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i. V. HTKWABT, Ml tor mm4 Pnprietor.
Ptilillahed every Thur!y t Toledo, Llneoln.
County, Oregon.
Mioscription nates:
One year, -' - $1.50
Six months, .75
Three months, - - .50
Advertising rate! made known on implication
BinlneM lo;alg will be Inwrted In tbeM cnl
iirnna at live rent per line ier week, and will
Ije run until onlored .llKrotitlnue.1.
County Assessor T. H. Parker
has moved to our burg.
Judge I). P. Blue went to Benton
county on Tuesday's train.
Now that final proof can be made
at Toledo, many settlers arc making
All trl.1 cqunty officers liave filed
their boi'Ms and qualified for their
respectini offices.
J. Dunn is visiting his mother just
above town. Jay is always wel
comed by fain many old friends.
lion, pj M. johnson.ofCorvallis,
tame in on Tuesday to look after
lifs real testate interests in this
1'1'iee. . 4
The first tylartiage license Issued
in Lincoln county wns granted to
A. C. Taylor and Tabitlm Burns,
both of TpledA. -
T ..lire Blue will advertise for ten
days for bids for ' transcribing the
records. Eight ',or ten different
parties are now making estimates
The public mchol. closed Inst
Friday. AFtetf a short vacation it
will ncain be dpened by Prof. Beth-
m. whiiuu5ures a Kod school.
fX"iusno has broutrht Ins
horses in from the
. ready and willing to
pc.nlie in teaming,
' . r
, annual school meeting
'.Wday K 1'. Collamore was
; director for tluee years and
, yioker was elcrlud clerk for
; i both good selections,
""us. Williams, of New
- ved onto his farm
.les above Toledo.
' welcome Mr. Wil-
. iw. ,ii of this vlc'initv.
orte R(Kcl)rookr passed
') on oiihly's train,
.".ml on her way tu
a county. She will re
ledo ill a week or ten
steailier Benton makes
i between Toledo and
'he jolly Cupt. Robert'
v where til accom
. uTnic. The Ciipti w 111
his family to Toledoi
Alexander 1 who is
. in the transcript of delin
cs and iending suits in
' y and circuit Courts at
ciiuiv over to attend tin1
11 and visit her parentsi
books mid stationery
Crtunty bus
hy Murch
R'iliK the
Mr. Fulton will go to California
on the next steamer on a business
Not a vacant house in town.
Who will build four or five cottages?
There is money in it.
Capt. Bob Campbell, of Newport
was in thir.rcity Wednesday and
Thursday of this week.
Dr. F. (. Carter, of our sifter
town, Klk City, has been in Toledo
several days this week.
Mrs. J. T. Vincent's dairy was
increased by three new milch cows
on Wednesday of this week.
The weather jumped a cog on
Thursday and gave us some of a
kind not down 0:1 the wxjks.
When the O. r R. R. Co. pays
its delinquent taxes for 1892 the
Toledo school district will be richer
by about $240.
We will give a years subscription
to the parents of the first baby bom
11 Lincoln county. V ho will be
the winner.
Uncle Billy Stevens, the boss
fisherman of Yaquina Bay, has
been on several fishing excursions
already this season.
John Lucas, mayor of Granitville,
who has been doing Toledo for sev
eral days, returned to his Rock
creek home on Monday.
Mrs. C. G. Copeland, one of our
live mprrhnnts, vvptit to Philomath
the first of the week to visit her
father who is very sick.
The first warranty deed filed in
the county of Lincoln was filed on
Wednesday and was from W. G.
Cressy and wife to H. G. Irwin.
After you have read this paper
show it to your neighbor and let
him see it, or send his name and
address to us for a sample copy.
Marriage license have been issued
to A. C.Taylor and Tabitha Hunts',
both of Toledo, and Wm. M.IIow-
Nell and Susan J. Hoover, both of
1 idewater.
N. T. Peterson & Co. brought
dowiV froin their ruine last Sunday
the mnest specimen of coal ever ex
hibited! in Toledo. The boys are in
it, 110 nVstHkc'
'c Avant the people of Lincoln
couny to Come in uiid see us and
o-ft ciiuainlcd. Don't be afraid of
1 i- . .
niirutmig; we win mane you cor-
uilly welcome.
A crew of Men are at work get"
ting out shingle bolts for the Shingle
Mill Companv, of this place, and
soon the hum of the mill will be
heard making shingles.
Ah Watigh, of Happy valley,'
has built a new residence on his
farm and is busy ditching nnd im
proving otherwise. He will sooil
move from the I'ity to the farm.
Workmen are busily engaged in
remodeling, repairing aitd other
wise improving the Blake House.
When finished the appearance of
the house will be greatly improved,
Henry I Vise Is Installed hs head
waiter at the Bluke House. Henry
is the prince of dining roolu men,
and his genial services will add
much to the popularity of the hotel.
Jonas Bushell, an !l. O. G. T.
organler, lectured in this place on
W eduesday and 1 hursuay nights of
this week. It is his intention to
organize a Good Templar's lodge
Ah'ik We understand that tile R. R.
tug, Resolute, has been put on the
Yituuitia-Ncwiiort route and ' will
t,st run to connect with the I). P. trriins.
icn This will be hard on the business
Hi of the Volanta.
The regular nnblieatiori 1t.1v of
the Lkahkr will be on Thursday
Of each week. Communications
Intended for publication should not
arrive at this otlice later than
Wednesday noon.
We would uVge the people to
''l hand or send the news to tis. If
jyou know any Hems of interest of
iny kind let us know it. We de
j sire almve all things to make the
;I.K.nttR a good news paper;
We want a correspondent at
very postolhee Iti Lincoln county.
:iis is an invitation for ov to
.... ... ...v .....- ...... .........
.lon't make aflv difference how
write, or any thing of the kind.
kthe news and we will Itx it
County Matters.
Daniel Gradv was out on Monday, f
the first time since K'-::"c-vember. '-
He still wears entires. t. - -.Qounty Judge t). P.
U'e aricnow!edi?fc j. niece of th County
-Brlfiincr rnVp sprvpd 2t the -,i'.nne' Stearsis and M. -.. Trapp qualified
at the Tavlor-Burnes marriage on on the 3rd, and " :. F. Jones' qual:5
Thursday. Many thanks.
Andrew Porter, of Nashville, has
been surveying near town, and re
turned in the front of the week.
Come again, Andy.
Mrs. S. S. .Pearse, of Portland,
who owns property i.; Toledo and
spends the summer months here,
had the misfortune two weeks ago
to fall and break her right arm just
above the elbow.
Senator'C. B. Crosno has prepar
ed an exhibit of the coal taken
from the Toledo mines to be for
warded to C. B. Avers, Oregon
mining commissioner of the World's
fair, who will place it on exhibit
ion at Chicago. The coal from
this mine has been examined by an
expert in San Francisco, who pro
nounced it far superior in quality
to any coal now mined on the coast
and fully equal to the English coal
which now sells in the San Fran
cisco market for $15 per ton. There
can be but little doubt that the
mine will be a very valuable one
when developed.
The future prosperity of Toledo
will depend to a great extent upon
the liberality and public spiritetlness
of her own citizens. The location
of the county seat at Toledo has at
tracted favorable attention to this
point, id many people will come
to seek 'homes or investments here.
The people must continue their
presentopen and hospi table manner
to all new coiners. To those seek
ing purchases property holders
must not ask unreasonable prices.
It is much better for a town to have
a hundred men owning $500 worth
of property each than fifty men
owning a thousand dollars worth
of property to every fine. Every
man who becomes a property hold
er in the town will become an advo
cate for its advancement and devel
ng the month
Mean temperajre 36.
'To iai. precipitation 9.31.
Total snow ihll during th
1.5 inches.
Greatest precipitation in 24 hours
2 inches.
Clear days, 2.
Partly clear, 7,
Cloudy, 5.
Rainy and misty, 14.
Prevailing wind, south and light
Dr. II. W. VixCknt,
in. ii ".we
Jl ltl 1. tar Kin: TOI.KIMl I'KM'IMT.
Statu ok OaKciox,;
Lincoln County, i
This certifies that on this 6th
day of Matelu. 1893, that we, J. A
Hall, B. F. Jones and W. C. Cope-
land have prepared the following
jury list lor prcciuct No. 14, Lin
coin county, Oregon:
C. M. Carlson," George Bt'iick, L
M. Harmon, J. G. Copeland, Jas.
Plumllen, John McCloskev, J. W,
Parish, A. Dunden, A. f . Peter
son, R. F. Colliiniore, B. F. King,
C. C. Kubler, A. D. Perkins, W
. untie, a.j. Kader, 1 nomas
Stakley, O. A Krogstead, H. I
Buttleri Charles Tillofen, Beal
Gaither, O. A. Hooker, R, Ded
rick, H. Owen, Jacob Franz, C. H.
Rhule, Lee Wadtf, Jacob Glore,
W. H. Alexander, 1). Scott, C. B.
Crosno, C. L. O'.well, H. W. Vim
cent, Lester W.uigli.
Dated this fctlt day of March 1893.
W, C. CorUUxD."
Ik F. Tosi-s,
J. A. H.U.I., J. Pi
deuce of the bride's parents,
In this town, on Tlutrsday'i Mar.
t, 193, r.t 4:30 p, m.i' R. C.
Taylor s:id Miss Bitha Burns,
both of this city, Rev. L. M.
Butler Officiating.
The contracting eduple are well
attd favorably known on the1 Bay,
the bride being the daughter of Mr,
and Mrs, Henry Buriis, old and re
spected residents of this community.
The groiuu is an industrious and
respectable young man. Among
the guests present :tt the ceremony
were .Mr. and Mrs Vincent, Mr.
and Mrs. Conkling, Mr. and Mrs.
Mosie'r, Mr. and Mrs. Gowell,
Mesdames Butler, Henshaw and
Tillotsou, Misses Burt and Tillot-
itn ntiil r l'ntit. tis M.Hia
TkU-y acted as bridesmaid and
'Vk Ti!lots"ti as best man. A fter
Elue, and
Comrr jssioners J.. O..;
ned :-
ed as county cle: :
Soecificatious or supplies for the 1
new county, co sisting of record
Ixxjki. blank for is and stationery
verenbmitted t competing houses
forbids. Ben I. Irving. .& .Co.,
and Glass & Pru ihomnie, of Port
land, and J. R. 1 odgers, represent
ing Meston & 1 'ygert, of Salem,
were bidders. C Monday the bids
were opened and the contract for
books was awai led- to Meston &
Dygert, of Salerr. , their bid being
$1,250, or $250 lower than either
of the other hou -js. Glass & Prud
homme were awarded the contract
for blanks and s:ationery.
Bids for rental of building to be
used as a court bouse were opened
and Blake hall was selected, the
county to pay a rental of $25 per :
month. The building is 40x60.
Two rooms 16x20 each, will be cut
off the south end, one for clerk and
the other for sheriff, leaving a court
room 40x40. An addition is to be
built on the north end which is to
be arranged so as to make a grand
and petit jury room. The building
is to be ceiled and finished through
Mm, Fainis ail CI
Elk City, March 7, 1893.
Editor Lkadur: Perhaps a
line from this place would be of in
terest to the readers of the new pa
per. Elk City is quite an old town
having been located here at the
head of navigation as early as 1S66,
soon after the Yaquina Bay was
opened tip for settlement. At that
time Elk City was the largest town
on the bay, having special advant
ages for a thriving village. The
Big Elk and Yaquina river formed
a junction here the military wagon
road terminated nt this point and
the stage line connected with the
steam boat that conveyed passen
gers' to Newport, the popular sea
side resort of Oregon. These ad
vantages made Elk City a flourish
ing place for a n'tiniber of years.
The town was then composed of
two hotels, two dry goods stores,
blacksmith shop one livery stable,
one cabinet shop, one brick yard,
post office and a good district school.
But owing to a want of public spirit
in building up the town at the
proper time- it -went intft decline
and other points along the4ay took
the lead. Since the railroadAvas
puilt the wagon road has greatly
diminished, but Elk City has again
taken an air of progress ahd pros
perity and will at no distant day be
one of the best towns on the bay.
The town h now composed of one
good hotel, one store, postoffice and
a good public school. Of the old
settlers only one remains and that
is Mr. M. W. Simpson, who owns
a nice firm and passes his leisure
hours fishing for the beautiful trout
which abound hete in great num
bers 1 We are .surrounded with a
rich agriculturni country capable of
producing large crops of hay, vege
tables and fine fruits of all kind,
the soil being rich and productive
from the bottom to the top of the
highest hills. We need more pop'.
illation of a thrifty nnd industrious!
class, to develop thi' resources of th
-A full Line of-
Our Stock is Complete, comprising many articles it is impossible
to enumerate, and all sold at moderate prices.
vavranteil yettuine and of best quality.
Toledo, Oregon,
Healer In
.DiyGdtJls, Groceries, Hardware,
Xieiily Made Clothing, Etc.
Our Customer?
i'l! find our stock complete in all lines and are sold at
moderate prices.
"A S
For Bargains in Real Estate !!
Farm Lands, Tide Lands, Coal Lands, Town
Froperty in single Lots or Blocks, .
can on b. F. JONES &-CJD,,K5sft.
Twenty-tw. yeas' residence on Yaquina Bay.
At the annual school meeting F.
M. Carter, was elected director and
E. M. Mays re-elected Clerk. , A
ten mill tax was voted to pay 'Off
the indebtedness of the district
(which is small) and to improve the
school house and grounds. It is
purpose of the truMees to have a
nine moltths term of school each
In conclusion we wish the LKAn
ur a loilg, prosperous and useful
life in building up the new county.
1.KTTKK t.lNT.
Lst of advertised letters left re
maining lit the post office at Toledo,
Oregon, on March t, 1893:
Anderson, Charley
Gagner, Matilda
Tavlor, John
Wilson, J. R.
Wilson, James R.
The following letter received
by Postmaster Hurt explains itself:
I desire officially to recognize the
important service you have render
ed as postmas'er under the admin
istration of President Harrison.
Whatever has leen accomplished in
the advancen.ent of the service has
s Complete and Prices are Low.
jf3jrCountry Pixluctf taken in Exchange.
j When in Toledo call and inspect our Goods.
Toledo, "1 - Oregon.
i i JOB
mony the assembled guests 1 only been possible through the
lUedtoa sumptuous repast
by the bride's partnts,
ft'ney did nmple justice,
ig people will go for a
j to the valley 1 after which
make this city their tuture
romonv winch united Mr.
Taylor In wedKvk was the
rueo common v tvriormeU
t V4'use issued bv the clerk
i V'.N
tidelitv ami ze.l of those associated
with the postma.-er general.
Iii making this ackuoledgmeNtof
yoitr valuble assi stance 1 beg lhat
in the futurei in or out of office,
yol will continue your interest in
the postal service and study to pro
mote in even- possible way its ex
trusion and Improvement.
Your friend.
Jvt, WanwAker.
ro-tvr General.
The LEADER Office has the only
MM&i M in LijIsC nil; ,
JIV hair lien fh-esM, '. r"w ami all the fittest tyle
We are prepared to print Heeds, Mort
SKes, Ilills of Kale, Notes, and till kinds of
Lgal Blanks-. Special attention given to print
15 Letter Heads, Envelopes, Statements,
&'rds. aiid all kind? of Coihmerclal work.

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