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Forest leaves In glory shimmer
O’, r th 1 mounlaa. luth i. in llghtl
O what b, hilly tills the v ,-ii n
On an ii.tun.r. Cay so bright!
Ov :■ dl; nl slop m e hilltop
\.; n R : R ought.
I? a pi : ’or, 1.- i l. um; .i,
Wh ch tie ;;a o. : an has not.
Flr.lti ). :n. h V: ; vet w. VL-p
Lite ir t an a. tumr. 1 al;
But the i Is a; v I- , exultant.
Sirs tht.r song ~.en ripened sheaf
Safe 1 stored in winter’s garni r,
Whin the summer s work is done—
Then ho forest leaves trt fiery
As the west, at setting sun.
Blaze !n glory, leaves of autumn!—
Russ -t, crimson. fir . and gold—
Tell t! it summer’.- work Is ir.oc-d,
Tel! the y,.;r Is growing old.
Over ,i the hills and vallt ys—
Loo! I the I aves in bright array
Sing t ip song id rM at ev‘ ring
In a garb bright as M i;
—B. F. M. Pours, In Boston Watchman.
(Copyright, JOOI, by Authors Syndicate.)
fanner, young and good to look
upon; but he lived to tlie age of 40
years without marying, which was a
shame, as any one of several buxom
lasses in the Singing river district
admitted readily when the subject
was broached in confidence.
“There he is,” sa id they, echoing
the sentence of their elders, “living
alone on a fine farm till his own, a
big bank account, a figure like that
of the strong man at the cireus, a
face handsome as the lover’s at the
theater, going to waste! Dear, dear!
What can the man mean?”
The answers to this question were
two in number. One, lie was bash
ful—so bashful that the mere
thought of coming to close quarters
with a gii;l filled him with horror;
the other, he cherished in secret an
affection for the daughter of a grain
buyer in the town of Riverton, at
whose home he had visited on a
number of occasions when corn was
coveted by the grain-buyer and the
growers of the commodity were
loth to sell. The girl had been most
gracious to James; indeed, she had
shown him marked attentions; and
so impressed was lie by her charms,
which really were many, that he
dreamed of her by night and thought
of her by day until he was quite un
able to dream or think intelligently
upon any other subject.
He knew she was not for him, be
cause, even had he possessed the
courage necessary to an avowal of
liis passion, he could not have hoped
to compete with her other suitors,
who were men of polish and educa
tion. He was aware that there wen
many of these suitors. lie was sur
prised that there were not more. He
could not understand why fhe whole
world of men, who were not so un
fortunate as to have contracted al
liances prior to seeing h°r, did not
prostrate themselves before her, a?
he would gladly have done had he
Every week he scanned the list of
marriage licenses published in tlu
Riverton News, his heart pounding
like a runaway trip-hammer until
the fact was established that she was
still untaken. Then he sighed from
the very bottom of his mighty lungs
and wondered how long his happiness
•would last. Think of that! The
simple consciousness that she was
married to no one else was happiness
to him.
Now, there is a theory held by
many people of intelligence that
matches are made in heaven. It does
not look altogether reasonable in the
light, of history, yet it must be ad
mitted that the holders of the theory
have much ground, in the way of
isolated instances, to stand upon.
Love making is not always necessary;
a meeting of the souls upon the
street or at a dinner table is some
times sufficient to accomplish every
thing needful up to the drawing of
the contract.
Asa matter of fact, the grain-buy
ers daughter had fallen in love with
James Murchison the first time she
saw him, —he was so big and hand
some and rich and dependable and al
together different from other men.
But fortunately James did not know
this. Had he known it the chances
are that he would have sold out and
run away as fast as he could to end
his days in misery and the great
north woods, were he owned a nice
bit of land. Such n blessed thing is
It was his custom during the game
season to carry with him, when he
went to his work in the fields, a shot
gun—an old-fashioned, muzzle-loading
piece which he had owned as a boy;
and one afternoon he discovered that
his supply of shot was exhausted.
Therefore he went down the road to
wards a neighbor’s, intending to bor
row a handful. Nothing warned him
of his fate; nothing caused him to
change his course; on he strode,
straight to fhe end of his agony—for
love, especially unspoken love, is that
and nothing else.
He had just stepped foot upon the
bridge which crosses Singing river
when from up the stream he heard
the sound of women in distress. His
lustinct told him that they were in
distress; otherwise he would not have
known, for the language of women
bad been ns a sealed hook to him. He
stopped, listening. And while he stood
ihere a fleeing form in white came
into his vision, and a choke came into
Uia throat, and a tremble came upon
his limbs. The form was that of the
grain-buyer’s daughter, and behind
her, perhaps a hundred feet, was a
dog —an ugly, yellow hca K t with the
c'nre of madness in his eyes and the
troth of madness dripping from his
snapping 1 jaws.
The girl saw .James, and involuntari
ly she extended her arms towards him.
The gesture banished the last vestige
of se.l-eotisciousnesa Irot.i the man.
Tie forgot every hing except that she,
the idol of h.s dreams, was in dan
ger. But he did not move. Other men
would have clashed to meet her in an
abortive attempt at rescue. they
would have cried out; but he was
Quickly he dropped the stock of his
gun to the bridge, and rammed in a
double charge of powder. Time was
precious—merciful heaven, how pre
cious it was! He had no shot. There
were no pebbles in the dusty road.
And leap by leap the dog was gain
ing upon the girl whose strength was
nearty spent. What could he do?
A certain writer, accept! tl as an au
thority by a major portion of the civ
ilized world, Ins stated that only when
a crisis confronts him does a man
bring forth the best qualities winch
are within him; a crisis is th; only real
test of character. And in this crisis
the character of James MurcT, : - a was
proven good.
Let it lie understood that not even
ills nearest friend was aware that
James Murchison’s upper teeth wvre
false. He had guarded the truth as
carefully as he had guarded his love.
Tie was much less bnmb ' me when his
teeth were not in plac ■. But he did
not hesitate now ti \vr neh the set
from his mouth and put his foot upon
it, breaking the ivories from tin ir set
ting. He poured them into fhe guu.
He aimed. The teeth of fhe dog were
in the hem of the girl’s gown when he
fired. The dog fell, rolling over. An
incisor had entered the eye, penetrat
ing the crazed brain.
When, a moment later, the other
girls of the picnic party approached,
they found a big, handsome ftnnier,
without upper teeth, holding a girl’s
head upon his knee and gently bath
ing it with a bandanna hnndkerphief
wet with the water of Singing river,
iter eyes were open, and the expres
sion of them was such that even he
could understand, although he was
far as yet from a full appreciation of
the happiness that had come to him.
He arose presently and assisted her
to her feet. “May I get my horse and
lake you home?” he asked. “Yes,”
she replied; "I will wait here for you.”
For an ibstant he stood, seemingly
bewildered; then h passed rapidly to
wards the road. At the carcass of;he
dog he paused, looking hack. The girl
smiled, lie leaned over, patting the
guor, mangy thing upon the head, and
went on again.
Sensitive (nmuln.
An Englishman who wants to earn
tb-V cordial and . llkt of {amid a ;.as
only to refer to the dominion as
“Our Lady of the Snows,” or ; ome
thing like that. People ac, ass the
border are very- touchy on the .sub
ject. The London Times recently
offended by speaking of the climatic
conditions of Canada as such that
emigrants from England “preferred
to go to the temperate zones,” mean
ing the United States. And even Mr.
Gladstone had the impression that
Canada was a land of perpetual ice
and snow. Just now the Canadians
are down on Arthur Wing Pinero,
who, in his new play, “Iris," refers
to Canada as “that genteel Siberia,”
a phrase not calculated to earn more
popularity than Kipiing’s poetic title.
Capt. Bernier and some other Cana
dians believe that the north pole is
properly a part of the dominion, so
that any degree of cold can lie at
tributed to Canada. But at the same
time if seems not to be appreciated,
if indeed it is known by many Eng
lishmen, that the populous part of
Canada lies below the fiftieth paral
lel, or below the southernmost point
of England. Montreal, Quebec and
Toronto are five or six degrees south
of London, and are considerably
south of Paris as well. -Springfield
(Mass.) Republican.
Mnlne Kippered llerrlntc.
A Maine concern, after nearly a year
of experimenting, has finally succeed
ed in producing kippered herring
which have stood the test of the
market, and the success of anew
Maine industry seems assured. There
is every indication that, like the sne
(•ssfcil imitation of the French sar
dine. the Maine packers will put upon
the market kippered herring to com
pete successfully with the Scotch
and English brands which have here
tofore monopolized the market. The
herring used are found in great
abundance. They are too large for
sardines and in fact useless for any
merchantable purpose. The supply
is almost unlimited. The Maine kip
pered herring are put up in a pack
age of the same shape as the im
ported and fhe article itself so far
as a novice can see, is fully equal to
the Scotch or English pack. —N. Y.
Binwnlnr Phenomenon Tlmt W
Lately Witnessed In the City
of HriimelK.
From time to time we hear of show
ers of blood, of pollen, of caterpillars,
and now M. A. de Longree, a member
of the Astronomical Society of France,
tells of a shower of ants which fell re
cently at Brussels.
M. de Longree resides in that city,
and therefore he had ample opportu
nity for observing this curious phe
nomenon. It was four o’clock in the
afternoon, he says, when the ants be
r an to fall, and the weather was very
warm, the sun being brilliant and the
sky clear.
A great cloud of small black-winged
ruts, interspersed among which were
some gigantic black ants, measuring
from five to seven millimeters in
length, spread quickly over the city
n:.d its suburbs, and in a few minutes
the gigantic ants were swarming over
the pavements and the small ones were
failing on the garments of pedestrians
and even entering their mouths and
I. ! s,
>r two hours the insects remained
1; it city, can r.g everyone to won
d ■ how they came there. It is sup
p and that they were brought thither
ir i storm, which started in a neigh
b -ing d ! s,r!ct. the assumption being
t the tempestuous wind tore up
e rire nests of ants from the ground
a ’ 1 carried them along in its course
T e only objection to this theory is
U at there was no sign of a storm in
T'russei ■ when the insects appeared.
Naturalists, however, insist that in no
other way can this singular phenome
non be explained.
In Germany They Give AVny Only ti
Member* of the Koynl
The street railways of Berlin have
recently been fitting' their lines with
electricity, following years in the
wake of those of the United States
The directors of the reiehsanstalt
the imperial physical and technical
institute of Germany, feared that the
proximity of trolley wires with the
magnetic field which would be set
up at the passage of ever}' car might
interfere with their experiments and
they made representations to that
effect to the government. In Ger
many science is esteemed only second
to royalty and the government be
ing all-powerful the street railroads
were ordered not to place any trolley
wires within a kilometer (five-eighths
of a mile) of the reiehsanstalt.
Asa result, and oddly enough it
is to an American, the trolley lines
of Charlottenburg, when they ap
proach the imperial mausoleum, the
emperor’s memorial church and the
reiehsanstalt—royalty and science—
nr: run underground and the cars are
compelled to cover the intervals by
means of power drawn from storagi
batteries. Asphalt pavements have
ab o replaced the old cobblestones in
the streets around the reiehsanstalt
to prevent the jar of trucks from in
-i olag tiie delicate instruments in
the buildings.
]\t *> Tholr !li - p;M Colors So >!ucb
fin liy I heir Storm of
MueA interesting information in re
gard to the attraction which flowers
possess for insects is contained in a
paper by Prof. P. Plateau, of (ihent,
which is published by the Kntonio
logical society of Belgium.
Me arrived some time ago at the con
clusion that insects are but little at
tracted by bright colors, and he is now
confirmed in this opinion by experi
ments, which show that brightly col
ored stuffs and scintillating metallic
objects placed among the leaves of
flowers have only a slight attractive
ness for insects. In regard to the
constancy of insects in visiting in
variably the same species of flowers
on the same flight, he says that cer
tain species of Hombus are very in
constant; that the megachile and
coelioxys are less so, and that the
honey bee and anthidium inanieatum
are remarkably constant.
The habit of constancy he attrib
utes to the insect’s desire to save la
bor. The syrphidae (hover flies), he
points out, show a considerable ten
dency to be attracted by bright col
ors, whether of flowers or of inani
mate ob jects, and to this quality, and
not to any aesthetic sense, is to be
attributed their habit of hovering over
A (tni'fP Trade Drawer.
By very simple means a Philadel
phia merchant attracted more at
tention to his store than any amount
of placard advertising would have
gained for it. A great Maltese cat
was tied to eight yards of rope and
was fastened in the marble doorway.
It was a rare instance of a eat hav
ing its liberty thus restricted, and
throughout each afternoon crowds of
persons flocked about the door. The
braver among them did puss the hom
age of a pat on the head, while more
timid souls felt sure the animal was
fierce and kept at a safe distance,
Nutrition In Mn ■li room h.
Recent investigations made l>y the
department of agriculture show that
mushrooms are about equal to [iota
toes in the element of nutrition that
goes to make flesh and blood, but
that, on the other hand, they do not
hold much of the fuel stuff required
to keeji the body machine running.
World's Nnlionnl IndrlitpilnrH.
The world's national indebtedness
i> estimated at $.11,201,749,371 (n
times as much as the world’s national
debt £ amounted to at the close of
tiit Napoleonic wars.
OUR TOYS, The Pride of Santa Claus.
He lias gathered here a line of mechanical tovs, iron and wooden lo>s. boys’ tool chests, dolls, doll carriages and
novelties of ail kinds-durable and pretty toys that will delight the children. A vast gathering of amusing and instructive
games and books that promise to make this holiday season the most cheer!*;;! for young and old.
Chi Id’s Tea Sets.
I ©
,<3 Vl
0 #o;
Child’s fancily decorated china
tea sots, some new patterns this
year that will delight any little
housekeeper. Handsome sets. I
the beauty of which the cut can |
give you no idea, at
10c, 25c, 50c up to $1.50
Toy Pianos.
Well built and nicelv finished
pianos, the little girls' delight, a
present she w ill not want to be
without. These are here at
25c, 50c and 98c.
Steam Engines.
™JB| nothing will please
a engines work per
their whistle. Price, 6b cents.
Now I hcil for PerKonal MonmiHfn
Mnt rinu INrliur of .Srutlrr'N
■< pm I doner.
Postal curds are coming to he con
sidered good form. Whereas, they
were formerly admissible only as a
means for dispatching an order to a
tradesman, they may now he used for
the transmission of personal mes
sages. The stipulation, however, is
that they must hear a reproduction of
one's house, says the New York World.
This promises to make the fashion
an exclusive one. Anybody can con
sult a heraldic expert and have his
family insignia discovered and trans
ferred to his note paper. Put not
everybody lives In a mansion that
would form a desirable decoration for
a postal card. In any case the suburb
an resident will, it is plain, have the
Now thnt the use of th<“ caiiUTn hns
become universal, nothing is easier
than to secure a pretty country view,
and any stationer can have such u
view reproduced at a trifling cost on
cards of a size suitable to be sent by
It will be no uncommon thing for
.Tones, who Inis taken a house in New
Jersey, to acquaint his friends with
its charms, not by lengthy descrip
tions, but by sending them post cards
adorned with its picture.
I he size of the picture need < nlv be
restricted by that of the curd. Postal
authorities now allow cards of very
fair proportions tsi pass as post cards.
A Hlnuulnr IMmimiv<r> .
An Ottawa correspondent writes
that intelligence has been r. reived
from the Yukon of n strange discovery
that the language of tin- Nubi'o In
dians who liv. within thi arctic circle
md that of tiie Apaches of New Mexico
and Arizona are tiie same. The fact*
have come to light through the return
to Dawson City of Fathyr John Iteue,
prefect apostolic of the Roman Cath
olic church in Alaska, from a jeun.iy
to the fathers working among the
aboriginal tribes of the Lower Yukon.
A Book For Christmas.
is a present that is both appropriate and pleasing. It
is a lasting gift; one that is interesting, inspiring and
Childs History of the United States. A book of 256 pages
telling in a most interesting manner the story of
our country. It is fully illustrated, well |"k
bound and has a finely engraved cover. Price 1/ /V/
Natural liistor3’ A book of 450 pages, giving a descrip
tion and history of wild and domestic animals, with
illustrations of them. It is a very instruct- i Q
ive book written in an entertaining stvle.. .
(julliv e r’s Travels and other interesting books of 200
pages each. Fully illustrated, nicely hound, with
handsome cover in color work. A series of
interesting stories that will delight an\ child^i/v
Also pretty books with either linen or paper leaves, il
lustrated in bright colors; at
sc, l()c, 15c and 25c.
R. Cm. OLP, Prop.
rianitowoc, c Jt V Wisconsin.
D Hours |
Hewitt Do yon tliink thin wait o’
mine too loud f
Jewe’t Why, my hoy. that suit
would imilte a good selection for your
Health ami Beauty.
Pi Kir complexion is usually the result
of a torpid liver or irregular notion of
the "bowels Unless nature’s refuse is
carried off it will surely ca se impure
blood. Pimples, bolls and other erup
tions follow. This is nature's method
of throwing off the poisons which the
bowls failed to remove. DeWitt's Little
Early Kisers are world famous for
remedying lien condition. They stimu
late the liver and promote regular and
healthy a< turn iff the bowels hut never
can-e griping, cramps or distress. Safe
pills. F. Duerstutte.
Susan Tlie Pimples sore . ami tduck
lieads are danger signals Tul e Hocny
Mountain Tea. you'll give a farewell re
I ( eptlou to your troubles. B.lc. F. C.
1 Bueretatte.
Tscd by he ladies of fashion all over
the world It s without doubt the great
test beautilier (>ver offered tln> American
women. 85c. Made only by Madison
Med cine Cos. F. C. Bnerstatte.
Women argue in the same way tie y
gift off a street car.
A. J. Snell wanted to attend a party,
but was afraid to do so on account of
pains in his stomach, which he feared
| would grow worse. He says, “I was]
telling tuy troubles to a lady friend.
; who said 'Chamlterlaiu'H Colic. Chol
era and Diarrhea Remedy will put you
in condition for the party.' lls ogtit a
bottle and take pleasure in stating that
two doses cured mo and enabled me to
have a gisid time at the party. Mr.
Snell is a resident of Summer Hill, N.
Y. This remedy is for sale by Henty
Htnrichs druggist.
.. _ .
[jots of married jssiple in the wot Id
pose as 1 eager signals to thee who are
Dolls and Doll Carriages.
Dolls with natural
hair, movable eves
and movable limbs. /tfsjra
A tine assortment of
handsome dolls so nt*'" ""il
DOLL GO-CAKTS. ** f aT*’
A fitting vehicle
for a pretty doll and V^fCa
something: that
makes the little g irls
happy. An extens- 2310
ive variety of swell little go-carts at
50c, 98c and 1.48.
Doll Cradles.
To complete the doll compartment.
They are nicely made and finely
finished either in all white or colors.
Price 2,k to DBc.
Horse and Wagon.
Nicely made and richly painted,
a toy that is the delight of children.
A nice line at, Irom
24c to 98c.
The man who lousts of being a tynlc
1h not very dangerous.
** .
SIOO Reward. SIOO.
The readers of this paper will bo pleas
ed to learn that there in at least one
dreaded disease that science has been
able to cure in all his stages, and that is
Catarrh. Mall's Catarrh Cure is the
only iiositive cure known to the medical
fraternity. Catarrh being a constitu
tional disease, r ‘quires a constitutional
treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is tak
en internally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surface of the sys
tem, thereby destroying the foundation
of the disease, and giving the patient
strength by building up the constitution
au l assisting nature ia doing its work.
The proprietors have st) much faith ti
lts curative powers, that they offer One
Hundred Dollars for any case that it
fails to cure. Send for list of testimoni
Address, E. J. Chknky a Cos.. Toledo. (X
S-.ld by Drng-i'tds. 7'c.
I Hall s Family Hills are the best.

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