Minute Cough Cuiv novel
tails. Acts promptly. It is very pleas
ant to the taste and perfectly harmless
C. 15. George, Winchester, Kv. . writ'
"Our little girl was attacked with cron]
late one night and was so hoarse sin
could hardly speak We gave her a few
loses of One Minute Cough Cure, It
relieved her ininn diately and she wen:
o sleep. When she awoke next morn
ing she had no signs of hoarsaness m
croup." F. C. Rnerstatte.
A man has the right to express h h
opinion of the weather, but what’s the
In Northern Wisconsin on the Norte
Western Line. Low rates and easy
renns of payments. About 400,000 am s
of choice farm lands. Early hnvers will
secure the advantage of location on tie
many beautiful streams and lak'
which abound with fish and furnish a
never ending and most exceleni
water supply, both for family and ftr
Laud is generally well timbered. lh>
soil fertile and easy of cultivation. Chi
•ago, Milwaukee, Sr. Paul, Minneapolis,
Duluth. Superior. Ashhuid and nuuier
mis other thriving cities furnish goo
markets for farm produce.
For further particular- addn-.- tie
W. Dell Lafl 1 (’ononis ioner *lnd-o
Wis., or G. It. Melon A. G. P. A.,
Paul, Minn.
Wc have always told the sultan that
tlu,‘ French were a hasty, emotional
Wc. the undersigned. do hereby agin
to refund the in -mcy on a fiO-rviit butth
of ( I■( ene’s'AVairaiiti and Fi nip of Tar i
it fails to cure jour conch or cold. V.'i
also guarantee a -ft-cent outtlc to prov*
satisfactory or u: n i v refunded.
Revenge is like a mule it works both
<B y/'Jjtrv ve—•
hla signature ( H on cw cry Imj • f Ui ■ rcih .
Laxative Broßi'Q\iniiK‘ t..ih.
remedy that CUH'M r ' t!<l Ifi ou<’ f
Well-Known \nl mu l-Tn mr r A\ ho
Hum Sarfioi'ilnl In Tn 111 tlk a, Two
of (lie lienhlh.
Hitherto it tins been supposed that
polar bears could neither be trained
uor rendered docile, but now Mr.
diehard Sawade, a well-known Kiuo
pean tamer of animnls and a notable
authority on hears in particular,
..how:, clearly that such n supposi
tion is entirely erroneous, says the
St. I,onis Republic.
tie secured two polar hears some
lime ago and at once determined to
train them. In this tie succeeded be
yond his expectation so well indeed
that these monstrous animals now
follow him as obediently ns dogs,
ready at his slightest nod to per
form any of the little tricks which
they have learned from him. Their
education in this respect is no' yet
complete, lint that they have learned
more than any of their ancestors in
evident from the fact that at a word
from their master they get up on
their hind legs and in this manner
follow liini at a respectful distance
like lackeys us he walks around the
Mr. Sawade claims that polar
beam are endowed with more intelli
gent" than is generally imagined and
that, it properly handled, they will
in time become quite us docile as
other animals.
IN PROBATE Manitowoc Cm ntv Cocrt.
1 In tin* matter of tin* estate of Dennis Nagh
■ le. i-ii.- . .I,
To All Wlmiii It May Concern: Letters t.-t
ntnenta.'y on said estate having I icon 1 sued p
Annie Nagle on the ">th day of Nnvitmlwr A i>
11" *1 and six monfliK in mi ami aftor aid da\
ladng allowed and limited for ereditors to pre
sent their elalms for examination and allow
Hiiee. notiee is hereby driven that the under
signed will, in the tlrat Tuesdays of December
A 1). in ; and lamtarv and Mafeh A. I> IWK
and on tli - In- • day of the time so limited at
the !’r- ' ate U!h -• in the city of Manitowoe. it,
said ('utility ree ;. - examine add adjust all
elaiius and demands of all persons against said
Dated Noveinliereth inn).
.1 s ANDERSON Comity Judge
Nu ll A Nash Attorneys
l uh Nov. Mi-fk's
CITATK i)K'V Is 'iINSIN Mam row vCmsn
*- 7 i ot'RT, In Probate
In ' ho matter of the estate of ( afheriua V< gel
ileoeased. intestate
<>n reading and tiling the petition of Nick
steltzer. of Mishieot iii sold county, represent
in'.: among other l lungs that < ’atlierina Vogel an
inhabitant of-iod county, on the nth day of Jar
.1 > lain) at Munitow.ie ( ity died inf. ■
ate. leaving estate to be administer -d and tlud
the * aid petitioner isn 1 .rot her of said deceased,
mil praying that administrallon of said estate
iie to llasner Pli.ekelmnnu granted
It is ordered, that said petition be in ard at a
j.eeial term of said county court to lie held on
Inesdiy the Hist day of lii iid-er. A lir.mi.at
o oel-ieli A M. St till otlil'e of tile COUlltj
indue, in the < ity of Manitie.voe. in said county
< irdered further, that notice of the time ail-1
ph e ■ so appointed, he given to all persons in
. rested. 1 v pnldieation hereof for three w. . U -
■ i. ■. •. ■ssiv, •1 \ priortosuid day of hearing in the
Maailowo. Pilot, a weekly newspaper publish
• and at the city of Manitow rie in said nu niy.
Dated at Manitowoe. the I Itli day of Novenib
r. A. I). 11*01.
By the Conrt.
.1 S. ANDERSON, County Judge.
Vdolph s Chhmpek, Attorney
Pnhh-h Nov. 21.21* Dee. ,V
(upon :i time a man said
that all coal was good, but
that some was better than
others. If that man had been
accustomed to using Scott
Co.'s celebrated anthracite
he would have said, “It is cer
tainly better than any other
coal. Fok sale by ......
Hie J. G. Johnson Cos.
The dentist is an artist that makes
Irawiug* from life.
1 S 1 K * >
is a simple and sure test
Foley’s Kidney Cure is absolutely
•C. ~ 7 I that you get Foley’s, the guaranteed
BANNER SALVE heals all hurts but Cupid's wounds.
t Wholesale Prises
|i to Users.
Our General Catalogue quotes
th( m. S nd 15c to
„. *f postage or expre .ge and we’d
' : : ... t nd you one. It 1 ;
, *— -.7,000 iilu t rations and quo tea
• : :i!p|En?gi: and ' 1 ri<;c: vn tu irl )’ 70,000 thing
L-- . that you eat and it e and wear.
> ;■- ’ ' ■ : \ ck ali
* .'jV“ ~, im articles quoted.
The Tallest Mercantile Building in Hie World, MONT WAUD &, CO.,
Owned and Occupied EsclusUely B)f U. uichlf .n a, a dn. ~ ,i.,ruuu e „.
' . ' ' ' ’■ ’
| ~V 1
S lk|. i-./y t v; K
a. ’O. *i
\ Vo %* * " tf
r aJ\ * >O. £ ■
harm and poor look
lag liarnesa is the
worst kind of u cum
Harness OH
not only and th* |’lA
horM* }<n.!c b“ttvr. but mul**** tha 'jiV
h athfcr soft and pliable, put* It In con- (iVm
jl'ii j , dIL rto liiflt—twice aa long mm
I‘iLMpl//, 'is it onllnarily would.
fi7i •▼crvwhers la e*a—all (■.IE
')| ilui. M*l by ff
Yuur ymmi hM
Horse a W\ J
Chance t y p/
Turkey seems to lie a sort of iaterna
tiuiml "Pinky Blitz."
Manitowoc, Wisconsin.
L. D. MOSES. Pars,lu st.
LEAN DEU CilflATE. Va i.-PRBsmgvr,
Money at 5 per ct.
First Mortgage Security
Manitowoc, VVTs,
DON’T Be r OOL'iDi
The market is being flooded
with worthless imitations of
To protect the public w . c .1
K ■ J ei, P ec 'al attention tocir t- •-
V ■ ' 'jSffd 7 oiork, printed r.n e\;
x?? age, flemand tne ge e.r .
Pol sale by ell Dnr'glstS-
It p *us were spales, the is an
would nil 1> ditif up by this time.

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