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The Bolivar bulletin. [volume] (Bolivar, Hardeman County, Tenn.) 1865-1888, November 23, 1882, Image 4

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SEhc golinw gullctm.
Siir.ptc that wp e .ul.l mil J in a br
1 moon's nrb.iirittiictif-1.l ruin
IVm-m-d try the ho. t hi bor Vwlt?nji
An. I every wt-rct of ber . him. cxv,
of swe-!
IrcMiiui wotil
And niiniptunua ptcttire-s. of untnlfi i
What niim, 1 . ,,f i.-n lirnc-n Mirpr.m
Ami bop-x ut.lao w ith IVitte)ulHt !
With wp, -rrlt in r,fdsie., an-l tear,
vn '",yrnin ihtl hut.- niv.rhml .
1,"". mli lorn., liini. ntnii.m-.
What ti.Mim - of R. auty that are yet
Into w
rt Hltua of wowl
1 1
imjHir hiH iim otwl wh -m.
" unknown
111. I lllxillt
ft 1 a.-
tayArio - p
Mili'l'ir would we smil
r.nriinmpii mica nn'l fi
nVUH. tn warden
Hti'l fairy Hlior nlniijr.
hen- the n vbtiniMlc
ie, h art lu -ion:
Even now I fa. ar youth s pnj.ionntr Hptx-nl.
I lornling". .r parche.il bin th ittHrft m m.
lw of lov
iih h.
Alio I. ... . - flrl
a. life-
And tienutecu
And tnt t
Ih it tn.i
And aotne In Khu-llv lnndirapra rrrw af raj.l.
An.l tin.1 the run
a that .mm loolp-4 triht
no more
O wistful fa -:
Poor fnet Ijew
And still earth
And dream th
THlnje t ...'hurt
Ihift taAi.ii tl
How do the mt
i PaU) :
nso im t
f 1 llss
with tl
W('H e, I J
An I eouiinnn thmo t r i . itr
No wonder infants, sc
Iteaeh rosy hand
Thut purt-eyed maid
And hear a voloe tbi
elnir Mi Ti.-- utH
to clasp thes
en at their ei
t only virirltifl h"iir;
That omcthinK' In thi
luster iivi rlloii's
r, till Hfo s-we
ti.i,in e- err.
"""" ?n the splendor lias,
l ii tm H 1 1 11 s :
Litth' Bessie believed in fairiesaT
ough her mother mmM' WWkrl&ft
r neail when she a-kl: 'Did''"
Iwith a jrre.ii
t bOOK (
V" " m Jus. M
Jo catch the l;i-t word- ul the Uluz
lightful story she hajl ever read.
Am .
was all niiout trrv irodmot
tille.l w.th-old. nuH ..tl
thing- to. lie fuudi
As ft.e li-ht .1 , I
the hill-
book, fot
Bs'ssv'h fail
from home, and she was alone that
eW'ny . Thy.jmfbd ri? voices and' tlic
rattling of dishes enmo from tins kitch
en, the cxudtultt-hud Itegmi th4i
evening song; me lanes were growin
tiark and mysterious
jfsy could ini-
agine a tan y Weml
ng f'om every 1
gate, Had the '
ffrl to Atiwl1
y in t Ue pansy 1
tan nowcr uy uiu
Jueen o rtphl"
her from th tall t
bed. iJ MktoU.
. - . ii i .
Bessy thought if ever fairy appeared
to mortal chird, il would -bo- oil" such n
night this. Aud now, to fcroWu all.
pi st at the ,nd of tiie lane appnaiisd a
lighi, moving ' backward and frtrwarfl.
l-irst it wouhl bb downr and then up
quite nign, among t nc nuspes
At last, iieSsy could hear it no lousrer.
and made up her milid t.
si cop
out of the :
window on toe porch, and then softly
over the gra. for lu was a.fiid Ann
would hear her and call hr back.
She said UVTuWclf: "B it mlA las a
fairy glow-wbrni ugh ting The fairies t
their dauidng grouud, Ann would
frighten them away, she is so big and
heavy. ''
So'down (he path she went on tiptoe.
Hardly daring to breathe, she pushed
open the gate, aud looked down the
ltessy thought the light had dl -appeared.
Hut by-and-by it came again,
moving in the same strange manner.
Although site trembled a great deal, she
went bravely on. It was only a short
lane leading to the ma n road, and shut
in 01 one sitle by a large clump of trees.
It Was at the foot of one of these trees
that the light seemed t be standing
At first Bessy crept softly on, keeping
it in si
sight. How dark it had grown!
The light
as like
fallen stin
lew feet
ished to mr
The light
n I5psay was wdum a
I rghf; she was itston
e peering out of the
s lixed on her with
plea-ant expression.
but a
out, and Bossy, wish
ing she was safe at horpe," trrrnen to
scamper back, when a heavy baud was
laid on her shoulder, ad the I'gftt
flashed ii her fane. ok iran prtv t
8he now anw it was a lantern car
ried Ii n wiry -mali ami disagroea- i
ble old woman dressed in black, and
her head covered with a red handker- !
chief. In on.' hand fhs bld the lan-
tern, and under her arm was a crooked j
Noss, when tesy saw rho stick, she '
wa- Mirt n wim a tairy grHtmother, fpr
th. ohf tvrtman va.s exactly Tike the tie
prion of the fairy in her new book.
The ugly black stick was her wand. So
she whispered, timidly:
" Are you a fairy godmother?"
"A what?" growled the old woman.
"A fair- godmother," repeated Bes
sy. "Oh, yes, cs; U be sure Urn a
fairy. II wu-tell an one yea saw me
I'll bring bad luck oa x our 'luHi-e. ''
" Flease, please don't.'' sobbed Bes
sy. " I'll never, never tell any one.
"Well, shut up. then," said the lain,
"and don't make such a noise."
Bessy was not frightened now, for she
remembered that fairy godmothers were
always cross, and said hateful things
just toforo Uiev gmuited three wishes.
So she said, softh :
" Will you plcasw give me three wish
es, madam?"
" I'll give you three slaps if you don't
get out r'ght ofl"," grumbled the old
fairy. mfmr W wvYt r fW
" Please mease." prn t d He v. ' I'll
do an filing you
Hie three wishes.
ou tell lle it you will give
" I don't bel
-punk euotlgh.
u. You ain't
'aid lieasv.
V oil
, olose by.'
I dTdi.'t s,
do, d
you i
ho.se." said the fairy
n startled
" That's because
are out, and there'
mother and father
no light in the front
r.Kw," arplled Bessy.
Are vou all alon.
asked the
l and Lucy
"No," repbedBessy: "Ann
are at home.
"Who's them?
"Mamma's two servants."
"Any men at the house?"
"Notnow," answered Bossy
er took Bnter to lri .. They
be back
soon. iWnink.''
'1 he old fairy turned out the light and
at down on the ground, then she
pulled Bessy down b her. and put her
hand op the little girn thoolder. "Now
remmner, sue negau,
Dover to tell poltodv,"
vou pronns
ii -uoh byol
tmrple mist settled dot
the -torrwa- do,,.
ifr and mi ' io-i w,
promise true and sure I never
a you 11 irivo mo. three wishes lo-
flight "'
Hut B
amelled i
. "Will
askcl th
vry liar.
essy wondered if all fairies
oof tobacco.
you do just what t tell you?"
B fairy.
' said Beast-, nodding h r head
I. " I wHl'
"Let's hoar your three wishe. tlfen"
growled the fairy.
"1 irat, 1 want my shoes and papas
tint maminit,R tilled with sold. Then I
e cap for myself,
stop," interrupted the
u ve had four a' ready."
iinswerod Bessy. "thats only
r- and mittiiina't aud my
1 wiffr gold is one wish you
go on."
" Well.
' ' Li u
in iir ii n ti
jret through.1
Oh!" said l'eBkr.
I- the door fastened nnv other
"?" asked the old fairy.
Yes," said Bessy; "a big bolt at the
torn, but it's broken. Papa said he
st send a man to fix it, but he
(llilll t
ou run as fast as you
can. and don1!
or th!iirw1l
let any one see you.
be broken. Kvkiei
' I know," rvjJied Bossy; and she
spratrj: u, nt(t flow lon the lane,
throiijrh the gate, and up the steps. She
and laiiTbii
i cteemert to
i tlrsw the key o
thinking how d
mother would la? in t
iloTjud the oll fairy waiting in the sa
: place. ,-
itchetl the key. and said:
' -be l:u k in a miktf and tanisi
. in tor' tie darkness. Uessv was alii
..wiiaWith e . I "pent. !mt Hhi- kej.t
net as she could, and presently
thi best do.r
in VVamh." . .
What d
xss ...
jou tier with him at
rtm around
Th-.it's rht,"
You just give
said the tdd fairy.
him this fairy meat; it will
from barking -it the fairy i
keen nim
send, and
1 tcanng her away."
"Yes, Madam Fairy." returned
Be,srty; "I'll reiuenbir, and I'll putxuy
I siiocs and papa'ti ami mamma' s :dl in a
j rtrw by the duui , ancT please fell your
; fairy servant to fill them up to the brim
with gold. Remember."
(Jood-by,'' said the old fairy, and
when Bossy looked around she was
alone, bo slni scaniiered back. and.
lficeting Watch, by the gate, whispered
In lircToar. "
" Here is a piece at meat the fairy
sent you. Now be a good dog, , and
dot. i lurk wh. ii she comes to-night."
Watch took the meat, ate, and
growled over it.
Bessy put tho key back softly. Then
finding very lonly anil fxeited, she
... .i,- un,.i th., viLnho.,
r 'i'.. . . . .
anu companionship. there
,o Lurv Kiicii im urei'i jui un.iv
1 I ... 11. 1 . 1 c. .. 1 - ,
tast, v
it bv the door knitting
I . . . . '
a long, cotion stocking. .
Bessy cahie doss iip to her and stood
still, looking into the kitoken. With
cver thing shining and clean, so cozy
snd condortable, it x as .uite delightful
after the mysterious lane, and the old
K-lVi V . ... I
" hy. you darling," said Ann, "I
was just, coming to iook ior you.
Where have you bieni You look as
scared as a cat. and as wild as a w itch.
What's the matter?"
"Nothing,11 answered Bessy. "I
wish mother would come. What time
is it?"
" Half-past eight," said Lucy, look
ing at the clock. "She'll bo along
soon now. Don't fret, and I'll give
yon a big piece of cake."
Hessy was as fond of cake as other
t down on tiie door
, and listened for
the wheels of theearriage.
At last t Lev came, and Be
down to meet her parents w ith
for she felt lonesome and queer.
Mamma called Ann to light the big
lanipon the round table; t lien she looked
at her little girl, sat down, and took her
on her lap, sayin: CSS
Well, what have yea been doing,
little one? You look lired and cold.
Have von bad vonr tea?"
How Bessy longed to tell them of th
,,..,.,.l..,-l,,l 1,, 1 ;.. ....... .... ,i
" ... ..vi i... i,ueui.
But she remembered her promise, and
nlv answered
" Yes, mamma. I am sleepy." '
So mamma took a candle from tho
1 mantel-pie. e, and led Bessy to bed, un-
dressed her, and listened to her little
prayer, and tuiJved in the quilt; then
I she said:
"Til be back for the light afterl have
had my supper. IShut jinr eyes, like a'
( good girl, and go to sleep." mm
As soon as her mother left the room
Bessy -lid oil" of the bad and into the
' next'room. which was her mother's, to
! hunt for two pairs of shoes. After some
I tumbling, she found af 'air of slippers of
tier motner s anu a large jiair oi ooots
of her latlior'a She put them in a row
j bv tho ,b r. and then lumped into bed
j again.
I It was not until after what seemed to
Bes-v along. long time that she heard
her fai her and mother come out of the
dis'ng-room. Then she heard papa
f Wliv, what' - the
i key? I cau't turn it.
1 key taken ont, and
matter with the
" She heard the
papa say again:
I "What is this in the key?
It looks like
After a little, she heard
turn the key and hang it
her father
up -en the
hook. Pretty s. on mamma came
Bessy's room. Bessy dosed her
e yes
and pretended to In? asleep.
. uiamma kiss her. and heard
She felt
her close
Horn lon2rshe slept she never knew;
but suddenly she started op wide
1 awake, to had- the stars sh'ning down
on her through the window. Every
thing was as still a- it could De. nessy
wondered if the fairies had come yet.
She stepped out of bed and across the
room, ami put her hand into the big
! oots. They were empty; so were her
own little shoes ami mamma's slippers.
"Well, they haven'trome yet, she
she was about to return, w hen her at
tention was attracted by a flash of light
in the hall. Bessy peeped out, think
ing it might be the fairy: but what was
her surprise at seeing 'two large men,
in -looking feet, coming up the lower
-lair- on tiptoe. The one behind car
ried a lantern, and was making it Hash
backward and forward, up and down,
as the o!d fa:rv did in the lane.
w her,
. Otll.l
... I I.
carried a sack over his
runted toward the closet
lew all the silver-ware
i ' -
he ' n:KUin nor: sin-
A softly, and- ran baik.
h liroi tunif. PeS.-v
Tnoar. !
i m ""1'JiiJ"f'."'i 1j- j
nV!red llessv. "but he's
thp ever lived. lie newer
MPMN people, and hi name
was kept. Then the man with the lan
tern bejran pushing what looked like an
enormous hail between the lock and the
door, stopping every now and then to
In a few moments the door flew open,
and bo'.h went in together. Then Bes
sy say them take down the beautiful
silver pitehers, tea-pots, tr.iysand forks
and spoon-, and put thorn into the bag.
They did it so toftly that there was not
even the least little chink from them.
Though Bessy was a Very little girl
and believed in fairies she kneW these
men had no right to take pftna's silver.
So Shu thought she must tell him. She
ran to the door between their rooms,
and pus ed it open a little WMr.
"Papa! papa!" she cried, "two big
men a- c ih the house. They have taken
everything in the silver closet.
Btick and drive them away."
Up-jumped papa, seizing A
great pistols ahd made a rush
Take a
pair jf
for the
id him.
d the first step
rted out of the
a w.tn a pistol in
pedthebag and ran
and were out
e co
h the
egpne backi
The men had di
;h 1 4 on the
iad emntiod
was 4-
te davligl
had boerf
climbed up
p and be-
jran sobbinr
n, wiien nei
mother coaxed
her to tell wdiat ailed
shoe-!, and told
in the lane and
the key
Be-syJiad to tell that story over so
many times that day And for a long
time her mamma did not leave her
alone in the eveninfcs: '. so tlifef Bess
never saw the fairyJfolrabtleaa
Julia K. HUdretk, in Harper's Young
People. . VI Ii '
As thi
lortetiinsr dsvs w
r and delight:
summer 1
at hast
in -sf pr. .spsrous
ones anic
ig us who have pleasant homes
begin to think of jiuttipg (Mire
M weather."
AvvuLiug iue takcu down and mangs i
are taken Up; the Japaneso. fans thai f
are Caat replacing m- old fr'rend the
palm-leaf are carefully laid away. With
them go all the airy devhtes that bjeljivd
to make the heat tolerable, and oof Leu
the glare of the July sun, and are sue-;
ceeded by eler;r contrivances for keep
ing out sear hing winds and drifting
snow. Instead oif cool, pale, greens,
faint bluos, and delicate grays, and
scarlet, and clear xellow, brilliant bits
of color to cat. h, and make the most of,
every ray of wintry wmshine.
As every one knows who has had the
i smallest experience in that charming
yet perplexing business oi furnishing a
! house, one of the most important points
j in the adornment of a room is the cur
! tains. The carpet requires deep con-
s deration, and an ugly one is trying to
' the soul of any woman gifted with a sense
of the fitness of things, but it can be
partially concealed by a largo rug, or its
most objectionable features modified by
j the judicious use of small ones. The
curtains, on the contrary, stand out in
bold relief. There is no concealing or
! modifying or toning them down; a mis
i take there' is irrevocable; and so the
prudent woman thinks not once nor
I twice, but many times, liefore she pro
I qeeds to purchase them, and studies
well their future surroundings before
she takes the final step. 1
It is at this moment, while she is
iii ...... ..-.l i f... u !.., ..:...
rU '11 111 I 1". .Ill I I t 111 t: -mm- I1.1S lllllll
i u.SL.ju w .5
. ' M 1 L II I 1 b UC . L 11UL.- 1 , ' ' , i LL 1 . 1 t. . 1 ;-,. . .1
whatever thick and heavy material mo-t
charms her fancy, that 1 want to appeal
to her. Windows are made primarily
to let in light. Air cau gain admittance
in other ways, but light that is prevent
ed from entering by the windows is
.oom j,.
totally excluded trujn the
this northern climate, where
the winter siui rises late and retires
earl-, we should give Lim a warm wel
come while he is above the horizon, and
tiller the least possible obsWHtction to
his entrance into our houses.
A long-suffering husband once re
marked to his jife, who had just had
the r drawing-room arranged in gor
geous crimson satin draperies, elabo
rately lined and trim medf "My dear,
w hat is the use of having windows, and
then covering them up with blankets!'"
It is almost impossible to' drape heavy
curtains gracefully without hiding tho
entire window, except a narrow strip
in the middle of the lower Sash, if
double curjains areriscd, or at least
two-thirds of it if a, single one. w hi'e
the sunshine that ooglit to Itw warming
and brigiifcnBKflifwht ! e airtiueat
struggles almost in vajn for admisskiH, :
and, when it gets in, must be content to
enliven a small patch of the cnriet. Yet
tasteful, well-chosen curtains add so
much to the appearance of. a room, and
are so Deautitui in themselves, wnn
..... . . .
, their soft outlines and graceful curves,
: that it SCenis barbarous to hint that
they might be .spen-ed with entirely.
In this BJriia I would suggest
that the long-prevailing fashion of using
oniv thick taones ior winter curtains
should be disregarded, and thin hHes
substituted fbrtne sfffrhg folds winch"
nothing but the habit of a life-tini"
.Would induce us to tolerate.
Handsome laoe curtains with thtii
tracery of fairy-like frost-work, or their
rieh masses of hand-wroaght leaves, are
boo costly for most persons of moderate
means, but nothing is prettier for those
who can afford them. Though flimsy
imitations may detract from their merit
in the opinion of those who are not
judges of needle-work, no educated eye
can be deceived for a moment as to
their real value. , ,
So many materials once never seen
outside of the kitchen have been util
ized and turned to good account by the
passion for decorative art, that the most
modest purse can com pa -s something
at once artistic and inexpensive.
Yery pretty curtains Are made of
cheese-cloth trimmed with Russian lace.
Kach width is cut in two lengthwise,
the edges rolled and joined again, with
a band of insertion sewed overhand be
tween them, and the whole bordered
with lace. The material is a yard wide,
and costs but six cents a yard, so the
most carping critic cannot object to it
on the score of expense. If two Cur-
I tains are used for the same window one
breadth is enough for each, with a bare!
of in-ertion. and let hang in straight
folds over the window.
l ine- osnaburgh, such as is used for
kitchen roller towels, is very effective
with a border worked in outline sfitch
in black or crimson; either quaint de
signs and pstHUH figures, or a more
regular pattern, like the Grecian border.
No cornices are required for these
curtains. A broad facing should be run
; on the curtain on the inside, about an
: inch and a half from the top, and a
stick passed through it- This is sup-
' ported on iron hooks driven into the
w.-df. fitting Into slits or notches cut in
the stick. E. H. Scovil, in Christian
A New York man
higaiuy excused himel
that ms firji 3mp Jc"' jjS
her-oil, nnd ftobug t.
ered Mmself absolved frr
vows and fidlv Midori
agaiiv The r reuse lodg
A'. I, .'n. sfc
had not reach
i out to sj5 Wnat was h(
found Besjv crvitisf itt th
nd papR rtttthin throo-
with a iair of riistols. i;
M.x.id li&r rarv ,.s.il
p- ' Per. vrf
, Uer abu
am us t hat, a storm :u,
If II A. M m II. I. m
n WiMm-fLs Butll II-ti
, lortun:vtc it pi-jw.s ti
arraigned fori be Ka
red Tosuppurt j huts b
Li to Tnsrr.v- fiori'r
bm In jaL farme
Hoarseness and tickling in the
throat are best relieved by the gargle
of the white of an egg beaten to a froth
in half a glass of warmed, sweetened
water. Trie Houxt
A Hixburg (Va.) farmer planted
common corn, expecting to harvest
common corn, as usual; but he found
that his crop consisted of the usual ear
the grain of which was alternate rows
of corn and wheat
No greater mistake is made than
that of planting all the trees and vines
at once. Leave room for planting a
few trees and vines each year. i)n Old
lands success by any other system is im
possible. Baptist Weekly.
A teaspoonful of charcoal in half a
glass of Warm water often relieves a
aick headache., It absorbs the gartss
and relieves the distended stomach,
pressing against the nerves thai extend
flora, the stomach to the head.
f The Poultry Yard says the best fat
tening food for fowls is corn-meal raw
and made into raash Eo 'let! potatoes,
sugkr, siiet, wheat and sometimes a lit
tle lard mixed up with aanj are recom
mended as occasional variKtlons in the
chS'krt,mlr of fare.
Lemnri Tarts: One ciiDfni of
riraiarar, one cupfal.tf -water, one lonion
cut up line, nu a mile piece oi miner.
B "il it up, and theu, take,a taJdesfooar
filbjf )rii starch, wet it, and put with
the rest. It will look ouite clear when
hkme. Bake in paddy jans. tiura!
Mcw'jdrmer. I II a. s v.
An Iowa, conresnoniltknt of the. (Jer-
LanLi fy0yrfliapk& his gWr&W
distasteful to rats bv " dau'u'hg all
aistaiweTul to rats by "dauomg all
t hti angles on t be oatsile of the building
wj hot pine tar for the width of three
or four inca's, and also any seam or
crack wherrtja rat. or, mouse can stand
to g.mKjO T.V
A right-thinking father encouraged
his young son by giving hini tbe use of
a quarter acre of land. This he planted
to strawberries, and now, three years
after, he owns five acres, bought with
plcasmit fruits of h U own suoeoseftri ia-
Toht tlie past season
the Ohio Farmer,
ies alone."
..f&f correspondent of the American
kmimkilor gives the following as a rule
ation of storm
ays b
cirwle infoiind
d w
M'lftji the
lAtftou: if
the heaviest
rain is west, if ft blows
from the east.
t hMV' iut r; is south
west, raeTie"avi6st rain is i
if from the
north of you. 1 1
.spoonfuls c
meal, a pieceof DutTerthe size of half
an egg, half a teaspoon rid of salt, pom
over fh'rs a little hot water, beat Well,
then astfftrrrrgirlrrlFr p
water so that there will be, no danger
of scalding the eggs. Heat th whole
for five minutes. Bake in trem nans in
a moderately quick oven. Aui&rican
Land Brjiinae in the West.
Draining land by the employment of
tile placed several feet below the sur
face of the ground has made bnt little
progress in the Western States until
within the past few years. The great
advantages of this method of draining
damp soils were demonstrated in vari
ous parts of Europe many years ago,
and the system there pursued was in
troduced into some of the Eastern
States. There was a greater necessity
for underdrainage in the West than in
the East, for the reasons that the sur
face of the land is more nearly le el and
the soils more retentive of moisture. It
is abo true in respect to many portions
of the West that the rainfall is very un
equally distribtrted during "the year.
There is a great excess during the early
part of the season and deficiency dur
ing the latter poi-tion. The des'irabil
ity of t borough, systematic and scien
tific land drainage was acknowledged,
but. several reasons prevented its adop
t'on. Many farmers were in debt for
their land, or for improvements they
had made on it. Others owed consider
able ior farming implements and stock.
Still others were desirous of buying
more land in the vicinity of their farms
I while it, was still comparatively cheap.
Ad these persons hesitated about bor
rowing money to improve their places
by laying drain-tlla. A farmer xvi)t has
jBt gi)l oat of. debt hesitates to plunge
in again. He realieei such a relief from
a great burden that he is reluctant to
assume a new one Farmers who are
land-hungry are reluctant to pay out as
much money to drain a piece of land as
it will t o-t. to purchase another piece of
cpHil extent. Besides, many fanners
have begleeted to draii. their land for
( want of information on the subject, and
on account of a tack of material within
easy reaeh.
The present is a favorable time fot
Western farmers to consider the pro
priety of drain ng their low lands.
Most of them have money to Invest.
Some desire more land, bnt they lind it
hard to obtain Intlie vicinity of their
home They can do no b-ttt;- than to
render the land they have more produc
tive by means of drainage. On many
farms there are tracts that produce
nothing but Qoars grass hat is of lit
tie value for sto -k. These low tracts
can be rendered the most productive
of any on the farm by the judiciou
use of di-aius-' i!e. Low land 7-eceive
the wash of It hat which lw IbPiMdtr
and in time becomes very rich in all
t in,-
e'e men-is of plant footl. By the
use of drain-tile the area of plow-able
land can be greatly increased on a large
proportion of prairie farms. By the
same means the productiveness of much
land that can be plowed in favorable
seasons can be increased. In many
cases the yield of nearly all the culti
vated crops can be doubled by the
adoption of a suitable drainage. II s
farmer Wishes to ra se more than he
now does, and has the choice between
buying more land and draining what he
owns, it is better to select the latter
cour e. By so doing he will save fenc
ing and taxes. He wiH al0 save much
labor. No more plowing and cultivat
ing, and but little more labor in harvest
ing, are required to produce a large
crop than a small one. Drainage in
creases the quality as well as the quan
tity of crops. It also lengthens ont the
season in w; ich the land can be worked.
It enables the farmer to plow earlier in
the spring and later in the fall. It also
enables him to do better work with any
implement he uses in the soil. It hslps
insure crops against bad seasons.
However desirable underdrainage may
be, it should not be undertaken without
tlue eonsideratkiU. A fanner should
learn befpre continences operations
how rftueb-tfte' fmprovements are to
cost. He should ascertain where he
cau obtain tile, the cost at the manu
factory, and the cost of transportation.
He should alsorlearn how to-dlg ditches.
Iny the tile, awl place the earth about
th. m. Ditching is an art that requires
4'onsiderabre skill. Many farmers have
lost heavily by attempting to under
drawn land with the aid of such knowl
edge as they have derived from a news
papor articla ox a circular sent out by
some tile factory. Unless a farmer is
rilling to spend considerable time in
learning how to do tho w ork properly,
and to purchase the necessary tools and
implements, he will find it profitable tc
emolov the se
out the work.
W-vrks oil
11, wbir:
. crtrt
the iaforniii-
e an mteMisront
(H trw
work. Vkiddgc
tor, and hie clear ti
was. acqfving . t
' foot on Iti avoet
Jor th.lo
m it u
t . : . .
n- south.
VWflia Pun,:
ot wnetci
rvivj.-s i i ;i mi: -..! i o i.y
jcL Kj-tcLit'iiL
Keep Ont the Cold Air.
1 1 Is much better to hare the vcnLni
tiOn under control than to have a con
stant inpouring of air, ho matter how
cold it may be. I he windows, especially
in houses built as cheaply as possible,
let in all aronnd (and particularly where
the two sashes meet) an astonishing
amount of air, so much that in severe
weather It is almost impossible to tnnke
the room comfortably warm. By
Cheeking this inflow of cold air from
without, the same amount of fuel that
befoie failed to. make the room warm
enough will be so much more effective
that considerably less coal or wood will
be burned. "Weather strips" of vari
ous kinds haVe been invented to be used
around windows and doors for t he pur
pose to which we have referred. The
essential part of these is a narrow strip
of rather stiff India-rubber fabric, at
tached to a strip of wood or metal,
which may be fastened to the window in
such a manner that the rubber will cov
er the cracks between the sashes and
the frames, and elsewhere. These strips
are very useful, but are not to be had in
all places ; besides, while not very costly,
they involve an outlay which many
Would gladly avoid. Before the rubber
strips were introduced woolen ones were
in common Use. The material known
as "list" or "listing," the marginal
strips being Woven on broadcloth and
other goods, is convenient, and costs
little or nothing. This material is not
obtainable everywhere, nor fe it the best
Bubstltute for the window strips. xy
pasting strips of paper around the sashes
the current of air can be kept out quite
as completely as by any other method.
Brown paper will answer as well as any,
and if the job be neatly done, it will not
be onsightly. When no longer needed,
the paper may be palled, off after it has
been wetted with warm water. One
sash rn each room should be left for
necessary ventilation, and. some mova
ble strip, such as lath, covered with
cloth, provided to close its cracks if
necessary. A strip of board or plank,
covered with some fabric, to be used to
close the crack at the bottom of each
door, will be found very useful. Amcr
can .Agriculturist. -
A San Francisco editor was so both
ered by a lot of voung girls urging him
o bny their ware at a church fair
fhat he darted In amongst them trying
vo kiss them right and left. Unluckily
he caught a homely elderly maiden lady,
and an advocate of woman's rights, and
before be could recover himself from
his borroristricken position, had im
printed a kifts upon her virgin lips. He
was arrested, and, after paying' a 100
fine next morning, exclaimed: "No
more fairs for ie 1 " Detroit Free Press.
A good story is told of a young man
who consulted an old gentleman, who
had beeri very successful in business, as
to the -best business in which to engage
In answer to the question "What had I
best do?" the old man replied "Stick."
The yoe.ng fellow explained that he
wished tc know what he had best do to
makemouey. Again he was told "Stick."
"Stick at what?" was asked. "Oh,
that is a matter of little conseauenoe
Take almost any line of business
ike; but stick to it." Fichange.
Perfectly Am axed.
In the San Francisco Evrnhig BuOdin, we
Observe that Mr. Rosenthal, of the well-known
printing flcm, Rosenthal ARoesch, 538 Cahfor
nia. street, that city, sid to one of their re
porters: "We all know of Bt. Jacobs Oil, and
are perfectly amazed at the suddenness of the
reliei it affords. H you know of any one who
is suffering with rheumatism, bruise or sprain,
tell them t use St. .Jacobs OU.
New method of making tooth-powder:
Grind your teeth. Patent unapplied for.
The Judge.
CertaISlt an elegant, remedy for all aches
and pains is Bt. Jacobs Oil, says Dr. J. Tur--ner,
of Shirreli's Foi-d, N. C, in the Ravens
wood (W. Va.) News.
The Rev. Penstock arose In his usual grace
ful manner and armouneed that he waa In
receipt of several private letters suggesting
that the Lime-Kiln Club form itself into a
military organization and be j repared to ru3h
to the defense of Its country in tinse of peril.
The idea struck him aa ltix24, and he hoped
that it w oald 'prevail. "In case of sich an
organizashun have we de right man for a
Kurnelf" asked tne President. "I I that
Is well, I spc'.vS I know sunthin' 'bout tie
Kurnel biziness, " stammered Penstock.
"An tso do I!" added thirteen other mem
bers in chorus. ''Am der any member in dis
hall to-nitrht who knows how to be a private
FOldier?" asked the President. The silence
for the next thirty seconds could have been
knocked down by" a crowbar. '"De subjeck
am postponed," "continued Brother GarJner.
"Six r seven hundred Knrnels an' no rank
an' fUe wou dn't be 'conlin' to either Hardee
or Tlpyle. In kase de kentry am placed in
peril we'll send substitutes." Detroit Free
Anxiety and Care.
It may not be generally known that anxiety
and care will break down even a strong con
stitution in a very short time, yet siueh is the
fnet. However, the pernicioua clMct of de
bility resulting froni these cstmas ftrtufee easi
ly counteracted by a timely use of V : Guy
sott's Yellow Dock and Sarsap irilla. Its re
freshing effect on mind and body is trnlv- won
derful. It exhilarates without Intoxicating.
La-itf: in life George Washington rode In
his own carriage, but in his earlier vears he
took a hack at the cherry tree. Worcester
OaaetU. The man who had the temerity to
spriBi this relic of antiquity ti .'on the public
forgot to mention how George's father took a
rhaise after the youug man, ami was about
ready to sleigh him, when George attempted
to saddle the blame on some oua else as the
cutter. Lawrence American.
Is tt Possible
That a remedy made ot such common, simple
plants as Uojas, Bttchu, Mandrake, Dandelion.
Ac, make so many and such marvelnus and
wonderful cures as Hop Bitters dol It must
lie, for when ofd and young, rich and poor,
Pastor and . Doctor, Lawyer snd Editor, all
testifv to having been cured by them, we
mnst believe am doubt no loBger. See Other
column. l''jt. m
The Egyptian emblem of a snake with its
tail in its month was the earliest sign of the
"swallow-tall." Detroit Tout.
35. buys a palrof Lyon's Patent Heel StifTen
trs and make a boot or shoe lasttwicoas long;
Tkt the new brand. " Spring Tobacco."
NEW YORK, Sov. 17, 1SH2.
QATTLE Exports
IT. N '.Mulddii-:
VIAiVR Good tot fholce 5 00
- oo
1 OS
1 05
Wild-AT No. i Be 1 07
No. lied 1 04
OOUN No. - as
OAT-WwwrnMlxert 40
POKK standard Hoae 21 50
COTTON Middling
BEKVES Exports 5 23
Fair to Good 4 00
Native Cows........ 2UK)
Texas Steers 8 00
HOGS Common to Select 8 25
SHEEP Fair to Choice S 00
FEOl'K XXX to Choice 65
WHEAT NO. 2 Winter 94
So. 9 " oil
CORN No. 2 Mixed 06
o.vrs So. 2 K
KYE No. a
T B AC( -O I.ub. 4 M
Medium Leaf 7 00
t) a oo
5 SK)
5 00
3 50
4 60
7 25
4 00
4 K0
t 56
5 60
8 U0
II W Choice Timothy 14 00
HCTTEB Choice Dairy ai
E4iGS Chotoe 3
IMrtli standard Mesa 50 se
HACnS-Ofcsar ib... lSW
EART) Prime Steatn lli
OOI Tub-wKahed, medium Ml
Cnwaafhed - 23
CATTLE Exports 5 a
H KiS GooUto choice 6 50 -
slIKEP Goorl to choice 4 00
FLOE It Winter 00
Spring 5 00 4
WIIEAT-No. t sprina; a
No. 1 lted.. l
CORN No. 1 70
OA fH No. 2 .
6 50
7 S5
4 50
7 00
7 00
i: E -
ItiRK New Meso. 17 fl
Native Steers 4 SO
Native Cows. 2 10
5 SO
3 50
HOG 7 Sales at 6 00
W HE AT No.--' - SO
No. 3 76
CORN No. 2 Mixed 48
OATS No. 2 2a
o ti
FLOITB High Grades.
CORN White...
OATs Western
HAY Choice.
BACON Clear Rib
COTTON Middling. . . .
4 75
5 60
IS s
33 90
U ou
22 no
ttMcned from Pentlt.
WflHam X ConghWn, alt poftiervfTTtf, i iVTas.
ys: to the fall ot 1876, I was taken with
blekdixg or loos followed by a severe
cough. I lost my appetite and flesh, and waa
confined to tor bed. In 1S77 I was admitted
to the Hospital. The doctors said f had a hole
In my luug as big as a hilf dollar. At onetime
a report went around that I a dead. I cave
up hope, but a friend told me of JPr. William
Hall's Balsas t u tub I.tthos. I trot a bot
tle, when to uiy surprise, I commenced t feel
better, and to-day I feel better than fof threS
yeara &at.
VVflBN a Botoft yUnjr lady wishes to ex
press that she has tne "tiiiies," she simply
rriiCarto: " 1 haye : zuts Utstemper."
Da. Bswj's Slchi Cure fa fttHr the rrtfets
to atUcif.the diseat-e. bothint,t'rn;Uly, through
tl;e. blood, and externaify, through the
absorbents, and is the ouly reliable and
rational mode of treatment. These prepara
tions are only put np fnr general use after
having been used by the Doctor in bis private
practice for years, with the greatest success,
and they fwdy uiorit. the .confluence of all
classes of sufferers from sbfn diseases. Thlt
Is for sale ttf all druggists. Two bottles, in
ternal and external tre fuent in one package.
Don't be persuaded to take any other. It
costs one dollar.
A good descfmSif-offe 9t 8ut subnrbs is so
much opposed to gambling that h-j refuses to
shake off Iris lethargy. Eoston Transcript.
" Mefl are bat fcerry witnesses In theif
own cause.' The praise of Kid'tey-Wort
comes from the mouths of those who have
beeu made strong and healthy by it.. JLitsWn:
"ft is curing everybody," writes a drugzia
"K idee v-Wort is the most popular rrredieitls
we sell." Jtataoind be bj"ri(rhi, for no otlief
medicine has such speec actiwn on the liver,
bowels aari' kidneys; ',r ,nj. r.
I 1 'n- iii '" l . r i it
Ax exchange wants to kow: "What are
enr yotin? men coming to?" t vymln? to See
our girls,; of corae.s 7'rJbutte.
That wonderful eatholicon kinwu as Mrs.
L'ydla E. PlnkhaTn's Vegetable (Vmiround has
givea- the lady .a world-wide reputation for
doing good. It is l.ke a livincr spring to the
vital oontitutldn. He:- Ploo.1 Partner will do
more to clean.se the channels of the CircnlB
tipn and purify the life of tle bodv Uun li
the sanitary devices .-ft the Board of Health.
CaRisTLA and the Coriffriojial Sscord. are
coining. M'c coull probably worry along
without Christma8.s NfrrrWmm Wendd.
y I '
t3gr-fake your old things look like new by
usinsj the iJkitTfond ITe. and yott Will he
happy. Any of the fushiouaLle colors for lSe.
An urwcrual 'match: That which strike
only on WW boaYtlmglrW4 1,M
-nttm vtron mi Uiw ti rm VP
Skinxt Mkx. " Wells' Health Renower"
restores health and vigor, cure Dyspepsia. $1.
Tub forger is locked- up simply for writing
a wrong. ' ....
FoitTttlCK HEAi-s.h. aw tfcott.iveh6,li!ioii.tnes8,
''WeiIs.MaV AppIcFiIls," 'catkartl . 10 aud 25c.
., : . . -s-iHB i '
AiiHAjyAB says a d -ig's lmifri are tfie. sea
OT itspUTlti. Jtfardfno.i Tiidrpi'nlnt.
B-isi ThtjssFveh Fsrik fend for rlrettlirs.
Elastic Truss. Co., 714 Bivajivuy, New York.
Tub first case of black mile Ham
ton Commercial DuUettnim.nJ -tstvil?
Hale's Honey of IToreUotuid ;ml Tar
Has the largest sale of anv cou;h medicine.
Tike's toobaese drops cure in a minute.
.irojiEuriJ'r sas that i'women would, neter
dp to run railroads, as the trains would always,
be behind."
Farmers, teamsters, don't experiment, bnt
use Frazer Axle Grease, it is the best.
' 'vni lir nn-ii;f.i-i.'
Tub man who soissota ofl coupons Is the
genuine rovendusJ JKlV ,Tv lU ii ir.-i
Personal I
Thk Voltaic Bet Co., MaraUall, Mieh., will
send Dr. Dye's Celebrated Electro-Vol taio
Belts and EUtiie Appliances oa trial for
thirty days to men (vouiik or old) who arc af
flicted wiih nervous debilltysJoivt vitality and
kindred troubles, u:ranteeiiu; speedy and
Complete restoration of heall h and manly vigor.
Address as above. N. B. "So risk is incurred,
as thirty day's trial is allowed.
The New Toy, hy Alined L. Jewell, Chicago.
delijjfitB all 'children. ' send ten cents for ono.
CircularsSeBtf.,, ,,- J(.fI 'f. X L''v
mm TRADE MAiigl
iack. ' -mm.
Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago,
Backache, Soreness of the Chest,
Gout, Quinsy, Sore Throat, Swott
ing and Sprains, Burns and
Scalds, General Bodily
Tooth, Ear and Headache, Frosted
Feet and Ears, and all other
Pains end Aches.
No Preparation en earth equals St. Jacobs Oil
as a safe, ture, simple and cheap External
Remedy. A trial entails hat the comparatively
trifling outlay of 50 Cents, and every one Biifferini;
itith pain can have ehoxp and poaiftve proof at U
claims. -
Ilrectlona fn Eleven XaDguagea. 1
A. VOGE1.ER & CO.,
Bat Hmore, MA., V. S. A.
Old fahlonable
remedlca are rapld'
giving ground before
the advanee of tlila
coTjqtjerlng; apectflc.
and old fashioned
Ideas In regard to de
pletion a a -leans of
cure, have been quite
exploded try the soc
ceaa of the great rcn
ovant, which onea
the aystcm, tranqull
lzea xhe nervca u u
trallzi s malaria de
purates and etiruhea
Hie bloodi roBscs the
liver wlun dormant.
and promotes a reg
ular habit of body.
For aale by all
Druggtata and be al
ert generally.
Oat alotrue of TVm Boole, free to any address Aatntu
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Diynt Qrehestra Mute . Catatoirnea free. Thompsoa
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9P Fallen
the U. S.tfull Information Ior atamp
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v.- iMi!Mitln mineraDlifn Anud
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Mr. names la lridetit Mo. htenngntpbm Association,
mm - wsss '
A M" SI Hand "loard In your count Meat
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lsf Fo
r Deserfp! Ire
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r-t AST1 HOT
1 I a? a ms ..it
CT Ti by WaBL-iualtera. Bvmal!, 25 eta. Circuiam
BV.V. J. 8. BXKCH CO.. 38 Uey tiU. JJ.T.
mosor .it.cr. -U-aaiUcl.fcl.A.l'l.i',!ll-
a rttri
A Skaw
taa W ''mf'" "
va Ar nt
rttEE TO F. A. M. 1-HIM CU,4 Easrwrtaf.
!:( Ai. Mai Ir .(.' as llaMK Ma.tart
M.xica; aJ. tfca large o.w
iliaurawe ui.oc of ausk hnka ear (Mk
-ilk ilia Bf-rw .In. wuiuUr. is .ry
. i. .m i r a w RcMiPta a co
Ura--'- miaaaaaaaa Maaafaimnwa XI SWwdwajt, sum X '
,iBjn, dsa .mr ai mxis
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mfM ror ui.
or specimen oppy
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a war.
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OO.. 7S1 BrosdwaT Hfew '
I have a rwsitire nwnadyjor the above .llaeafei by it
se thorn mis of rases of .he worst kind and ef long
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In its emeacy, ut t w ii hn inirauii lh! r not
aether with a VALUABLE THEAT1SE on this disease, te
JHwrk Oi.j rdl T,t1t torts
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Serstohe (rreaso heel, thrusix quarter-e'raoks.
cent (art ion of IIM' hoof, aprdna bralaes. etc . In
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Burglars OntwiM !
A sJnilJ"Vo,r(. and durahle atici.B-lBoi'
l.o. t ii u iisl.M. It can lie readily atlaehed to
aji lock aud si-diroly faatens the doir so il b
i... l from the utIde. It .likes the place of bolts
house will buy one or more ASiKtrra W11TI S for
tliis and other articles which lady ajrents can handle.
XiWrnKKDI.L :., " AUENCY'liMI'OKlUll."
Boom . 10. 13C Oalarle sirr. Clanrlaul. Ohia.
I 1 . V I aaa
"MISS RICHARDS' BOY." 2!l a day easily sold.
We want an Agent In every town. Send for ein ulara.
term, u.i.l oiti'l : i . , i & m fa r : n r, n PuhllahlnU Co
Hartford, Boston, Chicago, t, Indium' i. or Stri.ouU.
Blood, and will completely change the blood In I Tie en
tiw system In three montlis. Any person who will take
1 pill each nfglit from 1 to 1 vreokn may be restored
to sound health. If such a thlug be possible. Sold ev
erywhere, or Rent by mall for 8 letter stamps. I. R.
J01IN8OM A Co.. Boston, Maas. . formerly Bangor, Ma.
Il Warranted for S years and deHrered, Hirioil r PAID,
II with riphi af tidiang If not p-rely aJif tary. ,M-
nwrnmr: A is T lift r. ran (t'linnm'. nunAK. i.. ..i w
lean AJ.iif.lt rntart. Send fur Tdustraiea 1 slaloiue. J U.
rrns.tiu: .north .! ..!. lyoati e.tbi.isiiio bbbb
This N.Y. Singer, $20
Wiih 8 -
uf A"nel.imlt fr-
1. 1 I
Jiflit ninninir
(itur , hiinflr-
mtl iuralk. Arnt
on taut trii
Mnp7 Home OrinMi 4 wtt
KeeiiM, 12 stops. Mutiinle(il Hub
.-t:ii.T.,i,lci 2 If HWfMll,
with )SmUff! nd tl Ik"Lk-(olj' ?7ft
AtA4 Mrfito't !-t tlHjf'filift iff-
fired. ElKnt vnne, nMurnLfi-('nt
tn danairtt- mHftfini out. r
-hIm -.with UfltlmoniafH.rrae. Ank
l.lhtand Heavy A W trie I Ijr pyry
ool". A I so MA V Ml I.I. EXOfNES. Built hy
It I - .H V I. I. CO. . Ma.alllon. Ohio. Write for
OafaloKii'- and rflce Llav-aent tree. (Kame thla paper.
fl.ii!v of Kpl!IiT, ha i
A Leading I.cndon Phye-
letaa taltaee mm
OSSre ta Kew fork
for tho Vmrm "f
From Am.Jmrnataf tfefi'-tn
j,tt late oi wtsb"u , -- -
t has wilh'jnt doubt treateS and cured
i... ritti.r ikviria oi'vsieian. Ills aaeeeaj
hslmi.:y ln axtoetshims: we hr "VT ii'i
over2Uyelrs atandintr sueeea-rttfly fored by him. lie
j,-. nuMiahad m. work on this diaeaae. whleh na aenda
wHhrarboftleorm. wonrl..l ro freete Sy ajf -frrer
who mav send their .ipreas arid IV O. addreea. we
V. aI" VBS&STmZ nfiS , Hew To
tas pasmlsnt M thla c
IpsWeaU an si t
im aalhswi BaSaa
... . , -s om.
digSt SHiac
joompHoatod wttb-ooae-patlo-. KJ
awangwieiai a w awa uiu. i js" ot om
ssh all kinds of Pilee own whea
ave before faliotl.
The Prairie Fanner
Leading Agricultural
And Family Journal of America.
two mow V3tmm
To atl Mew Subscriber we will send THK I'"'""
K A KMF K from neew omll Janoary 1st, WS. far x u.
or the remainder of thi year for IS ccois.
Sample Copies snd Premium lt aent free. AMreae
iSmsIiS IaUII m. 00., Ohieajs, IU.
R e
l9f9raaiaa9aW-' 4aaBLie I
I .Ill
oldest aaat tS st.iarkr- llufcwn.T the
TTnlbed Suites. Larva size, $l fH; tnodlurn f.0
cents: small, 25 cents small size tar SamflJ
use, 35 rents; Merchant's Worm Tablets. .i
cents. Korsalehy im-i-j- uriih'K'-t il,ul ''' '' r
Tho Gnrplmir Oil Mnimrnt with wiiitf
wnAPPKK. prepare.! for Inimnn ttosn. Is put
tip In amall bottles nnlth aoi not staui
tiie skin. Price 25 cents.
The Gargling: Oil Almanac for 183
Is now In Una tamta ots?rriiK nn.l will
berea.lv for .ilstrib.it ion dnrlnif the inontlm
of November and DeceinlH-r, PS. The Al
manac for h cximloK year will bo more us.'
fnt and fnstrr Jv ttwvi evT, n4 aJB
sut f ran uiutiy addru-i. Write for oax
Ask the N.nrcst Drugrsrlst.
If tiie doiilei-5 tn votir' flBce rto not keep
MerehanA's UartEHnir P'i f"' '"ilSf "iMln
their sernllmr W) us. or vtier t rrej Kt their
11 l .... I ,., 1 ,, ihn hntf n well
nwiiiijuiuii, twiu tt- s- i i's ,
Special Notico.
The Merehtint's r.tirtrttnjr OH tiltn been In
use as a liniment, for half a century. All we
ask is a liui trial, but bo Mire mid follow .li-
The Oanrllni? Oil ninl Merertrtnt Tinn
Tables two tor sale by allilruirif Isu and U-iil-ers
in general meixjhanmsd tifrtwighortt the
Manufactured at T-oekporf, !T. T., I f Wer
chaut'd Unnrliner Oil Company.
re.:late tUe follov
tH Oi l
for iju ljim:.
I to THE WKEKT.TTTMW. Mfe R far ilr be
offer nude. Pleas read oar propoaftlon carefully.
For t 1.1 we win send pot-paid. to anyone in
WI'.KKI.V ' vi-i- mil 111)1 " '
made by Um Rholtteui 1
Eiililand, and sold evei'yWI
warrant th noi 10
lUMuiny. flleid.
!.! set Wn
1 Hie uamuiii n p
resented, and U not aaila
mm Tic uitif. an I wp will refund h" mMB'V 1 Ills
! V.
tlH' au''serlb-'i in.ir
vlt.ually iinrouBtt vi gutWiiK SW for SJ1.7. Addi.ts
TMK -rilS, JUMta 4jlr. laswurS.
Ml n tilftTflDlcaoi--tksskssek w atw.
U II IO I Ui 11 Address with
U uame of Author. T. D. TUWNSKM".
804 Oheatnut -1 LoB I
B KlYT.OlV.Best I'tei-e- in prt'
Terae. a ota. Any newsdealer or lKokeil. r
m Vud
. .dSMaMMasam.
The most nPH.it If 11I ly lll.i"! rnlc.I Mrieii7.lno
for Little l'Mile in I lie World.
The extraordinary success ol this Mattarin-- prpvro
that the neople desitc the best liicr.11 y nnii iirtniii m.it.
ter lot the iiatnicnon am' sms nn-'it c i,iU 1 n '' "
The stories ami oein, all original, are 9f trie
Best Writers for ChMdrn.
The illustratiatia, tlo a year, are nih- l.th
est Artists In the World,
tapressly for this Sfagai'ne. Invaluable as an edurs.
tor. ITie chearst as we I a the lie.l.
at I .AO A VKAH. 1.1 UKNTH A (orV.
Newadealerssallit.. Spnimea tree Tae moat lit
eral terms lo Agent. Special tern" Id Schools.
Bl e ..h i ..... ,i wsk li.rn r ..'.', i ' i 1 flu.
Ialrymen of America with an aeaOaaS artl-
flet&l cdor Tor luatrj so menturious tnatic met
with im at auoeeaa eTerywhore reoelrlmr the
f highest and m. j prlxca at both IntvrnationaJ
imxrj rwira.
I fja-TJut by patient and aclentlfin chemical re
as rch we have Improved In several polnta, and
know offer this n w i.i,raa tie hrtt n tkt world
It Will not aJOlorvne Bunernum.
Will Not Tyrn Rancid. It Is the
Strongest, nrlsthtojs Sincl
Cheapest Color Made.
tlVAnd, while prepared In oil. Is aoeoipoind
ed t bat it is Impisalble for It to heroine rancid.
irBEWARE of all Imltatlmis, and of all
other oil colors, for they are liable to beronte
rancid and ioil the In' W.
R"If yoo cannot (ret I he "Improved" write us
to know where and how to get il without eitra
eapense. i"'
WKMJS nniniisiei m, nniKioa,
. 4
Aa reganls musical cotniioaltlona of nete. America la
undoubtedly yoaag A irrm. deal has, however, dur
IS2 the last few year. Iiees acno"Afileil. Tin follow
iBK arc all hy native romrioaera:
Zenobia. TP and Ojx y of much merit.
3t Bstlatr fl f" Bv .1. K Pilnji.
9lt TWrWTt A wll known Oratorio.
Redemption Hymn. RrffT' J ' "
A short, hut rorapjete and linpreaalve vrorK.
Christmas, (1 eta). By A. C Outteraon
aacNd ..aeiafa lor Clu-laimae tlim:..
Call lerntslsm " rt. , By il. E. Park
Bill VI iaiun ),u
An Impreealvr
jail n I ow
and musical f-ntata.
loin rSflim( a nri ciBe no .shIob.
etltS) Hy Illlllli ) HIM'K.
Praise to Bod. m
An Oratorio. Nobl
mi . i Bv J a B
(irand n fr autilul seeolc .;Btiii.
Joseph's Bondage.
fi) ny
M f.hadwtelt.
A spienqyt orieiaBM
Christ the Lord.
i Cantata.
Don Munio. M SSI Bv Daan liud.
A leg'-nd of the crusader, act tg inuflc.
Picnic "viKt.ia rtsioml fors wlut'T concert.
FfOWCI Queer'..
Kew rr rij i-iiM-nt of ft faiiMitj CantfttA.
Burning Ship. iTfTn"
Easy and at tilting Csntataa.
M UV .if III Ul , blravgw.
OLIVER 1IITSOI otc IU, Betles.
rtr Slilem -fewrai no other Amarlean oiitns
oavluii been fouiel eyual et any. Also chraiie...
ftlyle i;.r Mmn; scifjlrleat eotnpass WhI l"ier,
with bt 'luallly. for popular saer- d and olaf iriuslc
In si liools or faml fts. a' oily . O.VE III
UK Kit OTMKIt srTYi JRH atS. I7. tf. tTf..
$,m. StietStiW. tl 1 io u and np. The larg-vetul'S
art tnttrt: , kmmco -i kg an ittitr oraams. Iwjf;''
proTemeata; adiliw to pow r aan ,-'"'' ",,"'
Burahlllty. Will no rtutrt tuning nn ' JVJ'J '"
m;.h as other Jmnn, !jt 'sSJLTZZ
IK EE. The M As MA uf T
nH Plaaa ., I renemt hi . It.
4ta K. . Vew fort: la aalih Ave.. Chicago.
gt3 gi
ToB mm i few one .lsrja weir tHrvw B hairdanrno vrmp.
fjEJmaro cpt? WATC H 4C HA If
cti ID SC., ralUsiura, Tel Broadway, JV.T.
A. ft. tt., p... J
pUtaae aajr yet nn Ute sulr
tfiia paper, Advaroaora II
H ; I S '
and where tl elr adviijrtUe
laS aWSsA. - ' 1

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