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Lincoln County Leader,
J. F. HTKW4KT, I'ubll.lmr.
Cases Against Trapmen of the
Columbia Itiver.
The Federated TradcH at Lo Aiitrele
Fail to Make Out a Cane for
Deportation Etc.
Bait Lake Lai
voted 125,000 in school
Nevada farmers are pleased with the
crop outlook in the htato.
Another prospector at s-an Diego
rlHiuia to have found the 1'cgleg mine.
HiHnanieiH Jolin Ingram, and hi ago
is3. b
There iH much sympathy at Spokane
for Mr. Cannon, who.-u hanking house
had just failed. The assets will cover all
A vast dcOMit of boratu of 1 i mo bus
neenuiHcnvcron in thiitjalico Mountain.
The find iH thought to he worth millions
of dollarH.
The Naval Hoard at Maro Island in
making their report liavo pronounced
the Monterey to ho all that the con
tract required.
The citizens of AHhland are making a
determined ellort to raise, the 112,111)0
wnicn ih reipureij to insure the location
of a brunch of tlm Portland I'niverMity
J lie IAK Angeles Junes will put in a
new pcnocuiig prens IIiin week, ami
Willi It introduce seven linotype type
mining loiu-iuiics, the llrMl to appear in
Wo wonder, nay the Vuina Sentinel,
if there Ih unotlier town outside ol
uiua in the universe where aiiv of it h
citizens are clinmcd from 50 cent to l
for drinking water in a saloon or hurher
1 he llrails-trcct agency reporht eigh
teen failureN in the Pacini! CoiiHt Mutes
anil territories fur tlm past week, as
compared with fourteen fur the previous
week arid ten for the corn-Hmiiding
ween oi j mi;:.
A largo draft of seamen from the
Mare Island naval rende.votiH will he
Kent to Honolulu hv the next Htcamcr
to reinforce the crows of the United
MatcH Hhip Adams and the cruiser Hon
ton, now there.
The Federated TradeN at I .o Angeles
failed to make out n case fur iIoki tiitinu
in me All ti ti K arreHl, owing to the fact
that the District Attorney del not show
that the Chinaman wax unregistered.
J he trades are iletermiueil that a ciisc
ahull he properly brought before the
1'articH who crossed the Cascades at
the head of lingue river recently icport
the fliiow Mtill from hix to eiL'lit feet
ilcep. Thin will make Htiiiinier travel to
Crater Lake verv late Huh year. Tchiiih
fdioiild he running within a month
Not since the iiiemiirial disaster of
lHHtt Iiiih there been such a loss of life iih
during the present year along the Col
tinihia river fisheries. Fifteen fisher
men have heen dmw ned Hi tire April 10,
and llltv-seven IhihIs have ciipsucd.
The uncertainty of the tides ever since
the hchsoii htiuteil Iiiih minle the river
dangerous fur the IhhiIh.
tiovemor liichiird id .Montana Iiiih
IhhuciI a priH'laniatiiui prohibiting the
iiuK)i(ation of Hhcep into Montana from
Oregon, California, Ncvmlu, Washing
ton, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Colorado
or New Mexico, except upon thecertili
eate of the Statu Veterinarian that the
nliccp have been inspected and (omul
free of any inflictions or "rorit.iniou
WorniH liave again appeared in the
vineyard went of Itch no, Oil., by mil
lioiiH, and in ncvcral localities people
are lighting them with niyi of ChineHc,
who work night and day. The worms
work night, and in mime places several
aereH have been Hlripped of Iciivch in a
few hour iih if a hand of nlictp hail
gone through the vlncvar.li, It in
thought the pent will he cleaned out.
TheMcKliiney will cane at Stockton,
Cul., hail Ih'cii stooped. A motion for a
noiiHtiit wiim agreed to by the contestant,
a colored woman, w ho snore she married
. McKinuey in ISVH, when the record
would prove that nhc had married a
limn tunned Nil holm in IS70. There
was every evidence of conspiring to
obtain the McKinuey money, ami it in
JMMHilile a conspiracy cane may In
ormcd. tm lYlliteni iurv eoliviets are now imiiLIiil
wluntt 4i),tHU Wick a day. The Salem
Statesman aayn: "It in a pity they
rould not make enough for the soldiers'
home, the brunch asylum and all other
prospective huililingH now, beioro the
darting of the piMHiiisl jute mill, ho as
to keep the idle convict employed.
They aim to make ;,IHH,IHH thin scu'son,
to Ih used in public ImitdingN and nd-j
ditioiiH provided for by the lust l.igis
lature. Tho ease against the trapmell of the
Columhia river have for the second lime
it) two yearn Itillen to the ground, and
lion. C. V. Fulton and bin brother won
two case recently for the defense, one
after the other. The Prosceuling At
torney divlawd lie would iicvcriig.ini
bring a chaige agniiiHt a trapman or a
gill-nel llshcriiiaii. lie declared it
utterly nselciw to try to ecure a in
victioii, and slated that il would never
Ik' poHsihle for the State to win a cae of
the kind when the lawyers ho mixed the
jury up with the jurisdiction question
that the r were unable to aitv on miv
thing. Sir. Fulton pnvlmisl i-ertu'catcH
held by Isiih ilelcudants, and hiviiihI
that the laws of Cnugresn giving Oregon
Jurinlu'tion in civil and criminal eases
to the Waehingtnn hor ij the t'ohiin
bia only applied lo the Hcrviiv of pro
cense and to eriinea iMinmittcd on a
Moating boat or other craft and not to
anything fixed into the lied of the river
on the Washington niile. lie claimed in
addition that, if a Clatsop county jur
pronounced jurisdiction over Washing
ton tlshtratw, the Mate of WaHliington
rould with just an much reason lew iIuch
on and control the Union I'aeitic w tiarves
that run out toward the middle channel
from Astoria. Judge Cleveland, Ihmii
powerhns to instruct the juries on the
question of law, Hat loiried from in
Rtrurling either jury, and the r nitons
oorurtii Hoiuittal for everv one o tneir
rlienta. Tlie oiicstion iinfortnnatett' is
no nearer wttlenient than imt. '11
fsheriir of the eoiinty and all his !s;
tltia are denouncing Fish Commissioner
Crawfonl of Washington for what tiny
claim i flagrant derxdiction of ditty in
farorof th trarwnw.
Pecrelary Carlisle hat appoints!
Worthington Kord of Iirooklvn, N. Y.,
chief of the bureau of htatiHtn s in the
1 reasury JJcpartnient. iiuring the last
Cleveland administration Ford nerved as
chief of the bureau of HtatiMicii of the
JJepartmcnt of Stale. Mr. Ford in worth
nearly 1, 000,000.
The Star sayH that President Cleve
land has told uiemlx.-ra of Co'freng that
undr no eireutriHtanreK woula there be
an issue of bonds unless especially au
thorized by Congress. The ad in i lustra
tion, he Faid, wan not respjnsible for the
present financial situation, and it lavs
with Congress, and not the administra
tion to find a remedy for it.
The experts, employed under the di
rection of the Congressional Committee
authorized to investigate the methods of
conducting business in the executive de
partment: began work last week. They
will first take up the husineH methods
of the Treasury, it will take perhaps
two year to finish the work
The officials, of tho War Department
protest that the recent increase of the
military force at Chicago has nothing to
do with the elosing of the World'H Fair,
but notwithstanding this: denial there is
reason to Iwlieve trouble in anticipated
if an attempt in made to carry out the
construction of the law gjven by the
United Stated Court.
Mans are being made by Secretary
Hoke Smith for an extensiVe trimmer
tour through the West. TIichc plans
are not fully developed, ami the time of
his. departure In therefore unknown.
I In will, however, visit points in Indian
Territory ami then proceed to California,
returning by the route of the Northern
I'acifle railroad. MrH. Suiilh h:
decided to accompany him on his
Fvery once in awhile tho rumor is
started that . Justice Field contemplates
resigning from the Supreme Hench. As
often as thin story is started it iH denied
hv the Justice himself, Kield was. not a
Cleveland man, because Cleveland re
fused to appoint him Chief Justice. He
huh so anirv at that time that he miirht
have resigned to spite Cleveland, but he
in oter ins mad and now Hunks that
Homo other liemocritt may appoint bin
successor. At any rato ho iH going to
try it. 1 1 Ifariisoii had been re-elected
he might have retired, because it would
have meant the selection of it Itcpuhlicaii
as his Hiiecessor, uiiIchh he waited for an
other election.
Secretary Oreshnm has received infor
mation from Minister lllount that war
rnnlH the conclusion that he U prepared
to indorse all that Iiiih been done in Ha
waii, and that he in now strongly in-
ciiiico wi recommeiiu ai least the estao
lishmeiil of a United StatcH protectorate
over tile Hawaiian Islands. The Sccrf
tary is also in olliciiil ignorance of tin
rcporti-d interference of Clans Spreckel
in behalf of the restoration of monarchy
ami oi iiih insistence upon the repayment
oy inn provisional government ol mono
advanced hy linn to the late monaichv
the Secretary iH, of course, in receipt of
information from lllount that he does
not feel justified in publishing, but he
h no iiesiiauon in iicuving tliu accu
racy of the alsivo report.
During the first three months, of the
present administration ended June;) the
total number of fourth-class postmasters
appointed was (,M7, of which 4,1172 were
to till vacancies caused hv resignations
nii'i ileum ami l,w ) hy removals. I lur
ing the corresponding period of tho pre
vious administration the total number
appointed wiih ,2'il, or l.llKtl more than
were apHiintcd during the last three
months. Of these i.iiiV.l were to till vn-
ciincies caused hy resignations and death
and l),o(i7 by removals. The number of
appointments made on resignations was
'J, Ob i greater during the first quarter of
tin' administration than during the last,
and the number m. nle on removals was
Jt.riiiL less duriin: Cleveland's. Ilrst ouarter
Hutu .luring Harrison a.
The ax t lladstone has been usiinr at
I law iirdcii ih to be on exhibition at the
orld s I-air,
Florida, somew hat Into it would scciii,
is appropriating t.vi.imu lor Mate -lo
the World'H Fuir nil condition that the
railroads r'v.i a like sum.
I he forciLMl commissioners t the
orld s I-air propose to have an inde
pendent Umrd of jurors ami to issue di
plomas on their ow n account.
I'he World'H Fair managers have fig
ured expenses down to IL'tl.Ooo a day,
whereas the daily average revenue from
lmisHioti4 ami concessions in alsuit ;lo.-
A majority of the United States Cir
cuit Court has decided the World's Fair
must close Mllldavs. Judges Wood and
Jenkins ordered that an injunction be
i-sued restraining theollicials from open
ing the gules of the fair iimiuel". Judcr
t irosscup dissented, recommending that
the injunction applied for by tho United
ibich I'istricl Attorney lie not granted.
The decision of Judires WimhI mid Jen
kins, though reaching the same point in
the cud, take th is ncl ion on widely diverg
ing ground', and dissenting opinion dif
dirt radically from Isith. '1 he cotirt
riMinis were crowded w hen the decision
was read. Judge Wood read his own
opiui in which he concluded that
Jackson l urk was lawfully devoted for
exKisition purposes, and that the expo
sition nan ik en in lucl turned over to
the control of the Federal wovenimciit
by the local corporation, and that its
mtrol w.ih thcrctore as alwolute as its
control of the Federal building, lie
held that the Sunday-closing rule, hav
ing once Ken passed hv the local direc
tory and approved by the National Com
mission, former UM'v could not climik-e
it. Kcuardini: the cao lefon Jn.h.,.
Stein of the State court he held it wan
no bar to the proceedings, Invause it is
inadmissible to say that the government
must in comity yield to a State court.
A man u.uned Arnold and Harlow
HigginlHitham. who secured the conces
sion at otlleis.1 and onlv photographers1
on tho grounds at a salarv of J'.'.tXM a
year and Id per cent on all work, which
meant about r.'.YlsM, have rnimsl thcin-
selves hy oihciousness in getting them
selves tangled up with the iMiiueil ol ad
ministmtion, ami will probably o dis
ciphucd. I'hcy went so far as to divlan
that ix prcscntativcs of illustrated news
paHt. i-ouKI not make sketches on the
grounds, and the other day one of these
artists was arrested and taken Ivforo
Arnold, w ho constituted himself a Mag
istrate for the csvasioii ami utterly ig
nored the permit issmsl to the artisi b
Ihtx-ctor-t.cucral Pavi. When the in
formation of this reached the Director
tieueral he w as w ro.h, u I the matter
was rvlcrred to the council of adminis
tiauon, which will interview Arnold.
I his is not the mo( morions mat ler about
I these haughty photographers. The I
pviiul (oTins.li ConiniisMoncrs made j
Aruohi r'.uva to rvturii Uwiu luHiiitivoji
of phouvraph taken of painting, in the I
.er..mn H.v.ionof tho tine-art gallery.
I he I nitl Mat. government .:g,i;sU'
aiix. inent that all n.vative of photo-
graph or other exhibit shoiihl Ih. re-1
t.iriv tothec.miiiiHMoner. 1 hi acn-
ment, hoaever, had imethvt on Arnold,
and Ihriuatt.-rwa laid l.fw. .....:
tl ( admtwiaHarioa.
Total Immigration During Ten
Month Ended April 30.
Reduction of Freight Rates From
New Orleans to Pacific Coast
Points Does Good.
The church taxation bill was defeated
in the Michigan House by a vote of 32
The Texas Central is looking over
ground for its proposed extension in
Philadelphia wants a new mint build
ing. Tho money ii appropriated for a
new site.
Governor Flower of New York is worth
several million dollars, and he is taxed
for $10,000.
Thousands of acres of land have been
laid waste in Southern Arkansas by the
recent floods.
Joseph Pulitzer of the World has given
1 100,000 to the building fund of the Co
lumbia College.
The Itailroad Tai Assessors of Kansas
are being urged by popular clamor to in
crease the taxes.
Dunn, chief of the weather bureau,
promises one of the wannest summers
wo have ever experienced.
The Bull Telephone Company has so
cured an injunction against the Mc Keen
port Company at Pittsburg.
A company lias been chartered in
Kansas to print and circulate campaign
matter for the People's party.
Kansas crops are improved. Wheat is
giving better promise, and the corn acre
age will be larger than usual.
Seventy furniture factories at Cincin
nati have closed. 1 Ins is tho answer to
the demands oi tho workmen for nine
hours and other concessions.
Tammany is in clover. The Governor
of New York did not veto tho bill that
gives lammniiy 10,000,000 dock im
Since Jay Gould' death the "Gould
stocks" hevo Fullered a shrinkago of
more than $50,000,010, and ono-half of
this falls upon Ins estate.
Itev. Dr. Lyman Abkitt in Plymouth
l hurch, Brooklyn, Saturday referred to
Dr. Hriggs as a modern prophet, fit to
rank with the prophets of the Bible,
Michigan health officers are accused
hy l anadian papers of "workinir" Do
minion railways under threats of inter
fering with their trallic arrangements.
Hundreds of English sparrows have
built their nests in the World' Fair
buildings, and before the show closes
they will have increased to thousands
Ttepresentativo W. L. Wilson of West
irginia, who is Cleveland' choice for
Chairman of the Congressional Wavs
and Means Committee, favors an income
The Kansas millers are buying wheat
outside of the Statu for July and Sep
tember delivery for fear that the home
crop w ill not meet their grinding require
Late reports front South Dakota and
Nebraska state that cholera has wined
out whole herds of hogs, and that the
scarcity will bo greater than it was
year ago.
The St. Luke's Hospital property on
Fifth avenue. New York, has been 'sold
for $, Itlll.lMH) in cash to an unknown
millionaire; one rcort says to Colli P.
A call from some of the prominent la
dies of Boston for a fund to nrovidc
rocking chairs for aged women unable to
buy them w as responded to bv rontribu
tioim amounting to over $-100.
General Bovnton in a letter in the
W asliinuton Post savs the demand of the
old soldiers iH that the pension roll shall
ne made a roll ot honor, and a weeding
oui oi i no undeserving is necessary.
1 be total immigration to the United
States during the ten months end
April :U, 1H1I.I, was IKM.SL'ft, a decline of
U0,i::i from the immieration of the cor
responding ten months of tho previous
The annual report of tho Southern Pa-
cillc Company ithe entire system) for
i no year ending December 3, WVS, shows
net earnings of $l7.r0;!.in.tl. against lt.-
-'.mi.-TI in being a decrease of $1,
It is reported in Washington that At
torney-! leneral Olncy and Assistant Sec
rciary ot Mate iuincy win resign at an
early date, and that there is a chance for
a I acitic I oast man getting one of the
The Carnegie ljnd Company and the
iioncgiu mm lompaiiy oi Jonnsoii
it v, Icun., have made assignments to
J. W. Cure, l ho liabilities of the two
concerns are due largely to Eastern and
.oruiern parties.
The Confederate Memorial and Liter
ary Society of Richmond, Ya., pniixwes
to restore the old " Confederate White
House, where Jellerson Davis lived in
that city, and keen it as a memorial hall.
it is now occupied Oy a school.
I'he Society of the Daughters of tho
American Revolution nronoHc that the
(. oluiiil'iun l.ils-rtv Bell, which it to lie
exhibited at tho World's Fair, shall aft
erward Ih transported hum nlaco to
place throughout tho world as a inision-
rv id freedom.
Government Inspector have been
pushing an investigation into the all'airs
of the postotlice at Kansas Citv. Fight
Hstoltnv clerk and live carriers have
wtvadv liecn discharged for diinhcatinp
and hypothecating thvir salanea with
nator Sherman was asked concern
ing a rumor that he intended to re-sign.
and he responded : " There is no use in
tisciissuig this matter. 1 have so little
intention to resign that I have not given
the subject a moment's consideration.
Indeed, it bad not occurred to me."
The Eastern railroads find it difficult
to niaintain rates during the World's
fair, the latest scheme for getting
around the agreed schedule is reported
from Cincinnati, where one railroad dis
trihuted cireu'ar ottering a trip to the
(air and return and a week's board for
Dr. !iiggs,.who was convicted of her
o by the last tieueral Assembly, savs
it is high time that all bixHkd-mindisi
men should organ i?e and work together
iortheirown lutft-tv wrell l...
I honor of Prvshvtcrianisiu. He calls upon
'he Presbyterian to nuist the encroach
. .. ii.- vit-VM. tut ii ikimi im HIV VH'Ill'rn.
The reduction of flight rate from
Now Oilcan to the Tactic Coast points
bus given an iuipctu. to the ru-e trade,
lAHi.suna merchant being able to com-
note in nrices with t hin .ml J.rv .,,.1
furnish a far uH-rior article. Kough
ru - ,. I lw.o,,. mil,....! n. J: 1
.1 i....... .J. 1 IT. .11 Hi Jll '
. . v ' - - 1
lri th mm.
Wood pulp is rapidly becoming one of
the most universally used of manufact
ured article.
Iieggars are so numerous in Pari that
they support a newspaper devoted to
their interests.
Kentucky leads the Southern States in
the production of tobacco, with a crop
of 221,fcji0,0O0 pounds.
Reports from the lumber region of
Michigan and Wisconsin indicate that
the trade is very brisk.
The year 1802 was one of the worst
years ever known in the iron and eteel
industries of Great Britain.
Europe consumes upward of $24,000,
000 worth of gold and silver annually for
plate, jewelry and ornaments.
It is stated in the Omaha Bee that
3,000 persons have secured homes through
building associations in Nebraska.
The largest piece of mica in the world
was recently taken out of a North Caro
lina quarry. It measures 9jxl6 inches.
The producers of maplesugarin Maine,
New Hampshire and Vermont will get
about $70,01)0 in sugar bounties this year.
The total value of the live-stock prod
ucts of Kansas in 1802 w as $42,85:1,835.
Ten vears before that the total was $20,
550,034. The length of the New York State ca
nals is 02 miles, and the expenditures
upon them for the year 1801 aggregated
The Ohio law making it unlawful to
discharge an employe because of his be
ing a union man has been declared con
stitutional. The number of sheep in Iowa has in
creased 18 per cent in the last two years,
and the value per head has increased 22
per cent in the same time.
And now it is Connecticut that dis
cover the necessity of a building-association
law that shall restrict the wild
cat business done in that State.
There are some rich colored men. One
in Washington is worth $200,000. A
" light-complected" colored man in that
city is reckoned as a half-millionaire.
A Tvoma.-.V baiMinj cumpaii) UnVun
formed in Toledo, O., and the names of
the directors, of whom there are lifteen,
are all prefixed by " Mrs." or " Miss."
The production of mercury reaches
about 65,000 to 00,000 frascos per annum.
The francos are enormous bottles of cast
iron, which contain four arrobes of about
twenty-live pounds each.
Largo numbers of Italians and Hun
garians are being discharged from the
anthracite coal fields. A ntimhor of
electric mining machines have been in
troduced in Western Philadelphia.
There are 50,000 sheep in the mountains
of Apache county, A. f ., owned by New
Mexico parties. The St. John's Herald
states that these escape taxation in both
territories hy being driven from ono to
the other.
vt ic nun, Kan., lias a factory which is
using up the eottonwood trees' of the Ar
kansas Valley at a great rate, cutting
them into shavings, which are made into
mattresses. It can turn out 150 mat
tresses a day.
The w bite-pine supply of this country
stands in the States of Michigan, Wia"
consin and Minnesota, the pino forests
of Maine, Northern Now York and Penn
sylvania having been long since substan
tially swept away.
Rev. Dr. Morgan Dix has ordered a
hell to lie placed in the Episcopal Church
at Cooporstown as a memorial of his fa
ther, General John A. Dix.
Lieutenant Nixon, the designer of the
cruiser New York, is but 114 vears of age.
He was graduated h-om the Naval Aaad
emy a I ku t a dozen years ago.
Mine. Madeline Loiiuiiro and Mile.
Breslan, who are serving on the jury uf
the Salon of the Champs do .Mars, are
the first women who have held that po
sition in any salon.
Prof. Toole, for forty years connected
with tho British Museum, latterly being
in charge of ancient coins, is about to
leave that institution to become a lect
urer in University College, Chicago.
Detroit is slowly but surely equipping
nn nrt museumwhich will' eventually
la? a great credit to that enterprising
city. Recent subscriptions includo two
of $10,(NH) each from D. M. Ferry and
Thomas W. Palmer.
John Burns, tho London labor leader,
Wgan his summer series of Sunday lect
ures at Patterson Park recently, llo is
said to possess an almost old-fashioned
courtesy ot private intercourse. Hi
great hobby is skating.
A on of General Zabala, the com
lunnder of the Nicaragunn insurgent,
w ho recently won a victory over the gov
ernment troops, is attending school in
Itoston. lie was much elated at his fa
ther's military success.
Tho tirst w ife of Brigham Youmr is in
Chicago with her daughter. Sho is de
scribed a a aweet, dignified woman of
72, of medium size, with a gentle face.
kindly gray eyes and gray hair drawn
back over either side of her temples.
llcnrv Jones, "Cavendish" of the Lon
Ion Field, the great authority on whist.
who is now in thin country, is' an expert
billiard-player as well as a whist cham
pion, lie can lcat most of the amateurs,
ana runs tnc professionals very dose.
Percy Have Tavlor. a nephew of Bay
ard Taylor, died recently in Cambridge,
.muss, no was a graduate ot Harvard
in the class of '8(1, and had made a sne-
cial study of modern languages in the
graduate department ol the university.
Eleonora Duse, the Italian actrosswho
lisappointcd miinv audience in this
country recently, has Kvn doing the
same thing in London. She was to hv
opened an engagement at the Lyric The
ater a week ago, but did not appear un-
III V tsuicHUHV Illglll,
One of the Kip family in San Fran
cisco, a relative of the late Uishon Kin.
has recently discovered a cxitiiiiiissnn is
sued by James IPs Governor-General in
America, Francis I ovolaee, commission
ing Jacob Kip of New York Lieutenant
of a foot company. He was afterward
apioiutel Secretary of the Council of
New Unk. and bin It the old Kin's Rv
" Pore " Hyacinth Lovson has given
a denial to the rumor about his inten
tion ot returning to the Roman Catholic
Church aiter a preiantorv "retreat"
in the monastery of Grande Chartreuse.
It ws even stated that the ex-Carmelite
was at the present moment rngaAxi in
meditation within the precinct of the
loisler. M. I.ovson as a matter of U.-t
i living oiuctlv'in hi little villa at
illy Willi his fa'niilv.
laran d'Aehe. the most Mmi!r nf
n.L.h .,,i .i , .'an, rt,.vl.i .k- j.ii. i. "
tk .l.li..r
.......... mi i iiiun-i.
11.. I i.
.... ..i u t,.x. Aj
- ih oi nusin aniv.
woH foV Veneih if he wer ;;X' TCr ""
sketches " Kmanwl Poire." few L I . w v
"would rvcocmie them as hi hand work .hn,L f ha been m.0
though .hat i hi real name. I ,ke ilia'. , uAlZ pI '"l'l hy the no-
i..i,.t V,..,.l .k.,. .i. .. .1 L .'JlU 1 1 '"on that all treiAt t.i. i
Pierre U.ti. he could cirtnu.mavnrate the
..i..i ;.. ' .. . .. . ' orieiiie
M """;.' " simple PTv-eM ol
I kn mom 4 pin.
. ' -" ""'a a n miMir.a
British Government's Appropri
ation for the Exposition.
India's Wheat Crop Prospects The
Austrian Army Bill A Rev
olution Quelled.
The ilave trade in Morocco continues
to flourish.
Cholera cases are reported at Mar
seilles, Cette and Toulouse, France.
It is proposed to levy an income tax
in Germany to meet the military credits.
Bismarck is expected to come in out of
the wet and patch up a truce with the
Austria and Hungary will introduce
their new currency on the 1st of Jan
uary, 1805.
The Catholic priest of France have
been ordered to denounce Freemasonry
from their pulpits.
The French Senate has passed a bill
to facilitate civil actions against the Pan
ama canal swindlers.
The Czar has distributed half a million
presents in celebration of the tenth an
niversary of his coronation.
The British have proclaimed a protec
torate over Uganda, Africa, and still far
ther 'xtended her colonial possessions.
Tho Liverpool papers say that the pas
senger bookings by most transatlantic
lines have enormously increased of late.
In the cremation chamber at Milan,
Italy, portraits of the dead are attached
to the urns in which their asheg are pre
served. There is a predominance of females
over males in Spain, the number of the
former being 8,U4;i,ooO and of the latter
The British government' appropria
tion for tho exposition was only $300,000,
the government of India allowing $25,
000 additional.
Revolutionists made a demonstration
at Navarre, which tho Spanish govern
ment soon quelled, killing ten and
wounding several.
India's wheat-cron nrosnects are said
to bo good, although the harvest will be
two or three weeks late. The crop should
uv equal 10 nisi year s.
In oliedience totheorderof tho French
residents tho Siamese have withdrawn
from I amnion, the principal military
isjst ui uruieru ahhui
Stroug influence is being brought to
bear on Gladstone to induce him to visit
Ireland this summer. Cork is spoken of
as me center ot mc tour.
ine .Austrian army mil has been ac
cepted without a murmnr by Parliament
uiougn iv was io,ooo,uou norms more
than generally anticipated
The electoral canvass proceeds quietly
in r ranee ana wuiiout unusual portent
and it is therefore a safe conclusion that
franco will stand by the Republic.
In addressing the delegates at Vienna
vouni ivainokv, Minister of Foreign Af-
iau, rmicuieo ine idea that general dis
armament of European powers was pos-
F.mperor William says that under no
circumstances will lie countenance pro
pos-als to limit tho sttlTraire for the nnr-
pose of strengthening the government
ui ino neionsiag,
Through the generosity of American
cuizeiiH ami ine Kindness of the Town
l otincil Edinburgh is to have a monu
nient in memory of Scottish Americans
w iio touglit in tho civil war.
Steam carriages, nonderons id.anlon
with a steam enuine and boilor under,
neath to supply the motive power have
become comparatively common on the
streets of Paris. They run about ton or
vweive nines an nour.
In Kngland an income tax is levied on
all incomes alxive $750, but between that
ligure and $2,01X1 $i500 is exempt. The
rate is sixpence- in the pound. A man
earning $ik0 pays $7. The total tax
amounts to $tiy,i;.)0,tXi0.
Keport from several citie of Asiatic
Turkey ay that cholera has appeared
in many district and was spreading
rapidly. Along the Lower Tigris and
me ciiai-ei-.Aran river people are dying
to int.- iiiuiisauiis.
There is retorted to lie much complaint
in r.iigiaml at tho poverty of the clergy
l he 6,5oj benefices in England and Wale
ationi a yearly income of lees than $1
'w w mi- iiicumoenis,
Fren, '! naval architects have designed
a prot.cted top or stool fortress at mast
tops on battle ships that is regarded as a
oig improvement ny the avy Depart
ment of this government.
The calmest Parisian paper go to the
length of saying that the existence of
1 ranee's whole Iudo-Chineso Empire is
i ocre mollis a universal de
mand in Pari that a big army and fleet
suioi oe loruiwuii dispatched.
Much of the plato that wa used
the ceremonies attending th ro..i;
id the Ciar at tho Chudor VI1M
Moscow, was toh n. it is heti.ira.1 n-O'l.
uic connivance ol ome of the priest
The loss it over 2,IW0,000 ruble.
A Belgian named Fuller, who was ar
rested in Oltnuu, has confessed that he
ne. pen 10 sicai me jewels of the Count
ess oi r lanaers iasi rehruary. His con
lewion implicate a Ixndon aristocrat
ami -eeri oi me countess' (ervant.
ineirinceot Wale first announced
hi son engagement in an after-dinner
speech, in which, alluding to flic absence
of the Duke ot York, he remarked:
As he has been engaged for onlr two
lu i narming young l.vtv, vou can
T.- ,,'n',0,y,ftn,l ,he cause 'of hi;
The gates and bars which still survive
-unie oi uie jxmuon thoroughfare as
an unasserted claim of certain land
holders to right in the streets are to he
abolished, the House of Iu-d, finally
sanctioned a bill promote.! by the
ounty (ouneil. These gate number
In the British Commons, roplvini to
a query, the Chancellor of tb IS.
cnequer stated that .Attornfv.Gemr:i
Mr I harle Rrtssoll receive! $10,000 for
. ,,,r,. wlr nennng N tribunsl
William. Liberal Vnion. VVno, iv of
a motion to reduce the amount.
. Fxeossive rains have rtti., .i.
''.ream have oyerrtowv.1 ti.i. L'i-
----. uir lie oh. in l
ri.n - ., . u
.rernowtta as to in
iu.tu. .k" . " r 9 w in-
mZ TT V" 5 J ,for Vnit
mut hen,-forth 1 in.iwv.i v.- ..
m,lirml olfi.v., .ti.V .1 .1'" l'-V"
1 nnn k i l;h . .
. neaun eao b.
paoDCca, racrr, rc.
Wheat Quote t Valley, $1.20; Walla
Walla, $1.10 per cental.
Floub Standard, $3.40; Walla W alia,
$3.40; graham, $3.00; superfine, $2.50
per barrel.
Oats Choice, 60(353c per bushel;
rolled, in bags, $6.25(g6.50; barrels,
$6.50(36.75; cases, $3.75.
Hay Best, $15gl7 per ton; common,
MitxaTCFFB Bran, $17.50; ahorts,
$22.00; ground barley, $23(24; chop
feed, $18 per ton ; whole feed, barley, 80
(685c per cental; middlings, $23ia28;
per ton; brewing barley, 90395c per
cental ; chicken wheat, 1.17j per cental.
BfTTEB Oregon fancy creamery, 22.4
ta25e; fancy dairy, 17,Ls20c; lair to
good, 15(a lbc; common, iz,c perpouna;
California, 35a 44c per roll.
Cheese Oregon, ll(813c; Eastern
Twins, 16c; Young American, 16c; Cal
ifornia flats, 14c per pound.
Koos Oregon, 14c per dozen.
Poultry Chickens, old, $4.00; broil
ers, large, $4.004.60; small, $1.50.
2.50; ducks, old, $6.00; young, $3.50
6.00; geese, $9.00 per dozen; turkeys,
live, 16c ; dressed, 18c per pound.
Veoetables Cabbage, l!ai?4C per
pound; potatoes, $1.60(1.75 for Garnet
Chilis; $1.752.00 for Burbanks; new,
2(24'c per pound ; new California on
ions, l?4'(g2c per pound; asparagus, $2.00
per box; radishes. 10(?12'-2C per dozen;
green Oregon onions, 10c per dozen;
rhubarb, 3(g3&'c per pound ; green peas,
$1.76 per box; cucumbers, 40c per dozen;,
Oregon cucumbers, $1 .00 1.25 per dozen ;
string beans, 14c per pound.
Fruits Sicily lemons, $5.50(36.00 per
box; California new crop, $4.00(36.00
per box ; bananas, $1.50(33.00 per bunch ;
oranges, seedlings, $2 32.75 per box; na
vels, $3.604.00; strawberries, 17.1t'20c
per pound ; pineapples, $6.00 per dozen ;
cherries, $1.10(31.25 per box; gooseber
ries, 3Zyc per pound; apricots, $1.25
per box.
Dried Fruits Petite prunes, 11 12c;
silver, U(314c; Italian, 1315c; Ger
man, Ilea,' 12c; plums, 8(12c; evaporated
apples, 10(3, 11c; evaporated apricots, 15
i;Tjc; peueoes, ivii-4c; pears, (t.i!c
per pound.
Honey Choice comb, 18c per pound ;
new Oregon, 1620c; extract, 9(310c.
Salt Liverpool, 100s, $15.00; 60s,
$15.50; stock, $10.00'?n.00.
Coffee Costa Rica, 22c; Rio, 22c;
Salvador, 21,c ; Mocha, 26 (330c ; Java,
244(15300; Arbuckle'g and Lion, 100
pound cases, 24 85-100c per pound ; Co
lumhia, same, 24 85-100c.
Rice Island,? 4.76(35.00 ; Japan,! 4.75 ;
New Orleans, $4.50 per cental.
Beans Small whites, 3MC; pinks.
3l4'c; bayos, 3c; butter, 4c; lima, 4c
per pound.
Syrup Eastern, in barrels, 40355c;
in half-barrels, 42(3 57c; in cases, 35ij
80c per gallon ; $2.25 per keg; California,
in barrels, 20(g40c por gallon ; $1.75 per
Suoar Net prices: T,5?c; Golden C,
Sg'c; extra C, 6Jc; confectioners' A,
6Sc; dry granulated, 6c; cube,
crushed and powdered, 7l4C per pound ;
hi'c per pound discount on all grades for
prompt cash; maple sugar, 1516c per
Canned Goods Table fruits, assorted,
$1.75(32.00; peaches, $1.85(32.10; Bart
lett pears, $1.75(32.00; plums, $1.37i
1.60; strawberries, $2.25(32.45 ; cherries,
$2.25(32.40; blackberries, $1.85(32.00;
raspberries, $2.40; pineapple, $2.25
2.80; apricot, $1.65(32.00. Pie fruits,
assorted, $1.20; peaches, $1.25; plums,
$1.00(31.20; blackberries, $1.251.40per
dozen. Pie fruits, gallons, assorted,
$3.15(33.50; peaches, $3.50(34.00; apri
cots, $3.50(3,4.00; plums, $2.75(2,3.00;
blackberries, $4.25(34.60.
Meats Corned beef, Ib, $1.50; 2s,
$2.40; chipped, $2.55(34.00; lunch
tonguo, Is, $4; 2s, $6.75; deviled ham,
$1.75($2.15 per dozen.
Fihii Sardines, l4'b, 75c(3$2.25;
$2.15(34.50; lobster, $; sal
mon, tin 1-Ib tails, $1.25(3$1.50; flats,
$1.76; 2-lbs, $2.25(3,2.50; -barrel, $5.50.
Beep Prime steers, $3.85(34.00;
choice steers, $3.5003.76; fair to good
steers, $3.00(33.50; good to choice cows,
$3.00(33.50; common to medium cows,
$2.50(3.2.75; dressed beef, $6.00(37.00.
Mutton Choice mutton, $3.00(n3.25;
fair to good, $4.00,34.60; dressed, $8.00;
lambs, $2.002.50; dressed, $7.00; shear
lings, atstfi-ic, live weight.
Hoos Choice heavy, $6.50(36.75; me
dium, $6.00; light and feeders, $6,003
6.50; dressed, $8.00.
Veal $4.00(36.00.
Smoked Meat and Lard Hams,
large, 17(318o por pound; hams, me
dium, 164(3.17i'c; breakfast bacon, 16(3
18V; short clear sides, 14(tl5c; drv
salt shies, 14'315c; lard, compound,
in tins, 12.3.120 por pound; pure, in
tins, 15 16c; Oregon lard, 11120.
Tin I. C. charcoal, 14x20, prime qual
ity, $8.60(30.00 per box : for crosses. 1"
extra per box; I. C. coke plate, 14x20,
prime oualitv. $7.50(38.00 nor hor- tem
plate, 1. C, prime quality, $0.60(37.00.
Naild Base Quotations: Iron os.
steel, $2.35: wire. $2.75 nor koc.
Iron Bar. 24c per pound; pig-iron
$23(325 per ton.
r-TEBL 1'er pound, lOe.
Lead rer pound, 4,c; bar, fli'o.
aval Stores Oakum, $4.50(35.00
per bale: retn. $4.8Oi36.0O nr dsn
poun.is; tar, Mockliolm, $13.00; Caro-
i-i'.iiv jer oarrei ; piicn, XO.UU per
I...hiI ...... . . .) r . ' ,, 1 .
"M"i iui.cnwne, 00c per gauon, in
cr luui.
HOP. WOOL Am llinrs
Hops 10(417 i.c
wooi-umpqna valley, 14ll5c; fall
i-k aowling to qnality; Eastern 'Ore
kvmi. ui 1 i-tc ner no ni asnr.i,r A
' -.1:.: "vw' "k w
Cc; STwn, Poloctoil. over 65 rM.nn.u'
umler 55 iHunlH. h
short wool. 30 460c: milium ttndiv. I
long, 90c(.l$1.2.S; shearlings, 10e?20c; UU
un, kuuu 10 cuoicc, iiac per pound.
BAD AMn mniiiva
Burlap, 8-ounce, 40-inch," net cash
""."i"! i"--ouniv, o-inch, net
cash, ,c; burlaps. 12-onnco. 4A.,..k
lf in.l.n. It" . ' . .",v"
ounap. y-ounce, 76-inch, 14c; wheat
o.' 1 " "-'"Ol, i.'jl-
The suit against Rti&sell Sairo hi Will.
laru L. Laidlaw for damages recciVe.1 at
the time a dynamite lmbw. t.o.i
in S -....' n,l!. I.: ii. , -.vi
... .mv, ijinuaw claiming that
jfe ha.i interpose.1 hi (UidlaW) bylv
to prevent injury to himself, haa len
'"' rorkfltMM,!,,.
Th pckftlxnk of Mtagn . ,
markbl.a,,heir oioner "
11 u only a trin lv.,k T"
.kdooe 1 tbit of the Bnpa Indiana
Th. lt ih ?U1,r0 eh".or theH mone,y
of bntkiii.-p.i i.i.hi. c-
Anr)n"ner hoha tn.r,W , 0T lh,
Cniteil 6t.t rn. . . . . OTr
a. vi.i. DI "" UmI
u - i. t'unixo
j . --- -- w.v.w .ura roan ar
-VUlrD m MnM . .
OhioXEditor's Plea for
Systematic Farming.
Drop the Little-Boy Manner of Doing
Things and Work With Some
Aim in View.
Drifting, drifting, drifting! Kloatini!
along with the current; dropping into
the ruts ; slipping into the paths pointed
out by existing circumstances! This U
as I see the great mass of farmers mov
ing; this is the cause of so many failures,
of " straightened circumstances," of
mediocre results and almost fruitless la
bor. This it is that makes farm life the
" humdrum " existence so many realize
barren of satisfactory results," fruitless
I U !. Ul ... i:r- ,
111 uiuuu mai iiiia iu iriiut-r llio pleas
ant and attractive. Many a farmer ii
there who never dreams of planning for
more than the single season, while there
are others who permit conditions as they
find them to dictate their course of ac
tion. One will go out over his fields in
the spring, select a little spot of an acre
or two where the grass is failing and
" guess I will put a little corn here."
Some other spot for like reason will be
selected for potatoes, and so it goes in a
series of "patchwork" all over the fnrra
and all through the season. The plow
ing, harrowing, cultivating, etc., are all
performed at a cost augmented because
of the small scale upon which the work
is done. A little corn is produced and
fed to the hogs ; a small crop of oata for
the horses; a little wheat and a few
bushels of potatoes for family use, and
nothing to put into market to be con
verted into cash. Now to those fanners
who are always "hard up," who never
have any money to spend ior tiie piea."ure
that makes life attractive, let me urge
you to give up your aimless life and learn
to do something, to accomplish results.
Give up " playing at farming;" drop the
little-boy manner of doing things, and
work with some aim in view and some
system as a guide. :
' If you own a farm of fifty or 100 acres
or more, and it is fenced off into small
fields, the first step necessary will be to
make a good, substantial fence around
vour pasture land and (if you can do no
better) between your own and your
neighbors' and stack your other fences
out of the way. You 'cannot afford to
spend your time with short furrows,
hacking weeds in fence corners, etc. So
arrange your work as to reduce useless
expenditure of strength. The outside
of a field always costs the most (propor
tionately) to keep clean. The larger the
field under cultivation the greater the
economy in producing the crops. Decide
what proportion of your land you desire
to plow each year. If one-fourth, then
tnlrA if. nil im in nnn ttini.o fvrtn .:il
- "t niii
not quarrel, lou can just as well put
your potatoes the whole length by the
side of 'the corn or upon the end of the
corn rows, and your garden truck upon
the end of the potato rows, as to make
a separate patch of each variety.
I have lost much time for" want of
r roper system in arrangement of crops,
now find it a great convenience to put
them all together as far as practicable.
If I am cultivating my potatoes and wish
to work in tho garden truck an hour, the
tools, horses and crops are all together,
I don't have to load up my tools and fool
away time going to some other part of
the farm before I can begin to convert
niy labor into money. It is well to bear
in mind in all your'operations upon the
farm that time is money; that you can
not afford to do anv work that can as
well be avoided, anil that a carefully ar
ranged system of work to be followed otit
year after year will trim off the useless
or worse than useless work that cuts off
the profits wherever the work of the
farm has not been carefully mapped out.
Ohio Farmer.
If butter cow are desired and we have
only native cows to begin with, the best
sire is a Jersey bull. For best results
select cows with large stomachs and giv
ing a good flow of milk. Let the sire be
5 years old and one whose heifers have
proved him a good butter bull ; feed the
calves well, and at anv time after the
heifers are 6 months old breed them to a
mature Jersey proved like the first one.
I would keep this up. A milk cow's busi
ness is to give good milk ; and, like the
trotting horse, the earlier in life she gets
at it, if properly fed and cared for, the
A cow consumes about 3 per cent of
her live weight daily to support life and
repair waste. If a large cow will, when
not used for the dairy, make enough
more beef than a small one that makes
the same amount of butter to n-iv for
the great amount of fodder during' the
years she is kept as a dnirr con-. nhi ia
just as good. But this is not usually the
case; a small Jersey that produces' just
a much or more butter hit than a larger
cow is by far the most economical.
Breed your heifers so as to have them
come into milking when 18 or 20 months
oil and when the pastures are fresh and
During the dry season of midsumer
the tires of the farmers' wagons become
loose, and are the cause of mnch delay
and vexation. A writer in the Ohio
larmer suggests a reined v that avoids
taking the wagons to the "blacksmith's
shop to have the tires cut. His remedv
consists in making a trough a little wider
nu aeeper tnan tine felloes of the wheel.
Then heat linseed oil to lu-iilinr tminL
and pour it in the trough. Have every
thing so arranged that you can immedi
ately turn the wheel slowly through the
boiling oils. Two or threo rprnlnlions of
each wheel in the boiling oil i sufficient
11 me uiisiiicss is quioKiy done, one neat
ing of the oil i ample for four w -heels,
but nsuallv a little boiline nil ia adi led
after treating tho second wheel. Tae
important Point in thin nmersa is that
enough boilingoil is in the trough to cover
the felloe as the wheel revolves when
there is a better ioh nprfnmind thin the
one done by the blacksmith. The whole
cost will be a few cents' worth of oil and
a few minutes' work. The oil can be re
turned back into the can to be retained
for a future occasion.
wm.-rm iTAr-r
Will give les tmilhlo Imm im-mn and
will make better return for feed given
than thoee which are forced to rustle.
Th Aoelrot Knockor.
The day are tone when th inmaM
i a house in aristocratic portions of
"few York could tell by the knock at
the door whether a member of the fam-
0 j or a visitor was awaiting admittance.
Alao they knew then what member wtf
there, or the aocial standing of th via-
Itor who was ontaido.
A few small Imoclrm itill linear is
Varick and Vandam rreu and nimilar
loraUtiem. but nobodr Mini to nw them.
The bell may show" advanced ciriiiia
ton, hut there are people who mi tlx
w Vork 80

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