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k w- r v r r u w
News of each Community Gathered each
week by Our Rustling Associate Editors
v Waldport
L. T. Thompson, the painter from
Newport, is painting the residence
of E. E. Everson.
Posters are out for the High
School play to be Riven the even
ing of the 14th. "Hearts and Dia
monds" is the title.
C. Jensen of Eckman creek is
building a new separator building
with a cement floor to conform to
the new state law.
A few timber buyers are looking
ovur the prospects in this vicinity.
Work on the Cape road will be
gin May 19th. Quite a number of
men will be employed and the work
will be pushed as rapidly as pos
sible. The culinarv department
will be in charge of Mr3. K. L.
Buker and her daughter, Mrs. W .
B. Weist.
Mother's Day services will be
held at the M. E. church mext Sun
day morning at 11 o'clock. Every
body invited.
Prof. F. J. Clemo of North Plains
is visiting his parents. Rev. and
Mrs. F. F. Clemo, in this cily.
Prof. Clemo is principal of the
North Plains schools
Just Arrived, direct from the
factory, a complete line of Wall
Pacer. We can paper your house
cheaper than anyone in the county.
Call and see our sanmles. Our
prices are factory prices. Warnock
r Agency for Heath & Milligan
Paints. Complete line of all grades
of paint brushes. .Warnock &
Fishing parties are numerous
these nice days. .
John Olson purchased a regis
teredDurham huiI of Anton Mar
tinson at Tidewater Monday. '
Dairymen of the south ' part of
Lincoln county will meet at Wald
port Saturday, May 17th. to try
and organize a dairymen's protec
tive association. This is a step that
should have been taken long ago
and now the conditions have become
so intolerable, that something must
be done.
Mrs.'J. H. Glines of Waldport is
visiting with her daughter, lone,
this week.
Upper Beaver
K. D. Martin lost one of his best
dairy cows recently. '
G.'E. Lewis spent Sunday at
West Yaquina.
Miss C. Peterson and sisters spent
bunday at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. Huntsucker.
"I II T"l . 1 m
i. m. cowers ana uuy Lewis
transacted business at Yaquina and
Newoort last week.
Dan Hewitt of West Yaquina is
working for G. E. Lewis.
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Peterson
spent Sunday at K. D. Martin's
John Hanlon of South Beaver
spent several days of last week
with G. E. Lewis.
Mrs. Bart McKenney and young
son are visiting relatives , at Bay
View. '
Miss Leola Hewitt of West Ya
cuina spent Monday , with Mrs.
Bowers. .
Wm. Peterson and Jesse Gwynn
of Toledo spent a short vacation
at the Peterson ranch,
Mrs. G. E. Lewis was the guest
of Mrs. Bowers Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Weber made
a trip to Yaquina Monday.
Fred Commons went to Yaquina
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Weber. Mr.
and Mrs. S. C. Denny, John Covert,
Herb Twombly an1 Miss Helen
PheiDs visited at the Hill ranch
Misses Leta Denny and Jennie
Twombly took supper with Miss
Neta and Helen Phelps Monday
S. C. Deny went to Yaquina
L. M. Commons and son, Fred,
and Reynolds Ohmart were visitors
at the Phelps ranch Sunday.
Miss Hester Hill visited Mrs. Sel
by Monday evening.
Miss Gertrude' Phelps returned
to her home Friday, from a visit in
Portland and Seattle, and began a
six niunths' term of school Monday
in the Hassman district.
Chas. Mulkey and Riley Younz
j have been "doing it" again, that
I is, they "swaDDed" horses, wagons
j and harness. Of course they both
I got the best of the trade. Mr.
j Mulkey aloo bought a tine colt of
John Mitchler. .
Mr., and Mrs. B. F. Grant, Mr.
and Mrs. N. L Grant and Mr. and
Mr3. Leonard Grant went to Cor
vallis this week, taking their mo
hair to market. '
Mr and Mrs. B. F. Grant have a
record hard to beat. All of their
married life has been Darsed on
their Big Elk ranch, where their
children have grown up and made
George and Charley Kinney made
a trip to Summit Saturday, brine
inz back Mi33 Edna Garde, who re
turned to her school work here.
fie extend our- sympathy- to Mies
Garde in the loss of her father.
! mL rr - i . . .
ne iwnney oovs aiso orougnt oer
a gasoline engine from Summit,
which P. H. Martin and George
Kinney purchased of Miller Bros.
Jack Inompson and son of the
Blodgett store came over to Harlan
un a fishing trip last week.
Mis3 Crystal Loveririge is teach
ing a successful school in the Spout
Creek district.
Jesse Davenport and Rupert Stew
art visited friends at Harlan last
week. While here they helped
Charles Mulkey break his new team
of colts.
Charles Lillard brought down a
load of hay for the mailcarrier's
horses. Harry Lillard is serving in
that capacity at present.
The Rev. Fisher, two U. B. min
isters, of Philomath are taking an
outing on Big Elk.
Charles Overlander took supper
at the home of P. H. Martin Mon
day evening, having come up after
his mail. 1 thjnk a widow with
some sons large enough to go after
the mail could get a good position
W. C. McNabb. who has been a
resident of llarlan for the last two
years, left Saturday to visit his
nephew. Mr. Curry, of Nashville.
Mrs. Harry Rogoway, who has
been visiting her sister, Mrs. C.
Mulkey. has returned to her home
in Albany.
The Nenamosha came in Friday
evening with supplies for Dodson
& Cook's store. She is now un the
Siletz river getting potatoes and
Mrs. Amon Bones comes in to
day. Mrs. ButterSeld will come
with her.
Good people, raise lots of wheat
and oats. Cecil Cosper has a
threshing machine and will do von
good work.
Mrs. Fuller shiDned h er hniiuA.
hold eoods out on th N
She and her daughter, Mrs. Ander
sen went to, Washington to reside.
Harry Thorn and family and hu
father and mother left for Toledo,
where they will make their home
for a while."
The dance at Dodson & Cook's
hall was enjoyed by all. They
danced until daylight.
Clarence Parmele hauled a loaJ
of potatoes for Cecil Cosper from
Taf t the first of the week.
Walter McCliutock went out to
meet his father. They are expected
back Tuesday.
'.! den
The sun shines bright in Glen.
Many of the farmers are busy
with their gardens.
Miss Jessie Brown visited in Har
lan last week.
Mrs. J. W. Davenport was sud
denly called to thf hpdaMn nt ko.
daughter, Mrs. S. J. Stewart, who
is in, dui pernaps not dangerously.
I Mrs. W. R. Moore and son, Alva,
J went to Toledo Tuesday for a Bhort
j visit.
. Miss Jessie Brown went to Cor-
I ll:..
vauia inonaay.
Elk Citand Big Elk
Frank Hall is working in the
sawmill, returning to his home
every Saturday night.
While Mr. Lane was returning
with a load of oats from Elk City
the other day he unfortunately got
stuck in the mud at the Bear Creek
grade and after calling on neighbor
Young and his horsjs he managed
to proceed only again to look tack
and see that he was losing oats by
the peck. .
The boulevard from Upidke's t?
the main road has been comnleted
and anyone wishing a buggy ride
might trj it" ,
A. Pierce and brother from En
gland are expected in on their place
this week. 1
Vern Calkins, manager of the
Scarth ranch, is making wonderful
improvements fixing fences, repair-
? L IJ? ... .
nig Duiiaings anu tne crops in gen
cral are looking fine.
Young Calkins is workinor for
Mr. staaeiman this month.
The farmers alonz the road are
all very much nleased with the star
route and hope it will be a grand
Mrs. Ches Morrison intertained
the old maids of Elk City and To
ledo Sunday and possibly means of
deliverance wa3 discussed.
Sam . Brasafield of Siletz was
over last Thursday and uasaed
through this city with a SDan of
mares which he bought of A. B.
Slovum and son, Harry.
Frank Upidke and Anton Young
were among those eood Oddfellows
who attended the big dedication of
the new Oddfellow temple at New
port last week.
Mr Lang and family have moved
into our city, Mr. Lang being em
ployed in the sawmill.
Chas. Lane returned from a
business trip to Portland last Wed
nesday. ,
Anyone in need of a veterinary
surgeon will call on Del Hodzes,
who claims he has had experience
in the last few weeks.
v Miss Sarah Ross is working for
Mrs. Pollock, who is reported sick.
Fritz Whearmiere is working for
Marsh Simpson in his coal tunnel.
A moat enjoyable time was re
ported by those attending the hop
Saturday night.
A. C. Young has been making
inquiries to purchasing a Durham
or Holstein bull.
A gentleman from London is reg
istered at the Hotel Elk in this city
and is awaiting his friend, Mr.
Pierce, who is expected in this vycek,
' The Ahwaneda came in from I
Bandon on the 2d with 85 tons of
coal. Socty tons Were for the Ab
bey which will last the hotel all
Summer. As soon as the ccaljjwas
unloaded the vessel returned to
Portland for another, cargo of
freight for the merchants.
The Mirene came in trom Portland
on the 3d with a full load of
freight for the merchants at New
port. The Fish. Captain Dolby, left
this morning bound for Coos bay.
She will not return for several days.
The shipping interest at Newport
is getting to be important. It
helps the peeple because they get
their freight at greatly reduced
rates These vessels have no
trouble in crossing in and out over
the bar.
The Olive. CaDt. Dodze. went to
! Siletz with a cargo of freight for
j the merchants of that place.
I At the last meeting of the city
'council much work was planned for
Newport in the way of improving
streets and establishing grades.
Bush Davis was awarded the con.
tract for grading and p'anking Case
street to the inteniection of Third
street. The contract was let for
$5,000. The work of grading will
commence in a few days and will
give employment to a number of
men and the money will be kept at
The trustees met at the public
school building on Tuesday and
elected the following teachers for
the ensuing year: R. J. Davis,
principal; tirst'and second grades,
Miss Lottie Smith; third and
seventh grades. Mrs. Margaret
Davis; eighth, Miss Genevi ve
Ryan. Assistant principal and
music teacher to be sunDlied.
Newport may well ba proud cf her
public school. The policy , of the
trustees is to reduce the expenses
of thu school. v
Hon. B. F. Jones, regu'er of tne
landofnce at Rosaburz, has been
spending a few days' vacation at
Otter Rock and Newport. He was
well pleased with the substantial
growth NewDort has made within
the csat few years.
Newport has a light bonded debt
and it is the policy of the city
fathers not to increase it.
The farmers are all busy with the
truck patch these fine days.
We are informed that JTE. Wil
son has sold his place here and was
expected back tne first of this
week, but while in Portland Tues
day he was struck by an auto and
is now in a hospital. His injuries
are slight, however, and he will be
here in a few days. -
Archie Wilson came in from
Eugene Wednesday. He expects
to spend the Summer here.
James Slyh's baby has been quite
sick but is better.
E. A. Wildman is helping I. J.
Pepin get his crops in.
The County Commissioners'
Court for Lincoln county state of
Oregon, will receive sealed bids for
rocking Siletz wagon road from the
Government office to the north end
of the rock road on the M. ' Knauf
place in District No. 15. Said road
District to furnish ail machinery
neccessary to crush the rock, and
roll the road but contractor to fur
nish rock, fuel and all necessary
labor to operate machinery and
place the rock on the road. All
bids to bo by the cubic yard and
filed with the County Clerk on or
before 9 o'clock a. m.. June 4, 1913.
RalDh Hamar,
Supervisor Road District No. 15.
Roy Walters is down from
Chitwood farm today.
Everybody's eoini to thegchnni
picnic at Eddyville tomorrow.
Alec Warnock of Nortona was
doing business in the county seat
last Friday evening.
Toledo Co-Operative
At a meeting at the I. 0. 0. F.
Hall yesterday in this city an asso
ciation WHS fnrmuri onrl nffii
w W MUM VlllLVI a
j elected for the Toledo Co-Operative
creamery Association. The officers
are as follows President. J. W.
Parrish; Secretary, 0. F. Dickson;
Treasurer, Claus Christiansen;'
board of directors, E. B.Shumway.
j. l,. wniteis, r. u. Butler, Harry
Lutey and F. N. Hayden.
The beard of directors will prob
ably close a deal with A. T. Peter
aon for the purchase of the build
ing adjoining the Leader office-.,.
This same will be moved back and
made larger. The matter of secur
ing a lease on the around nn whih
this building stands will be taken
up wun tne railroad company at
Some thirty-five shares of stock
have been subscribed already nmnnor
the farmers. The shares are $25
each anu each Derson is limited to.
the purchase of one share only.
To date the citizens of Toledo have
been given no ODDortunitv to nnr.
chase the stock of the association
but will have that opportunity
thrust upon them at once, as a
committee of five was named to
EolicitsubEcibers. thus: I. F. Hiser,
0. F. Dickson. T. B. Butler, F. N.
Hayden and M.J. Thompson.
The meeting adjourend to meet
a week frum today, Friday, May '
lotn. at tne l. o. o. F. Hall at
p. m. sharp.
The County Court for Lincoln
county, state of Oregon, will re
ceive bids for the construction and
covering of the Boulder hrirfoA
span (without aDcroaches) on th
Salmon River road. Bidder to fur
nish all material and perform alt
labor and to fu-nish Diana nnt
specifications. All bids must be
filed with the County Clerk on cr
before 9 o'clock a. m., June 4. 1913.
K. H. Howell County Clerk.
Will go out dressmakinz for the
Summer, 15c. per hour.
Mrs. Caroline Peterson,
Eddyville, Or.
V. C. Mowery of Siletz is in the
Remember the maH npa of fliA
, -v- - . w w V la bllU
Star Sunday afternoon.
Charley Brown arrived rlnwn
from Dayton last evening.
S. C. Davis wis a countv wak
vhitor yesterday and today.
J. M. Slyter is erections a por
tage in the southeast part of town.
J. T. Dailey of Rock Creek van
a business visitor in the city yester
day. H. A Rphlpchr i'a
. ... . . w .j i u ,uia nccn i tr
pairing the foundaton to the M. E.
G H. Horsfall of Rock Creek
had business befoer the County
Court yesterday.
G. W. Andrews has commenced
the erection of a house just west of
the city reservoir.
A. C. Crawford of Siletz received
two fine brood sows from Tangent
last evening. Mr. Crawford in
tends goinx into the hog industry
quite extensively.
Lame back is usually caused by
rheumatism of the muscles of the
back, for which you will find noth
ing better than Chamberlain's Lin'
ment. For sale by all druggists. 2
Now is the time to get rid of
your rheumatism. You can do it
by applying Chamberlani's Lini
ment and massaging the parte
freely at each application. For
sale by all druggists.

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