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ranch-; line.
Mr. and Mrs. W C. Blei have retnrn
•*<3 to their home at theVf indy city after
spending the holidays with relatives and
friends here.
Martha Sknrch is home from Chicago
Onr vicinity wai bnsily employed the
past week, harvesting and storing away
ice for the coming summer.
Very serious ■ family trouble is pend
ing in the family of Mr. and Mrs. Aug.
Onr school bell will again ‘•end forth
its peals next Monday morning, after a
silence of over one week.
Mr. Hanson of Manitowoc transacted
business with some of his patrons here
last Monday.
Miss Mamie Grimm, who is employed
a* a domestic at Two Rivers spent Xmas
day with her parents,
Jos. Wachtel i visiting at Milwaukee
with his daughter. Mrs Alberts.
Friends and neighbors gathered at the
home of Mr. Rnd Bishop last Saturday
to help him celebrate hi* 71st birthdav
Misses Bertha and Willie Hanzen of
Manitowoc spent Christmas with Mr
and Mrs. Lorenzen.
Geo. Dunlap of Laney, Shawano < n is
here to claim his bride Miss Kitty Mc-
Mrs. Cassmer Young, who lived here
for a great many years has gone to stay
with her daughter at Colby and left her
son Casemer to try his hand tit house
The dance at East win Hall on Dec 26
passed off very successfully and every
one enjoyed dancing on the new floor.
Mr. and Mrs Joseph Cisler of Branch
were visitors here on Monday,
A certain man of this town had a
dream of a sawing hce. He dreamt he
was making logs and he still thinks he
was. But he wasn't thats what Ed '1 '
McCaity says
The monthly cattle fair was largely
Eugene Mason passed through the
village last week.
Miss Lizzie Martens was at Mishicot
last Thursday.
Mr. Lawrance Ledvina of Hleser is
spending his Cln-Mmas vacation lit
Say Con f Where is Doc.
.1 C Kellner attended the fair last
Gaorgc Brunner of North Dakota is
here visiting relatives.
C 001*1 ;R. STOW N.
Joaeph Kulwchck h* returned from
North I>ak<fi where he npcnt the *um
Mr* Joseph lludik aold lifr farm of
60 acre* and property to Mr Peter
Knh>di for the hliin of t'i&Ml <K(
John Kreiwr of North Dakota it*
vinifim< hiparentH of thin plaee.
Eddie Elmer and < )ncar I)reWH are
upending their holiday*! with their
Mi** Martha Zeddie* i* spending her
vacation with her parent* here
Emil Dolma) njient a few week* with
hi* brother at • leoiito
Mi*- Cary Kii*li left f' r Chicago
About twenty live Indie* *nrpri*cd
Mr* All*-rt Zeman Monday The'
stripped about *even pound* of fcatle-r*
If wa* a pleasure to listen to *ome if
the old ladie* winging *ong
Anton HamiiHTiiik iml wife <<l Man
itowoc Hjmnt a few day* with relative*
A fisherman of < ireeii Mas paid our
village a visit ofahont a week
Mias Jackal of ireen*treef pent her
vacation with her mother at Milwaukee
Mr. Ciller of Iteedaville win warn at
onr village lately
Miss Emma Sheikv of Manit.iwoe i*
spending the holiday* with her parent*
The following t* - a* -her* of our town
spent the holiday* at hone- < 'lm* Efz
ler .Ir . Will Coom". an I Erwin t'arv
T H Meany our eittle buyer i* *Io
ing a rn*hin:’ hu-ir • a* long a* we are
having aleighing
John Hove* wa in town Sunday eye
ning a week a"> uoyimr he frn 'el* a i - i• I• •
If nebular* could only look ahead, h w
much more would they *nel , hut they
fili'l out tie- y.il'e f 'l l mg t< >•. late
and then have relief* tie n*t of their
lives for the tim • they w.i te 1 when tiny
were aeholuts at hool
An elalsuate X n.i* programme wa*
caned out at the Entlcim * Tint> h.
Tue* lav evening
Our sell ol (d<>*•■! M in lay noon f r a
two week * vacation
Mis* Winnie Meany *;*mt Tii"*dav at
Mr. Selmlr. had to employ a elerk 'lur
ing Chn-tiua week , k * In* tra-U ha*
lieen so trashing that he could not do tin
work alotie
T. H Meany wa* at Manitowoc, Sat
Mr Falgeand family of Manitowoc,
*;*-nt Thursday here with their son Dr
L <ui* Falge
Pat (iabiu the pedagogue wa* in town
Ad>ert Kurth of Muskegon, Michigan
spent bi* holidays here with his parent*.
Miss Hattie Reinemann is visiting at
Miss Emma Dumas spent the forepart
of the. week with relatives in Rockland.
John and Pat Gnhin were in town Fri
John Deidrich was in town Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. GrifFeneus of Anawa.
Wis., were the guests of Mr. and Mrs,
Rols-rt Heiple a few days last week.
Mr. and Mrs, Shimek of Kellnersville
sjH-nt Xmas here.
Miss Winnie Meany and neic.e were at
Milwaukee last week,
Arthur Krueger is spending his vtwa
ll ere.
Henry Hacse of Intenwalt, Wis., is
visiting parents h“re.
('arl Maer/t visited at I iillet this Week
Louis and Martin Krueger are sj-i d
ing their vacation with their parents.
Mr. Emil Sneflow and Miss Emily
Katz of < Mikosh visited at the Herple
home last week.
John Haase gavua, few friends a sleigh
ride Thursday evening. Those in the
crowd were Mis~e Emma Dumas* Lau
ra Schulz, Annie Gisch, Mamie Stelling
Nellie Cronin, Clara Mmrtz Clara
Haese, Emily Scheeg, and Messrs. John
Ha.se Adolph Haber. Emil Mueller,
Carl Maertz. llarrv G.sidhew and Er
win Cary.
Will '’’imass was in town Friday and
Peter Linnarie was in town Saturday.
Mrs. Henry Krueger spent Sunday a f
| Forest Junction.
’Pss Annie Gisch of Forest spent le-r
vacation here.
A surprise card party met at Mr. ,1.
Siever) s last Sunday. A go.id time was
reported First prize was won by Mat
.1 Holly took in the hop at <’oojters
town last Monday.
.lake Elfner of Manitowoc spent a
few hours at Zander last Monday on Ins
way going to Cooperstown.
Louis Zander and Mr. M.dichar of
Norman were visiting here last Sunday
Andrew Kllinghri of Milwaukee sjient
tile holidays with his parents and many
John Conway and sister Kit of Green
Bay are home spending their vacation.
Miss Mainline Morris of Chicago
spent Christmas with her parents Mr.
and Mrs H Morris.
Jo Schneider, Della and Frei la
Arnold! Spent. Thursday with Mr. and
Mrs A Schneider.
Joe Stephen and Mayme McMahon
were the guests of Mr, Shanahan and
family on Sunday last.
Mr. and Mrs. Janies Morris of Mani
towoc spent ('hristmas with Mr. and
Mrs. Thos Morris
Sleighing is fine and some of onr
young folks are taking advantage of it.
The Christmas hall given at Herr's
hall was very largely attended and
Stop the
It Is a sad tiling to see fine
fruit trees spoiled by the blight.
You can always tell them from
the rest. They never do well
afterwards but stay small and
It is worse to see a blight
sliike children. (iood health
h the natural riglU of < hildren.
But some of them don't get
their rights. While the rest
grow big and strong one stays
small and weak.
Scott's I'.mulsion can stop
lh.it blight. There is no
reason why such ac hild should
stay small. Scott’s Emulsion
is a medicine with lot'* of
strength in it—the kind of
strength that makes things
Scott’s Emulsion makes
( hildren grow, makes them c it,
makes them sleep, makes them
play. Give the weak child a
< ham e. Scott’s Emulsion will
| mulsion and i. n the
Stud lor frt
that burrows up the scalp, making
dandruff scurf, causing the hair to
(all, and finally
You will have NO MORE DAN.
BALDNESS if you use
The only Hair Preparation on this
absolutely new scientific principle.
for sale by druggists. Price sl.
every body report- luivilli' bad h good
Anna and Magge Haves of Milwau
kee are s|iending th'dr < hristmas vaca
ti< .11 with their mot her .Min. I>. Hayes.
Mr and Mia, 1* (‘arberry of Mani to
wn. spent a few daya with Mr. andMrs.
JameH Sballue,
Clara ami Ida Sebneider rjient Friday
and Saturday visiting with relations at
Mantes IVjipard spent a few days at
Kankaiuia with Mr and Mrs. John
I’eppard last week.
Horn to Mr and Mrs. Tone Walter
bach a baby girl, on Monday last.
< ligars on Tone, boys.
n/U’i.r. (ikovi:
Mrs Dunn and daughter Hade of Kills
Jet. visited with Kate Hoolan during
the holidays,
Mamie Moran and Mrs. A. Rowning
of Cltieago who were here visiting re
turned home week before last.
John J. Regan is visiting at home
during the holidays.
A sleigh load of our young ticks at
tended an entertainment and Xmas
tree at Kate Doolau’s school out near
Jim Connel sports a fine new Port
land cutter nowadays,
St Patricks Court No. 1185 C. <). F.
elected the following officers; Chief
Ranger, Jerry Reidy; Vice Chief Hang
er, Palsy Cavanaugh Past Chief Rang
er, Johnnie Hogan: Rec. Secretary,
Willie Morrisey; Fin Secretary. John
Hoolan Treasurer. John Mullins. Trus
tees. Jim Connell, Bryan Regan and
Robt Cavanaugh: Sentinels, Paddle
Fielding and Mike (iellagher,
Han Ket ley is spending the holidays
in <’hlcago
K C Lau, of Collins, otto Heather,
limit Heuthef. i )tto Peters Lester Rohr,
Mi--. Theresa Pril/.el and Albert Heyroh,
of Manitowoc. II R Freitag of Sheldon.
N Hak Mr and Mrs J, Leppla and
daughter ol Kankaiuia Karl McCombof
Madison, Tom Baker and wife of Hayton,
Miss Maggie Redig • I MiUvankie. John
Steinmet/ Adolph Kiefer, Peter Rank
and Willie Langmack of < ihilton, Henry
Wcgfurth of Manitowoc, and (Hyde Wil
ham id Milwaukee spoil Christmas
here. a*. >.
C (In istiansen of Flensborg. -(tel
many and brother in law of I’eterOhlsen
of mir city, and w bo is employed in the
Navi Van! at Flensborg. recently wrote
to bis relative, stating that 70ho men are
i lliplol ed there.
Frank Horn, Fred Pant/., Rob Hick
and Mis Aug Orth, were at Maui
tow. on Wednesdav to attend the fun
oral of < Jotlieb Pant/, who died hist Sun
Jos Ilessi i now works his large meat
i hoppei by means of a gasoline engine
pnii hmed of the Hrillion Iron Works.
Rev and Mis Janiimeh pleasantly
entertained a nnniber of friends at the
parsonage Friday evening
Deeply covered hy snow, nature
Till- I re. sMI I IHI i-H til |- 1, 1 1 V. - 1 1 \ tlll-slnw'v
in. Viet- ‘up T 1..- >i ii . nl. vmu l ■ <lv Tlie
!■.•.-f r.*.). - it.-I, iiii.t;. II .■ I. 1 tl*w fr.-idv
it r. it ui. v .-ii rve tils i- I in-to in.- Tin - lit... si lli.-re
111r> I- in i.ld.- o ii. ■ i t It'- vv. rn .-lit mill .-.>ll
| t Hlllll >H' 1.1 t < - ' I 11 111. 1I . II . ..111. 's Ilf l-X.-re
j 111 II VI I Ilf t’ 'I I- .11 It iI I ki.'llev s ( ’l.llsf
1 ..I entli yon --iiff.-r fe m ti. ii'tiii tie pHlns In t'l.*
Unit - .I 1 -i." .-. >ibi'i ['til|n*Htn.1. of 11.■ ■
’ ||. art Von !■ e eidi'l lllld b me InVV HJi'i tied
V. VI H In 1 I" lie it.-|,i- W ImlrVIT V"ll till
I HVi.iil I 111 .1. Ml n l l v 1 1 nt it. lit , Otl Is
llin • I 111. i fnvi i 'le I. mi lilt Ti inpesiiry r
j Mi-f It I. fn . it ii. vl.i Mi I . lel Bt wl-steost
In tile lie*, stiv e iirinins Tie* eiilm,H(Ueni-|.,
ip. ►MI.!- fmiil Awm Willi nnnelterv There
! is .r e I r r. n 11 1 1 ib ■ 1 ~ eonrnl “Si
lli l Mini Vi In Idi Pills 'I I m ere i etilTmiinil
I'd ft I 111 111 I Is- f tl-" III.! nn Iv epi ii|iertl**s,
in i . in':i e 1 11 I lie old f* i lie >n i tin I", eil by the
lie *i ks el i lie st IVniinl Vitim ten
Don't Live together.
( oiistipitiinii and health never go to
gether ' He Wit I- I dile F.nrlv Risers
pi i mute easy action of the bowels with
out distress. ' I 1 1 il \ o been- troubled
with eoMivi n-e nine m ms.' says .1 ().
tireei-e. I epimw 1 ml. I have tried
many remedies but J.iltle Karly Risers
give It st Jesuits F ■(' Pner-tatle
Saloon property of good location in
the city of Manitowrc. Address.
J 26. Box 67, Forest Junction, Wis.
Stockholders' fleeting.
The annual meeting of the stockholder
of The National Bank af Manib i woe,
Wis., for the election of the directors
and such business as may come before
them, will hi- held at its hanking office
i <ii Tuesday, the 21st. day of January.
ilKrll, at 10 o'clock. A. M
At this meeting the question of amend
ing Section three (3) of fthe Articles of
Association’will be*’voted upon.
Manitowoc. Wis. December 17th 1901.
Fred T. Zentnor, Cashiers.
CHICAGO, 111. . Jan. 1, Give Poultry Chick
ens. liens, Tc |H*r 11, springs 71-s<-. ttrkeys, tl
ducks. T'V: geese. *3,i/tf,5.00 jut doz.
E'.lgs Fresh, loss off. cases returned, sold at
'4c per doz - city recandled, eases included
<-oo!er stock, I.VSr ise per doz
Butter Creameries, extra.23'i*.24c: firsts.)
seconds, IMMTc: dairies Cooleys. 2a<-; first
tike 1 1 c,seconds. 13404, ladles. 12*14c: packing
stis-k. fresh. 14* l(',c,
Clicese Full creams, twins. Si’, c daisies
lie lie c; young Americas, 1-e, ■' 19!4<- Long
Ilor ns. In Cheddars. U ; t < sour off good.Vii'Hc.
special lines Swiss drum. 12?,* 13c- block I2>,
012 v; simburger, choice. I(V" 1 1 ,c: off grades
i'es* brick choice to fancy. IKb. loc. common
to good V"Sc.
Potatoes Rural*. fancy *2 r„ *-, bu round
gissi to choice 7S"' sac common. T.V'ITTc Bur
banks,. siKOSlc- common, Tib'THc: Burbanks,
fancy. TiVpiTlk-; long white, good to choice. TT*
“He common TP mixed white T4*Tfic: red
stock, choice, T.Ve is, i-ommon to good. Toe 72c;
poor, reugh, dirty not assorted, red or white,
Tate Tic; boat stock. sacked and delivered TSO *oc
('ash ijtieTtloiis were as follows: Flour Easy
wheat Wheat No 3 spring Ts* TUc: No. 2
red. M'.. •’ sTc. Porn No 2 yellow. HrtH l ' Oats
No. 2 til >4ll*o. No. 2 whitei 47* a. 4Sc: No. 3
white choice malting, ill to HI ] ,c.
Latest Quotations Corrected for the ben
efit of Farmers
The following fire the current prices of
the various articles of produce as report
ed for The Pilot on Dec. 2.
Wheat.- Hpring -72
Wheat—White Winter -72
Rye -(52
Barley - 58
Oats -4'5
Corn -70
Hay 900-10 00
Butter 18-22
Eggs 21-22
Hal t per bbl (50-90
Wood 4 00-5 00
Peas White 1.10
Peas — Marofat 1.15
Peas —Green 1-20
Peas Scotch 1-80
.Wool -14
Flour Patent 2.10
“ Daisy 1.90
“ Rye 1.70
Midling 1.20
Coarse Meal 1.45
Fine “ 1.(50
Oil “ 1.75
To all our friends and custom
ers we extend thanks for their
favors of the past twelve months,
and wish them
in the hope that we have merited
a continuance of their kind pat
Eighth and .hi\ Sts, Manitowoc. Wis.
The I (iiiihliinl Wealth of flee Porto
It I<nn I iinn \\ ilia I mihle
to Mrrl It.
As illustrating t in- seareity of money
in I’i'rto Un i it is related that when
a government cheek for 040 arrived
in Manat' a few days ago in pay
ment of the totsn’s excise collections
for the prceeiiing month it caused a
ge inline sensation, says the \rmy and
Navy .Initt'iia! The city employes aisd
their imineili 111> army of creditors
commenced t.■ parade in front of the
mayor. h -tnod up hold!ng the check
so that all in ehl see. Two thousand
and fiirty-niie dollars! The mayor
told the people tha* the cheek could
not lie cashed, as there was not money
enough in th- whole town, not even
f all the basilicas houses entnhineil for
the purpose if cashing" if. He then told
tin m that tin y had to wait for their
money until someone could go to San
.Inaii to cash the check.
The mayor, envied by all, became
‘ired from holding the cheek in the
air. folded it placed it in a cigarette
b. \, won-'il it with red tape and locked
it no in the safe.
The Ui-I|<n of the Cigar,
To-day smokers are numbered by
millions, a fact to w hieh the treasuries
of most nations have to he devoutly
thankful, it is estimated that 1.00 u,.
000,000 acre* of land are devoted to the
cultivation of tobacco. The world ei a
sunn s each year 0 1.0u.00n ODD pounds,
or ii,bill, 500 tons, worth i. 5^,000.000.
WP jn&ijTjfx
If Impossible
r-" ' I’.i.n ran t
BgSy 1H < * XT, lT *l 'T Internal, where '
W Hoff’s German
ijBB la Applied a*conllnn to dim-firms. It
t cure imural'le s. .but
<!■••* cure ail I'iiiu ai:".uu from
-mati< n. iin ■ I ■..ij, t*.
1 *r>. >. lu* ■ < - M-. el.-., .-t.- It , til.- 1
e? •I ’ • M ■ i am. -•• 1.1 |.\ •;’
| . .
<-oolitl< 11 A ill XM.N(i>, AnnkM. 'liuu.
This \\ rllpr F'roponoil InternnliuliAl
Exhibition of Hindis
Every collector has some fhings--
pictures. books, ivories, enamels, eas
kets, gems, terracottas —which he in
his heart suspects, arid which libs
friends know, to be “fakes,” There
are even many “faked” charters, and
autographs without number (espe
cially of Burns) are as “fake” us the
“faked” Decretals. Could not Amer
ica organize an international exhibi
tion of “fakes?” It would be highly
instructive, writes Andrew Lang, in
the New York Independent. V sin
gle “fake” may deceive anybody, lint
an assortment of the same kind ai
once betrays itself. There is the
famous old Greek crown, .from the
Chersonese, I think in French pos
session. German scholars say, think,
or used to say, that it should be sent
to this exhibition. The pictures
would lie numerous, if we trust mod
ern art critics; for my part I do not
—it is their profession to niter at
tributions of authorship. The works
of Homer are a vast “fake,” if we
listen to critics.
Will public and private owners of
collections contribute to this useful
and original exhibition? Man's hu
man vanity bars the way; people do
not like to believe that they have
been gulled. Yet what collection is
free from imposture? Not one, I
fear, and I will gladly exhibit my
own forged twopenny treasures in
the cause of humanity. I verily be
lieve that there is a forged guinea
of James 11. and VII. on my watch
chain at this moment. If not, his
majesty had debased the currency.
Warned of these things, collectors
ought to be very careful. 1 fear that
I have put autograph collectors off
with forged autographs of my own.
But autograph collectors are out of
all law—hostes human! generis.
Everything is fair against an auto
graph collector.
Dr. See of ihe Xnvnl (linen nlurj at
W uklilnmn■■ I'inils llm lllunieter
to lie 2,(158 Miles.
Dr. See, of the United States naval
observatory in Washington, has Just
concluded a measurement of the
planet Mercury with tlie large tel
escope of that institution. Its diam
eter is found to be 2,f)5s miles. Dr.
See calls attention to the fact that
he has never observed any marked
spots on the planet’s disk, not even
when the sky was absolutely pure
and the image of the planet perfect
ly defined on the lens of the tel
escope. Ills observation also is that
there is no diminution of brightness
at the edges of the disk, such as
would be produced by nu absorbing
atmosphere. Although these results
agree in general with those obtained
at the Lick observatory, they dis
agree with those of Sehiujarelli and
Mr. I’ercival Lowell.
Dr. See has made another inter
esting estimate regarding meteors.
Every observer notes a considerable
number of small meteors while he is
engaged in telescopic observations.
The tield of view of a telescope is a
very small fraction of the surface of
the heavens, and a simple proportion
based on the number of meteors en
ables an estimate to be made of the
number of meteors iu the whole
sky. In this manner, says the Wash
ington Star, Dr. See estimates there
are about 1.200,000,000 telescopic me
teors appearing in the sky daily.
Between 10,000.000 ind 1 .’i.000.000 me
teors, bright enough to be visible to
tin' naked eye, encounter the earth
daily, according to the estimate of
Prof. Newton.
I ** of II c \ ol \ i* r.
I was present at the trial where n
man with a split-second watch timed
a verv ordinarv denizen of the border,
w ho drew Ids six-shooter and emptied
if in a second and a quarter, savs
Munsey’s Magazine. It takes a tvro
that long to pull the trigger once
when he is all ready. The experts do
not pull the trigger at all. Long ago
if was demonstrated that it was vast
ly quicker to file off the pawl that
locks a gun and trust to "fanning”
the hammer, than if was to shoot
even the easiest of double-action re
volvers in the ordinary way. This ex
plains how it was possible for the
famous man-killers to accomplish
marvels against other and equally
desperate men as well armed us them
Amerleiiii I*l li k i’orto Hlco.
One of the American innovations in
the city of Ponce, P irto Jtieo, is a So
ciety for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals, which relentlessly prosecutes
all violators of the law.
Schuette Bros. Cos.
Thursday, January 2.
S $ pHBNHB •.. H ■
Cut prices, specials--Bargains of all kinds, will
p cvail in this department during this sale. All who
bmefitted by la!, ing advantage of our former sales
in vhis iine will t o doubt repeat their action of previ
ous years and appear upon the scene early to make
their selections, if in need of any linens. To those
who have never attended these sales, we would say,
examine into the qualities and prices and judge for
yourself, as that will cost you nothing hut the effort.
Remnant Sale.
The more goods that arc sold, the more remnants
are left, of course, therefore we have a greater num
ber than ever in every department, our fall trade
having been a record breaker in every respect.
Cloak Department.
This department shows a greater percentage of
increase in sales than any other, we think, and, of
course, the purchases were correspondingly large,
consequently the assortment left over is greater also
which will prove advantageous to those who may
w ant to invest in any kind of a garment, as ah styles
lengths and qualities are fairly well represented in
this stock. You can save money here if inclined to
Schuette Bros. Cos.
Dealer in all kinds of
Furniture, Coffins, Caskets, Etc.
Kellnersviile Wisconsin
gSa IS s&
w w
Special attention given to unde- aking and embalming. A good hearse at
the disposal of the public.
Here are my prices on a few articles;-Arm Rockers *1.75, Nurse’s Rockers
SLSO, < )ak cane seat Chair 75c. Swell Front Dresser $lO, Center Tables $5 to $lO,
Extension Dining Tables $4 to $l2. Bureaus of all kinds at all prices.
Big Clearance Sale in Millinery.
Mrs. M. Simon.
Joe Wanish’s Hall
Dairying, Horse Breeding, Sheep and Swine Hus
bandry, Beef Production, Small Fruits, Bee Culture,
Poultry, Roads, etc. Discussed by the best authori
Every farmer within a radius of twenty miles or more is invit
ed to be present, and to uring along his wife, sons, daughters and
INSTITUTE BULLETIN No. 15 and other practical books
upon agricultural subjects, will be distributed FREE before the
opening of the first forenoon session.
First Session Will Begin at 10 A. M. Sharp.

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