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j 'tITKEN you have a bilious attack your liver foils
1 i to perform its functions. You becoms con-
stipated. The food you eat ferments in your
sumach instead of digesting. This inflames the jj
siomr.ch and causes nausea, vomiting and a terrible; l
headache. Take Chamberlain's Tablets. They will '.
tone up your liver, clean cut your stomach and yxi
I will soon be as well as ever. There is nothing better, p
ti -V i i' l"Tve"'SL.
Water Front Meat Market
J. L. Demitt, Prop.
Fresh & Cured Meats, Vegetole, Pure
Lard & Compound; Lunch Goods &
Meat Condiments.
We Buy Veal, Beef, Poultry, Pork &
Mutton; Hides & Pelts
Fish, Oysters & Clams In Season
Lincoln County
Time Deposit
Toledo fleat Co. ii
Highest Price Paid for Hides
On Monday, March 1st, the railroad lines of the Southern Pacific Company, were returned
to their owners for operation. As a war measure they have been in charge of the government dur
ing the last two years and two months. The stockholders in that period had nothing to do
with the management.
In taking over the management of this property, the policy of the owners will be to give
as satisfactory service as lies in their power in return for the patronage given us; to seek the co
operation cf shippers and passengers and of the wholo people in having our service .reasonably
responsive to the public needs.
We have to ask the patient forbearance of the public during the readjustment period of
the next six months. It is true during these six months the Government continues the standard
return allowed the lines while under its control, based on the pre-war earnings. But this return
is subject to certain Legislative directions by congress that will affect operations during this period
which ends August 31st, iext. We expect, however, within this six months to mature plans for the
future. These plans had to be held in abeyance thus far because of uncortainty as to the Legis
lative conditions to accompany the return of the roads to their owners for operation, and these
conditions have been determined by Congress only within the last few days. We now have to
study what is before us in law and in fact and get our beariugs anew.
The Operating organization as it existed under Southern Pacific management ha3 been to
some extent disarranged during the period of federal control and operating practices have been
changed, but the benefit of any new practices that may have proved efficient in the public service
during the Government control period, will, of course, be retained.
We could r.ot purchase equipment after we entered the war because the Ccvsrnmont took
control and war financing occupied the field, while during the reit of the time i!ie' question of ade
quate credit had to wait for answer in Congressic nal action. On the other hand, the locomotives
and cars in service have been subjected to the most active use and new rolling stock has not
been renewed throughout the country in normal numbers for the increaso of normal traffic. The
burden of extaordinary war movements fell heavily upon all kinds of rolling Block, making it im
possible to shop the equipment at the proper tirr.o, and repair work was further delayed by
shortage during the larger part of the war period in both men and material.
The problem before us at once, therefore, is how to put to the best use the passenger train
cars and the freight cars that are in service, and how to put into good condition for service every
piece , of equipment to bo had. This problem is before every railroad. Abreast of this is the larg
er question whether the earnings under the new law, the "Transportation Act of 1920," will be
enough to establish the credit of the railroads at a point where they can provide themselves with
the facilities of ail kinds that they need to give the public proper service. We have the will
if only we can find the ways and means. These are not easy to find, for an assumed earning of
even 6 per cent, and no assurance of that, is not attractive to anyone having money to invest
when money is worth 7 or 8 per cent in the open market.
Hejice, the effect of the new act of Congress upon earnings and upon the eredit of the
railroads cannot be immediately determined. Thi3 act provides for a rato-making structure, under
which, during the next two years the railroads will be permitted to earn up to 512 Per c?rit an-r.!-al!y
on the value of the railroads as may be determined by the Interstate Commerce Commis
sion. The Commission has power at its discretion to increase th?so possible earnings to 6 per
cent, the added one-half of 1 per cent to be used only for improvements to the property.
No guarantee of any kind is given to any railroad, but half of any earnings over 6
per cent are to be taken by the Government to make loans to railroads that may need them for
improvements or to care for obligations falling due, or to obtain and lease equipment to the
carriers that cannot afford to buy it.
Obviously these elements in the situation will have to be considered in making our
plans. The Interstate Commerce Commission is the deciding body with respect to value of the
properties, as well as the rates which are to yield the 5y2 per cent return thereon, and much will
depend upon the vision and promptness of action with which that body accepts its great respon
sibilities. In the meantime, it is particularly desirable, in view of the shortage of equipment, that
every effort be made by shippers and the railway forces to continue heavy car loading and train
loading, and to lose no time in loading and unloading cars.
Believing that we will have the full co-operation of the people served by our lines in
dealing with the problems presented, it is due them that in thus aiding us they should know
what problems we have to meet. You can rest assured we are not idle with respect to them.
WM.SPROULE, President.
L. J. BROWN, Proprietor
The White Corner Store
If you want to be Healthy, buy some of our Fancy
Dried Prunes, but always spit out the Seeds.
I Buy your Ford Car now while deliveries are possible.
There ia only a limited, specified number of Ford ears)
allotad to this territory. You will be wise to buy one now
while we can get cars to deliver. A signed order with us
is your protection.
Even our smalt allotment of Ford care la not chipped
us until we have bona-flde order for them. Thle ia be
cause the demand for Ford cart all over the country la
greater than the supply or production. So, dent depend
on spring delivery.
Only so many Ford cart will be shipped In to this
territory; only so many will be able to get Ford car. If
you would be forehanded and plan ahead, you will have
us deliver you a Ford car as soon aa possible. Then you
will have it to use whenever you want it.
The Ford Is an utility in your home or business. Its
serviceability, its ease of operation, its low coat of main
tenance has made It such. It will serve you the year
around. Spring and summer, autumn and winter, It ia
your servant; always ready to do your bidding.
A. T. PETERSON, Local Agent
- r . . v 1
aetoatTil .
F. N. HAYDEN, Publisher
One year, in advance, $2.00
Six Months, In advance $1.00
Three months, In advance 60
Established. Twenty-Eight Years Ago.
Entered at Toledo, Oregon postofllce,
aa second-class matter, under the
Act of March 3rd, 1S79.
Display Advertising 15 cents Inch.
Composition 5 cents Inch.
Locals 5 cents line.
Remember, cream puffs Saturday at
the Bakery.
Special sale on Flour at Frederick's
Quality Store
Ralph Hamar of Siletz was In the
city Wednesday. '
Banker C O. Hawkins was up from
Newport Tuesday.
Royal Dunn was a passenger for
Portland W dnesday.
J. H. Lewis was up from the Resort
City Tuesday afternoon.
Otis Hamar of Nashville was In the
city on business Wednesday.
D. V. Jones of Newport passed thru
Wednesday enroute to Portland.
Mrs. W. H. Burton visited In Elk
City between trains last Saturday.
Mrs. W. A- Cooper and children
wero up from Newport Wednesday. '
E. A. Smoason of South Beach was
a Toledo visitor the first of the week.
Born, Monday March, 1st. to Mr.
and Mrs. Jock Moore, In this city,
Crover Doty of South Beach waa a
county seat visitor Wernesday after
noon. - .
Newt GullUams of Bearer Creek was
in the city on business Tuesday after
noon. '
Win. Towner of Yaquina came up
this noon.
County Agent and Mrs. J. E. Cooter
returned Monday evening from Cor
vallis. Miss Essie Ball returned Wednesday
from Newport, where she has been
visiting for some time.
We sell the best Flour made, and
will save you one dollar a barrel.
Frederick's Quality Store.
Joe Sijota of Taft was a Toledo
visitor the first of the week, having
business at the courthouse.
Supt- E. L. Chalcraft was over from
the Agency Monday squaring himself
with the income tax collector.
Chas. Hassman was up from Ya
quina Monday, having business with
the income tax man at the Court house.
Mrs. W. E. Simpson returned Tues
day evening from California where
she was called by the death of her
step mother.
County Commissioner W. F. Wake
field has been In the city this week
attending the regular March term of
County Court.
The M. E. Epworth League will hold
their usual Home Bake Sale, Saturday
afternoon. Come and try some of our
Home made candles.
Seymour H. Bell, one of thd principal
stockholders In the local electric plant
waa down from Portland Tuesday look
ing after the business. We understand
that the plant will again furnish con
tinuous service,' commencing next
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned administrator with the will
annexed of the estate of Joseph .
Bruseth, deceased, will by virtue of an
order of sale duly made and entered of
record in the County Court of Lincoln
County, Oregon, on the 9th day of Feb
ruary 1920, authorizing and licensing
the undersigned administrator with
Will annexed, to sell the real property
belonging to the estate of said deceas
ed, I will in pursuance thereof on and
after the 13th day of March 1920, at
the hour of Ten O'clock of said day at
my law ofuce in Tolede, Lincoln
County, Oregon, offer for sale at pri
vate sale to the highest bidder, the
following described real property be
longing to said estate, to-wit:
Beginning on the western Meander
line of Yaquina River 26' chains
south of the north line of Section IS,
Township 11 South of Range 10 West
of the Willamette Meridian, running
thence west to the west line of said
Section 15, thence south 41 rods and 1
foot, thence east 80 rods to the said
Yaquina River, thence northerly along
the meander lino of slid river to tho
place of beginning, containing 22 acres
more or less, situated in Section 15,
Township 11 South of Range 10 West
of the Willamette Meridian, situated
In Lincoln County, Oregon.
Terms of sale, cash in hand.
Dated at Toledo, Oregon, this 9th
day of February, 1920.
G. B. McCluskey,
Administrator with the Will annexed
of the Est&te of Joseph E. Bruseth,
Deceased. ,
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for Lincoln County
W. C. FOSTER, Plaintiff,
Adam Plykkanen, Defendant
To Adam Plykkanen, Uie above
named defendant:
In the Name of the State of Oregon:
Yo are hereby notified that W. C.
Foster, the holder of Certificate of De
linquency numbered 36 issued on the
1st day of April A. D. 1916 by the Tax
Collector of the County of Lincol
State of Oiegon for tho amount of
Fifteen and 19-100 Dollars tho same
being the amount then due and delin
quent for txe for the year 1914 to
gether with penalty, Interest and costs
thereon upon the real property of
whicii yor are the owner as appears of
record, situate In said County and
State, and particulotly bounded and
described as follows, to-wit: The
Northwest quarter of the northeast
quarter and the Ea. t half of tho north
west quarter, .Section sixteen, Town
ship Seven South of Range Ton West
of Willamette Meridian In Lincoln
County, Oregon.
You ore furtrer notified that W. C.
Foster has paid taxes on said premises
for prior or subsequent years, with the
rate of interest on said amounts, as
follow ; , ,. .L?i222S!Sat
Year's Date Paid Tax Re- Amt Rate of
Tax ceipt No. Interest
1915 Oot. 10, 1918 4818 J11.60 15
1916 Feb. 11,1918 5275 13.13 15
1917 Juno 5, 1919 6667 10.25 15
1918 Oct. 5, 1919 4:T9 18.35 15
Said Adam Plykkanen as tho owner
of the legal title of the above described
property os the same appears of record
are hereby notilied that W. C. Foster
will apply to th i Circuit Court of the
County and tttnte aforesaid for a do
cree foreclosing plaintiff's lien against
the property above described, and
mentioned in snld certificate. And
you .aro hereby summoned to appear
within sixty days from the dato of tho
service of this summons upon you ex
clusive of the day of such service if
personally served within the State of
Oregon, and williin sixty days from the
lirst publication of this summons ex
clusive of the day of said first publica
tion if served by the publication there
of, and defend this milt or pay the
amount due as above Jiown together
with costs ond accrued Interest, or for
want thereof decree will be rendered
foreclosing the lien of said taxes and
costs against the land and premises
above named free and clear from any
and all right, title, estate, lien or in
terest that you may have or claim
therein or thereto, '
This summons Is published by ordor;
of the Honorable R. R. Miller, Judge
of the County Court of the State of
Oregon for the County of Lincoln, ani
said order waa made and dated this
15th day of January, 1920, and the dato
of the first publication of this sum
mons Is the 23rd day of Janaury, 1920.
All process and papers In this pro
ceeding may be served upon the on
dereigned residing within the State of
Oregon at the address fcereafter men
tioned. . G. B. McCluskey,
Attorney for Plaintiff, Address, Toledo,
Notice is hereby given that the un-
dereigned administrator of the esttte-
of Charles H. Dennis, eDcoased, has
filed In the County Court of Lincoln
County, Oregon, his final account ad
such administrator of said estate, and
that Monday the 6th day of April, 1924
at the hour of Ten O'clock A. M. had
been fixed by said Court as the time)
for hearing all objections to said re
port and the settlement thereof. .
Peter Wagenaar,
Administrator of 4he Estate of Carle
H. Dennis, Deceased. ,1 ,

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