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"In the Game"
n but remember you must be D
Q strong and robust to win.
A sickly person is the loser
PI in every way; but why re- Q
main so?
will aid digestion and help
Q you back to health and QJ
strength. Try a bottle
J today. Avoid substitutes. Q
Pound Can
All Grocer
Nothing Will Dislodge Perfectly
, Hard-Working Matron.
Sox or Barrel Laid on Side, Painted
Inside With Carbollneum or Some
Other Good Lice Paint, It
Suitable Nest
America's Vast Corn Field.
The combined area of the corn
fields of the United States Is nearly
equal to tho area of France or Ger
Is the First Chapter in the History
ot Chronic Disease.
A cold in the head is the first chapter
in the history of disease and death.
This has been so often repeated that
there are few people indeed who have
not witnessed many examples of it
A cold in the head is rarely severe
enough to confine a vigorous person to
the house. As a rule, it ends in recovery
without any treatment This has led
many people to regard a cold in the
head as of no importance. It is a terrible
mistake, however, to pass by a cold in
the head as a trivial matter. Each case
should be treated.
Those who have used Peruna for such
cases will testify unanimously that a
few doses is sufficient to remove every
vestige of the cold. How much better
it is to treat a cold in this way than it
is to allow it to go on and on for weeks,
perhaps months, leaving effects that
will never be eradicated.
Yet there are those who neglect to
take Peruna for a cold in the head.
This neglect is due to the false notion
that a cold in the head is hardly worth
A cold in the head is in reality a case
of acute catarrh. It ought to be called
so, in order to awaken people from
their lethargy on this subject. In a
large per cent of cases cold in the head
will end in chronic catarrh. Unless
properly treated with some such rem
edy as Peruna, perhaps 50 per cent of
cases of cold in the head will lay the
foundation for chronic catarrh.
A tablespoonful of Peruna should be
taken at the very first symptom of cold
in the head. Usually where the cold is
not very severe a tablespoonful of Pe
runa before each meal and at bedtime
is sufficient It may be necessary,
however, where the attack is more ser
ious, to keep strictly in the house and
take a tablespoonful of Peruna every
hour. Younger people, feeble or deli
cate women, should take a teaspoonful
every hour.
A setting hen Is a perfectly reBpect
ible hard working matron, suffering
from an acute attack of spring fever.
She will not work, she refuses to lay
r even talk about it, and she devel
ops a very crabbed disposition In a
remarkably short length of time. Seek
ing out some chosen nest she takes
possession, by force, if necessary, and
proceeds to occupy It for about 23
hours and 25 minutes every day. She
leaves it secretly and In silence, only
when food Is necessary. Having sat
isfied her wants, she suddenly remem
bers that unguarded nest, and makes
tor It with great speed and confusion.
It matters not whether the nest con
tains eggs or a doorknob, it is dear to
her., and nothing will dislodge her.
There she will hold the fort until
her motherly longing Is satisfied In
a brood of little downy peepers. The
writer once hatched three successive
broods of chicks under the same hen,
the hen setting for 75 consecutive
days, and coming off the nest reluc
tantly and In good health at the end
of that time.
The best way ' to detect a broody
hen Is to look through the nests after
dark and see whether there are any
hens on them. If so, they should eith
er be brought up or placed on some
worthless eggs In the hatching quar
ters, as they do harm in the regular
laying pens by partially Incubating
eggs and fighting with all the other
Almost any concave nest, well lined
with hay, will do for setting a hen
Take a box, or barrel laid on Us side,
paint It Inside with carbollneum or
some other good lice paint, and form
the nest out of earth with two Inches
of hay covering it.
Be sure to get the corners filled so
that the eggs cannot roll Into them,
Have the edge of the box not over
three Inches higher than the eggs, so
that the hen will not Jump on them
Dust the hen with Insect powder, place
her on the nest on some dummy eggs,
and cover her with another, ventilated
box. Let her off in 24 hours, and If
she goes back again, It will be safe to
put good eggs under her.
Use an odd number of eggs, depend
lng upon the size of the hen and the
season. Thirteen In cold weather and
15 in warm, Is about right for
Plymouth Rock ben.
Keep whole corn and pure water at
hand and let the hen take care of her
self. The chicks usually begin
hatch on the twenty-first day. Let them
alone until the night of the twenty-
second day. Then move her and the
chicks to a warm, dry coop and do
not feed the chicks until the twenty-
fourth day.
It Is a good plan to set two hens
at the same time and give all of the
chicks to one hen after they are
and working for improvement In the
family rather than in the race. A
man with even limited capital may
be able to get a good start by know
ing what to purchase. Excellent
young sows bred for fall or spring
farrow can be bought for from $40 to
$50, good male pigs for $25, or those
old enough for service for $50, writes
W. F. McSparran In the Country Gen
tleman. There Is a question whether
one need ever pay any more than
these prices for some of the very best
untried stock.
The animals should be fed well and
wisely, as their subsequent improve
ment will result from feed, care and
selection. The sow should produce
two litters a year, about ten pigs the
first year, although often she will do
much better than that and sometimes
not so well. If she Is bred too young
or Is too fat at the time of breeding,
the first litter, at least, will probably
be small In number.
The breeder must know the type of
animal he desires and select with that
In view. If the offspring of a given
sire have predominating characteris
tics of the kind approved, by all
means breed this sire to his best
daughters, and if his points of merit
are prepotently fixed one can expect
to secure the proper offspring.
Do not scoff at pedigree, for It
means the record of the blood of your
Quite So.
"Love is a Joint stock concern,"
murmured the, girl. "Sort of a hold
ing company," opined the young man,
as he gently shifted her to his other
Munyon's Paw-Paw
Pills are unlike all oth-
j i er laxatives or cauiai"
k TtH tics. They coax the
ttHsiV1' gentlo methods, they
1 B do not scour; they do
not gripe; they do not
weaken; but they do
start all the secretions
of the liver and stom
ach in a way that soon
puts these organs in
healthy condition and
corrects constipation. Munyon's Paw-Paw
Pills are a tonic to the stomach, liver and
Instead of weaken
they enrich the blood instead of impovep.
sw na hi a rim ainrnfleh taffetftll
UUllUg i"" ,w -
the nourishment from food that is pat into)
lwu.-nm?; fV4
IT. Asb
kVfc. v5 to
.00 3j50 4..oo
so 'AND $R.oo
$2.00. t2.6Qand tS.OO.
The largest makers of
Men's $3.50 and $4.00
shoe in the world.
: your dealer to ihow yon
. Iounlas SS.fiO. SVs.OO ai
60 shoes. Jnst as a-ood In style,
ana wear a other makes ousting; am-uu to 7
the only difference Is the Diice. Blioea In al
leathers, styles and shapes to suit everybody,
If you could visit W. L. Douglas large facto
ries at Brockton, Mass., and see for yourself
how carefully W. I.. Douglas shoes are maile,
would then understand why they are warranted
fit better, look better, hold their shape and wear
longer than any other inaae lor toe price.
'. W. L. Ponglns short are not for sale In your tclnHy, order
direct from the factory and save the mmdlrman'l profit.
mioes tor every niemneroi me lamuy, ai an prices, oy
1 v m wmm
a m aw it- vt mm
00 Lt-'woMW
Parcel Post. DostHire tree. Write for 1 llnatrttteil
1 Catalog. It will show yoa how to order by niall,
and wuy yoa can tare money oa your footwear.
W. I DOUOL.AS Rroekton, Mass.
' cAtmoii
Nee that
tine ta stamued
on me rwmom
Decidedly Unprofitable.
herd. Also, do not pay money for a
pedigree, but spend it liberally for
the Ideal hog with a pedigree equal
to his merits. There is abundant
chance for selection from prolific
swine. The young sow may farrow
at from twelve to sixteen months ol
age.1 A mature sow should produce
twelve to eighteen pigs a year, which
will give you plenty of stock to select
Beginner Will Do Well by Adopting
One Breed, Standing by It and
Work for Improvement.
With the number of excellent
breeds of swine from which any one
at the present day may make a choice
It is a waste of time for a breeder to
undertake to create a strain of .his
own by crossing the Chester White
on the Poland China pig, although
there are some Instances where this
has been done with pronounced suc
cess. The beginner will " do better by
adopting one breed, standing by It
Betide Being Money-Makers, They
Will Destroy Many Noxious
Weed Range Bred Beat
(By W. A. LI.'-TK LATER. Oklahoma Ex
periment Station.)
It would add to the revenue of
many farms if a flock ot sheep were
- Excellent Type.
kept Besides being profitable they
are great weed eaters. They will eat
five out ot six of our known weeds,
Cheapest Investment Farmer Can
Make Is Purchase of Pure Bred
Bull to Build Up Herd.
(By RAT P. SPEER, Minnesota College
of Agriculture.)
It has been demonstrated again and
again that the cheapest Investment
that can be made by a farmer who li
trying to build up the standard of 8
herd of cattle lies In the purchase ol
a good pure bred bull. It Is not neo
essary to buy several high priced fe
males as a basis for the average herd
nor is It economical.
A striking proof of this has been
shown on the cattle show circuit at
various state fairs last fall. One ol
many Instances will suffice. Recentlj
a prominent state fair judge had tc
choose between two cows with the
same dam, but sired by different bulls
for the female championship of the
breed. So strikingly similar in type
was each of them to its own sire
though the dam was the same, that
there was no trouble in distinguishing
between the two. The one that had
been produced by the more outstand
lng sire was so superior to the one
that had been produced by the less su
perior bull that there was no trouble
about the selection.
The principle illustrated Is of prac
tical value to the farmer who Is think
lng of beginning a herd with limited
capital, or has a very common herd
that he desires to grade up. An aver
age group of calves will be far su
perior to their commonly bred mother!
if a good pure bred bull is used. Sucb
a bull can be purchased very reason
ably If proper care Is taken by the
where a cow or horse will eat only
one out of every six.
Range bred sheep are the right
kind for the average farmer to buy.
Such sheep will be grade Merinos and
If they carry a cross of Shropshire,
Lincoln or other mutton blood, so
much the better. It would not be ad
visable to buy Mexican sheep or low
grade sheep ot any other kind.
The ewes purchased for the founds
tlon flock should be good, large ani
mals from one to four years old, and
weighing more than one hundred
pounds. Where possible it would sel
dom be practical to start with lest
than 60 ewes, and a larger numbei
would be better still. A flock of a dor
en would require admost as much
care as 60 or 100.
The reason we recommend buying
range bred gratje Merino ewes Is thai
thousands ot these are available,
while Dorsets are not to be had In
large numbers.
These fall or early winter lambs,
by good feeding and care can be made
to weigh 90 to 100 pounds by May 1,
when they wll find a ready market
and will always be In demand.
Attention to These Small Details Will
Lighten Labor and Result in
Better Work.
When ironing small articles, such as
napkins and handkerchiefs, do not let
your Iron cool while you do the fold
ing. Iron a table napkin straight and
true and dry on the wrong side; lay
it aside and iron another and keep on
as long as your iron keeps hot enough.
Then place the iron on the stove and
pull the napkins with the hands and
you have the loose folds used by the
best housekeepers. Also the thread of
the linen stands out nicely on the
right side, as does any hemstlchlng
or embroidery that may be there. Lin
en towels should be done this way,
and the most common ones will look
wondrously fine, not to mention the
appearance of the best ones, says the
Washington Herald. '
Pillow slips being double, must be
ironed on the wrong side and laid
aside. When ready to put away In
boxes, fold In required size with the
hands. Fold your table cloths once
wrong side out, and Iron on botli siUes
of fold. Place Irons on the fire, then
fold tablecloth loosely. Treat linen
sheets the same way, but cotton ones
may be folded twice before Ironing.
In all its forms, atnone all apes of hornet
and dogs, cured and others in the same sta
ble prevented from having the disease with
Sponn's Distemper Cure. Kvery bottle
guaranteed, uver ouu.uuo bottles sola last
year. $.50 and $1.00. Good druggists, or
lend to manufacturers. Apents wanted.
Write for free book. Bnohn Med. Co., Spec
Contagious Diseases, Goshen, Ind.
Test of Sobriety.
Many shibboleths have been devised
for testing sobriety. George Meredith,
who doubtless could have evolved
some wonderful examples, had he
chosen, calls them "olnmeters, or
methods of determining the condition
ot man, according to the degrees of
wine or beer In him." One of the
most snareful of these Is the sentence,
"Give James Grimes' gilt glg-whlp,
and a cup of coffee from a copper cof
fee pot." L-ondon Chronicle.
Use Sea Water In Baking.
The local papers are complaining
about the size of the bread sold by
the Iroquois bakers, who, besides
charging two and one-halt cents for
a loaf of bread of 22 grams weight, it
Is said are using sea water in their
bakeries. From the West Coast Lead
er, Lima, Peru.
For the cure and prevention of every disease
Are you sick? Have you a friend that's sick?
Write today for symptom blank and we will
diagnose your case free of charge and tell
you what remedies are needed to cure your
self at home. Aid Dept. American Herb Doc
tor, 4168 Arcade Bldg., Seattle, Wash.
Memory Gems for Children.
Children learn readily of right think
ing and right doing through anecdote
and memory gems. We cannot give
them too many memory gems, pro
vided they are suited to their age and
intelligence. Every thought will not
affect every child, but every thought
will affect some child. Robert Louis
Stevenson said he was brought up on
poetry and stories, and these poems
and stories were the source of his
later inspiration.
New Material.
A new development of the toweling
material Is now being shown. On the
back this has the same appearance as
pique, while on the right side the lit
tle hoops of thread are arranged in
even rows. A heavy thread of black
or dark color appears at intervals of
an inch.
Tnor drugraist will refund money If PAZO OINT.
KENT fails to cure any case of Itching. Blind,
Bleeding or Protruding- Piles In 6 to It days. 60c
Butcher Shop for Cats.
There Is a butcher shop in New
York city that Is unique in one way at
least. It has been there more than 30
years. From the very beginning Its
proprietor, in addition to his regular
business, has made a specialty of fur
nishing appetizing meals for cats. Ev
ery morning there 1b set forth on a
long counter about 100 trays of cats'
Tripe and Liver Fricasseed.
Take equal weights of tripe and
liver. Fry the liver in strips; cut
some cold-boiled tripe In the same
way. tlour It and fry It also. Then
cover with a thick brown gravy or
stock. Serve hot, garnish with fried
parsley and little heaps ot fried onion.
"A man might "succeed In feathering
his own nest," remarked the Observer
of Events an Things, "if so much of
hla money did not go towards putting
them on his wife's hats."
Like Magic after taking Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
North Bangor, N. Y. "As I hava
used Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Compound with
great benefit I feel
it my duty to write
and tell you about it
I was ailing from fe
male weakness and
had headache and
backache nearly all
the time. I was later
every month than I
should have been
and so sick that I had to go to bed.
"Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound has made me well and these trou
bles have disappeared like magic I
have recommended the Compound to
many women who have used it success
fully." Mrs. James J. Stacy, R.F.D.
No. 3, North Bangor, N. Y.
Another Made Well.
Ann Arbor, Mich." Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound has done
wonders for me. For years I suffered
terribly with hemorrhages and had
pains so intense that sometimes I would
faint away. I had female weakness
bo bad that I had to doctor all the time
and never found, relief until I took
your remedies to please my husband.
I recommend your wonderful medicine
to all sufferers as I think it is a blessing
for all women." Mrs. L. E. Wyckofp,
112 S. Ashley St, Ann A-'bor, Mich.
There need be no doubt about the
ability of this grand old remedy, made
from the roots and herbs of our fields, to
remedy woman's diseases. We possess
volumes of -proof of this fact enough
to convince the most skeptical. Why
don't you try it?
$100 TO $500 SAVED
On Each Automobile.
Our co-oneratlva sales plan en
ables you to buy a brand new au
tomobile; only $475 required, bal
ance easy terms. For full partic
ulars address
690 Washington Street,
A ''L:'':.
en roMlreprompt treat
nitmts of Kon-roiionou,
Health-blildlnc twdi
th ChlneM doctor.
Try ono more if yon hare bn dootorlnt wltfc
inn one ana mat one ana hare not obtained pei
mnnent ruuei. iaii inia great nature nenier llag
none your caw and praaorilHi aome remedy who
motion U quirk, lure aud aafe. Ilia prescription!
ere oompoundud from Roota, Herb, Muds and
Itarki that have bein gathered from erery quar
ter ot the globe. The aeoreta of theae medicines
Rre not known to the outaide world, bat have been
anded down fmm father to eon In the phytlo.anr
faoiUiea In Uhlua,
If yon lire oat of town and cannot call, write for
ymptom blank and oinntlar, anoloaing 4 oenta la
1 62 1 first St., Cor. Morrison
Portland. Oregon.
P. N. U.
No. 16-13,
yHEN writing- to advertisers, pla

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