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Urrscott Journal.
i i
£. CQttV' \
Prescott, Wisconsin. Deo. 11, 1831,
Of tho Board of Supervisors.
Court Room, Perry, Nov. 12, 1861.
One o’clock p. m.
'Hie BoarJ met, Mr. Akers in the
Present. Suns. Cox, Holt, Copp, Che- !
-r. !
Schazer, Hodges, Whitney, Will
inis, Qiiiinby, Hur’ey, Youngman and
On motion of Sup Copp. the rules nd
, ..‘ed at the Nov session 1860, were ad
apted at the present meeting.
T!;e foliowing report of the Clerk was
,cad and referred, to wit:
O. Strahl, County Clerk , in account
, if, Pierce County, from Jan 1, 1801.
j,. Nov 8. 1861, inclusive.
Jar. 1. 1861. Redemption
f,a >(!•’« r ec’d from O.
i.piis Jr lateclerk, $^30.20
p, ;.v:«-«i since, 4259,12
lu ivmiitiioi nmiicy paid
,vit since Jan 1. 1861, $3889.99 j
li,i hand to balance, 1299,33 j
53189,32 5189,32 1
Jan. 1-t. 1861; Tax sale
rertilicat e s received
from O. Gibbs, Jr.,
late Glerk, 1,006,31
B::.ce.!an, Ist, 1861. of H.
P. Ames, Go. Treas
urer. lax sale certifi
cates ot sale of 1861, 7,252,42
Interest accruing on cer
tificates sold, 125,25
Interest accruing on cer
tificates redeemed, in
in tiie bands of the
county, 10,75
Certificati s assign ed since
Jan. Ist, 1861, 5,890,17
Interest collected oti the
same, 125,25
Certificates receemeil, in
the bands of the Co., Si ,35
Interest collected on the
same. 10.75
C rtificates on hand to
balance, 2,287421
$84)94.73 8,394,73
The following statement was also read
and referred: —
T- the Board of Supervisors of Pierce
County: —
lu accordance with the requirements
of law, the Clerk of the Board of Su
pervisors respectful!v submits the follow
ing statement to s: id Board of Supervis
ors. to wit:—
A judgment was rendered against the
c untv in favor <>f Oliver Gibbs, Jr., f*»r
the sum of $440, and costs amount
ing to $44 45, and that S4OO of said
iu igincnt has been paid by the county
i rensi.rer in accordsincc with a resolution
of the Board, in July last, leaving a ba!
:.!.oe of s'4 4-3, besides interest unpaid.
A judgment was also rendered for
S4O 00 costs in an injunction of George
May Powell, to prohibit the issuing of
tax deeds on lots in River Fulls.
An injunction lias also been served on
the Clerk and Chairman, prohibiting
them from issuing county orders when
the Board of Supervisors are not in ses
n. There is no record in the office of
i Aik of the Circuit Court to show
« r said injunction was sustained or
u’;?-! ived.
D.-.ted at Perry, this 12th day of No
vember, 1361.
0. Strahl,
Clerk of the Board of Sups.
The Clerk submitted the following
copy of the apportionment of sei o*l
Gnu F . r SiVr of Pi rlio Inst. tvTicJt. S
Madison, June 10th, 1861.
To the Clerk of the Board of Super
visors of Pierce County: —-
>ik: -Pursuant to law, I have this
uav apportioned the income of the
school land subject to distribution for
• * - year 1861, among the several towus
wud cities of this State.
The amount to which the several j
towns and cities of Pierce county are ,
entice according to such nppoitioument, j
rs ns follows: I
Clifton, S4O 96 i
Diamond Bluff, 16 96
El Paso. 7 68
Hart land, 8 96
Isabel, 10 88
Martel, 48 64
Oak Grove, 22 64
Perry, 16 12
Pleasant Valley, 29 12
Prescott. 104 96
River Falls, 64 00
Trenton, 11 52
Trimbelle, 44 80
$437 44
The amount due to the above towns
and cities is now in the State Treasury,
subject to the order of tho Treasurer of
Fierce county, to be paid by him to the
f-aid towns and cities, on application, ac
cording to the foregoing list.
Respectfully your obd't servant,
J. L. Pickard,
State Superintendent.
County of Pi krck, j
1 he Clerk of the Board of Supervis- .
of said county hereby certifies the
foregoing to be a correct copy of the
original notice of apportionment, now on
file in his office.
- seal t °* the county Board
i ' of Supervisor*, at Perry, this j
* 2th day of November, 1861. !
O. Strahl,
r •*-’k if the Poarfi of .«np*. *
The fallowing report of tho Drainage I
I* uiul Commissioner was road and re
ferred :
To tht County Board of Supervisors:
William Howes, Drainage Commissioner,
in account with Pierce county. Dr.
To funds as per report of last
I further report that no funds have 1
been received by me from the county
treasurer during the year.
Wm. Howes,
Drainage Com.
A communication from Win. H. I
Smith, in relation to Mrs. Young, the
wife of a volunteer, who does not reside
in Pierce county, was read and referred
to a special committee, appointed by the
Chair, consisting of Sups Quimby,
Schaser, and Fertig.
Sup Fertig appeared and took his
Sup Holt offered and read a petition
to set off a new town to bo called Ells
worth, which was received and referred
to appropriate committee.
Account No. 2, of R. A. Green,
against the county for services, was read
and referred to appropriate committee.
The following accounts were also read
anil referred —
No. 3. C. E. Young.
4. J. M. McKee.
5. D. S. Cheney.
6. B. F. Pierce.
7. J. C. Button.
8. Wm. Howes.
9. City of Prcscotr.
10. O. Strahl.
11. Lewis Bu knmster.
12. J. L. Dale.
13. David McPilson.
14. Elizabeth Pumplin.
15. Ednah Thing.
16. A. B. Hawley.
17. E. R Billings-
Sup Minor appeared and took Lis
Sup Cox moved that tho chair np
point a Committee of Three to examine
the law touching the county Superin
tendent, and report tho amount of
salary necessary to be provided for by
this Board.
Tho CLair appointed Sups Cox, Wil
liams, and Whitney as such committee.
1 Sup Whitney moved that a person be
j hired to cut wood for fire, fur the present
session of tho Board.
The motion carried, and, on motion,
the Chair was appointed a committee
to carry tho above into effect.
On motion of Sup Minor, the B >nrd
adjourned tiil S o’clock to morrow inoru
Nov. 13. 8 o’clock, a. m.
The Board met pursuant to adjourn
11. P. Amos, county Treasurer, sub
mitted tbo following rej orts, wluch wero
referred to tho Committee of Finance:
11. P. Amrs in account with fierce Counts,
fvu i MureWZd, 1861, to Nov. dth, 1861.
To cash vec’dof J. 11. South wick,
acting County Treasurer, $ 1.323 38
To county orders received of J. H.
Soutiiwick. 465 62
Cash rec’d for taxes collected on
delinquent returns, lß6d, 1,957 74
j Cash rec’d from State of Wiseon
son on delinquent taxes ret’d, 1,292 39
| Cash rcc’d J. C. Button for crimi
nal tine, 40 00
i Cash rec’d personal property tax
collected hy sheriff, 49 61
Cash rec’d Clias. Fisher. Treasur
er Diamond Bluff, for license 10 00
Cash rte’d State of Wis. school
money app’t for 1861, 437 44
Cash rec’d State of Wis. drainage
for 1861, 86 41
Cash ree’d county clerk, on re
demptions, 82 21
County orders received Co Clerk,
on assignments, 1,063 90
Cash rec'd county clerk, adverti
sing fees on redemptions, 72 68
Cash rec’d clerk circuit court,
State tax on suits, 21 00
$6,902 38
By certificates derived from land
* sale of Sept 3d, 1861, 7,252 42
$14,154 80
By cash paid J. C. Riker, return
and travel fee, 1 72
Bv cash refunded E. P. Tubbs on
tax receipt, 2 90
By cash pa d Barnes <fc Co., ex
press charges, 75
By orders paid M. A. Dreibilbis
March session, 1861, 11 74
Bv orders p’d \V. F. Miles March
session, 1861. 12 94
By paid county clerk, to buy w’d
for county offices, 3 00
By paid county clerk for draying
the same to office, 50
By paid Barnes <fc Co. exp ess
charges on books and stat ’v, 6 75
By paid Wm. Grifpen for dray
ing same to county seat, 50
By Barnes & Co.’s express charges
on two packages currency, 3 25
By cash to A. Morse to cancel
tax deed, 5 00
By cash to Miss D. B. Franklin to
cancel tax deed, 9 03
By county orders paid H Bennett 14 53
By cash paid O. Gibbs, Jr. July
s< ssion, 1861, to apply on
judgment, 400 00
By cash paid town Treasurers on
delinquent returns for 1860, 1,951 69
By cash paid school superintend
ents. 498.62
By cadi refunded on certificates
charged back towns, 424 01
By cash paid to redeem Co orders, 875 57
By cash paid Barnes A ‘Co,, ex
press charges on books. 3 50
By cash paid t.» 11. P. Ames, ma
king certificates Sept, sale,
1861, 2991 certificates and
819 additional descriptions, 788 70
By county orders rec’d county
clerk on assignment. 1,063 90
By county orders rer’d J. H.
South wick on assignment, 465 62
By county order* rec’d on C-*tax, rl4 14
By Treasurer’s fees, percentage. 222 56
Bv certificates paid over to clerk,
accrued from land sale Sept.
3d, 1661, 7,252 42
Balance, 21 16 j
Dr. $14,151 «0 Cr. slllslßO
J. 11. Sonlhwirk in account with Fierce Co.
from Nov. 13, 1860, lu .March 20. 1861.
To rash to balance, as per
report Nov. 13.1861, 356,62
To cast, to John Hurley,
Treasurer Klpaso. 05
To cash paid to Richard
and Wm Costello. 1,70
To tax on suits from clerk
of court, 11,00
To county orders from t’n
Tre’s, on State and
county tax, ’6O, 3,095,56
To cash and county or
ders from clerk of b’d
on assigninentand re
demptions, 935,59
To State school fund ’6*\ 180.04
To order collected ot re
turn for 1860, 1,007,19
To cash State of Wis. on
school lands, 260,57
To charges on taxes col
lected credited Co. 71,26
By cash refunded G. P.
Jacob- per order bo’d, 8,67
By casii refunded Lewis
Mangcrgli, 7,44
By cash refunded on tax
certificates. 86.39
By county orders and c’t
certificates, to be des
troycu March. 1861, 2,392,42
By cash, taxes in “Klpaso
belonging to P. Go. 6.45
By cash. Treasurer’s re
turn and travel tee. 26,53
By casii town school su
intndent’s extra acd t
1860, 101,23
By cash express Co. cx
pressage. 6,50
By oa«e State of Wiseon
sin on State tax 1860 1,46f,57
By road receipt charged
town, 3,39
By cash L. R Smith, dray
age, ' 50
By cash Treasurer’s fee
from Nov 13 186 Q,
to Jan. 1. 48G1, 30,50
By balance paid over to
H. P. Anns as foil
low ash. 1.322 28
C’t ert and
Co. orders, 465.62
Total am’t, $5,919.58 $5,919,58
On motion, the rules wore suspended
in order to take up the matter of A. 11.
Young, relative to the improper assess
ment of lots in Prescott. In relation to
which Sup Copp offered the folio.ving
resolution, which was adopted :
Resolved, That the sum of $3 63 and
costs of sale on illegal and erroneous ns
' sessment on lots 5 and 6 in block C, in
the second ward of tho city of Prescott,
I in Doe’s first addition, be released, and
that upon the payment of tho balance
j over and nbovo the $3 63 to the county
! Clerk, he is hereby authorized to cancel
1 the order of sale of aforesaid lots.
And Resolved further, That tho
i Treasurer, upon the cancellation as afore-
I said, bo authorized to charge back to tho
i second ward of said city said aura of
i $3 63 and costs of sale.
Sup Hurley moved tho adoption of
the following resolution:—
Resolved , That the Treasurer of
Pierce county be authorized to pay back
the sum of $7 54, with interest at 7 per
cent per annum from the 20th day of
January, 1858, to Henry Stormnn, or
order, and charge the same back to the
town of Pleasant Valley, being taxes
teccived on the sw £ of section 26, too n
26. range 10, by the Treasurer of said
town, and having returned tho said laud
j delinquent.
Sup Copp moved to amend by strik
ing out the word interest wherever it
occurs; and the amendment was lost.
Sup Holt moved to amend by striking
out the words ami charge the same back.
Tbo amendment was withdrawn by
The question then recurring on the
original resolution, it was adopted.
O. Strahl, cotnmitteo appointed at the
March meeting last to investigate the
[ matter of au old court certificate and an
old county order, reported verbally that
tho record of the court certificate was
found all right, but no record or definite
information could bo obtained in relation
to the county order.
The report was accepted, and tho com'
mittce discharged.
It was moved and seconded to destroy
tho county order.
The motion was lost.
Sup Cheney moved to p'nce tho order
on file, and the ayes and noes wore taken
as follows:
Ayes, Sups Akers, Cheney, Fertig,
Hurley, Quimby, Schaser, and Young
man— 7.
Noes, Sups Cox, Copp, Hodges, Holt,
Minor, Williams, and Whitney —7.
Motion was lost.
Sup II hi ley moved to reconsider the
vote to destroy, and the ruction pre
The question then recurring on the
original motion to destroy by burning,
it prevailed.
On motion of Sup Copp, the Chair
man was appointed a committee to exe
cute the object of the motion.
The following accounts were read and
No. 18. A. H. Young, S6O 00
19. James Akers, 17 84
20. “ “ 7 25
21. S. A. Green, 97
22. A. J. Smith, 2 22
23. 11. A. dc G. W. Truruan,7o 00
24. A. Huddleston, 5 00
On motion, tho Board adjourned till 7
o’clock this evening.
Evening Session.
7 o’clock, r. m.
The Board met pursuant to adjou...
Minutes wore rend and approved.
The following accounts wero received
and referred:
No. 25. M. B. Williams, 8 S 44:
20. William H"dge>. 2 00
27. L. A. Taylor, 5 00
28. “ “ 500
29. “ “ 500 j
30. “ “ 500
31. “ “ 1000 75 j
32. “ 14 151 80 !
Sup Minor, of Committee on Ac- i
counts, reported back the following, j
which were disposed of:—
No. 2. 11. S. Green, $7 00, allowed in
3. C. E. Young, $55 70, “
4. J. M. McKee, $1 90; referred
back for coirection.
12. J. L. Dale, $428 allowed
in full.
5. D 8 Cheney, $4 16.
It was moved to allow $2 on this
bill. Sup Copp moved to amend by al
lowing $4 16 in place of $2, and the
amendment prevailed.
Tho question then recurring on the
motion as amended, it was carried.
No. 6. B F Pierce $4 84.
It was moved to allow' $2. Fup Copp
moved to amend by adding $2. And
the ayes and noes were taken as follows:
Ay es, Sups Akers, Copp, Cheney,
Fertig. Minor, Quimby, Schaser, Wil
liams, and Youngirnc—9.
Noes, Sups Cox, Hodges, Hurley, and
The amendment was carried.
And the question recurring on tho
n otion ns amended, it was adopted.
No. 7. J C Button $lO2 24; on motion
referred back to be itemized.
8. Wm Howes $6; on motion of
Sup Cox, referred back for cor’n.
9. City of Prescott $74 50; Sup
Hurley moved to disallow.
The motion was withdrawn hy con
On motion of Sup Copp, the bill was
laid on the table for future action.
10. O Strahl $7 80; ail’d in full.
11. Lewis Buckmaster $3; Slip
Cox moved its return for correc
tion, and the motion prevailed.
13. David McPilson $2; allowed in
14. Elizabeth Pumplin $1; “
15. Ednah Thing $2 25; “
16. A B Hawley sl4; moved to
lay on the table, and prevailed.
17. E R Billings $3 60; returned
for correction.
IS. AH Young S6O; laid on table.
19. Jas Akers sl4 40; allowed in
20. Jas Akers $7 25; “
21. S A Green $0 97; returned
for correction.
22. A J Smith $2 22; “
23. i A & G W Truman S7O;
24. A Huddleston $5; allowed.
On motion of Sup Cox, the Chairman
and Clerk were requested to fill out
* some orders for J L Dale at their enrli
| ost convenience.
On motion, adjourned till 8 o’clock
to-morrow morning.
Nov. 14.—The hoard mot pursuant
!to adjournment. Minutes rend and np
; proved.
Orders were issued to the amount of
SIOO to John L. Dale on his account al
lowed at this session.
Sup. Copp moved to authorize the
Chairman and Clerk to issue orders to
i the amount of $125, to pay the Clerk
his quarter’s salary past due.
Sup Cox moved to amend by adding,
! and Dist. attorney’s quarter $87.50 past
due, and the amendment was carried.
Tho question then recurring on tho
motion as amended, it was adopted.
Sup Copp offered tho following reso
lution, which was adopted.
Resolved , That orders issue to Messrs.
Jay & White, attorneys, for tho sum of
$43,30 to satisfy costs in the case of Ma
: son Stone, et. at., against the Board of
j Supervisors of Pierce County, in which
a preliminary judgment has been render
! ed by the Circuit Judge against the said
Board for costs, and said orders when
issued to be left in the bands of the Clerk
[ of the Board, to ho handed over to tho
parties to whom issued so soon as tho re
cord of said judgment is satisfied and said
j said suit dismissed.
On motion of Sup Copp, the account oi
! A II Young was taken up, and on leave,
withdrawn by H A Jay.
The following accounts were present
ed and referred.
No 33 A list of necou ts for service?
making election returns.
34 Jas Akers S2O,
35 do 14.70
36 Clerk of Conrt 7,
On motion of Sup Hurley, account no i
16 of A B Hawley was take up and with
drawn hy’ consent.
On motion account No. 17 of E. R.
Billings was taken from the table, and
on leave withdrawn.
On motion account No. 9, of tho city ,
of Prescott, was taken from the table.
On motion Sup. ATuriey was appoint- I
ed a committee to ascertain if any por
tion of the above bill had been paid.
Ou motion of Sup. Copp the rcsolu- ;
tiun passed at the March session of the I
board, 1861, making provision for buil
ding a cistern at the jail m Prescott, was
rescinded; and Sup. Cbeeny was ap
prised a committee to inform L. R.
Smith of the fact.
On motion adjourned till 6 p. h.
Evening Session.
The beard met pursuant to adjourn
ment. The minutes wero rend and
The following nccountr were read and
referred :
No. 37 J Youngman $5.00
38 P Misgen 2,02
39 P M Simon 2,02
11 Returned as corrected and
Sup. Miner, of committee on accounts, j
returned account* which were disposed
of ns follows :
No. 25 M B Williams $3.44 all’w
26 Win Hodges 2,00 do
27 L A Taylor 5.00 do
28 do 5,00 do
29 do 5,00 do
30 do 10,00 do
31 do 1,000,75 do
33 Returns etc 28,00 do
34 Jas Akers 20,00 do
35 do 14,70 do
37 Clerk of court 7,00 do
Sup. Hurley, com. to ascertain if any
portion of account No. 9 had been paid,
made a verval report slating that part of
said account was audited and paid at the
March session.
Sup. Hurley moved to allow $15,50
on account No, 9. Sup. Cheney moved
to amend by allowing $40,15, and the
amendment was lost. The question then
recurring on the original motion, Sup.
Williams moved to amend by deducting
$2,50, and the amendment was lost.—
The question then recurring on the origi
nal motion to allow $15,50, it prevailed.
Sup Copp offered the following pre
amble and resolution which were adopt
ed :
Whereas, It appears from the records
iu the county Cleik s office that the swj
of of section 20, township 26, range
19, was sold April 15th, 1858, for de
linquent taxes of 1857, and
Whereas, It further appears that in
default of the same, or any part thereof,
having been redeemed from said sale, a
; tax deed has been issued duly executed
and delivered, to Selah Strickland upon
the said land, and
Whereas, It further appears of after
i date that a receipt from J S Ayres,
county Treasurer, for the taxes of 1857
on the said land has been exhibited to O
Strahl, county Clerk, now therefore
Resolved , That the county Treasurer
be, and lie is hereby, instructed to pay
back to the said Selah Strickland the
| sum of six dollars and fifty cents, ns
I costs of certificate surrendered and ex
pense of procuring said deed; provided
the said S Strickland shall execute and
deliver to Pierce County a quit claim
; deed of the Innd above described,
j Sup Copp offered the following reso
lution, which was adopted:
Resolved , That the sum of ten dollars
! bo hereby appropriated to procure a new
seal for the County Board of Supervis
ors, and that an order for that purpose
i bo drawn and placed in the bands of
; O Strahl, whoso duty it shall be to enr
rv out the object of this resolution, and
tiiat the Comity Treasurer is hereby re
, quested to cosh said order.
The following resolution offered by
Sup Cox, was adopted :
Resolved, That the sum of silty dol
lars be njq>ropriated for the purpose of
procuring firewood, and defraying other
expenses incident to the keeping of the
court room and county offices in repair,
and furnishing ary articles that may be
| needed for said room; the same to be
placed in tho hands of Osborn Strahl, to
! bo expended at bis discretion in aceord-
I ance with this resolution.
Tho following accounts wero rend and
{ referred.
| No. 40. J C Button, sl9 72
41. S A Porter, 19 63
42. I 1 Foster, 9 98
43. J R Freeman, 65 80
44. Wilson Kinney, 1
On motion, adjourned till 8 o’clock to
morrow morning.
November 15, 8 o’clock, a. m.
i Tho Board met pursuant to ndjourn
! ment.
Present, Sups Cox, Hodges, Hurley,
Holt, Fertig, Akers, Minor, Quimby,
Williams, Youngman, Copp, Schaser,
and Cheney.
The minutes were read and approved.
Tho following account was read nud
| referred:—
No. 45. W B Mapes, $23 63
Sup Minor offered the following reso
lution, which was referred to the com
mittee on accounts:—
Resolved, That in the matter of John
Dale asking the Board for an order strik
ing from the sale list certain land, for the
reason that the lands were r.ot advertised
in a paper which had been published in
the county six months previous io such
advertising, be referred to the District
Attorney with a request that he obtain
the written opinion of Messrs Gray <fc
Humphrey, lawyers of Hudson, in tho
matter, and that he be requested to re
port the same, together with his own
opinion in the case, to the county Beard
at their meeting in January next.
On mAion of Sup Copp, the finance
committee were permitted to withdraw
to the committee room.
Sup Whitney appeared and took his
Orders to the amount of $328 24
were issued to John L Dale, as a balance
on his account allowed at this session.
Sup Minor moved to adjourn till 1
o’clock tins afternoon.
The motion was withdrawn by consent.
On motion of Sup Cox, tho Boaid ad
journed till 6 o’clock this evening.
Evening Session.
The board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. The minutes were read and ap
The following accounts wero rend and
referred :
No. 40 L A Tavlor $4,00
47 WmCrippen 4,50
48 J R Freeman 108,14
Sup. Minor of committee on accounts,
returned accounts which were disposed of
as follows :
No. ll L Buckmaster $3.00 ail’d j
32 L A Tavlor 151,80 do {
37 J Youngman 5,00 do
38 Peter Misgen 2.02 do
39 P M Simon 2.02 do
40 J C Button 17,72 Ref. ,
41 S A Porter 19,63 ail’d'
42 I I Foster 9,98 do
43 JJI Freeman 65,80 Ref.
44 W Kinney 1, ail’d
45 TUBMapo* 23,63 do
Sup. Willinms, of committee ot) organ*
ization of new towns, submitted the fol*
lowing order for the organization of a
new town, which was adopted.
The Bonrd of Supeivisors of tho Co.
of Pierco do ordain and determine as
follows :
Town 25, range 15, according to Gov
; ernment survey, situated in tho county of
Pierco is and the same is hereby consti
tuted and set off as a town and body cor
porate with like powers and privileges of
other towns in said count}*, and that tho
first town meeting held in said town
be at ihe bouse of Frank Mosher; and
1 that the said town shall be known by tho
name and style of the town of Union,
and that a full set of town officers will be
elected in said town at the coming town
meeting in April next.
! Sup. Whitney moved to appoint a
committee of three to visit the jail. Tho
motion was withdrawn by consent. Sup.
Hurley moved to appoint Sup. Cheney a
committee to visit the jail. The ayes and
nayr being called for Sups. Cox, Ilod
| ges, Hurley, Youngman, Holt, Akers,
IFilliams, Copp, Schazer and Cheney,
jlO voted aye. Sups. Feitig, IFliitney,
Minor and Quimby, 4 voted no. The
j motion was adopted.
Orders to the amount of s2oo were is
sued to L A Taylor on his account al
lowed at this session.
On motioh of-Sup. Holt the clerk was
inspected to procure blank orders.
Ou motion adjourned till 8 a. m.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
Minutes wero road and approved.
Sup Holt moved to instruct the Clerk
; to make out the per diem and mileage of
the members for services at the special
j meeting in August last,
j Motion prevailed.
Mileage per diem total
Cox $1,4 4 $2, $3,44
Hodges 1,44 2, 3,44
j Hurley 1,68 2, 3,68
Youngman 2,2,
Holt 2.40 2, 4,40
Fertig 1,92 2, 3,92
Whitney 1,44 2, 3,44
Akers 1,46 2, 3,44
| Minor 1,32 2, 3,32
Williams 1,08 2, 3,08
Cheney 2,16 2, 4,16
; and orders were issued for tho same.
Sup Copp moved to have a committee
appointed by the Chair to make out an
j apportionment of jurors.
The motion prevailed.
Sups Holt, Schaser and Hodges wero
i appointed such committee.
Sup Holt moved that when we adjourn
wo adjourn till one o’clock on Monday
Sup Quimbv moved to amend by say
ing 4 o’clock this afternoon,
i The amendment was lost.
The question then recurring on the o
i riginal motion and the ayes and noes bo
i ing called were taken ns follows:
Ayes, Sups Akers, Cox. Copp, Fertig,
Holt, Minor, Williams, and Youngman
Noes, Sups Clicnov, Hodges, Schaser,
Quimby, and Whitney—s.
Tbs motion was carried.
On motion of Sup Copp, the Clerk
of the Board of Supervisors was consti
tuted a committee to take charge, and
j have the care of, all the county property
I in the shape of lumber, building materi-
I al, etc., which may now be on hand or
delivered hereafter at tho county seat;
said Clerk to bo paid for whatever time
he may necessarily devote to such ob
-1 jeef.
Orders to W B Mapes for $23 63,
i and to Jas Akers for sl4 70, were is
! sued.
On motion, adjourned.
Nov 18, One o’clock p. m.
The Board met pursuant to adjourn
! ment.
Roll being called, Sups Hodges, Hur
ley, Youngman, Fertig, Akers, Minor,
Quimby, Copp and Cheney answered to
their names.
The minutes were read and approved.
Sups Whitney and Schaser appealed and
! took their seats.
i On motion the rules were suspended
in order to take up accounts.
Sup Copp moved that when wo do ad
journ it shall he till six o’clock this eve
ning, a id the motion prevailed.
Tthe following accounts were present
ed and referred.
No. 49 B Lynch $1,98
50 George Smith 1,98
51 J W Jacob 1,98
52 Jas Wreteii 1,86
53 Jas Ferguson 1,98
54 J Brnnan 1,98
55 J Murphy 1,98
56 do 1,9 S
57 D H Smith 1,98
Sups Holt and Williams appeared and
took their seats. Adjourned.
Evening Session, 6 o’clock, p m.
Bonrd met pursaant to adjournment.
Sup Cox appeared and took his seat. ;
Minutes were read and approved.
The following accounts were read and \
No. 58 Dill <fc Bro. $4,25
59 J 0 Button 7,01
60 do 16,24 !
61 do 20,31 i
62 do 6,57 j
63 do 15,04
64 J B Gray 5,00 J
65 Gray & Humphrey 35,C0
J L Dale presented two tax sale certifi
cates on lots in Bay City, asking the
Board of Supervisors to cancel said certi
ficates and pay bnek the amount on ac
count of irregular and illegal assessment,
which matter was referred to committee
on apportionment of taxes.
Also Sup Cox submitted the matter of
illegal tax paid by Hubbard & Rack ley,
which was also referred to committee on
apportionment of taxes.
An old account of D H Smith, was
presented, which was allowed Inst Nov., j
but order not drawn; referred to commit
tee on accounts.
Adjourned till 8 o’clock next morning.
Nov, 19, 8 o’clock A M.
Board met pursuant to adjournment, j
The roll being called, Sups Cox, Ilur-
: ley, Hodge?, YoHngman, Holt, Whitney
j Akers, Quimby, Williams, Copp,Cheney
j and Schazer, present.
* Minutes read and approved.
Sup Minor took his seat.
Sup Holt moved to grant the commit
| tee on Finance leave to withdraw until
tho evening session, and the motion pre
Sup Fertig took his scat.
John L Dale appeared before tho
Board, and on leave, asked that tho tax
es on the N E quarter of section 16 in
town 26 range 18, be cancelled on the
sale book in the office of tho Clerk of the
Board of Supervisors.
On motion of Sup Quimby, tho mat
ter was referred to committee on accounts
Orders were issued ns follows:
To Lute A. Taylor, $976,55
R A Green 7,00
C E Young 53,70
D S Cheney 4,16
B F Pierco 4,00
O Strahl 7,80
L Buckmaster 3,00
D McPilson 2,00
E Pumplin 1,00
E Thing 2,25
Jas Akers 21,65
H A Truman 70,00
A Huddleston 5,00
M B Williams *M4
Wm Hodges ' 4,00
E Holt 2 )0
Geo Schaser *qOO
C B Cox 2,00
E Minor 2,00
E Quimby do
M B William? do
W J Copp do
John Fertig do
Jas Akers do
Tlios Hurley 4.00
J Youngman 7,00
O C Whitney 2,00
Jas Akers 20,00
W J Smith 7,00
City of Prescott 15,50
P Misgen 2,02
P M Simon 2,02
S A Porter 19,63
I 1 Foster 9,93
Wilson Kinney 1,00
On motion the Board adjourned until
half past 6 o'clock in the evening.
j Evening Session. —Tho Board met
| pursuant to adjournment. Minutes wore
read and approved. The following ac
: counts were read and referred.
I No 66 S Strickland $6,00
67 E Minor 3,46
68 L A Taylor 40,00
Sup Minor of committee on accounts
returned accounts which were disposed
of as follows;
No 18 AII Young $60,00 $25, al
46 L A Taylor 4,00 allowed
i 47 W Crippen 4,50 allowed
49 B Lynch, 1,98 referred
Nos 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55. 56, 57
i referred back for correction.
On motion the Clerk and Chairman
wero instructed to draw an order for D
II Smith for $1.50, on an account allow
I ed last Nov but order not drawn.
No 43 J R Freeman $65,50 allowed
48 do 108,14, 87,64 al
59 J C Button 7,01 allowed
60 do 10,24 do
61 do 20,31 do
62 do 9.98 do
63 do 15,04 do
64 J B Gray 5,00 do
65 Grav & Hum. 35,00 d<>
58 Dill & Bro 4,25 do
Sup Cox moved the adoption of the
! resolution in relation to illegal advertis
; ing for tax sale.
Sup Holt moved to amend by iaving
; on the table, and the ayes and noes be
' ing called, Cox, Hurley, Youngman Holt
Fertig, Akers and Williams, 7, voted
ave. Hodges, Whitney, Minor and
; Schaser, 4, voted no,and tho amendment
was adopted. On motion adjourned till
8 o’c'ock next morning.
To he concluded next week.
j - - --
Take Notice 1!
4 LL persons are hereby cautioned against
! buying a note lor S2O. bearing date Oct.
j 2tst, 1861, given by mo to George Braley, av
the same will not be paid.
River Falls Nov. 10, 1861. n2!)wtf
Came to the subscriber, on or about Inc first
1 day of Nuv., 1861, a piir of work oxen ; one
a light red, with long, sharp horns, inclining
; upwards, supposed to be six years old; the
i other of large size, with dark aides and red
dish brown back, short stubbed horns, left
hind foot white, supposed to be eight years
! old. No flesh ; jacks on either.
Clifton. Wis., Nov. 26, 1861. n3lw3
Tenements to Let!
TWO commodious tenements iu Strsus.*’
Building, on Broad Street, on reasonable
terms. Enquire of J. M. McKek, at the Book
Prescott, Oct. 16,1861. n2swtf
HAS located permanently at Prescott.—
Rooms next door to Griffin’s Store.
Business solicited.
Prescott, July 31st, 1860.
nI4 ts.
This is to certify that i have given my son,
Mathew Kline, his time to act and trad*; for
himself, and I shall claim none oi his earrings
nor pay any debls of his contracting after this
date. MATHEW KLIh E.
D. W. Currier, Witness.
Dated this 2lst day of November, 1861.
Came into my enclosure about the 15th of
Nov, a three year old steer, red. white spot on
his head, a little white on his belly, white
spots on his hind feet and one lopped horn,
The owner is fequested to pay charge? and
take him away. FRED MERKOIiD.
Oak Grove, December 3d, 1861.
Canse into my enclosure the 25th day of
November, a black stag, two years old the 4th
of next March. The owner is requested to pay
chareres and take him awav.
Trimbelle, Dec. 3, 1861.
Therk will be a regular meeting of N. W,
Lodge No. 105 of Free and Accepted Ma
sonson the second and fourth Tuesdays of
each month at Masonic Hall. Sekanwr's Buil
ding, Praaaott Wiscousia.

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