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Sentiment in This County is Very
Decided Against it.
Mortgagee and Mortgager Both Oppose to
Proposed Law
If it Went Into Effect and Was Sustained
by the Courts Would Drive Money
From the State.
There is a very definite opposition
among property owners and mortgagees
and mortgagers against the proposed
law to tax mortgages. The assumption
is that the proposed law is unconstitu
tional inasmuch as it causes double tax
ation. The law, it is said, to be consti
tutional permits only the collection of
taxes once on each species of property,
thus if a parcel of property is assessed at
its actual value, though it may be en
cumbered by a mortgage, it would be
unconstitutional to tax the mortgage
because that would result in double
One of the best authorities on taxation
and real estate in the county, Julius
Linstedt, avers after a thorough ex
amination into the subject that the pro
posed law will be opposed to the limit
by both mortgagee and mortgager. “I
am absolutely satisfied,” he remarks,
that neither of the parties referred to
will submit to the injustice, the mort
gagor and mortgagee are equally antag
onistic to the measure and will fight it.
“The sentiment in the county is
shared in, too, by many other counties,
and if such a law were in force, it would
simply drive money from the state into
otUer states where it could find reason
able and profitable investment.”
Talking machines at all prices at J.
A. Rummelle's.
The Risen art exhibit, now in progress
at the Luling school building, is con
sidered to be very fine. Prof. Keller,
who has been instrumental in securing
the pictures here has made inquiry as
to the success of the exhibit in other
towns Prof. Hendrickson of the Green
Bay high school writes; “Your inquiry
regarding Elsen art exhibit received.
It has been exceedingly successful and
popular here. Several hundred people
visiting it each day during the week.
We have raised several hundred dollars
for art purposes by the sale of tickets.
Hoping your success in giving the ex
hibit will be as great as ours.” Prof.
Brown of Green Bay writes: “We have
in past years had two other exhibits,
but I think this superior to either of
An opportunity will be given each
day for outsiders for pictures which
range in price from |1 to #IOO. Cata
logue of exhibit can be secured for 15
cents from ticket sellers. The price of
admission is 10 cents. The programme
is altered each evening, also the stere
opticau views.
Ask Rummele to show you the latest
improved Phonograph.
Half Rates to the Mardi 'lras and
Winter Resorts.
Via the North-Western Line. On ac
count of the Mardi Gras at New Orleans
and Mobile, excursion tickets will be
sold February, 17 to 23, inclusive (and
for trains arriving at Mobile or New
Orleans by noon of February 34), at one
fare for the round trip with favorable
return limits. Excursion tickets are
also on sale daily, at reduced rates, to
the principal winter resorts in the
United States and Mexico. For full
information apply to ticket agent*
Chicago & North-Western R’y.
The more Harts' Honey and Hore
honud is used the better it is liked. We
know of nothing so good for croup or
whoopnig cough. It is good when you
first take cold. It is good when yonr
cough is deep seated or your lungs sore
or painful. It is good for any kind of
a cough Oron Hammond, a railroad
man at Leßoy. HI., says, “that his suc
cess depends upon the condition of his
health and that his lung trouble has
completely cured by using Harts' Honey
and Horehound, after having tried other
well known medicines without benefit.”
Sold by Henry Hinrichs druggist.
Job Work at The Pilot. I
President Henry C. H-ggins of the
Manitowoc and Northern Traction Cos.,
made the important announcement a
few days ago that his company would
at once begin operations for the exten
sion of the trolley line from its psesent
terminus to Door county, as far as
Sturgeon Day. This extension will do
much to bring trade into this county
because the proposed route is through
a populous district and it will naturally
bring people into this county and city.
The line should be in operation within
a year or two.
Has this weathar given you a cough
use Syrup of Tar and Wild Cherry it
will cure it. Schmidt Bros.
Manitowoc county is held liable by
the decision of the court referee for the
care and support of transient saiallpox
patients who were taken in charge by
the city of Manitowoc and provided
for. Of a total of claims of $523.30
presented against the county for the
care of Thompson Dace, a transient
taken ill here June 23 and cared for at
the isolation hospital by the city until
July 30, the decision allows, $312.00,
including rental at SO.OO per day for
the use of the isolation hospital.
Four other cates in which the City
appealed from the refusal of the Coun
ty board to allow claims are also de
cided, but in these the victory is not
so sweeping. All of the cases date pre
vious to that of the Dace case. The
total claims aggregated $415.22 and an
award of $100.78 is made to the plaiu
The installation of officers of Knights
of Columbus took place on Tuesday eve
ning which was followed by an enter
tainment, the chief numbers of which
were graciously contributed by mem
bers of the order. Deputy District
Grand Knight Martin of Green Hay
performed the initiation ceremonies
which were well done, and bis part
being concluded the entertainment fol
lowed. The latter was again followed
by a dainty luncheon.
By some inadvertance the list of of
ficers given in last week's Pilot failed
mention the names of Benj. F. Dempsey
chancellor and Walter Joyce, advocate.
Edson Phonographs at J. A. Rum
The celebrated violinist Kocian. who
has been the vogue in this country dur
ing the past few months, is to appear in
Manitowoc tonight; he will give a re
cital at the Turner hall and his coming
is anticipated with keen pleasure by the
music lovers of the city. According to
the advance sale of seats the audience
will certainly be large. Kocian is a
master of technique; his skill in hand
ling the bow is acknowledged every
where. He interprets the most difficult
of the classic composition with such
ease and feeling that he almost trans
mutes the violin into a living, pulsating
being. so deeply tender can he bring
out the tones.
His concert here will l*> such a treat
that no music lover can afford to miss
it. A programme of wide range has
been chosen for the occasion.
We have two hundred Records in
stock for yon to choose from. J. A.
How’s This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can"
not be cured by Hall s Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props.,
Toledo, Ohio
We the undersigned, have known F-
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and
believe him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by their firm.
West & Truax, Wholesale Druggists
Toledo, Ohio
Warding, Kinnan & Mauvrv, Whole’,
sale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure is t-ken inter"
nally, acting directly upon the Wood
and mucous surfaces of the system
Price 75c. jer bottle. Hold by all Drug"
gists. Testimonials free.
Hall’s Family Pills are the 'jest.
Committee Having Plans Proposed
for Spring Session
Great County Pride is Manifest in the
Chairman Otto Schmidt will Report the Plans
and Specifications at the Board
□ Plans and specifications for the pro
posed new court house are being pre
pared by a number of architects here and
abroad. The committee chosen by the
County board, of which Otto Schmidt
is chairman, will be in a pjsition to
make a report to the board at its spring
The committee has been hard at work
communicating with competing archi
tects urging them tohuve their drawings
ready not later than h pril 20tb, so that
when the new board meets it will be
prepared to make such recomendations
which will result in the board em
powering the present! committee or any
new committee which may be named,
to let contracts end arrange for the sale
of bonds up to the sum of SIOO,OOO.
The county members of the board
and their constituents are taking un
usual pride in the proposed building.
The fact is that this project gives them
the deepest interest inasmuch as it will
be a county building to be used exclu
sively for county purposes. There is
unanimity all along the line; county
memliers and farmers and storekeepers
in the outside towns are enthusiastic
whenever the subject of building the
court house is broached, Not the
slightest doubt exists but that the
court house will be ordered built at the
forthcoming spring session of the
County board.
Chappine 15c at Schmidt Bros.
Manitowoc county will be interested
in a bill banded into the lower house of
the legislature by David Evans, Jr., of
Waushara concerning grade crossings.
If this bill passes, the town of Branch
can remedy a very serious grievance.
The crossing measure provides that any
resident of a town, city or village, own
ing at least *l,OOO worth of real prop
erty, may go before the town clerk and
make complaint that a certain railroad
crossing is dangerous. Thereupon, the
clerk must select a jury of six men to
view the crossing and determine
whether or not it is dangerous. If the
jury decides it dangerous, the clerk
must notify the railroad company
through the nearest station agent, in
forming it of the proceedings and order
ing it to build a bridge over or under
the tracks. If the company fails to
comply within fifteen days the town
board may have the work done at its
We sell Phonographs. J. A. Rum
Judge Sciiknian's Work.—Judge
J. P. Schenian was st Two Rivers Tues
day to try the case against Philip
Weber, Anton Rosinski, Johnnie Mes
serschmidt and Walter Maudal charged
with the malicious destruction of pro
perty. Messerschmidt and Mandel
changed their pleas to guilty and were
fined %V and costs each which were
paid by their parents. The cases
against Webei and Rosinski were ad
Don’t wait until your cough breaks
your system down get a bottle of Hyrnp
•f Tar and Wild Cherry now. Schmidt
David J. Ryan of Lincoln, 111,, gave
Harts’ Honey and Horehound to his
little baby and cured it of croup. He
affirms that it is the best remedy he
ever used for croup. Sold by Henry Hin
richs druggists.
Erect Officers.-- The officers elect
ed by the Manitowoc Insurance Cos.,
for the ensuing year are as follows
President, J. G. Lehmknhl; vice presi
dent, Wm Htephani; secretary, A. J.
Hvacina; treasurer, Heney Vits; Adj.
Com.. J. O. Lebuikubl, Wm Htephani,
W. Ellermann, Anton Kazda.
Benjamin Dempsey was called to
Milwaukee on business last Friday.
Archie Nash transacted business in
Milwaukee on Saturday last.
Emil Sixta bad business which took
him to Milwaukee last Saturday,
The Rev. Father O’Leary returned to
the city last Friday after attending the
funeral of Father Riley of White
Win. Hess left last Saturday for Dex
ter, N. Y., where he went to figure on a
new digester.
Dr. E. W. Kapitan was in Milwaukee
on Saturday last.
Edv/m Schaette was in Milwaukee
last week attending a meeting of the
Northwestern Electric association which
was held at the Pflstor hotel. He return
ed to the city on Friday last.
John H. Keith left for Minneapolis on
William Pttueger left fur Chicago
this morning to be gone for the balance
of the week.
Oscar Alter left for St Louis on Tues
day to attend the annual meeting of the
National Pickling association.
W. D. Richards left for Milwaukee
on Tuesday for several days visit there.
Warren Clark hereafter will reside in
Alfred Manheimer is north on busi
A. C. Miller was in Milwaukee on
Attorney Wattawa of Kewaunee was
here the early part of the week engaged
before the court.
M. J. Sullivan of Milwaukee was in
the city on Tuesday, lie attended the
installation of officers of the Knights
of Columbus on Tuesday
J. F. O'Brien has been in Chicago on
business during the past few days.
A. J. Schmitz of Milwaukee is here
on legal business.
John G. Kelley went to Chicago on
business yesterday morning
Prof. Earl Tharp. Principal of the
Wisconsin Business College at Sheboy
gan, Wisconsin, made a business trip
here Saturday. He reports everything
there in the usual prosperous con.
* *
Warren Clark has accepted a
position with the Scranton Correspond
ence school. He is fortunate in secur
ing" this lucrative place and his college
friends wish him success.
* *
New holders have leen placed in the
typewriting room and the key boards
on the typwriters have been covered,
this makes it possible to teach the
“Touch Method of Typewriting," which
has in the last few years been tried and
tested until there is no doubt concern
ing the results obtained by this method.
Miss Hartwig is an exiKjrt touch oper
ator on the machine and has charge of
the work in this department of the
# *
Mr William Britler entered the night
school Monday to study bookkeeping
and accounting.
* #
Mr. George Schmidt is now a student
in the night school. Mr. Schmidt has
completed the commercial course iu the
day school and now intends to finish the
stenographic course in the night school.
* *
Prof. J. A. Bisik who was here in the
interest of the cidlege returned to She
boygan to day.
The college desires to acknowledge
pleasant calls from representative bus
iness men of the city. The public is in
vited to the school to investigate the
work done here.
* #
Just one year ago this week the room
occupied by the college was destroyed
by fire In less than a week the present
quarters were secured, prepared and
the school transferred here.
• •

The college feels proud of its record
for the ending this week. The attend
ance has increased lieyond the manage
ments' fondest expectations, the gradu
ates and comjieteiit students have been
placed in paying (xisifions and at the
present time the management has far
more positions than competent students
to till tbm.
Were Friends in the Far off Land
of Bohemia
That His Girl Playmate of other Days
lives Here
Miss Cherniak was Baptized by Violinist
Kocian's Father Many Years ago -
Will be interesting Meeting.
The coming of Jaroslav Kixdan the
violin virtuoso, is of more than usual
interest to one young woman of this
city Miss Bessie Cherniak, a clerk at the
O. Torrisou company store. She was
a native of the same province in Bo
hemia where the Koclan family resided,
being a playmate and school fellow of
the young man who now has a world
renowned reputation. Miss Cherniak
was baptized by Rev. Mr. Kocian, the
father of the violinist. The latter was
a poor minister of the gospel adminis
tering to a small band of parishoners in
the province and is well remembered
by several Bohemian families in the
Kocian has no intimation that the
friends of ins youth are living at Mani
towoc, and will no doubt lie pleased
to greet them.
A bill has been submitted to the legis
lature to make the election of comity
supervisor of assessment p ipular in
stead of by the Comity board. There
seems to )>e a favorable attitude on the
part of the legislators to pane the
measure, and should this lie done it
will bring the office much nearer the
As the law now stands the sujiervisor
of assessment is elected by the Comity
board for a term of four years and his
duties are such as to keep him pretty
much at work during the entire period.
Deaths of a Week.
The death of W. S. Canright occurred
in Buffalo a week ago today after a
brief illness. He was i* brother of the
late Frank < anright and made his home
in this city for a number of years. Mr.
Canright is survived by a wife and two
sisters, Mrs. Edgar Had and Miss
Emma Canright, both residing in Chi
The death of Mrs 11. C. Albright
happened on Saturday of last week.
She lived to the advanced age of 811
years. She came to this section of the
country many years ago and was in
very truth a pioneer. Mrs. Albright
was the wife of Captain H. C. Al
Carl Mueller 55 years old, died last
Friday evening, at his homo Fifteenth
and Marshall streets. Ho leaves a wife
ami five children to mourn his loss.
l atest Quotations Corrected for the Ben
efit of Farmers
The following are the current prices of
the various articles of produce as retri
ed for The Pilot on January 22th.
Potatoes -85
Wheat.--Hpring 70
Wheat—White Winter -70
ttye -60
Barley 50
Oats -83
Corn -48
Hay 7.35-8.50
Butter 10-24
Eggs 21-22
Halt ]>er bid 45-75
Wood -500
Peas While 1.15
Peas—Marofat 1.25
Peas Green 1 25
Peas -Scotch 1 80
Wool -15
Flour Patent 1.75
“ Daisy 1.80
“ Rye 1.60
Mulling 00
Coarse Meal. 1.10
Fine ** 1.25
Oil “ 1.60
Our Baking ponder is a home product
and pure. Hchmidt Bros.
it a ooy is “like all other boys" he
will Ihj “like all other men" when he is
Killed by Explosion.— Julio#
Richert, formerly of thia city. waa
fatally injured at Seattle, Wash..
Thursday, by the explosion of a boile r
in the mill where he was emyloyed.
He survived his injuries but a few
hours. His brother is August Richert
owner of the Good Lock Clothing store’
Debaters Chosen.— The debate on
the coal question between the Sheboy*
gan high school and the Nortbside high
school teams takes place next month.
The Manitowoc team is comprised as
follows: Alliert Heyroth, Fred Each and
Miss Mabel Smith
(Quarantine Raised.— The health
department has raised the quarantine
at the Pech livery stable, which was
established on account of the appear
ance of glanders among several horses*
Railway Clerks’ Organize.—A
branch of the International Railway
Clerks’ association has been organized
here with a membership of twenty-one.
Speaks to Woodmen.— George Mor
ton of Milwaukee delivered a lecture on
the readjustment plan proposed for the
financial policy of toe Modern Wood
men of America before the local lodge
at their hall Friday evening. Th*
majority of the members here are
against the plan.
Delegates Chosen.— The Retail
Grocers' association have chosen Henry
Mulholland and I’. A Miller as dele
gates to represent it at the state conven
tion to l>e held in Madison, Fob. 17 to ‘JO.
Must Pay Taxes,—After Jan. 31,
those who have not paid their taxes
will lie charged an extra I per cent.
The law fixes this advance. There are
only throe days left.
F. C. Schultz Honored.— At the
ninth annual convention of the Wiscon
sin Advisory Council of the Royal
League, F. C. Schultz was elected to
the office of warden. The convention
was held in Milwaukee last week.
Another Union.—lsrcal union, 32
of the American Union of Shipwrights.
Joiners and Caulkers, has been organiz
ed by emplopee of the Manitowoc Dry
Dock Cos.
Fou Goodrich Utkambkh. A sys
tern of wireless telegraphy will Isi in
hljill 4 •<l on nil tin* Goodrich boats in the
course of the next few month*. Thin
will be )i great convenience in time* of
To Sr A in' A FACTORY. — M. C. Haney
and John Haney of Algoma, formerly
of thin city have organized a company
to ojKTate a factory for the mauufac
tore of seats to ls located in Memphis.
Tenn., to Ito known as the Ahnaj>ee
Veneer and Seating company. The
capitalization i* |T."i,ooo,
Ciiinksk Nkw Ykaii.—The Chinese
of the city celel>rated their new year
yesterday. It lieing the 270th. year of
the present dynasty.
Is a Bankrupt.- Kric Scow, at one
time a mason contractor of tide city
and proprietor of a small store on North
Sixth street, has filed a voluntary j>e.
tition in bankruptcy in the United
States courts, scheduling his liabilities
at |4. r >o with assets of S2OO claimed as
Sknator Randolph’s Bill. A hill
has been introduced into the senate by
senator Randolph to provide for the
bulletining of the time (if the arrival
of passenger trains.
Skttlkh Tiik Cask. The Chicago
& Northwestern railroad company give
Mrs. Peter Weber and Stephen Bor
cherdt SI7OO for injuries they received
at Calumet crossing. The buggy they
were riding in a month ago was crashed
into by a freight train. Mrs. Henry
Fricke, whose husband met death while
employed as acarjwnter for the C. & N.
W C Jo. at Kaukauua. was given f2500
to forego any claim for damages that
might l>e made.
Drs. C. W. See base and O. C. Weru
ecke, dentists. Parlors in Weruecke &
Schmitz Block tf
Tour rough and sore hands will be
come as soft as a baby’s if you use
Chapine. Schmidt Bros
When people havent seen yon for
three years, and say yon have not
changed, they are liars, but what agree
able ones!
WHOLE NO. 2304.
The Youn£ Woman Secured SIBOO
Verdict Yesterday.
Other Cases Disposed of by the Jury
This Week.
He is now Awaiting Sentance for a Serious
Crime Against a Young Girl-
Case on Trial Now
Circuit Court was occupied for the
greater length of last week with the
broach of promise case brought by
Wilhelmine Schley against Edward
Krueger. A verdict was reached on
Wednesday morning which was
found fur the plaintiff in damages to
the extent of |INOO. John Wattawa
appeared for the plaintiff and Schmitz,
Burke & Craite for the defendent. The
defendent through his attorney may ask
for anew trial or possibly may take up
to the Supreme court.
The case wai not an ordinary one and
the publication of any details is prohi
bited by the nature of the evidence.
The jury, however, after hearing both
sides of the testimony favored the plain,
tiff. The judges charge was wholly
imparial, clesr and precise and is ac
cepted as eminently fair by the attor
neys on the both sides of the case.
Frank I. Pearce of Randolph who was
before court for non payment of ali
mony of S4O a month was by order of
the judge placed under restraint but
was subsequently released by making
good the deficit.
John Spindler, Jr., was found guilty
of an offenn,..,against Anita Voland of
St. remanded for sen’
The oHse, now occupying the court’s
attention is (’has. F Netzow vs. H.
Boettger. It concerns a piano tran
saction. Chas. G. Woolcock appears
for the plaintiff and A. L. Hougen
and O’Connor. Schmitz and Wild for
the defendant.
Phonographs at Rummele’s,
Submits Her Figures on Circulation for
Past Meek.
Miss Florence Hays librarian of the
Manitowoc public library submits her fig
ures, showing the circulation statistics
fui the past week ending Jan. 24. They
are: General, 5, philosophy, 3: religion
4; sociology, 12; natural science 19, useful
arts, 0, fine arts, 14, history. 29; travel. 46,
biography, 30;literature 52, Fiction 529;
Foreign books 160. Total 9(29.
Of these 110 were German,l2 Norwegi
an, 22 Polish, 15 Bohemian; I French
Daily average was 152.
Florence C. Hays.
There is one thing to the credit of a
man and woman very much in love;
When they are together they are not
talking about you.
When a woman marries a widower,
do yon suppose she minds it when an
agent calls to sell her husband a tumb
stone for his first wife?
A Scientific Discovery.
Kodol does for the stomach that
which it is unable to do for itself, even
when but slightly disordered or over
loaded. Kodol supplies the natural
juices of digestion and does the work
of the stomach, relaxing the nervous
tension, while the iutlauied muscles of
that organ are allowed to rest and heal.
Kodol divests what you eat and enables
the stomach and digestive organs to
transform all food into rich, red blood.
At Schmidt Bros., or C. A. Groff man.
A Marvelous Invention.
Wonders never cease A machine has
been invented that will cut, paste and
hang wall ivaper. The field of inven
tions and discoveries seems to be unlim
ited. Notable among great discoveries
is Dr King's New Discovery for Con
sumption. It has done a world of good
for weak lungs ana saved many a life.
Thousands have used it and conquered
Grip. Bronchitis. Pneumonia and Con
sumption. The general verdict is:
"It's the best and most reliable medicine
for throat and lung troubles. Every
50c and SI.OO bottle is guaranteed by
Henry Heinrichs, Druggist. Trial bot
tle free.

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