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(The Bolivar ftoHetiite
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tuarter column, one year 7A OO
i tit h column, one year 40 no
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Half column, six months ?A no
Quarter column, six months 40 OO
Eivrhth column, six month SS OO
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fecial rates givsn on application.
TrnTUi of HMlwiiption:
T--k one year .in advance
Fn six roorth ....
WEAT1IERLY BROS., Publishers.
f I no
VOL. XIX. NO. :u,
(The ftolivat gfnUrtin.
ii ni l ptiti ,
Compiled from Varions Sources.
Is the Si uate on the :ilst a conimunlca
joij wa received from the Attorney-dr nral
f peatlnjr Ills request for Incn n -d clerical
f res. The hill to estali.ish a (o -eat mclfl
nt the hen I waters ol the Mis- in I was reort
favorably. Mr. IMatt addn seed the Sen-
ii th. i.fll to make the fat. nt Ofni e
ta rate d imrtiurnt In the H the
i F-ointion :
n . 1 1; in
r im mvctlgatinii us to food , or Ixiyal Hanua, fa., died from 1 ricnino
UK n IK.rted with a declaration ; . .nd Mr. ,,.!e end aaotkar daughter
II. Hi th. n i 1 1 , r ,11.1 tt,.fr wtina a itSIn tl... I
i v in, e of ( orurres. The resolution wits
-rnniniej. "Ill i-re inirojiieeo: j
make n . -l. California, a port or Se I
iy; 1o niwal the hx on tobacco and I
dlstlll ition oj Hnp es an l neacbes: to I
e -noire tstiili hi ot domestic and foreign
nt urance cnujp.ni -s, to appropriate -l)
tor lellct ot the Mississippi UiwO
ifcrcra; to authorise the appointment of
" Missouri Hiver c nimisslon. Resolutions
wertvoffere l eon-unending Minister Sartrent's
crrlces at Herltn: eslliuv on the Sherman
otnuitlee n hive -titrate the inclnnati
r ot,; celling for a reimrt on the feasibility
ol const rweiins" coast line water-ways. The
t ''ii'- onllar hill wa dlscnrsaed without
lion. Wcpro-eiitaflvc Mm- II. ,1 South Caro
lina, took thpoath of oftii e.
In the .Sena'e on the 1st, tr- bill to ascer
t h in Uic. s v v juiu incuir il by the pnnpls of
Idaho In the llHtmoek war was placed on the
I III 111 The lull for relnd of I he .1. h iiiettc
nirvivors pii--. I The education lull was
further debated ami considerable. ml
lellaqeotis buslnejia, dlaspsod tif....
in the llou-e. ntnonir nmncroUSblrts reported,
wtr. on I . ir msfieetfon of sto -k and arMSN
Maeats. The measure Is substitute for sev
eral others. "I be t rude dollar blt passed Tne
Ke f i-llin ntoii iMnninltt rejMire I s resolu
tion that the c harden nirninst Boyntoti re6
not Htistaiivsi. The report whs Ini I over.
In the H.iate on the U a resoluti. n
'vu icfi r. M to the I ' m iiltte" on Forelr.i Af
fairs. Inquiring: wkeUMr ktte III i'e.i M ites is
I iinnd ti pay ceil-iln a'liounts to Spain for
damages. us'a nnl In sr. 6 IDs postSBfri
tor tm- eas the emclcni-y of the Land
' i (Ii i i . to Improve the iiuue: also
' idra1 wr clsjftil bilNs Tlie du a ion b II
h "ftsrtiset without action .. In the House
the Indian apiuopriatioii bill was ink n up.
Mi RlllsexplaJnlns; Ha provisions. Mr. Throes
mals favored aTcrritori.il (u rnnn nt tor
tin h ' ci i! icd nat Ions. A r ct ss was I aVen
to jrive the members an op-tortunity to shake
hiinls w Jh (ieueral itiuiit, who was e c tried
upon the Hoot i the House. Adjournment
cecum d toyn aftei wanl.
Tiv t he Senate on the .".1 bills were re
ported favoralify Tr brldires at Nash ille.
Term., and White Cloud, Kae. A bill was in-tiodin-i
d to csttiblldi a silk culture bureau,
rite edui nt lotiiil hill wn taken up and Senator
I'l'inlli'tua oppotuii it ou constitutional
: 1 1. aillstr Bsck also spoke airainst it.
ii I it I'or t't lliiiin- in fa or i f t Not
tifl'if sl rm ndnienti wn- jrlv 'ii ...In th
II ii the. rwuU I "ii as mlopted authori.
i it Mi ilnor-k'Tfi ! to em doy" laborers to
toil isc!ie. TUe Indian anpnue iatlon bill
w H 1 i e n nil and an art tndtsi'lll to it boil h
tl. .. in f of IniM in tnspi e ors and have tl Sir
duties neflf i irmed hy army o Beers sras agreed
1 1 is t' tli.it Jo I Hi van, the Anieri-
in. itit.'ij whose (-online meiit III a Mexi
an prison at Victoria caused so much COB
t r-.vei sy , has escaped and reached Texas.
Tin: J rj!H t.ment ol triwtloa is luiiitiii
for Watll( th wit tie-is whose testimony is
wanted in the caae against ex Senator K--I-ksjrg.
'I'm. rei ejii defetii f GeooraJ GtMrdon
was r is1 by I reivliery , lait Klinrtoiiiu
t ill holds out.
1 1 i- prcjraopd by (leneral Milhd to
lull Tompiin wir'i native troops, nnd to
nd in. me th'- Kri iicli reiriments utter the
i apt lire of nong Hon,
On Um SIM k conference conamitl 4
Independent Kepuldieaus met in .New York
..ii adopted aii add res i to be circulated
t hroiighotit. the coaiitry.
Thk A jpr. ipriat i n Committee of lit"
Senate win reuuniBMnd the appropristlioti
ol fi,Tw,ioii for nsrval affairs, being t'',
161,983 m n e than the bill calls for as it
cants front the House.
H im , the English pedetrisn,
says he is goin; to make li'K) miles in the
siv-day race, and that it shall be his last
appearance on the track.
Tnr. i oscillatory policy oi Genentl
(old. m having lulled, he bus iiudertak-ll a
vigorous offensive,
II . Hi mm B. I'VM', of Cliin. lias
Mi ni nnced that he w ill not be a cainlidale
for the I'resiileiicv.
Ar .st llwater, Minn., on tlie 1st, the
Ingli-ll.s im- people . ai i led th election.
?J'n i. t : ei nor o Illinoai ha- offered
a i eward of t-'"" for th-- arrest and convic
tion of Davisej Well., r barfed with the
murder ol . II. Pbats, ol Qlasgow, Scott
OTZatV, in .Match last.
1 it if mi .fi'si-rii GfEtttrr, of Algoata,
I n., dledfon the I -I, aged seventy -tl ve. Ha
sras ordained la New Orleans halt a een
till V ao.
I in "Mtiuicipal Reform AsstooJor
Hon," baa issued a manifesto lo the peopi
of PTnctnriafl dclarlng that recent nocur
rentes darannil a severance of partv poll
t.. t ao-l ipilicipa goveriiuient. They
have nom nated a i-itv Meant.
Tm failure of I ymu A Cnrtisa, tSwit
York toy lie rchants, lor !rlTJ,ts. ', is nn
notiti' c I,
S "i Apaene -tiawa, captured by
the Mexicans, saj that Charlie McCotnas
w W kille 1 b Lis captors.
Tut. htaaral af Mlni.-ter Hunt will
take place at t'ak Hill Ccnireterx, Washing
ton, with military honors.
Tin. IrinJ ql Bill Jopa tin- man who
ti ie1 to kill Guitcau In the prison van at
Washington, will begin April an.
Tm ed tor of the London Warhi, Kd-
nnilid Yates, bus been sentenced to four
months' imprisonment for libeL
Tiik Belffinn a m onicor, Captain
.1 . uliev: , se. u.sed of t in at lug at end., has
dren found guilty by a court -martial, and
will p obalilv I ie expelled from Ibe army.
im Prea!dtBcy of t!:e Mfataojotn
State t'nivcisity, at Minneapolis, ha. l-:-ii
teiideiedfi Prof, t'vrus Wetrtbrup, of Yale
I -llee, .ind he has a-ce-ed.
Tm depart are of General Graham
bai induced Uainan Digna to again Mtaass
the offensive.
i i inflned to his i oont.
Tiik fire inbacketx of
partad to t
New II a 111 I
shire will Inld their S'ale ( 'mm eutiou at
M on iie--ter. BeptetRoer i.
It mil FtKI t says he is not in the
tie'd as a Presidential candidate.
I v tlie Mnatel He-als robberf
Prank .lames will -udi-avor to prove ail
alihi. Pick Liddil has goon to Htintsville,
Ala., to te.tifv aaiiis- him.
t 111 :d iitr;'C Hliss telilied that
be charged luc tiovsrnjweDl only it per
day for his servh Sundays included.
A KKittKT has been made bj the
board ippeinte.t to mve-itiate the eharges
agdlnsl tta'lway Mail Superintendent
French in which they exonerate him.
Bkvatoh Mi:v Intends offering an
nnieiidment to the traie-ddlar bill, p.-..-etdiasj
that these c.-ins be received at
United States depositories raoalnssl
lal half d iilurs, onalsiaing I ti i t grains
Tiik vo:e for (ovein-'r in Bfaodsl 1s
hml on the .'kl was: 11 iiii ne, H -publican,
15,9 .1: Segar, Democrat, Mfft,
Thk Repnblksan Baanforialeancna on
the 31 s provsd ansendnxtnts to the educa
tion bill, limiting the appropriat-o is to te
twven 9o,0n0,O30 and 80.O0O,00bV
It It the opinion of Genaral Graba
tha' Osaiaa DbXua arill not attack !!:
frirnlly triles. Foreign consul": at Cairo
Bpposn the new stamo dut..-..
Tin: remains of o-Mini-tcr I'arttidei,
who committed suicide in Spain, arrived in
New York on the Od.
Ox the ! d the inn-ml of Private
(Je't, of the QoNrMr'i Guard, Columbus,
O., who was killer! at Cincinnati, took
f place at Cnlnn bu with full military lioii
, ors. Governor Hoadly and staff were in
i attendance.
A motion was tiled on 1 1 1 - 3d to sot
; aside (lie verdict of the, jury in the case of
( Hallett Kdbourn vs. John G. Thompson.
On the Mr. Gall- and daugkter,
were lying in a dangerous condition.
MISS t,IlAIU, an AmTloail, was
. .. ... ...
married in fans on the :l 1 to Prince I oiiia-
On the id Prince AndronikoT and M.
Setgnieff, overseer of the Hr. f' t.-rsburg
Powder Works, were arrested on a charge
of Nihilism.
f i nmu i. Qobdom la reported to have
mt with another revers in fie Soudan.
On the M the royal yacht Onbnaa ar
rived at Portsmouth, Fug., Iwarlaj, the re
mains of Prince Leopold.
Chart. ks UtADE, the celebrated Kng
lish novelist, is reported to be Hearing Ins
A t.iKL fourti en years old named Jes
' sie Peebles, committed suicide a: Hamilton,
I Can., on the ISUh.
lii tmknts have been found against
live of the men engaged in the recent stre -t
butchery at Hot Springs, Ark., for murder
1 in the first degree.
A Lama number of wrecks we-e re
: ported on the Atlsntic const on the Mist.
On the :Ust Edward Bennett was sen
tenced to six years' imprisonment for burn
- ing bis own house in Milwaukee, Wi.
Tiik County Treasurer's oAoe at
' I reeiisburg, l'a., was robbed by burglars
on the 1st.
i A mtAKKMAN named Kli'ah Wr'frbt
was run over by the cars at. Union f'ny,
Tenn., on the, "1st., nnd received injuries
j likely to prove fatal.
) the -M Wm. Harnett, fifty years of
ng -, was, together w ith his horse, struck
I by lightning and instantly killed near
I Youngstown, O.
A PKISOXKB set tire to the jail at
Waterville, Me., on the :!d, nnd perished in
the flames.
I n the United Stains during I be month
of Mar.-h the fire losses were !. 110 01111
On the .'hi the Miebfaran S:uv Works
nt Fast Saginaw were total! J destroyed by
tire. Loea.fl09.00n.
Tbefe w:is big lire in Ptttern ster
Row, London, on tue Mi. TLe dlveeaioa tf
the wind was nil that saved St. Paul's Ca
thedral. The loss reaches i l,.VKi,"0U.
Bv tlie burning of the steamer l!e
beec.i JCve in,"ham on the C.-.afahoo-.-liee
itiver st Fitzgerald's l.aiuling, near Flor
ence, (ia., the morning of the ill, twenty
lives are reported lot.
Wbu walking on the railroad track
a'. Dunsniore, l'a., i n the. '11 lour Hungarian
laborers were killed by a train. They were
cut to pieces.
IXlBHKJ a recent ".ale :i Dnafadi l ark
was wrecked off the bbetland 1-b's and fif
teen of her crew were dr wt-e I.
o INcer of the British army has
been detailed to uasieoS the di-teuses of
In the lirst tiuarter of this y ar thera
were t'.Ki iuoi-e businttsa failures than in the
same time last y-nr.
Thk I ogus butter tra te of that
country is being investigated by the British
Foreign HBoe.
T hoops are being massed by Ger-
inaiiy on her casti ru frontier.
On the Slat the steam skip San Mat-cos
w ith PJ6 paseangen aboard ran aground
n ar tlalvest n, Tex.
O i.r, the cas trust fun ! entbessler
in Philadelphia, Pa., goes '
the I'eniten-
tiary for one year.
PllKPA KATIt N8 afe heitig made
Niii l h I iei man Llovd Cominnv to run
line of s e i uishi p I from Yc rn t'ruz, Mex ic,
to tlermany.
hint the iuart r end'as December
31, the gross receipts of the I'ost-illie Da
pat tin nt were S8i,063 less than for the
last ipiarter of NJ8S.
Fk Marob Ike actual da r as in the
ulilic ilelit w as tH, s, :;.:!.
Tiik boat race between Oxford and
Cambridge has been postponed to April
on a- tint of Prince Leopold's death.
Ivii.kkst aaaeantiaj to WVK,038
..ii M- xicaii National bonds fell due on the
1st nud th-- company wa unable to pay.
Thk Chamber of Commerce t' Rot
terdam asks the Dutch IllHill Himillt to pre
vent the i onsneisaetlun of the Anglo-Portn-
j;ue-e Congo treaty.
r. M 'C;m will introdnce a joint
resolution in the House of Re presents til .s
for the appointment of n -ommis-sion
ot two BMMtb -i s from each State
to take seps for calling n convention
U pi opose constitutional amendtn -nts re
lating to the Pi esidaial sin -cessi n, OXer
cise of the veto power, woman sufftage,
On Uui 1st. onder protection of the
troops, another murderer ventured to tak"
up his abode in the f.neinnati ,lail.
Qcm a number of rotib M ies of the
mails between Toronto and Quebec, Can.,
have occurred lecentlv. No clew.
A r Troy, N. Y., the carpenters are on
a srik their demand Ix-iii ., tour o'clock
knoi k-otf Saturday afternoon.
Tunas was on tne 1st in the United
Stat 's Treasury ! ISMT&.XKI cash.
Thk. annua ' fisfa exhibition at Fatten
Ma' k -t. New York, opened on the 1st.
Is Asiit Minor Turkish agents a e at
tempting to clos schools conducted by
American I'rotestant nslsiionsrlfis
Tiik British troops un.ler Genaral
(irnham have left Snakem tor Suez. Tin
lnUihitants are disgusted and Qsasaa Digna
is stealing their cattle.
Nkvk Gresunda, Miss., two knndre-j
mules have died w ithin a few days, Irom
the buffalo gnat.
Thf. me ting of the ex-Confoderat e
soldiers and memla-i s of the (trand Army
of the Republic in aid of the ex-Confederate
Soldiers' H une, w ill le held at Cooper
I'nion, New York, April".'. (Jeneral (irant
will preside.
Tut Board of Trade of lubupie. la .
has adopted resolution, opposing the pri
SSd route selected for the Hennepin Cannl.
Iris said (hat birxMgn immigration is
crowding the na'tves out of I'lt stiurgh.
Pa. Seversl hundred families talk oi
forming a colony in Washington TetTitorj .
The advance guard has already g ne.
It is osnnlsllj reported by the Y ienn
police lepartment HSSS the assassins wh
have lieen doing anarchist SBUTSlsrs ther.
acted under orders of a central couimitte
in New York, of which Herr Most is chic'.
Thk Illinois Central Hail mad Com
pnaj has tiled u bill in the United State.
C urt a' Jackson, Mi.-., praying for an in
I junction to restrain the Kailroad Oanunls
' sioners from interfering with the road ir
, anv way.
Tm: barricades in ine'nnnti have be. n
() the 1 st the "et'irtiin Ohio troops
were warmly welcomed at all stations
along the line, and at Columbus a
ovation was given them.
The usual annual readjustment of
Postmaster'., salaries has began.
Km;i.ani has made a demand on the
Porte for the treatment accorded to tlit
most favored nation.
Thk Liberal party in Cermany is as
suming greater importance in the politics
of the Empire.
Hlssia has been wane 1 by a Tit'is
journal not to be too sanguine of oxteodin
her rule in Central Asis.
In Madrid the editor of a comic paper
has been sen'.enced to eiht year' impri-i-oam
'lit for publishing an offensive carica
ture of King A Pons i.
Tan famous running ho se Leonotus,
the winner of lust year's Kentucky Derby,
who w as looked upon as the grea'est race
horse ever foa'ed. has broken down.
Thk British Covcrnment considers it
unnecessary to send troops to Khartoum.
On the 9t tan second annual conven
vention of the Western Stoclc drOwerV As
sociation eoSBSBSncasl in Dodge City. Kas.
Gkeat damage was done by the tor
nado on the 1st in Kastern Indiana, West
ern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.
On the 'd twenty-nine Uaited Matc
prisnnsrs convicted of offenses in the
Indian Territory were sent to the Detroit
Mouse of Cot rec'ion.
Thk Legislature of Ohio is cons :dcr-
s veral measures for relief of those
w ho suffered injury or losses at the hands
of t1 a Ctaciaaasl rioters.
On the Sd Santiago de Cuba sus
tained slight damage by an eart .ipiake.
I in inn'ati is pea -ef ully engaged in
jirepurat ons to repair damages.
Thk. barbed wire manufacturers have
ordered another advance of ten e cent.
x the 3d the semi-annual m eting of
the United States Kailway liail Sjrv ce
Mutual Benefit A sociation was held at C. -lu
tubus, o. ,
Thk National Vool Growers1 Cesv
vention at Ciieago will lie held May 111 m
stea 1 of May 7. Tl is will bring the con
vention and the National Iiidus'rial Con
gr ss in close proximitj'.
The International Congress of Polar
Kxplorers seat in Vienna on the &L
An order has been issued by the Sec
retary of the Mexican Treasury that all
employes of his department known to l're
ajustil gambling houses will be discharged.
On the 3d the steamship Neptune ar
rived at St. Johns, N. F., w ith the larpest
seal eaSCSI on record 1,6 0, -.luedat l.J,
DOO, the re ulr of tv elve day..' work.
In the British Hofnii of Comaoss on
the I H Ulsdstone stated that tiorden was
not under orders to remain at Khartouin,
I nt coul l withdraw when he chose, and
WSS believed to be perfectly sa'e.
A pool, on emigrant business has
been formed by the I rank line--.
Gbobok Jones, the colored 1 oy mur
derer, was banged In Cincinnati on t. e ;ld.
John ani Geo ROE STkphknson were
exe tite.i for nssnrder at Regina, Kritlsb
A in -rica. on the " I .
THK Holland Minister of Foreign Af
fairs states that the Covet Timeiit is negoti
ating regarding the Congo treaty.
A new scheme is presented for de
fraying the i tist of improvements on the
Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Hoad.
It involves a fSl,O0J,OS0 mortgage.
MoHtiAN C v.MMAt K, t'ie Texas cotton
swindler who turned State's evidence
Sga'nst his confederates and then Med. hns
been captured at. Cuaymas, Mexico, and
will be returned for trial.
Archbishop Axnaoxv of San Fran
cisco says that he knows no long alsut the
est alilishment of a branch in that city for
the reception of legacies ami donations t;
the propaganda, as cabled from London
March 82.
Tub New York Produce Fxchange
has adop'ed a memorial to Congress, ask
ing legislation to check the coinage of sil
ver dollars.
JUBGI Baxtek, of the Unite 1 States
Circuit Court, in session at Cincinnati, on
the 3d, ordered a decree to be entered in the
silt of the National Telegraph (' utipany
vs. The New Y'ork, Chic igo & St. L, asis
Kailway Company, enabling the National,
now controlled by the Baltimore & Ohio
Telegraph fiisspailjT. In open its line be
tween New Y'ork and Chicago over the
Western Shore and Nick"l-Plate-Hoad.
In the Senate on Ike 4th, the bill to
authorise tlie appointment of a sonunisstoa
I-, settle the Texas boundary question was
placed on tin- calendar. A resolution to
appropriate S ino,i on lor the protection of
Mississippi 1" vi es w us referred to the Hiver
Improvement Committee. Sir. Bayard
adrlressed the Senate against the
education bill. Mr. Gibson favor-
d it and Morgan opposed ' it.
Mr. Butler gave notice of nn amendment
providing that the nnd to ba appropriated
should be raised by direct tax levied upon
the States . . . .In the House the Indian ap
propriation bill passed and the private cal
en lar w as taken up. An evening session
was held lor consideration I pension
Tm employes of the Repablie Iron
Works at Plttsta gh. Pa., base tan nai
lied that a ten per cent, reduction of wages
would take etl.-i-' on the 7th.
Thk fail a tea for the wees; ended the
etii are : United Slates, 178; Canada,
again.-'. l for the previous we, k.
Till steam -hip Daniel St 'innian. from
Antwerp to Halifax, foundered off the lat
ter port the nigM f the ;!d with 191 per
son on board, inly nine
SSI etl.
Tnr ('ueeri of Taha'i
her homeward j is rosy If
of whom Wi re
as start
i Enrope
d on
'I'm: .Japanese .'overnment has tin
taerised Ibe sslsblishssoni ot t a guilds, to
w h-ch all denjt rs and producers must be
long, for tt,' pel pose of preventing the
adulteration ot teas.
A I'.kki in dispatch cf the 1th an
nounced the b ntk ot Uustav llti blei, the
emlarint painter.
FonnTwaTt bombs Wills sad ten ritles
hav.- been discovered in a '.ouse in the su
burbs of Madrid. The occupants ef the
house have leeii arres'ed.
Joan Htiiiiii i 's he i ltli is improving.
A I'Assi.xiiKK train ran off the track
on the Brand Trunk Railway bstwesa Mon
treal and Toronto, Can., on the 4;h. The
engineer aril fireman were killed and a
numlx r ot pas senders injured.
Tiik remains of Prince Leopold won
received with impressive i ert monies at
Windsor n tl e 1th.
Thk. had sj easfeaci Bttge (TTi nasil i)
declares that Stanley has iudetiniti ly
abandoned the Congo mission.
Maiiv Anim l;sn, the famous Amer
ican seafsss, now in Loadsas, is said to ie
SsnTorHSg from insomnia, brought n by
overwotk and excitement.
Pa thick Giieen, aj:c 1 sixteen, em
ployed as water boy on ., Chicago A Alton
construction train, fell from the front of a
SWHeh engine en Wfcica he was ri ling in
the ai d at Blooniingfon. 111., on the Ith,
and w b rag over and killed.
The most destructive of the series of
cyclones w-hicu sw ept over the Southwest
reeenMy seems to have been that in the
Bluegrass region of Kentucky, which de
stroyed the villages Colmansville, Conroy,
Antioch, and Mount Nebo. Four jiersons
were killed and five mortally injured near
Al saloni Watkins, of Chattinooga
Tenn., died a few days sine". Ho had lor
many years been connected with Cincin
nati, Louisville and ChaCanooga newspa
AP'nd I'jvv'i, a wealthy fa"incr ol
Seipiache County, Tenn., was beaten to
death by a tramp w hom be sheltered a few
nights since. The tramo is in jail.
Bdoorj it S wen ford's Baw-mill at
Orange, Tex., caught lire a few nights ago
from a furnace while the watchman was
asleep. The building was consumed. Loss,
:2',U; insurance, ;",000.
A Yliss Left's Smith, livino- several
miles east of Hexington, 8a., killed her
newly born infant child a few nights ago,
and the Coroner's Jury returned a verdict
of infanticide.
John Johnson, a German laborer in
the capital quarries at Austin, Tex., was
killed a few mornings since by a falling
The bu in ss men of Dallas. Tex., re
cently telegraphed the Texas delegation in
Congress requesting them to vote for the
extension of the lionded whisky bill, as
they thought the defeat of the bill would
produce a panic. The panic can now mate
rialize. Savannah, Ga , has the oldest opera
tions in the United States.
Thk people in the vicinity of Athens,
(ia., have been afflicted for some time past
with a female trump. She passes under
the name of Mrs. Glanter, the name of her
third husband, now living in Eiberton.
She has raised a great excitement among
the negroes and ignorant, whites by her
curious tales and revelations, and crowds
of whites and negroes flock to the house
w here she is stepping to have their for
tunes told. A negro preacher left his pul
pit to see "that woman what tells people's
fortunes." She is taking it cowboy fashion,
and is armed with two pistols, which she
drew on a negro, whose opinion w as not
iatterinc; to her ladyship.
A citi.cn o" the County of Greenville
S. C, has written to the Commissioner of
A rriculture in Charleston tendering speci
mens of iron ore for exhibition at the New
Orleans Exposition. The writer offers to
fii-nish ore of the same kind w-hi -h
K -rufh smelted and forged into musket
barrels for the United S'ates Government
for use in the war of 1SI2, the works still
existing at or near a paper mill in Green
ville Conn'y. The ore having been used
tor that purpose. It must have produced
iron of superior qualitv. The writer says
he could furnish a sufficient quantity for
Fxpo.ition purposes ot the ore dug by
Korruth Unsetf, if preferred. The ofTer
has been accepted by the Commissioner,
and the ore will form an attractive part of
'he South Carolina exhib'ts.
Springfield, Hoberlson County,
Teiir., is to have as e l sl ov April 12.
A cp-a'l with white wings was killed
neat- Sparta, Tenn.. a few divs ago.
There are. lift v illicit distille ie aud
only three licensed ones in one district in
North ( "arolinn.
At a recent tire in Starkvillc. Miss.,
the young ladios ol that place formed a
iiicket-and-' ub tirigade.
An Augusta (Ga.) ecTior says tl at
Bve men in the Southern States now read
the newspapers when one man read them
ten years ng .
Michael Hums, ah tcl wa'ter at Pal
las, Tex., was shot dead a few days a-o by
a St. Louis drummer named Willis Adams.
TberJ was a woman in the case, as usual.
There were Careats of lynching Adams, but
wiser counsels prevailed.
I'carce & Hrotiers' bob and spoke
factory at Chattanooga. Tenn., burned a
tew days ago. Loss $90,000; insurance,
(P.'.OO i. Fifty hands are thrown out of em
I ill H I st
In Fayetteville, N. C, a few days
ago, greet excitement was caused by the
at' empted assaination of General Brady,
who was in the city on a visit. The affair
K mysterious, the would-be slayer being a
woman. General Brady was leaving a
house in the center of the city when he
heard pistol shots fired in rapid succession,
and one after another the balls whizz"d by
his head, but did not touch him. He called
for the police and when they came up and
made a search they found a woman con
cealed under the porc'j of the house. She
held in her hnnd a revolver, the barrel of
which had been just discharged. She re
fused to make any explanation.
A commercial traveler who arrived
in Knoxville, Tenn., a few days ago and
registered in the Atkins House as "Tunis
Way, Philadelphia," was found dead on
the floor of his room. Although a man of
apparently strong physique, he haiLbeen
complaining of sicknes s since his arrival,
but was walking about the premises at a
late hour the previous evening. Mr. Wil
son, of the Atkins House, at eleven o'clock
called to give him medicine, nnd found
Way laying dead on the floor. Coroner
Hardinhurg stated that Way had died of
congestion of the hsnTS, and that there was
im indication of poisoning.
A man half dead Was picked up under
the bridge over i'rini.y Hiver at Dallas,
Tex., a few days ago. He was taken to the
jail and medical attendance given him.
He returned to consciousness sufficiently
to state that bis name was James Wilson,
of Collin County ; that he had been at w ork
in Dallas several days, and that while
w alking across the bridge the night before
some one struck him with a sand bag,
knocking him off. He believed the party
who struck him to I- Iewis Bransford,
who, eleven years ago, killed his ( Wilson's)
fattier in Lamar County, Tex. The wound
ed man w as in a precarious condition.
Strawberries plenty in New Orleans.
It is almost certain that Morgan
I '. unniack, one ot the llallas (Tesc) OuSlua
swindlers, who was released on $13,020
witness bond on promising to turn State's
evidence against his pals, has left. It was
supposed he had gone to New Mexico. De
tectives have been employed Jto hunt him
down again.
Dick Lindsay and J. M. Coopoi
quarreled at Jacksb-.ro, forty mil"s north
of Knoxville, a few days ago over a game
of cards. The latter was shot through the
stomach, and it was thought he would
ceriainly di".
Mt erschaum has been discovert d in
some parts of No; th l a sttaa.
Theo lall was shot and mortal ly
wounded by the accidental discharge of
his gun while hunting near Shreveport,
L-., a few days ago. The whole charge en
tered his forehead, Bail J lag away the en
tire front of his skull, leaving the brain in
view. Mr. Dall is a native of Piqua, O.,
and only arri-ed in Shreveport recently to
accept a position in his brother's store. He
was not expected to live.
M. Logan, aged twenty-live, c m
toitted suicide eig.t miles east ot If no I
ville, Tenn., a few days ago, while in a tit
of temporary insanity, by blowing I'js
brains out with a musket,
H10T ANT bloodshed.
Citizens of Cincinnati, Ohio, Exasperated
Over the Ilefeat of the Ends or .Justice,
Seek Summary Vengeance An Attack on
the .tail Brings Them in Conflict With the
Mintla, Resulting in the Kilting- and
Wounding ot Several Citizens The Mob
Arming; Escape ot the Murderer, Ber
urr, Cincinnati, O., March 29.
The most exciting night ever known in
Cincinnati has just closed, and the city
this morning is in a stunned and dazed
condition, people asking each other with
bated breath and blanched check, "When
is all this to end?"
Tie deep feeliug of indignation which
has possessed all minds at the pusillani
mous action of our courts in a
general shielding of murderers
from the penalties due to their
erinies was multiplied aud intensilled by
the shameless verdict of imprisonment
for a limited term of the red-handed mur
derer Herner, indicted for and clearly
proven guilty of the deliberate aud brutal
murder of Wm. H. Kirk.
A meeting was called by some of the
best citizens to protest against the action
of the jury, and by seven o'clock Music
Hall was well tilled with a constantly
increasing crowd. Long before the
meeting was called to order ten thousand
people crowded in the hall and
surged about the corridors and tilled
the space in front of the building. The
looks of the people were ominous of evil.
Those who called the meeting soon saw
that they had raised a storm that might
end in a whirlwind, but it was too late to
back out. They organized with a long
list of Vice-Presidents and the usual
officers. They intended to counsel together
and advise as to the best means of
ridding Cincinnati of the stain that was
on her. The more moderate the better,
in the presence of the angry element.
The people were aroused it was not a
mob of the lower classes, but an angry
gathering of the best citizens, indignant
beyond control a smouldering tire that
only needed a breath to fan it into a roar
ing flame.
Dr. Kemper, a respected citizen, was
made chairman, and made a conservative
speech counselling moderation and dis
closing how to correct the abuses of
criminal nroceednre aud jury trial. An
allusion to the Herner jury was met by
cries of "hang them;" "hang them all;"
"lynch 'em." One man called out: "I
thought we came here to organize a vig
ilance committee; if so, let us go to
work." Shouts of "Yes, yes," mingled
with a few feeble noes" greeted the sug
gestion. Order was partially restored and the
speaker introduced General Hickenlooper,
who spoke in the same strain, with fre
quent interruptions of the same sort.
Then Judge Carter comes forward and
addresses them, giving his long experi
ence on the bench, and saying
he had not heard of such an out
rage on law in all his life before.
II the jury was believed to have been
di-lrouest in ttiis matter they should
be allowed to leave the country, for
they were not tit to live in a civilized
A voice called out : "What about Tom
Campbell, the great criminal lawyer?"
"If he is as dishonest as you seem to
think he is, let him go, too," replied the
The answering cheers almost lifted the
A big brawny fellow in an upper gal
lery let down a rope in the sight of all.
It was suggestive, and iu a minute a score
more of ropes were in sight, aud shouts
o'. "Hang 'em all;" "gut the jail;"
"shoot them down on sight," etc., were
heard on all sides.
Hesolutions strbng and sharp were
hr. .tight in ami passed with a whirl. A
friend of Campbell, Benners Laymer,
tried to amend them, but the crowd
would have none of it. Tln-y became
more and more boisterous; their blood
was getting hotter; the tiger in men's
bosoms was awakened. The leader saw
they must, if possible, avert mischief aud
as quickly as possible adjourned at '.' :45,
and iu live minutes the hall was empty.
Mayor Stevens was sick in bed and the
whole duty of preserving the peace rested
upon the Sheriff.
At five minutes of ten the tire bells
struck 621, the number of she Court
lmuse. Instantly the city was in commo
tion. Everybody knew what it meant.
Crowds filled the jail. Fifteen thousand
people were there in fifteen minutes.
The first overt act was by some boys who
began to stone the jail. Very soon a
crowd gathered. It was soon reinforce! I
from the Music Hall meeting. Iu a short
time all the windows of the jail were
The crowd had ropes. They broke into
a carriage factory across the street and
took out a huge beam sledge-hammer, &c.
A dozen men ran with the beam as a bat
tering ram against the jail doorand forced
it open.
The police upon arriving in the vicinity
of the jail commanded the crowd to move;
not being obeyed, they tired, but as no
one was hurt It was presumed the police
tired in the air they beiug deeply iu sym
pathy with the movement to condemn
the outrageous Berner verdict. A shot or
two was tired from the jail, but the crow d
refused to move.
Inside the Sheriff, Jailer and Deputies
kept themselves as calm as possible.
The mob found Berner gone. They
tried to find the Burkers and to batter
down the cell door of one of them. By
this time the police were thick about
them. They got possession of the jail
ami restored order in a slight degree;
but they did not dare to make any ar
rests; the mob would not allow it. They
filled the house and roamed about un
checked seeking some luckless criminal
ou whom to wreak vengeance. There
was shooting but it was up to this time
only from the mob firing in the air.
The First Kcgimentof the O. N. G. were
drilling in their armory a couple of squares
away from the jail. Sheriff Hawkins
brought over a detachment and intro
duced them into the jail through the cel
lar. The mob filled the corridors. They
were ordered to withdraw, but refused,
and the militia opened fire, shooting,
perhaps, sixty rounds. The corridors
were tilled with smoke, the gas went out
and pandemonium reigned, but the mob
was driven out.
What the effect of the s'looting was on
the mob is not at this hour (miduight)
known. Two policemen were shot bj
the rioters, one militiaman, one civil
ian and one boy, the last badly hurt.
The mob remained outside howling,
yelling and threatening vengeance.
They gathered np material and
made a bonfire against the
strong, thick stone walls of the jail.
The flames made a great light and a yet!
was raised that the jail had been flred. It
looked as though the mob had deter
mined ou a wholesale holocaust. An
alarm was turned on and the engines
came to the scene, but could not get near
the place for the crowd, and set ing w hat
it was, went back again. There was no
tlangcr there of tire. The mob kept pres
ent, howlii g as very demons, but doing
,o confusion was ever worse. No one
could get inside the jail to tint! out the
situation there. It was an hour and a
half before a boy shot Inside could be
brought out.
During the confusion
to impossible to
facts, but at 1 :30
were Quieting down
it was next
get at the
a. m. things
some. It then
appeared that there was an actual con
flict between the mob and military . When
fly, umer door between the reception
room and cell rooms was broken down
the military tired on the mob at that
place and Lew Kent, a laborer
aud member of the mob, was
shot and killed. This seemed to break the
spirit of the mob, though they did not re
tire hastily. A number of brickbats were
thrown by them at tfec soldiers and po
lice, but generally there was not much
bitterness of feeling displayed on either
side. The great superiority of the de
fenders of the jail over the unarmed and
impromptu mob w as so manifest when the
former opened lire that It would
have been utter folly to make any further
effort. Some twenty-five or thirty men
were arrested in jail. The jailer's resi
dence in the jail, which was entered by a
portion of the mob, was rudely handled,
the windows broken and furniture
smashed. From this a number of men
made their way Into the kitchen and
thence to the lower corridor. After the
apparent relinquishment of the main ef
fort to get at the prisoners the mob lin
gered outside, throwing stones and brick
bats at the windows.
1:45 a. m . News just comes from the
jail that tlie mob is not defeated yet.
They have broken into the armory of
the Veteran Kegiment and taken the
guns. More firing has been done at the
jail. The mob is now looking for ammu
nition w ith a prospect of success
The mob broke into tlie National Guard
armory, took out about 1,000 nusfcets,
formed three abreast and marched to the
jail. They shot away all their aminuni
and then inarched down Main street aud
broke open Kittredge's gun store, which
they rifled, taking everything they could
lay their hands ou in the shape of arms
and ammunition.
2 a. m. At this hour the number of
the mob is perhaps from 2,000 to 8,000.
They are swearing they w ill yet get in
and hang all the murderers inside. They
have procured a barrel of coal oil and
poured it over the Sheriff's ortice, swear
ing they would yet burn down the build
ing, and some are meditating tin attack
on the gun stores for arms. The militia
:'.mnoiicc are all on tle Inside awaiting
The mob fired ou the soldiers when the
latter came up from the cellar. The
murderers in the cells were scared nearly
to death. Johnson, the black burker, was
nearly white.
The First Hegiment's armory has been
guarded for three nights in anticipation
of this affair, but the Veteran regiment,
of which Sheriff Haw kins is Colonel, did
not take the same precaution.
3;15 a. at. Newton Cobb, of Man
chester, O., was shot in the shoulder by
a soldier, through the jail window. Cobb
was a by-stander on the sidewalk. The
crowd claim soldiers are tiring un
necessarily upon the outsiders merely
looking on. On the oth-.-r hind tire
soldiers dread an effort to burn the
place or blow it up by rolling coal oil
barrels into the basement and justify
themselves iu clearing the sidewalks on
that account. It is said that a number of
women spectators have been hurt with
random shots. The tiring of guns is still
heard at intervals.
2:30 a. m. The firing by soldiers from
the windows has been terribly destruct
ive. The following wounded have been
gatlwred into the drug-store at Court and
Walnut streets and al the hotel near:
James Green, dying.
WTaiter Fay, dying.
James Turk, mortally wounded.
F. Soehn, bad wound in thigh.
Ed Duleff, shot in the legs.
These were all bystanders, and there is
a growing bitter feeling against the
The mob has taken all the arms they
want from Kittredge's store, including a
small cannon.
ClNClM!ATI, O., March 29.
Berner -as sentenced to twenty years
in the Penitentiary, the full limit
of the law. It appears that after
the sentence he was disguised and placed
in a buggy with Deputy Sheriff
Domiuick Oevoto and driven tol.inwood,
where they got aboard the Morrow ac
commodation and went to Loveland
to await the arrival of Criminal
Deputy Joe Moses with the neces
sary papers for committal to the Peni
tentiary. It became known that Berner
was at Loveland and a crowd gathered.
When the train with Moses aboard came
iu and Devoto anil Berner went to board
it the crowd made a rush for Herner. He
ran through a car and escaped, and is
still at large.
Berner, when he escaped from
the mob, rushed through the la
dies' car, knocking a woman down. A
man shouted, "Train robber! Shoot
him!" Four revolvers were drawn but
none fired as he was so quickly out of the
car. He jumped off, and was seen by a
woman to run to the river bank, where
he passed out of sight and has not since
been heard from. The people blame
Deputy Sheriff Devoto for carelessness
in "joinr; about with Berner with no
A Fatetu! I all.
i Nt'lNNATl, O., March 2S.
Wbile a four story building oo
Central Avenue was in course ol
demolition, its walls fell in at noon,
burying eight laborers.
Bennett Heckman, Geo. Wllley, Win.
Andebrach, and Joseph Ackennan were
removed to the hospital, badly In j need .
Aug. Kirchenmeyster and three others
have not yet been found.
August Kirchenmeyster, a sub-coa
tractor, was the only person killed out
right at the accident at noon to-day. iv.-v-en
persons were taken out of the ru'in
more or less injured, and taken to the
hospital. The body of Kirchenmeyster
has not yet been found.
A Chance for a l)am(r Suit.
Alton, Ii.i... March 2S.
The Springfield accomodation train
on the C. & A. Koad arrived
late last evening and stop
ped only a moment at the depot. Captain
John Cotter was a little slow in alighting
from the coach in which he came aud was
pushed off just as he reached the low -r
step. The train was in motion when he
fell and the wheels of the last coach
passed over his left, hand, almost cutting
it off. He was alse bruised about the
bead and shoulders. As he Is quite an
old man, it is feared the wounds will
prove fatal.
The Miners and Their Troubles.
"JTTSBCIUilt. PA.. March IT.
The rate fixed by the meeting of miners on
Wednesday does not meet the approval of
some of the pits. Consequently half of
the miners employed in the fourth pool
went on a strike yesterday. In the third
pool also there is the worst kind of a kick
at some of the pits. The diggers refuse to
work for three and one-quarter cents, and
the ojierators moreover are not a nnit In
the payment of that rate. The sentiment
of a majority of the miners in the river
district is in favor of a strike, If for no
other purpose than limiting production.
A Mysterious MI Strike.
Pittsbcroh, Pa., March 2.
There is much excitement in the oil trade
over a new well at Dubois, Clesrfleld Co.
The derrick and approaches to the well are
tightly boarded up and no person except
the-workmen are allowed within the en
closure. Even tlie employes have ben
obliged to take an oath of secrecy. Sev
eral scouts from the Bradford regions
have been there within the past few days,
but when the attempt was made to ex
amine the workings of the alleged mys
tery they were nrnil denied idmisuion.
Two More SJIKhtft of Terror in Cincinnati
OTer Two Hundred and Kifly I'enons
Hilled and Wounded The Curt-Ho'W,
With All the Hamilton County Itecords
aud One of the Finest Law Libraries in the
World Bol a i Tl eeps From All Parts of
the State March to the Rescue nnd (Suc
ceed in Dispersing the ltiotern.
Cincinnati, O.. March ;W.
If any faint hopes were entertained that
the awful work of Friday night had ap
pcased the incendiary spirit of the desper
ate mob w hich made the streets run with
blood, they have been rude'v dispelled by
subsequent events.
All day Saturday strangers from over
the river aud from this side poured into
the city, and, like timber coming In con
tact with the spark, were all aflame with
the spirit of lawlessness as soon as they
mingled with the levelcrs already engaged
in the work of destruction, and added
fn sh fuel to the tires which for a brief
hour had smouldered.
All day loug crowds, mostly of curious
spectators, thronged the neighborhood of
the jail. Toward night they Increased
Then the Sheriff began to prepare lor
business. Barricades were built across
the streets at some distance from the jail,
aud guards thrown out some distance be
yond them, no one being allowed inside
without a pass.
Heavy transfer wagons were upturned
in the street and buildiug material, wood,
stone and iron from neighboring build
ings were appropriated to construct a
strong defense for the purpose of prevent
ing a rush of people to the vicinity of tin
jail. Inside the jailhc broken defenses were
repaired. Oreat beams were propped
against the doors so that they could not
be battered down.
Colonel Hunt had mustered as many of
Irs First regiment as could be brought
out, and the jail had all the appearance of a
fortress except heavy guns. That most
fearful street engine of destruction, the
gatlinggun, belonging to tic police forco,
was also on duty.
Late iu the eveningthe city was flooded
with the following poster:
"Public safety demands immediate
action. Organize in every ward. Heal
sores by purifying the body. Serve no
tice to criminals, criminal lawyers, gamb
lers and pro.-tilules to leave Hamilton
County within three days and remain
awav forever, or suffer the penalty. So
hum as the present clique of criminal
lawyers that infest the city are ermitted
to remain and corrupt juror-,
outrage justice and shield criminals,
just that long will our citizens be mur
dered, our property destroyed and pro
tection by the law be denied. Make one
(Sean sweep while we arc at it. A vigi
lance committee of S00 in each ward, coin
posed of the best citizens, can by earnest
wi rk cleanse the moral atmosphere in three
days. Organize at once and serve notice
to all disreputable characters in the ward
to h ave and never return. The repafa
tation of the city demands a change or
wickedness will reign supreme."
A Night of Terror.
Cincinnati, ., March :ifi.
While Deputy-Sheriff Hawkins carefully
protected the front and rlauks by barri
cades, as already described, an immense
crow d gathered in front of the 'on rt -house
and the large plate-glass was crasheil In
by boulders. This gave an entrance to
the jail yard and to the jail tnrough the.
tunuel, but only to a small number at,
At ten another and this time a
successful attempt to tire the Court-house
was made. Several barrels of petroleum
Were rolled into the Treasurer's office
and the torch applied. Captain Jack Des
mond, who entered the room and extin
guished the flames was Immediately shot
through the head and Killed. This deter
red others Horn inter! erring, nnd although
the lire made but slow progress, It burned
steadily on until nothing but blackened
ami forbidding walls marked the spot
where the costly structure had stood; the
magnificent law library, the second in ex
tent and value in the Cnlted States, and
the records of the county were destroy
ed, entailing an irreparable loss to the
community. -
Meantime a surging, how ling, Insane
crowd thronged the streets for many
squares In all directions from the Court
house, refusing to let the llrcmcn attempt
to put out the fire, while a constant
fa -it hide of arms of all kinds and
calibre supplemented with showers of
stones ponied in upon the jail where the
police and militia were posted, and was
answered with deadly effect from the be
leaguered garrison.
The bursting of the barrels of coal oil
with deep detonations occurring at short
Intervals gave rise to the report that can
non w as being used by the mob, aad added
greatly to the terror of the occasion.
The lire spread to other buildings in the
vicinity aud among others destroyed a
large carriage factory.
At midnight a lull was noticed in the
mad onslaught of the mob, w hether from
sheer exhaustion or because of awe at the
extent of their own awful work, could not
be determined.
Cincinnati, O., March Ml
11 :30 a.m. At least fifty men are killed
and L'0 wounded. The Court-house ami all
Hit; County records have been burned and
the loss is estimated at millions. All the
troops In the State are being crntralidl
here and preparations are being made for
a desperate resistance.
Another Account.
Cincinnati. O., Mnr h M,
What with the tremendous slaughter of
men, the destruction of the Court House
and th; anarchy for the time pre vailing, Cin
cinnati last night earned the title of the
Paris of America, in a sense not at
all complimentary to the city. Citi
zens who hoiK-d the trouble had
terminated with the demonstration on
Friday night, realized the seriousness of
tin situation last night. The city was at
the mercy of the mob. The streets are
running with blood. Terrified jieople
were kept awake in their beds by the
deadly sound of fire arms. Surgeons
were even where with bloody hands dress
ing the won ads of men shot down in the
streets. Men were defending their prem
ises from the rapacity of the mob, and
there were all the other scenes of an
archy. It was about $480 p. m. local
time when the mob commenced its
attack ou the First Kegiment of the
Ohio National Guards, which was
stationed in the jail and Court-house
and behind barricades in the streets.
Attacks and repulses continued till the
Fourteenth Ohio Infantrv arrived, and In
the meantime the Conrt-honse was fired
thoroughly so as to be untenable by the
soldiers, and the Fire Iepartnieiit were
driven awav by the mob. The Court
bouse had been burning an hour
and a half, when the Fourteenth Kegi
ment, 300 men strong, arrived. This was
a little after eleven o'clock, local time.
This regiment came up Sycamore street
and entered the barricade on Sycamore
aud Fast Court streets, facing the jail on
the eastern side. Colonel Kinmons at
once formed his men and proceeded to
sdacent to the jail and Court-house. He
charged the crowd sod tired into it. shoot
ing to kill. The mnnd af the arms wss
so continuous th.V people supposed vbe.
Catling gun was ned, Colonel Hunt of
the First Kegiment said it wss not used.
The most extravagant stories were circu
lated about it, such as that one turn of
the crank laid thirteen men dead
in a bloody heap. From that moment
and by that prompt action of the military,
the mob was suppressed for the night.
"It reminds me of bloody battles dur
ing the war, ' said a veteran army sur
surgeou at , he City Hospital last night.
Men were brt igbt in constantly with the
most iioKitim r i.ookinh wotrana.
With very few exceptions all were mads
with large balls that tore fearful'
looking gashes. Some were gasping their
last as they were carried in on stretchers,
others had only hours or min
utes to live, and many were certain to
loac arms or legs. In the small operating
rooms with the corps of surgeons and
nurses busy at work, the night men were
assisted by" the full day watch. The scene
was indescribably sickening to the no
vice, and even experienced physicians
weir appalled at. the magnitude of the
bloody business.
The Majesty of the Law Again Asserted.
Cincinnati, O.. March SL
Plans for the protection of life and prop
erty have licen matured. There had been
great need o'a head. Mayor Stephens had
been dangerously ill with pneumonia, and
Saturday left his bed at the risk of his
life to give directions. He spent the
whttle night in his office and at points
where he could do most. Yesterday he
was in great danger of a relapse,
but his plans took shajje and vir
tual contro) of both ciil and
military is in the hauds of eminent citi
zens, with Gent nil .1. D. Cox as h ading
adviser. Yesterday morning the Mayor
Issued a formal call for a meeting of citi
zens to devise means for protecting the
city from the ravages of the mob. A list
of one hundred names wss selected, and
a majority of them notified at once, the
greater number of whom responded tt
the call immediately at the Mayor's
About 8 :S0 o'clock a regiment from Co
lumbus, guarding the Court street ap
proach, was flred into by one of the nob
from an alley between Main and Walnut,
ou Court. The troops answered the
challenge by a few shots, which was fob
lowed by a volley and several shots from
the Catling gun stationed there. The
number of injured could not be ascer
tained. The flring then continued In all
directions. It was the purpose of ths
militia to clear Ihc streets.
The rioters had fallen off to about one
half tint number of the preceding nigh'-,
and their spirit seemed broken bj Ihc bfV
tcr arrangements for their reception, snd
the prompt and energetic action of t
At three o'clock this morning there
were very few people on the streets. The
police were distributed about the central
part of the City, and where three or more
men were found together they were
ordered to move on. yulet reigned.
There was a great ileal of powder burnt,
luring the night, but not a great many
bullets tired to kill. The shooting before
midnight was apparently hcaOcr
and more constant than Satur
day night, and np to eleven o'clock
or even midnight, It was believed UM
dead list would be greatly Increased by
the night's work; this did not prove to
be the case, as not more than three men
have been killed ami possibly twice that
number wounded. The war Is now
thought to be over, anil it is time to
Count the cost and consider the cause and
effec. of the terrible affair.
Thieves are industriously plying their
trade in localities exposed by the with
drawal of the police.
By order ol the Secretary of War, a
detachment of United Stales regulars is
held in readiness to protect United fltat
properly here, if necessary.
Among the men In jsll for participating
in the riot is "I'cggy" Warren, a member
of the last Legislature of Ohio. He is
said to have been among the nmst active
in counselling robbing of gun stores.
Oeallllg- With Murderers.
Hot Si-minus, Auk.. Ma rr-h .11.
ThoGrand Jury of Garland County have
returned indictment s against S. A.
Doran, D. If. 1'rult I , no. Allison, II. Ken
ning and J. Lucius, parties to the Klynn
Doran tragedy on the 9th of February, for
murder in the llrst degree for the killing
of .loh u Fly uu, and the same for the kill
ing of John Hall ; also a true bill against
S. A. Doran ami D. K. I'ruitt lor assault
with intent to kill Frank ami Win. Fly an.
It is thought that before the Grand Jury
gets through considering this case they
will return indictments against Frank
anil Win. Flynn for murder in the llrst
Kilted l.r a I'nwder Mill ftiploston.
Pnvnannansna, ia., Man h is.
An explosion occurred at Gihhstown,
N.J., this morning atelcven o'clock at, ths
Dupont Powder Mill. All engaged in mak
ing exK-riments st the time were either
killed or fatally injured. The explosion
took place In the Kxpeninciit Koom.
Employes Interrogated regarding the. ao
cideat declared they couldn't tell the
number of killed or wounded, as they
have lM-en forbidden to give any informa
tion. It Is reported that six persons were
killed by the explosion. The. Coroner
and a physician, Huidcckoper and Slew
art, of this city, have taken passage on a
tug for the scene.
firm VrnM tit the Cincinnati Hnrrlflee.
Ima nai-oi.is. FjTOh Maioh M.
After thirty-two hours the jury in
the Andrew Ko'-rner wife murder case
returned a verdict of guilty Saturday
evening with tan death icnalty. The
evidence against Kocnu-r was wholly
circumstantial ami not altogether
complete, and the flesfh penalty
was therefore unexpected. The de
plorable situation In Cincin
nati, however, gives Its emphssis, ami
for this reason the result meets with
unanimous approval. Kocrner killed his
wife In a sudden frenzy three days hrforr
Christmas aid sought to lay the crime
upon his brother, then upon a neighbor
and afterward upon tramps. There were
no witnesses to the tragedy.
Oeath-Osallne- Dynamite.
Cscstrh. IA.. March 20.
The Nitro-glyccrine house of the
Repauno Chemical Works, at Thompson
Point, N. J , across the river from here,
exploded at 10:!W) this morning. It is
believed thst several have leen killed.
Later. The explosion at the Krpauno
Chcml' al Works Is supposed to have been
caused hy too much best, generated by
nitric acid. Six occupants of the build
ing were seen In the rush for a door, and
were jammed In a passage when th
explosion occurred. The six were In
stantly killed. Their bones were broker
and twisted aud their beads crushed in s
frightful manner. Their names are:
Lamot Dupont, W. N. Hill, Kdwaril Nor
crose, f ieorge Norton and L"w is I,ay, em
ployes; also a visitor supposed to be from
New York.
Earth drawn from the woods whets
the leaves have rotted is a go d manure
for peas in the hill. It enriches tht
flavor. The only trouble is weeds.

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