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TVill please the most particular
The beiuty of the patterns af
ffords lasting sugestions to the
The plate will wear more than
a lifetime.
Call and see our line.
Jack Pelmulder
Toledo, Oregon
Nineteen-foot gasuline boat,
h.p. cax'me, and scow for sale.
Boat in running order. Cheap.
Vac particulars address
C. P. Davies, Toledo. Or.
IVfrc a a druggist recommends a
tvtavda lor colds, throat and lung
troutxYs, you can feel sure that he
: knows what he is talking about:
Lower, druggist, cf Marion,
' tibio. write of Dr. King's New
Disccvciy. "I know Dr. King's
New ESwoverv is the best throat
and lung medicine I sell. It cured
my wife of a severe bronchial cold
alter 1I other remedies failed."
. It will do the same for you if you
are suffering with a cold or any
iarcnclral, throat or lung couch.
Keep bottle on hand all the time
fur everyone in the family to use.
It is a hoitie doctor. Price 50c
and JTJ.OO. Guaranteed by Toledo
Drug Co.
Ttfti-cut, weak, nervous men
zed ireroen woujd feel embiticus.
- ct!(ittti, full cf life and always
Ijave a good appetite, if they
kouM do the sensible thing fcr
licakfc rake Electric Bitters.
' Ne'biig better for the stomach,
livtr c? kidneys. Ihousands Eay
Ihfjrowe tlieir lives to thiswonder
fal hme remedv. Mrs. 0. Rhine--vavEtfif
Vestal Center, N. Y .says:
" J regard Electric Bitters as one of
the greatest of gifts. I can never
fnx4wiiat it has done for me."
Grtlottle yourself and see what
-ra eiffcrenee it will make in your
V bt&kfc. Only 50c and $1.00. Re-
MBsineQd'Qd' by Toledo Drug Co.
" Br. King's New Life Pills will
Tetirre constipation crompty and
irrt your bowels in healthy condi
tiao again. John Supsis of San-
hary. Pa., says: "They are the
frcsl oilla I ever used, and 1 advise
enrijitne to use them for constipa
tion, indigestion and liver com
jvbfet." Will heln you. Price 25c
Ktamimended by Toledo Drug Co
C&e roari Durham or Holstein
l-v3J 16 montns old, of good milk
.strain. A. C, Young,
Elk Citv. Or.
V. S. LandofTiec, Portland. Orecon
StiisIC23S0. May 2. 1913
Xotiee is hereby given that Mar
ias fl. Remington of Rocci, O re-
jmb. who, on January 15, 1910,
icuJe homestead application No.
W0. for East half cf the East
lint of Section 3G. Township 9
sifh. Range 9 west. Willamette
Uusdian, has filed notice of inten-
1irit to make final three year proof,
litablish claim to the land above
lifKriled. before the County Clerk
Lincoln county. Oregon, at To
W. Oregon, on the 17th day of
Jar, 1913.
CJiimant ntmes as witnesses:
Joseph L. Morrison and Henry
3?. Spivtv of Rocca. Oregon, George
. Uorsfall and Royal 11. Flank of
Xwtons, Oregon.
H. F. Higby, Register.
jsacxien s Arnica salve is Known
ewrywhere aa the best remedy
traie for all diseases of the skin,
isii also for burns, bruises and
litis. Rcduceds inflammtaion and
k ioothing and healing. J. T. Sos
i-rman, publisher of News of Cor-
ixIkis, N. C, writes that one box
telfta hia serious skin ailment af
Ur other remedies failed. Only
ZS&. Recommended by Toledo
'2tvrg. Co,
I W CI ffhnrmnn ujaa nn
Ocean View last Wednesday.
Memorial Services next Sunday
at the M. E. church at 11 a. m.
R. R. Wilson of Chitwood was a
county seat visitor last Monday.
C. E. Hawkini and I. R. Wishart
went to Eddyville Wednesday morn
ing after trout.
C. T. Sailing, the electric light
man, visited over Sunday with his
family in Portland.
0. R. Ilollingsworth. the furni
ture man, returned Tuesday even
ing from a business visit to Port
land. Geo. E. Cutler of Dallas, who
owns property on the lower Siletz,
was a Toledo visitor several days
this week.
J. F. Brown of Siletz has been
appointed to the Dosition of "boss"
carpenter of an Indian School in
New Mexico, and Tuesday morning
he departed to take up hij duties
as such.
Rev. W. T. Pearce visited with
F. S. Clemo of the local M. E.
church on his return from Junction
City where he had been attending
the ministerial meeting of the
Eugene District.
Abe Lincoln Post G. A. R. and
Womens' Relief Corps will conduct
their, time honoured exercises of
decorating the graves of all de
ceased soldiers at the Toledo Ceme
tery Friday, May 30th, and cordial
ly invite everbyody to meet with
and assist them in the beautiful
exercises, ine ladies ana gins are
especially invited to secure and de
liver flowers at T. P. Fish's store
on the 29th. Procession will leave
Fish's store at 10 o'clock, a. in., on
the SOth to march to the cematerv .
Everybodv invited the school child
ren especially come one come all
and assist.
Following is the Prico Paid for
Produce in the Toledo Mar
ket. Corrected. Weekly
Butter-fat 29Vu
Dairy Butter GOe per roll.
Creamery Butter SOc
Potatoes 65c per sack
Onions 2c pound.
Apples GOc box.
Veal 11c to 12c.
Beef 6 to fic.
Mutton 7'i.
Pork 9 to 9c.
Chickens 10 to 1)4c.
Oysters 1 .90 gallon .
Clan is 10c gallon.
Beef hides 10c.
Veal hides 10c.
Three high grade Holstein bull
calves, ready for service. They
are beauties. Your choice for $50.
Address Emil T. Raddant, Siletz,
The accounts of the Toledo Meat
Co. have bean placed in the hands
of Attorney G. B. McCluskey for
collection. All persons indebted
o the company will please call at
Mr. McCluskey's office and settle.
Toledo, Oregon
U. S. Landoffice, Portland, Oregon,
Serial 02392. May 9. 19i3.
Notice is hereby given that
Clarence S. Parmele. of Otis. Ore
gon, who, on January 26. 1910,
made add'l Hd. Appliation No.
02392, for Lot 12. Section 11,
Township 7 south, Range 11 west,
Willamette Meridian, has filed no
tice of intention to make final
three year proof, to establish claim
to the land aboe described, before
the Register and Receiver, U. S.
Land Office at Portland, Oregon,
on the 26th day of June, 1913.
Claimant names as witnesses:
F. H. Phillips of Scio, Oregon,
Harry Thorpe, Alvin Thorpe and
Cecil Cosper of Otis. Oregon.
H. F. Higby, Register,
J only
Only one week left
in which to take ad
vantage of those won
derful low prices on
our Shoe and Suit
Both our Shoes and Sutis are going
fast, therefore it is imperative that
you come early if you intend to get
your choice.
Leading Clothiers
Hawkins Bid.
. S. Landoffice. Portland, Oregon,
Serial 01923. May 3. 1913.
Notice is hereby given that Henry
M. Spivey. of Rocca, Oregon, who,
on April 27. 1909 made homestead
application No. 01923, for North
east auarter of Section 35, Town
ship 9 south, Range 9 west. Wil
lamette meridian, has filed notice
of intention to make final three
year proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before the
County Clerk of Lincoln county.
Oregon, at Toledo,' Oregon, on the
17th day of June. 1913
Claimant names us witnesses:
Joseph la. Morrison, and Marion
H. Remington of Rocca. Oregon,
and George H. Horsfall and Royal
H. Plank of Nortons, Oregon.
II. F. Higby. Register.
U. S. Landoffice, Portland, Oregon,
Serial 02922. May 9, 1913.
Notice is hereby given that Le-
roy N. Walter, of Chitwood, Ore
gon, who, on Feb. 23, 1911, made
homestead entry No. 02922, for the
Northwest quarter. Section 28,
Township 10 south, Range 9 west,
Willamette Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to make final
commutation proof, to establish
claim to the land above described,
before R. H. Mowell. County Clerk
of Lincoln county, Oregon, at To
ledo, Oregon, on the 24th day of
June, 1913.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Charles Satter, Archie Pepin and
T. F Lewis of Chitwood, Oregon,
and R. V Mann of Toledo, Oregon.
H. F. Higby, Register.
Send Now
for Free
. !
and Furnishers
Toledo, Oregon
Young, heavy draft team, weight
about 3500 lbs. Toledo Livery
Stable, J. Rattey.
In the Circuit Court of the state
of Orsgon for the county of Lin
coln. Waldport Lumber Company. Inc.,
vs. ' . plaintiff,
O. L. Holagte, defendant.
By virtue of an execution out of
the above entitled Court in the
above entitled action to me directed
and dated the 22d uav of April,
A. D.. 1913, in favor of the Wa'd-j
port Lumber Company. Inc.. and
against O. L. Holgate, for the sum
of $27.50 with interest thereon at
the rate of 6 per cent per annum
from the 3d day of April, A. D-,
1913. and a further fees and costs
of this writ commanding me to sell
the following described real pro
perty situate in Lincoln county,
Oregon, as follows, to-wit: The
East Half of the Northeast Quarter
and the Southeast Quarter of the
Northeast Quarter and the North
east Quarter of the Southeast
Quarter of Section Eighteen. Town
Ehio Twelve South, Range Eleven
West of the Willamette Meridian
in Lincoln county, Oregon.
Now, therefure. in compliance
with the demands of said execu
tion I will on Saturday, the 24th
day of May. A. D., 1913, at 10
o'clock a. m. at the front door of
the County Courthouse, in the City
of Toledo, Lincoln county, Oregon,
sell to the highest bidder for cash,
all the right, title and interest of
the above named O. L. Holgate de
fendant, in the above named ac
tion, in the above described proper
ty to satisfy said execution, inter
ests, costs and accruing costs.
Bert Geer,
Sheriff of Lincoln County, Oregon.
Drted this 24th day of April
1913. Date of first publication
April 25, 1913; date of last pub
lication, May 23, 1913.
For a burn or scald apply Cham
berlain's Salve, It will alley the
pain almost instantly and quickly
heal the injured parts. For bale by
all dealers.
EI i
II 1
1426 Portland 163. List No. 038lo.
U. S. Landoffice Portland, Oregon,
May 1,1913.
Notice is hereby given that the
Northern Pacific Railway Company,
whose postofike address is St Paul,
M:nnesota. has this 1st day of May,
1913, filed in this office its applica
tion to select under provisions of
the Act of Congress, approved July
1. 1898 (30 Stat. 597. 620). as ex
tended by the Act of Congress au
pioved May 17, 1906, the NE1
NW1 Section 7. Two. 13 south.
Range 11 west W. M.
Any and all persons claiming
adversely the lands described, or
dssiring to objEct because of the
mineral character of the land, or
for any other reason, to the disposal
to applicant, should file thnir affi
davits of protest in this cffi:e, on
or before the 1st day of July. 1913.
H. F. Higby, Register.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned has been appointed by
the Countv Court of Lincoln county
Oregon, administratrix of the es
teate of John I. Butterfkld, de
ceased. All persons having claims
against said estate are hereby noti
fied and required to present the
same to me at my residence on
Siletz river, with proper vouchers
and duly verified, within six months
from the date hereof.
April 18. 1913.
Sarah J Butterfield,
Administratrix of the estate of
John I. ButUrfleld. deceased.
Poor appetite is a sure sign of
impai.ed digestion. A few doses
of Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets will strengthen your
digestion and improve your appe
tite. Thousands have been bene
fitted by taking these . Tablets.
Sold by all druggists.
U. S. Landoffice. Portland. Oreeon.
Serial 01424. May 9. 1913.
Notice is herebv oiven that
James H. Parks, of Elk City, Ore
gon, who, on November 13, 1907,
made homestead entry No. 16378,
serial No. 01421 for Si or SKI
and WJ of SE1 Section 20, Town
ship 11 south. Range 9 west, Wil
lamette Meridian, has filed notice
of intention to make five year
final proof, to establish claim to
the land above described, before
the County Clerk of Lincoln county,
Oregon, at Toledo, Oregon, on the
25th day of June, 1913.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Marion Hunt of Eddyville, Ore
gon. Joe Parks and Ed Galispy of
Elk City, Oreeon. and T. F. Wil
loughby of Eddyville, Oregon.
H. F. Higby. Register.
Two of the finest building lots in
the south part of town, level,
cleared and under cultivation.
Call at this office.
The imported French Percheron
stallion, Houleux, will make the
season of 1913, as follows:
Eddyville, Tuesday.
Siletz, Friday.
Toledo, Wednesday and Saturday.
Terms, $10 single service; $15
season; $20 to insure.
J. Rattey, Owner.
Norm Anderson, Mgr.
k. Ciinilfl V Will Ulitnnrn
1)151 gallic v v Btaouu vii me
local diamond. Newport vs. To-
1 1 iL. cpViAIiiIa n I M J
leuo la iu onu a kuuu
game is assured. Game called at
Mrs. C. C. Avery wasa passenger
for Portland yesterday morning.
C. E. Hoevet returned Wednes
day evening from a trip to Port
land and Seattle.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Gatens at Newport, Sunday, May
18th, 1913, an eight pound girl.
A marriage license was granted
last Saturday to Clayton Pond and
Mrs. Esther Parr, both of Siletz.
Property owners along Seventh
street are grading and otherwise
improving between Hill and Grove
Attorney and Mrs. W. E. Gwynn
were passengers for Newport Wed
nesday evening, returning this
Train Dispatcher and Mr. Bert
Boles of Albany wers in the city
Monday night, returning the fol
lowing morning.
The Rev. Dr Abbett of Eugene
will preach in the M. E. church on
Sundav evening, May 25th. at 8
o'clock. Everybody cordially in
vited. Deputies T. J. Criag and George
Rus&ell of Portland last Saturday
planted 37,000 trout, dollyvarden.
cutthroat and rainbow, in the Elk
river eight miles above Elk City.
Mrs. R. P. Goin and I. W. Gill
departed the first of the week for
Medford, going as drlegates of
the local Oddfellow and Rebekah
lodges to the grand It dge, which
is in session at that place.
J. U. Hackley of New York City
who last vear visited his brother,
Maret Hackley, at Yaquina, leaves
on May 24th for a business trip to
Europe, railing on the Isteamshin
Finland of the Red Star Line. He
will make his headquartres at Ant
werp. Belaium. and will reside
abroad about three years. The
W:cstern Electric Co. with whose
scientific and development branch
Mr. Hackley is connected and for
which he will continue his work at
Antwerp is one of the largest Elec
tric Companies in the world and
has an establishment in every large
city of nearly everv county 'in the
Will go out dressmaking for the
Summer, 15c. per hour.
Mrs. Caroline Peterson,
Eddyville. Or.
Now is the time to get rid of
your rheumatism. You can do it
by applying Chamberlani's Lini
ment and massaging the parts
freely at each application. For
sale by all druggists.
U. S. Landoffice, Portland, Oregon.
Serial 01418 May 9, 1913.
Notice is hereby given that Ferd
inand Werremeier. of Elk City,
Oregon, whu. on October 29. 1907,
made Home&tead Entry No. 1636 7,
serial No. 01418. for SWJ SW1,
Sec. 25, .SJ SEl and NWJ SEJ,
Section 26, Township 11, South
Range 10 west. Willamette Meri
dian, has filed notice of intention
to make final five year proof, to
establish claim to the land above
described before the County Clerk
of Lincoln county. Oregon, at To
ledo, Orcuon, on the 25th day of
June. 1913.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Will Parks, Jim Parks, George
Kimbel and J. C Dixon, all of Elk
City, Oregon.
H. F. Higby. Register.
The County Commissioners'
Court for Lincoln county state of
Oregon, will receive sealed bids for
rocking Siletz wagon road from the
Government office to the north end
of the rock road on the M. Knauf
place in District No. 15. Said road
District to furnish ail machinery
neccessary to crush the rock, and
roll the road but contractor to fur
nish rock, fuel and all necessary
labor to operate machinery and
dace the rock on the road. All
bids to bo by the cubic yard and
filed with the County Clerk on or
hefore 9 o'clock a, m.. June 4, 1913.
Ralph Hamar,
Supervisor Road District No. 15.
The residence uf J. W. WoMmnn
on the Yachats burned at noon May j
14th. All furniture, clothing and
family belongings were lost. There
was no insurance, but Mr. Weidman
has a fine lot cf cows and is lookinsr
to them as a means of recovering I
from the loss.
M. Wyagnt and wife of Newport
were recent visitors at' Waldport
and the Yachats.
"Hearts and Diamonds" was
given by the High School pupils
the 14th and by special reauestwas
repeated the 15th. The play was-
wen presented ana was also a suc
cess financially.
On Saturday the 17th dairy
meeting was held at Kent's Hall
for the purpose of organizing a
dairyman's association. Commit-1
tees were appointed which are to i
report in two weeks I
Already preparations are being!
made for the salmon season, which j
begins July 15th.
A good road 5s needed from
Waldpoit to Tidewater. Residents
of these sections have been trying
for the last thirty years to get this
road and seem as far from it as
ever. At this time sslfish private
interests are hampering the at
tempet to get aid from the County
J A. Coovcrt attended '.he grange
convention at Albany last week, re
turning to his home Saturday even
ing. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Phelps and
fami'y and L. M. Commons ' and
ben, Fred, took dinner at the Oh
mart ranch Sunday.
John Coovert and S. O. Denny
are doing some much needed work
on the Yaquina road this week.
Miss Hester Hill and John
Coovert were at the beach Sunday.
Mrs. S.
C. Denny was very sick
Everyone busy milking for the
cheese factories, as they are all
running at full blast.
Mrs. O. M. Dodson of Rose
Lodge has been visiting her son and
family and while here was quite
A.N. Lowe of Devils Lake was
at Taft this weok with a brand new
wagon, harness and team and they
are all certainly fine.
Jacob Johnson is haulina the
lumber for the new hotel.
Ihe Nenamosha is expected in
again any day with a cargo for
Dodson & Cook.
Brn, to the wife of Archie
Stephens of Kernville, May 6th, a
fine, big boy.
Born, to the wife of Henry Kos
kella, a girl.
Cecil CosDer of Devils Lae has
been assessing. If the assessors
could buy for the price people
think their stuff is worth when he
is assesoing he would only want the
job one year and then he would
start a bank.
Jesse Farrin and wife are busy
planting garden.
G. S. Parmele & Son3 havo sold
their sawmill to Mr. Ring of To
ledo. He will move in his house
hold goods on the next boat from
Lots of fine agates on the beach
Mr. Morris of Newberg
been visiting F. Mercers.
Little Elk
Weather fine farmers are busy
planting garden.
Our road boss is busy between
showers with the grader smoothing
C( II INTV NFW Ncm of each Community Gathered each
vviii-i week by our Eustling Associate Editors
up the road3.
' Mr..Hoifs of Turn Turn passed
through Little Elk valley last Tues
day. Mr. Hoifs is the blacksmith
at Turn Turn.
T. L. Burns held church services
at our school house the first Sunday
of this month. Mr. Burns taught
the school at Eddyville this year.
Mr. Burns i3 studying for the
ministry. We wish him the best
of success.
Arthur Moon of Woodburn is
visiting his aunt and uncle, Mr.
and Mrs. S. T. Loudon the last
Earl Rood of Sheridan was visit
ing friands on Little Elk this week.
Geo. Moss went to Toledo last
week to find work. Mr. Moss is a
very energetic fellow and we hope
he will be fortunate in finding work.
There was quite a large crowd at
tended the school picnic at Eddy
ville the tenth, and considering the
day everybody had a fine time. The
program was very good. Ihe ball
game was good but would have
been better' if it had not rained.
The Toledo buys played hard but
they were out classed, and lost the
game by a score of eleven to six.
The contests were hotly contested
for by all. Toledo did fine in send
ing so large a crowd on such a day
and they all seemed to enjoy them
selves. The prizes awarded, in
part, are as follows:
Recitations Monte Colby of Little
Elk school 1st, Johnnv McBride of
Eddyville 2d, Irene Magsaof Little
Elk 3d.
Songs Eugene Girdler of Eddy
ville 1st, Lois Loudon of Little
Elk 2d.
Standing Broad jump Clare Mc
Bride of Eddyville 1st. Scott Graves
of Elk City 2d. Brown Wakefield
of Little Elk 3d.
Running broad jump Scott
Graes of Elk City 1st, Roger Lou
don of Little Elk 2d. Claire Mc
Bride of Eddyville 3d.
Standing high jump Scott Graves
cf .Elk Citv 1st. Franci3 Altree of
Toledo 2d, Claire McBride of Eddy
ville 3.
Running high jump Claire Mc
Bride of Eddyville 1st, Brown Wake
field of Little Elk 2d, Scott Graves
of Elk City 3d.
Thirty yard dash Scott Graves
of Elk City 1st. Brown Wakefield
of Little Elk 2d, Claire McBride
of Eddyville 3d.
Fiftv yard dash Scott Graves of
Elk City 1st, Brown Wakefield of
Little Elk 2d. Claire McBride of
Eddyville 3d.
One hundred yard dash Claire
McBride of Eddyville 1st, Brown
Wakefield of Little Elk 2d, Scott
Graves of Elk City 3d.
Girls' relay race Little Elk
school Franl2a Cline-Irene Magee
Lois Loudon 1st, Eddyville school
Violet Damon-Helen Sparks-Rena
Aldrich 2d.
The above is only a partial
of the contestants as we were
ablle tu get the names of all
contestants in all the contests.
J. E. Wilson arrived last week
from Red Bluff, California. He
was accompanied by Ed. Goodrich
of Portland who has purchased his
farm on Simpson Creek.
Mr. Wilkins went to Portland
Friday and will be away for two or
three weeks.
John Jacubson killed a bear last
Mrs. Eddy of Eddyville and Mrs.
A. L. Porter and daughter, Ruth,
of Dallas were visiting with Mr.
and Mrs. L. F. Pepin and family
last week.
Supervisor Trapp with a force
of men is at work on the wagon
J. E. Wilson went to Nortons
Monday to prepare for Bhipment
some two tons of moss which he
has stored there. He expects to
gather several tons of peat mossj
j . ti . .
lor propogating orcnias at the
yvj j
Panama Exposition.
Mrs. Charles Sater's mother, Mrs.
Reed, returned Tuesday from Van
couver, Washington, where she has
been spending a few visiting old
friends and attending to business
Born, May 20, 1913. to Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Satter. a 10 pound boy.
Mrs. J. E. Wilson of Red Bluff,
California, is visiting here.
Dr. Albert Carey of Nortons
preached at the Bchoolhouse Satur
day and Sunday evenings. The
Doctor is an able sneaker and his
sermons were enjoyed by all. Come
again Doctor.
I Some of our young people hang
j May baskets for their friends while
j others. - not being content with
j hanging boquets on the door knobs,
j hang rails on the gate also.
i Mr. and Mrs. Beattv and Mrs.
Reed went to Toledo Monday.
J. Q. Adams went to Nashville
Tuesday, where, he will join Jim
Brown's bridge crew.
Mr. and Mrs. James Slyh took
their baby to Philomath to a doctor
The child has been quite ill for
some time. Thev returned the
same day.
Archie Wilson went to Toledo
Friday to visit hi3 uncl, Wm. Og
dcn. He came back Saturday.
Last week someone shot and
mortally wounded one of L. F.
Pepins horses. It is baid that the
markeman has confessed and will
pay for the horse.
C. J. Olson, is shearing bheep for
G. T Smith.
There will be a strawberry pic
nic at the Riverside Fruit Farm
some time n'xt month. Watch for
posters and get the date.
The tug George R. Vosburg of
Nehalem. Captain Reed, came in
Wednesday morning and took the
dredge Chetco to the Columbia
river. She was taken out Friday
morning on a flood tide . Her
destination is Clifton, 30 miles
above the mouth of th Columbia.
She is to be used in diking the tide
lands of that Eection. One acre of
tide land diked is worth two not
diked. The Chetco was sold some
time ago to Brown & Co., large
tide land owners at Clifton. It is
unfortunate that this splendid
dredge should be taken away when
there is so much tide land that
ought to be diked on the Yaquina
Bay. Ihe Chetco was built at To
ledo about three years ago by M.
M. Davi3 at a cost of $9000. She
was strongly and substantially built
out of the best of materials and
was equipped with first clase
machinery. The Chetco was used
for more than a year diking the
tidelands about Toledo. Olalla.
Depot and Mill 4. The dredge did
splendid work and the land that
was diked by this machino never
overflows, and the value of the land
is more than double.
The Nenamosha went out Friday
morning with a full cargo of
freight for the merchants at Taft.
This is a new town that is being
built at the mouth of the Siletz
river, one of the most beautiful
streams in Oregon. Lots in this
new town can now be bought for
$100, but as time goe3 on the price
will increase. Seven or eight
cheese factories have already been
built in that section and the busi
ness is growing better all the time.
It is one of the richest agricultural
and dairying sections of Lincoln
The Orabella, Captain Jesse
Reeder, went out to the halibut
beds, stayed over night and came
in Sunday morning with 800 pounds
of fish, mostly halibut. Nearly
every day boats go out over the
bar fishing. A good many of the
Summer visitors xo while here and
have a fine time fishing and riding
on the rolling waves.
J II ...
23, 1913
The Sadies of Newport
Rllfinpl" Satll,lav Ait An !nn
gave a
in the
.store building at Fsont and Fall
j streets for the purpose of raisin
money to be used in repairing the
walk from Newport to the bath
house on Newport beach, also to
beautify the grounds and repair
the bath house building. The tables
were spread with all the luxuries of
the season. Some three hundred
persons partook of the feast and
it was conceeded to be the most
peasant and social gathering of the
year. The receipts were $80.
Whatever good may be accomplished
by this meeting will be entirely due
to the public spirit and enterprise
of the ladies.
Devils Lake
Mr. Cosper is now on the tele
phone line. Frank Murry, Roblin
Muir and Clarence Parmele were
heloing'him put it up.
Fred Lathron is building a fence
around his oat field this week.
Devils Lake intend celebrating
this coming Fourth. Everybody
get ready to come.
The Devils Lake cheese factory
is running full blast now and turn
ing out some fine cheese.
Mr. Nixon returned home from
Newport this week, but expects to
return soon.
Mr. Resch lost a valuable horse
kst week.
Frances Parmele has been on the
sick list this week.
Mr. Lowe has purchased a fine
team, wagon-and harness. He
says he wants to bo able to get out
of the mud when he gets into it
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Miller were
passengers for Portland thi3 morn
ing. Joseph Klein returned last even
ing from an extended visit to his
former home in Germanv.&nd went
over to his ranch on the Siletz to
Another meeting of the mem
bers of the Co-Operative Creamery
Association will be held tomorrow
for the purpose of adopting by
laws. W. C. Bingham and C. B. Crosno
went to Elk City this morning to
attend the funeral of the late C.
P. Bevens. a former resident of
that place. ,
Manager Saling of the electric
light company is making extensive
improvements around the plant this
waek, building sheds for the
housing of fuel, etc.
Dick Evens of Waldoort p issed
through last evening from Port
and, where he has been sitting on
the Federal grand jury. He will
return to Portland Juna 23d.
J. B. Miller, the railroad man,
expects to begin delivering logs to
the mill about the first of the
month. The rails are now laid as
farastheRomtvedt place and thero
remains about a mile yet to belaid,
for which the grade is already
made. ,..
G. W. Huffman, the mill man
this week moved into the house
recently vacated by S. F. Cook and
family. County Judge Fogarty
and family moved into the Rose
brook house, vacated by Mr. Huff
man, and John Salvage and wife
will occupy their cottage vacated
by Judge Fogarty.
Walter S. Ormandy of Portland
and Mis3 Lola Irvin of Newport
were married at Newport Wednes
day evening, the Rev. Chas. T.
Hurd officiating. The groom is in
the banking business at Portland,
being employed by the First
National of that city. The bride
is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.
G. Irvin of Newport, where she
has resided most of her life. She
is a talented young lady and. was
one of the loaders in the social set
of the Resort City. Some seventy
five guests were present at the
There will be Catholic services af
Toledo Sunday morning and even
ing. Rev. Chas. M. Smith of Cor
vallis officiating.
The morning mass with sermon
to be at eleven o'clock; the night
VTJ fd wfflt instvimrinn of .S..U
Everybody is welcome and invited
to attend. "
A petition was circulated the '
first of the week to raise funih for
the reoauring of the M. E. parson
age. Roy Kaltz. the piano iuner, came
over from Albany last evening.
Rov now has a piano house at Al?
Mrs. R. D. Buriress and children
were passengers for Corvallis this
morning, where they will reside
the coming Summer.
A Catholic church will be erected
in this city at once, lots for thi3
! purpose having been purchased
the southeast part of town.
I Elma Waugh and Annie and Tom
Hawkins, accompanied by several
girl friend, arrived over from O.
A. C. last evening. Tom will
graduate in pharmacy this term.
This office thi3 week printed the
procram for the annual teachers
institute which will be held here
next week, the 27th. 28th and 29th.
Same can bs had on application to
Superintendent Goin.
Yesterday, whila making repairs
to the boiler of the dredge Lincoln
a large hule wa3 bursted in the
boiler, the metal seeming to be rot
ten. It is a mystery that the same
did not burst while carrying a
head of steam. It will be some
timH before the dredge will be in
shape to work again nd possibly a
new boiler wi'l have to be installed.
Mr. and Mrs. Zem Randall were
passengers for Elk City the first of
the week.
Fred Horning and Billy Graham
have formed a partnership in the
livery and transfer business.
Mrs. Milliard Merrcll visited in
this city yesterday, going to New
port for a visit with her parents on
the evening train.
Lame back is usually caused by
rheumatism of the muscles of the
back, for which you will find noth
ing better than Chamberlain's Lini
ment. For sale by all druggists.
On the first of the month E. L.
Chaple, the photographer, will
move his photo gallery into the
building now occupied bv Attorney
W. E. Gwynn. Mr. Chaple will be
in Toledo two dav3 each week.
Professor W. C. Fisher came over
from. Siletz yesterday and went to
Newport in the evening. From
Newport Mr. Fischer will hike ud
the beach to Tillamook City. He
expects to mako the trip in about
a week.
Fogarty & Anderson is the nama
of the owners of the steamer
Truant. Maurice Anderson hav
ing purchased an interest in tha
towing.and piledriving business of
Capt. Jack Fogarty. Here's suc
cess to the new firm.
A petition is being circulated
here in Toledo to raise money to
assist in grub staking the men in
the building of a road from the
Mill Creek valley to the Big Elk-
valley. This is a good thintc and
3hould be helped along. With this
road completed it will shorten th
distance from Toledo to the Upper
Elk valley some fifteen miles ami
will enable tho farmers in that-.
section to do their tradine at To
ledo, making the round trin in nna
day. Tho country tapped bv thi
road i3 one of the richest farming
sections of tho cnuntv nA k
practically been cut off from tho
county seat.

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