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At Francis Creek, on Tuesday of hist
week, occoured the welding of Miss
Anne Sladky to Joseph Perontka.
The marriage ceremony was perfrom
ed at Kellnersville by Rev. Father Cipeu.
Both the bride and the groom are well
known in their neighborhood and have
a large circle of friends who will wish
them happiness.
Herman Englefrecht put up anew
frame barn some time ago.
Qeo. Schmidt who a few years ago
sold his far u here and moved to Mishi
cot has again returned tJ make Two
Creeks his home.
Henry Lehrman and Anton Benisb
our local ship carjienters are busy at
work fixing up the Little Georgie so she
may 1‘ worthy of her name.
Some of our Two Creeks people at
tended a dance given by B. Langhamp
of Tisch Mills, they reported of having
an enjoyable time, but on their waj
coming home everything looked blue
instead of green to them.
A pit*(want surprise on Miss Lucy
Lodel took place last Thursday evening,
to remind her of tin* fact that it "as
her birthday, the yonng people of the
village of Two Creeks came (>ut and
serenaded her. After that various
kinds of enjoyments were indulged in
The chief sources of entertainment
were vocal and instrumental music.
The young jeople staid and enjoyed
themselves until they began to feel
that it was time to retire, when they
parted and went home. All those that
attended reported having enjoyed them
selves thoroughly.
A grand ball is to take place a* West
Two Creeks Sunday. June -1). The
music is to Is- furnished by Prof.
Bchoners Brass Band.
Kd, Benish, a fisherman working for
Chan. La Claire, came through here last
Hunday and gave the old village of
Two (‘reeks a call
We hav- every reason to believe that
in the twentieth century things will go
differently as compared to the nine
teenth century. As an example or
this, there is one great change taking
place already. as the girls an- <se .rting
the tsiys home from plat es of f ntertain
merit which is exactly the opposite to
what it used to lie.
Rols-rt Sehroeder had a runaway hist
Sunday evening. He had his buggy
partly wrecked.
lawt Sunday. School Hist. No. 1. gave
a picnic to whir h all wer< welcomerl. It
commenced with a song in tin* school
nsuii after which they marched to the
picnic place, .lohaneks t tri-hr-slra leading
with the music. After the pupils came
to the woods I he chief engagements w< re
games of different kinds, social and in
strumental music Luncheon and
lemonade were served. This was fol
lower! hv a speech by Prof ■! I‘ Wojta,
and rme by W A Truuek teacher, anti
R few songs closed the programme for
the day after which all returned to
their homes reporting a good time,
Miss Isits, of Racine, is visiting at
the home of tier aunt, Mrs C Wilner
this week.
J. (tagnon of Two Rivers with a
party of friends drove through this
place Sunday.
Mrs. Mushock of Two Rivers spent
Saturday arnl Sunday in Mishieot
N. Fortier and wife of Coleman,
Marinette county. iiml Mrs. I) Hioime
ami children of Lena. <)conto county,
are exchanging mites with friends and
relative# of thin place Tint above part
inn a’e former residents of Mishlcot.
Tin* ball Kanie which look place in
our village Holiday Isrtween Larribce and
Mishicot Jr.'s result il in a victory !■ r
the latter Score :t to <>
Aug Rhode 's very nicely established
in his new te-idenct which i very tine
and up to date in every respect
The nail club did not net much cmh
at their dance hint Saturday
Oliver 1C i i**l 1 hi in of Mr and Mix,
Frank Knell, wax taken to the Holy
Family hospital Monday to have an
operation performed
An, icecream sis ial was given at the
home of Mr and Mrs Lmil Syrinka last
A number of our young people took
in the dame at KtanglevilleSunday eve.
Miss. (i I >ca and brother of Reed-villi
visited with friends here lust Sunday
and also took in the sights at the ('uves
Miss Nellie Oat K-y of < Ismail is visit
iug with her aunt Mrs T .1 1 >•• Wane.
Mrs M (b iiie r of Chicago is vwiting
relative, here
(Jeorge Hrctt of Chicago is a gu< st
of his sister Mrs T Hradv
Miss Annie Corbett is home from
Chicago for a few w gs
Misses Annie an 1 Rose Uriel ley i-nt* r
taile and a few friends Sunday Kve.
Mrs T Bradley visited al (Insui Hay
on Sunday
Miss Marie Chiela and Mr. Joseph
Konop were united in marriage at Slang
leville Wfslneslay a reception was giv
en at the home of the bride in Holt
Mrs. T. J. Do Wane has returned
home from a two weeks visit al (>sman
and St Nazianz.
A base ball team has lieen organized
out at Curran, called the Curran L*a
gue. They played last Sunday for the
second time and will be prepar *d to
accept a challenge.
Misses Rose Bradley, Alice De Wane
Nellie (Urey. Alice Brady, Annie Cor
bett, Josie Collins. Julia McKnight and
Messrs. George Brett, Jerry Robett,
George McKnight and Michael Mc-
Knight went out to see the sights at the
Caves Sunday afternoon and all enjoyed
themselves immensely
Chas. Borssaw and John FJmer took
a trij) tip north to Sena and Coleman,
visiting friends ami relatives and also
to look for some gool agricultural land.
Frank Hager closed his school, and
his closing entertainment Friday at the
school house. The pupils all like him
and hope they will meet him as their
teacher again next Autumn.
Mrs. Ca-qter is honorel with a visit of
her daughter Lizzie and family.
Miss Sewis and John Hebei were uni’
ted in holy matrimony last Wednesday
at the St. James church, They have the
best wishes of their many friends.
John Sestak is sinking a well for Henry
Marsha Zeddies is spending her vaca
tion with her parents.
Some of onr farmers have started
making hay but. they find the weather
quite nnfovorable.
Frank Cookee has again leased th*
saloon and hotel of Mose Alee for one
Many of our farmers are busy hauling
in their hay.
A number o. our young people attend
ed the ‘ killing’" contest held at Francis
Creek last Sunday.
The r affle fair held at LntTHbee last
Monday was well attended.
The Mishieot ami Larrabee base ball
teams played a game of ball at the for
mers field last Sunday.
Don’t forget fin- grand opening ball to
Is- held at Larrabee next Sunday.
Williard Mott, one of our young sports,
h is hired out to work for Mr. Vogel for
the season.
Henry Heat who has been sit-k for the
last week, is able to get around again.
The party held at Rhebines last Friday
night was well attended.

1 Miss Clara Kt/.ler visited at I trillion
.1.11. Meanv and sister Miss Winnie
Meaney visited at Kellnersville Tuesday.
Mr Pant/of Seymour visited his son
I? Pant/ last week.
Mr Wyseman of the Manitowoc Pilot
was in town Wednesday.
Arnold Rusch visited at Manitowoc
Mm L A Busse and sister Miss
Flora Htelling. were at Maiiitowis-i
MissS Strumle of Cato was in town
Martin < t’Brien of Hasson was in
town Sat unlay,
I F Stilling was a Port Washington
v isitor Sunday ami Monday
Ueo. A French of Autigo was in
town Friday.
Mrs. F Stelling is visiting at Holton
It .1 Lucas, of Jlllcslinrv, Colo , wax
iii town Friday.
.1 A Staudt of Manitowoc was in
town Sunday
.1 Hud bel tof Osborn. Ohio, was here
Havid ('roll of Manitowoc called 'ore
John Hr.iheim of Kassoii Sundayed
A large delegation of people from
Manitowoc attended the Lutheran
Mission feast held here Sunday. The
Lutheran band accompanied them and
furnished first class music.
Fanners in this vicinity have Is-gun
hay ing
Will Cary of Manitowoc, visited here
Now the (toys are saving lie n coppers
t' i at tend theOieat Wallace show
Hid yon see the auto which passed
t lirough here Saturdaj ?
Misses Annie and Amanda Lls*rt of
Manitowoc v isiti and here Solid iv
Mr and Mrs, Rediers of Cato visited
lo re Wednesday.
Erwin Cary s|s nl Sunday here
M M. (• iihin took Hu* Seventh and
Light)i grades to Cato Friday, to attend
tlie entertainment.
Ld Maerl/. and Nell Cronin attended
t he entertainment it Cato Friday.
in summer can Do provontocl
by taklng
Scott’s Emulsion
Its iih beneficial in summer as
In winter. If you are weal: or
run down. It will build you up.
iiH (or (or unnijitr
her ITT a IKIWNK, iTemUtu,
l-csrl Mirri, New Votk,
jw, am) (i on, all 'tniggihU.
A Generation Ago ~
Coffee could only be bought tnwwmlM
HV)*vT in bulk. The 20th Century J j
p Lion Coffee
ways correct in weight,
clean, fresh, uniform and
retaining its rich flavor.
Miss E. Bonrchardt of Milwaukee is
visiting here.
Miss IdaSchasee of Manitowoc visit
ed here Sunday.
Dr. and Mrs. O’Connell of Cato spent
Sunday here.
Miss Emily Scheeg visited at Brillion
Fitality Temyles in India
Sacred cows often defile Indian tem
ples, hut worse yet is a body that’s pol
luted by constipation. Don’t permit it.
I Cleanse your system with Dr.
j New Life Bills and avoid untold misery
! They give lively livers, active bowels,
j good digestion, tine appetite. (July 25c
I at H. llinrich’s drug store.
Even the high liver may be in low
A Real l-riend
“I suffered from dyspepsia and in
digeston for fifteen years,” says W T.
Hturdevaut of Merry Oaks, N. C. "At
ler I had tried many doctors and medi
cines to no avail one of my friends per
suaded me to try’ Kodol. It gave im
mediate relief. lean eat almost any
thing I want now and my digestion is
good. I cheerfully recommend Kodol.”
Don’t try* to cure stomach trouble by
dieting. That only further weakens
the system. You need wholesome,
strengthening food Kodol enables
yon to assimilate what you eat by di
gesting it without the stomach's aid.
F. ('. Buersfatte.
It isso monotonous tube jsior. on
never have any change.
(idling a New Crop of Hair, and Has No
More Dandruff.
Everybody in the Northwest knows
Col Daniel Searles. the veteran jonr
nalist and publicist of Butte, Jan. 10,
1000, the Colonel writes: “I used a
couple of bottles of Newbro's Herpicide
with marvelous results. The dandruff
disappeared: anew crop of hair has
taken root, and the bald spot is rapidly
being covered.” Herpicide is the only
hair preparation that kills the dandruff
germ that dig up the scalp in scales as
its borrows its way to the root of the
hair, where it destroys the vitality of
the hair, causing the to fall out. Kill
the drandrutT germ, with Herpicide.
He (showing) his country cousin a por
trait in his art gallery) "What do you
think of my old master?” She -"Pleas
■Hit fact tint old gentleman has. Now
long did you study with him?” Detroit
Free Press.
The variety of styles, the richness of
the color combinations, and the ar
tistic beauty of the hats would dis
tinguish them from the ordinary kind
wherever seen. Then, too, the prices
area strong attraction, for you can
not find anywhere else in the city
hats of equal style and value at our
low figures.
Even an elastic consceince will some
times fly back and sting.
My little son had an attack of whoop
ing cough and was threatened with
pneumonia; but for Chamberlain s
Cough Remedy we would have had a
serious time of it. It also saved him
from several severe attacks of croup.—
H. J. Strickfaden. editor World-
He mid. Fair Haven, Wash. For sale
by Henry Hinrichs.
Wit is the wine of intellect, but an ill
pasture may turn it tc vinegar.
Of what does a bad taste in your
mouth remind you? It indicates that
your stomach is in bad condition and
will remind you that there is nothing so
good for such a disorder as Chamber
lain’s Stomach & Liver Tablets after
having once used them. They cleanse
and invigorate the stomach and regu
late the bowels. For sale at 25 cents
per box by Henry Hinrichs.
When nothing around town gives peo
ple a chance to find fault with a wid
ower, they drive out to the cemetery to
see if there are any weeds on the grave
of his wife
Kidney Trouble Makes You Miserable.
Almost everybody who reads the news
papers is sure to know of the wonderful
a ,1 . cures made by Dr.
—lll Kilmer’s Swamp-Root,
| | the great kidney, liver
IJ V'lyQ'Ty li. and bladder remedy.
- ! J F\Sl ' It is the great medi
~ fvj ’V I'"' cal triumph of the nine
\k__i 1 |j|jff teenth century; dis-
L J J ! 1 covered after years of
./ T 111 scientific research by
1 tT Dr. Kilmer, the eml
[]_ Ac*. - " nent kidney and blad
’ der specialist, and is
wonderfully successful in promptly curing
lame back, kidney, bladder, uric acid trou
bles and Bright's Disease, which is the worst
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Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root Is not rec
ommended for everything but if you havekid
ney, liver or bladder trouble it will be found
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chase relief and has proved so successful in
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been made by which all readers of this paper
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sample bottle sent free by mail, also a book
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When writing mention reading this generous
offer In this paper and
send your address to grtirTfScrtf
Dr. Kilmer & Co.,Bing- E
hamton, N. Y. The
regular fifty cent and Home of swamp-noot.
dollar sizes arc sold by all good druggists.
finally BALDNESS
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the effect.
Kill the Dandruff Germ
The only preparation that
will destroy those parasites.
For Sale by all Druggist*.
i v
A man married to a rich estate never
can see what the slaves bad to complain
Order your extras for anything made
in the line of Hardware Tools, Stoves
Furnaces, etc. For prompt service or
der of The Rand & Roemer Hdw. Cos.
The beef trust raises the price of meat,
and suburbanites are raising vegetables.
Onward Baptists.
The Pere Marquette has been selected
as the official route to the convention of
the B. Y. I’. U. at Providence, R. 1.,
July 10-13.
Special arrangements have been
made by the transportation leader.
A large delegation will leave Mil
waukee July 8. and full particulars will
be furnished on application to
11. W. Jameson,
TANARUS, P. A. Pere Marquette.
July J. Milwaukee, Wis.
Excursion East Via Pkrk Mar
quette Line.
The < Ifticial Route of the B. Y. P. U-
Proviendce, U. 1. and Return via
Niagara Falls ami Buffalo $18.1)0
Via Montreal 20.50
Via Hudson River and New York, 21.20
Via Washington & Philadelphia... 22,30
Good going July 0,7, 8 and I*. Good
to return August 15.
Portland, Me., and Return, via
Toronto and Montreal $20.50
Via Niagara Falls ami 805t0n.... 31.50
On Sale Julv 5, (, 7, 8 and 0. Good
to Return August 15. Summer Tourist
tickets good until Oct. 3lst on sale.
Write for Summer Tour Book and
full information to
xll. W. Jameson.
T. P. A. Pere Marquette
July 3. Milwaukee. Wis.
Improved and unimproved farms in
Oconto county for sale. Correspond
ence solicited. Bank opGii.t.ett,
Gillett, Wis.
I have the latest and cheapest Pat
terns in Wall paper, in the city. All
new, no old stock. Give me a call. A.
C. Becker. 1)03 Washington St.
$ ft ft .^Crjp?'
will soon be on the market and a very low price will be made on the first 100.
Manitowoc. Wi.con.ln.
Schuette Bros. Cos
Clothing Sale.
No damaged goods by smoke or water; but perfect, well-made
fresh and honest goods, at prices that will be found lower, consul
cring quality, than those asked for so-calied FIRE SALE GOOD!-
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If you have any doubts about this, just make comparisons, nol
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sonablc lapse of time, you will find ours to be the cheaper. If an\
thing should prove radically wrong in OUR goods, whether ii
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allowance. Here follow a few of our many lines in MEN’!
Durable black clay effect (P 'I IJT
Datk blue male-line Cl 75
suits sL.ld
Black clay suits, faced in front tfr
up to shoulders pJ.UU
Heavy dark blue serge suit, an
celebrated H S. & M I .UU
Black soft finish male-line Jj|j
Fine electric blue tjjjj qq
Blue serge suits, double- qss an
breasted, satin lined <)II.UU
All-wool black clay qq
Children’s wash suits. ... 75c., SI.OO ~41.40
—- --
Schuette Bros. Cos.
m. kuhl & SON.
811 Quay St., Opposite Schuette’s Mill.
We have just received a fine line of Flynets,
Dusters and other summer goods. Come and look
over our line. We are the harness manufacturers,
have your harness made to order. Flynets of all de
|>f m IIVPCI ■ a ijiki tn every county to sail our blffb’Rfkde Wurtwry I
111 H U I L9l V 'fl MAN I'lo.luctM. We Kimrantee permanent position I
Ww UIVIP 19 ’ fl IT!fill w.tli pro npt. nigral pay to the rluht man. I
■ ■Fill ■ MW! Alldreas at once. WKMKHJi JiKW YOKE SL'HHKRT CO., Koch.it.r, It. TANARUS, I
Drs. C. W. Seehase and O. C. Wern
icke, dentists. Parlors in Wernecke &
Schmitz Block. tf.
The great sale on Shoes at Burt and
Stahl’s, York street, has been extended.
Men’s coat and pants, chalk ffr a/
line patterns
Workingmen’s pants, (P< aa
60c, 65c, 70c. 75c, I.UU and n;
Boys' black doable breasted djj
Boys'bine cheviot vestee (P| gr
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I buy my Wall Paper direct from the
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