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jf— —■-■=- -~" '' -~ I
liic Faithful Stniind.
The French army lay encamped about
dr.v’s march from Berlin. The ser.ti
. i were doubled, and the strictest ordeis
Men. f' r Frussiau and Austrian
j es were plenty and troublesome. At
. ,] o ight Pierre Sancoin was stationed at
,- n(J Jf the onqiosts. He was a stout,
shrewd man, and a good soldier.—
]i,c colonel of his regiment was with the
r gennt on this beat, Laving requested to
p-tailed at midnight, that he might vis
it the out] osts.
Pierre, ho said, after the men had been
• sted. you must keep your eyes open, j
p ,n’t let e»en a stray horse go outer
. mein without the pass. Do you un
derstand ?
Dion colonel, I shall be prompt.
The dogs arc ali around us, and you can
net be Foo careful. Don’t trust men nor
Never fear, was Pierres answer, as j
he brought bis firelock to his shoulder, I
and moved back a pace.
After this the guard moved on to the I
next post, and Pierre Sancoin was left ,
alone. Pierros post was one of the most i
niportant in the can p, or around it, and
I he bad been placed there for that reason.
; The ground over which be bad to walk
wns a long knoll, bounded at ono end by
I fi huje rock, and the other sloping away
into* narrow ravine, in which was a
copse of willows. Beyond the copse
the ground was low and boggy, so that
n man could not pass it. The rock was i
to the westward, r.nd Pierre’s walk was
| en its outer side.
The night was quite dark and huge
mr ses of clouds floated overhead, shut- I
tins out the stars ; and a sort of fog ;
seemed to be rising also from the marsh.
I The wind moaned through the copse in
the ravine, and the air was damp and
cLii'lv. With a slow, steady tread, the
soldier paced bis ground, ever and anon
stepping to listen, as the willows in the
i wim' rattled their leaves, or some night
L:rJ started out with its quick flapping.
Au hour bad passed away and the
i?:.; r.ei had seen nothing to excite bis
suspicion. H li id stopped for a mo
ricut close by the side of the rock, when ,
he was startled by a quick, wild scream
!r in the wood, and in a few moments
□ore a large bird flaw over his head.
Parbleu ! he muttered, alter the n gl t
rd had flown over; ciu'd mortal n a:i
_:.ve Stopped that follow passing ?
H? satisfied him-elf that he had done ’
:.:lhitig wrong in suffering the bird to ■
:a s s. He Lad walked the length of his
nav two or three times and was just tur
ning bv the ruck, when he was sure he ’
saw a dark object crossing the line to •
wards the copse.
II id 1 he cries, bringing the musket i
r ,;?k to his shoulder. Hold, or 1 fire I,
And with his piece at aim, he nd- j
I van el towards the spot where the ob-I
i et s - ; ped ; but as he caine to within
f a few r.n;» of it, it started to move on i
ag,v.7i toward the camp.
D.ab> ! cried Pierre, move any fur- i
t : and 1 fire ’. What, pardieu 1 Le i
Pii.ro ? Ho. ho; why Prince I
The animal turned and made a mo
■ >. as though he would leap upon the 1
t iiiei's bosom, but the soldier motion- ■
e; mtn off.
Bravo, Prince, Pierre cried, reaching
fr ii ins baud and patting tho head of
groat shaggy Least, which had now
ta: upon his haunches. Pierre rccog
u z d the intruder as a great dog of the
breed of St. Bernard, which had been
vM;eJ ,n the regiment for over a year,
ar. i which had been missing for about a
neek. He disappeared one night from
‘ro pickets, and all search for him had
been unavailing.
Parbleu, mon grand Prince, Pierre tit
ered, as though the dog could under*
rtaud every word.; the men will be happy
I I ■> see vou; where have you been so
■L Vv* *
» Ike dog made no answer to this, save
r. I. v wL.ne, and a familiar nodding of
I tfci’ head.
N jw, tnon ami, you ju»t keep x our
s : r g there, until the guard comes, and
t'roi we will go to the camp together.—
?hnd that, will you ?
And with these words, uttered with
i 'ran emphasis, and due meaning, Pier
r started on his beat again. He had
u t half way to the rock, when the idea
1 oking around struck him and he did
• . Le Prince was moving towards the
camp again.
Ila I Prince, that won’t do ! Stop 1
! ‘op lor I’ll shoot ! Diable, the colo
isn wrs positive in his orders. I was to
let nothing pass my post without the
countersign. A dog is something. You
can’t go Prince, so now lie down.—
Down ’. Down, I say ’.
With this the dog lay flat on hi* belly,
and stretched out his fore paws. Pier
re patted him upon the head again, and
having duly urged upion him the necessi
ty of remaining where he was, he re
sumed his inarch once more.
Durng the next fifteen minutes tho
animal lav perfectly quiet, and ever and
*.n ■» the sentinel would speak to biin by
way of being sociable. But at length
-log made another attempt to go into
camp. Pierre had nearly reached the
r "k when ho heard the movement, and
n tuinirg he could just see his uneasy
< ii’’mron making off.
D -Me ! the honest fellow muttered,
I must obey'orders. The colonel’s word
s plain. Here ! Parbleu ! Come
-fie 1 Hero. Prince I Mon Dieu ! you
®iist die if you don’t 1
With a few bounds the soldier had got
n c ar enough to fire, and as tho latter
stopped he stopped.
Mon cherami, you must stay with ine!
” er e I Come back .' I must shuot if
> 'i don't. Parbleu! what a thing to
raise the whole camp for, to shoot a dog!
But by coaxing and threatening, the
r - r tme! got the dog back to his post, and
1 lf re lie made him lie down once more.
Ami thus matters rested until tne tramp
c ’becoming guard was heard.
Ah, now. Prince will be relieved, the
! • er e aid. stepping near the dog. You
fluM g 0 RU( I see your () |j f r ; enf j g>
he tramp of the coming guard drew
aud Pierre war preparing to hail
them when the dog took a new .-tart, an 1
in a new direction this time, starting to
wards tho copse.
Here, here, Prince ! Parbleu, don’t
you run of] again.
But the animal took no other notice of
the cal! than to quicken his speed.
Back 1 back ! Here.
Grand Dieu I This last exclamation
was forced from Pierre's bps, by seeing
tho dog leap to his hind legs and run
thus ! Quick as thought lie clapped his
gun to his shoulder and took aim. He
could just distinguish the outlines now,
and he fired. There was a sharp cry,
and then Pierro bad to turn to the guard
who were approaching.
Qui est la ?—Who is there ? be cried.
Relief guard, was the answer.
And having obtained the countersign,
Le informed the officer what had bap
A dog ? cried tho officer. Prince did
you say ?
He looked like Prince; but, diable,
you should have seen him run off on his
hind legs !
Eh ? Hind legs ?
Then come; show us where he was.
With this the officer of the mounting
guard pulled the lantern from his breast,
and having removed the shade he started
on. Pierre led the way to the copse, and
there the dog was found iu tne last strug
gles of death.
The officer stooped down and turned
him over.
Grand Dieu ! ho exclaimed, what legs
for a dog, eh !
And no wonder he did so. The hind
legs of the animal were b< oted, and had
every appearance of the pedal extremi
ties of the genus man. But all doubts
were removed very quickly, for ns the of
ficer turned the body again, a deep groan
came up, and the words, God take me
in the Prussian tongue, followed.
Diable ! here’s an adventure ! mut
tered the officer, and made Pierre hold
the lantern while he ripped op«n enough
of the dog's skin to find bis face. But ■
they concluded not to stop there to in
vest gate, so they formed a litter by cros
sing their muskets, and lifting the strange
animal upon it, they proceeded on th -ir
wav. When they reached the camp
hey found half the soldiers up, waiting
to find out why the gun was fired.
Lights weie brought, and the body
placed upon the ground. Tho dog skin
was removed, and within was found a
Prussian drummer. He was a small fel
low, though apparently some twenty
years of age; but he was dead, Pierre’s
ball having touched his heat, or some
where very near it. His pockets were
overhauled, and in one of them was
found a cypher, but no one could make
anvth’ng out. The colonel took it. and
directed that the body should be placed
out <>f s : ght for burial on the morrow.
B it this was not the About four
o’c'o k, just before daylight, another gun
wns fire 1 on the same post where Pierre
had been, and this time a man was shot
who was trying to make his escape from
thecamp. He was shot through the head.
When the body was brought into camp,
it was found to be that of a Bavarian
trooper who hnd been suspected of
treachery, though no proof bad been
found against him. Ou his person was
found the key to the cypher which had
been taken from the person of tho Prus
sian drummer; and now that tho Colo
nel had them both, he could trai a ate the
mystic scroll. It j>r<>vd to be
a ' direction to tho ‘Bavai an to
lay his plans for keeping as near to Na
polcon’s person as possble. niter he
should enter Berlin, and then wait for
further orders.
The mystery was explained. The
Bavarian had contrived to call tho great
dog away from the regiment and deliver- I
<d him up t*» the enemy, and his skin
was to be the cover for a spy to enter the
camp under. And the spy would have
got in, too. but for ihc sportive order of
the Colonel, and the willfully faithful
obedience of Pierre Sancoin.
On the next day, Pierre was promoted
to tho rank of Sergeant, and the Empe
ror said to him, as be bestowed the boon ;
If vou only make as faithfid an officer as
you have proved yourself faithful as a
sentinel, I can ask no more.
.Yew Departments.
The Department of the Missouri is the
name of a new’ military district, com
manded by Maj. Gen. Henry W. Halleck.
It consists of the States of Missouri, lowa,
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Arkansas,
and that pnrt of Kentucky lying west of
the Cumberland River.
The Department of Kansas, compris
ing Kansas, the Indian Territory, Texas,
Nebraska, Colorada, and Dncotah, is as
signed to Maj. Gen. David Hunter; head
quarters at Fort Leavenworth.
The Department of Ohio,including the
States of Ohio, M'chigan, Indiana, that
part of Kentucky east of the Cumberland
River, and the State of Tennessee, is as
signed to Brig. Gen. D. C. Buel.
The Departments of Western Virginia
and New Mexico, commanded respect
ively by Brig. Gen. W. S. Rosecrans
and Col. E. R. S. Canby, are indicated
by their names.— Chicago Tribune.
Probate Notice.
In Probate—Pierce County Court. In the
matter of the estate of Wilson Thing, deceased.
ON reading and filing the petition <>f Ed
nah E. Thing, ad xnistratix of said es
tate, setting forth amount of personal proper
ty that has come to her hands and the
disposition thereof; the amount, of debts out
standing against said deceased and a descrip
tion of a part of the realestate which the said
deceased died seized, and the conditions and
value of the respective portions thereof; and
praying that license be to her granted to sell
the whole of said real estate, or so much of
said r< al estate as shall be necessary to pay
said debts ; and it appearing I y said petition
that there is not sufficient personal estate in
the hands of said administratrix to pay said
debts and that it is necessary in order to pay
the same to sell the whole or a part of said
real estate, it is ordered that all persons inter
ested in said estate apt ear before the Judge of
this court on Monday, the second day <■{ De
cember, 1861. at 1 o’clock p. m. at his office, in
the city of Prescott, then and there to show
cause why license should not be granted to
said administratrix to sell said real estate ac-
I cordmg to the praver of said petition. And
I it is further ordered that a copy of this order
shall be published for four weeks successively
• prior to said day of hearing in the Prescott
' Journal, a weekly newspaper published at
i Prescott, in said county.
W illiam Howes, County Judge.
I Dated at Preecott, Oct. 14,1061, 25w4
A Local, literary and Political
Editor and Proprietor.
TERMS, - - - $2,00 PER AN NUM
As a Local Paper if will i.e the aim of the
JOURNAL to give full and accurate Local
News, and edvwate the interests and make
known the advantages of Prescott, Pierce
County and the St. Croix Valley.
Matters are “ a good deal mixed” just new,
and while the JOURNAL will Ixj indepen
dent of any mere party organization, it will
advocate the principles and sustain the policy
of whatever party proposes to maintain the
Constitution and enforeetiic Laws, ami which
at the same time opposes with vigorous and
legal resistance, the encroachments of Slavery
upon the National Domain.
It will be the aim of the JOURNAL to
present each week something frosh, pure, at
Each number of the JOURN AL will con
tain a summary of the important Domestic
News ot the week.
If vou wish to know more about it, walk
up arid subscribe for a volume.
Rates of Advertising:
1 square 1 w’k SI.OO 1 square 5 mo’sss.so
1 square 2w ks 1,50 1 square 6 mo’s 6.00
1 square 3 w’ks 1.75 1 square 1 year 10.00
1 square 4 w’ks 2.00 1-4 col. 6 mo’s 12.00
1 square 5 w’ks 2.25 1-4 col. 1 year 20.0”
1 square 6 w’ks 2,50 1-2 c<>l. 6 mo's 18.00
1 square 7 w’ks 2.75 1-2 col. 1 year 30,00
1 square 2 mo’s 3,00 3-4 co], 1 year 35.1 <
1 square 3 mo’s 4.00 1 col’n 1 year 51,00
1 square 4 mo’s 5.00 I
Onehnnd’ed words will be counted as a
square of solid matter; over 100 words will
be counted as two squares; over 209 words
cs three squares, etc., etc.
Legal advertisements inserted at the rates
prescribed by tat.ite.
Leaded or displayed advertisements will
be charged 50 per cent, above these rates.
peeial notic. s 15 cents p r line for firs’ in
sertion. and ten cents for each subsequent
ins rtion.
Transient aclcertisements must be raid for
in advance; all others quarterly.
Advertisements not otherwise ordered, will
be continued until they are ordered out, and
charged accordingly.
Job Work.
Whole Sheet Posters, first 100, $5 O'J
Each additional hundred, 3 00
Half sheet, first 100. 3 00
Each additional 100* 2 00
Quarter sheet, first 100, 2 50
Each additional 100. 1 00
Busin- ss Cards. Ist 100, 2 00
Each additional 100. 1 Oi)
Business Cards per 1000, 6 OOa'l 00
Bills of Lading, first 100, 3 00
Each additional ** 1 00
Colored Jobs, full price for each color.
fs ftirnished, with an entirety
and is prepared to execute
Books, Pamphlets, Cards,
PLAIN B fantit printing,
in the best of style and lowest rates.
In I > rob:ttc--l’iercc Co. Court.
In the matter of Dower in Estate of
Wilson Thing deceased,
ON reading and tiling the petition of Ed
nah E Thing of Trenton in said county,
repivseiitiiig among other th.rgs that \\ i’s,.n
Thing, late of Trenton in said emu ty, died
seized of an estate of inheritance in • simple
in and to north half of tin- north w«'.st quarter
ot section 3, town 31 range 18: an;! the south
ca«t quarter and the northwest quarter ofthj
southwest quarter of sect ion 31 town 25 i ange
18 ; southwest quarter of southwc st quarter < f
section 34 town 25 range 18, containing 32
acres ; southwest quarter <»f section 22 town
25 range 17 ; west half of southwest quarter of
section 32 and the south east quarter of south
west quarter section 32 town 14 range 1 west,
east half of soutr east quarter of section 35
town 14 range 2we,t ; southeast quarter of
southeast quarter section 34 ; west half south
west quarter and the southwest quarter of the
northwest qu.-rter section 35 t >wn 14 range 2
west ; northeast quarter of south west quarter
and norhwest quarter if southeast quarter
section 5 town 13 north 1 west ; north westqr
to soiitheest quarter of section 35 town 14
range 2 west, also the further d-scribed prop
erty in the village of Trenton ; the whole of
Blocks no. 25 26 45 46 47 48 49 50 except lots
1 ami 2 in said Blk. 51 57 58 59 60 63 64 65
each block containing 12 lots ; also blocks 61
and 62. each block containing 10 lots ; also
block 66 containing 6 lots ; also lots 9 10 11
12 in block 52 ; lot 9 block 44 ; lots 12 3 4
5 6 10 11 12 in block 27.; also lotsl and 2 in
block 50 containing dwelling ; that she had
not had her dower in said estate assigned to
her, and that the heirs at law of said deceased
to wit; Wilson E and Lucia E Thing of Tr* n
ton in said county, do not < ispute her right to
dower in said estate, and praying that her
dower in said estate be assigned and set off to
her; it is ordered that said petition be heard
before the Judge of this court on the 4th dav
of November next nt oneo’clock r m at liisof
fice in the city of Prescott ; and it is further
order 1 that notice thereof be given to the
heirs of said deceased and to all persons in
terested in said 'state by publishing a copy of
this order for t ree weeks successively prior to
said dav of hearing in the Prescott Journal.
a weekly journal printed and published at
Prescott in said conntv
WILLIAM HOWES. County Judge.
Dated Prescott Oct 7 1861. n 024 w 3
Aii Ordinance
FcrUic cnnttrnclion of r.idewolkx on Broad
and Froid streets in the ( itn of Prercott
The Common Council of the city of Prescott
do ordain as follows;
That a sidewalk be constricted on the es
tablished grade on the East side of Broad
Street between Oran e Street and Lot No 7
of Block C. in the city of Prescott by the.
owner or owners of Lots or parts of Lots ron*-
ing thereon, being lots natnbe i d Elect n (11 )
ten (10) nine (9) and eight (9) of Block (».
a’so on to-.-cist side of Broad Street between
Kinickinic Street Lot No Eight ofßl’kE. and
between C’range Stieetand lot no. (5) of Block
D, by the owner or ownersof 1o!h er parts o
lots frontii.g thereon, li-ing lots nii'ul red one
ore (1 ) two (2) three (3) t >- r (1) five (5) six
(6) sei en :7) of Block E. and lots no. one (1 )
two (2) three (3) and four (4) of Block
D. on or before the second day oi December
1861. Also in front of lots sixteen (1G) and
one (l)cn Kin ckinic Street in Block 15. and
on Levee Street, in same Bl’k. in front of lots
one (1) two (2) three (3) four (4). five (5) six
(6) seven (7) and eight (S) and in front of lots
eight (8) and (9) in same Block, on Orange
Street. Also in front of lots eleven, Block C.
on Orange Street al] of said lots in the original
plat of the village (now city) Prescolt. as sur
veyed by J. O. Henning. Said sidewalks to
be eight feet wide constructed of pine plank
not less than l ’.< inches in thickness, on two
by six scantling, laid crosswise and not more
than two feet and a half apart, the planking to
be well nailed or spiked to the scantling, and
laid crosswise of said street, and in case owner
or owners of either ofsaiil lots shall not con
struct such sidewalks ns aforesaid, the Com
mon Council will cause the same to be con
structed at the expense of such owner or own
ers, as required by law.
J. M. Whiffle, Mavor.
W, T. Hatch, Clerk.
Notice is he-eby given that the foregoing
ordinance was passed by the Common Council
of the city of Prescott, on the twenty-seventh
day of Septemher 1861.
W. T. Hatch, Clerk.
Circuit Coiiri--l'o. of Pierce.
The State of Wisconsin, to Horace K. Mc-
Kinstry, McKinstry. Harvey See-
ly. Enos B. Rayniond. Isaac Munson and
Henry Munson. Defendants :
"XT’OU are heieby summoned and required
I to answer the complaint of Willard Ives,
plaintiff, which will be filed in the office of
the Clerk of this Court, at the county seat, in
said county, and serve a copy of your answer
on the subscribers, at their office, in t e city
of Prescott, in said comity, within tweti’y
days after the serv ee hereof, exclusive of ti.e
day of such service ; and if you tail to answer
the complaint as aforesaid, the said Willard
Ives will apply to the court for the relief de
manded in the complaint.
Young <t Fitch, Pl'ffs Att’ys.
Dated October 8, 1861. n2sw(l
HEREAFTER I shall hold my Goods for
Cash, —ob—
Ready Ray
Of some kind. Owing to the hard ti>ne.i ev
ery branch of I rade has been ent short in
the way of
Therefore, I am compelled to conduct uiy bus
iness upon a
I shall offer my goods at the lowest j cs
sible price.
River Falls, Nov. Ist. 1861, n2Btf
Information Wanted.
ON the 4th day of Sept. last, my husband,
James S. Kimbell, left home at La Crosse,
Wis. and took with him our only son named
Win. Kimbell, seven years old. The boy has
a small scar on h,s forehead, nearly between
his eyes, also, one on his right leg. Any in
formation concerning said boy will be grateful
ly received bv his afflicted mother. Direct to
me.at Prescott, Wisconsin.
Prescolt. Nov. 12,1861. n29-.’ ts
Strayed or Stolen !
From the premises of the subscriber in the
town of Clifton, on the night of the 30th of
Sept, a light red cow. two and a half years
old. medium s>ze. gave milk at the time, h id a
star on rhe lorehead, also a white spot on the
right fl.-.nk. left ear toni. Any person giving
inili: mat ion where the above described cow
may be found, or returning her to the under
signed, wdl be satitfactorilv rewarded.
A common Day Book containing a note,
against E. Haviland of SIOO, payable one day
niter date. All persons are warned against
purchasinng said note. Any person finding
the same will confer a great favor by returning
it to the owner, GEO. SHAZER.
Take Notice !
ALL persons are hereby cautioned against
buying a note loi S2O. bearing date Oct
21st, 1861, given by me to George Braley, as
the same will not be paid.
River Falls Nov. 10,1861 n29wtf
Tenements to Let I
TWO commodious tenements in Strauss’
Building, on Broad Street, on reasonable
terms. Enquire of J. M. McKkk, at the Book
Prescott, Oct. 16, 1851. n2swtf
Pierce Co., B7s.
Hon. L. S. Mav, Philipsville, Allegany Co.
N. Y.
Hon. George Strong, Hudson, St. Croix Co..
A. G. Alien, Sec. G, B. <t F. R. Imp. Co..
Green Bay. Wis.
G. W. Cairns, River Falls, Wisconsin.
L. A. Taylor, •* “ •'
S. W. Dickinson, “ *‘
The making out of ail real estate papers,
ami conveyancing generally, attended to
on short notice bv
Buving and selling of land and real es
tate, eitheron commission or joint account,
yr A A’ E S.
Payment of taxes promptly atttended to
on reception of funds, and descriptions of
property bv
Full and reliable abstracts of title pro- i
cured of anv lands or real estate in the
Counties of Pierce and St. Croix
Any person can rely upon receiving a i
promt answer to letters of inquiry con- ]
corning tl:e country, investments, chances :
for business or location. We have been in
most of the respectable corners around I
here.and ought Io be posted forcorrespon- |
dents. So drop a line, enclosing a stamp,
y/r R E E TO H r N L O T S
A T—
Wc Lave about 50 town lots at River Falls
which we
as soon as we can find parties who will ira- !
prove them ; and now that the
Superior and the La Crosse Railroads j
have made their
we presume it will not be difficult to dispose I
of them. Alter those are given away, we shall
mter about 2t;o left which we v/ill sell on rea
ofblehaveonas. For further parti; nlars ai plv
The subscriber, for several years a resident ;
ot Asia, discovered while there,a simple veg- ;
etable remedy—a sure cure for Consumption, I
Asthma. Bronchitis, Coughs. Col is, and Nel - i
vous Debility. For the benefit of Consump- '
tivesand Xi-rvot.s Sufferers, he is willing to I
make the same public.
To those who desire it, he will send thepre- :
scriptioii, with full directions. of charrjc■
also a sample fthe medicine, which they will
find a beautiful combination of Nature's aim- !
plest herbs, ’i hoar desiring the remedy can ■
obtain it bv retur, mail, bv addressing
No. 429 Broadivay.-yj Y ]
April 18. 3 in.
SP E 55 S§ .13 .1 R S€ H<£ .1.
Howard association, phila- i
delphia, A li'nevolcnt Institution edab
lished by epetial Endowment, for the Relief of
the Sick and Didrcr.tu d. afflicted with Virulent
and Chronic and cap curtly for He.
Cure F Diseases of the Sexual Organs.
MEDICAL ADVICE given gratis, by the
Acting Surgeon.
rhoea. and other Diseases of the Sexual Or
gans, and on the new remedies employed in
the Dispensary, sent in sealed letter envelopes,
free o f charge. Two or three Stcmps for pos
tage acceptable. Address DR. J. SKILLI N
HOUGHTON. Howard Association No. 2s.
Ninth Street Philadelphia. nllyl
Lil e T 1 lus treated
I WEEKLY JOURNAL,devoted to Enter
tainment, Improvement, and Progress, de
signed to encourage a spirit of Hope, Manliness
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C. B. COX.
Circuit C<mrt--Co. of Pierce.
The State of Wisconsin, to George Loomis
and Lucy Loomis. Defendants:
VT'OU are hereby summoned and required
I to answer the complaint of Gilbert M ood
ruff, plaintiff, which will bv filed in the office
of the Clerk of this Court,at the county seat,
in said county, ami serve a copy oi youi’ an
swer on the subscribers, at their office, in the
citv of Prescott, in said county, within twen
ty dav* after the service hereof exclusive of
the dav of such service ; and if you fail to
answer the complaint as aforesaid, the said
Gilbert Woodruff will apply to the court for
the relief demanded in the complaint.
Young <fc Fitoh, Pl’ffs Att’ys.
Dated October 8, 1861. u25w6
The cheapest and most durable Roofing in use.
IT can be appl>d 1° ’ iew an( l Roofs of
all kinds, and to Shing e Roofs without
removing the shingles. Ibe cost is only about
one-third that of Tin, and it is twice as du
j For preserving and repairing Tin and other
I Metal Roi.fa of every' description, from its
great elasticity, is m i injured by the c<m,trac
tion and exj.ansion of laetals, and will not
crack in cold or run in warm weather.
These materials have been thoroughly tes
ted in New A’mk and in all parts of the
the Southern and Western States, and we can
give abundant proof of all we claim in their
favor. They are readily applied by ordinary
• laborers, at a trifling expense.
These materials are put up ready for use,
I and for shipping to ill parts of the country,
i with full printed directions lor application.
; Full descriptive circulars will be furnished
i on application by mrtl or in person nt our
I Principal Office and Warehouse, 72 William
j Street.’ (corner of Liberty’ Stnet.) N. York.
i ——- —
Some* king for tho Times,
—~ A-——’
ARier ic a n C e iii en t Glus
! F>r Cementing IVood, Tualher, Glass, Ivory
China, Marble, Porcelain, Alaba .ter, Rone,
Coral, etc , etc., etc.
i Tho oid .' article of the kind ever produced
which wil. withstand Water.
“ Every housekeeper should have n supply
of Johns Crosl- v's American Cement
Glue.”—A7w York Tinies.
*■ It is w convenient to have In tho house.’—
A 7..- York
it is alwavs ready ; thi- commends it to
every bod;.." — New Y< rk hidapcnds-nt.
“ We have tried it, and find it as useful in
oi r horse as water.'’—ll’„'Z;>'3 Spirit ej the
Fries 25 Cents per Bottle.
Vcrv Liberal Reductions to Wholesale Deal
ers.' Terms Cash..
l or sr.L bv all Druggists and Store
ke< ;>ers genera? v throughout the <’<>untv.
JOHNS & CROSLEY, Sole Maiiiffuctni
ers 72 V ii,;am Street, comer oi Liberty St..
New York. nliyl
Great Summer Remedy.
GO 0 D F 0 R THE S T 0 M A C II
Dr. S. O. RU'i? ARBSOX’9
Jamiifrcc, Fl t'r und General Debility,
and all Diseases arsing frow a Dis
ord. 'cd Stomach, Live- or
D >i: els.
rjrt HEY are used and raeonimeuded by
1 leading Physicians of the country, ami
ali who try them pronounce them invalua
Da. JAMES L. LEEPERE, writes from
Navarre, Stark Co., Ohio, “the B tiers arc
highlv praised By those suifeiiitg from in
digesiion. dyspepsia and liver complaint.”
Da. WM. M. KERR, of Rogersville, Ind.,
writes us that they are the most valuable med
icine offered. He has recommended them
with great success, and with them made sev
eral cures of palpitation of the heart and gen
eral debility.
E. M DAV IS, Postmaster of Williamsport
Ohio’ sa a s “they give great satisfaction. I
use them myself, having taken cohl, become
prostrate and lost my appetite. It received
mo, and I can recommend it with great as
surance of its merits.”
THUS. STANFORD. Esq. BlountsviH-,
Hen v Co. Iml.. writes us a long letter, under
date of May 4. 1860. He was much reduced
had been afflicted for three years with grea
nervous debility palpitation of the heart of the
most severe and prostration character “after
using a few bottles 1 was completely restored
and am now in robust health
G. W, HOFFMAN says he was afflicted
with rheumatism for twenty years in all its
various forms, at the date of his letter he had
been two years well: the Bitters effecting the
cure.when several physicians attending him
could do him no good, Hesays, “for rheuma
tism. dvspcpsia, liver complains, kidney at
fection.'or dropsy, it is as specific certain
J. W. HUNT writes from Delphos, Allen
Co. Ohio, (a ‘ection wh<*re Fever and Ague
ureyails,) that he most cheerfully' recomniemis
them of decided merit in all cases of FEVER
D. K. GALLEHERS. M, D.. writes from
Van Wert. Ohio,“I most respectfully recom
mend the Sherry Wine Bitters to the notice &f
Dvsjxiplic persons and to all who require a
stimulation medicine.
Such New* we are Receiving Daily.
They are sold by Medicine Dealers generally
Price 75 cts per bottle.
J. N. HARRIS CO. Cincinnati, O.
Proprietors for the Southern and Western
States, to whom address all orders.
For sale bv
B. Wit.cox,' River Falls Wis.
Knapp Stout A Co. Menomonee “
Wm. J. Whipple. Prssoott '*
Richard Courts Si. Pau], Minn.
I. S Kellogg Red Wing, “
Dai' A Jxnks. St. 1 aul. **
Circuit Conrt--Co. oS Pierce.
The Stato of Wisconsin, to Caleb Lewis, John
C. Foster aud Edward H. Ives ,
XFOU and each of you are hereby surnmon-
I cd and required to answer the complaint
of George A. Dill, plaintiff in this action,
which will be filed in the office <>f the clerk of
this court, at the county seat, in said county,
and serve a copy of your answer on the sub
scribers at their office'in the city of Prescott,
in said county, within twenty days after the
service hereof upon you, exclusive of the day
of such service; and if you fail to answer the
complaint as aforesaid, the said George A.
Dill, plaintiff, will apply to the court for the
relief demanded in the complaint.
WHITE A JAY, plaintiff’s Atiy’s
Dated Oct. 22d. 1861.
The complaint in the above action was filed
October 23d. 1861.
WHITE A JAY, Plffs Atty’s.
Take Notice I
My wife, Susan Wright, having left my
bed and board. I hereby give notice that I will
I pav no debts of her contracting after this date.
Pi escort, October 16, 1861. Scwl
T 1512 OF FEAff]
Card size, on Bristol «/rd, suitable for
SCI Broadway. New Yoik.
By special arrangement we publish in addi
tion to other portraits the Celebrated Collec
tion well known Loth iu Europe and
( America as
rady’s National Photograph
Portrait Gallery.
| Brady’s collection of Imperial Photographs
is iustlv ennsidtred one oi the lions oi Aew
1 York, and in the Phonographic reproductions
of these e’cry <:• litre table can now have an
’ additional attraction in a miniature Brady s
i Gallery.. Among our pul ileat’.ons are
Abraham Lincoln, ib. rson Davis,
Hxnnibal Hamlin, Lady Dav;.-'.
Wm. H. Seward, Alex. 11. Stepr/’ns.
Salmon P. Chase, Robt. J. Toombs,
Simon Cameron. Howell Cobb.
Montgomery Blair. Edward Bates, Gideon
Wells, Caleb F, Smith, Gen'l Scott. Col. Ro
i bert Anderson. Major Slemmer. Col. EIls
! worth. Gen’l Br.thr. Gen’l Mam-field Colonel
Fremont, Col. Lander. Stephen A. Douglas,
j Maj. Gen’l John A. Dix, Maj. Gen’l N. I’.
i Banks. Henry A. Wise, John Tyler. Gen’l
i Beauregard, Gen’l Lee, John B. Floyd, Jacoo
I Thompson, P. F. 1 homas, John C. Brecsei.-
I ridge, Gov. John Letcher, John Bell, John C.
| Calhoun, Herschel N. Johnsoft, L. G. W igfall,
Ben. McCullough, Lieut. Maury, Henry
i WarJ. Beecher, Oliver Wendell 'loimes. Flor
| ace Greely, Prof. Morse N. JL Willis, James
■ Gordon Bennett. William C. Bryant. Wash
ington living. Hem v Clay, \ndrew Jack.-on,
i Cormuodore Perry, Dr. E. K. Kane. John J.
Andubon, Mis. Sigourney, Mrs. Gen'l Gaines,
Chare s Sumner, Gov. Andrew. J J. Critten
den, P.inee of Wales, Duke oi Newcasih ,
Zackarv Tavlor George Bancroft. Lathrop L.
.Motlev. Sam Houston, J. Q. .Adams. Emer
son Etht rege.Andrfew Johnson,Parson Brown
low, Brownlow's heroic daughter.
Together with about 500 others, to which
additions are daily laade. Catalogue scut on
receipt cf si imp.
Price el Portraits $3 per doz.n. Ca>< ’ u
sent l>v mall, lie mitt am.es may be made .n
postage stamps.
Also a far re coll ction of PLot< gat ’ < t
distinguished Europeans, Emperors, Kings,
Queens. Marshals, Generals, hy'--. Lords.
Antr.o’s, Actors, Actresses. Politicians and
Clergv. in it ' , from 25 to 5<J cents tael., ac
cording to ni:>l-or and quality.
Our e?t;ddisi.mr:.t is aho headquarters for
Photographic Alblju
both as Agent f i the Lest French nianufac
tur< r. and as rr.am.facturer under a patent of
our own.
We have a large assortment, varying in
price fn.m fl(t cent- to and holding I.ora
12 ; ortaits uu to 609.
Also foldim." cu es of morocco or cloth for
the po'ki'l. to’hold 2, 4. ■ 12 portraits.
Also various sides of framing card por
traits, of carved wood, n.etal, raper. com: ..si
tio>:, etc., of elegant and taslef .l desh. i s.
Our Photographers now in the field are
daily stndidg us
and views of points and things of ji:t< rest,
both card size, for Albums, and in tereosco
picfort.i. As for instance tne Seventh Regi
ment at Camp Cameron —In the Trenches—
Cooking ti.br Meals—The Gymnasts—Tim
Junction —Dettnonii o’s—Laura Keene’s--Gs n
eral Street Views of the Camp, etc. Also the
Relav House and camp sc< ;.cs and scenery
thereabouts. AN - Harper’s Feivr ». fore and
after the scenes of destruction. Together with
various other places of note.
Card sixe2s cents each; Stereoscopic 33cts.
Parties who woi I<l like a lot of camp
scents to select from—the Laiance to le re
turned in good order at their own expense, and
without delay—can be accoramodated on giv
ing piroper New 7 ork reference.
Our establishment is the great Emporium
for everything in the Stereoscopic line, and
our assortment is the most complete probably
of any in the work!.
The Stereoscope is the most insturetive, in
teresting, entertaining, amusing, and exciting
of modern inventions
None are too young, none too old, none too
intelligent, lame too uneducated to acknowl
edge il 3 worth anil beauty.
No home is complete without it, and it nn.st
and vv i,l penetrate everywhere.
It presents to your view every pirtef the
wo.ln, in all the relief boldness, perspective,
and El.arricfcs of detril, as if you were on
the spot.
We have an immense vaiiety of. Views of
Set lies in Paris, London, England, Scotland,
■ Irelard. Wales, France, Belgim, Holland.
1 Switzerland, Spain, The Rhine. A ersailles, St.
J Cloud. Fontainebleau, Tuileries. Italy, Tur
i kev. Egypt, Athens, the Holy Land. China.
! Lidia. Crystal Palace, also Groups Historical,
' amusing." inaniage scenes, breakfast scenes,
• picnics, statuarv, etc., etc. An exqisite as
’ sortment of Illuminated Interiors of I’ala-es,
! Churches, ami Cathedrals of France Italy, etc.
; The effect of tir.se illuminated views is most
> remarkable,
Anthony’s Instantai.eous.StereoScop.c V lews
arc the latest Photographic wonder. They
i are taken in the fortieth part of a second, and
• everything, no matter how rapidly it may be
moving. i« depicted as sharply and distinctly
iasif it had been perfectly at rest. This gives
! an additional value, for to the beauties </f in
! animate nature it adds the charm of life and
! motion. The process is a discovery of our
own, and living unknown in Europe, we r -
ceive front Loudon and Paris large orders for
Anthony’s Instantaneous Views of American
life and scenery.
Our Catalogue of snbjectsai.fi priceswill l,e
forwarded to anv address on receipt of a stamp
Parlies at a distancesending us $3 f%5, $lO.
sls, S2O, or $25. can have r. good instrument
i and such pictures as they may request, scut
i by Express.
i Views alone (without instrument) can be
: sent bv mail. K. .4 XT i?O -V V,
! (3 doors south of St. Nicholas’ Hotel.) 501
i Broadway. New York, Importer and Manu-
• fecturer of Photographic Materials, Stereo-
> scopes and Stereoscopic V iews.
-'35“ Merchants from every section of tho
country are respectfully invited to make an
j examination of our stock.
I To Photographers. Our Bulletin of Photo
graphic Invention and Improvement will Ihj
sent to any address on application. li tufl
Resolved, Bv the Common Council rs ’’ a
City of Prescott, that Sidewalk shall be built,
on the established grade on Loth sides ot Or
ange Street, from Broad to Dakota Street, to
be'eigb.t feet wide, and of plank one and one
half inches thick, substantially built, to the
: satisfaction of the Street Commissioners.
Notice is hereby given t:> all persons own
i ini-lots on Orange Street, between Broad and
i Dakota Street, that thev will have sixty davs
I from the publication of this notice to build
the sidewalks. If not built at the expiration
of t) at time, they wdl be built by the city, as
provided in Sec. 5. Chan. 6 City Charter.
J. M. WHIPPLE. Mayor.
W. T. Hatch, City Clerk.
Notice is hereby eiven that tl 5 foregoin'?
resolution was passed by the common council
of the citv of Prescott on the 30th day of Au
: gust, 1861 W T Hatch. Clerk.
~7faR E HE nUC EL>
Wisconsin Stage Company.
i Ct TA GES leave Hu» mn for Prescott Daily,
(Sundays excepted,) in the nmtning m
time to connect witn boats going Set th.
Leave Prescott for Hudson, on tl c rival of
the Boats from th« Smith. Fare—On* J>£>
' l>r, (each way.)

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