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C® € iy® Ha
Oscar Larson has been visiting in
W, C. Schlaeter left on Tuesday for
William Wreith of Two Rivera was
re on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Kriea of Antigo
e here visiting.
Miss Elsie Plinskie has gone to She
ygan for a visit.
Mrs. W. 6. Kemper visited in She
ygan on Monday.
Mrs. Henry Hinrichs went to Mil
snkee on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Christiansen moved into
e Barnet home this week.
Walter Clark is home from Chicago
spend his Easter vacation.
Chas. Eirwanwas uomefrom Milwau
e on Sunday spending the day.
Miss Florence Sedgwick has retarned
om Beloit where she studies.
Mrs. Liebenow has been in Milwaukee
siting for the past few days.
D. Stronf came np on Sunday to
tend the day with his parents.
A son came to the home of Mr. and
rs. Joseph Porontka on Sunday.
Adolph Biegel came np from Milwan
ree on Tuesday to visit his parents.
Miss Daisy Rich has gone to Weyau
vega to spend the Easter vacation.
Several large parties are projected for
>be two weeks following Easter.
Anew baby boy came to the home of
Sdwin and Mrs. Schnette last week.
Miss Qenevieve Witty entertained the
it. Cecelia Musical society on Monday.
Mrs. T. W. Hogan of Antigo is visiting
it the home of Judge and Mrs. Kirwan.
Mrs. C. F. Canright took a trip to
Milwaukee the latter part of last week.
Mrs. A. Pierce after a week’s visit here
has returned to her home at Hingham.
Miss Julia Kelley spent last Sunday
at the home of Mrs. Callahan in Neenah.
Rndolph Johns of Appleton spent
several days visiting friends in the city.
Paul Scbuette is home from the
university to spend the Easter vacation.
A birthday party was given last Fri
day by Mrs. H. Stahl and was greatly
Mrs. A. C. Schreiter visited with her
father and mother at Appleton over
Robbed The Grave
A startling Incident, is narrated by
John Oliver of Philadelphia, as follows:
"I was in an awful condition. My skin
was almost yellow, eyes sunken, tongue
coated, pain continually in back and
sides, no appetite, growing weaker day
by day. Three physicians had given me
np. Then I was advised to use Electric
Bitters; to my great joy. the first bot
tle made a decided improvement. I
continued their use for three weeks, and
am now a well man. I know they rub
bed the grave of another victim." No
one should fail to try them, Only 50
cents, guaranteed, at Henry Henrichs
drug store. n
Open the door, let in the air.
The winds are sweet, the flowers are
Joy is abroad in the world for me,
Since taking Rocky Mountain Tea.
F. C. Buerstette.
Paul Schuette will be home tomorrow
from Madison to spend the Easter
Mr. and Mrs. Mann of Two Rivers
together with their children spent Tues
day in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. Pittsby have been enter
taining Mr. and Mrs. Albert Posky of
Fond du Lac.
Mrs. John Frier of Milwaukee is
visiting her mother, Mrs. Patrick
Mrs. Chas. F, Smalley is expected
home early next week accomyanied by
her son Cheater.
Calvin Zeuk has returned home for
his Easter vacation. He studies at
Franklin College.
Mrs. E. L. Kelley who has been visit
ing her parents in Madison returned to
this city this week.
Dr. C. J. Reinfried goes to Milwaukee
on Saturday to visit his brother-in-law,
Dr. H. L. Banzhaf.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Schmitz were here
from Milwaukee on Sunday visiting
John and Mrs. Franz.
Miss E. Roemer who was home for a
brief visit returned to Milwaukee on
Monday to resume her studies.
The wedding of Patrick B. Kay of
Manitowoc and Mias Ida Tegge will
ake place during Easter week.
Miss Irma Schuette is home after
spending a long vacation in the south
ern part of the state and in Chicago.
Edward Goedjen was home from
Chicago for a few days visit. He pur
sues his studies at the Armour Institute.
Miss Mayme McMahon spent the last
week at home returning to her studies
at the Milwaukee normal school on Mon
Miss Lida Baensch is at home. She
is taking her Easter vacation. She
studies at the Milwaukee Downer
Frank Smith of Milwaukee was here
on Tuesday and attended the lecture
given by James L. O’Connor of Mil
Mrs. C. F. Smalley who has been
wintering in Pasadena, Cal., returned
to her home lust Tuesday in company
with her son Chester.
Miss Grace Hamilton left on Monday
for Atlanta Ga. She will accompany
her grandmother home, the latter who
hns been wintering in the southern city.
A Sweet Breath
is a never failing sign of a healthy stom
ach. When the breath is bad the stom
ach is out of order. There is no remedy
in the world equal to Kodol Dyspepsia
cure for curing indigestion, dyspepsia
and all stomach disorders. Mrs. Mary
S Crick, of White Plains, Ky., writes:
“I have been a dyspeptic fur years—
tried all kinds of remedies but continued
to grow worse. By the use of Kodol I
began to improve at once, and after
taking a few bottles am fhlly restored
in weight, health and strength and can
eat whatever I like. Kodol digests
what you eat and makes the stomach
sweet. At Schmidt Bros, and C. A.
Groffman. and
For Sale
Steel tire road wagon with leather
trimmings, in good condition; but one
year’s wear. Also a single harness in
good condition. Terms cheap. En
quire at the Pilot Office.
Learned Authority Upon Giant* Say*
They Have Small Brain
Prof. Cunningham, who has been
appointed to succeed and serve under
his old teacher, Sir William Turner,
In the chair of anatomy in the Uni
versity of Edinburgh, is the greatest
authority upon giants, says a London
paper. lie is at present occupied in
elaborating the proofs of his belief
that a giant is a morbid phenomenon.
A man or woman who is more than
six feet five inches, or, at the outside,
six feet six inches, cannot be regard
ed as merely abnormal, the professor
thinks. He has shown that the men
tal characteristics of giants—easy
good nature, sloth and poor intelli
gence —are those shown by victims
of a rare disease of overgrowth
called acromegaly. This is due to en
largement of an appendage of the
brain, and Prof. Cunningham has
personally examined every giant
skeleton in the British and continen
tal museums, and found that the lit
tle cavity In the skull corresponding
to this part of the brain is enlarged
in all of them.
A Great Sensation
There was a big sensation in Lees
ville, Ind. when W. H. Brown of that
place, who was expected to die, had his
life saved by Dr. King’s New Discovery
for Consumption. He writes: “I had
insufferable agonies from Asthma, but
your New Discovery gave me immediate
relief and soon thereafter effected a
complete cure.” Similar cures of Con
sumption, Pneumonia, Bronchitis and
Grip are numerous. It's the peerless
remedy tor all throat and lung troubles.
Price 50c, and |l. 00. Guaranteed by
Henry Henrichs Druggist. Trial bot
tles free. u
lint Os-Tail Soap.
Ox-tail soup, nc v regarded as a na
tional English dish, was first made
by the very poor of Huguenot ref
ugees from France, after the revo
cation of the edict of Nantes, becasue
ox tails then had no market value.
Pleasant to the Taste
One of the most important require
ments in a medicine to be given to
small children should be that it is
pleasant to take. Bad tasting medicines
disturbs the stomach, destroys the
appetite and it is extremely difficult to
get chi!lren to take them. The
pleasant flavor of Re-Go Tonic Laxative
Syrup, the certain cure for dyspepsia,
constipation, and biliousness pleases the
most sensitive persons and is the ideal
laxative for young children. Sold by
Henry Hinrichs, Druggist. H
Cause of Feminine Irritation.
If women are more Irritable than
men, as alleged, says the Chicago
Tribune, the fact may be due to the
French heel.
flood For Children
The pleasant to take and harmless
One Minute Cough Cure gives immed
iate relief in all cases of Cough, Croup
and LaGrippe because it does not pass
immediately into the stomach, but take
effect right at the seat of the trouble.
It draws out the inffamation, heals and
soothes and cures permanently by enab
ling the lungs to contribute pure life
giving and life-sustaining oxygen to the
blood and tissues. At Schmidt Bros,
and C. A. Qroffman. u
Admirers of Distortion*.
The broken and distorted foot of a
Chinese lady is called a “golden lily"
by Chinese admirers of such distor
For liver troubles and constipation
There's nothing better in creation
Than Little Early Risers, the famous
little pills.
They always effect a cure and save
doctor bills.
Little Early Risers are different from
all other pills.
They do not weaken the system, but act
as a tonic to the tissues by arousing
the secretions and restoring the liver
to the full performance of its func
tions naturally. At Schmidt Bros,
and C. A. Groffman. n
Larrabee Fair Changes Dales
It has been decided to change the date
of the Larrabee cattle fair from the
fourth Monday in each month, to the
first Wednesday in the month. The
change will begin with May. Therefore
the next fair at will be held on
the first Wednesday in that month, and
all succeeding fairr will follow on that
day. L’t
The mortised an 1 tenoned door is the
best made. We cs.rry a complete stock
of all sizes. They cost no more than
any other make. M mitowoc Building
Supply Cos. tf
Your teeth cannot talk, bul tell yon
in a language all their own that they
need attention. Call on Dr, Ernst
Seeger. the dentist office on north
Eighth Street
Yon can get Formalene to prevent
smut in oats at Schmidt Bros.’ drug
store at Manitowoc.
There is just as much art exercised
today in design and coloring of carpets
as there is in painting pictures.
Richardson’s superlative carpets always
make a home look cozy. A beautiful
exhibit at Mendlik & Mulholland.
Lime, Cements, Brick, Stone
and Sewer Pipe
In fact everything' in the
Masonry Line
J.G. Johnson Cos
Fuel, Masonry Supplies, Ice, Lumber
■ 2k YALE A
y Something Interesting to y
4 Show You in the pr ce and features of the J
L Buritx & Schniacher Bicycle Cos. L
Opp. O. Torrison Cos. 720 Commercial, St.
Seeds! Seeds!
Wc have put in a complete stock of
choice Red Clover, Alsyke, Timothy,
Wheat, Garden Seeds, etc., etc. Shall
be pleased to have yon call and inspect
the seeds. They are certainly a first-class
Always carry a full line of Flour
and Feed, Grain, Hay, Straw, Gr. Oats
and Corn, Etc.
Grain Company
Phone 100. Near 1 Oth St. Hrid^e.
To prevent smut in oats,
barley and other grains, and
prevent scab in potatoes.
ommended by the agricul
tural department. Full di
rections on every bottle at
Schmidt Bros. Drug Store,
208 N. Bth Street.
O. Torrison Cos.
Important Notice
We take great pleasure in announ
cing that during the months of
April and May, we will accept year
ly subscriptions to “The Designer”
at 80 cents each.
This is 20c less than the usual price
The Designer in each issue contains
up-to-date styles for women and
and young people, illustrated less
sons in millinery and dressmaking,
fancy work, short stories, poems,
advice on matters relating to eti
quette, the toilet table, the nursery
the kitchen and the garden. See
departments, ‘‘What Women are
doing” and ‘‘Helps along the way”
Do not delay but send your subcrip
at once to
O. Torrison Cos.
18c White Wash Brushes 9c
.10c White Wash Brushes 23c
60c White Wash Brushes 4Sc
SI.OO White Wash Brushes 73c
35c Hakes 19c
65c Steel Shovels. 45c
65c Steel Shovels—long - handles 45c
$2.25 Varnishes—per gallon $1.45
Ksc warranted Broadaxes 58c
80c Clothes Rack 58c
Ooc Clothes Hack 45c
♦ 1.50 Steel Express Wagon $1.25
Wc can Save you money on Faints and Varnishes.
Wc are now located in our New Store Opposite North Side National Rank.
No Guess Work! No Mistake!
When You Come to Us for Your Photographs
We have been years in the business of making’ the name
MELENDY mean good photographs. We are careful to give
perfect satisfaction to one ami all.
Remember We Enlarge Pictures in All Styles. Price with
Frame $.1.00 and Up.
The Melendy Studio
Largest and Best Equipped Photograph Gallery in the County
We Wish to Sell the 44 ["IADDOJ^pp”
Piano on its merits alone and only ask that you do not fail to
examine it before you purchase, and we shall cheerfully abide by
your decision. We have the utmost confidence that the "Had
dorff” will so thoroughly interest and please you that we will in
you. gain a true and lasting friend.
Vogelsang & flurphy, Agents.

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