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Paragraph Items of Minor happenings of the Past Week-
Personal Mention.
Arthur George was in Milwaukee
last week.
M. H. Dempsey returned from Chica
go Friday.
Theo. Schmidtman was in Brillion,
Coall Coal! Coal! arriving eveiy
day at the local docks.
Christian Science Su’nject for Nov.
15th 1903 ‘‘Soul and Body.”
Miss Alice Sonsthageu returned from
a visit at Antigo Sunday.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Hallock Sunday morning.
A baby girl ai rived at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan, Friday.
Anton Kerscher placed anew roof on
J. Bartelme’s place at Kings Bridge.
Jay Hall returned from a business
trip to New York and Buffalo Sunday.
Sheriff Pellet conducted the fore
closure sale on the Ploechelmau estate
John Gross and family and Mrs.
Henry Wiukelmau are visiting at For
est Junction.
W. D. Richards and Chas. Spl Ter
have also taken themselves to the woods
in quest of deer.
Supervisor Pinger has resigned his
position and Jos. Kellner has been re
turned in his place.
Arthur Juul has accepted a position
with Kellner Bros, at CTinotnville and
left for there Monday.
Louis Kunz, Henry & Julius Lindstedt
are up to the woods for deer and you
may depend on it that they will get
some too.
Isaac Grade and Dr. Thnrtell left for
the north Monday on their annual deer
hunt. Hope Craite will not get the
doctor in trouble.
The recital and concert at the Pres
byterian church Thursday evening was
well attended and the audience was
well pleased with the program ren
One of our hardware men said the on
ly way yon can tell some of the tin
•poous from the silver ones is that the
tiu does not tarnish.
Tonight (Thursday) the annual New
Euguind Snpjier is being given at the
Presbyterian church. This supper has
reputation for goodness and ought to
be liberally patronized. From 5 to (i
and only 25 cents.
The first number of tin* lecture course
given under the auspices of the North
side school will he the Symphony Or
chestra on Nov. 25. The production
will take place at the ()pera house and
will prove a very enjoyable affair.
The Manual Training Department in
the schools of the north side is now
complete and in full operation. Mem
bers of the 6th, 7th and Bth grades were
the last ones to be given the benefit of
the course.
Wednesday, Mrs, Bndysy fell sus
taining painful injuries, the fall being
due to a defective sidewalk. She has
served notice on the city that she will
endeavor to recover damages from the
city for her injuries.
The Green Bay Advocate published a
letter from A. L. Hongeu. our district
attorney in which Mr. Hougen shows the
advantages of a. municipal court to the
community. This letter was the out
come of a request sent to Mr. Hougen
by Green Bty people to find out what
Manitowoc thinks of its court. Green
Bay is contemplating putting in a
similar court.
A fire started in the building occupied
by C.E Giffey & Buritz and Schumacher
Sunday evening and when discovered
by Irwin Alter had gained considerable
head way. The department was called
out and succeeded iu putting it out lie
fore much damage hail been done. The
building is the property of L. J. Ander
son and the damage is covered by in
snrance. It is supposed that the fire
originated from the stove in the Giffev
Give nature three helps, and
nearly every case of con
sumption will recover. Fresh
air, most important of all.
Nourishing food comes next.
Then, a medicine to control
the cough and heal the lungs.
Ask any good doctor.
•• I flrat naed Ayer’i Cherry peetoral M yeara
ago. I have aoen terrible nup* of lung di
•aaea cured ly It. Iwm never -A-ithout lt. M
▲lbbux U. Hamilton, Maru>tl. Ohio.
2fc.,Soc., pi .00. J. C. ATKR (JO..
Health demand* dally action of the
bowels. Aid nature with Ayer’s Pilla
Wm. Pflueger left for Appleton Tues
Miss Amanda Christenson is at Mil
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Peter Eigenberger.
Emil Hacker has entered the employ
of the O. Torrison Cos.
A nreak in the engine delayed (he 4:20
Monday for 3 hours.
L. J. Nash returned from a business
trip to Oshkosh Saturday.
Joseph Weiufurther and wife have re
turned from a vacation trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Werbke have re
turned from a visit to Oshkosh,
Max Rahr mid Ernst Busch have j >in
ed the hunters in the northern forests.
Henry Delbrunner of Cato has been
arrested on a charge of assault and oat
George MacFarlaue and Ed. Mackey
visited the Sheboygan Opera house Sat
Mike Connelly and family have been
visiting at, Eagle River during the past
Thanksgiving, with the scarcity of
Turkeys he who gets one will have
reason to give thanks.
Ed. Aas tad has accepted a position
with the C. &N. W, at Chicago and
left for there Satnr lay.
The Northern Grain Cos., is preparing
to ship 200,000 pounds of wool from the
old F. & P. M. warehouse.
The ladies auxiliary of the Fraternal
League tendered a surprise party to Mrs
Davey Saturday evening.
Miss Fsy Laudreth is becoming famous
as a lady bowlei having rolled a score of
208 at Two Rivers recently.
Mrs. George Chandler celebrated her
birthday Tuesday. A number of guests
helped her rememlrer the day.
Hugo Mueller who recently came to
this country from Germany with Fred
Gerpheide left for a visit to St. Louis.
Sam Olham, Dr. Flack’s assistant re
turned to Manitowoc Saturday al'Jer a
visit with his parents in Massachuetts.
The Boston Dental Parlors "has left
very sudden, and we think he’s run
away" leaving several bills but taking
bis box of toothacke with him.
The police are arresting bicycle riders
right and left these days. The chief
insists upon stopping riding on the side
walks am; chances are that he will have
his way.
The Pilot Publishing Cos. I as absorbed
the printing firm of Permit A Ma-urn.
Mr. Berndt will act as foreman of the
Pilot Publishing Cos. while Mr. Mason
will be the business manager.
John Schroeder and Wm. Frickeweie
tlie victims obtained by the police Mon
day evening for riding on the side walks
with a bicycle. The chief is placing of
ficers in ambush ami is bound to catch
all offenders.
The St. Boniface Church Choir are
prepairing a must entertaining program
for Thursday evening, Nov 10. Solos,
duets instrumental selections and lull
chorus numbers will make up the hill.
Rehearsals have been in progress for the
past three weeks, and indicatous point
to a most enjoyable affair. The singing
of the young boys choir will be a feature.
The nienue fur the New England
supper served at the Presbyterian
church tonight is as follows: Pork and
beans, cold tongue, jellied veal, scal
loped potatoes, cranberry jelly, Boston
Brown Bread. Wheat bread, cabbage
salad, mince, apple and pumpkin pie
coffee and doughnuts. All for 2d cents.
Sunday the police arrested Win.
Miller a deckhand of the steamer
Columbia. He was in' an intoxicated
condition and had two ducks in his
possession that evidently were not his
property. At the hearing Monday he
was given five days for disorderly con -
duct, the police will in the mean Mine
endeavor to find out whose ducks Miller
had annexed.
Henry Oestreich and Wm. Meyer
were arrested on complaint of a C. &
N. W. 11. R deteotive, charging them
with stealing rails belonging to the
company. It appeared that Oestreich
with ti e assistance of Meyer, had ap
propriated the rails to build a track,
from his stone quarry to the road. He
was fined SIOO 00 and costs, while Meyer
received a sentence of $lO 00 and costs.
Both paid their fines and departed wiser
than before.
“Talk of rats" said Senator Randolph,
the ordinary jierson lias no idea what
damage they can do. The large ware
houses loose hundreds of dollars annually
from rats ravages. At the central docks
we have tried traps hut they get lot
wise for them,cats also were pie sed ii.t >
the service but did not give satisfaction
we were in a pickle until by accident
we got a small owl, and he tilled the
bill nicely. A large owl clears a ware
house from rats in a hurry sometimes
killing 20 in a single night.
Notice in particular the dress goods o -
fern on th* cover page of onr catalogi e.
The People's S\ni\hh Bank Stoke,
_ [ garrison coula be starved V
T| out. The strongest body \
“*i 1 has to give up the fight |~~
when starvation weakens TANARUS"
( it. There are more deaths '**
from starvation than the world
dreams f. When the stomach is dis
eased and the food eaten is not digested
and assimilated, then the strength of the
body begins to fail because of lack of
nutrition, and the weak body falls an
easy victim to the microbes of disease.
Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery
cures diseases of the stomach and other
organs of digestion and nutrition. It
restores physical strength in the only
possible way, by enabling the assimila
tion of the nutrition contained in food.
"I was sick for over three years with a com
plication of stomach troubles,” writes Mr. John
H. Castona, residing at 2942 Arch St., Chicago,
Illinois. "Had tried every good physican I
knew of, as well as many patent medicines, but
received only temporary relief. One dav a
friend recommended your ‘Golden Medical Dis
covery. ’ I immediately procured some and be
gan it’s use. Commenced to gain the fin# week,
and after 1 had taken only one bottle I could
eat as well as any one without experiencing ill
effects I took five bottles, and to-day am happy
to announce that I am as well and healthy ns
any one could be. I owe it all to Dr. Pierce’s
Golden Medical Discovery."
The sole motive for substitution is to
permit the dealer to make the little more
profit paid by the sale of less meritorious
medicines. He gains. You lose. There
fore accept no substitute for "Golden
Medical Discovery.”
FREE. Dr. Pierce’s Common Sense
Medical Adviser is sent free on receipt
of stamps to pay expense of mailing
only. Send twenty-one one-cent stamps
for the book in paper covers, or thirty
one stamps for the cloth-hound volume.
Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. V.
Our Claim
As one of the most important seasons
is approaching for those interested in
buying a piano, we desiie particularly
to call your attention to the fact that
wo are in a position to furnish a piano
at greater advantages than others;
First. Because we buy in large qnan
titles direct from the factory.
Second. We have no expensive
salesmen to pay, to add to the price of
the pianos.
Third. That, our prices are the
owest ever quoted for a line of p : anos
as genuinely first class and and reliable
as ours.
N 12 t 1 Vogelsang & Murphy
MnrrinKeH of Hour American Girls ol
Wealth to TUled Foreigners
Turn Out Unfortunately.
The marriage of many American
girls of wealth to titled foreigners Is
just now receiving more than usual
attention. The disclosures regarding
the post-wedding experience of some
of the brides who have left their
homes and native land to become the
wives of real or bogus noblemen of
Europe are in many cases humiliating
and distressing.
Margaret Van Etten In a cabled ar
ticle from Vienna gives a few of the
names of American women who have
come to grief by such foreign alliances.
There are thirteen on her list, and the
number might 1“ Increased by a thor
ough study of the newspaper files. Ev
ery woman mentioned married a title,
and most, if not all of them, were
subjects of extensive newspaper notice
when their weddings occurred. Their
triumph was in the blaze of publicity;
their humiliation and suffering have
been chiefly in private. In every case
cited these women have either secured
divorces or are living apart from their
Some of the daughters of Americans
of wealth, says the Rochester Demo
crat and Chronicle, have contracted
happy marriages with foreigners and
by their subsequent lives have reflect
ed honor upon their native land in
their new homes. There is no reason
why an English nobleman should not
fall in love with a rich American girl
and marry her, precisely as he might
have loved and married a poor Eng
lish girl. It is not such cases which
are open to criticism, but the numer
ous alliances which are clearly the pro
duct of fortune-hunting negotiators.
Stoves that will please you in baking,
cooking and heating. ()n page tl) of onr
catalogue yon will find some values to
interest you. The People's Savings
Bank Stoke, Manitowoc.
Dr. Ernst Seeger, Dentist over Walter
Greens store.
' illr A IKK.
A. \.iKK\KIIN, I'ongotioiiM,
ci UK* i Ilium, I.nine Kcirr. >IIIK Fever.
11. n. I KPKMVK. |,a nienemt, Injuries,
entiw i Rheumatism.
(M JHOUR THROAT, M1.111.V. Eulzooilc.
ci'KKM S IMaleiuper.
CUBJti S WOKMH. Bo Ik. Brut...
K. K. j t’OI'OHH. Ci.ldi, liilliienr.a, Inltam. and
ccmoi S l.tniKK, l*leuro-l*iieiiiiM>iila.
F. F. I I'OLIC, Bellya. hr, Wind-Ulown.
< i rues ( Diarrhea, lyenlery.
I. I. (HKI\ DISEASES, Mange. Eruption*.
ccttßM i I teem, Greaur, Farey.
J. K. ( D AD rOMIITIOV Staring Foal,
CL'tttx ( linllgeallon. Stinnarh stagger*.
flue, each: Stable Cnae, Ten Specifies. Hook. Ac., $7.
! At JrugifUtii, or wnl prepaid on receipt of price,
i Humphrey*’ Medicine Cos., Cur. William a John
Street*, New York.
How an Ananyin* Mule Kt
from Kaapln* Ihf Air with
HU Bray.
‘‘The proper study of mankind is
man,” but no one who reads the fol
lowing story from the New York Tri
bune would care to deny that there Is
something to be said on the side of the
elective system. The story was a fa
vorite reminiscence of a former mer
chant of New York, now dead.
“I was once on a gunning trip with
some of my friends,” he used to say,
“and In a field close to the house
where we slept a donkey was pas
tured. The animal kept us awake with
his braying. My friends, do what they
would, could not put a stop to his
“I happened to know a great deal
about donkeys. They abound In my
native province of Posen. So I said to
my friends, T can stop the animal’s
noise, so that to-night he won’t bray
"They did not believe me, bin that
evening I treated the donkey for his
complaint. He was silent all night
The next morning my friends said
they wanted to see the donkey, then
they would be convinced. They ex
pected to find him dead They found
him alive. A stone was tied to his
tall. That was all.
“They could not understand-how he
had been kept from braying, and they
asked me to explain,
“‘lt 1s perfectly simple,’ said I. ‘to
anyone who has studied the donkey.
An animal never brays without rais
ing his tail to the level of his body.
So long as If hangs down he will not
make a sound. My heavy stone, there
fore, served the purpose of a gag.’ ”
Strange Explanation nl I’rmllar
Markina, on an Indianapolis
Pnblie Building.
One of the plinths in the north front
of the new federal building promises ill
for (he peace of mind of the Inveterate
toper, for on Its surface, in a delicate
tracery, la apparently the outline of
many rattlesnakes. An old stone man
from the Bedford quarries called atten
tion to the freak several days ago, and
said that such markings were very un
usual, says the Indianapolis News.
According to his story these snakea
existed many years ago, In prehistoric
times, back in the era when the plots
forfairy stories were laid Possibly these
snakes were cold, according to his story,
anyway they colled closely to one an
other, and In that form were petrified
and were gradually turned into stone.
The stone expert also pointed out where
the rattles of the snakea may be seen
One of the most peculiar features of
the stone is the fact that the tracery
shows most plainly during damp weath
er, and if it were on the south sldeof tlie
building, it is said, the sun would soon
bleach its delicate tracery until it would
be no longer discernible. On account of
Its present situation the sun seldom
reaches it, but when it does the outlines
of the snakes completely disappear.
A Writer of Vrrr Declares 1 hat
Those Who Kenil Then Acquire
Greater Pat riot lam.
"If you heed to the political princi
ples of your country as recorded by
your poets, you cannot help but
acquire greater patriotism and become
better citizens,” declared Bliss Perry,
editor of the Atlantic Monthly, in a
lecture on “Types of Political Poetry,”
at the University of Chicago.
Mr. Perry reviewed the works of
some of the poets wholly apart from
their style and treatment of nature’s
subjects, but discussed their works as
affecting political matters. Said he:
“Poets telling of their emotions are
not, heard, but overheard. They usu
ally are too egotistic to enter into a
discussion of practical things, but
when they do treat of current events
they meet with popular favor. If we
study them sympathetically we can
not live quite as we do. We cannot
be as skeptical or as indifferent as
we have been heretofore. In political
campaigns poeiry is often employed
in lauding or denouncing some can
didate for verse In the hands of a
capable man is a powerful political
I'lrnlr of Itrlitlrrt.
It Is said that a daughter born re
cently to Mr. and Mrs Bert Dummitt,
who live near Monclt, Mo., has more
living relatives than any other child
In the United States. Among other
kin It has two grandmothers, two
grandfathers, two great-grandmoth
ers, two great-grandfathers, 15 great--
great-aunts, nine great-great-uncles,
14 great-uncles, ten great-aunts, eight
uncles and eight aunts.
To rinrard Mont Blnnp.
Some German students who wished
to Indulge in mountaineering but had
not the means, wrote to various firms,
offering to place their advertisements
at different points of the ascent of
Mont Blanc on payment of a certain
sum Some firms accepted the offer
but It Is thought the authorities will
object to the placing of the advertise
Small (ierman State*.
A German geographical magazine
points out that It Is possible for a good
pedestrian In less than five hours to
touch upon seven of the smaller Ger
man states, starting at Stelnbach In
Ilaln-Wilrr for (iallrr.
Distilled and rain water has been
found a cure for several cases of
goitre by an English physician, who
has ornrnunlcated the results of hla
experiments to the Lancat.
Fashionable Jackets for ladies and Children
Jackets possessing the style and beauty which women so much
admire. In quality of cloth, lining and trimming nothing is short of the
newest and best. We quote here a few of the many values we are of
fering during the sale announced in our catalogue. For more illustra
tions, fuller descriptions refer to page 11 of our catalogue.
J3he People’s Savings Bank Store
R. G. OLP, Prop.
Eleven arrests were made by the
indice force last week.
State of Ohio. City of Toledo, I
Lucas County. i ° '
Frank J. Cheney makes oaib that he
is senior partner of the firm of F. J.
1 hi ney & Cos. doing business in the
i ity of Toledo, County and State afon -
-aid, and that said firm will pay the
sum of One Hundred Dollars for each
and every case of Catarrh that cannot
be cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my presence, this ftth day of Decemlier,
A. D. ISN6.
[SEAI.] Notary Public.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, and acts directly on tiie blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Send
for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO, Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Lawrence Rice was up before Judge
Shenian Monday on a charge of drunk
and disorderly.
Remember This
When in need of a good reliable
cough medicine onr reiwlers will do
well to remember that Hart’s Honey
and Horehonnd not only affords im
mediate relief, but effectually cures.
Mrs. Michael Savage of Lincoln, 111.,
says of this valuable medicine. “On
Saturday night of last week I was
awakened and greatly alarmed at
finding my daughter, four years of
age, suffering from a severe attack of
croup. As we always keep a bottle of
H irin’ Honey and Horehonnd in the
house, 1 gave her three doses of the
medicine and in twenty minutes she
was entirely out of danger." Harts'
Honey and Horehonnd is sold by Henry
Hinrichs Druggist.
We have on band at all times money
in amounts of |SOO, |IOOO, and upwards
which we will loan you on first mort
gage security, interest 5 ner cent.
Julius Lindstedt & Cos.
Nearly 25 ton of carp have leen re
moved for Lake Koshkonong wi'hin a
W ek.
Disastrous Wrecks
Carelessness is responsible for many a
railway wreck and the same causes are
making human wrecks of sufferers from
Throat and Lung troubles. But since
the advent of Dr. Kings New Discover
for Consumption, Coughs and Colds,
even the worst cases can lie cured, and
hopeless resignation is no longer neces
sary. Mrs. Lois Cragg of Dorchester,
Mass., is one of many whose life was
saved by Dr. Kings New Discovery.
T us great r- medy is guaranteed for all
Throat and Lung diseases hy Henrv
Hlnrlchs Druggist, Price 50c. and |!.o<
Trial Bottles free.
For Sale
First mortgagee on Manitowoc Coun
ty real estate, which are exempt from
taxation. Julius Lindstedt & Cos.
J. 1, lUO4.
Children’s Jackets at
$2.25 $3.50
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Ready-to-Wear Hats
WOur assortment of these nobby felt
bats is complete embracing 1 all the
We can supply your hat wants at
prices that will interest and please
x you.
Mrs.. M Simon
Equitable Life Assurance Society
Literature Milled to any address gratis. District office Hoorn
17, Williams Block, Manitowoc, Wis.
Not for a day but for all time! Protection that Protects
Have you a Thirst?
So much the better—by that CHIXJ
much more you ll enjoy a draug- UIUUIIIwW W
ht of Rahr's beer. It's a thirst TVtVtVTt TT
quencher which receives many a ■
well merited encomium—will re- i
ceivc your praise, too, after you |J' Mm \
have once shared the pleasure of ,/ \
those who long ago found out the • |
many merits of Rahr's Pale La- 1 \ tyi'
per or Muenchener beer which V !
is the only pure beer brewed in \
Manitowoc. Try it and convince ‘ Mir
yourself. torn** x WKm VBk
i I

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