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There was les- building in La Crose
year than in many preceding year-*.
Wffliam Skillings of Brnce was killed
hy a log rolling on h'ln in a lumber camp
near that place.
The Nelson Dewey high school will be
ledicated at W* st Suj erior. A\ edne-day.
Ex-Mayor E. C. Kennedy will deliver
the address.
George C. Lamm, a farmer living near
Racine, was kicked by a horse and will
die. Three ribs were broken and the
lung was penetrated.
The re-dedicati* n of the improved and
enlarged Catholic church at Merrill was
attended by impressive ceremonies. Sun
day. Bishop Messmer | resided.
Ti e cit v of La Crosse will do a largo
amount of brick paving next year.
The city of Oshkosh has been doing a
large amount of paving "next year for
many years
The tax rate in Snjierior. this year
will be B. '> per cent That, if nothing
else, ought to convince the residents 01
Superior that tl • y are living in a pro
gressive city.
The La (Toss* military company will
petition the common < •■nm-il to erect an
armory. The state law, it is said con
fers such power on < * .1; . ij.<.11 councils
and county boards. 4 •
John B. Nichols, an old resident *1
Black River Fall- was f*•:m*l 'lend it
the mad with bis n* < k broken. It is be
lieve-d that while r< turning h*>nie h f*dl
from his wagon.
The national government has ju>t
ci" o l the pun ha-e of forty to r * o)
land on the shore of Lake Superior tie
land toTs* dredged out for the purje
of widening the entrance to Superioi
and Allotier harbors.
What is 11 lin a name is indicat* I b
the fact that Ib-rheit Sweet of I.a (T* --*
has just Fin it.can crated in the reform
school for smoking cigarettes and loafing
and refusing to "1 e> hi par*-nts. Tin
first, his parents aver caused all tla
From the trend *f ♦**irt****it!•* made to
the press of tli- state, it woulds* tin thn
pressure will !*■ broght on t)i* next 1*
itlalure to put imi tnd t*> tlx* fatalfi*-
that occur dunr-g th* d*er sea-on in t r
northern v< ■••I* and to protect tic hunt
ter** from shi ighter.
West Suj***ri<>r Elk- nt flnir lodge
•jrrow, i *• xt Kumlrtv. will pay respect t<
the memory of thn* del arted numbers
W. A McDonald W, F Hoorn and Dr
D F Collies. Address*-* will be *l* liv
•red bv Thomas .1 O'Connor of Chii
pewa Fall* art] John A Murphy of Hu
An epidemic ol -umllt 'i him broke'
out in an Indian settlement t< n mil*
from Hjmoner. Xi• • • Indians' ((in.ran
lined in in* In <* I reke nviiv from tin
gnards. A jio-hi* of iinucil ni**n sur
rounded the village and dp ve tin In
diaii* ba< k through tin* ■ \vani| inti
cm* tod* again
The Wanke-ha sheet trfl mill*. I,<
Brt plant of the kind in Wi-eon-ii v. p
it tart** I Hut unlay a n<| tin product t urn*
out is *H' lto! f*l tilst fhn - panic;
The mills an- I<<l ..tl< iti the huil’.in
formerly used u repair simps hy tin
W i
i*nbcribe<i|lo,<MM) in,*! it i*t rlaimed thn
the company invested *l**io.immi.
A memorial meeting for the late.l* b
A Johnson of Mad ■ awn- heldS min
in the Fuller o|*eia house in tin* klkiv*
named city Nearly all the [iromiti nt
business and pr* fe-sinnal in* n *-f ill
city w* r i r* 1 *nt I! N Ua.-hford pi*
nided and a*Mn --*- wi* made 1 v (no
George I. Ilryant Willet K Mai.,
Judge K W Keyes Mayor Stoim Knii
and T. < Richmond
Getlii fa New Cr.p nf M;dr. and lias N..
Aa re liainlrutl
Every body in the Northwest know
Col, Dan Semi's the vetern tournnl
Ist and publicist of Butte .Bin id, moo
the Colonel writes I m.-l a ■ upje ,f
b-ittlea of Newhi' II ipicide with mm
Ve on results The dandruff disap|H ir
•dl a new i rop of hair has *akeu root
and the bald spot i lapidiy Beiio/ co\
•red. ' Ilerpiclde in the only hair ji.
partition that kills tin- dandruff xnm
that digs up the acalp in - ilea h> n ii
rows its way to the root of the ha.r
where it destroys the vitality oft he hun
causing tlie hair to fail out Kill th
dandruff germ w ith Herpieide.
Spavin Liniment.
English Spavin Liniment remove* \i
Hurd. Sift or < allou a*d Lump* ond Blem
iidier fnun horn- 1- , Blood Spavins, ('nrhe.
’’joint*- Sweeney King Hone, Stifles
Sj trains, all Swollen Throats, Coughs,
-tv. Save s.’,o by the use of one isittle
“• erranteed the most wonderful Blemish
ever known. Sdd by F. C. Buer
* tatte.
The keen observation of the eminent
Specialist, Dr. Louis M. Turbin, in
scientific investigation has enabled him
to make discoveries which come as sur
prises t.i less industrious men of science.
By carfnlly tracing the history of a
it i-t of catarrhal cases in which the dis
ease involved the various parts of the
system, and by chemical and microscop
ic test. (lie Doctor unveiled facts of
great importance to Specialism and
general science- of Medicine. His lab
ors have demonstrated that F’aUirrh is
a poisonous incarnation of the "Intern
mil Skin” or inner membranes of the
body and that climate cannot cause the
disease if the blood is absolutely free of
every atom or particle of faint.
When the external skin does not per
form its function and throw off, ’hrongh
tin# little glands provided by Nature
for that purpose, the waste of the body,
and when the bowels, kidneys, and
other organs become obstructed, vicious
poisons form in the system. The arrest
of the secretions, caused by the effect of
cold in any climate drives tbesi- poisons
vhich attempt to escape f rom the lardy,
to the Internal Skin.”
Inflamatioii is commenced in the most
lelicate portions first, such as tb< mem
branes lining tin- nose, throat, bron
chial tubes air cell- of tie l lungs, lining
of the stoma b. bowel**, bladder, kidneys
and of various important organs, especi
allv of the f* male system. 1 his attack
f inflainiitioii which causes moreorless
<1 charge, is Catarrh. Every form of
blood taint favors the attack and pro*
go- s of this destructive disease which
is the foundation cause of -*• many other
diseases, consumption of the lungs ami
bowels, catarrhal ulceration of the
stomach ami bladder, inflamatioii of the
kidneys, liver and other grave maladies.
Tin secret of cure lies in the use of
not only local treatment for Catarrh
but *if constitutional remedies which
have the power of rendering the blood
m and the entire s* stem pure. Dr. Tur
bin's is the most rational of all methods
for the cure of Catarrh ami it s effects
and this fact has 1 pen borne out by In
wonderful success in the cure of Cu
bit rh <1 the head. bronchial tubes, lungs,
Hoinach. liver now els. etc.
l>r. Turbins success is so well known
in tin tire *■? all chronic diseases of
l> :h men and women that those who
wish to obtain free advice from hint
may do so in perfect confidence that in
e npioying him they choose the most
s 'ieiititic professional services to be ob
lir TnrViin will et* in Manitowoc Sat
ur iay Dec. 7 at tin* Williams House.
That rapidly dcvdopng territorn
whicli occupies the northern halt o
Wisconsin is not new enough to cans*
the hardship-, and v issiludes *>f fron
tier life, and not old enough to keej
•vay the intending settler "it accoun
■■l esborhitant land prices. It is In that
tarmof partial development which give
gr* .t upporiunity t<. bring it to :he higi
point <>f perfection and prosperity
Hein *ds, good mads and other improve
;i.eiits are going in. All that is neede*l.
is a small capital. Drawn and brain,
supplemented by push mid energy wil
do tin* rest The iron ore, marl, kaolin
ami * lay beds, the timber and the rich
toil, giv* **nnil opportuir.ty to tin* cftl
**r anil the manufacturer. I .and is eheaj
uni can be purchase*] on ea V terms.
oifet - facilities I* r the ijui* k and cheap
trauspoataliun of its product* and as the
inc ; * :ic|i ate- lb** very center of tbi.
a-t norlliern territory, choice of lo*a
tion ts not confined to any one parti* t
lur locality. Interesting pant] hlct" ami
maps fully d** * Tilting this r.eautiful and
■eh country c.*n be obtain*! hy address
W. H. Kiu.i.n,
Hand and Industrial (‘*>t , mission*!
ilrimiN .li'HNstdN, .lac. < I'dxii,
<. F. A. (icn I’ass. Agent.
‘ 'olby & Abbot lildg., Milwaukee. Wt-
Tin* comfort a man tik**s when his
wife is- i way w •:!;! make her wiM it
she knew it.
Hi. ' fI.R lIEAI ’i II
Hetter health always folio'.* s a u*c of
Mexican Hoot I’ll-*, sinijily liecans** they
cleanse the sVs’.fi.i of -ii kiiig and and
1 diet * matter ho thoroughly and com
plelcly I, is a sin to remain coii.s!i|inl
ed whi n Mexican Hoot Pills only cost
cents a Imix. For sale hy F <’ liner
The ' von ' man often Ire s to raise the
win*l by an air of mystery.
Tin; Bi.sr Pain Ci'uk
la one that in absolutely rale and nine
and that taken in'emnlly will eure
eraiiiiis and >1 i. or iip|died external
will reduce swelling and snlslne pain
(iooeli * ck Belief dies this and only
costs Vh cent! For sale by F <'. liner
The man who really wants tolearu all
a woman knows will hud that the less
(piestion 1 nit he d>-M the more informa
tion he w il' acquire.
Cut thia out ami take it to Henry
Hiuriehs drug store and get a fr**
sample of Chamberlain'* Stomach and
Liver tablets, the tiest physic. They
cl calm*, and invigorate the stoma* li. Ini
prove the appetite and regulate the Bow
els Regular size, per box.
is commended by Statesmen, Professional men and thousands of
others prominent in the world's activities, for its fine discrimi
nation in sifting the actual news from • cnihctmg report and the presen
tation of current events in their just proportion They comment on its
freedom from daily-paper sensationalism. Ail men and women who
want to know what the world is doing find it an intellectual necessity,
to judge from the letterr received from hundreds It's editorials are
comprehensive, and labor saving to the busy man or woman Its
timely contributions on important topics are by the best-informed
writers. Its reviews of other magazines give the best of their test
work. It is profusely illustrated.
These letters will enable all thoughtful men and women to judge
of its value to them ;
PRESIDENT • ; am a constant reader of the
" I know that through Its col- Review of Reviews.' and appre
umns views have been presented to date it very highly indeed I chink
me that I could not otherwise have it a very important part cf my
had access to ; because all earnest library, and practically a necessity
and thoughtful men, no matter for one in public life ” — J. B
how widely their ideas diverge, are Foraker, U. S. Senator, Ohio.
given free utterance in its col
umns."— Theodore Roosevelt. "It is one of the best and most
consider it a very valuable Senator, Indiana.
addition to my library.”
— G’over Cleveland 1 do not have a great deal of
” It is a publication of very great time to read magazines, but I take
value. I have sometimes found pleasure In saying that the Rev
there very Important matter indeed of Reviews is among the number
which I should not otherwise have "hith finds a place on my table
discovered."— George B. lloar.U. S each . month.”— James AT. Jones,
Senator, Massachusetts. ~ >- Senator, Arkansas.
Send for particulars as to how it can be had with an invaluable set
of books for 50 cents a month.
£(jc iTcUirlu of HcPictosi Company
it Y ou Are Going to California
Apply to ugents Chicago >V North-West
ern K'y. about tin- through Tourist
Sleeping Car service to Los Angeles and
San Francisco. Round trip tourist
ticket.! on sale daily. dec3o
If von are it makes no difference how
good u truss you may have or how well
it holds yi nr rupture hack, still you do
not feel perfectly safe. You realise that I
you are lot the sound and strong man |
you ought to be, There is no good rea 1
son whj you should continue to carry
tni-i ever present danger to your life.
We can cure you without operation by i
our own pain less method and you can
wu if e*> ivy day while being cured. We
give yon the oe-t evidence in the world
let w > can do what we claim: the;
nmu ■- of citizens of your own county •
whom we have cured.
Mr. A. Maerlz. Mr. Ed. Maertz,
Mr. !• Hnlierer and Mr. Gustave Wor
ded iff Itee.isville; Mr. G. A. Krueger,
Air E. Wetzel, Mr. Hen Heunink and
Dr. K W. Nause, Sheboygan; Mr. Hen
ry Fischer. Mr. .!. Gis, Messrs, (’has
and .1 no burst and Mr. .1, Rachel, Ply
month: Mr 11. Gme and Mr. Fred Arp
k< Franklin. ex-Mayor Stuwell, A. .1.
Decker St Anthony’s Congregation,
Milwaukee and scoi*> of others whose
name we will give on application. Cer
tainty nf cun- is what you want. You
tel. chances >u our treatment as yon
n ee,mi a legal e intn t in writing to
ludd for ini.- promises. We invite all
ruptured men t n ate. mother* with
ruptured children to ml and consult ns
a'd v • will explain cur method of treat
ment by which we can rid them of their
dangerous atllieth m for. vm- and without
pain. Write for our rur.i; i ni.isthat
i i) hi •! u, ahoiit rnjilnin*.
chief i tonlting ) hy.-u iin of the old es
tshlishisl Wm i i.ict RrrrniK Sani-
T i:;i M. 115 I'i F, Mat lieu s' Bldg . Mil
waukee, will visit
(formerly Northwestern lloumoou
and i-ve’-y 3 weeks tin ri’tvfler. CoNSt.’l.-
To make a man nervous look at his
nose ;o get a woman nervous look at
her feet.
” * I
A Physician Testifies
"I have taken Hi do! D>rq*q>-in Cure
and have never used anything in my
life that did me the that did." says
County i bysieian (eo W. Scruggs of
Hall County. Ga. Being a physician
1 have prescribed it and found it to
give the best results. ' If the fo id you
eat icmaiiis undigested in your stomach
it decays tbi re and poisom the system.
Vi a can prevent this liy dieting but
tin.l mean Manat on. Kodol Dyspep
siu Cuie digest wlmt yon eat. Vi n
need sillier from i either dysjiepsia n* r
starvation. The worst cases quickly
cnii-d Nvi-r fails F. ('. Huerstatte.
Have Y’nf Woumh?
Are you growing thin and sickly?
Has yoni sk.n a pah- sallow tinge? !>•>
yon not iiuull> feel a hollow sensa
tion in the (til of your stomach or a
queer distress in your lK.iwds' Do you
get easily vexed, nervous or fidgety?
Probably yon are nourishing some
stomach worms, a lengthy la|>e worm,
or else a thousand pin worms, that are
divitaliziug nmr entire system. You
can exjs-1 them by taking Mother's
Worm Myrup. Nothing else is so effec
tive. Foi sale by F Uuerstatte
New am) Improved Service to SI
Paul and niimeapolis
Via the North-Western Line. To fur
ther accomodate its many patrons en
route to the “Twin Cities" from points
north of Milwaukee, the Chicago &
North-Western ll’y now runs a Free Re
clining Chair Car on the evening train
Milwaukee. Via Fond du Lac. connect
ing at Appleton Jet. with train leaving
Manitowoc at 1:30 P. M., connecting
with train leaving Appleton Jet. 10:35
P. M arriving at St. Paul and Minne
apolis early the next morning, and con
necting at Merrillan with similary equ
ped train for Duluthand the Superiors
Like service southbound. This in addi
tion to the Pullman Sleeping Cars which
are run on the same trains daily between
Fori du Lac and Minneapolis. Apply to
agents Chicago andNorth-Western.
S nne people are so two-faced that they
deceive themselves.
riodern Surgery Surpassed
“While suffering from a bad case of
piles I consulted a physician who ad
vised me to try a box of DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve," says G. E. Carter
Atlanta, Ga. I procured a box and
was entirely cured. DeWitts Witch
Hazel Salve is a splendid cure for piles,
giving relief instantly, and i heartily re
commend it to all sufferers." Surgery
'is nniii' I'ssary to cure piles. DeWittV
Witch Hazel Salve will cure any ease.
Cuts, burns, bruises and all other
wounds are also quickly cured by it.
Beware of counterfeits.
Reformers are the kind of people who
would claim they jumped for exercise
if they fell out of a window, because
they will not admit they could make a
Want Tu Uk Pkktty?
Then purify your blood by taking
Gooch’s Sarsaparilla, the best of all
blood medicines. For sale by F. C.
The woman who does not secretly de
sire tube petted is too far advanced to
be of any use.
Pu.imnk ('nils Pir.Ks.
Money refunded if it ever fails.
Anti-Aim k cures Chills and Fever.
For sale by F. C. Buerstatte.
If the voices of women were as strong
as they are incisive, long distance tele
phones would go out of use.
Brings attractiveness to listless, un
lovable girls. making them handsome,
marriageable woman. That’s what
Rock v Mountain Tea will do. 3.5 cF.
F. Buerstatte.
Gossip is certainly not actuated hr a
desire fur improvement, either mental
or moral.
Teke Laxative Bromo (Quinine Tablets
All druggists refund the money if it fails
to cure E, W. Grove’s signature Is on
each box. 35c.
Misery loves company almost as much
as does a marriageable young lady.
Dm Yor Know This?
Do yon know that a neglected cough
or cold lea*ls to consumption? More
people die from the effects of catching
cold (him from any other known cause.
There is one remedy, and remember it
only costs twenty fiv cents, that has '
piuv.-o a safe, unfailing cure for coughs
and colds. Itiscallel Mexican Syrup.
Y’our druggist has it or will get it for
voQ. It heals and strengtiiens the
lungs and breathing passages, when
nothing else Von fake seems to do Von
good you had better get a h .tt e tlay
and read the testim niao on the wrap
-Ist, For sale by F. C Buerstatte.
1 -■?////*/■' --'V-
■mt 13 |yi
r9W I t {
- MOl- ' - -Z,
MA' ITfiWOC v. trrys
Hie first ihiug u wi. • 10 n >*••!•< is
' mi interrogation iminr.
r.r ..j..e.
Between Galata, Mont., where
1 passengers first see the Rocky
Mountains; and Seattle, Wash.,
where they reach the tide waters
of the Pacific Ocean. A sea of
mountains snowy peaks cool,
green valleys weird, basaltic
rock formations- foaming torrents
—dashing water falls
Information from agents of the
Great Northern
Gen’l Pass, and Tkt. Agent,
St. Paul, Minn. I
The maneuvers of the escaped Leavet -
worth prisoners have reached the 10-
cant vellow covered stage.
'.imt-thinf! useful or entertaining: or, if yoi
1. * ;,Jy huvo an invention get a
P A T E N T.
There is abundant profit in pood patented
nventions. Send for cur interest . Illus
t re rod Patent Hani-Boolr—frer; gives more
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ants that protect. Terms lovri -it rxtssible for
t All. TO SBCL'Rii PAT'.NT. Ko charge for
xvaminati onandopmh nasto put ur>f.bdity■
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Over years experience, Address
R. S. <sc A. U. LACbY, Patent Solicitors,
Washington, O. C.
Mention this toper when ' r;v
Hl* Lnlior l/ONt.
Mr. and Mrs. Bixtable resided in an
apartment house, hut as their.- was the
lower fiat they exercised a KiuiT of su
pt rvision over the little lawn in front.
One morning Mrs. Bixtable disc.>vcred
lit r hn.-huud in the rear of the biiiUiii"/
engaged in strapping the law a mower
on the handle ha r of the bieyelt.
“Why, Herald," sht saiJ,"h ,w l iiiie
ulom ! Don't you know—”
“It isn’t ridiculous at all!” he re
torted. “I'v, carried heavier weights
than this.”
"1 know what i am doing, Miranda.
! I n’t hot In r me.”
She -aid nothing more. With a vast
amount of work In succeeded at last
ii; tying and trapping the i nsi i ni nt
ncrirs the front of his bicycle ami
started to trundle the machine out tc
the road.
Tli n he made a discovery.
“Why. Miranda.” he exclaimed, “it’s
too wide to r through any opening
we've got!”
“I know it.(icra id.”quietly responded
his u 1! •*. “That's what i was trying
to !i you."- Louth's Cumpualou.
(Benson's Plaster Is Pains Master.)
George Washington made and sold flour,
and every barrel of flour in the market
branded “G. Washington, Mount Vernon,”
sold without delay. No question was ever
raised ns to quality or weight.
Benson's Porous Plaster sells on its repu.
tntion everywhere. All the buyer wants to
be certain of is that the plaster offered him
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tatiou of it or substitute for it.
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edy. and Benson's is the best piaster; 5,000
physicians and druggists, and a multitude
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Coughs, colds, lame back, lumbago, mus
cular stiffness and rheumatism, troubles of
the liver and kidneys, influenza or grip,
pneumonia, and all other diseases open to
external treatment, are at ones relieved and
cure 1 by Benson's Plaster.
Do not assume that Belladonna, Capsi
cum or 8 rengtheniug plasters are "just as
?;ood os" Denson’s. They are vastly in
prior.—No other plaster is os good ss
In competition with the best-known
plasters of Europe and America, Benson's
have received fifty.fitt highest airards.
For sale by all druggists or we will pre
tax postage on any number ordered in the
United States, on receipt of 2fc. each,
weanury A Johnson, Mfg. Chemists, N.Y.
Local Anaesthetics used for painless
extraction of teeth.
i. ■ Irl I andfteDiL.
C. re Impotency, Night Emiss'ons, Loss of Memory, ali wasting tiis- [ ~ , ~~ ~~i
eases, all effects of self-abuse or excess and indiscretion. wTjfe j
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< ’Send for circular and copy of our bankable guarantee bond. * ‘
Positively guaranteed cure for Loss of Power. Varicocele, Undeveloped or Shrunken
Organs, Paresis, Locomotor Ataxia, Nervous Prostration, Hysteria, Fits, Insanity,
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JL lead in the production of overcoats for the reason that
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1 '•' ; 1 ■ ■ u.
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il i 1 . - 1 ' . h f< 'ion of quality and unusual Hi will attest to the
| | jii, £JB thoughtful buyer. Our special
|i|; || Popular Vicuna Long Coat
p’ljj TW’lf 4S ,0 4f) * nch ’ s ,on h' I s meeting greatest favor. It is
\ m KUH single style breasted with either standard or perpendic
1a I R. 3 ular pwekete and has crlsp-polntod lapels. Try on a
IIS PyJ coat and have personal knowledge of Its titness. Look
I jjfl I for our name in right hand breast pocket (a guarantee.)
The best dealers curry cur clothing.
Friend Bros. Clothing Cos., Milwaukee, Wis
he Mr.
by our new invention. Only those bom deaf are incurable.
Baltimore, Mil., March 30, 1901.
Ctnilemrn : Being entirely cured of deafness, thanks to your treatment, I will now give you
a full history of my case, to be used at your discretion.
About five years ago my right ear began to sing, and this kept on getting worse, until 1 tost
ray hearing in this ear entirely.
I underwent a treatment for catarrh, for three months, without any success, consulted a num
ber of physicians, among others, theraost eminent ear specialist of this city, who told me that
only an operation could help me, anil even that only temporarily, that the head noises would
then cease, but the hearing in the affected car would be lost forever.
I then saw your advertisement accidentally in a New York paper, and ordered your treat
ment. After I had used it only a lew days according to your directions, the noises ceased, and
to-day, after five weeks, my hearing in the diseased ear has been entirely restored. I thank you
heartily and beg to remain Very truly yours,
F. A. WERMAN, 730 S. Broadway, Baltimore, Md.
On r treat incut does not interfere with t/onr usual occupation,
Our store is beginning to take on its
Holiday Air.
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