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Ptesllsr Habits of Ihr Wsfr Snakfi
in the St. Krancli Valley,
Arks n isi,
“When it comes to downright vi
ciousness among snakes," said a man
from Arkansas, reports the .New in
leans Times-Democrat, “I will pul
the water moccasin against every
other kind of snakes on earth. I
was reading a story about the snakes
of Martinique in one of the New Vork
papers, and it see.ns that they are
afflicted on the island with a rather
bad brand of snakes, snakes that
really go around looking for trouble.
1 could not help thinking that the
Martinique reptile must be related in
some way to the vicious water moc
casin which is to be found in the St.
Francia basin, up in Arkansas. They
are savage, and, what is ‘worse and
more of it,' they seem to have organ
ized for offensive and defensive pur
poses. There are millions upon mil
lions of these snakes in the basin of
the St. Francis river between the
Sunk lands and the mouth of the
river, a few miles above Helena. I
have seen the lakes alive with them,
i have known of instances where it
would be impossible for a farm hand
to water his horse after bis day's
work or account of the snakes. The
snakes feed in the edges of the lakes
during the evening, and as soon as
an effort would be made to water
the horse at u cer'aiu place they
would make a charge on that partic
ular place, wriggling in from the lake
in gn at numbers. They seemed to
reseat It as an encroachment upon
their ; ;ghts, and no amount of ‘shoo
ing’ or chunking would drive them
away. They would simply choke the
drinking place. 1 have seen this sa:
tiling happen a number of times. t,"
course, it would be necessary to take
the horse elsewhere for watering
purpose*. They are extremely poi
sonous, and I have heard of many in
stances where the moccasin bite
killed animals. Dogs in that part of
the country frequently die as the re
sult of being bitten by a water moc
casin. They are not bad about run
ning away when they are in a flock
In fact, the running bad better be on
the other side if it. happens to be
cither near the beginning or at the
end of the snake season, for they
really seem to be more vicious and
more petulant, If 1 may say It, at the
extremes of the season than at nth
er times. I suppose there is some
natural reason for the fact. At any
rale, it Is a fact. Coming back to tin
point, I will put the particular brand
of Arkansas water moccasin to which
I have teferred against anything in
the reptilian Une to be found in Mar
tinlque, or at any other place, foi
that inatter. for 1 really believe they
are the most desperately vicious
snakes on the face of the earth."
Fireiveb norlor Muutkil to Fwrce ( l-
I M'l lon r r IIIU WII 111 n I'ultvnl,
nllli Hail llraulls.
The odd experiences of a consul, m
narrated by a writer ia the Huston
Transcript, illustrate in home degree
the widi range of duties which theni
men perform. Americana who vihil
foreign countries are often greatly
indebted to the prompt assistance id
their consul. Mr. .lames T. Dubois
formerly consul general at St. (lull
tells this htory of a physician's mis
take at Air la-Chupelle:
An American woman who had been
visiting at Aix la Chupclle had em
ployed a physician, 1 lie Dill which
lie submitted as she was about to
leave Cue town was so large that sin
could do no better Ilian pay several
hundred murks on account, wilii tin
promise that she would remit the
rest from I’arls. To this the doetoi
objected, and demanded the whole
amount of his bill at once.
While the woman was sitting in a
car of the i’uris express at the stu
tion she was surprised by the ap
pearance of the doctor, who asked
to see her ticket. With that once In
hand, lie hurried away. The unfor
lunate woman left the train and
came straightway to the consulate.
Comnlaint was at once lodged at
the police headquarters. The doctor
was arrested, tried and convicted of
ttieft. lie was fined 100 mark . Ins
name stricken from the list of physi
cians ami from the guide-books. His
punishment virtually ruined him in
his profession.
I,nld H l l iu H i of Aneleiit K mer leu n ■
(ire.-d is responsible for tin loss
of some priceless objects that were
found in ancient shafts in a little
island ofl the coast of Ecuador that
would, no doubt, have cast valuable
light on the high stage of civili/a
lion reached by the prehistoric in
habitants of Ecuador and Colombia.
The objects consisted of many small
articles of jewelry and two magnifl
cent solid gold helmets. 'Tin* latter
were fortunately rescued from the
smelting pot in time. Imt almost all
the rest of the precious ornaments
were lost to science. The helmets
are beautifully made and richly or
namented, showing not only an ad
vanned condition of industrial art,
hut a high state of decorative art.
beaus to Turkish Farmers.
Turkey possesses an extensive sys
tem of agricultural banks under gov
ernment management, the purpose of
which is to furnish small loans to
farrnera The capital ia provided by
a light annual tax on agricultural
property. Principal agencies have
been established in 05 cities, capitals
of provinces (vilayets) or counties
(sanjaks), and there are so:j branches
in b s important places.—London
Kleffnnl mi*l Complete llnilronil Srr--
Ice lo He Olven .\ew York Thronirh
Knpol Transit Innnel.
New Yorkers will be riding from one
end of the rapid transit tunnel to the
other in less than a year, according to
the announcement made by Chief Engi
neer William Barclay Parsons. Prac
tically aii the tunnel digging will be
finished within the next six week*.
•‘By nex* New Year's day it will be
gin to look like a railroad,” said Mr.
Parsons. “We shall then have seven
miles of four-track railroad laid and
ready for businee*. And by that time
we expect the work of excavation and
inclosure to be completed. In all there
are 60 miles of single track road to be
built. The electric motors will begin
to arrive about January 1, and the
cars w ill soon follow. The stations w ill
be beautiful and artistic as well as
illuminated by sunlight and perfectly
“A color scheme has also been adopt
ed, by which to distinguish the various
section* of the road, so ns to enable t he
passenger to toll at a glance when he
Is nearing the station at which he
wants to leave the train.
“This will tie in addition to an auto
matic device in the cars by which the
next station will be announced.
"At all important stat lons telephone
booths- will be established, and at the
more important stations telegraph sta
tions also. There will tie both ascend
ing and dewending elevators at all the
deep stations.
"Stairways have been planned so at
to keep the incoming and outgoing
streams of passengers entirely sep
arate. The stairway* will lie wider in.
the average than those of the elevated
railways and there will be twice as
mn ny.
"I believe we shall throw the main
section open to traffic on October 1
of next yea r, and that will tie 15 months
within the time limit fixed In the con
Plans for IrrlKallim Itleh Ileneh
I, noit ■ In 5V ynin In g n > Menus of
tViitrr Now Wonted.
Investigations by the United States
geological survey are now in progress
in northern Wyoming with a view to
extending the u.c of the available wn
tereupply in that portion of thestafe.
Jeremiah Ahern, an engineer of the
geological survey, is in charge of the
work. Particular attention In directed
to the eastern slope of the Bighorn
mountains, where important storage
problems on the head wafers of the Sul
phur. Powder and Tongue river* await
These stream*, after leaving the
mountains, tb w through fertile bench
and valley land*, which, with proper
Irrigation, would be valuable for agri
cultural development The rainfall of
Mint region is light during the lime
water is needed for Irrigation, but the
winter snow* on the mountain slope*
are unusually heavy and furnish large
quantities of water to the streams.
The source of supply nt present Is an
extremely unsatisfactory one, for the
warm rnln* of spring melt the snow
rapidly and produce disastrous floods,
In which large quantities of water pass
through the streams' unused.
There are, however, a number of
lakes in the region, favorably situated
to be used for storage. One of these
Is Lake de Smet. whose water surface
Is said to be 30 feet Ivelow the lowest
part of Its rim In this lake it Is pro
posed to store part of the headwaters
of (lie Powder river, thus saving a
large body of water for Irrigation
which Is now entirely wasted.
Mr. Ahern has been engaged during
the present summer In gauging the
flow of the streams on the eastern
slope of the Bighorn mountains and In
investigating the possibilities and
probable cost of water storage In the
IdapnrlnK-nls Cos nd not oil hr Vrnt,
Trowbridge Throw !w 1.1H !■ t
on Al'llon of Mu l> t n I n(.
Experlmentsconducted by I’rof. John
Trowbridge, of Harvard university,
have b-il to the definite statement that
lightning will not strike water. By
means of a battery of 20,000 cell* he
obtained n voltage of 6,000,(100, which
force, he any*. is at least comparable
to lightning and enabled him to de
duce. hi* conclusions. He said:
“With my buttery 1 was able to ob
tain an electric spark about seven feet
long, nod found that instead of strik
ing the water a spark of six or seven
feet In length invariably jumped to
some adjacent object in preference to
striking the liquid surface, A spark
of only a few feei Jn length, however,
will strike the water, but such a spark
is not comparable to lightning.
“Beyond n million volts the initial
resist!.;,: of atmospheric air to elec
trical discharges becomes less and less,
and the discharge therefore Is shunted
through the sir Instead of upon thn
water and strikes some object adja
cent to the water.”
Side SlluplK of Autos.
Alfred Harmswurtb, who Is an en
thusiastic motorist, of London, has
called upon the automobile clubs to
appoint u committee of experts to con
sider the subject of side slipping, in or
der to devise means of rendering it im
possible. Mr. Harmsworth regards it
ns one of the drawbacks to motoring,
and says he himself had some side -
slipping experiences this summer, both
in England and on the continent, which
made him doubt whether the game was
Wurth tlie candle.
Why II• Fulled
of Voir* VVUN fill* of flit* M'HhOllN
a London nut;tiuiiN r for his
New York Financier, It le Said, Bi
peds Noon to Drop Active
Business Cares.
Russell Sage, it was said on good au
thority, has decided to withdraw from
active business life. Ills reported that
lie has so arranged his business affairs
that they will not neeo his constant
watching and attendance. According
to the story, Mr. Sage liascontemplated
this step h>r some time.
Convinced that age has taken a firm
grip on his iron con.titution and that
if he had not possessed the most re
markable vitality he would have yield
ed long ago to the strain to which he
has been subjected for so many years-,
Mr. Sage lias concluded to take more
rest. He had hoped to resume his finan
cial operations long oefore this time,
but Mrs. Sage and the attending physi
cians have finally persuaded him lie
must lie prudent if lie desire* to pro
long hi* life.
In the last year Mr. .Sage has so sys
temati/.ed his business' that now it will
not need his entire attention. It is in.
such acomlition that it may he intrust
ed to the care of others.
One of Mr. Sage’* closest friends is
Or. John I’. Munn, of New York city,
who is not only his medical adviser but
Is said to have represented the aged
financier in many of his enterprises'.
The doctor lias insisted that Mr, Sage
should look more carefully to his phys
ical welfare than he has of late, and it
was with tiie greatest reluctance that
this sound advice lias been accepted.
Over 9.10,000 I'ledaeil nt h Slnnle
Meeting In l.oiprl Tlernnele
In New York City.
Pledges for $53,476 for missionary
work were given the other day hy the
people who assembled at the Gospel
tabernacle, 0!)3 Eighth avenue, New
York city, and listened to the appeal
of Hev. A. 15. Simps.on. Over $6,100 in
cash was given. The promises to pay
have a year to run. Dr, Simpson says
they always are paid--that is, less than
one per cent, of the note givers default
in payment, and this loss is made up
by contributions from other sources.
A recent collection war. the last for
the year of the Christian and Mission
ary alliance. From similar services at
Old Orchard, Me., and other places Mr.
Simpson has collected SIOO J&0, so he
has $150,000 pledged. He expects to
get in $300,000. Last year be collected
The largest gift was a promise of
$5,500. Three pledges of $5,000 each
were found in the baskets, one of $4,000,
one of $3,000, one of $",500, two of $3,000,
ami one of $1,500.
Frenchman Biprrti In <>u Irlv la I Smi-
I mill) 11 1 with Ilia lin pro teal
He vice.
Aeronaut dc Hradsky’s new alrshipis
lying ready in the shed at Paris,
whence Severn’s ill-fated balloon start
ed, and is expected by its owner to out
rival Santos Dumont's when a favor
able day comes. It is egg shaped, 110
feel long and 00 feet in diameter at
the thickest part. \ light wooden
framework running around the bal
loon supports a car on steel wires. The
ca r, const meted of hollow steel tubes,
ij 55 feet long, and weighs, with a 16-
horse-power motor, 1,400 pounds. The
propeller is 14 feet in diameter, and
can make 350 revolutions a minute.
This airship is built on an entirely new
theory. With its Iwo aeronauts St dis
places its own weight of air. Thechief
danger is that a failure of the motor
would cause it to fall rapidly, lie
ilrudsky is confident and relies on the
motor working properly.
William Iv . Va n ile rlil It's Anlii In
vades nn Old Curiosity Min|>
In Franre,
While W. K. Vanderbilt was at Deau
ville recently lie run Ids automobile
Into nn old curiosity shop, scattering
( bines, gods and Itnrniese idols every
where. The shopkeeper came out and
kicked up an awful row, gesticulating
as only a Frenchman can. Mr. Van
derbilt told Itiin not to make such a
fuss ami asked how much damage had
been done. The dealer replied:
“Two thousand franca ($400)."
The millionaire immediately w rote a
check for the amount and left. A
Frenchman standing by remarked:
“What fool- these English are.”
The damage ditl not amount to more
than 50 francs (ten dollars).
All Cripple Creek llecords Sntd to
lime Hern llroken by Hie Wild
llorer Mine.
The largest body of bonan/.a ore ever
opened up in a (Tipple ('reck gold mine
Inis just been encountered in the Wild
Horse of tin- Halted Minos company,
controlled by Warren Woods A Sons,
who clinic to Colorado Springs, Col.,
ten years ago from Cleveland, O. The
pocket is on the eighth level, and is
the to "ii feet wide and over 50 feet
high. It has been opened up right
feet. Cross-vein values average 50
ounces of gold per ton. Select samples
carry phenomenal values.
IXrvrr Ssllsllrd.
Columbia university wants $10,000,-
iHin. There is nv reason to feel sure,
however, says t he Chicago Kccord-Her
ald, that it wouldn't want more if it
got tin* ten million.
Ilrnlh from Fly llllr.
After Herr Krltiof, a Hungarian
police mng rule, was bitten by a fly,
blood poisoning set in and lie died in
excruciating agony.
New Facilities' for Reaching the Pacific
Coast- Low Rates. Improved Train
Service and Unprecedented Travel to
California and Oregon- The Service
this Winter to be better than ever.
Special Attention is being given to
Tourists Sleeping Car Parlies.
The tranc continental lines have been
making extensive efforts lat.'y to
improve their service to and from the
Pacific Coast, the latest development
announced being that the personally
conducted feature of the Chicago &
North-Western and Union Pacific ser
vice is to be expanded and extended to
include personally conducted excursions
to the Coast twice a week from Chicago
via Omaha, Denver and Salt Lake City,
jin addition to the three a week now
, operated to the Coast via Omaha and
Cheyenne. This gives the tourist a
chance to enjoy the most beautiful
scenery that Colorado affords,the route
being through Colorado Springs, past
Pike's Peak and via the Royal Gorge,
Glenwood Springs and Salt Lake City.
This, with the two tours a week via
Cheyenne and Ogden to Sacreuiento,
San Francisco aad Los Angeles and one
a week to Portland, makes five person
ally cond acted excursions per week
from Chicago to California, Oregon and
This pe> sonaily conducted feature
has expanded wonderfully in the last
few years. The service has steadily im
proved, so that Pullman tourist sleep
ing cars have all the conveniences of
the standard sleeper and are particular
ly well adapted to the use of family
parties and those who desire economy
in travel. With the low rates now in
effect to the Coast,this branch of the
service promises to he very popular in
deed, and will doubtless enable thou
sands to visit the Coast who otheiwise
would have been unable to go. These
thosands will include a large percentage
of people who hope to find on the sunny
slojas of the Pacific a place where life's
hard struggle may be made easier and
whore a competence may lie gained
with a small investment in fruit raising
or some similar occupation; to which
class is added the invalid who finds in
the far West the dry and balmy air and
sunshiny days that bring health and
strength that the East failed to pro
IN CAMpO* ft'iLD men.
Children of m. Rnnlan Convict Found
In th Heart of a Siberian
A party of Russian geographers un
der Col. Pavovoski, traveling through
an unknown tract of Siberian forest
country recently, came upon a large
natural clearing, where they found
about n hundred wild-looking indi
viduals clad in skins and speaking
line! Russian. They were the children
nml grandchildren of an escaped con
vict, who hud managed to run away
from the mines in 1830, reports a
London exchange.
The convict, whose name was Mat
veyeff, came upon a camp of wander
ing Kirghz (natives) and, after living
with them some time, married one
of their women. The tribe left to
wander and Mntveyeff, finding a
suitable spot in the midst of a dense
forest, settled there with his wife.
After ten years of incredible hard
ship and toil tiny built a house and
managed to till a little soil. As the
years went on the children managed
to secure Kirghize wives, hut as they
feared to visit the Russian settle
ments they were obliged to lead a
Robinson Crusoe sort of existence.
The patriarch Matveycff died five
years r.go.
r*ai*(r< from Shakt ipcn re Deliv
ered I'nalrr Ihe llclicl That They
Were from Ihe lllble.
Tn a letter to the Boston Transcript
on the subject of misquotations, a cor
respondent says: “I have ir my scrap
book three notable quotations from
♦ he Tlinnksgivingproclamntions of the
governors of different states, flov.
Bell, of Texas, began his with ‘Now is
the winter of our discontent made
glorious summer in the words of Holy
Writ.’ 1 once attended a funeral in the
country where the clergyman’s open-
Ing remark was,‘My bereaved friends,
yon have loved and lost the demised.
It has been truly said: “It is impossi
ble to solve the biography of death.”
That is, my bereaved friends, the only
way for ns to look at it.’ An acquaint
ance of mine tells me tjjat Cyrus Bur
leigh. one of the well-known writersof
50 years ago, told her (hat he had just
conic from a Quaker meeting, where he
saw a woman speaker rise and with
n ‘Quaker tone’ say, * “A boss, a hos*.
my kingdom for a boss." Doubtless,
my friends, the inspired Psalmist,
when he penned these words, meant a
ipnitual hios.’ That was all she said,
and- lie solemnly resumed her place mi
1 he ll i<r',i . ee 1 s."
• * .
Distressing Kidney id Bladder dis
cases relieved in six houtt by the “New
(Treat South American -vidney Cure.’’
This m w remedy is a gr >at surprise on
account of its exceeding romptness in
relieving qam in the blalaer. kidneys,
1 Mick and every part of the urinary jias
sages in male or female. It relieves re
tention of water and pain in passiugit
almost immediately. If you wantquick
relief and cure this is your only semedy
Hold by F. C. Bnerstatte, Druggist, .Man
to woe. Wis.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
This preparation contains all of the
digestants and digests all kinds of
fooa. It gives Instant relief and never
falls to cure. It allows you to eat all
the food you want. The most sensitive
stomachs can take it. By its use many
thousands of dyspeptics have been
cured after everything else failed. Is
unequalled for ihe stomach. Child
ren with weak stomachs thrive on It.
First dose relieves. A diet unnecessary.
Cures all stomach troubles
Prepared only by E. C. Dr. Win 4 Cos., Ohicagt
The st. buttle contains 2H tin. s the 50c. size
Schmidt Bros. C. A. Qroffman.
Moiqnllori in India.
A scientific journal says that mos
quitoes in India, when they can
not get blood, enjoy the pollen or the
sap of plants and preserved fruits and
other sweets about the houses.
A. A, I FEVERS, Congeatlona, Inflaiunia
cures t lion*. Lung Fever. Milk Fever.
11. 11. I M'RAINH, I.ameneu. Injuries,
cures S KlieiiiiialUm.
C. C.IWIKK TIIKOAT. Qulnty, Epizootic.
curesl llUtemper.
"a2i| WORMS, Dots, Grub*.
K. E.jCOI'OHR, Cold., Influenza, Inflamed
ecus) I.iuigM, Pleuro-Pneuinonia.
F. F. (COLIC, Bellyache. Wind-Blown,
CURES) IMarrhea, Dysentery.
0.0. Preventa MISCA'a HI AGE.
I. I. (SKIN DISEASES. Mange, Eruption*.
cures {I leer*. Grease, Farcy.
J. K. i BAD CONDITION. Staring Coat.
cures I liidigeHllon. Stomach Stagger*.
<Mc. each; Stable Case, Ten Specifics, Book, Ac., s7*
At druggists, or sent prepaid on receipt of price.
Humphreys’ Medicine Cos., Cor. William A John
Streets, New York.
More smallpox.— Another case of
smallpox was reported in the city Tues
day morning and John Tadych s home,
on Eighteenth streit.Jwhere the disease
has a patient now unper quarantine
We have desirable residence
lots on easy terms.
Dealers In
Wood and
Masonry Supplies.
Quay Street, East of Eighth St
□phone 37 —^
Is HENRY huh insane?— Henry Bub,
a young man whose home is at Kiel,
was brought here Tuesday for examina
tion into his mental condition. He is
IS years of age and his mind has been
affected for some time.
of the United State*.
W. E. TEN BROECK. General Mtfr.
for Wisconsin and Northern Mlchlg.~'.
Suite 602-606 Pabst Building.
‘Strongest la tbo World."
A Good Citizen
Provide, for hi* wife anil children.
' Ye* -and he goe* further
■ He provides for hi* widow ami orphan*
He provide* for hi* own old axe
Life AH*nranr form* an Ideal Investment fo, UU
wan of family
The Equitable 5 per cent.
Gold Bonds
•II the want.
Let me teU yon about them.
District Agent.
Of Berlin, Germany, tbs Expert Specialist and Surgeon.
Who ha.' visited Manitowoc for the past SIX YEARS,
Once a Month, will again be in
Manitowoc* Friday, Nov. 7th.
D|, TURBIN Buslnens Men
All Cases He Undertakes Guaranteed.
YOUNG MEN ,f “ re iwed wth
ivyuivtj IHI-ri nervous debility, stnptd
ness, or are otherwise unfitted for butines' or
study, caused from youthful errors or excesses,
you should consult this specialist at once. Don’t
delay until too late.
MANIKIMH Thel re thousands of yon
mnmxi tiu troubled with weak, aching
backs and kidneys and other unmistakable
signs of nervous debility. Many die of this diffi
culty, ignorant of the cause. The most obstinate
cases of this character treated with unfailing
AI t HKFAtFt ot d*lloate nature—ln
nut. L/IJLnjLJ flammations and kindred
t-oubles—quickly cured without pain or inoon
\ jnience.
C * ATARRH w hlcu poisons the breath,
vnmi\i\ii stomach and lungs and paves
the way for Consumption, also Throat, Liver,
APRW POINTS I let— I The doctor gives bis
rOu lUin 10 I gj—All business conducted
Id—Names and pictures never published unless
are his friends.
WRITE your troubles If living away from city. Th juaands cured at home by correspondence
iiunu and medicine tent as directed. Absolute secrecy In ail professional dealings. Address
al’ letters, giving street and number plainly. Send stamps for list of questions.
DOCTOR TURBIN, 103 Randolph St, Chicago, 111
All of the Goods in our Shoe Store comprising all the
' Must Be Sold at Once
Regardless of Cost,
As we are
One of the largest stocks in the city to select from.
Three Reasons for Buying of Us: Long 1 Experience
in the Shoe Business. Honest Dealing's with You.
Prices Almost Your Own.
Burt Sc Stahl, shoe Dealers.
York Street. One Door West of Chas. Salak Cos.
>’ fleece lined combination suits at..soc
aed combination suits at 25c V"
full line of Gent’s, Boy’s and Children's W
/ear at lowest prices.
go St., betw. 7th and Bth. (J)
See the Pittsburg
Line Before wiSf\ %yil
vMR hqJ
Buying. THf if
Exclusive Patterns and
Only on sale at 'ff
Heart, Kidney, Bladde; and all constitutional
and internal troubles; also Rupture, Piles,
Fistula, Dyspept'a, Diarrhoea and all diseases
of the stomach and bowels treated far in ad
vance of any institution in the country.
Scrofula, Tumore, Tetter, Eczema and Blood
Poison thoroughly eradicated, leaving the sys
tem in a strong, pure and healthful state,
I ADIFt If you are suffering from persistent
Headache, Painful Menstruation.
Uterine Displacements, Pains in Back, and feel
as it it were impossible for vou to endure your
troubles and still be obliffed to atterd your
household and social obligations. There are
many women doing this to-day. However, a
;reat many have taken treatment ot this spe
cialist, and he can refer you to those who have
been cured by him. Give the doctor a nail. He
can give all the encouragement in the world
and will cure you if you trust yourself to bit
personal attention to each individual ease,
on a professional basis and strictly confidential,
requested to do so. Ith—The doctor’s patients

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