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plauitowjoc H’ilot
Established 1858.
Jere Crowley, Ten Eyck G. Olmsted,
WM. F. OHDE, Business Manager
The Pilot is published at Hio York Str.
Terms of subscription ♦1.50 a year,
payments strictly in advance. Ad
vertising rates can Is- procured by
application at the office. All jot'
work done promptly and care taken
that work will l>e artistically turned
on t.
Subscribers and advertisers are request
ed to remit all checks, postomce or
express money order or registered
letter and to address THE PILOT
Got. La Follette's message to the
legislature read last week is a cumber
some document and will likely Is* read
by only a very small moiety of the
people of Wisconsin. He devotes the
greater part of it to his jwit scheme the
primary election law and to the taxa
tion of railroads. The governor's views
on both these questions are so thorough
ly known that it is useless to enter into
an analysis of them. The best plan is
to await fhe bills as they will be formu
lated and presented to the legislature-
In his message, however, the gover
nor practically admits the impossibility
of arriving at the basis of exact taxa
tioii The problem is not only too in
tricate for him to solve but in the his
tory of civilized governments such a
system has never been devised and none
will. Equitable taxation sounds well,
but its realization is utopian. A fairer
basis of taxation can be gotten at than
the present statues afford and should
the legislature achieve such a result it
will have done well.
The Kilbourne Mirrow Gazette has
the following to say about "God's pa
tient poor” and coal: "The Republican
party has the fight of its life right Is
fore it. There are some ghosts that will
not down, there is a hand writing on
the walls of every feast. Anti electee
tion promises, beautiful theories, (low
ering eloqence and the pathetic syiupa
thy for 'God's patient poor,’ are poor
substitutes for coal. There will have to
Is- less talk and more results, and the
p and and , or there will he another Daniel
eoine to judgment when the votes’ are
counted in 94.
The ocean him perils enough to those
whose business or pleasure impels them
to cross it without there being added
danger by negligence on the part of
steamship companies who control ships
that ply the waste of water Last week
the great ocean liner the St. Louis,
limped into j>ort many days overdue,
the cause Ising leaky boilers. The
passengers aboard the vessel, wratby,
passed resolutions, denouncing the com
pany for is-rmitting the boat to pot to
sea while knowing that her boilers wore
crippled If the allegation can Is- huh
tained, the International Navigation
company, who own the heat, is guilty
of i riminal negligence an investigation
should at once lie instituted.
Every portion of this country is deep
ly concerned in the seaworthiness of the
ships carrying passengers, because each
section contributes its quota of ocean
travelers. The belated steamship St.
Louis not only caused tremendous
strain to those alsmrd hut worry and
anguish to their friends ashore Many
bitter hours were spent, many sleepless
nights passed by those who had fathers,
brothers, sisters or other loved ones
among the passengers, doubtless tragic
pictures of watery deaths flouted before
surcharged imaginations, ever and
anon hope- alternating with fear, mak
ing dread the more insufferable.
It liehooves the steamship companie
in the future to place ue value of
human lives above accumulated dollars.
Corporations, however, are soulless.
They see the [lossession of ducats
therefore the risk of a few him Ired lives
is apparently trifeling Dollars’ doll
ars they cry, put off to sea travelers
await, who an- willing to pay the Is.at
will reach the outer shore No reckon
ing before hand of th* misery on land
and sea, should the great craft but move
like a snail. If steamship companies,
hojs- to retain their business they must
give heed to the safely of the travelers,
and what is here written applies
much to surface transjs>rtation as to tin
travel over the trackless deep.
An interesting review of the events
which culminated in the election of
Reed Smoot to the senate from I. tab
is contained in the Springfield (Mass,,
Republican and is herewith reprinted
“Mr. Roosevelt's interference in the
Utah senatorial election is having the
natural result of strengthening the lie
termination of the Mormon leaders to
send AjKxstle Reed Smoot to Washing
j ton. They resent the action of the presi
dent. Moreover, they are in full com
mand of the Utah legislature, Smoot
has 51 of the 63 members of the gener
al assembly pledged to his support, and
he has no intention whatever of retir
ing from the field at the request or de
mand of President Roosevelt. The news
paper organ of the Mormon church tells
Smoot and the legislature to standfast,
let the consequences be what they will,
aud the latest word from Salt Lake City
is that Smoot is as good as elected al
"At just this point rises the cry of a
! republican-Morman bargain. Prior to
j 1900 Utah was strongly democratic. In
that year and 1902 it went overwhelm
ingly republican, and the influence of
the whole Morman church was brought
to bear in these elections to effect the
change. Some weeks ago s lawyer of
Salt Lake City wrote to this paper ascrib
ing the overturn to the Mormon influ
ence, and alleging a bargain between
the governing powers of the church and
Chairman Mark Hanna of the republi
can national committee whereby, on
condition of delivering the state into re
publican bands, the republican leaders
would agree not to interfere with the
Morman- Senator Dubois of Idaho now
makes the statement that for more than
two years rumor has been persistent in
the intermountain states, and the im
pression has prevailed, that such an un
derstanding existed, and that in this
way only could the fact be accounted
for that the Mormons of democratic af
filiations have been silent while repu
blican Mormons have been most active
and commanding among there followers
in the last two elections.
"Whether such a bargain has existed
we do not know. Mr. Hanna is doubt
less capable of making it. His career
in the republican management is such
as to give color to the charge. But the
fact is unquestioned that the influence
of the Mormon church has la;en thrown
heavily to the republican side in the
I 'lsh elections of two years past, that it
has been most effective at the the jsjlls,
and that the Mormon leaders never go
into politics for their health and amuse
ment. Having, then, won the Utah
legislature and the chance of electing a
United Hates senator of their own, the
Mermans may fairly, it would seem,
claim this reward of their success in
turning Utah into the republican col
"The president himself concedes that
the Mormons are entitled to a United
States senator of their faith. Hut ho ob
jects to their election of one of the
apostles of the church. Why not an
apostle as well as a layman? And how
can the United States senate refuse to
seat Apostle Smoot more than to seat
somebody under Apostle Smoot in the
church. YWi 11 the fact suffice to excuse
that the election and seating of Smoot
will give to great a prominence to the
present association of the Mormon
church with the administration party?
Smoot is not known to be a practicing
polygmist, and no more objection to him
can be made on that score, it would
seem, than to a layman also supposedly
living in accordance with the law on
'Flic walking sick, what
a crowd of them there are:
Persons who arc thin and
weak but not sick enough
to go to bed.
“Chronic cases” that’s
what the doctors call them,
which in common Hnglish
means hmg sickness.
Io stop the continued
loss of flesh they need
Scott’s limulsion. For the
feeling of weakness they
need Scott’s limulsion.
It makes new flesh and
gives new life to the weak
Scott's limulsion gets
thin and weak persons out
of the rut. It makes new,
rieh blood, strengthens the
nerves and gives appetite
for ordinary food.
Scott’s limulsion can be
taken as long as sickness
| lasts and do good all the
! time.
1 here’s new strength
md flesh in every dose.
~Pv We will he glad
*° • t ’ en d you a few-
Jig 49 Pearl St., N. Y.
I 50c. sad sl l all driijjliU. i
which Utah was admitted as a state.
An objection made is thns stated by
Judge C. C. Goodwin of Salt Lake City:
An apostle of the Mormon church is
not a citizen of the United States. He
has forsworn his allegiance and given
it with all the solemnity of the most
binding oaths to another temporal
government, a government the machi
nery of which is in full working order.
It has a president who exercises dic
tatorial powers; it has its own courts,
which frequently reverse and put to
naught the decision of the state’s courts.
Up to recently, if not up to date, it
maintained the nucleus of an army.
Moreover, it levies its taxes upon its
subjects, distributes them without ac
counting, and makes the payment of
those taxes a test of citizenship in its
kingdom. When its subjects desert, it
pursues them with a boycott and with
ostracism. The existence of this king
dom is not denied. The claim of its
chiefs is that it is the only legitimate
government on earth.
Hut can it tie said that a subject of
this alien government is any more qua
lified to render unconditionally loyal
service to the government of the United
States, than an officer of the Mormon
hierarchy? On Judge Goodwin’s own
showing the Mormon subject or layman
is quite as much under the thumb of
the church power as the apostle; and
President Roosevelt thinks the Mormon
legislature is entitled to the privilege
of electing a Mormon believer to the
The Republican party has in some
way come into jiosaession of the active,
aggressive, commanding support of the
Mormon church in the politics of the
intermountain states. There may
have been no bargain, no offer of a quid
pro quo; the support of the church may
not even have been invited, butitcer'
tainly has been welcomed, since it was
given with such success, and republican
rejoicing over the fruits of it in Utah
has been manifested all over the coun
try. The party must now bear these
further consequences of the alliance,
which bring it into national attention.
Unless polygamous practices can be
fastened upon Apostle Smoot the Sen
ate apparently will have to seat him
and on the Republican side of the
chamber; and if ho is rejected under
the pressure from ministerial associa
tions and women’s clubs all over the
country now preparing to resist to the
uttermost his admission to the Senate,
the legislature of Utah will doubtless
send along another Mormon just as
zealous in his devotions to the church,
if not as conspicuously so, as Apostle
Domestic Troubles.
It is exceptional to find a family
where there are no domestic ruptures
occasionly, but these can be lessened by
having Dr. King's New Life Bills
around. Much trouble they save by
their threat work in Stomach and Liver
troubles. They not only relieve you
but cure. 25c at Henry Heinrichs drug
Farm For Sale
The Krueger estate lito acres of land,
all under cultivation one mile and a half
north-west of Zander I’. O.
Wm. Kuueoeu
Pub. Jan. 10, 33, 30, Feb. 5.
A Marvelous Invention.
Wonders never cease. A machine has
been invented that will cut, paste and
hang wall paper. The field of inven
tions and discoveries seems to be unlim
ited. Notable among great discoveries
is Dr. King’s New Discovery for Con
sumption. It has done a world of good
for weak lungs and saved many a life.
Thousands have used it and conquered
(trip, Bronchitis, Pneumonia and Con
sumption. The general verdict is:
"It’s the best and most reliable medicine
for throat and lung troubles. Every
50c and SI.OO bottle is guaranteed by
Henry Heinrichs, Druggist. Trial bot
tle free.
Many of the ills from which women
sutler can l>e completely cured with
Rocky Mountain Tea. Rich, red blood
good digestion and health follow its
use. 35 cents. F. C. BUKUSTKTTE.
I.llrrar)- %|ilmnl Were First Called
“illup St urU I iik” In Saniurl
Johnson** Time.
'lkie term “blue stockings,” as applied
to women with literary tendencies, is
not now considered either elegant or
appropriate, although at first there
was soHic warrant for itaemploynvent.
Its origin is t raced to the day s of Sam
uel Johnson, and was applied then ns
now to women who cultivated learned
conversations at 1 found enjoyment in
the discussion of questions which had
been monopolized by men.
About IT.VI it became quite the thing
for ladies to form evening assemblies,
when they might pnrtici|>ate in talk
with literary and ingenious men. One
of I he best k now n a nd most popuki r of
lln e assemblies was said to have been
a Mr. Stillingflcct, who always wore
blue stocking*, and when at any lime
he happened to he absent from these
gatherings it was usually remarked
that “wo can. do nothing without blue
stockings," and by degrees the term
“ob e stockings" wan applied to nil
gatherings of a literary nature, and
eventually to the ladies who attended
the meeting.
How to Make One* Own I-aondrjr and
Kitchen Swm>
One of the easiest and most grati
fying' home economies that can be
practiced is that of making one’s own
laundry and kitchen soap. No thrills
of satisfaction are more delicious than
those caused by a row of neat white
bars set to harden foi use, says Amer
ican (Jueen.
All one has to do is to save all scraps
of fat, ham rinds and drippings of any
sort in an old dish or tin can. About
once a week put them in an iron sauce
pan on the stove to thoroughly fry
out. Drop in two or three slices of
raw potato to clarify the melted fat
and after it is clear and settled drain
Into a good-si/ed lard tin kept for the
purpose. When you have accumulated
six pounds of tried-out grease make
the soap.
Put th pail or pails of grease on
the hack of the stove to melt wholly,
but do not let it get very hot, as it will
then take longer to make the soap. At
the same time pul one quart of cold
water into a large tin pan and empty
in carefully a small can of potash, tak
ing particular care not to skitter it
on the hands. Stir with a slick until
It is all dissolved, then add a quarter
of a pound of borax and if desired a
half cup of ammonia. When all is dis
solved stir in the grease till thorough
ly mixed to a smooth, thick paste,
lane baking tins with paper and pour
in the soap, letting it stand eight or
ten hours to “set.” Then turn it o%t
on a board., cut in bars, harden it in
the open air some hours and then store
away. It is not well to use it until it
has been made about a mouth.
Economy of Itjiilwaja.
The United States has 200,000 miles
of railways upon which there are
54b employes for each 100 miles. The
cost of operat iq these roads with
steam power \ 302,000,000 a year,
but to carry on the same amount of
work with men and horses would
cost the country $11,308,500,000.
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
and cheerfulness soon
tr'jLA disappear when the kid
neys are out of order
Kidney trouble has
' i- become so prevalent
\| that it is not uncommon
Z/7\\nSSL.wv- * * or a child to be born
/y uv with weak kid-
LJ ’ neys. If the child urin
ates too often, if the
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it Is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unpleasant
trouble Is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediate effect of
Swamp-Rout is soon realized. It is sold
cent and one dollar ffiab
sizes. You may have a
sample bottle by mail
free, also pamphlet tell- Home of Swamp Hoot
ing all about it, including many of the
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
iz Cos., Binghamton, N. Y.j be sure and
mention this paper.
Don’t make any mistake bnt remem
tier the mtme, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kil
mer's Swamp Root, and the address,
Binghamton, N. Y.,on every bottle
The North-Western Line Pushes Its
Through Connections Northward.
Sleeping Car Service Inaugurated Between
Chicago and Sauit Ste. Marie
Without Change-
Sauit Ste, Marie is come into closer
connection with Chicago by means of a
new through service to be inaugurated
December tint h via the Chicago & North
Western and M. St. P. & St. M. Kys.
The new service will be via Milwaukee,
Fond du Lac, Oshkosh and Green Bay,
Marinette, Menominee and Escanaba to
Larch, the junction point with the Soo
Line, and ttience via Gladstone, Munis,
tique and Trout Lake to Sauit Ste.
The Sou is one of the most rapidly
growing cities in the United States.
Great wood pulp mills, iron furnaces,
steel mills, and other manufacturing
interests have lieen established, and the
great lake traffic througu the Govern
ment lucks, marks it as one of the most
notable gateways of commerce in the
The new connection with Chicago
will be hailed with satisfaction by a
large part of the traveling public.
The through sleeping car will leave
Chicago at s oo P. M. daily except Sun
day, from the North-Western’s Wells
Street Station, and reach Sauit Ste.
Marie 10.20 o'clock the next morning.
Southbound, leave the Soo iilsmt 3 00
P. M . except Sunday, arriving in Chi
cago next morning 7.50 A. M.
Direct connections are made at Chi
chgo with all lines from the South and
West and at Milwaukee, Fond da Lac-
Appleton and Powers with train service
of tlie North-Western Line from points
in Wisconsin, Southern Minnesota and
Franklin Miles, M. D., LL. B , the Celebrat
ed Specialist. Will Send a Course of
His New Special Treatment Free.
When an experienced physician offers
to give awey &40,000 worth of a New
Treatment for diseases of the heart,
nerves, stomach or dropsy, it is conclu
sive evidence that he has great faith in
it. And when hundreds of prominent
men and women freely testify to his
unusual skin and the superiority of his
New Special Treatment, his liberality
is certainly worthy of serious consider
That Dr. Miles is one oi the world’s
most successful physicians is proved by
hundreds of testimonials from well
known people. One patient cured after
failure of eleven Grand Rapids physi
cians, two after being given up by six
and even Chicago physicians, one after
nine of the leading doctors in New York
City, Philadelphia and Chicago failed.
F. E Baldwin, merchant, Glendale, Wia.,
after taking special treatment for a lingering
ailment, reports- 1 now feel bettor Mian for
many years. Am well.” C. .T. Coon, Trout
Lake, Wis., writes: "If It had not been for
your .Special Treatment my mother would be
’in her grave." Miss Jennie Hatch, Richland
Center. Wis., says; "I thought my case hope
less, hut your treatment has made me anew
The eminent Rev. W. Bell, I). D., of Dayton,
Ohio, General Secretary of Foreign Missions,
writes editorially in TmbHtatk Sunday Sciiooi,
Union: "We desire to state that from personal
acquaintance we know Ur. Miles to lie a most
skillful specialist, a man who has spans!
neither labor nor money to keep himself
abreast of the great advancement of medical
A thousand references to and testi
monials from Bishops, Clergymen,
Bankers, Farmers and their wives, will
be sent free on request.
This new system of Special Treat
ment is thoroughly scientific and im
mensely superior to the ordinary
As all afflicted readers may have
ft.oo worth of treatment especially pre
pared for their case, Free, as a trial,
we would advise them to send for it at
once. Address, Dr. Franklin Miles,
201 to 209 State St., Chicago. Mention
this paper.
One Hundred Dollars a Box
is the value H. A. Tisdale, Summerton,
S. C., places on De Witt’s Witch Hazel
Salve. He says; “I had the piles for
JO years. I tried many doctors and
medicines, bnt all failed except De-
Witt's Witch -Hazel Salve. It cured
me.” It is a combination of the healing
properties of Witch Hazel with antisep
tics and emollients; relieves and per
manently cures blind, bleeding, itching
and protruding piles, sores, cuts, bruises
eczema, salt rheum and all skin dis
eases. At Schmidt Bros, or C. A.
O tollman.
•. m
A Scientific Discovery.
Kodol does for the stomach that
which it is unable to do for itself, even
when but slightly disordered or over
loaded. Kodol supplies the natural
juices of digestion and does the work
of the stomach, relaxing the nervous
tension, while the inflamed muscles of
that organ are allowed to rest and heal.
Kodol divests what you eat and enables
the stomach and digestive oigans to
transform all food into rich, red blood.
At Schmidt Bios., or C. A. Groffmau.
It's pretty hard to define real beauty.
Rare and beautiful women everywhere
owe their loveliness to Rocky Mountain
Tea. 35 cents.
F. C. Bukkstette.
For Sale
Steel tire road wagon with leather
trimmings, in good condition: but one
year's wear. Also a single harness in
good condition. Terms cheap. En
quire at the Pilot Office.
Nothing has ever equalled it.
Nothing can ever surpass it.
New Discovery
* or tj!. i :sjr“ nd mc mi.*
A Perfect For All Throat and
Cure: Lung Troubles.
Money back If It fail*. Trial Bottle* free.
IN CIRCUIT COURT Manitowoc Cocntt,
■ Kdmotid Brown. plaintiff. vs. '"Charlea A.
Holma and Henry WUnarms, and the unknown
owners **f that part of tin* W. S of the N. E. l i
of section IT. in township No. 20, North of
rang** No. 22 Kant in Manitow*** Conn tv, Wis
consin. containing six acres and 50-100 of an
acrt* "f land described as follows; Commencing
on the went lino of aaid W. l i of said N K. ‘4 of
said motion IT about £ QlMOOchains south from
theOntres River at a rut atone: thence run-,
nlng south :I5 degrees cant 15 50-100 chains to a
cut stone; thence running north 55 degress
east five chains to a cut stone, thence run
ning north M 5 degrees west to the east
I*dk of the Centres river; thence fol
lowing the east Ijaiik of said river to the
west line of said HO acre tract, thence fol
lowing said west line south to the point *f is*-
ginning also all easements or rights of way
connecting said • 5(Moo acres of land with pulv*
ll• highways Defendants.
Tint Static ok Wisconsin. to the said de
You are hereby summoned to appear within
twenty days after service of this summons, ex
clusive of the day of service, and defend the
altove entitled action in the court aforesaid:
and in case of your failure so to do judgment
will he rendered against you according to the
demand of the complaint, of which a copy is
herewith served upon you.
NASH NASH Plaintiff < Attorneys.
P O. Address. Manitowoc, Manitowoc
County. Wisconsin,
Pub Jan. 15, 22. 20. Feb. 5, 12, 19.
Slate Entomoioarlata of New York to
Supply Small Colleetlona at
Nominal Fee.
Arrangements have been made by
the state entomologist of New York
to supply schools desirous of such aid
with small collections of insects upon
the payment of a nominal fee.
These collections are designed to illus
trate courses in zoology, biology, na
ture study, and, says the New York
Times* it is announced that they will
be classified into the following divi
1. A systematic collection of about
100 representatives of the principal or
ders, with series illustrating the
transformation of species having both
complete and incomplete metamor
2. A collection of about 100 of the
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be Cut without reference to Cost. READ only t
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7c Men’s White and Red Handerchiefs. 3c
23c Wash Board 23c
35c Ladies’ Wool Golf Gloves I*3°
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O. Torrison Cos.
Bth Annual
Shoe Sale
The Greatest Opportunity to Buy
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lines in the country, such as J. Foster
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Shoes for men.
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more common interesting sped
found In the field, together with s
rlea illustrating the various stages ai
habits of some of the more importai
8. The same as No. 2, but con
posed largely of insects met with 1
the spring.
4. Special collections of about th
same size as those described and rej
resenting limited groups, for example
Economic insects, mimicry, bees an
their allies, flies, butterflies an
moths, etc. These special collection
will be prepared only in response t
several requests. Other phrases of ip
sect life may be illustrated if ther
be a demand for it.
Cub! of tho Twelfth Cenaaa.
The cost of the twelfth census i
now figured out to have been $12,845,
BJB, and it is further added that this i
ai> average cost of 15}4 cents per caj
ita in the United States.

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