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Ihr l&atittowoc
Establshed 1859.
r~ T " ' ~:r-rrr- r . _-■...... .rrr
Entered at the Poetoffice at Manitowoc.
Wis., as second-class matter.
Published every Thursday by
3. S. CROWE, Editor and Manager,
line year, in advance ILSO
Six months, in ad
The Pilot is sent to subscribers until
all arrearages are paid and an order giv
en to discontinue. In ordering change
of address, give both old and new ad
Address all letters and commnnica
ions to
Manitowoc, - - Wisconsin.
English suffragettes spread jam up
on window sills, hammer the glass out
and hum the houses to get votes.
Wiser American suffragettes spread
jam upon biscuits and inspire the con
fidence of men in their ability and
trustworthiness as citizens. They are
not the suffragettes who get into the
headlines, but the., will Do those who
get the vole if the franchise is ex
Former King Manuel says he fore
sees his early return to the throne of
"unhappy Portugal.” Unhappy indeed
if its plight is such that it would rt ■
store to monarchy and its ignorance
is such that it would reinstate the
house of Braganza.
Jens Jensen, landscape artist, says
living in flats makes persons anarch
ists. Living in hall rooms lias made
many a man an advocate of a low tar
iff, which in the opinion of protected
interests, amounts to the same.
Contag : nus Tuberculosis.
Tuberculosis in contagious and non
contagious form is discussed by Dr.
Lawrence Flick in the April number of
Lippincott’s. According to Dr. Flick
the disease is highly contagious when
the patient is not scientifically treated.
To (juote:
"In every case of ulcerative tuber
culosis there is a rather long period in
which the contagion is intermittent
and mild; and a somewhat shorter pe
riod in which it is continuous and
mild; and a still shorter period, usually
about three months before death,
during which it is intensely contagious.
Protection is of value- and is therefore
important—in proportion to the danger;
and the best protection is of no value
when there is no danger.
“The great danger incident to the
last period when the patient is con
lined to the house and usually to bed
is due to the fact that he is in an in
closure. ‘Walking’ cases do not often
give new implantations. The resistance
of human beings is 100 great. Most
people can even resist tubercle bacilli
day and night for some time until
there has been an accumulation ca
pable of breaking down the resistance.
This breaking-down occurs most fre
quently in those who are caring for an
advanced case in the bosom of the fam
ily, worn out with vigils, overworked,
oppressed with sorrow, ami sometimes
emaciated with want; or in those who
have taken up quarters which have be.
come contagious environments by rea
son of the profuse throwing out of
tubercle bacilli by former occupants.
Ordinarily one does not contract tu-
berculosis on the street, in the street
ears, in church, by casual contact with
tuberculosis subjects, or by sleeping for
a night or two in a room which has
been occupied by a consumptive. But
during the last few months of life, the
tuberculous subject gives oIT tubercle
bacilli in such great profusion that few
people can live in the environment
thus created without getting an im
plantation, "dess the tuberculous in
dividual is 01 has been kept under
scienlilic supervision and control.
“Such supervision can make even
sucir a patient harmless, but only w hen
it induces the consumptive to deposit
all broken-down tissue in a vessel
which can be held close to the niouuh,
cleanse bislips after each expectora
tion, bold a paper napkin before his
mouth when he coughs, dispose of the
utensils and materials used for these
purposes in a way to contaminate
nothin#, ami immeilialely change ami
slerili/.e bed and body linens when
sputum gets on them. And all of these
things must lie done exactly right and
done always, or else the purpose of
the supervision is defeated.
“Only the well-to-do can afford such
supervision and control, since it has to
he kept up for a lon# time. The elll
cienl poor that is the work in# poor,
and the dependent poor, or paupers, can
#et it only through money contributed
hy private charity or taken out of pub
lic taxes."
Drive Sick Headaches Away
Kick headaches, sour #assy stomach,
indigestion, biliousness disappear ijuick
ly after you take Ur. King's New Life
I’ills. They purify the blood and put
new life and vi#or in the system. Try
them and you will he well satisfied
Kvery pill helps; every box guaran*
teed. i'rice 2- r >c. Itecommended by
Henry Hinrichs.
To Manitowoc, Wis.
Will Again Be at the Williams Hotel.
Thursday, May I, 1913.
Hours 10:00 A. M. to 8;0 P. M.
Remarkable Success of These Talented
Physicians In the Treatment
of Chronic Diseases.
Offf their Services Free of Charlc for
the Last Time.
The United Doctors, licensed by the
State of Wisconsin for the treatment
of deformities and all nervous and
chronic diseases of men, women and
children, offer to all who call on this
trip, consultation, examination, advice
free, making no charge whatever, ex
cept the actual cost of medicine. All
that is asked in return for these valu
able services is that every person treat
ed will state the result obtained to
their friends and thus prove to the sick
and afflicted in every city and locality,
that at last treatments have been dis
covered that are reasonably sure and
certain in their effect.
These doctors are considered by many
former patients among America’s
leading stomach and nerve specialists
and are experts in the treatment of
chronic diseases and so great and
wonderful have been their results that
in many cases it is hard indeed to lind
the dividing line between skill and
Diseases of the stomach, intestines,
liver, blood, skin, nerves, heart, spleen,
kidneys, or blam l or, rheumatism, sciat
ica, diabetes, bed-wetting, leg ulcers,
weak lungs and those afflicted with
long-standing, deep-seated, chronic dis
eases, that have baffled the skill of the
family physicians, should nut fail to
call. '
According to their system no more
operations for appendicitis, gall stones,
tumors, goiter, piles, etc. By their
method these diseases are treated w ith
out operation or hypodermic injection.
They were among the first in Amer
ica to earn the name of “Bloodless
Surgeons” by doing away with the
knife, with blood and with ail pain in
the successful treatment of these dan
gerous diseases.
If you have kidney or bladder troubles
bring a two ounce bottle of your urine
for chemical analysis and microscopic
Deafness often has been cured in
sixty days.
No matter what your ailment may
be. no matter what others may have
told you, no matter what experience
you may have had with other physi
cians, it will be'to your advantage to
see them at once. Have it forever .mi
lled in your mind. If your ease is in
curable they will give you such advice
as may relieve and stay the disease.
Do not put off this doty you owe your
self or friends or relatives who aio
suffering because of your sickness, as a
visit at this time may help you.
Worn-out and run-down men or wo
men, no matter what your ailment,
consult them upon this visit. It costs
you nothing.
Remember, this last free offer is for
this visit only.
Married ladies must come with their
husbands and minors with their par
ents. —Advertisement.
For Burns, Bruises and Sores
The quickest and surest cure for burns,
bruises, boils, sores, inflammation
and all skin diseases is Mucklon's Ar
nica Salve. In four days it cured L.
11. liailin, of Iredell, Tex., of a sore
on his ankle which pained him so he
could hardly walk. Should bo in every
house. Only ‘Joe. Recommended by
Henry Hinrichs.
How weak we think others are to
show impatience! It is so clear to us
that impatience in others Is a foolish
waste of vital force, sineo it cannot
possibly do any good, but we are im
patient ourselves, nnd learn nothing
from the folly of others. —Atchison
(Kan.) Globe.
IKHn .'<* ■HP iHltttt U f
"h MrT 't' I
cannot properly masticate solid
foods and digestion is often
upset —they do not receive the
needed nourishment to make
strength and preserve health, hut
if aged people everywhere could
only realize the Btrcngth-auß*
turning nouriahment in Scott'a
EmuUion they would take it after
every meal.
, it possesses the nourishing ele
ments of cod liver oil, tin- vital
jlowers of the hyjwphosphites of
lime and soda and tile curative
qualitiesofglycer , all imperfectly
combined that na' immediately
appropriates them to create
Btrrngth nourith the organß and
build the body. Ito Pev* s rheuma
tism and ailments due lode-dining
years. It adds to the Span of lile,
Refuat aubilitutea for SCOTT'S.
SIDTT & Hows I'., Bloonu.-lil, N, J 1Z M
Manitowoc, Wls., April 7, 1913.
Notice is hereby given that on the
third Tuesday of .May A. I). 1953 being
the 20th day of said month, and the
next succeeding days thereof, at the
oflleo of the County Treasurer of Mani
towoc County, at the Court House in
the City of Manitowoc, the seat of jus
tice in said county, Stale of Wisconsin,
I w ill soil at public auction so much of
each tract or parcel of laud described in
the following statement as will bo nec
essary for payment of taxes, interest,
and charges due thereon for the year
A. I). 1912.
Sale to commence at it o’clock in the
forenoon and continue from day to day
until all lands are disposed of.
M 10 KM 10
Town 17, Range 22. Sec.
SIO 1-1 SlO 1-4 2
Town IH, Range2l.
SK 1-4 SW l-l 13
K 1-2 SK 1-4 M! 1-4 SW 1-4 19
N 4 acres of S 8 acres N 1-2
NK 1-4 SW 1-4 20
Town 18, Range 22.
NW 1-4 NW 1 i 18
S 1-2 S 1-2 N W 1-4 18
N 1-2 NW 1-4 19
K 1-2 NK l-l If
N 1-2 K 1-2 NK 1-4 NK 1-4 21
Town 19, Range 21.
SW 1-4 NK 1-4 20
N 3-4 SW 1-4 SK 1-4 26
S 1-2 N K 1-4 SW 1-4 20
NW 1-4 NW 1-4 28
N 1-2 W 1-3 SW 1-4 NW 1-4 >. 28
S 1-2 SK 1-4 NW 1-4 29
W 1-2 K 1-2 SK 1-4 NK 1-4 34
K 1-2 NK 1-4 NK 1-4 35
K 3-4 NW 1-1 NW 1-4 36
W 1-2 W 1-2 NW 1-4 N W 1-4 36
Tow n 19 Range 22.
SOO ft. Lot 2 Block 2in the village
of Clarks Mills 28
Town 19, Range 23.
Gov’t. Lot 1.. 8
Lots I, 2,3, 4,5, oin Subd. of W 1-2
NK 1-4 13
N 1-4 S\V 1-4 NW 1-4 16
Gov’t. Lot No. k except - 1-2 acres.. 17
SK corner of Govt Lot No 8 17
PaVt of Gov’t Lot 5 18
Gov’t. Lot 1 N. of 11. H 19
Lot tl Block 14
Lot 11 Block 8
Lots 1(1, 13, 14 Block 8
Town 19, Range 24.
Ak recorded in Vol. 99 Page 3(11.... HI
S 1-2 N 1-2 Lot 2 Solid Lot 4 1(1
Part of Lot 4 Bast of Mlada's Snbd... 1(1
Mladii, <). Torrison Cos. and J. C. Nel
son's sub’d. of part of'S. K. por
tion of (iov’t. lot 4of sec, 16; al
so that part of sec. 17 Kast of
Lake Shore Boad and lot 10 of
snhd. of Gov’t, lot I in sec. 20.
Lot 1 Block 3
Lot 2 Block 3
Lot 3 Block 3
Lots 4—5 Block 3
Lot 7 Block 3
Lot I Block I
Lots 2,3, 4, 5,0 and 7 Block 4
N 1-2 N K 1-4 Markham and Nyha
gen snhd. of part of Lot 5 of the
solid, of the N 1-2 NK 1-4 W 1-2
of Lots I and 2 Block l 19
Lot 3 and N part of lot 4 solid NVV 1-4 19
Central Park Sub’d. No. i of lots 2,
5, 6 and part of 7 ol'Sub’d of N.
W. 1-4 section 19.
Lot 1 Block 2 19
Lot 20 Block 2 19
Part of nw 1-4 nw ii described in
Vol. 51 Page 67
N 1-2 of Middle 3-10 M 1-8 W 1-2
\V 1-2 of NW 14 20
Lot 4 Block 3 Oroide's re-Sub’d lot
Hi 31
Lots 7, 8 and in Block 4 Schroeder
Sot and. of lots 2,3, 4 ofSubd. Gov’t
Lot 2 and part Solid. Gov’t. Lot
3 32
Town 19-20, Bunge 24-25.
Sec. T. B.
Lots 9 H) Block 3 Hathaway
Addition 6 19 25
Lot 2 Block 14 Hathaway Addi
tion ’ 6 19 25
Lots 7 —Hi Block 17 Hathaway
Addition Hi 19 25
K 1-3 NW 1-4 33 20 24
W 1-3 NW 1-4 33 20 24
Lot II Gesscl Industrial Addi
tion 36 20 24
All of Fractional 28 20 25
Section Hi Tov. n 19 Bangc 24
Town 20 Range 21
SK 1-4 SK 1-4 1
Town 20 Range 22
W 1-2 SW 1-4 6
NK corner NE 1-4 NE 1-4 9
E 1-2 SW 1-4 10
NWI-4NE 1-4 10
N 1-2 NK 1-4 SE 1-4 15
SW 1-4 SE 1-4 15
E 1-5 SE 1-4 SW 1-4 33
W 1-2 NW 1-4 SE 1-4 33
W 3-5 SW 1-4 SE 1-4 33
Town 21 Range 22
Part of land of SW 1-4 SE 1-4 i
NE 1-4 NK 1-4 13
SE 1-4 13
S 1-2 SW 1-4 NK 1-4 13
SW 1-4 SW 1-4 31
N 1-2 NW 1-4 SW 1-4 31
As desc. In Vol. 43 Page 374 Lot 1
Block 25
All of K 1-3 S !-2 NE 1-4 SW 1-4 south
of river Lot .3 Block 40
Lot 7 and E 1-2 of lot 8 Rupponthal
Ixjls 17 to 23 Ruppenthnl addition
As desc. in Vol. 21 Page 506
W4sft of lot 2 and lots .3 4 Block 4
N 25 ft. of lots 1 and 2 Block 11
Lot B Block 14
Lots 1-2.•5.4-5-6-7-8-11-12-13-14-15 and
N 1-;' 18-19-20 Block 42
Lot 11 Block 5,3
Lot 13 Block 54
Lot I Hock
5 2k
6 29
7 36
3 44
Lots 5-6-7 and 3 4(3
I 47
Lots (l-7-k and 9 4!*t
( Lots 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11 A 12 59
Lots 1 -2-3-4-') and 6 (10
Lots 1-2-3-4-5 and (i (il
Lois I-2-3-4-5-6 and 7 (12
1 03
2 68
3 03
4 03
Lots . r )-0-7 and 3 03
Lot 4 and 5 (if)
All that part of lots 1 and 2
Block 74 except that part
recorded in a deed in the
Register of Deeds’ olliceof
Manitowoc County, Wis
consin, in volume 93 page
9 Lot 3 and 4 74
NSO ft lot 1 and 2 95
Assessment I’lat No. I 1
Assessment Plat No. 4 5 1
Lot Block
Lots I—23 —1 and N 3-4 of
lot 5 and 0 2
3 9
W 1-2 of lot 4 and nil of lot 5
except N (i(t ft 11
4 4(1
5 - 46
NSO ft of 11 47
9 F6
12 53
14 58
W 13 ft of 19 53
20 58
6 63
7 63
S4sft of 7 111
16 115
11 116
13 116
13 117
S 1-2 of 11 119
9 142
All of block 143 except R. R.
track Lots i in lo 148
N 1-2 of lots I to 6 inclusive. 150
3 156
4 156
N 70 ft of 6 157
1 158
W 100 ft of 2 161
Lot I and 2 162
E 15 ft of lot 3 and W 1-2 of 9 163
K 1-2 of 9 165
12 1(35
W 10 ft of 4 167
5 I (37
I! 167
7 167
3 167
9 I (37
10 1(37
Except Ry. tracks 1 169
Except Ry. tracks 2 1(39
Except Ry. tracks 3 1(39
Except Ry. tracks 5 1(39
Except Ry. tracks Ere. (3 1(39
All of block 170 except Ry.
All of block 171 except Ry.
W 1 2 \ 50 ft of W 1-2 of 1 174
SCOft of 1 174
K 1-2 of 2 174
W 1-2 ol 2 174
11 . 174
12 174
N 1-2 of 7 173
All of block 135 except R. R.
tracks Lots I lo 7 135
2 194
N 1-2 of 16 200
4 209
N 3-4 of 5 209
Except Rof WofC.A N. W. Ry *
W 33 ft Lake Street abutting
Lot I and ail of I 221
2 221
I.Ot Uloek
I 1
5 1
I 2
3 2
4 2
5 2
0 2
It 2
It 2
Iti 2
17 2
1 3
2 3
tl 3
0 3
lit 3
•JO 3
24 8
25 3
1 4
3 4
7 4
h 4
tt 4
11 4
15 4
10 4
17 4
10 4
lit 4
21 4
22 4
23 4
24 4
25 4
10 5
10 5
0 (i
7 ti
0 (I
10 li
21 0
20 (1
27 (i
20 (i
20 (I
31) II
31 0
32 II
33 II
0 7
10 7
11 7
4 0
5 0
11 0
12 o
2(1 0
21 0
23 8
All exer.pl U of W off. A
N. \V. Ity 3 221
All except |{. of\V of ('. A
N. \V. Ity 4 221
All except K. of W ofC. A
N. W. Ity. 6 221
All except 11. of W of C. A
N. W. Ity (I 221
N 40 ft of vacated otreet anil
all of lot 1 except It. of \V. 222
K 33 fi vacatcl Lake Street
ami N 40 ft of vacated
•piay Street anil alt of.. 2 222
3 220
0 220
N 72 ft of 1 231)
N 1-2 of 0 241
10 243
3 240
1 252
2 252
3 262
4 252
5 252
0 252
7 252
0 252
!• 252
10 252
11 252
5 253
15 254
18 254
1 202
K 54 ft of 3 201)
7 202
10 202
10 200
20 'JOH
I li 300
10 300
0 301
23 311
K 40 ft of 24 312
0 310
Ws2ft of 1 322
W 1-3 of I 325
18 320
W 50 ft of 3 830
13 335
IB 335
13 346
14 349
15 349
16 349
8 1357
N 1-2 of 9 357
All that part Nof Custer St of 3 1
All that part Nof Custer Stof 4 1
Subd of Govt lots 1 to 8 in
elusive of Section 32
Town 19 Range 24
N1 -2 ofß 89-100 acres of E 1-2 of 2
W. I). Richards’ Subd of lot 4
and part of lot ft of H.
Jones’Subd of Govt Lot
1 Section 32 Town 19
Range 24
3 6
11 1
S 1-2 of S 1-2 of W 1-2 0f... 57
Lots 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 and E 1-2
of lots 57-60-61 and 64 of
Subd of .Section 31 Town
19 Range 24
N 48 ft of the K 150 ft of N 2-3
of N 1-2 E 1-2 of lot 4
SW 1-4 of W 1-2 of E 1-3 of 1
Edw. Snffrnn’s Subd of
lots 6 and 7
S4B ft of lot 1 and 2 5
Reeds Subd of the W 1-2 N W
1-4 being the 8 2-3 of said
tract in Section 20 Town
19 Range 24
21 C
F. Ileyroths’ Subd
3 2
Duinkos’ Subd of lots 14-19-20
ofNW 1-4 of Section 19
Town 19 Range 24
11 1
12 1
13 1
14 1
15 1
16 1
4 2
5 2
6 2
13 5
Dated at the County Treasurer’s of
fice in Manitowoc, Manitowoc County,
State of Wisconsin, the 7th of April, A.
D. 1913.
County Treasurer.
Effect of Soil on Grape.
In the Medoo country of France —
famed for its red wine—the growers
exercise the most scrupuleus care in
tlie election and application of fer
tilir ts. They understand that, while
the vine is hardy, is exceedingly
sensitive and that the quality of the
fruit may be injured by a very slight
change in the soil.
State of Ohio, City op Toledo, I
Lucas County. )
Frank J. Cheney makes an oath that
he is senior partner of the linn of F. J.
Cheney A Cos., doing business in the
City of Toledo, County and State afore
said, and that said firm will pay the
for each and every case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by the use of Hall’s
Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed
in my presence, this (Sth day of Decem
ber, A. 1). 1880.
(Seal) Notary Public.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken intern
ally, and acts directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Send
for testimonials free.
F. J. Cheney &Cos., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipa
Sewage Disposal for wA
Country Homes
Cess pools and outhouses are things of the past.
K Farmers are protecting the health of their families by
K building Concrete Septic Tanks, inexpensively, with
I uid ©othsbH
I Full particulars for building a septic tank, as well >m r|T
■ as the success which farmers always attain, by the use of
M Chicago AA” Cement, is told in a valuable ■
% Free 800k —Stop in and get it ■
or, if you prefer, write Chicago Portland Cement Cos,, I
30 N. La Salle St., Chicago, for a copy. Bs
John Q. Johnson
810-812 Quay Street i Phone BS9
Chicago & North Western Railway.
No 4H No 111 No. |l No. 317 No. 11l No. 117 No. 10ft
Leave ChlcaKo .. . 12 01 pm 2 lf> om ODD pm HIS am 3 (4) pu.
Leave Milwaukee .. Too am 205 pm 500a in ft 10 pm 740 a m 515 pm
Leave Cleveland ft 59 am I 111 p m 702 am lOOUam 717 pm
Leave Newton,. .. 009 am 4 Ift m 7 12am 1012 am 728 pm
Leave Manitowoc . 530 am 930 am 435 pin 7 2ft ain 10 25 pm 10 24 ain 745 p m
Leave Braueli 5 2ft a m 945 a m
Leave PlneOrove . 532 a m 951 a m 455 p m
Leave Cato 550a in 955 a m 459 p m
Leave Hrlmius ... 557 am 9 sft aro 505 pm
LeaveKeedavllle . 003 m 10 05 am 512 pm
Arrive Appleton Jet ft 05 a in 4 211 pm
Trains No. 11l daily; No. 131, 109, 105and317 dally except Sunday. No. 117, Sunday only,
Train No. 105 makeo eloBB connections at Kaukauna for Oreen Hay.
Trains No. 105 and 131 making connectlona at Appleton Jet. for north and aontb. No. I of.
and 131 making connections at Marsh Held for Ht. Pan! and Minneapolis and the northweet Trains
No. 11l and3l7 making conneetlons at Ashland for Duluth the Superiors and the west.
No 230 No 112 No 114 No 10 No 810 No. 10
Leave Keedavllle, 4 511 p m 12 28 p m fit! am
Leave Grimms... 505 p m 12 30 pm 7 37 a in
Leave Cato fillip m 12 35 p m 741 a m
Leave Whitelaw. 5 14pm 12 40 pm 7 45 am
Leave B aneh 5 19 p m 12 45 p m 7 5(1 a m
le*ave Manitowoc 5 50 p m 4 35 a m 1 10 p m 8 Oft a m 4 1 p m 10 15 a m
(slave Newton 605 pm I 2ft p m 115 am 435 pm 1031 am
Leave Cleveland . ft 15 p m 1H pm 8 lift a m 447 pm 10 41 a m
Arrive Milwaukee ft 25 p m ft 50 am 3|45 pjm 10 55 am 7 10 p in 12i5pm
Arrive Chicane... 11:15pm 9ooam 5 55 pm 116 pm 930 pm SOUpm
Train No. 112 dally. Trains 220, 111), 114 and 100 daily except Sunday. No, 318 Sunday on’y
tft<ave Manitowoc, ft 30 a m ft 35 a m 440 pm I Leave Two Rivera. .7 15 a m 12 05 pm 5 10pm
Arrive Two Rivers ft 56 a m 10!5am 510 p m I Arrive Manitowoc. .7 30 a m 12 30 pm s:|(ipm
M<ave Manitowoc. 735 • m 4 41pm Green Bay.. ft 15 a m 41l p m
Leave Krands ('reek 751a in 515 pin Leave Marlliel ft 03 a m 5 111 p m '
Leave Marlliel ft 03 * m 547 y-n Leave Francis Creekft 30 ain 525 p m
Arrive Oreen Hay. ft 45 ain 050 p m Arrive Manitowoc. .9 00 ain 540 p m
Leave Manitowoc 10 25 p m Leave Oreen Bay 3 35 a m
Arrive Oreen Hay 11 30 p m Arrive Manitowoc 4 35 am
For any farther Information apply at depot ticket offloa M. J O’DONNELL, Agent.
Arthur J, Wyseman
August Welke ami
Emille Welke. his
By virtue nf a lodgment of foreclosure and sale
rendered in the above entitled action In the
court aforesaid. o' the 17th day of February
IBM and duly pei noted and docketed on the
same day, I shall oTer for sale and soil to the
highest and iwst bidder, at public vendue at
the east front door of the Court House in tfie
city and county of Manitowoc, on the 24th day
of May IBM. at 10:(K) o’clock A. M all the fol
lowing described mortgaged premises or so
much thereof as shall be sufficient to satisfy the
said judgement, interest, solicitor's fees, costs of
foreclosure and costs of sale, situate In the city
and county of Manitowoc. Wisconsin, to wit:—
Lots No. Twelve (18), Thirteen (Id)and Four
teen (14) in block One hundred Thirty-five (1115)
according to the recorded plat of said city on
hie in the office of the Register of Deeds 1 u and
for Manitowoc County, Wisconsin.
Dated this Bth day of April, IBID.
Sheriff of Manitowoc Cos..
„ ~ Wisconsin.
Kelley & Wyseman,
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
IN PR IBATE—MauitowocCounty Court
In the Matter of the Es 1 ate of Mary Kelley,
Notice to Creditors:
Letters of administration on said Estate hav
ing been Issued to Michael Ryan on the 35th
day of March. A. D. 1813 and six months from
and after said day being allowed and limited
for creditors to present their claim.-, of which
notice is hereby given, and further that the
undersigned will, on the third Tuesday of
Octolau. HIM, at the Probate Office in the City
of Manitowoc, in said County, examine and
adjust all such claims and demands so pre
sented and filed.
Dated April 14th, IBM.
County Judge.
Healy He Joyce, Attorneys.
Pub. Apr. 17, '24, May 1. H,
Order to Hear Petition For Final Settlement.
IN PROBATE Manitowoc County Count.
• In the Matter of the Estate of Philip
Walterbach. Deceased.
On reading and tiling the petition of Mary
Walterliach, Administratrix of the Estate of
said deceased for the adjustment and allowance
of her administration account and the assign
ment of the residue of said Estate to such
other persons as are by law entitled to the
It is ordered, that said account be examined,
adjusted and allowed at a special term of said
Court to be held at the office of the County
Judge in the city of Manitowoc, in said Comity,
on Tuesday, the2oth day of May, A. IJ., IBM.
It is further ordered, that upon the adjust
ment and allowance of such account by this
Court as aforesaid the residue of said Estate
lie by tlie further order and judgment of this
Court, assigned to such persons as are by
law entitled to the same.
It is further ordered, that notice of the time
and place of examination anil allowance of
such account, and of the assignment of the res
idue of said Estate, Ih* given to "ail persons in
terested. by publication of this order for three
successive weeks, Isifore said day, in the Mani
towoc Pilot. a weekly newspaper printed and
published at the City of Manitowoc and State
of Wisconsin.
Dated. April 15th, A. D.. IBM.
By the Court,
County J udge.
Healy He Joyce, Attorneys
Pub. April '24. May 1, 8.
Order to Bear Petition For Administration
STA TE OF WISI'OSIN - Manitowoc County
Court. In Probate
In the matter of the Estate of Thore Sebo
On reading and tiling the petition of Otto
Stbo, of the town of Liberty. in said
county, representing among other things that
Thnre Sets), an inhabitant of said
county, on the 9th day of April. A. D.. IP 13,
at said town died intestate, leaving estate to
he administered, and that the said petitioner
is a son of said deceased, aud praying
that administration of said estate bo to him
Otto Srb<i granted.
It is oapKaKp, that said petition be heard at
a special term of sal 5 County Court to la- held
on Tuesday, the 20th day of May A !>,, 11)13.
at 111 o'clock A M.. at the office of the County
Judge, in the City of Manitowoc, in said
Okpickkii kcbtmkr, that notice of the time
aud place so appointed, be given to all persons
interested, by publication hereof for three
weeks successively, prior to said day of hearing
in the Manltowoe Pilot, a weekly newspaper
published at City of Manitowoe in said County
Dated at Manitowoc, the 18th day of lApril
A. U., 11)13.
By the Court.
County I udge.
Hongen & Brady. Attorneys.
Pub April 34, May 1. .
IN PROBATE Manitowoc Cocntt Cocrt.
In the Matter of the Estate of Elsie
O Hager. Deceased.
Notice to Creditors:
betters tests mentary on said Estate hav
ing been issued to Herbert L. Markham on the
18th day of April. A. D. 11)13 and six months
from and after said day being allowed and
limited for creditors to present their claims
of which notice is hereby given, and further
that the undersigned will, on Tuesday, the
38th day of October, IHI3. at the Probate Office
in the City of Manitowoc, in said County, exam
ine end adjust all such claims aud demands
so presented and tiled.
Dated April 18, 11)13.
County Judge.
Markham /t Markham, Attorneys.
Pul). April 34, May 1,8, 15.
Office in the LUzie OUlis’ Home’
Phone Service.
(Valders: Every Tuesday)
St. Nazianz, - - Wi, o onsln
Dr. M. L. Bast,
Telephone Red-189
Corner South Hth and Jay Streets
Oppoidte Manitowoc Havings Bank
Manitowoc, - Wisconsin
Q. A. Forrest.
Room M, Torrison Block.
Manitowoc’ Wisconsin.
John J. Hkalv Walter M. Jove"
Attorneys at Law
Wernecke & Schmitz Building
Manitowoc, - Wisconsin
A. L. Hougen C E. Brady
Attorneys at Law,
18 and 19 TorriaCm Building,
Manitowoc, - - Wisconsin
Harry F. Kelley Arthui 1 Wyseman
Lindstedt Building
Manitowoc, - Wisconsin,
Dr.„C. H. Seeger
Boom 5 Dempsey Building
Phone Black GOO
Dr. Minnie C. Seeger
om ** Dempsey Building
Phone Red GOO
Link Building-
Reed sv tile. W isconsln.
Dr. F. J. E. Westgate
Eye testing and spccticle fitting
a specialty.
314 North Bth Street
Manitowoc, - Wisconsin.
Dr. Q. H. Heise
Cor. Washing-ton and Main Sts.
Phone B-28 Manitowoc, Wis.
Will be at Maribel every Friday;
at Whitelaw every Tuesday.
For Sale
Farms and Farm
Mortgages netting
5 per cent.
A. P. Schenian,
Manitowoc, Wisconsin.
403 405 423
Mixkd Passknoku Fbriodt
Dully Daily Dally
Ex. Bun. Ex. Hnn.
Leave Manitowoc., H: 15 AM 2:4(1 PM 6:00 PM
Leave Alverno :: AM 2:60 PM (1:2(1 PM
Leave Mad Hen K:42AM 2:118 PM (1:40 PM
Leave Valders 8:52 AM 3:05 PM 0:5(1 PM
Leave Lime Quarry 0:0(1 AM 3:12 PM 7,05 PM
Leave Collide 0:08 AM 3: IP PM 7:15 PM
Arrive Neonah.... 10:30 AM 4:3OPM O:ISPM
404 406 424
Mixko Passknokr Krkiuht
Dally Daily Dally
Ex. Hun. Lx Hun.
Leave Neonah (1:05 AM 12.20 PM 11:00 AM
Leave Colling 7:12 AM 1:43 PM 1:43 PM
L. ev e Lime Quarry 7:17 AM 1:48 PM 2:25 PM
Leave Valders 7:22 AM 1:55 PM 0:00 PM
Leave Madsen ,7:28 AM 2:04 PM 3:35 PM
Leave Alverno 7115 AM 2:14 PM 3:so|>m
A-rive Manitowoc. ,7:45AM 2:30 PM 4:2OPM
No 405 Makes doge connection at
with Main line train No. 2 for points Mouth
No 4( Makes close connection at Keen .8
with Main line train No. 11 f ( ,r points North
No. 423 Makes connection at Neem.B wife
fain No. 3 for Bt. P.uUnd MW

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