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Will he Awarded as Follows;
Best Ladies and best Gents Mask $lO each.
Best Comic Ladies and Gents Mask $5 each.
BestGroupc Masks $12.50.
Best Comic groupe Masks $7-50.
ADMISSION 50c : : : MASKS 25c
Tickets for Sale at Cbs. F. Fcchtcr’s and C. A. Groffman at Man
itowoc and Nick Simons at 1 wo Rivers.
The Committee.
Chas. F. Fechter
South Side
Book Store
820 South Eighth Street, Near Bridge,
Manitowoc, Wisconsin.
A general clearing op of shoes, rubbers slippers etc. etc. wil
take place in our store the next few weeks and bargains never
before heard will be offered.
and it will be to )our advantage to call and investigate the excep
tional low prices which we have placed on our large stock to close
it out.
Most all footwear sold at a little above cost.
Hi nister!
Don’t forget
# .©/ THE J. 0.
/When in need of
;!/ Fuel
There le no Rochelle Salts, Alum,
Lime or Ammonia In food made with
—norm the baking powder trust—
It makea pure food.
Joseph Giefer of Omro Wis., came to
spend a day with Eastwin friends last
week, but, he says, he found the people
so very sociable that he was in doubt
whether to go right back or enjoy him
self a little longer and finally prolonged
his stay to a week.
John Schaf of .Sheboygan visited with
his brother, Peter Schaf last week.
The neighbors gathered at Eastwin
hall last Thursday evening and enjoyed
a few hours in honor of Richard Zan
der s birthday.
John Holz of Manitowoc, purchased
the farm of Mrs. John McGee last week
the hiiin of $4,800,00 and will take poss
ession of the same March Ist.
Miss Amanda Zander of Milwaukee is
visiting with her parents.
Peter Giefer will spend this week at
La Crosse visiting relatives.
Arnold Zander and family visited here
Mr. and Mrs. Ilerry Qeodjen enter'
tained about twenty guests Sunday
Joe Bonda and family who have been
jn quarantine for some time, were re
leased last week.
A merry crowd gathered at Eastwin
hall last Sunday evening which includ
ed in dancing until midnight.
Miss Annie Fink sjtent a few days
with her parents, Mr and Mrs. H.
Mr Zastrow of Milwaukee transacted
business here Monday.
Albert Fokett and Otto Rnsch re
turned from Milwaukee Saturday where
they had Is-en attending the cheese
makers convention Jan. 7, 9.
Mitr. Ldyia Reichert of Clintonville,
who Las been renewing acquaintences
here returned home Friday.
Miss Winnie Meany, F, J. Heidi and
Erwin Cary helped swell the crowd at
Cato Saturday.
Willie Birkholtz was at Manitowoc
The U L. H. elected the following of
ficers Friday evening:—President,
Minnie Meany: vice-president, Emma
A. Maertz; secretary, Bertha Meartz:
treasurer, Adolph Milhans; sergeant-at
arms, Erwin Cary. Programme com
mittee, Miss Emma Maertz, F. J. Heidi
and Erwin Cary-
Miss Hanna Schwartz was in town
on Saturday.
John Dedrichs was in town Saturday.
The School society elected the follow
ing officers Friday;—President, Leola
Cary; vice-president, Mayme Cabot,
secretary. F E. Hagenow; treasurer,
John Falge. marshal, Wanda Keihl.
The Y ung Peoples’ society met at
the residence of Dr. Falge on Friday
evening where an interesting programme
was rendered.
Trie town is full of clubs and societies
this winter.
Carl Jonas transacted business at Bril
lion last week.
J. Koconriek visited in Bullion last
John Mahnke was a Bullion visitor
last week.
Louis Mueller was called to Bullion
last Friday on important business.
SMART YOUNG MEN wanted fur
the mil way telegraph service; we pre
pare you fur the work, day or evening,
in telegraphy and railroad book keeping
and Hee that yon get t* work. Call and
investigate, or send for terms and full
particulars to
M amtowih School ok Tki.kokaphy,
Manitowoc, Win.
School at Carsten's hall, corners. 11th
and Washington Sts. tf.
Tried to Conceal it
It's the old story of "murder will out”
only in thin case there’s no crime. A
woman feel* run down, hits backache or
dys[>epsia and thinks it's nothing and
tries to hide it until she Anally breaks
down. Don’t deceive yourself. Take
Electric Hitters at once. It hem a repu
tation for curing Stomach, Inver and
Kidney troubles and will revivify your
whole system. The worst forms of
those mal.elies will (juicvly yield to the
curative [saver of Electric Hitters.
Only s<Jc, and guaranteed by Henry
Heinrichs, druggist.
Leo Theisen of Manitowoc attended
the Theisen—Fischer wedding here Wed
Some of our fanners attended the in
stitute at Kelluersville Thursday and
Leary Keehan. an old settler of Frank
lin, died Friday. The funeral toek
place Monday.
George Bauman was a Manitowoc
caller last week.
Erwin Cary attended the teachers
meeting a* Cato Saturday.
John Herman made several trips to
Branch last week.
Karl Tamm is on the sick list.
Elsie Forster spent last Wednesday at
her home in Kaukauna.
Amanda Langenmack was a Milwau
kee visitor last week,
Mrs. O. C. Behnke returned from a
visit at Manitowoc last Wednesday.
Mrs. L. Fuller returned from her
eastern trip last Friday.
The C. <t N. W. Ry. have placed a
contrivance on their water tank for
melting the ice.
Mrs. Chas. Szarzynski is on the sick
list this week.
| Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Schatz of Kau
kanna were in the city Saturday.
Chas. Qramnioll wim on the sick list
last week.
Herman Behn transacted business at
Valders Wednesday.
Mildred Schwaller is on the sick list
this week
Mrs. Louis Wordell is on the sick list,
but an early recovery is expected.
Jos. Traxler recently sustained seri
ous injury to his eye but it is now heal
ing up nicely.
Lambert Bill has purchased the Wer
ner dwelling south of the baker shop
for $5. r )0.
Rudolph Fielder has been given the
contract for erectimr the new residence
of Ang. Behnke next summer.
Jos. Weins has purchased lumber for
anew barn which he will erect next
Mrs. Rhein, who fell out of a rig and
broke a limb some tw months ago, is
still a great sufferer and has not yet
left her bed.
Mr and Mrs. Pete Gagnon of Two
Rivers did some shopping in our burg
last Friday.
Mrs. Stickmesser f Two Rivers vi
sited her brothers Victor and Leo Yogi
last week.
The five year old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Mike Koh who jumped off a
chair and fractured her thigh a few
davs ago is resting quite comfortably
at present.
Mr. Alex Bunker, wife and little
son of Two Rivers spent Sunday with
relatives up here.
The teai hers’ meeting at Larrabee
last Saturday was poorly attended.
A party of about fifty Two River's
ladies lunched at hotel Drews last
Saturday ufo-moon.
S. Roulier late of Gibson, took pos
sesion of his property and moved his
family to our village Monday.
Chas. Pntzel of this place attended
his cousin's wedding at Whitelaw last
Mrs. A. Lehman entertained the Card
club last Friday evening.
Theodore Stollherg was on the sick
list a portion of last week.
Win. Reimers is home from Leoda.
where he went a few months ago.
The mason work on the new Hamil
ton factory is about completed.
The next dance of the series given by
the Two Rivers Athletic club will take
place next Friday.
F. W. Dicke and W. J. Wrieth went
on a business trip to the southern part
of the state last week.
There is more Catarrh in this section
of the country than all other diseases
put together, and until the last few
years was supposed to be incurable.
For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease and prescribed
local remedies, and by constantly fail
ing to cure with local treatment, pro
nounced it incurable. Science has
proven catarrh to be a constitutional
disease and therefore requires constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manufactured by F. J. Cheney & C<.,
Toledo. Ohio, is the only constitutional
cure on the market. It is taken inter
nally in doses from ten drops to a tea
spoonful It acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
They offer one hundred dollars for any
case it fails to cure. Send for circulars
and testimonials
Address. F. J. CHENEY & Cos..
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists 78c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
1 love thee. O yes 1 love thee,
But it's all that I can ever be.
For in my visions in the night.
My dreams are Rocky Mountain Tea
' F. C. BuimTErm
!At One 1
Half the Cost I
has better strength and I
flavor than many so-call- I
e*l “fancy" brands. I
Bulk coffee at the same ■
price is not to be com- I
pared with Lion in quality. I
In 1 lb. air tight, I
sealed packages. J
r yrrnr'T*'** *r
Emil Jirikowic has enrolled in the
Night School. Mr. Jirikowic will pur
sue our English Course and prep ire for
the Civil S( i : ce Examination.
* * *
George Koeck is taking a Typewriting
Course in the Night School. Mr.
Kaeck’s father is manager of the
Pioneer Canning and Pickling Cos. of
St. Nazianz where George's knowledge
of typewriting will materially assist
his father next summer.
Winzel Wottawa enrolled in the
Night School last week in the Commer
cial Department.
A. H. Dixon was in Sheboygan Satur
day in the interest of the College there.
Prof. Earl Tharp, until recently an in
structor in Marion College, assumed
the principalship Monday.
• *
Miss Lillian Schnorr is now in Racine,
Wisconsin, where she is private steno
grapher for the manager of “The Com
mercial Press’’ a publishing company
Miss Schnorr is not only a very rapid
shorthand writer but an expert on the
typewriter. Miss Schnorr left many
friends in Manitowoc who wish her
well. The management of Ine College
had calls for three stenographers in
Racine in one day last week, but was
able to till only one of them.
* *
Miss Amanda Hanson has accepted a
position as stenographer for the Gutt
mann & Svacina Cos.
* *

Edward White was called toMeeme.
by the death of his grandfather. Mr
White is an advanced student in the
Commercial Department.
Warren Clark is visiting his brother
in Chicago this week. Mr. Clark will
enter School next week and finish the
Commercial Conrse.
* *
Elmer Schroeter, who has been absent
for some time, reentered School Monday
The three positsons filled last week by
the management of the College, should
convince anyone that positions are still
to be had by those competent to hold
George W. Schmidt has accepted a
position as stenographer and bookkeep
er fur the Western Toy Works of this
Ground Oats and Corn at Very Low Prices
by the Ton.
We have an amount of very good
quality of ground corn and oats on hand
that we are selling cheap oy the ton.
It will pay y. u to call at our ware
house and get a load without waiting
too long, as yon will remember we had
to turn away the large number of cus
tomers we had to turn away on our
April Pea Sale. Call at once, as price
is very cheap for the quality.
Murthkkn Grain Cos.,
Near 10th St. bridge.
Unconscious From Croup
During a sudden and terrible attack
of croup our little girl was unconscious
from strangulation, says A. L. Spafford,
postmaster. Chester. Mich., and a dose
of One Minute Cough Cure was admin
istered and related often. It reduced
the swelling and Inffamation, cut the
mucous and shortly the child was rest
ing easy and ajieedily recovered. It
cures Coughs, Colds. La (Jripjie, anil all
Throat and Lung troubles. One Minute
Cough Cure lingers in the throat and
chest und enables tbe lungs to contrib
ute pure, health given oxygen to the
blood. At Schmidt Bros, or C. A.
Job work at The Pilot
Schuette Bros. Cos
Our Winter Clearana
Which Commenced
Wednesday, the 21st
to Continue for Two Weeks, is Now in fi
Swing and Being Taken Advantage of
as the Sale Merits
to look for bargains, because you can do betfer right here a
home, We know we are offering better values in many in
stances, and would like nothing better than to have ou food
and prices compared with those from the big cities.
Our reductions may not seem so radical as some othsrs. bu
thatis because our original prices more lower to begin with, I
after ecamination and comparison, our goods are not better, o
lower in prices, you are at liberty to return them.
At the rate of percentage of cost that our goods are alway
marked, we will never be able to endure a college, but we thinl
you are more interested in sharing in the immediate benefit t(
yourselves that sou are sure to get qy attending our great sales.
■■ -
Schuette Bros. Cos.
We Wish to Sell the 44 HADDORFF”
Piano on its merits alone and only ask that you do not fail to
examine it before you purchase, and we shall cheerfully abide by
your decision. We have the utmost confidence that the “Had
dorff” will so thoroughly interest and please you that we will in
you, gain a true and lasting friend.
Vogelsang: & flurphy, Agents.
■ -- ■■ ■ 11 "■■■—
Remember THE PILOT has the best facilities
for doing the finest JOB PRINTING. When
ordering, remember this fact, and give this
office a call Good work is the cheapest.
I™ drama]
Harry Morris’ ‘ Night on Broadway"
will be seen at the Star Theatre, Mil
waukee, Jan. 25tb, is presented by an
extremely well selected cast of capable
farceurs. Harry Morris, the genial
star, is ably supported oy Mildred Stoll
er, Carrie Webber, Nellie Fenton. Ollie
Omega, Alice Porter. Tony Asher,
Harry Emerson, Edward Adams, Carl
Anderson, Ed. Brennan, Blanch Latell,
Lucille Narville, Lillian Berry, Donna
Dean, Lizzette Elvia. George Kyle,
Sara Carr, Lottie Bradley, Mabel Wel
lington, Maggie Height, Evelyn Cliff
ord, Irene Lawrence and Alice Walling,
which gives an assurance of being up
to the best standards of stage spectacles.
Among 600,000 laborers in Belgium
there are 95,000 men, 25,000 women
and 15,000 children under 16 who work
more than eleven hours a day.
Fresh air contains about three parts
of carlxdic acid in 10,000, respired air
about 441 ;>arts. and about five parts
will cause the air of a room to become
Liberality consists rather in giving
seasonably than much
“Land is mighty cheap here. You
can buy a good farm for a song.
“Just my darn luckl I can’t sing.’
—New York Sun.
Young Architect—Miss Sweet. I
must thank yon for those snecimens of
a fine durable floor tile that you sent
me. They—”
Miss Sweet—Tiles? Why. those were
fudges that I made myself.—Philadel
phia Inquirer.
Please crowd up a little there in the
microbe ball of fame and make room
for the whooping cough germ, which
has just been discovered in Paris.
'I For Burns jm
JjV Bruises, Bites —all inflamma
-1(0I HOFF’S i
rW IvJ Gorman Linimtnt 111
Tkc Quick, Cl ran Cr. Hi

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