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A Lot About Abraham, '
A schoolboy was asked at an examination !
to give an account of the patriarch Abra
ham. He wrote: “He was the father of Lot
and had two wives. One was called Ishmale
and the other Hagar. He kept one at home
and he turned the other into the desert,
where-she became a pillar of salt in the day
time and a pillar cf fire by night.”—London
Jewish World.
Best for the Bowels,
iNo matter what ails you, headache to a
cancer, you will never get well until your
bowels are put right. Cascarets help nature,
cure you without a gripe or pain, produc ■
easy natural movements, cost you just 10
cents to start getting your health back.
Cascarets Candy Cathartic, the genuine, put
up in metal boxes, every tablet has C. C. C.
stamped on it. Beware of imitations.
It is a great mistake for a married man
to give way to a love of pastry, as it puts
him so much in the power of his wife. —Ally
Bane’s Family Medicine.
Moves the bowels each day. In order to
be healthy this is necessarv. Acts gently on
the liver and kidneys. Cures sick head
ache. Price 25 and 50c.
An Atchison girl is always referred to as
“the late Miss Blank,” not because she is
dead, but for the reason that she is never
on time. —Atchison Globe.
Coughing Beads to Consumption.
Kemp’s Balsam will stop the Cough at
once. Go to your druggist to-day and get a
sample bottle free. Large bottles 25 and 50
cents. Go at once; delays are dangerous.
It is always a safe rule, when a dog’s bark
is worse than his bite, to fight shy of his
bark. —Chicago Journal.
To Core a Cold in One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund money if it fails to cure. 25c.
Genuine charity is after all not so very
particular as to where it begins.—Detroit
The Mexicans allay their thirst by chew
ing Chicle, which is the main ingredient of
White’s “Yucatan” Gum.
It is a remarkable thing how many socie
ties at their meetings waste hours in mak
ing minutes.— Ally Sloper.
is often derived from an unlocked for
source—the Kidneys. Odorous urine
or that which scalds or stains is an in
fallible proof that you are progressing
towards Bright’s Disease or one of the
other forms of Kidney Trouble all of
which are fatal if permitted to grow
Will arrest the disease and under most
solemn guarantee effect a cure where
it is possible by human means.
People cured by KID-NE-OIDS. Id writing them,
please enclose stamped addressed envelope.
Mrs. Frank Anderson, 410 N.2nd St., Elkhart, Ind.
Bert Dawson. City Space. Connersville, Ind.
K. C. Green, Grand Ave., Waukegan, 111.
W. R. Beebe, Centrnlia, 111.
Mrs. C. A. Hewl tt,Wilson Ave. & 10th St., Sterling, 111.
J. H. Rose, Ist Ward, Independence, la.
John W. Lohmer. IHIO Johnson St.. Keoknk, la.
W. S. Hayden, 1428 West Reid St., Keokuk, la.
Mrs. W. E. Lefever, 14 Sth St., Fond-du-iac, Wis.
L. P. Coffey, Anderson, Ind.
Mrs. M. M. Tarrinpton, S. Milton St., Anderson, Ind.
Mrs. Dan Smith, 1012 West sth St., Bloomington. Ind.
Morrow’s Kid-ne-oids are not pills,
but Yellow Tablets and sell at fifty
cents a box at drug stores.
Ikiirniutgnrip |
iiiiiii-,i,i...i..iiii:niiiiiiiiuiiHiimiiiminuiimiiiiii.iiimiiimiiiimiimiimnn[ ||M
i L| |
AVfcgetablc Preparationfor As- m\
simUatingthcFoodandßcgula- !|
ling the Stomachs andßowcls of j i
Promotes Digestion. Cheerfu- IB
ness and Rest. Contains neither ||
Opium,Morphine nor Mineral ||
Not narcotic. B
Pumpkat Seed" v
jUx.Senna, * 1 :®
RotkdU SmUt— I !®
£ ytnise Send r- 1 - JB
I] . 1
fjSrtp’SMd-' I Iw
Ctanfitd Sugar I |E
j. mntary,***L flayer / |W
I Aperfeci Remedy forConstipa- B
Ron. Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea Ji
| Worms .Convulsions,Feverish- ji
ness and lass OF Sleep. ||
Facsimile Signature of jj|
mmm m h mm m ftft ■ ■■■ A treatment taken at home by the
I MN ■ ■ patient which lenders
U' l\l 111 nMDI I Whiskey, Beer. Etc., Obnoxious.
Cures relapses from other treatments; endorsed by business firms of National Reputation. Write
Jor convincing evidence. THE PAQUIM IMMUNE 00,, Dept. 28, St, Loulm 9 Mo*
A Stolen March.
The famous composer sat in the orchestra
chair and listened to the comic opera of his
rival. As the chorus roared out a stringing,
familiar air, the tears started to the great
musician’s eyes. “Ah,” he said, sadly, “I
would not have believed it, but he has stolen
a march on me.” To those familiar with his
works, the truth of this remark would have
been apparent. —Princeton Tiger.
* *
Catarrh Cannot Be Cared
with Local Applications, as they cannot
reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh is a
blood or constitutional disease, and in order
to cure it you must take internal remedies.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
acts directly on the blood and mucous sur
faces. Hall’s Catarrh Cure is not a quack
medicine. It was prescribed by one of the
best physicians in this country for years,
and is a regular prescription, ft is composed
of the best tonics known, combined with
the best blood purifiers, acting directly on
the mucous surfaces. The perfect com
bination of the two ingredients ic what pro
duces such wonderful results in curing Ca
tarrh. Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, O.
Sold by all druggists, price 75c.
Hall’s Family Pills are the best.
Very Cordial.
The Gn esi--There is something very cor
dial in your husband.
The Hostess —Yes, several pousse cafes, I
guess. He came home with a pocketful of
cloves. —Chicago Daily News.
in Pullman’s finest Compartment Drawing
Room, Library, Observation and Dining
Cars —all Vestibuled-—with the celebrated
Open Top Car “Chililitli” for Observation in
the Mountains and Canons and Dining Car
in the Tropics.
A delightful trip of 38 days with Three
Circle Tours in the Tropics of the South of
Mexico and a Visit to the Ruined Cities.
All exclusive features of these itineraries
of leisurely travel and long stops —The Spe
cial Train starts Tuesday, January 22. from
Tour of Puerto Rico.
Special Pullman Cars leave Chicago Thurs
day, January 17, and Thursday, February 14,
at 9:30 a. m., connecting with the splendid
new steamships Ponce and San Juan sailing
from New York the second day following.
Individual Tickets sold for other sailing
dates, alternate Saturdays.
Ticket* Include All Expenses Every
These select limited parties will be under
the special escort and management of The
American Tourist Association. Reau Camp
bell, General Manager, 1423 Marquette
Building, Chicago.
Itineraries, Maps and Tickets can be had
on application to Agents of the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul R’y.
Friendship is a welcome ship in an j port.
—Chicago Daily News.
Information for Homeseekers.
Valuable information concerning Lands,
Locations and Climate of Tennessee, Ala
bama and Georgia may be found in “Infor
mation for Homeseekers” recently issued by
the Passenger Department of the Nashville,
Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway. It gives
detailed information regarding prices paid
for farm products, varieties of soil, climate,
elevation, rainfall, etc. Homeseekers Ex
cursion tickets to this territory at very low
rates. For maps, printed matter and other
information call on nearest ticket agent or
address Briard F. Hill, N. P. A., 328 Mar
quette Bldg., Chicago, 111., J. B. Kiliibrew,
Immigration Agent, or W. L. Danley, G-
P. A., Nashville, Tenn,
Asa general rule the more a man leaves
behind him in this world the less he has to
commence the next one with. —Ally Sloper.
Excursion Sleepers Via M., K. & T. Ry.
Weekly Excursion Sleepers leave St. Louis
via Katy Flyer (M. K. & T. Ry.) every Tues
day at 8:16 p. m. for San Antonio, Los An
geles and San Francisco.
Weekly Excursion Sleepers leave Kansas
City via the M. K. & T. Ry. every Saturday
at 9:05 p. m. for San Antonio, Los Angeles
and San Francisco.
When wine is in wit is out. —Danish Prov
Jell-O, Tlic New Dessert,
pleases all the family. Four flavors; —Lem-
on, Orange, Raspberry and Strawberry. ,At
your grocers. 10 cts. Try it to-day.
Worn’ is a greater enemy to the face than
smallpox.—Chicago Daily News.
I am sure Piso’s Cure for Consumption
saved my life three years ago.—Mrs. Thos.
Robbins, Maple Street, Norwich, N. Y.,
Feb 17, 1900.
All worthless people are not lazy.—Atchi
son Globe.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the / i
Signature XJttjJr
ry JrV‘ In
U> For Over
Thirty Years
German Training: Ship Founders Near
Malaga—Fully 100 Are
Madrid, Dec. 17. —The German -train
ing- frigate Gneisenan has foundered
off Malaga, 65 miles east-northeast of
Gibraltar. Private dispatches say that
40 persons were drowned.
A large number of the cadets can
be seen from the shore clinging to the
rigging. They are shouting and sig
naling for help. The captain and
many of the cadets have been
drowned. It is believed that 40 who
left in one of the ship's boats and
have not been seen since are also lost.
The total loss is now thought to be no
less than 100; some dispatches say 140.
Forty of those saved are badly hurt.
The training ship had been at Mal
aga since November 1, practicing with
guns of large caliber. She had been
previously at Megador, Morocco. At
ten o'clock Sunday morning a review
of the cadets was in order. The wind
was extremely violent, and instruc
tions were given to stoke up as rapidly
as possible. Put already mountainous
waves had struck the ship, snapping the
anchor chains. She was driven helpless
toward the port and sank. The crew
threw themselves into the sea and clung
to the wreckage, but the majority quick
ly disappeared. Capt. Kresthmann died
at his post. The Malaga lifeboat made
heroic efforts and rescued 15, but the
weight capsized the boat and 12 were
drowned. The other three were saved
by means of ropes thrown to them. The
port authorities saved many of the sail
Two Women and n Man Meet Death
on Lake Michigan—Story of
Terrible Experience,
Manitowoc. Wis., Dec. 17. —Adrift on
Lake Michigan for 22 hours, lashed to
a small boat with the dead bodies of
his wife and her niece, was the terri
ble experience of W. H. Shields, light
house keeper of Squaw island, with his
assistant, Owen McCauly. They ar
rived here in the steamer Manhattan
Sunday morning, having been picked
up by that boat in the north channel
of the island Saturday afternoon.
Keeper Shields told the following
story as he lay at Holy Family hos
pital in this city:
"We closed the station on Squaw Island
Friday morning, and soon after I, with Mc-
Cauly. Lucien Morden, the helper, Mrs.
Shields and her niece, Mrs. Mary Davis,
with a few belongings, embarked in a
small sailboat for the mainland seven
miles distant. When out but a short time
the boat capsized. By hard work we all
managed to reach the boat and lash the
women to it. McCauly and myself also
succeeded in doing the same, but Morden,
who had become delirious, refused to do
this and was soon afterward washed off
and drowned. About ten hours after the
capsizing my wife and her niece died from
exposure. We drifted around the lake for
hours, and at one time was within 50 feel
of the mainland when the wind shifted,
carrying us again into the lake. In this
manner we passed Friday night, suffering
untold agony, drifting and tossing around
with high seas breaking over us until we
were finally sighted by the steamer Man
hattan. bound for Manitowoc.”
Five Men Lock Ip Town Marshal of
Brighton, 111., Rob Fonr
Stores and a Dank.
St. Louis, Dec. 17. —Five unidenti
fied men, garbed as tramps, who
asked shelter in the calaboose at mid
night Friday, overpowered the village
marshal of Brighton, 111., locked him
in a cell, and then broke into a bank
and two stores. They attempted to
get into the vault of Blodgett Bros.’
bank, in which there was a large
amount of money, but were unsuccess
ful, although the strong box was
partially wrecked by several explo
sions of dynamite. Failing there, the
robbers entered the general store of
E. Butler, where they broke into the
safe and secured SIOO. Soon after en
tering another store, Butler’s store
was discovered on fire. Before the
flames were subdued a loss of several
thousand dollars resulted. The rob
bers then escaped on a hand car.
When the marshal was liberated he
organized a posse and started after
the robbers with bloodhounds. Brigh
ton is a village of 1,000 inhabitants,
northeast of Alton, 111.
Four Persons Dead and Three Dying
in a Settlement Near
Marietta, O.
Marietta, 0., Dec. 17. —Asa result of a
mysterious case of poisoning at For
sythe Mines, near here, four persons
are dead, three are dying and two oth
ers are seriously ill. Jealousy is hinted
as the motive for the crime. The dead
are: Andrew Baruick, Marj’ Laichak,
Andrew Letchie, and a child, name not
The coroner and a physician went to
the place and learned that all the vic
tims had died in great agony, suffering
without a doubt from poison. A post
mortem was held at once on the bodies
and the stomachs were secured for an
alysis. The people all lived close to each
other and were all taken ill Friday
night, after having eaten supper.
There are many signs that poison had
been placed in their food, but by whom
is yet to be determined.
Money Lost on Paris Fair.
Paris, Dec. 17. —The official report of
the finances of the exposition shows a
loss of 2,000,000 francs. The total ex
penditures are 116,500,000 francs. The
receipts amounted to 114,500,000 francs.
The loss is less than in the case of
either of the preceeding expositions.
Family of Six Perishes.
Cannonball, N. D., Dec. 17. —An In
dian family consisting of father, moth
er and four children burned to death
from an explosion of gasoline. An
other family of father, mother and one
child are frightfully burned and will
probably die.
Kansas farmers will get seed wheat
from Turkey.
A steel ship carries one-fifth more
cargo than an Iran one,
Nail plant at Belfont, Pa., costing
$85,000, sold as junk for $6,375.
Leipzig, in Germanjy, sells 10,000
tons weight of books in one year.
The kiale, or household fox, is a
favorite pet among Chinese women.
English people drink yearly, on an
siverage, eight ounces of cocoa a head.
Insurance companies will now take
risks for limited amounts on football
Powdered charcoal, if laid thickly
on a burn, almost instantly allays
the pain.
Henry Labouchere, M. P., editor of
Truth, completed the 09th year of his
life recently.
Buffaloes are found at the height
of 12,000 feet on the African mount
ain of Kilima Njaro.
Over $1,000,000 worth of diamonds
are stolen every year from the South
African diamond mines.
More than half of the $1,921,000 gold
Imported into this country during
March came from Canada.
The Indian name of the Charles
river at Boston was Mis-sha-um,
which meant great highway.
Thirteen million cubic yards of
earth were removed in making the
canal across the isthmus of Corinth.
Three hundred Negroes from va
rious parts of the south will leave
Birmingham, Ala., in January for Li
New Scotland Yard is the largest
police station in the world. It is
capable of accommodating 3,000 police
According to Mint Director Rob
erts’ estimate, the output of gold for
1901 will exceed $1,000,000 a day,
$365,000,000 for the year.
Switzerland complains that the
cheese trade is a little dull, and yet
during 1899 that country exported
$8,000,000 worth of cheese.
The king of Siam owns an army
corps of 500 elephants, all well
trained for military purposes and
under command of n general.
Watches are tested as to correct
ness of time in heat and cold, eight
hours at 110 degrees Fahrenheit and
eight hours at freezing point.
It. J. Reynolds, has given $5,000,
half the sum needed, for the con
struction and operation of a Negro
hospital at Winston-Salem, N. C.
The American District Telegraph
Cos., of New York, will put in little
telephones at its call boxes, and thus
have a telephone company of its own.
Moscow has the largest hospital in
Europe, with 7,000 beds. There are 96
physicians and 900 nurses, and about
15,000 patients are cared for annually.
The greatest steel structure in uhe
world, so far as railroad work is con
cerned, is just about completed in
Pennsylvania. It is the wonderful
bridge of the Erie railroad across the
Kinzua valley in McKean county.
The bishop of Chester (Dr. Jayne)
has issued a letter on licensing re
form, urging the adoption of the
method of placing the public house
In public hands, that it may be man
aged as a public trust with a single
eye to the public welfare.
The Siberian railway will cross al
together thirty miles of bridges, and
of these the line to Irkutsk required
a large number, including such im
portant ones as those over the Irtysh
at Omsk, 700 yards; over the Yenis
sei at Nijmi Udinsk, 359 yards.
The common hen lays about 500 or
600 eggs in 10 years. In the first
year the number is only from 10 to
i>o; in the second, third and fourth
years from 100 to 135 each, and there
after it rapidly diminishes. In the
tenth year the ordinary hen lays but
10 to 12 eggs.
A Boston Chkia house received
two interesting orders recently One
was from Cecil Rhodes, to be sent
to his residence in Cape Town, South
Africa, and the other was from
Mrs. Rudyard Kipling, to be sent to
her home. The Elms, Rotting dean,
Sussex, England.
New York, Dec. 17.
LIVE STOCK—Steers $4 75 @5 60
Hogs 5 25 @ 5 40
Sheep 2 50 @ 4 25
FLOUR —Winter Straights... 340 @ 3 55
Minnesota Patents 3 90 @ 4 35
WHEAT-No. 2 Red 76%@ 7814
January 77%@ 77%
CORN—No. 2 44%@ 45
January 43%@ 46%
OATS—No. 2 27% @ 27%
BUTTER —Creamery 18 @ 25%
Factory 11%@ 16
CHEESE 11%@ 12
EGGS 22 @ 28
CATTLE —Prime Steers $5 40 @ 5 So
Texas Steers 4 10 @ 4 90
Stockers 2 10 @ 3 25
Feeders 3 30 @ 4 35
Bulls 2 10 @ 4 35
HOGS—Light 4 80 @ 4 95
Rough Packing 4 70 @ 4 82%
SHEEP 3 60 @ 4 40
BUTTER—Creamery 15 @ 24
Dairy 14 @ 21
EGGS—Fresh 15 @ 23%
POTATOES (per bu.) 36 @ 48
PORK—January 12 25 @l2 30
LARD —January 7 17%@ 7 20
RIBS —January 6 25 @ 6 27%
GRAlN—Wheat, December.. 697 8 @ 70%
Corn, December 37 @ 37%
Oats, December 21%@ 21%
Rye, No. 2 46 @ 47
Barley, Good 50 @ 55
IRAIN —Wheat, No. 1, Nor’n. $ 73%@ 74
Oats, No. 2 25%@ 26
Rye, No. 1 Eo%@ 51
Barley, No. 2 59 @ 60
GRAlN—Wheat, May ? 66 @ 66%
Corn, May 34%@ 34%
Oats, No. 2 White 25 @ 25%
Rye, No. 2 46%@ 47
CATTLE—Native Steers...!,. $3 00 @ 5 75
Texas Steers 2 65 @ 4 65
HOGS—Packers’ 4 80 @ 4 87%
Butchers’ 4 90 @ 4 95
SHEEP —Native Muttons 400 @ 4 50
CATTLE—Native Steers $4 00 @ 5 40
Cows and Heifers 3 (X) @ 4 DO
Stockers and Feeders 3 00 @ 4 40
i HOGS—Mixed 4 80 @ 4 82%
1 SHEEP—Westerns 3 70 @ 4 10
Uses Pe-ru-na *|y|iE in His Family
A Letter From the Executive Office of Oregon.
The Governor of Oregon is an ardent ad
mirer of Pe-ru-na. He keeps it continually
in the house. In a recent letter to Dr. Hart
man he says:
State of Oregon, )
Executive Department, >
Salem, May 9,1898. )
The Pe-ru-na Medicine Cos., Columbus, O.:
Dear Sirs:—l have had occasion to use
your Pe-ru-na medicine in my family for
colds, and it proved to be an excellent rem
edy. I have not had occasion to use it for
other ailments.
Yours very truly, W. M. Lord.
Any man who -wishes perfect health must
be entirely free from catarrh. Catarrh is
well-nigh universal; almost omnipresent.
Pe-ru-na is the only absolute safeguard
known. A cold is the beginning of catarrh.
por particulars, rates and Illustrated panjphlets, address
GEO. J. CHARLTON, Gen. Pass. Agent Chicago & Alton Ry., CHICAGO, ILL*
The real value of a watch
depends upon the accuracy of the
movement and not upon the price of
the case. The “Riverside”
Waltham Watch Movement is an
accurate watch in any case.
44 The Perfected American Watch ", an illustrated book
of interesting ir formation about watches, will be sent
free upon request.
American Waltham Watch Company,
Waltham, Mass.
Dr. Bull’s Gough Syrup
iHißSmjr Igl Cures Hacking Coughs, Sore Lungs, Grippe, Pneumonia
Mil and Bronchitis in a few days. Why then risk Consumption?
Get Dr. Bull’s Cough Syrup. Don’t be imposed upon. Re
fuse the dealer’s substitute. It is* not as good as Dr. Bull’s.
Salvation Oil cures Rheumatism and all Palm Price, 15 and 25 cents.
Dog: Fights In Kentucky Do Not Ter
minate with the ‘Whipping’
of a Dog.
“The colonel and I sat talking under a
shade tree in front of the town post office
when a dog fight started down the street,”
said a traveling man, relating an incident
of a recent trip to Kentucky, relates the
Washington Post.
“ Come on!’ I said, as I sprang up,
“ ‘Come this way!’ replied the colonel, as
he seized my arm and drew me into a door
“ ‘But I want to see the dog fight/ I pro
“ ‘Yes, I reckon you do, but you also want
to keep clear of the shootin’.’
“ ‘Why should there be any shooting?’
“ ‘Bekase one dog has got to lick t’other,
and the owner of the licked dog ain’t goin’
to let it rest that way. There they go!’
“Ten minutes later we stepped out to find
one man lying on the ground with two bul
lets in him and some people carrying away
a second with half a dozen.
“ ‘Dog fights are bewtiful affairs,’ said the
colonel, as we walked away together, ‘but
the safest way to see one in Kentucky is to
wait till it’s all over and the dead carried
Time to Go Sonfit.
For the present winter season the Louis
ville & Nashville Railroad Company has im
proved its already nearly perfect through
service of Pullman Vestihu'led Sleeping Cars
and elegant day coaches from Cincinnati,
Louisville, St. Louis and Chicago, to Mo
bile, New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, Thom
asville, Ga., Pensacola, Jacksonville, Tam
pa, Palm Beach and other points in Florida.
Perfect connections made with steamer
lines for Cuba, Porto Rico, Nassau, West
Indian and Central American Ports. Tour
ist and Home Seekers’ excursion tickets on
sale at low rates. Write C. L. Stone, Gen
eral Passengei Agent, Louisville, Ky.j for
To prevent colds, to cure colds, is to cheat
catarrh out of its victims. Pe-m-nanot only
cures catarrh, but prevents. Every nouse
hold should be supplied with this grea; rem
edy for coughs, colds, and so forth.
It will be noticed that the Governor says
he has not had occasion to use Pe-ru-na for
other ailments. The reason for this is, most
other ailments begin with a cold. Using Pe
ru-na to promptly cure colds, be protects
his family against other ailments. This is
exactly what every other family in the
United States should do. Keep Pe-ru-na in
the house. Use it for coughs, colds, la
grippe, and other climatic affections of win
ter, and there will be no other ailments in
the house. Such families should provide
themselves with a copy of Dr. Hartman’s
free book, entitled “Winter Catarrh.” Ad
dress Dr. Hartman, Columbus, Ohio.
All kinds of Job Work, Book Pages,,
etc., Electrotyped or Stereotyped in
the best manner known to the trade,
at reasonable prices. Send for cir
cular describing our patent improved
Base for electrotypes or stereotypes..
We solicit your orders.
71 West Adams Street, Chicago.
~, a. flft Fits any Oil or Gas Bicycle
Lamp. Makes pictures up
'to 6 feet in diameter. Spe
tL—t—SEASON. Magic Lantern
RS-' with 36 views postpaid sl.
COMPANY. Chicago, 111.
■QBk ■ sm h a ■BH without fee n-
Ett Sk B M B less successful.
Egg fa Ej ivi H Send description;
Sr I Ball I W FREE opinion.
H MILO 15. STEVENS & CO., Estab. 186*.
Div. 3, 817—Uth Street. WASHINGTON, D. C,
Branch offices; Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit.
B quick relief and cures worst
cases. Book of testimonials and lO days’ treatment
Fr<se Dr. H. H. GREEN’S SONS, Box D. Atlanta. Ga.
please state that you saw the Advertise
ment In this paper.
A. N. K.-A 1844
H Pest Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. Use -

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