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The Bolivar bulletin. [volume] (Bolivar, Hardeman County, Tenn.) 1865-1888, March 01, 1883, Image 2

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aajjssaMi A-'--'
& T. JLB5413T2AJD, Eiltor A PropY
defeated a bill to in
,f maritratea, and n
nfMH the pay
hill to nllw criminala to testify p
I their un Isvbalf.
MAT?'':! 1, MM.
j ,suat.r Normcnt introductfd a bill
i. r. ....lo l.i w unnlr t
IVmocratic , ' ,"u, "
'ill .icrn. .rated towns not navinK
tveiitv -li v
and thirteen Kc.mhllean governors 1. vlcr.
P -natfir Thompson ays M ' i
the State, an 1 t!i re Will was
.... - - in . 1
" 1 " . ,100 iali.ted in iUn county ar-
fmmmi e. n, ! aM U9 uieytTy 100 are
;i qilitled.
The Benate ro e, ted a bill to ex
empt V,u 00 t,1 K0S "f bifcurrr:
fr iu attac iment.
T Urtsya of 154. M. T. Iktt
r-i M eHiiprii i iy paving in ten
i ) (i . fe.atiee uawr, 76,
Q i . Butt' i " " daye H'l
T.Sf.iK) ; IUMUW money, , fg. M gMun MVS
- - - of l.i. iii.lfbtrdncM man mm taken out an 1 shot to .'eatl
to the Slate Mind by a mortgage on I for v
1 a I i
ins mining tMi HI Mtie. I oik . g a i.-. to u,
is H .1 expv.cod t- survive mucti Jon- r,HW tjie Hond of the fMMWI
A prat many people are asVirg
what psjticulax trouble BROWN'S
Iron Bitte-us is good for.
It will cure Heart Disease, Paral
ysis, Dropsy, Kidney Disease. Con
sairpdon. Dyspepsia, Rheumatism,
Neuralgia, and all sisnilar diseases.
Its wonderful curative power ia
simply because it purines and en
riches the blood, thus beginning at
the foundation, and by building up
the system, drives out all disease.
N)N KKSr. KNT I l r
Kruetd Tennrssec f McAmdty A !"..
J vjii A'Uc hrm nt.
Hardeman fount v I XV H. Ra,
Ik-A re I). J Newbern, J. P.
In this cnue it appearing he atfi bi
I vit that the defenden W. H. llofe.
b justly indebted t McAnuhy dr. Bro curp of Consumption, Bronchitis, Ca
hi- -note and account and is
An old physician, retired from ac
tive prnctiee"iftving had pi red in hia
hand be an East India Mieaionarr
tbe f rmnla of a simple vegetable re
In the Circuit Court ") J- E. Jenkins
of Hardeman County Jf AllOOOK SFOrOllS TlaS-
Ienneee. ) i .
In tliia esiiMSP it nnnoariui? from the WV Ol
me,lrfnrthe9peciT and pertinent J ft"?, W Je i! a B aueo rt 1 WfB
T ... T,... , the deteridnTit John MiilliM. Jft. a At rtttmi hVnalr tr m-
of the Slate f Tennea-; . .
i ... . . . I nv will I'uru nniiiiim.
a ncn trrb. Asthma, and all 1 hraat ana MTI(i indebted to Ui plauiun n . v il
otint tx;t ti'a. mMm-i 1 1 ihi i
- . ..... .,..! I . 1 .1 .1 . .. 8','V UK ...... . OfP
; r gident ot the Mate m inai uie or- i.unp anftum. aiao a jKjwiivr a.. u BUU u. wU T , and anv iicilini
and au awaenmem u - i n. i
tUifc' t
an olil colore
he Denv era tie tickf t.
I Lady Cured of Rheumatism
Baltimore, Md., May 7. M
l LMitli w . much sfialfcr rf
Khrumium wb I commeucMj
..f th hack
n. nary pro, - " - ' " t T UHm tbe affidavit of plaintitta agent 1T"" " '" '1 7" r;h
srved on him, and an on-tnal ft- all nervous complaint, after bavin j jg clerk )f C;n.u,t Wx they are mfallible in slack Ache
tachmeut having lieen heralot .re i- (homuuhlv tt-ated it wonderful fJit (aM Jamvicjl ben return Nr-a Oebiity ama all J
MMbvartfa levied on hi. real tiv r-wera in thousands ..f caae. l,v the Sheriff .f aaid Cnty of Har- j" J, f ,r fcy.j,. a
est.teth. ir being no personal pro- fc.1. j, hia dutv to make it known t denian into atd , f'J l'"! " JV" ana L.ver Coc;T,Uint.
perty found aad returned lfore mi . be ...fferin fellows. The receipt f,.l j ,tarei racts ALLCOCK'S POROUS PL A 8
t. :. - tlist Kuidura- .pti.nlant rlir.-etiotis for nrcneration . - .1 "TlT.ks rp imin!eM. trasTant. and
1 1 m hum run r wivivi ' v - -- 1 rna ...--- - I - ..s iaihI iwi nn rno au tiii1 i in rin iri 1 a. sassi -f m-
tioa be made in the Bolivar Bulletin an.l use. and all necessary advice and ; heirs of the late John W. Mulhna
a newiiapT published in the town instructions for snccoantul fre tment deed hfing l.M fttt-U in tne tl. '
ot Bolivar, Hardeman (ount v, Tenn. ! ,t vue own he. will be received Dtatrhi uf.aid O'ontv of Hardeman
oi ouoi. " J .. , t therefore ordered that puniu'a.
(Wftmr aaeaawir weeks, comman- ; hy Ton by return mad, tree of charge B-livar BaUetin n
ilini: tlie said W. 11. Koac to app-ar bv addresniticvviin stamp or giampen
. . m . , 1 1
before me or aome other justice m .eir-addressea envelope.
in Bilivar
quick tenre. Beware td imitatiwis
... . .
lhitt tihsterand num. .ti ai.Lr
COC!vH,.the only Genuine Pnua
March 2 8m
tfnv Thn ci-t ctmss'g
aSSt srtkta.
1, '
BkavS Asm!
lair Itiai k setr H"" m1 "
a aMi irimi aaaMi aa4 Srfaaafk HatMMr.
I yrm art a
Ik M a SMmsTTM (W i by fasaiir
M Pa KKSSt S i .C-C" IW
tkiog Brow lion tuners, ana
Caxccly had alreriath cnous" to t
ltoJ to my dilT hoi iehold duties.
ins the third bottle anJ I
gtr it bid autiC netn exit continutf
iaOO,QM aad rt quiring quarterly re
1 -1 1 ' jsrt.
. , , . : I
At.orn- ueuerat u na .n.-o- , . Riv.
mit-obt-r Picar.l Hi regard ti .... R,rcr Kiverg conlcat. It
anocais thet Rivers had not been a
tho now issue as follows
"You are therefore instructed wl.cre
i have Uten brmghf against sja
tt.lting revenue collectors to re
0 e from t' em or thei. sureties in
pa meat and sat isi" idioii of t'hi-
Ri is ui 1 new issue of tiie
Tennessee. As to the pavment d
ta - a u;ion propertv and pri .ileges,
i tdruet tbe ."ollectora U not receive
said new i.-Mie."
Tlia Federal (iovernment, ns ad.
Bii iisierc 11 for the pnstltwentv years
' hja lfcn simplv a resistless agncy
sstaplstred be capital to rob labo.
It is 't;fi.! that a government insti
tuted bv ft' nan lor the perpeta-
citizen of Fayette county 12 month
next nreeeHtnc his election, though
a tniijoiity of the votes were ca.st loi
Renator Norm on t has introduced F
1 f
tol upon any one except lor hcii uc
Senator Keitli has introduced a
bill to repeal tlie act which repeals
the old art declaring the South ForV
of Forked Deer river navigable.
A bill was introduced in the House
to repeal the present road law.
Mr. Wan has introdu.el a bi'l
settle the State debt on the (ireen-
am itniuaf utiJ
chacrfoUy roooaimcmd it to aU.
I cannot ay 100 Much in prats
of it. Sirs. Majiy F. BiiAsasa.
173 Pre m an it
Kidney Disease Cured.
Cknstiaaiburx, Va., tMt.
Suffannc tross Wiuuey ':-e,
from which I could o ralief. I
tried Browa's Iroa Bitten, whKh
1 red me coapleeir A child oi
mix, recrrerint from carlet fever,
had no appetite and did not to
he abl to eat atari. I gaehtilro
Balers with the happiest results.
J. Kyus Mokiaovs.
Heart Disease.
Vine St., Harmburs;, Fa.
lec , iSSi.
After trying different physicians
aad many remedies for palpitation
of the heart without recenrina; any
benefit . I was adrised to try Urown s
Iron Bitters, t have used two bot
tles and never found anything that
aavt me so much relief.
Mrs. JinKta Hess.
For the peculiar troubles to which
ladies are subjea. BaowN S IaoH
Bitteks is invaluable. TfT H.
tiie IVace at my a See in the fe'oiirt
House tf Bolivar. Iluidtman County. 5. Calvert st
'Tennessee on Moi.dty the l6th day
of March 183, ami make defence to
to said suit against him r it will be
' nrtK-eeded with ex. parte.
Tnia the 1!) b February 1849.
I). J. Ncwb-n, J. P.
for Hardeman Conty.
Wood & McNeal, atts lr plaintitl'a.
Or. M. E. BELL.
Baltimore ,M'
Jsairn Jeiikiite
Wo eorrttnoe to
art asaolici tore tor
natesita. oaveata.
an. no.,sw
j Hardeman Comity, Tenutfe for
, fnnr eonaectttive weeks commamling
tbe defendant to appear ou tbe 19th,
! .hiy of March 1H3 rfore the said
i Circuit Curt and defend aaid cause
or tbe same will be heard ex parte.
Cit Mi under in v baud at office in
Bolivar this 15th, day of February
O. G. Adams,
Circuit Clerk.
. .
A. M. Lambeth, Jr.
Attornev for Plaintiff.
j In the Circuit Court j
' of Hardi oiao (JcUtt ,
ibeOBited SUt4Aiid'btaP
- a rw.Am. Tnr laird. FTBSOO.
eermany. ant an wnc cw-.
Ttslrtrx years' ertwrtioo. WO
r esamiaallo& of moauls or draw-
The World
FOR 1883.
i u v 1' iiio - - - DMfvmvoo miuvi -
' " MKUItaaiHBM T wr . :r, fauaaasv M
K. A. Mullens.
1 enneset'
In tds cause it appearing from
the iiliitlavit ssj tne Fhtintitl that the
rKanra fee esambtatiou
lags. Adviee by mail troe, , .
Kteota obtained "5.2 Siorlia
tbe aeiiCsmsrTC aancRicaw, which has
the large eireaHtion. sad to the m toflu
ettsTssewajraper of Its kind thUaha & .tolba
world. Th aavanUgeecf sweh a nottee avarf
patosilse na tier sian as.
. ! snYm SfaWwasil
flH W aa.
! 1 Mr TaHDWvPV H
am aa
Ki'rnrr -TiwamMsMa mm l c h
. 7 . i L.-l- . cm. daiM taka
UtosscssestsnMlauts.batasa l-stvwsOtaaswlwafcs
Wjos hrvi t Mwuoirtio 'T1 ?T""
boi. KadsWt oer.nlswsm, of y so.daro44lirug.
Tr ' ki- .ct rwxxea s UtKcasa
ToKttwU cars sen. It istfc Urewssst Bsassi Pinsflev
tea ffte .sat tad ftorasiCetsh Omtm- sasV
twey sra asst.
waakness aad rcas a a stsfissawt a
Cwcsi Tajocstt-aea; wieaavseuvass SaK-Sssai
you cp fru-a uSa am doae but w sw SnsaaSssssa.
U tms aav bundraah sd SWaa; a may sva ssa.
t l-sUramaB sstawm Tmimim
ia. Svat 1 iiniia.nl ssssmsawwrta.aaS) tr'T
. rrarattw tW" svi
SC..H. 1. saa. astern, as a. an 1 s
sjkai SAnaw avvwe seua swa.
I n I. , A - .:m fi TI.OOT ha
d4iKxld pvvtwna asioaavh .giy popular. Thers
I.BOtkiaa lUrSlt. Uisnt taion hawtaai Fhiatm
TUM CulusBSS aad lo.A ha stg luCtsnt of
Be sure and get the Genuine
is indt -bled to tiie plaintiff ill the me,aTii??J213
sum o, Ss.cs.40 due by ivso promiM.ry j
notes and atiacnnieni na isut.u emit by saait, W cenw. own
mvm, and Keeping Pao9 Vk
Smrrtnt tvtm.
uismi the nrHdavit of l'laintifl by J
iisoti an acting .msnct- 01 mt-
l'eace lor sai.l County, returnable to
the Marcb ter a t.f .lie Circuit Court
(i liitrncinar 1 o A ltd tbe same Hi
iuu been settimed by the Sherirl ot
. . ... j ..it: .. 1 .a
ry f ' Sal I V.i -Ulliy lllio SlIU OOO't: h;-m
Tne North American review n r j . . T u j:.-Ui jllt,.r.st of
back platform. The bill is certain of March opens with an arliole on 'Maa- I ixfetitaaul in and to Hve stiifer-
I : f I...,;. ...m ,f I iv Hi.nrv tiffiltre. ...... 1
. ev 1 jjjcv 1 1 1 iirt, . v ---r. -i ... .... 1.1 ...4 u.111 ir 111.. .i-i 111. 11
. ...1, 1 ..... I.. treedom ' one vote. 1 -,- , . . , - , ,i.. i em um m .... .c..
tlUII O' W1MF1W1 1 )0 DrlilgS lO 1 lie IHSCUSSIIUl Ul lli
should hav- towed into the hands of Keiiator Champion baa introduced kackneyed subject a contribution full
nun ho have converted Htates into n 11 to prevt nt land renters and la of originality, freshness and keen in
siirlit: lie noinie out huh aunii'""
- C5 J ft
CUisdlookaboat rmvacss mailed ft. .
plundered provinces ibuninafed by ; hovers from staying judgments for
government created corporations rent and snppltes.
. a 'II' af 1
owning two thousan.t minion?. .11 pro- HHv.rri has introduced a bil
perty and cootrolhnc absolutely , offir(. of ( ount v Super
tacnty tiuvusand nnlftons. AH(I jBtendent af PebKe Inssrrsaettnn.
thc- corporations are constituted of
lef than one hundred persons.
1 ol. M- T. PolK
""The hon.l-men nnd of her friends of
Col. 'o k have subiuitted a compro-
mii pn p 'sition to the Legislature toj
Middleton Sta.. T nn.(
Feb. 2.'?rd, 18JW. I
W bile there is effectual cood con-
tinuallv resulting from the 1 resent
. f 1. a . !.... " a .
1 . . ' I. a. ... S -!', I. I j I llaitrillTlIlll ah I
s, if M he am nut 01 me ociu ii. ov r- n. m ...
a la . a 1 a. a. I . . a , . w 1 , , 1 tlfuJl N
.'or. n.ill.c and Alt v. (ieneral r c 'admit mat tin y w "t
imimemi itsaccejdance, but tlo-te are
others who oppusc and demand that
the pri.'oue. Ie punishetl to the fullest
cvteut of the lj.w. In cuntless
ot deix uiting sheriffs tbe stat. has
been content to he reimbursed and
not protl cute tlie offenders and evn
il . legislature has releaaed them ami
fhtj securities of a'l respoiu ilulity,
but in Polk's case they refuse tbe
1 out v tender nt tl ci v for his blood
basis not altogether without discipline
mid thoroughness hut while t bis ir
the ease, too nianv are depending
cases 1 almost entirely upon these few month-
bv which to educate their children,
and not seeking ut for the pecuni
ary insertl of Iial Sehoaa.
So it is to be admitted, that tht
vad aamber of pupils who are enti
tied to the public term of instruction
can not mora than acquire the ru li-
J h'c plea of eompoun.lim; felony : ments, in consequence of the afcert-
. . . r .
sp ciotis The Eegislatiirs ims a
right to enact any lnw within consti
tutional limits. If it be not compound
ing a felony by r4aving the bonds
men of a defaulting sheriff, why
1 an they not receive paynirnt d
The State will secure nearly nil the
ui mey hist nnd she n-eds fund-.
or over. Folk cotiid have paid
before captn. a and no prosecution
w iuhl have been commenced an I
uess of tinie
Through, in numerous instances,
it is a tiecided advantage to those
who have no other met boil for the
education of their children, while on
the other hand, it is not the same ad
vantage t. those wboare able to mnke
distributions, and will not lend '.heir
id in strengthening a form of -Tri-
vate School" to come in connection
with the "Free School."
It is of vital importance, that we
clearness one source of our poli:icaJ
ills, and proposes a rcmedv that seems
both eminently practicable nnd effi
cient. Robert S. Taylor writes of the
Ruhjugation of the Mississippi", a
vork which, in his opinion, and in
hat of the Mississippi Commission ,
. I' which be Is a member, can be Hi
om pi tobed only by mployintr, tor
he purpose ot deepening and straight
ening the elianne', the forces leei
nped hy the river ifdf. Monciire I).
Conwav contributes a very striking
study of Ghsvdatnssc as a man and a
statesman, showing how even the
more or less sinister m- ral ami inte -
lectual traits of his nature, quite as i
much as his preeminent native fuce
and elevation of character, conspire
to make him the foremost Englishman
of his tune. Hoo. (irorge W. J ilian's
'Railway Influence in the Land Of
fice" is a grave, judicial caps Tc ot 1
the practices which, against the man
ifest intent of the law ud the deter
minatiuns of the highest courts, have;
won for corporations millions uponf
millions of actvs of the public domain.
Richard A. Froctor writes of the!
"Fvrantid of Clieopa": Prof . W. Cj
Sumner ef 'Proteetivc INtxes ami
W acres": EKzur Wright of "Some !
Aspect of Lrife lnnrancc"; and final
ly, there is a sya.po: iuin on ' Kduca
itpsnaJ Needs", bv Prof, tt Stanley
Hall, Ptmf. Felix Adlar, Pie i lent
lboinas Hunter, and Or Mary Put
nam Jneohi. Published at 30 Ln
fayhtte Ploee, New York, and for
sale by bookseller.- generally.
fended to t lie heirs ol the late John
W f id!, ns ih . '.i. heiie' in the l'Jt! ,
Civil I it etc I of said t'mmly. it i
Ihereb re Hde:el that puWkailb.u oe
made ia the Boiivai Bulletin a news
papcr published ill Bolivar Tenn. toi
four consecutive weeka commnndin
the Dcf. ndaut to appear on the Ptb
dat of March 1 JS-S:i, before the aabi
Circuit Court ant I ttetend said cnust
4r tin same will be heard ex jarto.
Uivea under my hand at Office in
in Bivar. ilus latbtlay of Feb.
(i. ( Adams,
Circ-it Clerk.
A. M. Lambeth, Jr.. Atl'y for i'lain
Will be mailed jlb to
t rt eon tains
trMr xtHttimtt nrderirjff 1
ahout m immc. eoo il'.irattnua. ptSxiaa. aorusl
deacrliHious and valuable diicCoiui for iilaotlng
16 Tsriattas of Vesvtabto and Frmrot Swrds.
Planta, sTutt Trar.eo. uiraauame vo au. capeo
lsllv so Market Crardewm. Send for tt !
Feb 2 bit.
Tha tlay ot old" toartom la paste, and THB
WORLD. aeaafitiallT jreople's papssr.
dOTBrtfni 'alias what pluck, enterprise aad
lalint can do tot permanently etrtablisntog
vmu WeiLD oontaons the toteat Tela
avfapblo N own.
fHE woati.n contains all the Local aad
State Hews.
rag a oBLO oontsvlns the toteat and re
liable Market B sport.
Tail WavLa la full off ehoiee Literature.
xmu WOSLD employs a Corps off Cor-
la Use Paper of tha Tinas.
t Bases frt-en a (irpl Tvop ral l.-rfttct Kara ralas
aad la a ro'iTMK ltass.ty fa ait th. liix.svs
that eStrs yatua In thw tower part wl th UJy
Tar-.U L!v Hrs.lnrhes. Jauniltrw. sHssluaa,
ira' at, atalsrla sad all dlnViiilitss t tkm M.lir.
Uiur. aad trli arr Untana. For r.msl. ll-
1 ...... kl..mt. t Menntruallttn. an I Isrla e M
1 . . 1 . 1 .. I . . r.uirr, , lie v. m it m amm
aavtk blaod. sad hrnoa Is the Uest UImmI '-
ias-. it Is the onlr knowu r.uielr CilU .rs
Brtctat's iiliruM- lor Uiabatas oao Wsirw .r
Saf lllab.li'1 Cur.
Far aala by i rasyl'ta aavi iaaiers ai a. ' - I
bottlr. lrare.t Uttla la tiie asarsri. ir i
Mmtjus pi U'oi bkd.
Whteh wtH be always with the Poo
p4 and for the Party.
Daily. WaattLT
TW:1 nALY PASSENGER S'h. 1 rsSta.
"'-' - - - - - i -r- . ft .A I rr.w- ,V..
Xnree mourns, aou i iure uw-.-
j H33XTATJ8;
i rCeO?ximend. It)
m sa r t ri ijAAD fUl
t will apeedily
store boaith y '.
: ccanplaintB !-"
. Xtdxwy-Wort i
yrjuipUy aad aaSSl
, locon tlo nee , rata
Oslirnill C On and after Fb.
IiBBLUULIZ t;. as follows
H.. ABKEB CO Soetsstcs. V. T
z S!
a s s
Z a. lb
A Tua. IS saa 1 -w
lahaa ssvte bctinu tst. an
sir mm
la a 1 a, I 1 . l.aaa.
w iv not 1 a he allotted nw set- l -hM consult r i ne iare num.,
tie. The opposition mast be aetua- , who are to be educated in our districts,
ted by a spirit revenge The , our counties., and in our state. Their
pneoner is reported bv medical e.J are. exclusive ef colored, fourhun
pert to le ia a sinking PhVical c .a- did and eiKht thousand three hun
d.tion but certain men, gloating ' dred and iK.y four pupils in the
over the tUswiitall of a feMotr ritiren, state
would further kick tho chained man,
spurn bis overtures ol pavment anil
Why then should there not he an
interest created in the minds of the
people to furnish all proper means
. m 1 a. -
We enntend I hat the ; neceaaary, for the auvancement 01
., . a tl. : n th. ...1
when he
drive deeper into his heart tbe iron
of remorse
r.:i.lj nfiniii-s are met in the punish th
ment of Folk. He has emptied the perception ot what may, at some pen
cup and whv press it further to , od, be developed in the minds of
hit lipa? itheee learners, fnr our honored old
Tlie state can afford to be merei- i ' rotate" sehb.ra ever sends out one of
tl a twv,.. aJ
fill to anv unfortunate. The money , Her sons, ami ne returns it. n.r v-.n.
interest of the Comm. n wealth demand as dirt tbe Trodical Son,
it h.vtic.. nsks it an., tbe v ice ,.f a teturned to his father's house
rmtmthe: ir t ublie pleads f.-r , And t. aet up a uniform standard tr c a very ntwny frt.m
!. a ..! cy .! I i " . -
in hislH'hilt It is not hon- in t liese J iioiic ccnn..is, we, jiranr ; nt, an i one n mitn uiacovering
leacbtTi", must have all the counseling ' humble garb of the herder men ol
from the Superintendent, that be ha education and retinenu i.t. The; i c
time for rendering the saire; for it is I ftMtd of the freedom ot this mo le of
an isolated case liiat every one, in existence watca alsi promises ho ill h
b:s first attempts of teaching, becomr 1 w,.aUh antl adventure. Many of the
! henlers er hired men are freg'i fr
Coleman t itr, Texas. )
Feb.' 3, 183. f
Mr. Ediior: I bit lbdifar Jan.
2nd. and landed in Texas the 5 inst.
I firnl Tesaa t. le one of tbe finest
outline my eves ever beheld. 1 am
at present us Coienian Co.. I fini
'Coleman" m be a fine stock country
and some probabilities ot it being one
of the leading farming counties in
the state. Although at present, farm
ing is almost in its infancy. Wheat
oata, rveand bariev all do well here,
sorghum, potatoes nad millet :ire a
mail yxra K I
I.ve MemahU ':-5pm 10:45am
Arr Orand Janction 7. IS" 12: Sm
" MHasiS-l S:0" 1:21 "
" CoHnth 3 " 2:17 "
" Ormlar I:S " "
glavensou S:2 " :SS "
" aittanoa .. . ":00 " ll;S "
Lva Chs nooa ' nm S:30 m
" Ster.nsan " 110 -
Derat.tr " 1:M "
Corinth rant" : -
" Mlddteten .1:1 " :
" uranl Jnnetlon 2:05 " T:97
' Memphis teae " "
Is a rVsMlva CnrS
rVea t,
To the East
Cnnectioa is made for all
Easter "nSoutheastern Cities
To the West
f'ast tie to
Ark ansa s and xas Pai&i-
A full set of First Class atsd Emi
grant Tickots on sale at all principal
sure croi), but corn is not a sine crop. Twr " tt"m r'atmfa-
.. K S 1.1 , u... l'.i a to
t oi nil uors tiiirrauo vteii, on i. iri . - , . . . . w...m
A Mrdlrlne rbr Woaai. IaTeated J a weaiaav.
yenr was the first baled ia the county. r-eparsd hj a wiaa.
;i bout :0 bales, but this year there n, c, ,, H-r s,. i.-. .rwa-r.
. i l ... .. . sian . . I Tiwl . .... .
balee So 1 am iuhrcced This barav.n i,theora-icfuneu-a,ci---eia-tieitT -nd Qrany Agents ol ihenoute.
ii (limn. to Ci- rten. rr-torse t'utaasnral lustra to tha -------
country is tnouniainous ami niuy. WMllJlli;, on the pia ee- ot -uu the frcaa
ami well nrtaHtert to sheep raising, ro-eeot ursttrprin. and cy -- tima.
- information address either
cvi iui iiivt wm
Cras'l Ta-s'r Sgwt. -.uai.tlie. M"
ta'tAn'l rssa'r afrnt. MaasfMs. Tanas.
no rev
oi hie kic ft fallen one and es
pecially when with up lilting hands
he i fit rs n stitution.
Y ii are inistakea. geatlcmen, iu
sup oshi that Tennessee will sustain
which is the great growing indust rv tV -Physlctsns Uss M aad Prsscrfos H Fresh f
e ., ii , It rwrooTos falDtncaa, Cu1t-.t. destror sll rratinj
of this country. Men of small or 1 fr .r.drejiswoakneasot the -temach.
large capital can make more by rais
ing sheep than anything else.
There seems to be something
charming about this life, which nt-
t he older
T.at fel.aj r-f boarlnj dowa. eanstno' palm, wvsrfhS
an 1 hatarhe, Is ajwar. pernv--Mrtlr rnrert Sy in nse.
I Partke rare of Kldoey Cossplaiata f attfeer aea
tSla Caaapaud la anamrpaased.
wtil erod.raas ry venture of Huo'Ti Iron
lUnad. and xe tone and rtreaatH to foe ajStuSB. at
man w.naa or hud. In-IM ua -avttif lb
Mis, Mw&k SiLnk
Bisu.rMKi.,Touai-T. Poniember
-r. t d.ct nu-tiTTC t the Summer Basorts and
Mountain Ketraata of TaonaaaM. Virginia aad the
Carolina. Via MaKenste and Naaox;Ue
aarAbmd isttmew by P.O. OrtUr, Begltend
VUr, er Bight Drmt. Addre-
Henderssa Masonic M. & F.
G. M. Savagr, A. M Ctmhsa of F.-scHlt-
IVof. tf KarlfwMS, Fl'i rich, and IJoluvw.
J. R. Ionian. A. M.,
Prof, ot Matheii aticanil NitHirnl P- ienc.
N. P. flaokett. University of Yirjfinia,
l'rof. ot Latin, tirrck, atvl Otiruian.
Mi iatsi Carroll. B. Lit..
Prineipnl of the I -reparaUiry lJep-rtnieni .
Mrs. W. J. Crook, Polite Literaturti
Colasnbia Collepe, t. C,
Princieal of the Monica! IX partmeot.
Miss Cnssl- MsMin M. K. L.,
Teacher of Painting, DrMtrinf and
Cslisth en i-.
J.A.Crook, M. DM
Ircturer on AtiaUmT, lysiwloffr ausl
II. O. iUnkins. lnatrTjc.r in Tleraply J
Tne ProfrsS"f-' aeainsurs will W sppato
ted in dtM tim.
Fset-ehsraet-riiiri: this osllesie:
Broadth and drpth of currieulnm noi
snrpassed by any luertiution In the unn
try. Ths wiarlem ot it mnnarrnrol teated by
the esfriatiera of tbirt--n Jrtra.
The mral saenrity nt Hfntenrs ha per rest
as raa be proiniaro! aiiytfhcre.
IVwruu-M as norlerate aw any business
man eotild ak
Three literary soeiiti-s s rvl a montlili
lifagastrte -gilw'.iig it ar-T.nth Tolurnf
Tbe -on rig latsMs and gentlemen meet on
ly ra the elaas-rooai arwt ahapel hall.
Neat S-wii.n on Hcpteniber 4,
Apply fr CaiabkkSM to
G . Tv. Stovttjfe.
S a '
M as
2 -a a
B .
s as
wa 3
o ar oc
S cacal oo
artavbllabod In l&.
To Merohanta esxlrlng to re
plonlafi tbolr eook of gpoda,, ar
to p"ilron-eo nevr Btockr?, we
vVouJd be pleba to send aq-p-nea
of PrlntSj Preea. QocssbB,
ttevlota, Oottonkdopy oana Seo,
Wholesale Dry Goods te Notions,
32 As 34 Hopkins Place,
Ona of I tie greatest romlorta to tkso expeetlna
to b exinSaadU a raroedy apoa whir tmpll-lt eon
fldet.ee esus b placed on that will pradoe a sad
and sjalck deMrary -one that will contra pain aad
shorten the doraUon of labor, rrurh ta "Tata U0TM
u'n raiaD." Try Hand saa w bat
Tata Unlaoeat when used two or three weeks ba
f ore coallasnast, pruluca a wondeytau aoWt.
snslTi r a vary easy and quick lanar, wtib oaapar
tlTaiy little pata. aad leavva tl. mother la a oati
arilea ta racatae qraektr -ar la otUer waeds tohav.
a good awutair ap. Uadar It use. law wUl sedla
rlfr eeSupy raact. lass Uvan th aaaal Ujaa, aad
the waBinf b dlmlniaSiad bayand esfrrasaton.
TbecondlUoa lor which tbii remedy la USPJIlS U
of web a -baraotsr a to forbid a long array of car
tlfloataa. Tbaa lata rastsd ta It -e ar ratpaet
f uily rfrred ta th buodrad wbo bavs used It.
I meat ear neatly an treat every (eraaie iparHlne
to b ranaasd to ns th 'TtiS Mfiii
runs" Cos Died wttb thta entreaty. I will add
tbac dunn a lr tiaannn praciit-' i-nr iei
. i nave never aaawa t ve wi w m-n. .
0 i CAKD lO rga
V Chromos Cb-ouios
row -t4 PEoi'iift )vig
Itlt-U aiitie. Saiaprefn!clor3c 1
wtn or 3 moi'tliF na trial for Its eta
jUfi Apsviits wantod. bead 25 ts t
out fit and all tltc (vhroBVwft. S47
month and biaid ia your own r rtiuty'
Men or tanHr-1 1 lea-am raii i
fsT"t-125 aMoDth. c3 UfllLfiirC
tl.. the rbj-hat. ltit4. 1 iial snd Moral TYlulo
,'rft l.'Ur..n WailS ilov.-rninent A' . sn enilnei.i
j !! f-1 nil It " VI be bar ! jysar
mslloii UatresSM knoa. I.i.w ! 099 rt, Ssv
Stflit ShI ter ctrriilur aii l b-ruis
W E1EULFK, 1& Atii Ht Phlla r
TfurrT'ATrtTNvi Trr.u ,nb
( ,ire. hv Shilott'e ri VTe HUSISiltee Pa
Wll.l. YH' differ wttli D.vpel arrfl
Lirer I ..mphiini Shil-.li'e V tahler isgaar
iintecd to enre "
rTl.KsT SfloSTT eitwle terts rabh by ttt
terril.U- SOU, HtiiU.'.'e 'ure will rura you.
CtTaltr.n CCaaa lie-ltli und sweet breatN
secured bv Sliil.J.'a I'Tiftrrh Htfnedy. Priea
Mete. Vasal Irtjad'a tree.
Fr laaae Pa4, Hit- .r Cheat. Mae Kbilohs
Purom P.h-ler i ri.-e fSeSs
tan. ' IV on rul t otir'iiirtrli.'ii Cor M
fuil.l lo uaon u irnue li etir.e..iimpiioa
HuitAtt't Vn x - ii"-'- " whit v " t-avl f..r
caw Hip nil-a. Loaaai A..tii, I liasiaMS and
all aesafyisau ( trr;.it. P 11 snd
7.''-t. lcr bottle
Cuovr. Wn Mints' , o i, H hiaiehi
ill.B-liali I v relieve-i h -In n V Curt
-.ih the Comnoandaail Itlood Pnrlfler a
at S aad -U Wostorn Anae, Lynn, Mass. Trie of
elder. Six bottle for Sent by mall In Sb form
of puis, r of loam.-, oa reoatpt of prloe, n pee be Vi taL. riakratcd ColeSgea, l'o
eeeaUbar. Kn. ttukhra freely arisw-r all Irttar of " . .. . : i
lno.'ilry. Bscl ao Vt. stamp. Sor. for pamphlet.
tn MSBlrr held he wtt-ont ITM1 E- Ft-a" A 9
I.I'.'r-Tt rilJ. They 'tire e..nslploei. MUoasnre.
aad v-rptdity of ; b.. liver. S.-, eeass per bo.
o-Hold by all lrruaaflta.- CO
3BJCayB iowsaoaa.. X"-rj.i-'
A ladr trocB oo of th onaasie of ' Mlddl Oest 1 A
aria, who baa aaen actlne. mldwtfjfor assy JO I
Tears, wrltas : "t bar. dl-poead of ifltsi ; M otsj- mXSSU) Jr
ka-s Tntmm r. you sns m aad I ass DBJOrlpTU) ".iaIltJT .
WrTH ITT ta -vary Inataac w bar It has basa rlrJ v
nae.1 Its effaets have beeo all that I could ask. I yy7r,bj.
"aipstaiT a ublbat aiaaBiKs." i r r
. un.. wrilai "Ur all. sad T Mnrw I S
aatt ratsura at her fearth roSrterrM-ii. aad bar l r
las rum n r La that sb paased taiwae rt wba aw- I i I. r ,
batf M U.. -oflV-r'.M, ef O.er of herTerauar netoe I JfV
wesavt. aad raoovared from It In aaaa teas Urea A -
r . ,,, trtia mi rw 11 . uns to i nproara rr mreii men : ro irea t rmti
you m vour vengeiu; warfare on pi-"- i
any unf .ru- ate priSoner-eien. j constant practice and a stru t adln .- CtJlep ; vouths who are servi sg then
You ere wnmZ in ! peW that you ! ence N principles and usages will draw , apprenticeship in the occipiti.. of
, .... u i.ii,;r..r , i,.n,r out ths-se imnendii:e deficiences. kslieep raising, lierdine s ee is a
It jir' in i I'looii tiuiri t nfii tutiii 1. a " -
Tlie peofde ackno e Ige ihe 80 nothing can be at tsavkte iaapor- J very lonesome li "e, but one gts ad:ip 1
enormit of the crinif of Pe4k at.d tance to the young teachers, than f-r ,efl to fJnes time is not alwa -
. a 1 at ni.aa.. LU -s-ab Tiictl . J -' .1 t
jniry b it ve tbat he has been suf- them to attena me aevewi. etnpiovt n in waienin tne sheep,
lutes held in the itinerant locaimes. therefore he has some spare time, i
there they pet the advice ef the Hu- .vhj0h he can use in perusinr 'mt !
perintendent . ami also the methods 0ful bKks, which will enihV h m i
and principles as taught by our oldest t,, while awny his ti ne mure plcas-tnt- i
and most effii ieut tea -hers. ; T 1M ghort, I am web phase i with ;
S. H. Jones
If yoai mj-f) aaiff -rV-rr f rinleaor le'K, r
uc on a bed w-r -eMsaBUfv- c or
fit cxtly jmnil.ed und that low i
IM a
VI nlic iten.
I'e c anot live mutb lenger. even'
if Ii er ted, and is cruel to have him
end hi" days in a cdl.
We ondeinh the wrong in Polk;
an 1 1h l eve that the good r society
nnd t'l claims of justice are vin.b.-u- There are hundreds of insane (eo- ; Cei:ig first, for what suits fae. mighl
te.l in 'lis present punithaieeii, aLicb ' llc all over Tennessee who are tint not suit everyone. Yung men who
is suffi ient unto death. Some re- cared for by t lie .State and in many are steady, sob r and industrious ran
tongof il ; ' would rejoice to see iavjtoavees tKey aea little better caretl do much bettc here than there, but
T Ik c ried to th pt niteiitiarv even fr ut home than brutes. It is a shaine 1 f:lcn vi ith large famiiie.; ta support
on a d nth-bed litter but the cbiistinn ' 'h- t iur boasted civil iatin makes no ai ahort of mcat.s. we ilon't advife
eivilina on of this ago e net bus 10 aderpuate proisin for this unfortu t,coni" hrc. for as t be saying h they
aucb hi xlv ork but r: cynixes thut ' nate ctt-se. and the legislature sbouhl i aill "1 axe a hard mw u weed."
Viatic boi'd be temj-red with mon i lic no time in inciensing the facilitit.- , iir Respectfully,
.1... ..arc ,.f lb. re W T
av V 11 ' i1 " I r jii'i'iu?":!.
liap liulare
It jmi ac a niiile-t
etf wi5 your paesorsj d t
oat w itb oareaad wor er
If vaa fact weak ik: die
kaewtnst wHy,
Hv lilttrr will
will ( nre Yea.
id here crverte-d ytmr-
Man or a saaUcr. wot
Mf rem are atasaty aUbMr;
pkihri. wMAoS sturTy
Hcstara Vo
Ir are a raa of baa
etroin of roar e.-err lii
ir. toQlnc rerer yoaraiasld-aU'.
taese, vcaakeaad hy V
dutie: er a aaaa at U a
Hop Itittcra vrilisHtrencthew Ta.
tt pea are y.-nntr saeJlesiteriiur from T taeu
an frrm mt ie "J ;. J a, e uawasss eaae.
Hop Blrtcra eillkXallrt. Ta.
tivia rountrv. hut Won't Sfivisn.nv one . y i ibj:iUe.,oB ttr h-a, tt
. . , - oeaa asrywaeee. aan msipi iai to e
. .. - . , ;.. 1! Jo-. -- earn aiunr
n llliivv. ii.i r ; .,,.. ins, aivevi a
Uaa liho-ra Islwsat Tea Krcd
a rld. and yeurlpabw Ss feevd,
aasbsa-f , -re I .c-irfliat-laei wasriaa,
Be BMtee win sstew a Mays IAS aad
r . i Bn. Via for SsVaaaab
HartaaB iJtswirs. CaraT taiai-a. IS ss perfect.
a L a 1 an siar .-itr and li ielsb
sai. nt- r rr'-r
s. ,.ed v .recfVu. nay sttun M5c. r. sur bat--T. a. y.
'Rough on liats.'
iverltle, Somlasr ari ovner iur...". ......
tuiloos in the Vata-at. V;a caasle sod Ssh-vllle.
HKBEST aOtTTE to aWassSa, Macon, Jar-ksaaeUla j
and the Florida Orange ltelt. Via McKen-ie, aad
Xaehvllie and Chaitauoo.a.
TUE BEST lt'UTTE to nnta. Macon, Cbarleatoa,
Savsansb, Aujui.la, Coibrnhla. CbarloSt. Knox
rttle. Bri-bei, Rich mood, Morfolk, NVaehJn gfon, Vi
sfcKns. KmbtRI- 4 ChsttanooiT.
By this l ine yra cara tbe
MAXIMTJM "aaT.otrisrAcrtosr
nr su v.r to but TtiUKTitum vi:n thf
.. . as- . V t
. v.J. I A . At - . Ja
Tbe loexreTleoecd Traveler need not
v, . r, -... aeeeeaarv. aad .ar-b S ar ae-
TOtdsl.l. are mad la tnion Ir-.t.
- rrrwsEs
lcn.p-4s mm BtbUe, CalamUo aad Bsahvilir.
ft jn lUsod NasbTlU. Mrkoiil aad Mashiille.
Vsshilil sad loaiev'llr. Barhville sad Cbattr
aeasm snd NaabvlU arid Atlaat.i, coaeeetlnr; wltl.
SVeeveei ta yiartdr petit.
gar farther irrayrai.-.itoa e ;nr nearest a
B ? I si ion Art, or addrtsa
A. Y. STBS ENS. r. A . I !. Texas.
JA5. SrgU, Aea. Muaapbip, T.
A bencactat SOBSSIBg
prrf erred to sawOar art
icles because of it pa ri
te arel rich terf asa. It
SWteee U tf sUrr
the lootbrwl Cblor
prereeti dandnsS aod
f aitiae of th hair,
sea. a e. - a o-t.T
le s
Hhe ale rr mateaded tt sa a ISdr rrt
atKiat to be counted far th nest
t staVTt NtrvKK arvw .a
Tb aaaea ef si 1 Ibeas, aad naar tdbers. oaa be
had by sAllagyt my aswee.
tttaaa or AUaaCa
Orarabry.VW. A wvWSjr
ar ssndy Sa Scarify ta Ms
vabafar to lb rWSewtaa Weil
OELof 80!
WaQdrTfsiTT legMsfiM
St seat sae wwfld
tear Ua esiVa art
lei mbsagO.
Bxtb1 BB. 3n
Bats tat Caest. Bsst atafja
Testa. Bar ssB sstsstas.
rrits4 BxaiA Net sad jtam
Cstss. 0stra aawtst, at., as.
A medscia Is kse.ni by
IS. tem U dn . aod frai
aria rJerer be. eSSodi
Afae my tswraf
Jfof flaf aW'arTytsPrSslwTe
lerAaTJ m tub taxMtaroav of
ctwogfta art. -
Clears out rata, aVace, roaches, flies w r n4rM-t.T. a
ants, bed-bugs, a links, chipit.ur.ks . t,,m. r. ro lak. 4. t. a. NMb'i j T
ellhfr !?c. Irugei.-' ;. i
And Sign Painter.
DA5CEY VILT.E, 1 I r 3- J F.
lie also tl" leeuratiiig antl Or.
namental work in the lat .iyles.
Keeps on hand a IsMgp iss rtm' u
of handsome Wall pa;er, e i.ic' h
will put up at BBssapita ircea. Wei a
guaranteed and rharj;. k rei ionable.
Orders left with Dr. J. 8 ibttyertsoa
Whiteville, will be promj-tlv atttnd- ;
td to. t rl lb
to dm ZoiLStomytiapl
Sj arirri t uiua
bT of aWl hs from
this detrtroyer of
.a sste numiD fsn ,
il? and ita rat.Ul In-
latsts r . cu wnn
tniinpet voioa for
Use xenid. jf home
one to desia
taeans for tlie io
Ihrooeinentof it
Itxrwer, Tbernr
'baa tx-en lii -1
1 r t and Is -a
Ibk trioubands.
O en tii- tuts in
Tentad deteeu
or; aattire has
furnished the
remedy. A v 4 1
Touraelf of It bo-
IT.77 0. rtr-kla..for. It Is V) Vita.
rM)USS8i7b a 1 aotwi a
i aV
tcrsntoates im
ratal destroyer use tb Z ntk,
-ene'C om pound llency of Tar. ss
eud fan
Moore ds tlarrey diuggist,
asa afa m
- -Ml -1 BEB bbssb
' a a
ot Urrittit. -.0 '75,
our Ab:tvatir'.n-
' ' , :, int I
1 1 uiv.ni
i... .
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a!l n ssH cs 1 1 ce. .

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