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_ Wisconsin.
The Batik of Green Bay, which was includ
ed in the tew banks thrown out some time
since, is now received at par. Probably most
of the remaining nine will lie received again
soon. The follow mg is tir* list of those now
lowa County Bank.
Juneau Bank,
Rock County Bank.
Sauk County Bank.
Second Ward Bank.
Stale B’k. of Wis.
State Bank.
:Wis Marine A Fire Im
Co Bank.
Oakwood Bank.
Racine Co. Bank.
Sauk City Bank,
Shawanaw Bank.
Bank of P du Chien.
Hudson City Bank.
Kenosha County Bank.
Wisconsin Bank.
Frontier Bank.
Jefferson Co. Bank.
Lumberman's Bank.
Oshkosh Com. Bank.
Prairie City Bank.
Rock River Bank.
Rockwell A Co.'s B’k.
GU. Croix Valley Bank.
Summit Bank.
Sun Prairie Bank.
Walworth Co. Bank.
Waukesha County B’k.
Farmers A Mechanics’
Bank of Green Bay.
Bank of Mad ison.
Bank of Milwaukee. <
Bank of Ripon.
Bank of Oshkosh
Bank of Racine.
Central Bank of Wis
Pane County Bank. I
Farmers A Millers B’k
Bank of Jefferson.
Bank of Weyauwega. 1
Green Bay Bank. # .
<’«• n E’-change Bank. !
City Ba. ik of Prescott.)
Bank of Fox Lake.
Columbia Co. Bank. 1
Commercial Bank. 1
tierman Bank.
Bank of the Interior
Bank of Monroe.
Rank of Moneka.
Bank of the N West. <
Bank (if Beloit.
Bank of Grant Comity. I
Bank of Sheboygan. 1
Bank of Sparta,. ‘
Bank of Watertown. :
Bank of Whitewater, .*
Cdm Planters’ Bank. 1
Bank of Wiscoitsin, 1
Bi B’k Darling A Co.l
ET-horn Bank.
Forest City Bank. 1
The Railroad Packets between St. Paul
and La Crosse are the Northern Belle, Capt.
W. H Laughton ; Keokuk, Capt. Ed. Hol
combe; Oeean Haw, Capt. A. F. Webb. Go
ing down they arrive here at 6 o'clock p. m.,
and connect with the 7 o’clock morning train
at La Crosse. Coming up, they arrive here at
about 3 o’clock, r. m. Barnes A Hutchins,
Agents. Barnes A Hutchins are also .Agents
tor Northern Line Packet Co., whose boats
jorin a tri-weekly line between St. Louis and
St. I’a I, and for the North-Western Express
< ’ompany.
The Minnesota Packet Line,— ll'ir Eagle,
C.xpt S'tephei so . ; Itasca. Capt. Hurd ; (Joi
<len Era, Capt, Gabbeit; and Milwaukee,
Capt. Cochrane, run between St. Paul and
Dunleith. leaving here daily at 12 o’clock, m .
reaching Prairie du Chien at 9 o’clock next
morning. Beardsley A Lyford, Agents.
N. S. Dunbar is agent for the business of
this lire which goes through by Galena and
the Illinois Central,
The H. S. Allen makes tri-weekly trips
from I’nsc.tt to Taylor’s Falls.
i i
Dealers in
- - ,
Prescott Journal Office, ( i
July 3, 18 1 )
Grain and Flour-
Wheat, ..... 50@55
< >;<ts bushel, ... 14(318 ■
Corn p bushel, ... 25(3)30 j
Barley p bushel, ... 30@35 !
Bran 'p cwt, .... 75(31,00 !
Shorts lU cwt , - - - 75
Corn Meal f* cwt., - - - [email protected] I
Flour "jp sack, . • - - 1,75(3)2,00 '
Pork, fresh, }-■> lb - - - 6@7 I
Beef, fresh, St lb - - - 6@B '
Ham "p lb - - - - 9@lo ;
A'unison lb ... 4(36
White Fish "p lb - - - 7(38
Butter ft ft .... 10@12
Chcwptb .... 10(3)12
Lard pib .... We 12
Eggs p do??., .... B@lo I
Potatoes -pt bit. ... 20 i
Beans p bu. .... 60(375
Onions p bu. ... 40(360 1
Sugar, brown. pib - - • 9(310
Sugar, refined, ptb - - 14(318
C..ff.x- p ffi .... 15(321
Tea. black,«? lb ... 45(375 !
Tea. gnx-n, p»b - - - 50(«l,00
litcv p lb ... 8
Molasses (P gallon, ... 56(3 R' I
Svrup p gallon, ... 90 1
< ’undies, star, plb ... 25(330 •
»nd les, fallow, - - 13(315 I
Oil. W. p gallon, ... 1,00(3)1.25
Salt p hand. - - - 2.50
A'iie.-g.ir ft gallon, ... 20 a 25
Apples p l-airel, ... 3.1K1 1
.Appks. dried.-j Jib - - - 5a 7
llid«*. g’n. per Hi - - - 2a3
Hides, drv.perib - - 6aß
Hay per T ... 5,09 a 6.00 ■
Wood ] er cord, ... 3,00 '
Common lumber per M, - - 8 a 10,00
Flooring per M. - - - !5a16.00
Siding p*rM. ... !5a20.0't
Clear stuff per M. ... 15a’.'0.00
Lath per M, .... 2.(0
Shingles, .... 2,50a3,00
FJAhf undersigned having purchased the above
I rebuilding and refitting it entirely, and
adding to it a Lath and Shingle mill, also a
planing amt matching machine, and after the
Ist of March next, we shall lx- prejared to
furnish Lumber of the best description as low
as can be bought in the country.
.%!so Lath and Shingles,
The price of Lumber will i ange from $6 to
sls according to quality. Bills, of Lumber
through we will furnish at §lO, We will take
in exchange for Lumber all kinds produce and
are ready to contract with any parties d siring
to do *o for tweaking up 200 or 300 acres of
J.and and pay in Lumber.
We have several thousand acres of valuable
which we will sell at a fair price to actual set
We have a store in connection with the
above mill in which we keep a well selected
stock of Dry G<»'>ds, Groceries Clothing, Huts
and Caps, Hardware to which we will sell as
low as can be bought at any of the River
Towns. I will take all kinds of Produce
in payment. Our facilities for FURNJSH
Arc unsurpassed in this part of the eonutry, I
and the oeauty of our arrangements is we alt 1
wavs fulfill otu ponUses. Call on us and see. !
Hammond. St. Croix Co. Wis., Jan. 16.1860. |
The Subscribers having recently purchased
the well known Dumont Saw Mill, would say
to the old customers of tbat mill, and to the
public generally, that they will hereafter
keep on hand and for sale at reduced prices
ihe very best quality of
awed and split in all the different varieties
nr Mechanic’s use,—from M agon Spokes tc
fib-d iXitnuera, from • Pl»»w Beams to Table
L Ac, Ac.
May Ist iB6O.
Great Fire in Milwaukee.
The Position of England.
Milwaukee, July 5.
There was a greit conflagration hero
! yesterday afternoon, entirely destroying
the American House, owned by P- Kane
<fc Sons; two brick stores, owned by C.
H. Williams, and übout six frame build
ing occupied as store, west of the Amer
' ican House; the Methodist Church on
i the north side of Spring street, and all
the frame buildings east to Austin’s
Block, which was considerably damaged.
, Aiso several sm II frame buildings used
.as shops, north of the Methodist Church.
Loss, fully one hundred thousand dollars.
The American House was insured for
seven’een hundred dollars; other insur
ance not ascertained. The fire origina
ted in a livery stable in rear of the
American House, from the crackers.
Washington, July 5.
Gen. Patterson has achieved another
brilliant and important success. Inform
ation was received from Martinsburg
yesterday that he entered and passed
through there in the morning in hot pur
suit of the enemy. The army was wel
comed with enthusiasm by the mass of
the people who were grat tied by the pro
tection promised and now given by the
Government—thus the 4th was glorious
ly celebrated in Martinsburg,
The secession force which Gen. Pat
terson scattered on the 2<l, when ho
crossed the river, lost 60 killed and many
wounded. It rallied and presented a
front but again retired to a distance of
six or seven miles, where they have been
Washington, July. 5.
The foreign dispatches it is und rstood
showed as improved disposition in Eng
land from France. The Afonileur article
which afforded so much joy to secession
ists has been explained away to the evi
dent satisfaction of Secretary Seward.—
The most hearty and sincere expressions :
of sympathy with the United States in j
present contest are furnished to tris Gov- j
eminent. No prnateers will be permit .
ted to enter any foreign port. There 1
is n joicing in official quarters that access- ;
ion is dead and buried in Europe.
It is certain that after the discharge of
the three months men there will still be .
an available force of 188,000 men which
added to the regulars, amount to 230,000 ;
efficient officers and men.
The probable total amount required i
for the army, added to the appropriation
made for the year ending with June 1861, j
for the force now in the field or which
has been accepted and will be in the scr
vice within the next twenty days is al
most $185,300,000; the estimate for the
Navy is also large.
New York, July 6.
A special Washington dispatch to the ;
Tribune, dated the stli, says the grand '
army will advance in three divisions; the l
right led by Gen. Tyler, of Ct., the cen- I
tre by Col. Hunter, and the left by Col. 1
Heintzelmann—the whole by Gen. Me j
Dowell. There will be a further corps I
of reserve, which will not bo far from j
10,000 men. Where the three coininns 1
will combine cannot bo stated, but we
may venture to say that it will be at a
point boyond Fairfax Court House.
Everything indicates that the hour of
marching is not far distant.
IPbrZcZ’s Correspondence. — Attorney
General Bates has prepared anopinion at
some length concerning the power of the
President to suspend the writ of habeas
corpus, special r-derenci being made to
the Merriman case.
He holds that the functions of the ex- .
ccutivc, legislative and judiciary branch- '
es of the government are so distinct and
final that neither can clash with the oth
er, and that the previous judgement of
Supreme Court against the executive
right of suspending the writ of habeas 1
corpus would not constitute a binding
precedent. The action of the president '
is fc.llv endorsed in the document.
The lelations of the government with I
foreign powers arc understtod to be so j
satisfactory that the senate committee on ■
foreign relations will report no resolu- '
tions having reference to foreign affairs.
It is believed that no compromise pro
positions will bs preseated to eitbes sen
ate oi house during this session. Breckin
ridge will no doubt make a compromise
speech at an early day.
- -
CONGRESS.—Extra Session.
Washington, July 4.
The Senate was called to order by the
Vice President, at noon. Senators pre
sent: Anthony, Bayard, P. Brigham,
Breckinridge, Bright, Chandler, Clark,
Col'amer, Cowan. Dixon, Doolittle, Fes
senden, Foote, Foster, Grimes, Hale,
Harland, Howe, Johnson, of Tennessee,
Kennedy, King, Lane, of Indiana, Lath
am, Morrill, Nesmith, Pearce, Polk,
Powell, Saulsbury, Sherman, Simmons,
Sumner, Ten Eycke, Thompson, Trum
bull, Wade, Wilkinson and Wilson.
Mr. Grimes presented the credentials
of Mr. Lane, Senator from Kansas, who
i took the oath.
Mr. Doolittle presented the credentials
of M,-. Pomeroy, Senator elect from Kan
Mr. Trumbull presented the creden
tials of Mr. Bi owning, Senator from Illi
nois, in place of Mr. Douglas.
Mr. Latham presented the credentials
of Mr. McDougall, of California.
Mr. Pomeroy drew the long term for
Kansas, and Mr. Laue the short one.
Mr. Hall offered a resolution asking
the Secretary of the Navy to send a
copy of al! contracts that he has made,to
the Senate. Passed.
Mr. Wilson gave notice that he should
offer, to-morrow, a bill to ratify and con
firm certain acts of the President for the
suppression of the insurrection; a bill to
authorize the employment of volunteers
to raise aid in enfor -ing the laws and the
protection of the public property ; a bill to
increase the present military establish
ments of the United States; a bill pro
viding for the better organ'xition of the
( military establishments: a bill to promote
1 the efficiency of the army; a bill for the
! organization of a volunteer militia force
to be call the United Stales National
' Guard.
Mr. Chandler gave notice that he
should to-morrow introduce a bill to
i confiscate the property of all Governors
of States, Members of Legislature, Judg
es of Courts, and military officers of the
rank of Lieutenants, who shall take a part
against the Government of the United
i States or aid and abet, forever disquali
fied from holding offices of honor and
trust in the Government —such proper
ty to be applied to restore to thg Union
J men in the rebel States any losses they
: may have suffered.
j In the House 150 members answered
to their names. Grow, of Pa., was
! elected speaker on the 2nd hallo t, Blair,
• of Mo., having withdrawn his name.—
Etheridge, of Tenn., was elected clerk
over Forney.
No Congressional news of importance
Administrator's Sale.
Ix Probate—Pierce County Court.
; In the matter of the estate of Simon Waller,
I deceased.
I "’VTOTICE is hereby given that by virtue
I 1.5 and in pursuance of an order of license
i made in said matter on the third day of June,
1861, by the County Court of said county,
the undersigned administrator of said deceased
I will, on the 15th day of July next, at ten
: o’clock a. m., at the Probate Office, in Concert
Hall building, in the city ot Prescott, ofler
(or sale at public vendue the undivided half of
the following described lands to-wit: The
* west half of north-east quarter of north-west
’ quarter of sec. four, and the south east quarter
of north-west quarter of section twenty-sev
! en, and north half of south-east quarter and
. south half of north-east quarter of sec. twen-
I ty seven, and south-west quarter of south-west
: quarter of sec. thirty-four in township twen
. ty-six, range eighteen west, and the south
, east quarter < f north-east quarter of section
i thirty-three, and the south-west quarter of
north-west quarter of sec. thirty in township
twenty-seven range eighteen west, and the
north-east quarter of sec, twenty-five in town
ship twenty-seven range nineteen west, and
the north-west quarter of section thirty six.
and the north half of south-west quarter of
section thirty-five, and the east half of north
west quarter and south-west quarter of north
west quarter of sec. thirteen in township tw< n
ty-five range seventeen west, and the east half
of s )Uth-west quarter and west half ol south
east quarter of section nineteen and the north
half of north-west quarter of sec. thirty in
township twenty-seven range seventeen west,
and also lots nine and ten in block J., lots
three and four in block M.. and lot seven in
block ten, in Copp «fc Maxson’s addition to
the city of Prescott.
The terms of sale will be made known at
the time and place ot sale.
M. A. DREIBELBIS, Administrator,
Dated at Prescott, June 6, 1861.
Circuit Court—Pierce County-
Jan.es M.Toirv,} J u< ]g ine nt of Foreclosure i
i • m v a, ‘d Sale.
Calvin A. 1 uttle. )
IN VIRTUE of and pursuant to a Judgment
rendered in said court in the above enti
tled action, dated May 27,1861.1 shall expose
for sale and sell to the highest bidder at Pub
lic Auction, at the front door of the Hotel now
kept by I. I. Foster, in the city of Prescott,
Pierce county, Wisconsin, on the 22d day of
August, 1861, at the hour of 11 o'clock, a. m. of
that day the following described mortgaged
premises or so much thereof as may be neces
sary to raise the amount of said judgment and
costs together with the expensesof sale to-wit :
All the following p'eces or parcels of land
situate in tke county of Pierce and State of
Wisconsin, and described as follows: One
undivided one-half or moiety of lots number
ed one (1) and two (2) of section number
thirty-tine.', (33) also, ot the east half of the
north-west quarter of section number thirty
three, (33) also, of the north-west quarter of
the north-west quarter,and of the south half of
the northwest quarter of section number thir
ty-four. (34) all in township number twenty
five, (25) of range number eighteen, (18)
also, the whole of the north-west quarter and
the north-west quarter’of the south-west quar
ter of section number twenty six, (26) in
township number twenty-five, (25) of range
eighteen, (18).
Dated Sheriff's Office, Town of Perry. Mav
28. 1861.
5w7 Humphrey Wilson, Pl’ffs Att’ys.
J. R. FREEMAN, Sheriff Pierce Co.,'Wis.
Circuit Court, Fierce Co,, Wisconsin,
Eighth Judicial Circuit,
George Braley, Plaintiff, ag’st Renaldo P.
Pratt, Julia A. Pratt, Wm. A. Smith, Wm.
Little, Jr., Ira Smith, Jr., Marcus A. Ful
ton ami Jane Fulton, Administratrix, and
Marcus A. Fulton, Administrator of James
M. Fulton deceased. Defendants.
I)Y VIRTUE of a judgment of foreclosure
> and sale obtained in the above entitled
case at the May term of said court for said
county to-witen the 29th day of May. A.
D. 1861, 1 shall sell to the highest bidder at
the front door of the City Bank of Prescott,
in the city of Prescott, in said county, on Sat
urday, the 21st day of September, A. D.
1861, at one o'clock in the afternoon, the fol
lowing described premises to satisfy said judg
ment with interest and costs of sale to-wit:
The north-east quarter of the south-west quar
ter of section five, township twenty-seven of
range eighteen ; also, the north-east quarter of
the south-west quarter of section five, town
ship twenty-seven of range eighteen, contain
ing eighty acres of land, more or less, being
in the county of Fierce and State of Wiscon
sin. A. H. Young, Referee.
J. S. White Jay, Pitt's Atty’s.
Foreclosure Sale.
William Hill, 7
ag’st ( Circuit Court, Pierce
William Wells and f County, Wis.
Margaret W ells. '
BY VIRTUE of a judgment of foreclosure
and sale obtained'in the above entitled ac
tion at the May term of satd court for said
county to-wit: On the 27th dav of May,
1861.1 shall sell to the highest bidder, at the
front door of the City Bank of Prescott, in
the City of Prescott,in said county,on Saturday,
the 20th day of July, 1861, at one o’clock in
the afternoon, the following d' scribed premi
ses to satisfy said judgment with interest and
costs of sale to-wit: The south-west quarter
of the south-east quarter of section number
one, township number twenty-seven, of range
number seventeen west, being in the county
of Pierce and State of Wisconsin, containing
fourteen acres.
J. W. Hill, Attorney for Plaintiff.
H. Young, Referee.
Sheriffs Sale-
W. J. Newell, )
ag’st > Pierce Co. Circuit Court.
A. O. A. Stowell. )
BY VIRTUE of an execution issued out of
the Circuit Court for Pierce county, for
the sum of eighty and 45-100 dollars in the
above entitled action. I have levied upon the
following described property in said county
to-wit: The south-west quarter of north
east quarter of section 2, town 27, range 17,
and the north-west quarter of south-east quar
ter of section 2, town 27, range 17, except a
piece in south-west corner, 24 rods north and
south by 13 rods east and west, which I will
expose and sell at public auction to the highest
I bidder, at the front door of J M McKee’s Book
Store, in the City of Prescott, in said county,
on the Bth day of August. A. D. 1861, at*2
o'clock p. m. to satisfy said execution and costs.
Dated at the Sheriff’s Office,in the citv of
Prescott, this 27th day of June, A. D. 1861.
J. R. FREEMAN, Sheriff.
J. S. White, PITs Att’y.
A Local, literary and Political
publisher every wedndseay morning at
Editor and Proprietor.
TERMS, - - - $2,00 PER ANNUM
Asa Local Paper if will Le the aim of the
1 JOURNAL to give full and accurate Local
News, and edvoeate the interests and make
■ known the advantages of Prescott, Pierce
j County and the St. Croix Valley.
Matters are “ a good deal mixed” just new,
and while the JOURNAL will be indepen
dent of any mere party organization, it will
advocate the principles and sustain the policy
of whatever party proposes to maintain the
Constitution and enforce the Laws, and whieh
at the same time opposes with vigorous and
I legal resistance, the encroachments of Slavery
i upon the National Domain.
It will be the aim of the JOURNAL to
present each week something fresh, pure, at
Each number of the JOURNAL will con
tain a summary of the important Domestic
News of the week.
If you wish to know more about it, walk
up and subscribe for a volume.
Rates of Advertising:
1 square 1 w’k SI,OO 1 square 5 mo’sss,so
1 square 2 w’ks 1,50 1 square 6 mo’s 6,00
1 square 3 w’ks 1,75 I 1 square 1 year 10,00
1 sqnare 4 w’ks 2,00 1-4 col. 6 mo's 12,00
1 square 5 w’ks 2,25 ■ 1-4 col. 1 year 20,00
1 square 6 w’ks 2,50 ' 1-2 col. 6 mo's 18.00
1 square 7 w’ks 2,75 1-2 col. 1 year 30,00
1 square 2 mo’s 3,00 ; 3-4 col. 1 year 35,CC
1 square 3 mo’s 4,00 1 coi n,l year 50,00
1 square 4 mo’s 5,00
One hundred words will be counted as a
square of solid matter ; over 100 words will
be counted as two squares; over 200 words
bs three squares, etc., etc.
Legal advertisements inserted at the rates
prescribed by Statute,
Leaded or displayed advertisements will
be charged 50 per cent, above these rates.
Special notices 15 cents p< r line for first in
sertion, and ten cents for each subsequent
Transient advertisements must be paid for
in advance; all others quarterly.
Advertisements not otherwise ordered, will
be continued until they are ordered out, and
charged accordingly.
Job Work.
Whole Sheet Posters, first 100, $5 00
Each additional hundred, 3 00
Half sheet, first 100, 3 00
Each additional 100* 2 00
Quarter sheet, firat 100, 250
Each additional 100, 1 00
Busini ss Cards, Ist 100, 2 00
Each additional 100, 1 00
Business Cards per 1000. 6 00a9 00
Bills of Lading, first 100, 3 00
Each additional “ 1 00
Colored Jobs, full price for each color.
Js furnished with an entirely
and is prepared to execute
Books, Pamphle ts, Cards,
PLAIN B sanes printing,
in the best of style and lowest rates.
We hare two of said Machines in store, and
solicit the attention of
Beardsley <t lyford, Agents for
Esterley's Improved Reaper and Mower.
Beardsley & lyford, Agents for
Whitewater Plow Factory.
Beardsley & lyford, Agents for
the celebrated Janesville Fanning Mills.
BEARDSLEY & LYFORD, have on hand
a complete assortment of all kinds of
Farming Tools.
Prescott, May 15,1861. n2tf
We have the Exclusive
Milwaukee praire du chien
Railroads; also the agency of the Pack
et Boats connecting with
Prairie Du Chien & Dunleith.
The Boats running in connection the Prairie
au Chien
Are the best on the River, to-wit:
Passengers Going South or East
Can obtain Tickts at our Office on the Levee
at any hour.
B O y\_ T s
Leave Prescott Daily, at 12 o’clock, reach
ing Prairie du Chien at 9 o’clock next
P restott, Muy 8, 1861. niff
The Shortest and Quickest Rant.
Milwaukee ,
May 15, 1861. n2tf
Great Reduction in Prices!
Kept constantly on hand.
Beef Cattle, Hogs, Veal, Calves & Hides*
Prescott, May 8,1861, nl ts
Will give prompt personal attention to the
sale of all kinds of Produce and Provisions,
and make quick returns of sales of the same.
The Merchants and Shippers generally of
Piescott, Hudson, and St. Paul.
May 4,1861. nlm6
THE subscriber will cheerfully send (free
of charge) to all who desire it, the copy
of a Simple Receipe by which he was cured
of that dire disease consumption.
Suffeters with Consumption, Asthma,Bron
chitis, or any lung affection, he sincerely hopes
will try this Recipe, well satisfied if they do
so they will bo moie than satisfied with the
result. Thankful for his own comnllte resto
ration, he is anxious to place in the hands of
every sufferer the means of cure. Those wish
ing the recipe with full directions, etc , will
please call on or address
Rev. WM. S. ALLEN.
No. 66 John Street, N«w York.
The amalgamation of Languages.—There is
a growing tendency in this »ge to appropriate
the most expressive words of other languages,
and after a while to incorporate them into our
own; thus the word Cephalic, which is from
the Greek, signifying “for the head,” is now be
coming popularized in connection with Mr.
Spalding’s great Headache remedy, but it will
soon be used in a more general way, and the
word Cephalic will become as common as
Electrotype and many others whose distinction
as foreign words has been worn away by com
mon usage until they seem “native and to the
manor born.”
hardly Realized.
Hi ’ad 'n ’orrible 'eadache this hatternoon,
hand I stepped into the hapothecaries hand
says hi so the man, “Can vou nease me of an
’eadache ?” “Does it hacte ’ard,” says ’e.—
“Hexceedingly,” says hi, hand upon that ’e
gave me a Cephalic Pill, hand 'pon me ’onor
it cured me so quick that I ’ardly realized I ’ad
’ad an 'eadache.
Jr®” Headache is the favorite sign by which
nature makes known anv deviation whatever
from the natural state of the brain, and viewed
in this light in many be looked on a 9 a safe
guard intended to give notice of disease which
might otherwise escape attention, till too late to
be remedied : and its indications should never
be neglected. Headache may be classified un
der two names, viz : Symptomatic and Idiopath
ic. Symptomatic Headache is exceedingly
common and is the precursor of a great variety
of diseases, among which are Apoplexy, Gout,
Rheumatism and all febrile diseases. In its
nervons form it is syn pathetic of disease of the
stomach constituting sick headache, of hepatic
disease constituting bilious headache, o t worms,
constipation and other disorders of the bowels*
as well as venal and uterine affections. Diseases
of the heart are very frequently attended with
Headaches : Anaemia and plethora sre also affec
tions which frequently occasion headache. Idio
pathic Headache is also very common, being
usually distinguished by the name of nervous
headache, sometimes coming on suddenly in a
state of apparently sound health and prostrat
ing at once the mental and physical energies,
and in other instances it comes on slowly .herald
ed by depression of spirits or acerbity* of tem
per. In most instances the pain is in the front
of the head, over one or both eyes; and some
times provoking vomiting ; under this class
may also be named Nenralgia-
For the treatment of either class of Headache
the Cephalic Pills have been found a sure and
safe remedy, relieving the most acute pains in a
few minutes, and by its subtle power eradica
ting the diseases of which Headache is the uner
ring index.
Bridget.—Missus wants you to send her
box of Cephalic Glue, no, a Dottle of Prepared
Pills,—but I’m thinking that’s not just it neith
er ; but perhaps ye'll be afther knowing what
it is. Y e see she’s nigh dead and gone with the
Sick Headache, and wants some more of that
same as relaived her before.
Druggist.— You must mean Spalding’s Cephal
ic Pills.
Bridget.—Och ! sure now and you’ve sed it,
here's the quarthar and give me the Pills and
don’t be all day about it aither.
A Real Blessing.
Physician.— Well, Mrs. Jones, how is tha
headache ?
Mrs. Jones, Gone ! Doctor, all gone 1 the pili
you sent cured me in just twenty minutes, and
I wish you would send more so that I can have
t hem handy.
Physician.— You can get them at any Drug
,gists. Call for Cephalic Pills, I find they never
fail, and I recommend them in all cases of Head
Mrs. Jones.— l shall send for a box directly,
and shall tell all my suffering friends, for they
are a real blessing.
Twenty Millions of Dollars saved.—Mr.
Spalding has sold two millions of bottles of his
celebrated Prepared Glue and it is estimated
that each bottle saves at least ten dollars worth
of broken furniture, thus making au aggiegate
of twenty millions of dollars reclaimed from to
tal loss by this valuable invention. Having
made his Glue a household word, he now pro
poses to do the world still greater service by cur
ing all the aching heads with his Cephalic Pills,
and ifthey are as good as his Glue, Head
aches will soon vanish away like snow in
Did you ever have the Sick Headache ?
Do you remember the throbbing temples, the
fevered brow, the loathing and disgust at the
sight of food. How totally unfit you were for
pleasure, conversation or study. One of the
Cephalic Pills would have relieved you from all
the sufferibg which you then experienced. For
this and other
have a box of hand to use as occasion
Fact worth knowing.—Spalding’s Cephal
ic Pills are a certain cure for Sick Heidache,
Bilious Headache. Nervous Headache, Costive
ness and General Debility.
Nervous Headache
By the use of these Pills the periodic attacks
of Nervous oj Sick Headache may be prevented ;
and if taken at the commencement of an attack
immediate relief from pain and sickness will be
They seldom fail in removing the Nausea and
Headache to which females are so subject.
They act gently upon the I owls,—removing
For Literary Men, Students, Delicate Females,
and all persons of sedentary habits, they ate val
uable as a Laxative, improving the appetite, giv
ing tone and vigor to the digestive organs, and
restoring the natural elasticity and strength of
the whole system.
The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of
long investigation and carefully conducted ex
periments, having been in use many years, dur
ing which time they have preventeli and icliev
ed a vast amount of pain and suffering from
Headache, whether originating in the nirvoua
system or from a deranged state of the stomach.
' They are entirely vegetable in iheii composi
tion, and may be taken at all times with per
ect safety without making any change of diet,
nd the absence of any disagreeable taste renders
easy to administer them to children.
The genuine have five .r iTemy u
Bpalding on each Box.
Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers in
A Box will be sent by mail prepaid on receipt
of the
All orders should be addressed to
Do not Delay to Purify the Blood,
Canker, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas,
Disease, Cutaneous Eruptions, Sore Eye*,
and every kind of Disease arising
from an impure state of the 6
rifier of the Nineteenth Century.
ucated Physician, and all who are afflict
with any of the above named diseasesahouid
use it without delay. It will drive the dis.
eases from the system, and when once out G n
the Skin, a few applications of
D. Weave ’s Cerate, or Ointmeat
and you have jyiermanent cure.
THE CERATE has proved itself to be the
best Ointment ever invented, and where ot ce
used, it has never been know to fail of effect
ing a permanent cure of Old Sores, Tatter
and Ringworm, Scald Head, Chilblains and
Frost Bites, Barber’s Itch, Chapped or Crack
ed Hands or Lips, Blotches or Pimples on the
Face. And for
the Cerate is the only thing required to cur.
It should be kept in the house of every farailv,
Read the following letter from the most ri
liable authority, and any person desiring fur
ther evidence of the cure will get it by ad
dressing a few lines to Mi. Parker :
Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co.. Wis., Oct. 1, ’6l.
A ssrs. J. N. Harris & Co.— Gentlemen
Y< rr agent, Mr. A. F. Barnes, whilst passing
through our place, casually heard of a most ef
fectual cure of an obstinate case of salt rheum
in a member of my family, having politely
requested the facts of the case, I most cheer
fully comply with his request.
The subject of this remarkable, cure is my
son, and was attacked with salt rheum when
about a year and a half old. I applied from
time to time for aid to the most efficient phy
sicians in the eastern states, one of whom had
traveled in Europe ; but whilst he would at
times receive some temporarp relief, still th e
disease remained, and would break out occa.
sionally, with the most virulent type, until he
rrrived at the age of lourtecn years, when mv
eye providentially rested upon the advertise’,
merit of Dr. Weaver's Canker and Salt Rheum
Syrup and Cerete. lat ouce procured one
bottle, which on trial so encouraged me, that
I procured two more, together with the Cer
ate, and the result is that my son now is and
has been effectually cured c' that wretched
disease for the last three and a half yearn.
Respectfully yours, ALFRED PARKER.
Price of Syrup fl, Cerate 25 cts. per
Directions accompany each Bottle.
Sold by Most Medicine Dealers.
J. N. HARRIS <t CO., Proprietors,
For the Western and Southern States ;
Cincinnati, Ohio.
To whom orders for the above Medicines
may be addressed.
Sole Wholesale and Retail by
A. D. Andrews <fc Co., River Falls Wis,
Knapp Stout <fc Co.. Menomonee, “
Wm. J. Whipple, Prescott, «
Richard Courts, St. Paul, Min.
I. S. Kellogg, Red Wing, »
Day* & Jenks, St Paul. “
Everybody’s Friend
Taken iternally.it cures sud
dea Colds, Coughs, etc., Weak Stomach,
Gereral Debility, Nursing sore mouth, Cank
er, Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia or Indiges
tion, Cramp and Pain in Stomach, Bowel
Complaint, Painter’s Colic, Asiatic Cholera,
Diarrhea and Dysentery.
Felons, Boils and Sores, Severe Burns and
Scalds. Cuts. Bruises and Sprains, Swelling
< f the Joints, Ringworm and Tetter, Broken
Breasts. Frosted Feet and Chilblains, Tooth
ache, Pain in the Face, Neuralgia and Rheu
matism. It is a sure remedy for Ague and
Chills and Fever.
taken internally, should be adelterated nWi
milk or water, or made into a syrup with mo
lasses. For a Cough, a few drops on sugar
eaten will be more effective than anything else.
See Printed Directions which accompany each
Bot le.
The Pain Killer is by universal consent al
lowed to have won for itself a reputation un
surpassed in the history of medi :al prepara
tions. Its instantaneous effect in the entire
eradication and extinction of Pain, in all its
various forms incidental to the huraan frrnitr.
„..a ti.c uusviiciiea written and verbal testi
mony of the masses in its favor, have been and
are its own best advertisement.
Newark, N. J., June 6, 1860.
Messrs. Perry Davis & Son— Gantlemen
Allow me, unsolicited, to send you a word of
commendation for your Pain Killer. I have
used it in my family these several years, and
fonnd it all it claims to be. For Rheumatism,
Coughs Colds, Bures, Cholera tendencies and
difficulties, as well as diseases generally that
prevail in families, I regard the Pain Killer as
beyond all price, and as efficacious beyond
any medicine within my knowledge. We
keep it as our chief family medicine, and find
its use in ordinary cases worth more than any
doctor. The testimony of others among my
acquaintances and friends is equally favors
able. Many clergymen have spoken of it in
the highest terms as a family medicine. Mis
sionaries in repeated instances have said to me
in person and in their letters, that the Pain
Killer was by far the best medicine used in
heathen lands, and they use it for themselves
and families, and administer it to others
around them. Thus ranch lam inclinad to
say as an act of jnstice to yourselves; and as a
benefit to others. You are at liberty to use
this testimonial, if of any service.
Rev. W. B. JACOBS,
Late Editor Christian Chronicle.
The Pain Killer is sold by all respectable
Druggists throughout the U. States and in
foreign countries.
Prices 25 cte., 50 cts., ank $1 per Bottle.
Proprietors for the Western and Southern
Cincinnati. O.
Sold Wholesale and Retail by
A. D. Andrews A Co., River Falls, Wis.
Knapp Stout A Co., Memeraonee, “
Wm. J. Whipple, Prescott “
Richard Courts, St. Paul, Min.
I. S. Kellogg, Red Wing, “
Day A Jenks, St. Paul. “
A Benevolent Institution established by
Endowment, for the relief of the Sick and o**
tressed, afjlietcd with Virulent and
Diseases, and especially for the Cure ofDiuai*
of the Sexual Organs,
Medical advice given gratis, by the acting
Surgeon, to all who apply by letter, with a d*'
scription of their occupation
habits of life. Ac.,) and in cases of extrer 1
poverty, medicines furnished free of charge-
Valuable i eports on Spermatorrhoea, an -
other diseases of the Sexual Organs, and on
me aew nemeaiesr»» r i- z .J tm, ru- r «-<
ry, sent to the afflicted in scaled letter et>r*>-
opea, free of charge, Two or three stamps for
postage will be acceptable. ,
Acting Surgeon Howard Association. No- ’
South Ninth Street, Phih, Pa. By ordsr J
the Directors.
G. Fairchild, President.
n23yl E. D. Heartwell, SearatafJ

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