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Black Snake to lie Eiuplnjetl by Its
Captor in Kidding His
Place of Mice.
A few days ago passengers on a oar
of the Middle river line were given
a remarkable exhibition of snake
catching between Black and Middle
rivers. As the car was speeding along
the motormau saw a large blaeksnake
crossing the rails. He stopped his car
and pursued the snake with the switch
stick in his hand. He was about to
kill it when a passenger jumped off
the car and begged him tint to kill the
snake, as he wanted to take it alive.
The stranger quietly approached the
snake, grabbed it firmly just below
the head, and held it tip. It was nearly
seven feet long, and it entwined itself
about its captor in a mauler that fair
ly chilled the blond in the veins of he
onlookers, says the llaltiniore Ameri
The man then started to board the
car with his prize, but this was too
tnttefy for the passengers, and with one
accord they blackballed the snake.
They appealed to the conductor to
put man and snake off the ear, hut the
nerve of the official failed him as he
approached the man holding the ugly
reptile. A compromise was finally
agreed on by which the man and his
pet were to be given full possession
of the rear platform, and the car pro
ceeded to its destination.
When questioned as to what he in
tended to do w ith the snake, the man
stated that he was going to take it
home and turn it loose for the purpose
of ridding the place of mice.
V Position Tlmt Is GxrllinK Hie \in
bitlon of Students in All Mo
cha n ion I Departmen!*.
Engineers—mechanical and civil—
now make it their ambition to be
come. not consulting experts, but
executives. Among military and naval
cadets, the most brilliant and success
ful students eagerly enter the engin
eering corps of the service, and be
come In after years the most thor
ough and successful officers, says the
Engineering Magazine. The same ten
dency is pervading commercial life.
This state of affairs is becoming more
and more prevalent. The managers of
street railway, gas, electric lighting
and similar companies are, in the main,
men of engineering training. The
general management of broader man
ufacturing industries is being concen
trated in the same direction. The de
partmental organization of commerce
requires men who shall be, first of all,
able executives—second, experts in
the departmental work. In all except
ing purely specialized branches —such
as the legal or financial —use is being
made of the trained engineer. Sales
men of mechanical goods, railway
transportation department officials
and incumbents of many other appar
ently' unrelated fields are made from
engineering timber. The highest ex
ecutive positions in the great indus
tries are accessible to men of mechan
ical training and common sense.
Medics Look with Kmr on Thoaf
W ho Cdii Steal n Month
or Two Off.
“What a contrast the legal profes
sion presents to the medical in re
spect to holidays,” said a well-known
New York physician the other day.
according- to the New York Mail and
Express. “A medical man rarely, un
til he has attained the highest posi
tion, thinks of taking a clear two
months and the greater number re
gard themselves as exceptionally for
tunate if they get a clear three
weeks, whereas lawyers and judges
take their three months at a stretch
and as much as another month more
at odd times.
“A doctor of 35 whom I know has
been trying in vain for five years to
see a play. Another told me lately
that he had not been out of New
Y’ork city save for the day for five
years. As for m3’self, since I took
ray degree in 1872 I don’t think I’ve
had a year’s vacation, taking it all
in all, up to the present time, and
lam now 65 years old. Very few out
side the medical profession realize
what a terribly exacting service it im
Michlunn Hunter Tells of tl He
murknlale Ksploit in
Mo iilnnu.
One of the must remarkable shots
ever reported was made by the late
Dr. J. 11. Welch, of Hudson, Mich.
Welch was hunting antelope in Mon
tana and was surprised one morning
to see a herd of the animals appear
upon a ridge some 400 yards from
camp. Welch ran to the top of the
range and saw that after going a
short distance directly from the camp
the antelope had turned and were
running so that their broadside was
exposed. They were nearly a quarter
of a mile away and Welch did not ex
pect to hit when he opened on them
with his high-power rifle.
His astonishment may therefore be
imagined, says the New York Times,
when on seeing one drop and going tc
the spot, he found three dead ante
lope each shot through the head. The
three had been running side by side,
and one bullet had potted the trio.
Cover (he Mule’s Eyes.
The mule drivers who take their
animals across the South American
Andes always cover the eyes of the
mules with a poncho while they put
on the heavy loads. If they could
see they would be unmanageable, but
blindfolded they meekly accep their
burdens and --tart on their jo.nm \
without protest
Women mid Children Clear Away
■Wreckage of Iloildlnga in
Short Order.
One of the picturesque sights of
certain sections of the city is that
of a woman bearing bundles or bas
kets of wmod on their heads. Some
times the dimensions of the bundles
exceed the stature of their purveyors.
In that case it may be concluded that
the journey is''toward home, where
the material will be worked up. per
haps, into kindlings. After certain
days it may appear again in the street,
carefully bestowed in a basket and
heaped high over the edges—two
sticks being run up from the inside of
the basket to support the pile —and
the whole balanced on the head of an
Italian woman, says the Chicago Trib
une. The women who collect and ped
dle woou —often helped by their chil
dren—are sometimes an annoyance to
wreckers, since it does not always
“come natural” for them to limit
their pickings according to the pre
scribed restrictions. They make short
shrift, however, of clearing away such
wreckage as is left to mercies,
and when there is a considerable “find”
it vanishes before the assault of many
rival hands almost like mist. The car
riage of such heavy burdens on the per
son is not an ideal method of transpor
tation for this day and generation, but
the erect posture, bold step and free
movement i f the wood peddlers as
they pace off under their towering
burdens is one of the most interesting
and artistic sights which the streets
afford, and the grace and strength of
the figure thus attained may well be
admired and coveted. The sight itself
is one which will largely disappear
with the wooden pavements and frame
cottages which now survive from an
earlier day and are gradually being
Czar and Cznrlnn Vre Snlil to He)
Without Eyes lint for Each
It is amusing to hear the remarks of
those who saw the czar and czarina at.
the camp lunches they attended while
in France. They behaved like a newly
married couple at a table d'hote, with
neither eyes nor ears except for one
another, says London Truth. She
spoke so much to the czar at the
Jietheny lunch that M. Loubet, who
was at her left hand, imagined an old
graybeard like himself was de trop,
and chatted continuously with his
other next neighbor, Mine. Casimir-
Nicholas was full o£ anxiety. He
tilled himself the empress’ glasses
when champagne or other wines were
handed round. Mme. Loubet sat next
to him, but she showed, by conversing
with her other neighbor, that she did
not wish to bore him. When he and
the empress chatted, the latter looked
animated and as if she enjoyed herself.
As soon as he spoke to Mme. Loubet
the expression of the imperial lady
changed, and she gazed without the
slightest animation, as if absent
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Of Berlin, Germany, the Expert Specialist and Surgeon.
Who has visited Manitowoc for the past SIX YEARS,J
Once a Month, will again le in
Manitowoc- Saturday, Jan. 4th.
DR. TURBIN, Business Men
He Specialist ||
CUUUNIC J ' g andthc
▼ ▼ ■ " J most prominent
Because he gives v who are his best
his entire attention friends,
to these cases. *, v V*
All Cases He Undertakes Guaranteed.
vrll\ir. MF\! If you are troubled with
IV7UIAVJ iTiUl\ nervous debility, stupid
ness, or are otherwise unfitted for business or
study, caused from youthful errors or excesses,
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MAMKIMD There are thousands of you
nsraitn\!i\l> troubled with weak, aching
backs and kidneys and other unmistakable
signs of nervous debility. Many die of this diffi
culty, ignorant of the cause. The most obstinate
cases of this character treated with unfailing
Ai 1 of delicate nature—in
f-aL.L. (laminations and kindred
t"outiles—-quickly cured without pain or incou
t cnience.
PATAPPJ-I widen poisons the oreath,
ral\i\l I stomach and lungs and paves
the way for Consumption, also Throat, Liver,
3d—Names and pictures never published unless
are his friends.
WRITS' y° ur troubles if Using away from city. Th insands cured at home by correspondence
nullu and medicine sent ns directed. Absolute secrecy in all professional dealings. Address
all letters, giving street and number plainly. Send stamps for list of questions.
DOCTOR TURBIN, 103 Randolph St,, Chicago. 111.
’’Conscience money" in Great llrit
ain now amounts to thousands of
pounds annually. The first sum no
ticed was on March .'!(), I7si, when
£360 was carried to the public account
in consequence of a note received by
the chancellor. The writer, with trou
bled soul, implored him. *as an hon
est man, to consider the money the
property of the nation, ami to he so
just as to apply it to the use of the
state in such manner that the nation
may not suffer by its having been de
tained. aid! thus to ease the conscience
of an honest man."
Asylum for Domestic Animals.
A Frenchman living'at (JencsM, near
Paris, has an asylum for din , ,-iic ani
mals, Among them arc a pi:: aj'.d '.'.l.
a cow aged 36. and a muie aj:<d 7
Heart, Kidney, Bladder and all constitutional
and internal troubles; also Kupture, Piles,
Fistula, Dyspep* 1 *. Diarrhoea and all diseases
of the stomach and bowels treated far In ad
vance of any institution in the country.
Scrofula, Tumors, Tetter, Eczema and Ulood
Poison thoroughly eradicated, leaving the sys
tem in a strong, pure and heaDhlul stale.
I lf you ore suffering from persistent
I'ZnL'll-J Headache, Painful Menstruation.
Uterine Displacements. Pains in Hack, and feel
as If it were impossible for you to endure your
troubles and still be obliged to attend your
household and social obligations. There are
many women doing this to-day. However, a
~reat many have taken treatment of this spe
cialist. and he can refer you to those who have
been cured by him Dive the doctor a call. 11c
can give all the encouragement in the world
and will cure you if you trust yourself to his
personal attention to each individual ease,
on a professional basis and strictly confidential,
requested to do so. 4th —The doctor’s patients
According to a Vienna correspon
dent a tire recently broke out at llr
-inannisreuth. an Austrian village near
the Bavarian frontier. \ Bavarian fire
brigade which was stationed only
three miles away haste ned to the res
cue. but the Austrian custom-house au
thorities refused to allow the fire en
gines to pass the frontier w ithout pity
ing the usual tax on imported machin
ery. The Bavarian firemen naturally
turned back and half the village w
burned down before the nearest Aits
trian tire brigade could reach th*.
I lilted Stolen Will 110.
A recent writer says the Jargot
called Yiddish is “as conglomerate a
English, as flexible as (Jreek. and
appalling in its written forms as old
Ri'iiiarkable Tract of La ml in Tnic*
well County That Ilea** in blew
an African luiiftffle.

An African jungle transplanted to
central Illinois would l>e the best de
scription that could bo given to a re
markable tract of land in Tazewell
county, lying along the Mackinaw riv- i
e*r, near the village of Lilly. This
tract, in locdi parlance, is known ns
“the Lost Forty." It is witjjput doubt
the wildest piece of land itfall Illinois,
and consists of a continuous series ot
abrupt and deep ravines, says the Illi
nois State Journal.
Not a foot of the tract could be cul
tivated. The ridges are full of fox
<i wolves are occasionally found,
and turkey buzzards hover over it in
larg. i;u„s. iian people familiar
with the territory have been lost in
the dn.se forest. Except for a few
giant oaks, the wood has no commer
cial value.
The tract is known as “the Lost
Forty” because no one knows who
owns it. For years it lias been used
for trading purposes, and many un
wary persons from a distance have
advanced money upon it and taken
mortgages in various sums, only to
receive a questionable tit le to a wort h
less piece of land. On the Tazewell
county tax books the 40 appears w ith
"Owner unknown." The land is wa
tered by innumerable springs and the
Mackinaw river, which winds its way
through it.
Many Ton* in W elulit Vet Can He
M Italy Mo, oil li> Oiif
MroiiK Hand.
The rocking 1 stone which stands on
the Hut surface of an out-cropping
of rock on a little eminence in Bronx
park does not attract so much at
tention as the animals there do, by
any means; but there are, neverthe
less, always interested people walk
ing’ around it, and trying to see it
they can move it, says the New York
This great fragment of rock, which
weighs perhaps eight or ten tons, 01
nio’e, has in its general outlines a
form in some rough semblance to
an egg’. It lies on its side, and so
nicely balanced is it that me man
of fair strength can readily move it;
and almost any two persons can start
it into the rocking movement ol
which, through a small radius, it is
A woman comes up and lays her
gloved hands upon it and presses
gently; it doesn’t budge.
“Why, it doesn’t move,” she says.
But two or three women together
can set the great stone rocking
And no matter who it may be that
sets the rocking stone in motion, he
is pretty sure to find in setting it
rocking a sort of fascination.
Women 110 Not Wear Them a*Tlme
keeiier*. Say* a Jew
“No, I don’t believe that there are
many women who buy a gold wateli
to keep time," deelared an Kighth
street jeweler the other day, accord
ing to the Philadelphia Iteeord. “The
lies! proof of my assertion is in the
fact that while we sell quite a num
ber of watches to women we have
very few women’s watches in our re
pairing department. Men, on the
other hand, come in every day to have
their watches repaired, and they keep
our repairing department busy the
whole day long. Some of them are
mighty particular, too, to have their
watches timed almost to the second,
“Women, as a rule, buy a gold
watch as a trinket. They pin it on
the breast like a medal. Some wear
it at the waist with a quantity of
other trinkets. You have no doubt
seen many such women on Chestnut
street. It is only the professional
woman whose business requires her
to have strict time who buys a time
piece for the purpose for which it
was made. A trained nurse is an in
stance. And as a rule the profes
sional woman buys a Silver watch,
lint women will be women, you
Treated ly a I’rncraa Thai Header*
Them Superior to the I nailed
A rtlele.
Anew use has been found for the
pumpkin, which promises to he an
innovation in southern Illinois. An
apple evaporator at Noble is being
used for the drying of pumpkins, and
the product finds ready sale on the
market, says a Flora (III.) corre
spondent of the St. bonis Republic.
The pumpkins are cut into long
strips, and dried very much win the
same manner us apples. These evap
orated strips are then pressed into
cakes, which arc ready for the mar
ket. This dried pumpkin has been
tested by bakeries and hotels in the
cities, and is pronounced superior to
the canned article. It is claimed that
I>o pr cent, of the pumpkin cun be
In this section of Illinois the pump
kin grows to an enormous size. A
specimen weighing 70 pounds was on
exhibition in this city a few days ago.
The growers are receiving three
dollars per ton for the fruit, and
many farmers have grown a ton to
the acre in their corn fields this sea
son, despite the unprecedented
lirlck* IVr < it|iiln.
Two hundred and fifty million
bricks are used in a month in the
United Kingdom; that is, each inhab
itant uses lio in a year. Each Amer
ican averages l.ia
I X i’Kt >BATE Manitowoc County ('ocrt
• In tin' mutter of the estat • of Atmm Bnb
dee *r■*■(!.
To all whom it may concern; Letters of ad
ministration on said estate of Adam Bull d.-
cH-ed having been i sued to Sarah Bub on t he
llrdday of DeeemlsT A, I),. luol.and six months
rom and after said day I einic allowed and lim
it <1 for credit, rsto pn rent their claims for ex
amination and allowance, riot ice is hereto niv
eii that the undcrsiKurd will, on the second
Tuesdays of February. and Ann I and .1 nne. iwct.
at the I’robnti office in th • t ity of Manitowoc,
in said county, receive, examine, aud adjust all
claims, and demands of all persons against said
Dated Decemher Hrd. Idol
.1 ~ ANDERSON. County .Indite.
y. C Mead. Attorney
Pub. Dee. ■">. 12. 111. 2t>.
Once upon a time a man said
that ali coal was good, but
that some was better than
others. If that man had been
accustomed to using Scott
Co.'s celebrated anthracite
he would have said, “It is cer
tainly better than any other
coal. Fow SALK BY
The J. (i. Johnson Cos.
That rapidly developing territorry
which occupies the northern halt of
Wisconsin is not new enough to cause
the hardships and vvissitudes of fron
tier life, and not old enough to keep
away the intending 'settler on account
of eshorbitant land prices. It is in that
stage of partial development which gives
great opportunity to bring it to the high
est point of perfection and prosperity.
Schools, good roads and other improve
ments are going in. All that is needed,
is a small capital. Drawn and brain,
supplemented by push and energy will
do the rest. The iron ore. marl, kaolin
and clay beds, the timber and the rich
soil, give equal opportunity to the settl
er and the manufacturer. Land is cheat
and can be purchased on easy terms.
Till'. WISCONSIN central ky.
oflfei s facilities for the quick and cheap
transpoatation of its products and as the
line penetrates the very center of this
vast northern territory, choice of loca
tion is not confined to any one particu
lar locality. Interesting pamphlets and
maps fully describing this neuntifnl and
rich country can be obtained by address
W. H. Killen,
Land and Industrial ('ommissioner
Ut'KTON Johnson, Jac. C. Pond,
G. F. A. Gen. Pass. Agent.
Colby & Abbot Dldg.. Milwaukee, Wis
Spa\ in Liniment.
English Spavin Liniment removes All
Hard, Soft or Calloused Lumps ond Blem
ishes from horses. Blood Spavins, Curbs,
Splints. Sweeney Ring-Bone, Stifles
sprains, all Swollen Throats. Coughs,
etc. Save $. r i() by the use of one bottle.
Warranteed the most wonderful Blemish
Cure ever known. Sold by F. C. Utter-
All Old lliillroinl Man** At* on nut of
a ( ro|>li* That Hr
\\ II n***<*<!.
“I nin one of the very few persons
who ever saw a locomotive blow up,"
remarked an old railroad man to a
reporter of the Baltimore Sun the
other day. “(lenerally the men who
witness the explosion of a steam en
gine are so dead when the -moke
lias cleared away that they are never
able to give an account of the dis
“Like many other accidents, the
one I saw was the result of care
lessness—low water in the boiler, f r
the engine and Just come from the
shops and was in complete repair. It
was on a railroad in West Virginia a
number of years ago. I was on a
locomotive some distance behind th<
one which exploded, and was looking
ahead out of the cab window, so that
the ill-fated engine was immediately
before my eyes. Suddenly I saw the
machine rise in the air; it seemed t<
me about as high as the telegraph
poles beside the track, which. Us you
doubtless know, are not so high M
telegraph poles in the city. Then
ea me a cloud r f dense Idaek smoke
and dust, which hid the engine from
view, and almost simultaneously 1
heard the rortr <>f the explosion.
“Both the engineer and the fire
man were killed, and the locomotivi
was (it for nothing much hut the
scrap heap when it fell to the ground
The crown sheet over the firebox had
blown out.
“The strange thing about the ex
plosion was that no white steam was
seen. You know that perfectly dry
steam is invisible, being like the air
and before it had time to condense
it was probably smothered by the
cloud of smoke and dust raised by
the bursting of the boiler.”
raster's Modem liivitntloM.
I’hilfipsburg. Kan., has an up-to-date
Baptist preacher, say s the Kansas City
Journal. Instead of doing some sen
sational turn in order to attract peo
ple to his church he simply advertises
in the local paper: “There still remain
a few vacant seals at the regular serv
ices in the Baptist church of this city.
The pu .or will, and con. preach better
sermons if the seats are all filled with
worshipful attendants. Will you not
come V"
1 Soft §
1 Harness Oil I
[R' mnkea a poor looking !mr- IjHt
fmH ness like new. Made of iMH
Hgn pure, heavy bodied oil, ee- ■ JHia
fVKj penally prepared to with- W
tBK fiuiiid t lie weather.
jflH jl Sold everywhere JR
Turkey s'-ems to be a sort of interna
tional "Pinky Hluz."
Manitowoc, Wisconsin.
L. b MOSES, President,
LEANbFHCHt)ATE. Vice-President,
FREDT, ZF.NTNF.H, Cashier.
Money at 5 per ct.
First Mortgage Security
Manitowoc, VVis.
Don’t Be Fooled?
The market is bcins Hooded
with worthless imitations ol
fCmk ROCKY mountain
i' j6> 'j|Blsjl To protect the public we cnll
/ff*' / especial attention toour trado
V / murk, printed on ev, r> pu l -
MS aite. Itemand the Kenuino.
fr'O* Sale by all UruicuistS.
Persons who object to paying txea
should remember that those who have
no taxes to pay feel even worse aboi. ;t.
This Bignoturo in or every liox of the gem • >
Laxative Bromo-Quiniiie Taints
the remedy that cures n cold tu one ilay
Every man ought to have g tod Ma
tured wife to grumble at oceadouallv.
Chamberlain’s Stom tli ami Liver
Try them
When you feel dull after eating.
When you have no appetite.
When you have a bad taste in the
When your liver is torpid.
When your bowels are constipated
When you have a headache.
When you feel bilious.
They will improve your appetite,
cleanse and invigorate your stomach
and regulate your liver and bowels.
For sale hv Henry Hfirichs
Official whitewash is now about the
cheapest thing in the country.
11. T. Mclntyre. St. Paul. Minn., who
has been troubled with a disordered
stomach, says, ‘•Chamher’aiu's Stomach
and Liver Tablets do me more good
than anything I have ever taken For
sale by Henry llinrichs.
Souls there are struggling again t bars
stronger and more immovable than any
that confine a prison cell.
* 4* ...
A ( Altit
We. the undersigned, do hereby agree
to refund the money on a AH-cent bottle
of Greene's Warranted Syrup of Tar if
it fails to cure your cough or cold. We
also guarantee a v'A-cent bottle to prove
satisfactory or money refunded.
Chas. A. Qroitman
Henry Hinruhs.
A scientist says a sigh is due to worry
but that a deeper cause is a lack of oxy
EXIT It MOM It A i IS Kilt I HE HOI l-
OA \ s
Via the North-Western Line. Excur
sion tickets will lie sold at low rates to
points on the North Western System
within v<m,i miles of selling station. De
cendier-M. *’■). !U and January t. good
returning until January inclusive-
Apply to agents Chicago and North-
Western Ky •
•> *
Unless his wife's relations are rich and
distinguished the average man is never
interested in them.
Saved Mis Life.
"I wish to say that I feel I owe my
life to I%klol Dyspepsia Cure.” H. C.
Chrestenson of Hayfied, Minn. “cor
three years 1 was troubled with dys-rep
siu so that I could hold nothing on my
stomach. Many times I would be un
able to retain a morsel of food. Finally
1 was confined to my bed. Doctors said
I could not live. 1 read one of your iul
vertisemeuts on Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
and thought it fit my case and com
menced its use. 1 liegan to improve
from the first bottle. Now lam cured
and recommend it to all. ’ Digests your
food. Cures all stomach troubles.

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