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F3Ysicu:;s, . .
Liitcra and Others
CwuUs within the Brag Lin U fcl
'Gilbert Higbee's
lie. 33L r.Iala Street,
.TZemphiM, Tenn.,
Where can be found the largest and beat se-
laoUj stock of BniTS. Medicines, 1'erfamery, Fancy and
Teiiet enisles. Hair limsaes, Tomb BrugLes, Gooiba, Feather
Doslars. Painu, Gila, Dye btu.'ls. Spices, Liquors, etc., ever
bere eired in this market. ilavmg reaileut purchaser
la Yik, givel tfcam
Superior Advantages,
Zoabiinj tba to !. th bM of Goods tl
ho Lovest Pigures.
FaTl, aee them, and be oaviaeet, at 231 Meia street, ebove
Madison, Keaphi. Tana. octl3ta
( .ZempMS &vcrtissmenis.
Silk arid Woolen Dyer,
Jefferson Street,
He.weeallaia and Trout Row, MEMPHIS, TEXJf.
Especial attention given to Ladies' Dresses,
fiha!e anil Clneks.
otiimn'i Clothing Cleaned and rved In roperlor stvle.
-N4. H Not acwraMe fur Goods left la a tor aftar aix
months from data of order.
Olaaa Box 4iS .Metnjbia Pott Oi&ee.
ruuti: imjui.
H. X. BCDso.
is has t Hudson,
KO. 90 MADMofc 8TBEET.
Memphis, Tenn.
ta addltlaa to the Law Business, we art prepared to
tsiiut tie United States Government arising out of the lata
rtaailion. We request persons baring olaicut of
whatever tort or n at ore, to (It at
a call. We will
Ofr .fclt'lc .Free or Charge,
whether we take their
Claimt ar sot. It would te wall, ia all eases
a aldrtM ut before coming to the ritr, a wa cam perhaps
that will lav voo touch
IAU toa.t&aaicfttloc promptly tniwred. Clftinai far
attend'! to. V rtfer, by permission, to
WiHirtrg.. It. W. Thompion. Lit.. CTk
7, A dam i a Warren, County Coart, of SIcNairy
leak, Vajr k Co., Mem- euuntv :
v : V. A. wlende, Pocahoa-
- , ritiUlLg Iloret, Judge , Tena.
12Ui Ciroml : tH4-3ra
Of St. Louia.
J. Brandenburg 'fir Co.,-
VLo'.eial an Retail Dealers la
Leather, Shoe Finding,
ncady-r.lado Harness & Saddlery,
No. 16
Uidiioa Street, Next to First National Bank,
And No, 35S Main Street,
C;n Union and Gayoto Streets,
Cash Paid for Hides.
PartUalar attsntion glTa t Coonlry Orders, and reipetst
fully MlJOited. boy1S-3bi
at. mm-
Wholes&le Dealer, in
Dry Goods, Furnishing Goods,
302 Main Street,
Brrwiis Manio.y akb Mosuoc, MistrHis. TixvES.it
e2 St
Manufacturer of all kiaJsof
pring EZatrcsses
No. 303 Main Street, aad S6 Monro Si,
In tho illlcy
:T-ZT TO THE THEATRE, in th Tort OlTc Bailding.
Fia Clire. Oyster Soap r Night. e2-3in
Hardware and Tinware
r. P. Stewart's C)ok ftora.
Charter Oak btovo, aud all other
ImrroTed Cook, Parlor and Heating Stoves
' ' '. A A ts'.OJted & of l,
TTejrrlwnrp. Cutlerv. Castings, and
S- w - 7
Housekeepinsr Goods,,
CsatraUr. at wholesale nd rvtsil.
H.o3-Sra 191 Mala si.. Mrart nf Wuh'ttion. Men. phis
Wholesale and Retail
dosConfcclioncrs and lams y
; Defers in Imported Wines, Liquors, Segars
V'-H " . . Fruits, Ftc,
35 Iront Etreet
f i! 1J
Vol. I.
JTlnijyhl3 vlilvertisements.
auMVJ CdtW a
Dry Oood
Hoots, Shoes, Hats, and
Plantatios Scpplim,
JVaitxl Street, .Tin.Ttr'lIZS.
Referring to the above card, we respectfully
solicit tbajialrooagc of .this aad adjoining counties.
Represented in Bolivar by
Hi. C. Elson & Co.
dee?-3m Soith Sida Public Square.""
Wholesale and Hetail
G R O G K R S,
Cotton Factors,
Commission ITIcrcIiants,
Family and Plantation Supplies,
Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
New No. 322 Front st, old No. 8 Front Row
Between Monroe and Union,
r.Semphis, S7enn.
Partieular attention paid to Cotton.
7. H. PASS1I0RE & CO.,
Commission Merchants,
Ileal IZ&talc Urohers,
37 Cmon Stbkit, Mrnpnis, Tisit
Auction Sales Every Day at 10 o'clock.
Particular attention ;ien to tales of City and Sabarb&n
Property. Stocks, Farming Lands, etc., etc.; Merchandise.
Ilnnaehold Furniture, Vehicles, Stock, etc.; Leasing and
iicoting Property, CottTeauciug, etc. siU-3m
Adame Block. ! 22 second Street
Now TTorli Prices!
Adding Charges Only !
Importers and Jobbers of
Hardware, Cutlery, Nails,
Castings, Plows,
aad a
and Bcost desirable slock
ar now prepared to
unusual inducements ta
of goods in tb
Cash Purchasers.
Captain Jas. G. Barbour would be ple&sed to hare
from his numerous friends as abore.
4ft Warren t. New York. Memphis, Tenn.
No. V Union street, Boston.
1W Front Street, New York
Manufacturers. Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
Kubbr, Lava, China, Hose, and Briar
ITo. 33 Jefferson street Memphis.
ErclnsWely Wholesale. noTl3-2m
Auction 6c Commission
No. 231 Second Street,
On consignment, and will te sold at New York priaes.
Clothing-, Boots, Slaoes,
Dressing. Fine and Back Combs
Pancils, Buckles, Suspenders, Ties, Crarats, Buttons,
Hosiery, G lores, Bucklers,
Give ns a call. dacl6-3m
Belle Memphis Saloon,
No. 14 Adams Street, Opposite th Wor-
sham House,
r.lemphis, Tennessee.
Irrrortl Wines. Brandies. Liiucrs'anOI Ilavana Segara
alwavs on hand.
B i" Lunch ry day at 10 'clock, prparod at Pchoob's
vi.erau awuiuui. .to-i
Dealers in all Kinds of
Stationery and Blank Books!
School ISoolts,
Maraiine. NoTelst rraycr Books, Hymn Books. JBflle.
Medical, Law, philosophical and Miscellaneous S orks.
No. 2S3
Main Street,
.1. 15. WFTI2ERIIJL,
Successor to Dearing 1 WetherilL
T7Iiolcsalc' Druggist !
No. 351 Hain st.. .
This is one of the oldest established Drug
Honwt In Miaphie, well known to the country at large as a
uuun v .v. men uwnugn to Dullness.
Cotintry Druggists and Planters
Ttoj.d ia vtsll to eaU and pnrraa at t'nit hon. Freh and
re hob Drrift lrv a hit ? i ar.v Qtismi'v. aisj Tr.iet
Arti.'ien i I rrturJ rr tm't Ifnip-i.r' SjoUrt.-o.
i'"--J' f. I!. WKTHF.Hlt.l..
nVH- - ii T A ft ' : - TThTTTTT
JTlemph is ld'verlisenien Is'.
Toof, Phillips & Cirode,
And Dealers ia
Corner of Court and Front Sts.
Vliolesale and Retail Dealers in
. COAIi. "
14" Jeffersen St, bet Main and Front,
ED. I ltr K II
Brandies, Wines, liquors,
C I Gr J H S ,
No. 11 M jsroe Street,
rTemphis, L Tennessee.
botI 1 -3m
Agricultural Implements,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
onciiitL mios. & CO.,
No. S12 Front Street,
Corner Monroe,
Memph.it, Tenn.
We hare been encarM in the Hardware business in Mem
phis fr over twenu years, nnd have now tiia pleasure of in
forming our many old friends and the public generally, that
we are receiving a rery extensive stock cf Hardware, a
stock such as we kept bofure the war, and are enabled to otfer
rreat inducements to Country Merchant. Planters, and oth
ers who may be wantius; anything in our line. Our stock con
suts in part of the following :
Axes, Hammers, Hatchets, Files, Rasps,
Chisels and Gauges,
House, Ship Carpenter, and Railroad
Adzes and Axes,
Augurs, Saws, and Drawinglcnives,
Iron and Steel Squares,
Trace, Waon, and Coil Chains,
Dog, Halter, and Jack Chains,
Planters', Garden, Cane, and Grub Hoes,
Butt, Strap, Window .Blind, and other
Frying Pans, Corn, Coffee, and Paint
Patent Balances and Steelyards,
Razors and Razor Strops, Curry Combs,
Flour and Ileal Seives, Wire and Wire
Cotton and Wool Cards, Shovels and
Manilla, Ilerup, and Cotton Rope,
Hand, Bench, and
Circular and Other Saws,
Screw Wrenches and Tackle Blocks,
Pumps and Fixtures, Grind Stones and
Pad, Door, and other Locks,
Hollow Ware, Castings,
Stock and Wash Kettles,
Blacksmiths' Anvils, Vices, Bellows, etc.,
Stocks and Dies, Kailroad Mauls,
Ticks and Barrows Iron, Cast, Blister and
German Steel,
Tin Plate and Metals,
French Window Glass,
Guns, Percussion Caps, and Shot,
Fishing Hooks and Lines,
Plows and Cotton Scrapers,
Cultivators and Harrows,
Corn Sheliers and Feed Cutters,
Belting and Packing,
Reaper's, Powers, and Saw Mills,
And eTerr other article
to be found in a Hardware or Ag-
ricultural Establishment.
Agents for Marvin's foraer.lySt6arrig &2ar
11U a uiuoa
Ag'nts also for Howe's Counter and riatform Scale.
Fowlkes & SteiTey,
Cottca Factors and Commieei Merchants,
Formerly Fowlkes A Co.
3S Jefferson Street, Memphis, Tenn.
All eons' enments of Cotton, Trodae or Merchandise as well
as nr-lers for snpi!is promptly attended to. Eery p.-sible
indulgence extended to the uil easterners ol 1 aniae n.
Orut?rs solicited. ecii-om
Memphis, Tenn
Do Soto County, M,a.
CcUca Drolicrs -
ID Court Etrcct,
I-ffn T !
I published ETry Saturday,
SUBSCBIPTI0 One Copy On Tear Four Dollar. inTa-"
riably in adTanw. One Copy One Month
delivered. Fifty Centa.
ADVERTISING On Sqnare, of ten line or lea. $100;
each ubseqnent inurtioa 50 cents:' Local
N otices 20 cents per line.
1 Sqnar 1 month $2,."iO 7 taontha $4,.V)
3 do I do 3.IIO 2 do fi.oo
i do 1 "do 4,50 2 do S,lJ
4 do I do 7,(X) 2 do 10. M)
5 do 1 do 10.() 2 do 12,00
6 do 1 do 12,00 2 do 14.00
12 do 1 do 24,110 2 do 24,00
25 do 1 do 4,UO 2 do 56,00
3 nonui (A,00
3 do g,()
3 do lo.i")
3 do 12,00
3 do 14.00
3 do lo.mj
3 do 32,1)0
3 do 64,00
ASULU,.J1 t.MS-Announcing th name of
any person for a County Office, $10, State or Vederal $15.
S(W The above Terms and Rates will bo strictly adhered to.
SiT Religions, Marriage, Birth and Death Notices solicited
and will be willingly inserted FREE OF CHAUCiE. Obit
uaries will be charged for at advertising rates.
The Quid's Prayer.
" Now I lay ma down "to sleep :
I pray the Lord my soul to keep ;
If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my tool to take,
Through all the gathering mlsta ef age,
One scene and season linger yet ;
The Srst enstamped on memory's page.
The last I eve; can forget;
Twas when the orb of day declined
Beneath the many eolored west,
I'd seek m.-r mother's knee, and find
Upon her bosom perfect rest;
Aad when the stars began ta shine
From oat the ether, bine and deep.
Repeat the prayer whose opening line
' "Was. Now I la j me down to sleep."
O, childhood hours how ealm, how bright t
How like a dream they passed away !
The mother sank to sleep one night.
And woke in everlasting dayt
Then manhood, with its perils, came;
Its high wrought hopes, it vaguo desires ;
Ambition's fervid, quenchless flame.
And passion's baleful furnace fires,
Cut oft the thought had power to sway
Amid temptations fierce and deep :
If thus I sin, "how can I say,
"I pray the Lord my soul to keep 1 "
Around us flit, on silent wing.
The viewless xnessengere of death;
.Where health is now, an hour may bring
The burning brow and fevered breath.
Alas ! how many sparkling eyes.
That close to night on scenes of mirth, '
Before another morn shall rise,
Khali look their last on things of earth.
I know, ere morning dawns for me.
The silver cord of life may break ;
O, Father take me home to Thee,
"And if I die before I wake."
For, " Earth to earth and dust to dust"
Mast toon be chanted o'er oar sod ;
And for the rest, we can bat trust
The ever-loving Father, God !
O, welcome Faith ! With what delight
We near the river, deep and wide,
When friends we love with forms of light.
Are waiting on the other side.
When life's low tide is ebbing fast.
And sense and thought their throne forsake.
Be my earliest prayer my last;
k "I pray the Lord my soul to take."
General Gossip.
V court martial is being organized in
Washington for the trial of Capt. Semmcs,
late of the C. S. Xavy. '
A terrific tornado swept over Pulaski,
Tenn., on the 2Sth, demolishing houses, and
killing and wounding 6evcral persons.
Henry Winter Davis, of Baltimore, one
of the ablest as well as one of the most vi
olent Radicals in the Southern States ia
Telegraph business has become quite
brisk between Memphis and Nashville so
much so, that another line of wire is in con
templation. Mr. Crosby, proprietor of the Chicago
Opra IIou3e, has failed to the tune of $400,
000, and the Opera House and other proper
ty are advertised for sale.
Young Ketchum, the New York theif, has
been tried and sentenced to four years and
six months' imprisonment! It's a pity to
treat him so unkindly for only stealing three
millions of dollars.
The military made a New Year's call on
the President on the 1st General Grant,
and Sec. Stanton headed the army, and
Admiral Farragut and Secretary Wells head
ed the navy.
On Christmas morning, every gable, gate
way, or barn door in Norway is decorated
with a sheaf of c'orn fixed on the top of a
higa pole, from which it is intended the
birds shall make their Christmas dinner.
The Tost's Washington special says there
are rumors, not generally credited, tnai,
within two or three weeks, the President
will issue a proclamation declaring the work
of the restoration of the Union complete.
The operations of the United States Treas-
urv at Washincton. for the month of De"
cember, was upward of seven millions dol
lars per day. There seems little or no"abat-
ment of the labors of this vast and import
ant department.
The gold coinage at the mint during the
month of December was one million one
hundred and twenty-nine thousand dollars.
Silver coinage, nearly thirty-thousand dol
lars, and copper coinage, over one hundred
and three thousand dollars.
Secretary Seward left Washington on the
naval steamer De Soto, for aa ocean trip to
the southward. The voyage is now said to
be merely undertaken for the benefit of his
health, and without any important national
or international object, as has been rumored.
Two ladies and a gentleman were fear
fully burned in Memphis, one day last week,
by the accidental igniting of a cup of ben
zoinc which had been left on a hot stove.
One of the ladies died from the effects of
the burning, and the other lady and gentle
man are lying in a critical condition.
Secretary McCulIoch has published the
monthly statement of the public debt, as it
appears from the books and returns in the
Treasury Department on the first of Janury,
eighteen hundred and sixty-six : Debt bear
ing interest in coin, one thousand one hun
dred and sixty-seven million one hundred
and forty-eight thousand two hundred and
ninety-one dollars and eighty cents.
The second organization among Lie
French Canadians, residents in the state of
New York, has commenced with an intern
al quarrel similar to that of the Fenians.
One fiction 13 anxious to plunge headlong
into war, declare against England, establish
a Canadian IlepuLlic, with the capital and
departments at Elmlra, N. Y., and to invade
Canada. The other faction is opposed to
an v such ra.sh action. The Head Centre or
Chairman of the Convention Las published
a letter in which he tikes ground sginst
I a.
ii 7ITif i
O U .JUiiJilLl
Jan. 13, 1800.
Guerilla Tcrzj.
The noonday sun wa3 sending down it3
burning rays as a party of thirty men roia
out of "Garitta de Belah," and galloped
rapidly along the causeway leading to the
village of San AngeL They were dressed
in the uniform of mounted riflemen, and
were mounted on full blooded American
horses. They were evidently upon " pass,"
as no officer was with them, and bound upon
some jolly excursion into the country.
They had reached the cross road, leading
from the town of Tucubaya to Penyan, when
a single horseman was observed advancing
rapidly toward them from the Penyan side,
his form upraised in his stirrups and his
whole demeanor giving evidence of extreme
" I gay, Abe, that fellow is making for us ;
something has happened, and he wants our
assistance," said one of the party, tapping a
young man of some twenty-three upon the
shoulder, "what say you?
The person addressed as Abe, took a long
look at the horseman, and then replied:
"If that isn't old Kicardo, 1 am very
much mistaken."
" What, the old Spaniard who owns the
large hacienda near San Antonio, and who
has such a pretty daughter?" asked the
" The same ; but see, the old man beckons
ug to meet him ; let us go." And putting
6purs to his horse, he bounded swiftly for
ward to meet him.
"Let's after him, boys, and if there's any
fun on hand, we'll have a share in it," shout
ed the other, and the whole party dashed on
after him. In a few moments they were
alongside the old man, and having reined in
their 6teeds, Abbott said-:
" What's the matter, Kicardo is anything
wrong ?"
"Senors Americanos 1 my child! my
daughter! " replied the old man in tones of
" What of her 1 speak ! tell me 1 " exclaim
ed Abbott with startling energy, and his
eyes flashed as he grasped the Spaniard's
" Ventell, tho guerilla ! " gasped the eld
man in reply.
"He has not dared," began the fiery youth
but he was cut short by the old man, who
" He has robbed my house, and carried
off my child ! Oh I if you are men, fly to
her rescue ! "
''When was it done?" exclaimed half a
dozen voices, and all eyes were eagerly bent
upon Ricardo as he replied
" Not two hours since ; they can be easily
" How many did they number ? ' was asked
by a dozen voices.
"One hundred in number, and the Span
iard gar,ed with a despairing look on the
little party before him.
" Boys," said Abbott in a firm tone, " who
of you will go with me? For myself, I
will rescue her, or die in the attempt"
J, was the response ot every member
of that little band, as the caught the daring
spirit oi Abbott
" Then, lead on, old man, and ere the sun
sets, your child shall be restored to your
The Spaniard needed no second bidding,
but wheeling his snorting charger, he bur
ied his spurs in his flanks, and the noble
steed bore him swiftly onward. Over the
cross road leading to San Antonio they flew
on their errand of mercy. Down the giant
causeway of Antonio, and over the fatal
bridge of Cherubusco they went, and the
spires of San Augustine glittered in the
distance, but no foe was yet to be seen. The
old man rode before, his gray locks stream
ing in the wind, and his dark eye fixed with
an eagle glance before him, scanning the
wide plain and the rock bound sides of Con
treras. Suddenly raising his long bony
arm, he pointed far on before him, to where
the road ascended the mountain height of
Cholacinco, and shouted
" There they are ! Forward ! forward 1 "
A suppressed yell burst from twenty lips,
and as many hands sought their sabre hilt3,
and loosend the 6hining blades in their scab
bards, while a stern resolve rested upon the
flushed and heated brow of each. Across
the outskirts of San Augustine, and down
by the placid lake of Choloo they sped, and
the next moment they were mounting the
rugged heights of Cholacinco. On the top
they paused, and down in the vale beyond,
not over a half mile off, they discovered the
robbers riding 6lowly along, unconscious of
" Fall back, Ricardo, and leave the work
to us," said Abbott, addressing the Spaniard.
" Never 1" burst from the pallid lips of
the father.
" But you are unused to scenes of strife ;
you might fall, and then what would become
of your daughter?"
"No morel " said the old man, " if a pa
rent strikes not for his child, who will?"
The enemy now discovered the approach
of the little party, and began to hasten their
speed, but as the large horses of the Ameri
cans rapidly outstripped the Mustangs, it
became evident that a few minutes must end
the race. Finding escape impossible, the
guerillas wheeled about, and hastily forming
a line, came thundering on to meet them.
"ow, boys, let them have a good volley
from the rifles, and then throw them down,
and trust to the sabre and the pistol for the
victory. Forward, and God defend the
j 1
A deafening veil burst from the little
band as Abbott concluded, and unshnging
their rifles, thev tiourcd in a murderous tire
as they closed with the enemy, which brought
many a etalwart loe to the earth, and draw-
ins the clitterinff bhtde, they lougnt lor vie
tory or death. 1 errlbte, indeed was that
bloody encounter, but it was not of lonr du
ration. A dozen of the guerillas sank before
the first fatal fire ; and as they closed in to a
hand to hand struggle, the tall steeds of the
Americans trampied down the lighter one;
of the enemy, and the deadly revolver told
with powerlul euect cpon the cowardly rob
bers. One after another they fled from the
field, and ere a half an hour passed, the
remnant of the small band remained its
masters. Ten had fallen in the strife, and
lay commingled with the bodies of forty
bandits upon the gory sod. But where was
Kicardo 7 Kneeung beside yon rock, with
his pale and .haared face upturned to
Heaven, while the blood oozed from a deep
wound in his breast, he is bending over the
lifeless form of his daughter. From a bullet
hole in her forehead the tide of life has
ebbed away, and her lovely locks are dabbled
in her own life's blood, now mingling with
that of her father. Standing beside them,
with his foot resting upon the body of Ven
tell, the uuenlla Lhiel, is Abbott lus hag
gard brow is furrowed with lines of heartfelt
anguish, and his manly heart is beating
sympathy for the bereaved parent Around
them, but at a respectful distance, stand
gathered the eurvivor3 of that dreadful con
t r . .
flict, and the stalwart band brushed the
starting tear of sympathy from the eye, and
turned to hide the emotions of swelling
hearts. The oil man motioned to Abbott to
draw near; and in an instant the youth was
at his side, and dropping upon one knee, he
supported the sinking form of Ricardo in
his arms.
"See that we are buried," whispered the
Spaniard to the youth," and may God re-
ward you for your ei
Jeavors in my ter.a;
-1 f tlrg his eves v,-n
My Chad, I eo;:-?, a:
the cloudless eky, L saak
il ILi
4 W
To. 21
muring waters cf Lake Otholc
nd buried
v;:e i.i;.,er and daughter sida by side, and
tnc ri; r ie of the irenile waters sin" a. rr.-mi
5de, and
a rcqui
era to departed. They f'.'I -
t'iftia tiie
f-ni per
ris f-f the
r-'otisa ia
A, r-cUl
iron tsnd ct the demon of
ot st.:.-
sehed by violences be for th
foe. Goodness and leva were
the relentless passict i cf tha 3
and tossed by the vicissiiu lz3 t f v-r
innocence and beauty were eaerLIcel
the bloodstained car of distention.
x-President Davis "Family.
A correspondent of the New York Tri
bur?.f Tvne3 f?o Montreal, Canada :
m The Davis family i living in this city, and
mi low circumstances. It consists of Mrs.
Howell, Miss Howell, and " Willie " Davis
Margaret Davis is at the "Sacred Heart"
Conven and young Jeff. Davis is at the col
lege at Lennoxville. The family, while lir
lng on Richmond square of this city, were
visited by C0I3. Johnson and Sutherland and
Capt. Richardson, of the late C. S. A., who
showed great respect to the family cf their
fallen chief, and are described as gentleman
ly men etc. Owing to the sudden depreci
ation of the Confederate paper money, the
family found themselves $o,000 less in funds
than they expected, and were, therefore,
very much cramped for means so much eo
that they had to leave a house where the
living was small to go into another whera it
was still smaller.
Mrs. Howell is a fine woman of 6ixtj-four
years of age, tall and stately.
Mrs. Howell is a fine, tall young woman,
quite Southern in look, etc. She is rather
too tall to look welL
Master William Davis, a fine boy of four
years or more of age. He looks a little like
his father, the nose promising to be aquiline.
His forehead is a very good one.
Of Miss Margaret Davis and Master Jeff
erson very little is seen in thia city. They
are both described as fine children, the girl
being nine years of age and the boy about
6even, the latter resembling his father in
pome points.
As may be imagined, the family are very
.Trm 0n matter of the late rebel cause.
1 he young lady ia particularly so, and the
two boys, with boyish boldness, speak very
freely, and now and then indulge in little
ebullitions of anger, saying what they would
.5,f.they we?e men etc. In regard to this,
iu;e one day placed a row of apples on a
tabh?, and with a violent sweep 01 his hand,
sent them all rolling on the floor, shouting
at the same time, " that's the way I would
make the Yankees fly."
The same boy has his pious moments also,
for he often prays to God to bless his father
and "open the prison doors for him."
All the family attend the Episcopal church,
going to the Cathedral, the fashionable one
Alabama's Losses in the War.
We make the following extracts from the
report of W. II. Fowler, late Superintendent
of Army Records for the State of Alabama,
recently laid before the Legislature by the
Provisional Governor. It is a iuuluLn.LoI r'
snowinir :
Of course an accurate estimate can not
be made from euch imperfect data of the
number of troops sent to the field from this
State, and their casualties by death or other
wise ; but an approximation might be made
by considering the number in the Army of
Northern Virginia in comparison w ith the
residue. It win be under the murk to m
6ume that the number of ALxhamiaas in
that trmy was not less than 30,000 exclus
ive of the 2Gth Alabama infantry regiment,
which was there for a considerable time.
and suffered severely with the loss by death
irom cattle and disease, in connection with,
the commands, of over 9,000, or a fraction
less than one-third ! This does not include
deaths after resignation, retirement or dis
charge ; and of these classes I find that
about one-half are either dead or perma
nently disabled. To include the deaths
during the last days of that army would
make his estimate fall far short of the real-
I am satisfied that I am safe in saying that
the Alabamians in the army of Northern
Virginia were not more than one-fourth of
the whole number in the field from this
State ; and that, while the ratio of casualties
may be somewhat less for the remainder, it
is not materially less, except it may be of
killed in battle. Besides what I have lost,
I have the names Gf nearly 20,000 dead, and
this cannot exceed one-half of the whole I
It is a mournful record, but honorable to the
brave who sleep in soldier's graves, and
alike honorable to the State for which they
I assert with confidence that Alabama
6ent more troops into the field in proportion
to population than any State of tho South,
and that her less was heavier than any other,
irrespective of population. I am certain,
too, that when General Lee surrendered his
army the representation from Alabama on
the Held that day was inferior to no other
Southern States in numbers, and surely not
in gallantry. My records illustrate these,
with other important facts, in the history of
Alabama Boldiers.
The following passage in relation to Gen.
Lee's surrender, is from the forthcoming
volume of Pollard's Southern history of
" The Fourth Year of the War."
There can be no doubt in history that
Gen. Bee, in taking his armv from Richmond
and Petersburg, had decided, in his own
mind, upon the hopelessness of the war, and
had predetermined its surrender. The most
striking proof of this is, that on his retreat
there was no order published against strag
gling a thing unprecedented in all deliber
ate and strategic retreats and nothing what
ever done to maintain discipline.. The men
were not animated by the style of general
orders usual on such occasions. They strag
gled and deserted at wilL An idea ran
through the Virginia troops that with the
abandonment of Richmond tha war was
hopeless, and that they would be u'tiSed in
refusing to fight outside the limits of their
own State. Nothing wa3 done to check the
notorious circulation of this notion in the
army. The Virginia troops scattered off to
their homes at almost everv mile of the
route. We have seen that Pickett was left
with only a handfull of men. Soma of the
brigade commanders had not hesitated to
advise their men that the war was virtually
over, and they had better go home and " maka
But there are other proofs, besides the
omission of the measures arain"t strasrirlin
usual on retreats, that Gen. Lee had previsea
a surrender of his army. He carried off
from Petersburg and Richmond all the trans
portation of his army, euEcier.t perhaps, for
one hundred thousand men, certainly large
lv in excess of the actual needa of tha retreat
The excessive number of Virginia trocpj
who wera permitted to drop out of the ranis
and return to their comes, shows very wel
that there was no firm purpose to carry the
war out cf the lirnit3 ofthiU Stile. Prison
ers taken on the retreat invariably reported
mat tna army was 6oon to Le Lis.Ujd for
surrender ; and Gen. Curtis Lee, vrhen cap-
tared by the enemy, is alleged to have made
tie same revelation of Lis faiLer- aesigna
a. j u.wi:i c--.tor ears ts&i money
is so fccirca m t ;t futs, that when two
. ... r "
dollars r.;'.-., i-:-J srs dich EtrtLners to
eaca o-.r. or, t; ct- t.-. j1 rr-efi owners
fri?n-.ii.'- - "
Aue jOTi-j.a. i el:, ",'--: a u i
ocent redacts ''h:ia6 ersCit
author ; tfcst ii furs'Iilies t -:
satisfactory crailc cf t-tarc ; t;
illdstratss a epii it ef rcisly, si;--!;-:.'
honestv tix-i lair clav.
The'Londca Mernir.3 HeiI U el
tba subject
The "London Standard ays, Uir.
the message may rtpfc ail thr.t ii
wished, it ia as inoderatj and sails f
could be reasonably expr.ciel c
r L;
a fcr
aDatth-3 1'resident si-ouli trent
vrith ir-jiilicQ and anger was to 1 5
. The following
cgrsrh from tl
N'.'rnal Intelligencer
would inkil
.tit ths T-rospceU of the earlv
admission of tLs Ttra.essee delegation f.ra
not so flattering fo" L:i3 been indicated ia
some quarters :
The Northern paperY are circulating a
hint that ia virtue of soma understanding
the Tennessee members elect ar'a to iizrne
diately ( and those of the Southern States
shortly after the re-opening of the session )
admitted to seats in th Ilonse of Represen
tatives. We shou'd be sorry to be obliged
to contradict this i.i ioto. Nevertheless. Wd
are constrained to say, after due inquiry,
that the assurances thus conveyed are pre
mature, and that the information on which
they nre said to have- been grounded wr3
misapprehended. No material chacg-3 -L.-i
occurred touching thi3 matter eince tba
Mr. Arnell has remained at hftins de ter
mined to make no personal effort in Uae
matter. Mr. Maynard has . returned to
Knosville. .
Governor Ilolden's Vieirs. The London
Times, of November 30th, publishes two
letters from North Carolina. From a letter
dated Raleigh, November Oth, we quote-tho
following account of an interview with Gov.
Holden :
The Provisitmal Governor of North Catv
olina, Mr. Holden, resides in this town, aid
I took th ppertunity of making some in
quiries respecting the frceduaen. , He said
that their prospects could not be regarded
without sorrow by any feeling man,' and be
spoke of the abolition of slavery as a great
calamity to the black race. He' was quit
sure they would never work unless they
were made to do so. The State had always
had laws to compel white vagrants to work,
and it must now coerce the blacks in tho
same way. I told him of the system in usa
in India with the ryots on indigo and tea
plantations, and explained Mr. Maine's con
tract law to him, and I asked whether he
thought such a plan would b efficacious
here. He thought it inight, if vrhlpplng were
insisted on as a part of it
An Important Decision. - Confederate
Money Recognized, The Lebanon (Tenn.)
Register says :
At the October term of the Circuit Court
for Cannon county, 1865, a suit w;a'a tried
which was predicated upon a promissory
note payable ia Confederate rsoney, dug ia
Novesnber, 1863. ,
Judge Cooper held thatTirraa:ucTi: C9
the United States had acknowledged 'the
Confederate States' as a belligrit powev
that a contract payable in. Conf iderate 'norr
ey, made in a locality that was in tho mllit3r
ry occupation of the Confederates, would
be valid and binding upon tas parties, and
that the plaintiff would be entitled to re
cover whatever the proof shewed the Con
federate money to be worth at the tisia when
the note fell due.
Important Revenue Decision. Tim Ixw
in refrence to stamping reeipt? for w.'ir?
hou?e rood, hns h?r?rctord b-f.-n construed
so as to require those receipts to boar tdz . r
according to the value of the poo ls in
voiced. Thus the rreater value of the - . ' 1 3
borne on the receipt, the higher wouii ba
the denomination of the stamp 0 be usttdl
The commissioner has just decided that no
receipt for warehouse goods requires a
stamp of a higher denomination than 25
An immense meeting was he'd in LsstcA-"
worth City, Kansas, on the Gth inst, which
adopted resolutions- endorsing - the Presi
ident's administration and reconstruction
policy, and declaring that the stituj cf tka
iuates recently in rebellion was suspenaea,
but not destroyed. The taetung endorsed
the proposed amendment to the. Constitu
tion, making the actual suffrage the basi3 cf
representation, and advocating the continu
ance of the i recdmens Lurcau until tna
rights of the colored peopla are placsd be
yond jeopardy.
The number of Southern prisoners can-
tured and paroled during the war amour. cl,
in round figures, to three huhlred aodt'. ";-
ty-nine thousand, of which one hundred and
seventy-three thousand were tiken during
the last six months of the rebellion. Tha
number of Union prisoners captured by the
tonieaerates uurmg tue war is jsuiuju mj
have been one hundred arid fifty-seven
Eire in, Church. Yesterday some of tha
decorations in Calvary church caught. ro
from the gas, and might have spread so as to
consume the whole euiLce, had not Ur.
White exhibited a coolness and presence of
mind as to have the Games put oat in a few
Tyitnnnfl A.' rtr llff'a ininrv Tpvr.n.'i th
burning of a communion cloth and scorching
of the sanctuary paling resulted rora tao
fire. Memphis Ledger 27 '. ulL
Old Williamson Ahead. r Ther. was a
child born in this county this weik, fully
and finely developed, which was neither
male nor female, but both male and female,
with six fingers on each hand and eix toes
on each foot, which was ths second of tha
same description from the same mother.
The M. D. advised the mother that this was
rather too much of a saiaene33, Franklin
Review 23 ulL
Artemus Ward starts out in his tro-ri-
tus for his Mormon lectures atlrucg llall.
New York, as follows;
The fo&tivities will be commenced by tha
pianist, a f:ntlfman who used to board in
the same street wiili Mr. O-Atec&aLz. , lis
man who kept the boarding-housa reraea-
bera it distinctly, lhe overture will con
sist of a tcedly of airs, including the touch
ing new ba;Iad, " Dear Sister, is thera any
Pie in the House T "My gentle Father
have you any Fine Cut aboutyoa 7 "Moth
er is the battle o'er, and is it safe for ma to
Come Home from Canada 7 and ( Dy re
ddest of manv families who-haven't heard
it) "Tramp. Tramp, , Tramp, the
are Munching ! v hua tha enraptured
drinks in this sweet music we p?.y oar
pianist nine dollars a week and " 2nd hira" 3
the eye will be enchanted by the magnificent
green baza covering of the Panorama. This
irrecn bazo cost forty cent a varl at Mr.
Stewart's ftore. It was bought in defs-renca
to the present pAp'tli'ity cf " TL Wearieg
'o the-Gieen." We shall' keen up with ths
tliae if we have ti spend ths la:t dollar
our friends have got
Thought iircu a Conundrum Ths last
effusion of tha renowned Artrnos we !ia
not fit seen ia print It is mid ildi A. W.
being at one of tho N'e York churches
rrv-enfly edified th aadienea by bis unex
pected refly to th priLcr'3 (st whic
was m follows: "How ha?.; tLa rsi.tv
fallen 7' After a short f v.:'? Ar'- '.. V,
looked up inquiringly atd t.i.id tiCcL'r, " I
give i; up. " '
ii is i3tr.-x-Uito iit-oJ.-- LIU Is C,.
rrecs djaUii.g tha rr-cr-i rtta tf - -v
v- -- . -
whici s-ijl iacr?a.?o t - ;.; . -; -
for t!-t rT-? t Jf " r'
- t
HrHrni it nn.
anr hasty action.
i They d'g a rudr ri"T5
nur- be to :rc :

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