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We are Selling the Genuine Delaware, Lackawanna
& Western R. R. Co.’s.
The old reliable and standard brand of free burning’ Anthracite.
The coal that made satisfied customers for Aug. Schmidt,
The J. Q. Johnson Cos.
Office Corner Main and Quay Streets, S. S. Phone 104.
New& Second Hand Wheels
10 per cent, off
For two Weeks only
Large Assortment of Second Hand Wheels
Yale, Columbia, Badger and Special
Buritz & Schumacher
Northern Grain Cos.
Wholesale and Retail.
Flour, Feed, Grain, Hay,
Straw, Salt, Land
Plaster, Etc.
We are enjoying an increasing
trade because we have a com
plete stock at right prices, and
giving best possible service.
Write or call on us for prices
on mixed car or car lots of
Flour, Feed, Corn, Salt, Land
Plaster, Lie.
Grain Company
Phone 100. Near loth St. Bridge,
Sale on Sewing Machines
Cl iAA 'na'or/lc ,h "' c can
UU UpyValUo certainly find them at this sale
Manitowoc Music Cos.,
913 South liifr/ith Street.
Remember THE PILOT has the best facilities
for doing the finest JOB PRINTING. When
ordering, remember this fact, and give this
office a call Good work is the cheapest.
Trainmen Maul Always Appear
Dapper aa Stroller* on the
lloule yard.
One railroad company with offices
in Chicago has long made the study
of etiquette one of the duties of its
trainmen. The men must not swear,
nor use slang, nor he peevish, nor dis
courteous, says the Chicago Inter
The Erie Railroad company now
comes along with still a newer idea.
The trainmen must always appear as
dapper as a stroller on the boulevard.
They must keep their shoes well
shined. Their clothes must fit them
faultlessly, and, most of all, there
must he creases in the trousers of
every uniformed employe of the road
Down in Indiana, at a division
point, three of four tailors are kept
busy pressing uniforms. Roth in
Chicago and at the other end of the
run bootblacks are employed to keep
clean the “boots" of the employes.
The idea of making a dapper-look
ing company out of the employes is
new to Chicago, although the idea has
been tried in t lie east for several
weeks. At Jersey City six tailors are
constantly employed and tlie boot
blacks are kept busy.
Each employe Is given two tickets,
one of which passes current with flic
tailor, while the other is as good ns
a dime with the bootblacks. Each
employe is told to use the tickets
freely, to look well all times, and not
to he bashful about asking for. new
tickets when the old ones are gone.
Ilnnkrra anil ICrniml Hoy* Stand Side
by Side In llUMebnll
The baseball fever is no respecter
of persons. The broker with the
high hat and the hank account and
tlie barefooted boy stand side by side
and eagerly await the next inning.
Rut there is some tittle interest when
it comes out that the fever that
mines with the first game reaches the
dignified ecclesiastic. Rut if does,
and it sometimes goes very high, says
the Philadelphia Public Ledger.
One day last summer, when the
leading teams were running very
close, a reporter called on Cardinal
(llhhons to ask him some questions
regarding the pope’s encyclical which
had recently been published. The
cardinal granted the interview and
tlic reporter left the room. He was go
ing down the steps when his emi
nence, leaning over the landing, called
“Have you heard to-day’s score?"
“Yes," said the surprised reporter
"it wns 2 to 3 and in our favor.”
••Good," said the cardinal, with n
smile, “that put us two points ahead,
doesn’t it?"
The reporter didn’t know, but he
realized that the cardinal knew a
(Meat many tilings that he didn’t
IntcrntinK Information ('nnc<*rnlnf|
Hit* Source f the Word So
(om in <nl > Ued.
Tli oil fin ml a of years ago a mineral
hm 1 rig the strange power of attracting
Iron was found in the country ancient
ly called Magnesia, in Asia Minor. The
name of this country has given us the
word “magnet,” says an article "About
Magnets," in St. Nicholas. This min
eral, which Is now called the lode
stone (not loadstone), attracted at
tcnilon of the curious, and It was dis
covered that a piece of iron which had
been rubbed with the lodeatonc ac
((Hired the same power of attracting
iron; in other words, the piece of iron
became a magnet. It was afterward
found tlint such an iron or artificial
magnet could be used like (lie lode
stone itself to convert other pieces of
Iron Into magnets by rubbing. Still
mort recently a modi' of making mag
nets by means of electricity was dis
covered. that is, by wrapping a piece
of insulated wire many times around
the bar and then causing a current of
electricity to pass through the wire.
The familiar small toy magnets are
simply steel bars which have been
rubbed a few times against powerful
Two I it •( Ink id" !>(•<• Ilerlln I'll y nielli n*
Discover Wlmt They Think 1*
Sure Cure for limiiinii In.
Two distingue bed Berlin physicians,
Prof, llmil Fischer and Von Mi ring,
have discovered what they regard as
an infallible cure for insomnia. They
call it veronal. It has been used with
remarkable results, it is said, in a
large Berlin hospital by Prof. Lllien
f e Id, w ho expresses the linn conviction
t lint no other medicine to produce sleep
approaches veronal in certainty and
intensity. Me administered 450 doses
to 00 patients of both sexes, and after
the dose the patient was fresh and felt
us if the sleep had been wholly nat
ural. In ail of the eases (he heart and
lungs performed their functions with
the utmost exactitude.
('■>■ of Shark Kin*.
In some countries w alking-st hks are
manufactured from shark tins. From
tlie skin of the animal Is obtained a
leather suitable for making sword
grips and many fancy articles. Sharks
abound on the const of Nicaragua, and
Mr. Qoltuchalk, the United States con
sul at Sun Juan del Norte, suggests
that the fins, backbone and skins might
with advantage be imported into the
Untied States for indust rial purposes
The killing of sharks is encouraged by
the Nicaraguan fishery laws, and there
appears to be no export duty on any
industrial product derived from them
The Brilliant Conception and Inven
tion of an Englishman.
Conntrnrta n Tnl.bj Which with Klec
trlc KyehnlU, Kiplimlve Mouth,
unit I’in-Coveml Hide, I*lll* AH
Other Feline* to Flight.
A genius hailing from North London
has been struck uuli a brilliant con
ception for ridding back gardens and
outhouse roofs of philandering cats.
It consists of nothing less than the
invention of a fearsome automation
tomcat made up of a tin frame and
covered with afurcoat.
“Tom” is us black as the darkest
night, with a still' black tail standing
up defiantly In the air, and a ghostly
look in its sightless eyes, which, when
roused to anger, send forth a light cal
culated to make even Ulysses tremble.
This baneful glare is produced by a
four-volt electic battery stowed away
in that portion of "Tom’s” anatomy
generally occupied by the digestive
The general principle of construc
tion, according to the Jlritish inventor,
is based upon powerful clock work, re
leased by a lever when the tail of the
animal is moved.
The clock works a pai'r of bellows,
with two loud-screeching reeds, at the
some time forming contact to light the
lamps in the eyes, and forcing outward
a dozen long needle points, which come
up through the skin of the back. Hie
tail also acta as a trigger, and releases
a hammer formed of the lower jaw of
the eat, which explodes two percussion
caps in the mouth. '
One night an experiment was made.
The clockwork was wound up and the
beast placed in a hack garden. In due
course a ferocious tabby of loose char
acter and with chips oil' its ears walked
up to the stranger to give battle, while
a dozen of Ills lady friends sat around
to see the fun.
In feline language, the tabby appears
to have asked his lady friends not to
crowd into the ring, a nd t o watch close
ly w hile he prepared “Tom” for the un
dertaker. He began b\ walking up to
a wall and sharpening In's claws. Then
became hack wagging all that was left
of his tail in an aggressive and insult
ing manner, and took the measure of
his silent enemy.
Without the slightest provocation he
flew at the automatic eat, removed a
lump of loose hair from his hack, and
broke his tail in half.
That ended the first round, but it was
only the signal for the tin tomcat to get
into action. The fail exploded the per
cussion caps in the cat’s mouth with a
sound resembling that of a 4.7; the
electric eyes blazed out like Ladysmith
searchlights, while heart - rending
shrieks rent the air from (he bellows
Inside, and the needle points got their
businss ends into the tabby cat.
M itliin a few seconds 1 the garden was
clear, and pale-faced pussies. w ere tear
ing off through the quiet streets in
search of home comforts. It wasmore
than a month before they ventured to
Peep over the wall to see if the “black
terror” was stiil in possession.
Woman \\ ho llun Slept Since May 2t,
lss;t, I’lomen Anny Hear Saint
(tuentln, France.
Marguerite Floyenval, of Thenelles,
near Saint (Quentin, France, who had
hern in a cataleptic state since May
21, lss.l, was awakened the other day
and died the next morning’. For
some time she has been suffering
from phthisis, and it is believed that
the effect of (ids malady on her sys
tem conduced to her reawakening.
She moved her hand six days be
fore her death for the first time and
groaned slightly. When Dr. Charlier
took hold of her arm she said: “You
are pinching me,” and subsequently
replied to questions by “Yes” and
“No.” She was, however, in a state
of great weakness, and gradually
sank, finally dying.
Marguerite Iloyenval’s lethargy
was caused by fright. She had had
a child, which died shortly after its
birth under circumstances which led
to the opening of a judicial investi
gation One day in May, 188,1, while
Marguerite was ironing, a neighbor
said to her: “The gendarmes are
coming to arrest you.” Marguerite
had a series of fits and gradually fell
into her long slumber.
The French Von likliilkc In the I*n
• Inie of I'rmlilliiK Fueh
Other svilli Foil*.
Dueling, not for honor, but for fun,
Is one of the latest pastimes indulged
in by the gayest of nations, says Col
ber’s Weekly. And they cal! this
fencing with buttonless foils, do the
merrv (iauls, “la poulc aanglante,” i.
e.. the bloody men. For these en
sanguined poultry contests, the fol
lowing regulations have been laid
down: “Swords with buttonless
blades, faces uncovered, right arm
bared, ordinary kid gloves If desired,
upper part of the body clothed in a
vest fitting tightly to the skin, belts
forbidden, each fencer to be assisted
by two seconds. The competitions
will consist of two-minute bouts, and
will stop at the first blood.
The tir-t public event of this kind
took place early in March, at Nenillv.
near I’aria, the fighting cocks (or
hens) to lead oft being M. l.aher
dpm pie and M. de Vliette. The latter
received a scratch on the forearm.
Then the police intervened. After
a demonstration, the officers of the
law withdrew, and then the series of
duel* continued and more of the
Kr *ve Gullits birds bled for f*
There is a smaller amount of waste
matter in the cultivated apple than
in most other foods.
The production of wheat per nere
in Canada is double that in the Unit
ed States.
Cress is the quickest growing of
plants. Under perfect conditions it
will flower and seed within eight
days of planting.
Itahylon’s population could never
have exceeded 1,200,000. Probably
the number of people in Rome was
less than this figure.
The new Minnesota capitol, which
is soon to he completed, at a cost
of $4,:.00,000, will be one of the most
sumptuous public buildings in the
world. It will be constructed entire
ly of Georgia marble.
There are 140 members of the
North Dakota legislature, and of
them 51 are farmers and only two are
lawyers. Norwegians and their de
scendants are very largely repre
sented in the polities of North Da
The New York Tribune observes
that the new animal houses in tlie
Central park zoo give wild beasts a
wider range of comfort than the ten
ement dwellers in the crow’ded dis
tricts of the East side of Manhat
tan have known for generations.
Superintendent Richard Sylvester,
of the metropolitan police of Wash
ington, D. C., has made public a po
lice regulation for that city, which
reads: “T spit on any sidewalk or
footpath, or to spit on any street
railway car or other public vehicle,
or to spit on any part of any public
building under the control of the
commissioners of the District of Co
lumbia is unlawful.”
The Canadian government has is
sued a census bulletin, which gives
statistics as to agriculture iu Al
berta, Assiniboia and Saskatchewan,
which united compose the Northwest
territory. The total area of these
territories is 100,963,117 acres. Of
this area, 75.99 per cent. Is unim
proved. Field crops, exclusive of hay,
occupy 53 per cent, of the improved
land, but only a fair beginning has
been made with fruit trees and veg
etables. The area of land in wheat,
oats, barley, rye. corn. pens, potatoes
and other field roots in 1891 was 194,-
773 acres, an increase in a decade
of 333 per cent.
Widowers More l.lkrly Thau Wlilom
to (>et 10 no nub of Slintle
llll'NNfll IIOMtI.
Statistics gathered by the Now
York board of health show that
widowers of all races, colors, and
• reeds take less kindly to a second
dose of single blessedness than do
widows. Of the total lumber of per
sons seeking the marital suite in the
standard year the bereaved ones of
both sexes made up one-tenth of the
list and the widowers outdid the
widows to the number of 556. Since
the reports of the board deal solely
with indisputable facts and leave de
batable theories to the speculative
mind the inquirer has to look else
where tor an explanation of the dis
parity in figures, lie finds it in vari
ous sources, but the authorities con
sulted disagree. However, the pre
ponderance of testimony indicates
that woman, by the sweetness of hei
disposition, contributes more ma
terially to a man’s happiness than he
does to hers, and that, having lost
one spouse, he is never satisfied until
lie finds -somebody else like her.
Tree* In the City.
As the earth was packed round the
roots of a tree planted in front of n
school on Arbor day last month a lit
tle girl exclaimed: “My! New York’ll
soon be a woods if we childrens keep
on!” The interest of the children
of the crowded city districts In green
and growing things is pathetic, and
Arbor day has done as much for
them us for the rural districts.
Startling Evidence.
Fresh testimony in great quantity is
••instantly coming in, declaring Dr.
King's Ne.v Discovery for Consumption
Cough and Colds to be uneqnaled. A
-ecent expression from T. J. McFarland
Bentorville, Va. serves as example. He
writes; “I had Bronchitis fur three
years and doctored all the time with
out being benefited. Then I began fak
ing Dr. King’s New Discovery, and a
few liottles wholly cured me,"Equally
effective in curing all Lung and Throat
troubles. Cons.imp'ion, Pneumonia and
Grip. Guaranteed by Henry Hinrichs
Druggist. Trial bottles free, regular
i/.es 60c, and SI.OO.
* "“I
Of Berlin, Germany, the Expert Specialist and Surgeon.
Who has visited Manitowoc for the past SIX YEARS,
Once a Month, will again be in
Manitowoc* Friday, July 17th
TOe Specialist
Because be give*
his entire attention
to these cases.
Ail Cases He Undertakes Guaranteed.
YOU Mr. MFM If y° u “ re troubled with
IV/UIIVJ I'lLll nervous debility, stupld
ness, or are otherwise unfitted for buslnes", or
study, caused from youthful errors or exoesecs,
you should consult this specialist at onoe, Don't
delay untiLtoo late.
MAMKIMn There are thousands of you
troubled with weak, aching
backs and kidneys and other unmistakable
sigus of nervous debility. Many die of this diffi
culty, ignorant of the cause. The most obstinate
cases of this character treated with unfailing
AI | DKF AtFt delicate nature—ln
muu i/ULnJLj llamtnations and kindred
t "oubles—quickly cured ‘without pain or inoon
\ tnienco.
fATAPRH which poisons the breath,
* rt *V*V • stomach and lungs and paves
the way for Consumption, also Throat, Liver,
iURW POINTS I Ist—The doctor gives his
rUinlOl ud—All business oonduotod
Jd—Names and pictures never published unless
tre his friends.
WRITE 1 your trou ’bles If living away from city. Thmsands cured at home by correspondence
ilUll.. 1 md medicine sent as directed. Absolute secrecy in all professional dealings. AdJroa*
tl! letters, giving street and number plainly. Send stamps for list of question*.
DOCTOR TURBIN, 103 Randolph St., Chicago, iIL
' SHOE 00.^1
M oo t
■W 50%25 \||
W s \
It willpay you to examine the W. g
L. Douglas Shoes, and see for M
yourself that they are just as Jf
| good in every way as those for a
and which you have been paying rj
lsstos7. For style, com- H
\ fort, and service, they
% cannot be surpassed Jg
by custom-made (g
Vk shoes. J 7
Every gallon of
, will cover 300 or more square feet
of surface in average condition, two
coats, to the gallon. Every gallon is
a full standard measure. It is made
to paint buildings with. It is the best
and most durable house paint made,
cevsiis most, wiass lonoist,
VMWMHi solo by
F. J. Blesch Hardware Cos.
Corner Ninth and Buffalo Streets.
Business Men
realize the fact
that Dr. Turbin
can be depended
on to fulfil his
proinlses In every
respect, and the
doctor has
among bis patrons
seme of the
most prominent
business men,
who are his best
Heart, Kidney, Bladder and ail constitutional
and Internal troubles; also Rupture, Pliea,
Fistula, Dyspeps'a, Diarrhoea and all diseases
of the stomach and bowels treated fat in ad
vance of any institution in the country.
Scrofula, Tumors, Tetter, Eczema and Blood
Poison thoroughly eradicated, leaving the sys
tem in a strong, pure and healthful state.
I Apvipc If you are suffering from persistent
L'/ALTII.J Headache, Painful Menstruation.
Uterine Displacements, Pains in B'ck, and feel
as If It were impossible for you to endure your
troubles and still be obliged to attend your
household and social obligations. There are
many women doing this to-day. However, a
;reat many have taken treatment of this spe
cialist, and ho can refer you to tho.e who have
been cured by him. Give the doctor a call. He
can give all the encouragement in the world
and will cure you If you trust yourself to bis
personal attention tc each Individual case,
on a professional basis and strictly confidential,
requested to do so. 4th—The doctor’s patient*
„We have desirable residence
lots on easy terms.
Dealers In — 1
Wood and
Masonry Supplies.
Quay Street, East of Eighth St
PHONE 37. -cw
Don’t Be Fooledi
@The market Is being flooded
With worthies Imitations o>
To protect the public we call
especial attention to our trade
mark, printed on every pack
age. Demand the genuine.
Fm Sale by all Druggists.
Pennyroyal pills
I .(JTN Orfftaal and Oilj Ooaulie.
Always reliable. Ladle*, uk Dr uf fist
* n KICI> and Isold metallic boiM. esaled
w4lh b,ue ribbon. Take no other. Kchaie
W Dmifproui ftubstltutioa* and 1 nil in-
J / "" ffj Ilona. Huy of j our Oi-ukrlsl. or tend 40. In
I W Jf aiami* for Particular*. Tcstlnmmlala
V C* EP and ** Keller for Ladle*,** in letter, by re-
P turn Mnil. 10,000 Testlmooimla. Hold by
all Drugilcu. Chichester ('bemleal <!.,
Mention this pa|>er. MadUnu Huuarc, I*lll LA.. I*A.
The Pilot for job work

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