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'"v. I
Swift & Company
At a recent hearing of the Federal Trade Commission there
was introduced correspondence taken from the private files of
Swift & Company .which showed that the Company had been con
sidering for some time an educational advertising campaiga
The need for this publicity has been apparent to us for sev
eral years. The gross misrepresentation to which we have
recently been subjected has convinced us that we should no longer
delay in putting before the public the basic facts of our business,
relying on the fair-mindedness of the American people.
The feeling against the American packer is based largely on
the belief that the income and well-being of the producer and
consumer are adversely affected by the packers' operations,
resulting in unreasonably large profits.
Swift & Company's net profit is reasonable, and represents
an insignificant factor in the cost of living.
For the fiscal year 1917 the total sales and net profit of Swift
& Company were as follows: '
Sales . . .
$875,000,000. i
equivalent to a $3,465. profit on a business of $87,500.
If Swift & Company had mad no profit at alL the cattle raiser
would have received only one-eighth of a cent per pound more for his
cattle, or the consumer would have saved only one-quarter of a cent per
pound on dressed beef.
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
Ittk re of tttU loot arartica,
f ac'fl a mdf fa ait doum an
caa liHi hm iithitt! (inmlf
Who Is Going to Send Him
another pouch of
Seal GRAVELY Chewing Ping
Real Gravely Plug is the tobacco to
send the Boy not ordinary plug loaded
up with sweetening, but condensed
quality with the good Gravely taste
that satisfies and comforts and lasts a
long while.
dir. any man a chaw of Raal Cravaly Plug, and ha will
teD you (Aa(' Ilia kind to aaad. Sand tha baatl
Ordinary plug ia fala. aconomy. It coata laaa par waak to
chaw Raal Gr.valy, bac.ua. a araall chaw of it laata a king
If rou amok, a plpo. inc. Cravalr with tout knlfa and)
add a litUa to your amoklni tobacco. It will lira flavor
improve tout amoka.
Dealer, all around haro carry It in 10c pouckaa, A Sc.
stamp will put it into hia hands in any Training Camp or Sra.
port of the U. S. A. Ereo "over there" So. ataaap will take
it to him. Your dealer will supply enrslopa and giro you
official directions how to address it,
P. B. GRAVELY TOBACCO CO., Danville, Va.
- 77i Patent Pouch ..p ft Ftuth and CUan and Good
if fa not Real Gravely without (Aia Proimction Soal
Established 1831
1 ya. (Vjn.
and letters written by the boys GET YOUR FURNITURE NOW
between the 15th and 20th of IIavln bou ht th furniture
January to friends and relatives of the Nlcoiai hotel at Newport,
In the United States. we are prepared t0 furni8h you
Henry Gohrke of Dallas was with dressers, rocking chairs,
a Toledo visitor several days dining chairs, bed steads, mat-
the first of the week. Mr. Gohr. presses, springs, etc., at reason
ke has just recently traded for able prices. Call and see these
the Anton F. Will place north of goods
Bateman & Bateman,
(Furniture Store.
town, and expects to move here
with his family soon. Mr.
Gohrke desires to buy several
Silas Maley was up from New
port last Friday.
Matt Pompei was over from
the Agency Saturday.
Miss Violet King was up from
Oyster City Saturday.
Wm. Southwell was down
from Rock Creek yesterday.
Remember the High School
play and dance this evening.
Frank Priest of Newport was a
county seat visitor Saturday
W. E. Ball was a passenger
for Portland Monday morning. L,
w. G. Sharman of Ocean View
had business in Toledo last Fri
day. W. N. Cook of Chitwood was
transacting business in the city
Attorney A. O. Condit arrived
over from Salem Wednesday
Chas Van Orden came down
from Elk City on the Transit
W. S. S. means War Savings
Stamps. Buy them and we shall
stick the Kaiser.
Attorney G. B. McCluskey
was called to Corvallis yesterday
on legal business.
Guy Altree departed Saturday
morning for Gaston where he
will work in a sawmill.
Walter Hall, the Siletz mer
chant, returned last evening
from a trip to the Valley.
Mrs. Zel) Blower and Miss
Ethel Polland of Mill Four were
Toledo visitors Saturday.
Mrs. T. Dowling. the Yaqulna
postmistress and daughter were
county seat visitors Friday.
J. C. Dixon, Republican can
didate for sheriff passed through
to the Resort City Friday even
ing. The Annual Teachers' Insti
tute of Lincoln county will meet
the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of May this
Mrs. Scarth arrived down
from Elk City Wednesday even
ine for a visit with Toledo
Ed. Abbey was up from New
port last week, In company with
L. J. Simpson, candidate for
II. Bradley returned from
Summit Saturday evening,
where he bas been working In
the sawmill.
Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Small ar
rived down from Elk City on
Saturday evening's train, to take
In the big dance.
W. E. Simpson of Elk City was
In attendance at the big I. O. O.
F. dance here "Saturday evening.
'Billy Is the Democratic aspirant
for sheriff.
Don't forget the High School
Vaudeville this evening.
Roy Hawkins was down from
Elk City Saturday evening.
Mrs. R. P. Coin is entertain
ing the Ladies Whist Club today.
Carl and Milton Hendrlcksen
of Bayview were Toledo visit
ors Tuesday.
Fred Wygant was over from
Siletz to the big dance last Sat
urday evening.
M. W. Simpson of Elk City
was transacting business in the
Attorney and Mrs. Edw. J.
Clark returned last evening
from a trip to Portland. -
Miss Blanche Jeffreys arrived
last evening for a visit with her
aunt Mrs. T. P. Fish.
Merchant J. H. Sugg has Just
installed a new up to date cash
register and credit file.
Chas. J. Preissler of Alsea was
in the city this week making
proof on his homestead.
I. A. Vernon of Albany was In
the city last evening. Mr. Ver
non Is an old resident of the
Eddyville section.
C. S. Bunnell of Beaver Creek
had business in the city this
week. He purchased several
head of stock while here.
Fred Rowe returned to his
home at Silverton Monday after
a visit with his brother, Seth,
and family near this city.
A marriage license was Issueti
at ancouvcr this week to
somewhere in the county so that
he can raise a big bunch of cat
Items taken from the files of the
Leader ot that date.
Miss Ethel Ross came in from Al
bany Saturday and visited at home
until Monday morning.
Joseph Blower and S. J. Rnbb ot
Mill Four were passengers lor Corval
lis Monday morning.
Mrs. Frank Wadsworth of Portland
arrived Saturday evening for a visit
with relatives.
Merchant John Kentta of Siletz, re
turned Wednesday from a business trip
to Portland. He reports chilly weather
In the metropolis.
The Dewey Saloon building Is being
disfigured into a temperance billiard
hall with confectionery, etc., on the
side. It will be In charge of Char-
S. R. Cotton the Yaqulna mer
chant was a county seat visitor
Saturday. He went out to the
Valley on business Monday.
Tillamook bias a war crop
that is the cheese, the whole
cheese and nothing but the
cheese, so help me Hoover!
Tho Thnrsen rlp-ndrirksen
Lumber Co., has shipped two I
cars of airplane spruce the past
week and have another car
loaded for shipment.
Carl Tangen received a pic
ture from his brother, Peter,
this week. Showing the latter's l Robertson of Taft, Or., were In To
rerriment. Peter ia stationed at ledo Monday making proof on their
Vancouver at present. homesteads before County Clerk Wade.
W Willis of Yanuina was a Arthur TonBeland 1,88 BoM hla
m "J 0" farm on Olalla to W. II. Vertner and
luicuu visuui oaiuiuuv. tvuuc
in town he called in and sub
scribed for the Leader for his i
brother, who lives at Morgan. b,
Notice is hereby given that
all warrants drawn on the gener
al fund of Lincoln County, Ore
gon, and endorsed to and includ-
jing December 18th, 1916, are
hereby called and the interest
thereon stopped this day.
Dated at Toledo, Oregon, this
1st day of March, 1918.
Ira Wade.County Treasurer,
lie Fox of Albany.
Mrs. J. F. Stewart
and son, Ray-
Estate of Uriel L. Clark, deceased
' Notice Is hereby given thut the un
dersigned, administrator with the will
annexed of the estate of Uriel L. Clark
(alius U. L. Clark) deceased, has filed
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for the County of Lincoln, his
final account as such administrator,
Mr. and Mrs. Fred MeCauiou
arrived down from Portland Sat
urday evening and will make
their home here. Fred has em
ployment as cook with the War
ren Spruce Co.
F. W. Carson received a pic
ture from his son, Willard this
week. Willlard is with the U. S.
Expeditionary Forces 'Some
where in France," and he is cer
tainly looking fine.
W. L. Kadderly, Assistant
State County Agent Leader, was ;
in the city Wednesday evening,
coming over with County Agent
Asb.ihr. Mr. Kadderly returned
to the Valley yesterday.
Home grown bunch lettuce,
California had lettuce,
niond, visited at Pioneer Saturday with and that the 8th day of April. 1918, at
Mrs. P. A. Miller. .the hour of 10:00 o'clock A. M. at the
J. P. Bones, D. C. Bones and Charlie ourt m ",e Coun? ,Couf'
ty, Oregon, at Toledo, Oregon, lias
been fixed as the time and place for
the hearing of objections to said final
account, and the settlement thereof.
Robert Treat Piatt,
Administrator with the will an
nexed of the Estate of Uriel L.
Clark (alias U. L. Clark) deceased.
Piatt and Piatt, Attorneys
for Administrator.
Date of first publication March 8th,
Date of last publication April 6th,
left this morning for Philomath, where
he will work In a sawmill during the
summer. Arthur will be missed by
Uncle Sam cast his hat Into the ring,
end this be did say:
"I will conquer Kaiser Wllhelm, If
it takes 'till doomsday."
Xever have I entered, that my back
ers haven't come through,
And upheld the honor of the Red,
White and Blue."
The Huns are marching dally from
Russia to theWesf,
There the Khaki Clads are waiting,
for the Teuton crest.
They'll retreat again from Verdun,
from the din and hue,
While shouts of victory come from
the Red. White and lllun.
Across the "pond" In beautiful Paris,
that pluce of great renoun,
I'nclo Sam Is on the lips of every
one In town.
In the Circuit Court of the Stato of
Oregon for Lincoln County
L. M. Scroggln, Plaintiff,
Henry C. Starr and Grover C. Starf,
To Grover C. Starr, one ot the abovo
named defendants:
In the Name of the State of Oregon,
You are hereby notified und required
to appear In the above entitled Court
and cause aid answer the complaint
filed against you therein within six
weeks from the date of the first pub
lication of summons, which said da (a
of first publication Is the 15 day of,
February, 1918 and If you fall so to ap
pear and answer for want thereof, the
plaintiff will apply to the Court for the
relief demanded In the complaint, to
wlt: ' For a judgment and decree for the
sale of the following described real
property, to-wit:
Lots .o. two (?) in roe (J I ana
Four (4) Section Six (6) Township
Seven (7) South Range Nine (9) West
of the Willamette Meridian In Lincoln
County, State ot Oregon. Containing
132.37 acres.
Upon the foreclosure of the mort
gage described In the complaint to re
cover the amount due upjon.the prom
issory note given by defendant, Henry
C. Starr, to plaintiff 'on December 28,
1911 for $662.90 with Interest thoreon
at 10 per cent per annum from date
until paid and the further sum of
$150.00, attorney's fees together with
the costs and disbursements and for
a further decree that whatever interest
or estate you, the said Grover C. Starr,
may nave or claim to hnve In and to
aid real property is subsequent und In
ferior to the lien of plaintiff's mortgage
and that plaintiff's said mortgage con
stitutes a first and prior lien upon said
real property and for such other and
further relief as to the Court may seem
mete In equity and In good conscience.
Tills summons Is served upon you
by publication In the Lincoln County
Lender by order of the lion. R. R. Mil
ler. County Judge of Lincoln County,
Oregon made at chambers In the City
of Toledo on the 14th day of February,
w. O. Sims,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Post-office adress: Sheridan, Oregon.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for the County of Lincoln
Lisle Wright, Plaintiff,
Mary A. Flett, Thos. G. Flett and
Margurette Flett, his wife and Laura
Gilstrap. Defendants.
lly virtue of an execution, decree
and order of sale lsued out of the
above entitled Court In the above en
titled action to me directed and tinted
the 23rd. day of February. A. 1).. 1918.
In favor of Klslo Wright Plaintiff and
ngnlnHt the abovo named Defendants
for the sum of$913.75 with Interest
iM.irr- Jarmlno nnri Miss Fnnnlr- UK broccoli, new cabbage,
lti..i .. v ll.lnrnln rniiiitv 1 1:1 rn I n tur-i
Hazel Green, both of Newport.
Dudley Trapp of Chitwood, L.
C. Mowery of Lower Siletz, and
Ord Castle of Siletz have boen
here this week viewing out the
road to the proposed bridge
across the Yaqulna.
Sam'l Center recently re
ceived a picture of his son,
Js'ewt., in uniform. Newt likes
the life fine, tips the scales at
1S4, but is getting anxious to
have it out w ith the Kaiser.
Make it your business to
come and see our display of
vegetabes and fruit. We are
proud of it and we want you to
Bee what a variety there Is here
this week at the Quality Store.
W. E. Parthemer of Lower
Siletz was visiting with Mr. and
Mrs. A. O. Schwartz here this
week. Mr. Parthemer has
rented the Denny place near
Ona, and will reside there) this
Nick Ludemann and Earl
Hoover came over from the
Agency yesterday. Mr. Hoover
departing on the morning train
for Portland. Wr. Ludemann is
famiing the John Adams place,
above Klamath Grade.
Next come the American Red Cross thereon at the rule of 8 per cent rr
whoso doings aren't few. Annum from the 1st day of rYbnnry,
Itii.liiiik' lifo fur love of humanity A. D. 191 3, und a further sum of 1MJ.00
11 ml 1 hi. Iteil. White and 11 ue. 'nilnrnev's fees and coits taxed at
Iviisc- There Ih jov In every corner when $20.1)0, and costs of this writ
Deuce dwells ut homo. ilng mo to sell the lollowlng
You hear of the A. II. C. Its every- real property situate In Lincoln Coiiu-iI
. . . w nirru ji'ii ilium, ij, Viit5w, iin lummB, mwii.
..M.o, v,,.,, v.. ii..rai. Their deeds are great, wortli untold,
celery, at Frederick's Quality, undaunted to tii core,
Store. Helping along the Allied eaue and
, ,1 the lied, wiilto ena muo.
A number Of the friends Of .when rolling In your cot before yon
The Lot Tliree(3), Tim Tint T!;i'f 1
in the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for the County of Lincoln
In the Matter of the Kstute cf Robert
S. Barclay, Deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that the un
dersigned hns been, by order of the
County Court of Lincoln County, Ore
gon, duly appointed executrix of the
estate of Robert S. Barclay, dereusort.
All persons having claims against
said estate are hereby notified to pre
sent the same, duly verified and with
proper vouchers as by law required to
me at my residence at Waldport, Ore
gon, within six months from the date
of tills notice.
Duted this 14th day of March, 191?.
Eva J. Mor'lion, Executrix
of the estuto of Robert S.
llurcluy, Deceased.
When others fail you
i Expert Watch
taxed at 1 1 r a a
t nimmi.n.i. ! Kepainnit
t described T "
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Boeckman
arranged a surprise for last Sun-
turn to sleep,
Pray God protect those fearless lad-
day, the occasslon being the an- Colng to ttl6 ald of tlielr COmrades,
nlversary of Mr. and Mrs. IJoeck
man's wedding, the crystal annl-1
Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Peterson
and children were passengers for
Newport Monday evening, D. L.
returning Tuesday, Mrs. Peter
son and children remaining over
for a few days1 visit. They re
turned last evening.
Subscriptions to the Leader
received this week are: H. E.
Willis, Morgan, Or.; F. B. Whit
ed, Toledo, Or.; R. O. Duncan,
Toledo, Or.; Mrs. M. Knauff,
Toledo, Or.; Mrs. Wm. Scott, Si
letz, Or.; J. F. Turner, Canton,
S. D.; M. S. Herring, Rivera,
Calif.; Emll Ruprecht, Nortons,
The failure to receive letters
from the hoys In France may be
accounted for by the sinking of
the Andania off the coast of Ire
land the latter part of January.
This boat carried thirty thoua-
bravlng the dark-blue sea
To return with the flag of Victory,
the Red, White and Ulue.
An Ona Red Cross Member.
Can be had by any ambitious
young man or woman In the
field of railway or commercial
telegraphy. We want a number
of young men and women to
prepare for the telegraph serv
ice to fill vacancies caused by
unusual drafting of young men
for Signal Corps. Prepare to
help your country. Write todaj
for full particulars. THE RAIL.
of Portland, Oregon.
Toledo, Oregon
Office In Ofstedahl Building. Office
hours: 10 to 12 a. m.i 2 to 4 and 7 to I
p. m. Emergent? calls at any time.
Phone, 1003
of Southwest Quarter (1C of SWM
and the Southeast Quarter of the
iNonnwesi quarter 01 section ju i-; i
I 1 K..l.l L-I.nn I I f. I C. Ill It ..f'X
iu iuminiii, rme.H iiui -w..i
Rango Ten (10) West of Willamette
Meridian, Containing In the aggrepite
one hundred and llfty elght 81100
(158.91) acres more or less, In Lincoln
County. Oregon.
NOW, THKHEFORK In compliance
with the demands of said execution,
decree and order of sale I will on Sat
urday, the 30th day of March A. I).
1818. at 1 o'clock P. M. at the front
door of the County Court House, In
the City of Toledo. Lincoln l ouniy,
Oregon sell to the highest bidder for
csh, all the right title and Interest
of the abovo named Defendants In the
above name! action, In the above des
cribed property to satisfy said execu
tion decree and order ot saie, interval,
Pnaia and arrrulnc costs.
Date ot First Publication Mch. 1, 1911
Date of LaBt Publication Mch. 29, 1918.
Bert, Geer, Sheriff ot
Lincoln County, Oregon.
We Guarantee Satisfaction
A trial will convince. Trice
vi'rv rruHonnlito.
t Over 40 Years' Experience
as practical watchmaker
All Work Guaranteed.
Shoemaker and
Harness Repairer
Shop on Hill Street
Dealer ia
Kist '
Pop .. ,
Corn .

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