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JChc |sUuitinvoc S’Uot
Established 1859.
One inch tier year t ■ <!l1
' )ne inch one insertion T'c.
Locals ft to 10c tier line.
All job work prompt!) ami neatly done.
The Pilot i-published at - (1 York Str.
Subscript ion tl ftu per tear in ad
vance Addre—■ all letters and coin
innnicationi-to THE I'll.' l l I’l H-
I.ISHINtt C<i Manitowoc AVis.
- t—..
If the Japane-e have shown mercy
leniency and magnanimity how <an
anybody arrive at the conclusi in that
the Russian plenipotentiaries havi
acliieved a decided diplomatic victory
It .hipan was eager for peace and if she ,
never intended to exact a money indent
nily from her partially-vanquished j
enemy, how can an\one make mil that
any special credit is Inc to M \Y itle b-r
what be ha- done at Portsmouth If
Japan was magnanimous, she intended
to exercise magnanimity 1 ■ e- He
agreement wa- reached 'I his bet at? tin
case, it stands to rea.-oti that Japans
concessions were not at ail tie- ie-ult ol
the exercise of vulpine acnn eti on the
part of tin- Russian i -immissiorier- In
a word if Japan wan .ignaniinoii- no
credit whatever is due to the Russian
diplomats who negotiated with tie
Japanese envoy- at Portsmouth If on
the other hand. Japans i om-i-sions
were due to suiierior vulpine ■ mining
on the part of the Ku--ian plemp- ten
tiaries. then it I dlow- that Japan did
not exercise letiiem x ami -lid not intend
to exercise leniency , 111 that ra-e sle
was merely bamhoo/.li-d and credit is
due to M Witte I credit ■an ever lie
due to one who out wits allot hel
It is wild nonsense to say that M
Witte achieved a xietorv when then
was no victory to ai bieve Put mark
you, we do not say that there was no
victory to achieve Put we do say that
if the Japanese meant to exercise
magnanimity and did exen-i-e mag
naniinity. then there was not loin? to
iu hieve by M. Witte and his colleague
at Portsmouth Pu* if there xva- one
thing to achieve and the Pu sin envoys
did achieve it then imone pu-e-nl of
a train of horse sen-e should have
any difliciilty in seeing Hint Japan did
not mean to even me magnanimity ami
that in fact she did md exercise h-niency
and mercy
To he gotten the tictl'-i of t In- out
wilted or halilhoo/lcil is not at all to
Is- lenient and men Jul for tin- moment
a |?ivcii result i brought about Ihl'oii/h
the promptitii?s of mere;., it becomes
ridiculous to say that tin- merciful
were bamhoo/lrd or outwitted.
Those who are -ei mit-glx i?ollen the
tietter of every now and then an- often
far superior in heart intelh-et and
son) to those who do pel the better li
the latter see it and who congratulate
themrehis upon tln-ir ran- -kill and
superior vulpine qualiti-
The doctrine of the divine right of
kings -till e -eiitially obl.iin nu-my
civilized nation, in rcnnblics a- well as
in limited and absolute monao hies
Meemiinrlv or o li-n-.bly llie iha-tiin- has
always Ih-oi rejected by tie people.)
this country but in reality it '..as ever
obUkineil and is now obtainin;' in He
United States of America lieli-id tin
American people surpa-s even otle i
civilized people in the manifestation of
extraordinai x ardoi and in udinnb
snthusiasiii in tin- matter of HnieHn.
unearned honors upon one-per n-xvho
have risen to exalted stations
This practice is intimately coiini-i led
with the doctrine i 4 tie- divine i i/hl ■-I
kings, which doctrine is merely a
H|M*cicH ol lici o xx'oi -■ lup \i iii'ic He- hero
('ti is not deserving of I In- le-imi: ai
corded to him
p often coiiies to pa s that when P
is just about to do tin- ii mil I llimt? and
thinks that he is le-linp oi In-own
initiative or oil a -umn -tioi' made line
and again by p> oph- not -o npv im; c x
ailed i llii ml Ia l:" 11 A with all the
influence jiertainin)? to tin- olti. e I-. o<
cm pics c i.nies f. ,| win and and o-lciii.it imis
lx suggests the very thing that Im
already been virtually it n-.l in f.n I
m-cidi -I upon 'I lie -m’-.-i si in in -m b
cases is made with all He -ceming of
1 1 is disinlci - -led pliilanlhi ■ py
We Ih-I ive in fix in;? credit xxlnn
credit is din and i • nun ha - -dm
lint tin le iioi ■ nb m and ii j. -i an in
dividual should be ciimmen-oiraii xxiin
the service reinh-red r lie-i-(Iort in.eb
Kxce-sivi praise nnre,■■ nin■; h-mi: •
is liauscim-. cspi ■ Lilly When I" I w• and
li|x ill ->ne or accorded tonne 1-i hav
mg done nothing
Honor and diiiine H-m n- condition
riw :
Ad well your part '. ■■ all tie I: n r
Ims '
is a statement which ultli , o written
by .t renowned poet I eiitially nil
true in Ihons.-ind •.( >■ -tin, .
The practh-. t h- ro w < -Ii■ p m mu
founded 111 n-a- >n and iiii'ler-tanding 1
It is not I mded on a < Hu ju t
correct and di-pa ■mnati > ' mat* <U
merit and a lie x. ■ ill It i mt
If at any tnn tie re n- re ii In i
at hand to Is ap"tlie -1 He I
daily papcis • p .-it■: . . • ,- t * i arm
fai lure one They an- a—i-H- I by an
army of politicians and a variety of
agencies and dim mi - in Hu- w- ik
Presently the fa! • estiniute ol tie- le
I . achi* veineul- i- a * pi* 1 bv mille n
not given to thinking Tle-n it i- that
it Iwoomi—almost a criiii*- ’■ n .i.l. and
to tell tin- truth i- in - mm/ tie- mdixidu
al upon whom honor-an Is-ing Hiru-i
Then you have the alternative of either
submitting to ostracism or “howling
with the wolves."
No. success does not necessarily “lie
in getting wealth that lias been created
by others A competency, or even a
considerable fortune, may be, and in
hundreds of instances is. honestly earn
ed. For example, an able, honest, high
lx -killed, cons -ientions physician and
surgeon may. and often does, accumu
late wealth by contributing to the well
being and prosperity of his fellowmen.
He gives more than he receives.
The same is true of Hu- great invent
or- and the scientists It i- also true of
many merchants and manufacturers.
In every case where ti pe.son creates at
least as much wealth as he acquires, it
stands to reason that hi- success does
not “lie in the getting of wealth that has
been earned by others
The greater the annual receipts of onr
government are under republican man
agement the more likely it is that the
country will be confronted by a large
deficit Tlu-re is no denying that a pres
ent day republican administration finds
little dillicnlty in exercising the art of
spending un uu-v.
Alas. It's True.
When modern England and modern
Amerie.it .m b and influence each other
t- it the right England and the right
America that touch Is it the best
meaning o( the one nation that i* meet
ing the best meaning of the other';
Doubtless America Inis really good
matter to teach England; but docs she
teach it Doubtless America has much
to learn from England iintis it learned ;
England is too snobbish and oligarch!
cal; but i American influence even tend
ing to make ji-..|| less snobbish or less
oligarchical ' America, i- too cheap and
vulgar but does English influence where
there is English influence, even ti nd to
make it I- - —s cheap and vulgar';
I- it not unfortunately the fact that
Hi" very Hung that modern America ad
mires m n- is onr an locmey. that the
very thing xve admire in America is her
mere perl ness and "push “;
English praise i- not a force recalling
America to her primal republican dial,
American praise i- not a force recalling
us to Merry England We are not even
flattering each oilier - powers: xve are en
conraging each other's weaknesses,
America finds it convenient to lie a little
less republican, that i-, a little less
American England lind- it convenient
to bea little less chix alron- that i- a
little less English. This simultaneous
falling a wax they choose to call falling
Americans upon win mi Renjamin
Franklin would Inve turned hi- bail:
embrace Englishmen whom Dr. John
son Would have kicked downstairs; and
behold the Wounds of a;; olu war eagle
arc healed lint neither people learns
anything except perhaps slang. Eng
land cel tainlx does not learn democracy.
I'he Americanized English nobleman
does not become all inch less of a lloble
man he only becomes rather le-s of a
gentleman. <• lx I'heslerton in Eon
don Daily News
The reciprocity ■ (intention -how-a ten
deucy to di-card the word “reciprocity
as misleading High and low tut llt
is suggested as a watchx'-'ud more brief
lx the ' dual tarilf
Tin- diiiiltaiill is pn-ejs, dv that plan
which Uermany under tin- name of
111 :ixi 111111 ■ i and minininni tarilf. ' i
turning against u- Ollier continental
nations will pre-enlly adopt it The
< 'lmmberk'iinib'M in England poxveifiillx
adv etc it in their “colonial prefer
A high tin ill as a club to beat trade
enemies combined with a lower tan IT as
a lure b*r 1 1 ade 1 1 mud - max not be an
id'-al ai r.iiigeiiii-ni. Hut it is belter far
than the xery heavy club xve earn uoxv
to beat 1 .11 )',reign 1 1 ade from ex el X
quarter indisi rmunately The New
York World
I loxx ' S I 111 - ?
We olTer (tin- Hutidied Dollars If.
w.-iid for any ease - I t 'atarrh that cun
hot be cured b) I bill - I '.ilai i h ( 'nrc
F J I'HI.NI.V A i a .Toledo n
We tin- undersigned, him- known F
J • In-in \ bu Hie l i t Ii \ears and In
| hex e ill 111 pel lei tlx hole -I able in all
bii-im -s 1 1 ansjicl i. it- ,-md linaneiallx
able to carry out any ohligalions made
l-v hi- In m
W x I.MI S'. lx IN Nx N A Mxl: xi \
Whole -ill'- In 111-i-i-t- 'I -led" ‘ I
Hall's t 'alar ili I in■ i- talii-n internal
ly, acting din-i ll) upon Hu- blood and
mm on--ni l.i i- o( tin - xsleiii Testl
Ill'-Mill!- ■■•• 111 (Id- 1 ‘lice .ii pel In It h
t ■ Id bx all I h nggi-ls
Take Mill - Family Fills b-rcon.-ti
pat ion.
Htihldiig It In
H" xv - tilings in x "iir dl. i-ion a-k
"and I he Wi .lllnu Hut l HI del Ii
l UiI he bum Ii pile ! the AO ir 1111111 a I
I fi-p.-il lim nl o()i' i,-il lxi I v cheap
Juki i in tin- coinilrx is writing ns for in
lormalion about grafting
Are Y nil I lljcngnl -
r.lig'l.'ed people should re mem be I
that altei mining'' man v quin el- ian
b< iiv- I led In keeping Iln-n dl -■ -I i. -u
--in g I ' ndil i- ti with I .lei tnr I '.itlei -
S ,\ I trow n. ■ f Hetim It-x ilk- i '
say- For X'iiis mv wile -ntiered m
teti-i Ix !i"in dx-t'i-psia ■ -nipli-iil.-d
with a lorpid liver until sle lo t her
strength and vigor and liecami' a mere
xxre'-k "f her fonm-r s'-lt Then she
tried Elei till- Ihltl'lS wllicll helped 111 I
alone amt (inally made let entirely
well -In is now strong and )•- ilthv
H• -n- \ Hinru li- druggi-' -i-IU atel
guaiiinti i tin-in it ("• ai- -tile
P;. you fed all tired out ? Do you some
tine s think you just can’t work away at
vour profession or trade any longer? Do
you have a poor app titc, and lay awake at
night- unable to sleep? Are your nerves
a'l gone, and your stomach too?
Has ambition to forge ahead in the
KBlnl [ ® Medical Discovery
Jfcii.VjT \ will make you a dif
C: wl ferent individual. It
gUfjlfl In will set your slug
flKijlU I {Rgi-h liver to work
H will get into every
THJlfflf I / vein in your body
\ I I and purify your
blood It will s'-l things light in your slom
ach and your appetite will come track. If
there i any tendency in your family toward
consumption, it will keep that dread de
stroyi r away, liven after consumption has
almost gained a foothold in the form of a
lingering cough, bronchitis, or bleeding at
Hie lungs, it will brink about speedy cure in
os per Cl lit, of all cases. II is a remedy pre
par' and by Dr. K V. Pierce, of buffalo, N. V.,
whose n I :>ur is given frceKa all who wish to
writi him His great success has come from
hi- wide experience and varied practice.
O > Copenhaver, Ksfj, of Mount Union,
Hu Igtlon Cos Pa Boa veil About
Iw 1 varsago I was suddenlv taken with a
~ iin in tln- pit <,I the stomach which was so vio-
I- 111 I toiilcl not walk straight II would grow
in. a* - -• .arc until it caused waterbrash and vom
iting ■.( ■ limy yetlow water A physician told
im I h i t , fhi in'ol dyspepsia and treated me for
u It months with but liitle benefit. Au
otln r physician told rnr my liver wa-out of or
ii.-1 that I had indigestion. He gave me a
|p dini-nt un'i I got -om'- Irelter hut only for a
• i,.,rt I nir I Iticn tried another one. who said I
), , 1 'i.'.tr indigestion, ulceration of the lining
of t tie min i Ii torpid liver and kidney affei lion
He in ill dmei ,i inon than year and 1 felt
mu Ii better lull it did not last I then took to
using several widely advertised patent medi
'Hie. till! receiv'd no more than temporary re
-1,, I I ilien iind Hr Pierce's medicines, using
his ('.olden Medical Discovery,’ and the ' Pleas
ant I'ellet- and in two months'time I was feel
ing bell' r lll.in I had for years before "
Hun I tie wheedled tiyu penny grabbing
dealer into liking inferior substitutes for
Dr Pierce’s medicines, recommended to
be just as good.”
Prolonging the Prime of Life.
I’rofi -.-or Mctchiiiknlf. Chief of U<-
-caich at the I’astMir Institute of Paris
an-1 nlie id the must eminent biologists
of the day has reached the astonishing
cum■ In-i in that the span of human life
may be largely inerua-ed.
In the September Md lure’s, A. E.
Me Far lane describes in a paper which is
lh" outcome of a series of interviews
with Professor MetchnikufT, the dis
cuveries and investigations which give
warrant fur the scientist's belief.
Profe—ur Metcbnikuir.s latest invest!
gat ions have sh iwn that old age as xve
know it is practically a disease, just as
tangible and conquerable as any other
Imiiian ill. and one against which the
body should be able to arm ilself with
weapons as effective as those which
science raises against bubonic plague or
The discovery of the pathological
nature of old age is the outcome of
Meiehnikolf's discovery, some years ago.
of the fu net ion of the Phagocytes i white
corpuscles of the blood) whose activity
in attacking and devouring the hostile
microbes that enter the system is the
measure of our immunity from disease.
In observing those microscopic watch
dogs of the blood,” the astonishing dis
covery was made that certain diseases,
notably the “atrophies, ' not only were
not combated by the phagocytes, but
wen* actually caused by them. It was
s'-cii that certain physical conditions
au-e a perversion of the activities ot the
macrophages a variety of phagocyte
which then turn their attacks upon the
bods itself and devour its cells as vora
cjiumly as under normal conditions they
d' Ii iy f'-r ign microbes. From this
ill .roveiy it was but a step to recognize
the analogy between these phenomena
and Hie stale called “old age" which is
n--Ilung lie iv than compound atrophy.
Solar Hu-most positive results ob
tained have been reached along lines of
prevention rather than of cure. I hie of
the can es of the pernicious activities of
the macrophages in the microbe if
putrefaction in the digestive tube, and
this it was discovered may be rendered
innocuous by the microbe of tin ferment
which causes milk to sour. A search in
Europe discovered the healthiest microbe
of this viiiiety inhabiting the kelir milk
of the I’ulgarian mountaineers, who are
the longest li\ cd people!if the cuntinent
With I his corroboral ion of their theory,
I 'rote -or Mi tchnikoll and his eo- workers
imported quantiles of the kelir milk,
md e-iabhshed cultures in their labora
toil'-:- Tin y are experimenting upon
t hem elxa b\ drinking generously evei x
day ot milk fermented i>> this mierohe
md are able to chi uncle eiiconnigjng
n sub Whether nr md a ciiiiliniiai.ee
■ I tin diet will bring Hie pmlessor to
the 'hundred and forty years' which
I*n It "ii set down as the natural -pan ol
mans life l ine only cm tell How to
lml-1 the in -nr o-llt Ill'll ('"phages to their
n-a ina I! ii net ion is Ih" unsolved pn ddem
r-u Hi.- -,-ii ntlsls but iJIn i roads have
Im-'-ii opened xx Inch approach I In- subject
fioiii difV'-K nt dircclioiis and with great
Slice. The ingenious cxpeiiments I-I
the laboratory workers make au .-ib-orle
ing st -rx undone that has fur the lax
linn-1 c iitjinial a-loiiisliiiient.
I ike I tndli'.g Hoilcy.
Finding health i- like linding moin-x
-" Hiink Iho-e who are sick When
xon have a c nigh eld sore throat or
clic-.t irritilion. belter act prnmptlv
like \\ i 1 fuller of Sandy E.-xi l Va
lb- -ax- I Innl a Icirilde idlest I rouble,
caused by snioke and coal dn-t on mx
lungs but, after finding no relief in
other remedies, I xvas cured bx Dr
Kings New Discover) for ( oiisiiiiiptioii,
i ugh- and ( sd- I imutest -ale
mu cough ot lung medicine in tin
world At Hi-nrx Hinrichs drugstore
and jl •- ruaranleed Trial bottle
To Cure a Cold in One Day in Two Days.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. r%// ° ft ever v
Sovrn Million boxes sold In past 12 months. This signature, ho*. 25c.
The following Real Estate Report is
furnished us by the Manitowoc Count?
Abstract Company, which owns the only
I complete Abstract of the county. The
following are the officers of the com
pany: C. E. Spindler, president: Julius
Lindstedt, Vice president; L. J, Nash,
Secretary; Win. I* Richards, Treasur
er: H. A. Mueller. Manager.
J. C, Fagan to Albert Bolzentbal H a
sec 34 Kossuth SSOO
John Wilke to John Ebel HO a sec 21
Two Rivers. *1
Hans Hanson to A. C. Hanson -tOasec
80 Manitowoc Rapids, sl.
Geo. Herrick to Fritz Leverenz N4
lotsls-6 blk 2 St ffransadd, fl4oo.
H. Spoenfgen Sr. to M. C. Hess &
Helen Spoentgen lot 11 blk 3bi Man
itowoc, SIOOO.
John Muchow-ky to Geo. Herrick N$
lot 15 blk 3(11 Manitowoc. $1435.
J. M. Duecker to Wm. Kattreh 3 a
village Kiel, $ • • •
Win. Ktoltziuann to Win. Hroltzmann
Jr. HO a sec ill Centerville, SOOOO.
John Mahnke A Wm. Struck to John
Mahnke Jr. 3d a sec 85 Rockland. sl.
Henry Kantza to State Bank Chilton
130 a sec 31 Eaton, <8(185.
Ernst Vallef.-ke to it C. Behuke 14 a
sec 1!( Rockland. $10(1.
Ignat/. Li| sky to J. P. Kowalski lot 3
blk 888 Manitowoc s|.
Christine Anderson to Manitowoc
Savings Bank part lot 5 blk 830 Man
itowoc, sl.
Attacked by a Hob
and beaten, in n labor riot, until covered
with sores, a < hi-ago street car condnc
tor applied lincklen's Arnica Halve, and
was soon sound and well. “I use it in
j my family," writes G. J. Welch, of Te
konsha, Mich., and find it perfect.”
1 Simply great for cuts and burns. Only
35c at Henry Hinrichs drug store.
The Real Thing.
“Why did Ethel turndown young Big
“()h, she had a better offer.”
"Why, he has twenty thousand a
"Ves, but Ethel received a proposal
from the office boy of a life insurance
Hack. Hack, Hack
A chronic cough can now be instantly
relieved by Gloria Lung Balsam, anew
preparation of wild cherry, honey, tar,
etc Best for children. Sold by F. C.
Under Dog Sometimes Wins
“Ves, I think I have him at my mercy.
He has a few thousand dollars and I
have million-.
"Well, why don't you go ahead and
smash him ■
“I'll tell you Every time I start to
doit I begin thinking of what happened
to Russia."
Hot OH Cheap.
He may well think, he lias got off
cheap, who, after having contracted
constipation or indigestion, is still able
(o perfectly restore ids health. Nothing
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j cure for headache, constipation, etc.
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j guaranteed.
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go a North Western R’y . will sell
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!of>3 .5. I ickets oil sale every Sunday
; good returning until ihe following Mon-
I day.
M J. (>T)I IVN'KI.I,,
Big Cut in
Itarjf.tins in
DROP 111: AI >
si \vi\(. Machines
\ ariou.s Make ft
' i \ lilies sls 00
< i \ allies . . 17.50
■ .ii values 19.75
••■(.I values 22.35
tines 25 00
,vihi \ew iII.III.- . . 29 50
(. mm.) New I loin. 31 50
,■ .. Whiti Kotai \ . 32.50
\\ lute K. .bn v 37.50
I rom Sept. 7i li
Manitowoc Music Cos.
Ol t Soul I; ! IkTilli Street
Veterinary Spec]ties cure diseases
j of ’torsos, Cattle, Sheep, Dogs, Hogs ami
i Poultry liy acting directly on the sick past*
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4. \. I FEVER*. I'onupatlon*, Tnnaniiiia*
cures j tioiiH, Lung Fever, Milk Fever.
11. HdKPR4IV, LnmeneNM, Injiirie*.
cuhkh J lihrunmi Inmi.
r.lfiORR THROAT, Hulun, Kpl/oolle.
CUIUM ) IliMtemper.
CCHEK ( WORMS, Hot., Orub,.
K. E. H’OI’OIR Col da, Influenza. Inflamed
cure#} Lung*, l*leuroi*iieuiiiuiiin.
F. F. M'OLIC’, ilell\nehe. Wind-Ulovvu,
cure# > Diarrhea, Dviteiilerv.
G O. Prevent* MI6CABRIAOK.
I. I. i HKIM DlflEANßvi. Mitnge, Eriapl lon*,
cures ) v leer*. Orea*e, Farcy.
J K. >I) \ D OOXniTIOV staring I 'out,
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Overheard On the Heath.
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too economical."
“What do you mean'l”
“Look at her bathing suit."
An Australian Postmaster
writes: “Six boxes of Gloria Tonic
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ern K'y. !)
We have seemed ten of
the best stories pur
chasable, in the must
captivating vein of the
authors, and will publish
them from time to lime.
Among the number are
The Maiden and
the Beau Gallant
By Louis J. Vance
The Crimsoning
of the High Seas
By Percie W. Hart
Make up your mind for a
rare enjoyment.
The stories are copyrighted
and we have the right to their
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• _
f* %
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li\ ' P m Wed and a ni >• ”.i
1 .*n t Kewaunee. Mgom.i
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Sept, ath I'los.
A Great Stock of Clothing
For Men and Boys
The Store for Men
In selecting your fall suit you will find to your advan
tage to look through our stock. It is more complete than
at any previous time, and the patterns and styles are very
attractive. The workmanship put into the clothing which
we handle The Stein Bloch Sc 0 Torrison Company's Special
hand Made is of the highest quality, which we can readily
show and explain to you if vou will pav us a visit. The
prices of this celebrated clothing range from
• $14.00 to $25.00
and the stock contains mane other good makes ranging in
price from
$14.00 down to $6.50
(D.jWr yrJirn Grm/mnp
tllold Fast
to a good brand of beer when you
find it poor policy to keep jumping
from one to another. If you have
tried Rahr's beer and like it, stick
to it you have a good thing.” Of
course, if you really don't like the
beer that you have been drinking,
and haven't tasted the Rahr s brand,
we suggest ordering a sample case
or two. fry a case of Rahr’s "Grand
Prize,” the best beer brewed.
Phone r,i.
to bent this price on our sale of bicycles, new and sis on cl
haml. 1 IRKS a hirjfe assortment, your choice at $3.00
each, guaranteed. Special cheap tires for your old wheels if
it does not pay to put on a 'food lire. Sale price $3.90
per pair, $2.00 each. Out side tires $1.50 and up.
Sale on pedal rubbers 15c per set
Handle bar buffers ..lOc
Cycle & Motor Works
South Side, Cor. Main and Washington Sis.
Unique 9c Sale.
Which will Continue for One Week, Ending Tuesday.
September 12th. 1905
Tliiv will bp one of flip most interesting ami one of the most satisfac
tax sales ever held in thiscity. la many instances the bargains lender
11,1 Oie phenomenal. and the offerings throughout will lie sensational,
I. c goods, K.c s?o(ids, title goods, and J.V goods will pay honor to this sale
by having t heir jirlce cut down to the tie level.
1 lie chief leatnro of Ibis sale will be its glorious tie offering Every
advertised price, every price card in the store will he tic. We might ex
Initiate upon the unusual opportunities of this sale with all the superlative
adjectives in the dictionary, tint it is not necessary. The crowds will be
Aile from the almost phenomenal values at he. this will be a satis
factory sale, and every article yon buy here will be guaranteed worthy,
dependable goods, and we will refund the purchase price to any dissatis
fied customer.
When in Waul of Special footwear, Call on
Wm. Klein
Footwear for Crippled Feet a Specialty.
fine Repairing Neatly Pone, Called for and Delivered.
Il you need a working shoo, give ns a trial. 'l'rv our
$2.50 shoe and sec Ihe 1 enelit you will get from them. lam
sure if you give them a trial you will come again.
York Si., sm 'hii. Phone .Via Mamtowoc, Wisconsin.

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