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JThc piaultoxuoc JHlot
Eslabtishd 1858.
Jere Crowley, Ten Evck G. Olmsted,
Tlie Pilot i- published at 819 York Str
Terms <>f subscription $1.50 a year,
payments strictly in advance. Ad
vertising rates ran be procured by
application at the < ffice.\3All job
work done promptly and rare taken
that work will be artistically turned
Sul s-critters and advertisers are reonest
ed to remit all checks, postoflice or
express money order or leistered
letter and to address THE PILOT
The election for aldermen ami snjier
visors which takes place on April 1. will
not stir up anv political feeling, there
lieing no local issue to divide the parties.
It is the earnest hope of Democrats that
good men will he chosen for the offices,
men who will have at heart a purpose
to give the city and county good and
tg'Ml'Uuical government. In the city
aldermen should be chosen because of
their business capacity and not liecause
they are Democrats or Republicans.
Every citizen is interested in economy
of city and county expenditures liecause
all pay taxes and if extravagance is in
inlged in th< y must pay the piper.
There is an essential difference be
tween wasteful extravagance and natur
al development. To give the inhabit
ants municipal improvements costs inoir
ey, and if thousands of dollars are ex
pended in grading and paving streets,
in sewerage or harbor improvements,
snch outlays are not necessarily extrav
agant or wasteful. The better appear
i ig a city is the more readily will it at
tract capital if it has natural advan
tages like Manitowoc
Jso nrin who is earnest in his wish* a
for the rapid growth of the city along
industrial lines can enter complaint up
on money sunk in making the channel
freer from mud A deep channel with
abundance of dock room means much
for the future of shipping from this
point. Manufacturers from the outside
will soon l>e apprised of the advantages
which necessarily accrue from a fine
river. Shipping facilities means much
to them liecause in cheap and *|uick
freight transportation thev make mon
We cite the above to warn voters
against being attracted to any parsi
inonlo is jsilicy, the p dicy of eingapen
ay wise and a |s>und foolish bet votes
go to the candidates who stand upon
the platform of civic development
which shall entail only a profitable out
lay of money and let them cut out the
candidates who would squander munici
pal finutic* sin a useless manner. There
is ample time to take the measure of
every man who seeks an office and there
Is-ing no politics in the present campaign
only those men should be elected who
stand for a business administration of
municipal affairs
count\ om:is.
rai lclutes are beginning to make
their apis-arance fur the county offices,
though the ( lection will not take place
until next fall Several men arc pro
posed for the office of sheriff, an office
now held by Mr. Hurt, a Republican.
Tiie Democrats believe that the next
sheriff should lw Democratic and this is
p-rfect’.v proper The office of Circuit
court clerk will -s- contested for by sev
eral candidates liefore the nominating
convention This j quite a lucrative
position and a worthy one necessarily
quite a few candidate- are -profiting up
•lust what will Is- done with the other
offices i- a question The county clerk's
office will attract several candidates
but there has ls-en little or notalkabout
tie- office of register of deeds, and it
would seem that the convention may
•es- tit : - extend i" it i an the present in
cumlient -erm
it will not Is* so very long before jelli
fies in th- county will o-cupy the at
Wntion of the electorate uud this will
equally lie the case with the Hejitiblic
ans and the Itemocrats. If one can
gauge the future by present indications
this should Is- a goisl year for Demo
era is
William .1 Biyan editor of The Com
*n mwealth devotes a lengthy article in
kec Week - issue to a co sideralion of
the jioosibility of David B. IMI Is-ing a
candidate Is-fure the next National
Dr mo rate convention fi r the office of
president Mr Bryan thinks Mr. Hill s
purpose is that of an avowed . mididate,
and he draws his deductions from Mr
Hill s recent speech liefore represents
live Democrats in New York.
It is needless to aver tba’ Mr Bryan
4(m not take kindly to Mr Hill s stub
1 tions becaute he reasons that the distin
guished New Yorker by his alleged in-
I difference in 18!)fi and 1900 contributed
i largely to the defeat of the Democratic
Iti ket. The Nebraska politician will do
his best to defeat Mr. Hill's plans this
is very plain on the surface, yet the fact
is that Mr. Hill is very much of a favor
ite with the Democratic voters of the
country and he stands a very fair chance
of being seriously considered for the
nomination. Of conrse. at this distance
from a national campaign, a thousand
events might arise to change the whole
situation, and it is purely speculation
now in talking of candidates or issues.
As the Madison Democrat says;--
Whoever he may be that votes in favor
of robbing the American people of mil
lions annually that rich ship owners
may 1m- made richer should Is- marked.
He is a pirate -no other term describes
him. At a time when the infamies of a
tariff are being disclosed in the form of
rubber trusts it is not apropos to go into
the bad business deeper, and facilitate
the shipping combine which is already
organizing in anticipation of the vast
bonus which is expected from congress.
A few seaboard senators will of course
favor the grab, just as Pensylvania
statesmen' have ever favored protection
for the infant' iron industries, but no
western senator should Is- caught with
the greedy crew.
In discussing Democratic policy the
Springfield (Mass. i Republican says If
is of encouraging significance that every
Democratic senator present and not
paired, with two exceptions, voted for i
the substitute policy in respect to the is
lands reported from the minority of the
senate committee oti the Philippines.
Those two exceptions were Morgan of
Alabama and McKnery of Louisiana,
who did not vote at all All the other
Democrats lined up solidly for the plan ;
of independence and American assist- j
a ice in establishing an independent j
native government.
"Thus the opposition Itecomes more
and more strongly identified with a de
finite practicable constructive plan of
b-aling with this problem; and as so
much is said on the imperialist side
about the lack of such a policy as an al
ternative to the imperialist policy of
drift and shoot, it may be well to give in
nil the plan which received the solid
Democratic vote in tin- senate with the i
two exceptions noted
That subject to the provisions herein '
ifterset forth, the ITiited States of Am
■riea hereby relinquish ail claim of sov
ereignity over and title to the archipe
ago known as the Philippine islands.
That from and after tie- passage of
bis art said archipelago shall be foreign
erritory and all goods entering the
'cited States therefrom hall be subject
to the sane- duties customs and imposts
as are now, or nitty hereafter 1m , pre
crilied by law for goods entered from
•tiler foreign countries Provided. That
luring the temporary occupation of said
islands as hereinafter provided, all trade
M-tween the same and the Tinted States
hall be free
That the Tinted Stales shall continue
o occupy and govern said archipelago
mtil tln- people thereof shall form a
(able government, and until sufficient
(imrantees have been obtained for the
performance of our treaty obligations'
vitli Spain for the safety of those in
militants who have adhered to the
uited States and for the maintenance
ind protection of all rights which have
iccnred under their authority.
That as soon as these results have been
K'coiuplished it is declared to be the
•urpose of the Tuited States, which the
president is directed to carry into effect,
tu withdraw from said islands and leave
the government, control and sovereign
t v thereof to the inhabitants of the same
retaining only such military, naval and
ailing stations as mav be designated bv ■
be government of tie- I uited Stales.
The cry of the imperialists has all
dung been that the epjMtsition offers no
substitute constructive programme
untiling but 'scuttle'. Asa matter of
fact, the opposition to ibis criminal ng
gression, at no stage of its progress, lias ■
is-eii without a clear, honorable and
practicable plan of national action with
out any scutth about it except a scut
tie from the bloody and fruitless policy
o' unciiiiditioiml subjugation hack to
American principles and ideals And
n iw we have the opposition in congress
uniting on tin- above statement of policy,
which, as leading tn some definite cud
consistent with the Declaration of hide
[leiiib-iici- is a work of constructive
tatcsmaiisliip contrasting sharply with
the blind alley cmirae of the imperialist
•>u such a platform the minority
party cannot fail to grow in strength
Oeforc the js-ople The two parties as
they now stand have as Lincoln would
have expressed it. succeeded ill tight!.ig
themselves each into the old coat of the
other The Republican party is back
Ic’ose upon ante-bellum Democratic
ground of class privilege and the suh
jectioii of a race The Ileniociatic party
is coming up to old Republican doctrine
that might does not have right, and that
governments derive their just powers
from the consent of the governed The
! contest on such issues may 1h- long hut
: its outcome can never Im- uncertain.
Tiik Haitv Man.
| The happy man is he who knows what
i lit ought to know and who knowing
< touch's <Vuick Relief cures internal ache
and external pain insists on his drug
gist keeping it for sale Trice 2ftcents-a
Ia buttle For sab- by F. C. Huerstatte
The March number of the Forum
opens with a statement, by Walker D.
Hines, of the objections brought by the
railroad companies against "The Pro
posals of the Interstate Commerce Com
mission.” On another subject of im
mediate political interest the case of
either side is simultaneously presented.
Hon. Truxton Beale urging in favor of
Chinese Exclusion and Hon. Robert
Hutcheson against it From the conclu
sion of an article by Hon. Charles Den
by on The Duties of a Minister to
China it apjiears that this former repre
sentative of the United States to Peking
is to he numbered with the exclusionists.
The account given by R E C. Long of
"Home Remarkable Russian Engineer
ing Projects shows that the epithet he
has chosen for use in his title is far from
being an exaggeration. Considerable
criticism will probably be excited in ed
ucational circles by Prof. G. T. Ladd's
otitsjioken exposition of "The True
Functions of a Great University” and
his discussion of the extent to which
these functions are at present being ful
filled in America.
The most incisive and most keenly
analytical sketches of public men which
have been prepared during tlie past two
years have been those of William Allen
White The humorous little episode
between Air. White and Mr. Thomas C.
| Platt is still fresh in the public memory.
Mr. White’s sketch for March appears
in the Cosmopolitian and is on the late
President Harrison. it will he read
with wide interest by both the opponents
and frienls of that statesman.
The character sketch in the March
Re vie v of Reviews is devoted to tin- in
teresting personality of the president of
Harvard University. Mr. George P.
Morris the author of the sketch, tells
hownairowly President Eliot escaped a
career in c mnnrcn and finance by ac
cepting an academic position at a time
when a treasnrership of a cotton mill
.vas open to him! The article develops
into a keen analysis of the remarkable
administrative abilities displayed by the
dean of our university presidents, and
there is also a disriinitiating criticism of
Dr Eliot's literary qnnlitiss.
* #
"Wild Oats.'' the March novel in Lip
pincott's Magazine, is written by Francis
Willing Wharton, whose stories of ad
venture and sentiment have made her
welcome to magazine readers. This is
In r first sustained novel, and it adds
'iiuch to her reputation for Hashes of
ight upon social frivolities. The crop
if wild oats has been plentifully sown
by a gay college student, and after a
irief inglorious reign at his 'Varsity he
returns to a reproachful family, only to
lind his sweethea"t bent on having a few
larks of her own. A wily uncle of the
wild youth is leading the girl into im
prudent situations. She is pretty and
young and means nohartn, being simply
the product of a guardian grandfather's
plan to allow girls to follow their own
b-vices After a particularly daring
escapade which results in a broken wrist
almost a ditto heart she decides she
"wants to be good." The brief, spright
ly novel is charmingly original and in
creases in interest 1,, the last page.
now's mis?
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Eczema, Psoriasis, Salt
Rheum.Tetter and Acne
Belong to that class of inflammatory and disfiguring skin eruptions that
cause more genuine bodily discomfort and worry than all other known
diseases. The impurities or sediments which collect in the system because
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Blood Poison.
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cliis.-nWrvor the harbingers of sprint; are
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Mm W the coming change in your‘body.
Something is going on within you that at times
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I to visit our city for a long term of years
| with an ever increasing number of pa
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. confidence of the public. His iwtients
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the Williams House, Manitowoc, Thurs
day. March 20, 1902, for one day only.
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Some latter day historian has put it
down that Nopoleon died form the ef
fects of over-indulgence in onions. Per
haps the onion habit may have had some
thing to do, also: with his domestic in
Mow to Cure the Grippe.
Remain quietly at home and take
Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy as direct
ed and a quick recovery is sure to fol
low. That remedy counteracts any ten
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Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble. .
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
, _ . . and cheerfulness soon
disappear when the kld
neys are out of order
Ji&l or diseased.
~ffqyirfyfA-jrKidney trouble has
: become so prevalent
* ]) at i3 not uncomm °n
- - for a c Md t 0 b* born
// a^*ic<e d w >fh weakkid-
Wj|f '^V\]k = ~ * neys- the child urin
al--d. ates too often, if the
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, if is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
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erable win! kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediate effect of
Swamp-Root is soon realized. It is sold
by druggists, in fifty
cent and one dollar
sizes. You mav have a
cample bottle by mail
free, also pamphlet tell- Home of flwatnp-uoot.
ing all about it, including many of the
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
& Cos.. Binghamton, N. Y., be sure and
mention this paper.
Referring to those old-fashioned per -
sons who have not been seen “nor heard
o'" latsly, what has become of the es
timable old woman who wore side lace
r ¥T You Could LoolT
II into the fu’ure an cl see the condition
to which your cough, if neglected,
will brine you, you would seek relief at
once—and that naturally would be through
| j Guaranteed to ore Con
-1 sumption. Bronchitis,
* *■'* * Asthma, and all Lung
Troubles. Cures Coughs and Colds in a day.
P~> cents. Write to S. C. Wi-lls & Cos.,
Lc Roy, N. Y„ for free trial bottle.
A school teacher in Westport, Kas.,
asked the pupils to write the longest
sentence they could think of. One little
boy wrote: “Imprisonment for life.”
When a man’s wife tells him tc “wait
j ist a second" be can form some idea of
w iat eternity is dice
New and Improved Service to St
Paul and flinneapolis
Via the North-Western Line. To fur
I ther accomodate its many patrons en
route to the “Twin Cities” from points
j north of Milwaukee, me Chicago &
North-Western R’y now runs a Free Re
| dining Chair Car on the evening train
i Milwaukee. Via Fond du Lac, connect
ing at Appleton Jet. with train leaving
i Manitowoc at 4:20 P. M,, connecting
with train leaving Appleton Jet. 10:25
P. M. arriving at St. Paul and Minne
apolis early the next morning, and con
necting at Merrillan with similary equ
ped train for Duluth and the Superiors-
Like service southbound. This in addi
tion to the Pullman Sleeping Cars which
are run on the same trains daily between
Fon du Lac and Minneapolis. Apply to
agents Chicago andNorth-Western.

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