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One square of eight line. ai.fiu for the first
Insertion, and 75 cent for each lubwiiueut
One column, one ynr ... OO
HhIT column, one yenr ISA no
Ouarter column, one year ,s M
KiKlith column, one year 40 00
One column, fix months . lie.i im
Half column, nix month 7. 00
Quarter column, six month 40 00
r-Uihth column, six months 2. 00
One column, three months 18 on
Half column, three months 40 00
Quarter column, three months........ JM 00
Eighth column, three mouths IS 0O
Specjnl rates givuu on application.
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VOL. XIX. - NO. 35.
out piled from Various Sources.
I the Senate 011 the -"th tbe hill passed
making it felony to falsely personate a l'nited
tales officer. A t i 1 1 was Introduced to rclin
lairwe Hates tor Interest paid on war loans.
The educational bill was taken up. Several
amendment were rejected. Senator Mor
gan and Hour spoke at some lentrth.
atid It was finally decide! that the bid
-luiulri lie di.-ii-ed of Intoro adtotirn
nient M"iil-iy In the H"usc .1 1 . .1 11 1 Ion
el an on ttio Secretary of War to report as
to the feasibility of eonstructlnK an Interior
line of waN rways wait adopted. The ajrri-
ultural appn pnatlon bill baaneil The bill
In ffOltV II Mil 1 1 1 Hif fill al lailll if rant was
lelmteii uitli.ni: n'-tlon. A staU-uieut of esti
mated rioScieneit s in appropriations for
I ulred state Courts tvas submitted.
It th-(Senate on tlie 7fh the elncatiou
Mil was taken uj iU1d Mr. Hoar's amendment
making the nmount to he rxpenrjc 1 77.MUi
aa adopted ;W to 12, Als i. amendments pro-
idinjr that eiial opportunities for education
s'lall Ik' riven to all eMidren: that the apnro
prlations shall bo ml mly for public schools.
Mil 4'Ct.trinn in chai-Heter. Several other
ameiKf ments wet 1 adopted and the bill
paused. Jm a vote of i to II In the
House a bill pswr l rlir.-ctinir the Secre
tary of the Interior to deliver to the Cincin
nati liiw library certain court roMrts and oth
er public document. Numerous hills were
uitruduif I. A motion tnil'illtK bills fOC crec
tin of public bSM hairs a sp.-cisl ordHT for
pril . was aarreeo t. Mr. Converts Moved
lo suspend tbe ruhs and pass the lull restor
ing the duty of iss; 011 wool After lonif de-
hani the mmMni h ite Prated ill to 191. A
resolution declertaft H unwise to ahoilab or
ie luep the tax on spirits was a lopte L
In the Senate on the Nth u bill xvas intro
diiced providing lor deposits in the Treasury
of the ieeeits ol the money order system.
Hills pHM to brldiro the Hlo Grande at
Kairlc la-s and Laredo. Th- Naval a;pro
P Hat loti lull was taken upend Mr. Hale irave
untie.- of nmctidiiK 11- approprlal uik fl,
'..M.UOC for plant for ordnance fmindrtes.
Mi Ve.t ofifioM' I giving money to Is- ex
p iide.i bjr ih- nresent Snr-'iirj l the Navy
no action was peiiched... In llie llous tlie
bill t apjKunt n einrtmlssiori to tlx the hoiiml
in lietwccnTi vii all 1 the Indian Territory
passed. Also", bill ri-irulating Territorial
eourts. The bill re iiiiriiur the (interior of u
Tenrfofy to have resided two years' therein
H fore his appointment wn discussed without
a lion.
lv the Hetwl tlie It li tlie original hill
10 establish a ppl ! tc einiiih system wu- ro
ll Mated favorably. Tin nav al bill was taken
up, the discussion nefng mainly ( 0:lflned to
Secretary I III 11 I i r's Utiles i h,i e charge
i the depart loi'til while contracts lor new
hl were leMiuir In the House a reso
lution to iuveitiyute the system of live
-t'M-k transportation was referred to the
ouimlttee on I'unii'irn r. Tlie House Went
into ooniiiiHl' a ,,f f. vv-lude on pubic build
nitf hill. There via much opposition and
prouresa ,vas slow 1 he I. Ill for a rn.uuo
bud 111 ik at Keokuk, la., was diseusaed and
laid over lor lavorable recommendation.
The bill tor a CMW.OUQ buildiaa-al Waoe, Tax .
was next dlseiUMetf, Hotli Bins were repotted
to ths House and rec as ti. I the 10th was taken
dhonl a tlon.
I the bcnate on the Hth a coiniiiunica
I ion from the S. i rotary of the Tr 'asiir) was
1 1 ad roenmuie.'idinif an appropriation of SITa,
ti ) for a new revenue cutter fur Alaskan
kii'itu. The lilll to bridne the Mississippi at
Louts was reported favorably. ' inside ra
tion of th" naval lill was lesutued and an
umendiivattl adopted loereuslnii to f.'iW.nun the
appi opitalion lor trims lor the new
cruisers. tlbloclioti was made to the
eo m lattice asnendnscni providing lor
ilu Sonet ruet Ion of additional cutis is
on the nmind tli.it a seperats bill for
I hat purpo -e had a,lr -ad y pasaml the mt".
Ad join ned till Mond J lu the House a suli
stitule was reported fur t he lii!l relat 1 11 vr to the
eel on of Piesldenl and Vice President
Iter some SkinnlSblnK the House airain went
1 1 to com in It tec on bill - for erect ion of public
Inilldlnsrs. Nest Afoany, ind . Qiattanowa.
'!' tin., a ml A WH usta. Me., wore th i favored lo
calities, favorable recommendations betas
made fop buUdintrs tbe rain.
.IMLS A. Sl.ATTKKV, wf Sail rl'HU
U;sCO t'al., has ckalleftCed Herbert Slade
to n tour iomid Unlit, under Marquis of
V'eciishurv rules.
I'm, ilo;tth i iiiitiniinccil nt i l;o!anl,
I ., on the ,.ih, of QaitSSSj JaLez W. Kitcli.
He vas sixtv-onc years of iikc. ntul bad
Lecn Nrnbnuant On i sruor of the sta'e.
o.n bs!th Antliony Coinstock toM a
Legislative coniiiii'tee what lie knew- alsnit
police collusion with the policy dealers.
As one of the resul's of the riot, Sheriff
Hawkins of Hamilton County, ()., has
LssWtared his leslgualloi' GoIosmIoI the
I'lncinnati Veteran RegisBeatt,
'I'm: Blair Bdueutioii bill ns it pissed the
Senate on tli 7l h aipropriates tTT.'HKi.o N)
to be distributed iwionK the States in pro
portt ni to their percentage of illiUu-acy.
Ojl the 7th the iioiua ot Representatives
defeated a motion to suspciuf t he rules and
pOSa the lull to restore the duty ou xvool by
a vote of 119 yesia to 158 navs.
Mi . v C'amm m k has Ikoii enptured
At Jackson, Alieh., Judu Crouch and
I'nii. S. Holcotuh, w hn w-ero liebl for the
i 'rottch inurder, have been admitted to bail
in Jp'o.uri eaufa.
V PoLIHH merchant named Charles EUce,
w ho is also ni;eiit of n stentllbon, company
nt Mlionaiiilo.ah, Pa., and whose tenencnts
ire ueciijiied hv lluu,-iiriin eniiKrants, has
lv n notified to leave town r die.
I N the 7th ex-Connresstiinn Herendorf
tiivorod Ilia itauv i.l Committee with some
testimony on the election riots. He lavs
the blame on Mahone.
DB, Collins w is la-fore the Jcannette in
x ettipationconiuiittec. il tUffSh and told
his slory.
rnKsioKNT Arthur and iabinel attended
the funeral of the late Minister Hunt at
Washington, l. c, on the 8 h.
It is -Stipi osed that the lady who recently
otumitted suicide at the Laclede Hotel, St.
Louis, Mo., was Mrs. A. M. Rogers, of Falls
it v, Nu.
Ow the sMi Cfnciuaall slecied a beaso
cratlc city ticket. Throughout the State
partv gains vatic. 1 with the local issues in
v isWsd In the blestion.
Tin: xx ill of Mrs. Ottciulorfer, w ife of
the editor of the New S'ork St. tots SsMUNf
disposes (f an estate worth $3,WkfiOt and
leaves many bequests to benevolent ob
jects, tjf
Cjiuvv Kim;, one of the most proiuiueut
I the Sioux Indian chiefs, died of quick
cu4tSUMiption nt Standing Hock Agency,
D. T., on the . h.
Now York is ncriouslv ill from nervous
prostration. ver-woi k and the recent
legislative invistigati.'ii are assigned as
ORPKlit have lieen sent by llie British
(ToveYnmeftt to General t rdon to with
draw from Khartoum witli the garrison.
ssistat Hbnkhal M n ton H. C.
ikis, of the Milwaukee ,V St. Paul Hoad,
hus been stricken xvith paraly-.is.
GovntmM Bnaxaii .f Iowa has la-en
enjoined from conveying to the Federal
I ioverniuent certain Sioux City an.l St.
Paul lands in aCobr lance with a recent ai-t
of the Legislature.
An order has been Issued placing Colonel
Mott and Lieutenant-Colonel Phillips of the
FpOrth Hagimrnt 0 ilio militia under arrest,
and they will be tried bv court-martial for
failing to obey orders at the Cincinnati
Is the Sharoii divorce case matter have
i cached such a sta'e of tendon that the
Judge requires a policeman at the door to
-earrb every olfeS for cm ealed weapon ..n
filtering the v'ourt-rooiu.
On the 9.1i Miss Elisabeth Abbott, aged
twenty-one, committed suicide at Cony.
Pa., with strychnine. Disappointment in
love was the cause.
The Swiss authorities have expelled
Kuiz Zonlla from tbe Republic.
CoMFTRnLLIK K.N'oX is alsiut to resign to
(o into tbe banking business.
Proposals have been made to O.-man
Pigna for au utiderstanding with the Ih it-gh
Tiik Russian Consul at New York, M.
Welelzki, has lieen transferred to Lsmdon.
Becrktahy FnCLlNonvTMOi has asked
for a c mrrlission to canvass trade rela
tions with Central and South America.
The New Hampshire Democrats will hold
their convention to chose delegates to
Chicago on May 1.
Ol the !th Lieutenant-C donel Miguel
Castillo, a veteran Mexican soldier, who
fought in the war of Independence, the war
with France an 1 also in that with the
United States, died at Vera Cruz,
Ox the .Oth three lxy.s while driving
across the railroad track at Cincinnati
were struck by a locomotive and killed.
Two masked robbers beat and tor
tured a farmer near Rising Sun, lud.,
on the 5th, to make him give up his
money. Failing, they left him nearly d ad
and escaped.
AT Harrisville, Mich., Mirer! BsUkedl
men attacked a family, killing the son and
lieatingHbe father, mother and d-tughterto
insensibility. They secureil .t.'!,OK).
Ox tin' oth an explouloa occurred at
the powder mill at Shamokin, Pa. The
superintendent was the only man injured.
Buildings within a mile and a half were
Ox the 7th the apartment building known
as St. George's flats, in New York, burned:
loss, i.V),iks.
It, A. Hkai h, a demented physician,
ne.irly severed his wife's head lroni her
body, at. Altoona, Pa., on the 7th, using an
amputating knife and cleaver for the pur
pose. A MiTimidl's rough named J. J. Britton
was shot dead by an offi er at Port Huron,
Mich., on the 8th, while resisting arrest.
A CoNH.AtiKATiox on the 7th at Gerugan,
Moravia, burned rllty houses. A woman
and two children perished in the flames.
Fivk more French missionaries are said
to have lieen assassinated in Tonquin.
Bv a railway collision near Dublin on the
Kfc, thirty-five persons were injurej.
Ax attempt was made by dynamiters on
tbe 9th, to blow up a British fortress near
Inverness, Scotland.
A r.ARiit: portion of the city of Mandalay,
Itiirmah, was recently destroyed by fire.
The place has a population of ! ,0-.
A Hailtmikd (Conn. ) saloon-keeper
named L-xvis Tracey, shot and killed
fl.'orge Ethier on the n h with a pistol he
did not know was loaded.
Ox the tth a party of surveyors were
Brad on by squatters near Charleston, YV.
Va., anil one of them was wounded.
Ox the 10th H. P. B u klrfv , of White
water, Wis., was found murdered in an
alley at Leadville, Col.
On the IMh. the body of J. K. Stevens, a
ho el keeper at Jewell Junction, la., was
found wfi that place lying on the railroad
track with the head severed. Murder was
At Oreencamp, O., the calaboose burned
the night of the !th, and with it James Keu
yon, aged fifty-five, who was confined for
W ii ilk stealing a ride on a Wabash
train, on the 10th, a tramp fell between the
ears at Delphi, Iinl., and was mungled be
yond recognition.
By an explosion of dynamite in a stone
quarry, near Franklinton, N. C, on the ltli
D .e Robinson and Kdvvard Strong were
killed, and four other men wounded.
ON the 10th Jessie (Jordon, aged six
years, was sufToca'e I in a corn bin at
Hastings, Neb.
The Detroit (Mich.) Duffel Timm office
xvas burned out n the lO'li.
Till" New York pompier corps commenced
active work by rescuing a boy from a
seventh-story window, on the 7th, at the
burning of the St. George's fiats.
Thkrk was another scene of wild excite
ment in the Chicago graiu market on the
7th. Prices fluctuated rapidly but closed a
trifle higher than nt be opening.
Commaniiers of British war ships have
been ordered to oppose any attempt by the
Por;uguese to extend their authority in the
Conge region layond Ambriez.
The under Foreign Sc retary stated in
t he Bnt ish House of Commons on the 7th
that an intimation ha I been given the Forte
that the condition of Christians in Kurdis
tan inns' Ih made les perilous.
THKCourtof Claims, in several longevity
p ly cases, has given a decision virtually
declaring that the President has not the
rigid to reinstate an officer dismissed from
the service or resigned, if his successor
has been un 111 Hied
On the 8th John D.llman was hanged at
Kast.on, Pa., for wife murder.
A msASTKoi's flood is reported in the
alley of the Euphrates.
tT was thought that the Pocahontas mine
would be ready to be opened on tbe p.'th.
Ox the !Kh more than TJ.nOO.oOO in specie
was shipped to Kurope.
The Canadian Government will Bsoee
for a giant of ;ti,i.7o,0 JO railway subsi
dies. On the 8th, the last of the outside militia
regiiiMMits was withdrawn from Cincinnati.
TlIK street-car conductors of Pittsburgh,
Pa., propose to strike for a fifteen per
cent, advance in wages.
Divkrs had been set toxvork on the wreck
of the Steiniiiaiin removing her cargo, but
had found no bodies.
AT Kidderminster. Knglantl.a riot direct
ed against the employment of women has
taken place among the carpet-weavers.
It is reported that tvphus fever has
broken out among Polish immigrants lately
arrived in New York.
The lilibustering expedition from Key
West has aroused a bad feeling in Spain
against the I'ntted States.
Ix 1j Prairie County, QuahsMS, four-fifths
of the sheep nre said to be diseased, and
the whole district has la-en quarantined.
Thk convention of Stock-Growers at
Cheyenne, Wy. T., insists on an improve
ment in the construction of stock-cars and
reform in stock yards management.
On the Nth in the gas-well riot cases at
(Jrecnsburg, Pa., a continuance to the May
term was granted, the Judge having leen
subi'ortned as a witness for the defense.
Thk attempt of the French to cut off the
retreat of the Chinese from Bac Ninh xvas
a d.smal failure.
It is reported that one of Colonel Sudei
kin's assassins has been arrested at Mos
cow. Thk authorities of Spanish Honduras
h ive made application for 12,000 feet of
space in the main building of the World's
Exposition at Ncxv Orleans.
On the evening of tbe Stb, the committee
of ex Confederate soldiers and Grand Ar
my of the Republic representatives mot iu
New York and made final preparations for
a mass meeting in Cooper Union to aid in
collecting funds forjthe establishment of
tbe Sold ers' H. ine In Richmond, Va.
Ox the t'tu two bod e were recovered
from the wreck of the Steinuiann.
AoiKRO, th filibuster, is reported to
have gathered a force of MB men and de
st roye.1 several plantations in Cuba.
ll is rep u ted that the Hovaaand French
have again broken off negotiations in Mad
agascar, and more troops are to be sent
On the night of the Hi vigilant watch
man prevented safe burglars from robbing
the Adams Express office in Allegheny
( ity. Pa.
t-oME .lays ago the agent of the Pan
Haudle Road at Mingo Junction disap
peared, and his accounts show a deficit of
Ox the '.Kb troops were called out to sup
press the riot at Kidderminster, England.
The supplementary Jeasnette investiga
tion continues to bring out testimony show
ing a scandalous state of strife and wrang
ling among the members ol the expedition.
On the fHh a special Grand Jury made up
of prominent businessmen was impanelled
at Cincinnati to investigate the riot and its
A truce has been arranged between Chili
and Bolivia. Chili will hang on to the Bo
livian territory occupied by her troops and
trade between the two countries will be
Dispatches from Khartoum, under the
date of March o0, showed Gordon's position
to be extremely critical and his troops mu
tinous. He had repelled several advances
of the rebels.
A kbsolctiox has been adopted by a sub
committee of the House Judiciary Com
mittee for a constitutional amendment de
claring that Congress shall not have power
to declare anything but go'd and silver le-ftal-tender,
except in ca ;e of rebellion or
At its meeting on the 'Jl'.i the Pennsyl
vania Democratic Convention declared for
tariff for revenue, abolition of the internal
revenue .-ystem, restriction of contract im
portation of pauper labor, legislative regu
lation of corporations and economy in ex
penditures. A resolution indorsing Ran
dall for President was adopted.
At the opening of the Senate on the Hth,
the Chaplain prayed to just one solitary
member beside the Speaker.
The Governor of Washington Territory
has commu'e 1 to imprisonment for life the
sentence of death to have beeu executed
upon E. M. Gronini, a Swiss, on the loth.
There were grave doubts as to his sanity.
Ox the Uth, Baltimore, Md., had tbe heav
iest fall of snow of the winter. In portions
of Pennsylvania railway travel was se
riously impeded.
The increased valuation of railrotfO
property in Iowa over 1S8, is about $1,
7.VI,0tR. x the 9ih entrances to the Pocahontas
mine were opened and fans were to bo put
in operation and an effort made to secure
the remains of the dead miners.
The Court authorities at Indianapolis,
Ind., are taking cognizance of recent
events in Cincinnati, and are purging the
jury business of many abuses that have
crept in.
Prospectors have discovered anothei
geyser basin in the Upper Yellowstone
England is to have a beet sugar factory
with capacity of 17,000 tons.
Ix Fraiuv the striking colliers have de
manded that their wages be paid during
the time lost by the strike.
Akkaiks in Cuba are verging on anarchy,
owing to the heavy taxation and reduce-I
prices of sugar products.
The Legislature of Nova Scotia hn-r ex
tended the franchise in the municipal elec
tions to unmarried women.
The forces under Aguero, the filibuster,
have compelled several bodies of Cuban
troops to retire, and there is great excite
ment in Havana.
A Di'tch fleet is blockading the Achenese
const to compel the release of the ship's
crew captured some time ago.
Returns of the Department of Agricul
ture indicate that the winter wheat area
this year will exceed that of 188 J by ?,000,-
000 acres.
The mployes of the Toledo, Cincinnati
. St. Louis Road, with the exception of
conductors and engineers, have struck be-
1 ause of unpaid wages.
The Governments of France, Italy, Ger
many, England and tht United States,
have demanded large sums from Hayti for
damages sustained by their citizens during
the riots.
The Osage Indian delegation now in
Washington have persuaded the Secretary
of the Interior to recommend that their
tribe be excepted from the bill to allot In
dian lauds iu severalty.
Ox the 10; h the Senate in 111 ulillS ses
sion, passed a resolution authorizing the
President to recognize the International
Association as the ruling power in the
Congo region.
Ox the evening of the !lUi, two brothers-in-law
at Niagara Falls went over to Goat
Island and thence below to I.una Island,
line has been founl shot through the head,
and the other is supposed to have jumped
in the river and went over the falls.
Small pox is reported as epidemic in
Ballard County, Ky.
O.N the 9tfa three hundred and eighteen
Mormon emigrants b-ft Liverpool ou the
steamship Nevada.
. .
The Senate w as not iu session on the
llth. .. .In the House the bill passed au
thorizing the offer of Ij.20,0.10 reward for in
formation of or rescue of tbe Greely expe
dition. The resolution declaring the
charges against General Boynton not sus
tained by the evidence was adopted. The
bill to limit the time for beginning prose
cutions under the internal revenue laws
and the bill to forfeit the Northern Pacific
land grant were reported favorably.
The House went into commit
tee of the w hole on the pension appropria
tion bill. Tne amount appropriated is C8,
84,400, of which 1(38,000,000 is an unexiend
ed balance from last year. Several amend
M nts were discussed, but no action taken.
The estimate of the Chief of Ordnance for
sea coast armament was submitted and re
ferred. It. calls forft-jMMtlk A night ses
sion was held for consideration of pension
Charles Reade, the English novelist,
died on the I Ith.
Anthracite coal mining is to be sus
pended this week.
The Buffalo Grand Jury are investigat
ing the gamblers.
Two men were killed by a fall of
earth in a brick -yard at Pittsburgh, Pa.,
on the llth.
Mu hioan expects a good apple crop, but
only a half a crop of peaches this year.
Heavy rains ami waterspouts have
caused bad washouts along the Southern
Pacific Railroad in California.
The situation prows more menacing at
B.-i lx-r and the rebels threaten to lay siege
to the place.
Seventeen stove manufacturers have
formed a combination to control prices and
Harper's Rolling Mill at Newport, Ky.,
has li i'ii forced to shut down on accountof
a s rike of co'il heavers.
There were 17." business failures in the
United States during the seven davs
ending the llth. and thirty-nine in Canada.
The body of Mrs. C--lia Bush, a miserly
recluse, was found in a thicket near her
home at Federals burg, Md., with her
threat cut. Her home had been robbed.
A BLOODY riot occurred on the llth at Sr.
Catharines, Canada, betxveen Irish and
Italian railroad laborers.
At'RKt.io Mavoll, a C iban just arrived
at Kex- West, Fla.,l;as been arrested on the
charge of conspiring to assassinate the
Cuban Governor-General.
The Emprwss of China has publicly de
graded four members of the Privy Council
for the lax manner in which tfiey have
dealt with tbe Tonquin tioubles.
AT the request of Senator Butler, L. R.
Redmond, a convicted mooushiner, has
been transferred from th.? Auburn, (N. Y".)
State Prison to the Penitentiary at Colum
b.a, S. C
No - tat or County o3Scial tart&Iissis
sippi can now ride on a free pa s.
Buffalo gnats are killing mules i i
Western Mississippi. D.-er are fleeing to
the high lands of Arkansas to escape the
pests. . ,.4'j
Hortens'rt Mrtou, a colored school
teacher of Shelbyville, Ky., hs sued the
Louisville & Nashville R ad for W,000 for
refusiug her the privilege of the ladies'
coach after she had purchased a first-class
A fatal boiler explosioa occurred a
few days ago at the Marine dry docks in
New Orleans.
Dallas and Fort Worth are engaged
in desperate contest for the railroad cham
pionship. it was reported in Pallas, Tex., a few
nights ago that Morgan Commack. impli
cated In the cottoa swindles in that city,
had been rearrested at some point on the
Liwer Rio Grande.
Five prisoners broke jail, a few davs
since, at Lexington, Ga.
Southern cotton mill owners met re
ceutly at Augusta, Ga., and adopted reso
lutions looking to a curtailment of manu
factures. Frank Hliot. a negro who assaulted
a white girl in York County, North Caro
lina, was taken to Rck Hill for exannua
ttott. The citizens overpowered the Sher
iff's posse and lynched the offender.
J. T. Raadall, Poatuiaetcr at New
castle, Ky., is a defaulfer to the amount
of .NJ0. Ransdall has disappeared. A
Government agent is in possession of the
At Newport. Ten., shortly after durk
a few nig its ago W. C. Fowler shot and in
stantly killed John Rutherford, Ruther
ford and associates were engaged in rock
ing Fowler, when the latter fired at the
crowd, killing Rutherford. Fowler had
not been arreste 1.
AtFairvie v, Ky , a few days ago,
John V . Gibson, walked into the grocery
of John McCoy and shot him dead. A
large party of citizens went in pursuit of
the muid.-rer.
The Attorney-Geucial of Texas ha.
brought suit against A. A. Talinage and J.
M. O'Donnell, of St. Louis, Mo., to recover
03,000 acres of valuable susrar land in
Brazoria County, claiming that the tract
was obtained by the use of fictitious
Alfred and James Mc( ollough, con
victed of the murder of Kphraim Soxon,
at Greenville, S. C, have been sentenced to
hang May M. Riley Anderson, who mur
dered Leon Griffith and an infant, was sen
tenced to hang the same day. Anderson's
crime was cold-blooded, and several at
tempts were made to lynch him.
The 1 ody of a woman was found
floating in the river at Memphis, Tenn., a
lew days ago, by some men engaged in
getting out drift wood. Tho remains were
entirely nude with the exception of a red
handkerchief bound around the head and
were in a very advanced state of decom
position. A small rope xvas tied around
the waist, indicating foul play, as a weight
may have possibly been attached to the
Captain William H. Robinson. Demo
cratic candidate for Congress in the Eighth
Alabama District against General Joe
Wheeler, committed suicide at Seottsboro,
Ala., a few days ago, by st icking a pen
knife in his heart. He had just returned
from an electioneering tour, and it is sup
posed the excitement affected his mind.
John Coffey, Jr., who shot and killed
Alfred Gossett, colored, October 29, 1833, at
New Orleans, while Gossett was in charge
of an officer on the way to the Court-houso
to receive a life sentence for the murder of
Policeman John Cjffey, father of the ac
cused, was tried recently and acquitted.
There was much sympathy for the accused,
who is only twenty years of age, and al -most
the sole support of his mother a nd
brothers and sisters.
Antonio Lopez, a well-known Mexican at
Laredo, Tex., was recently tried for mur
der. After many delays a juo' wa secured
and he was acquitted. He was tried for an
atrocious murder committed in Hidalgo
County in 1881.
Fire destroyed the Merchants' Bank and
several stores and offices at Pensacola,
Fla., a few days since. Loss, fS6,500; in
surance, t8,00t).
S. U. Harley, formerly a . merchant of
New Y'ork, convicted at Petersburg, Vs.,
last January of bigmny, his punishment
being six years in the Penitentiary, has
been granted a new trial.
A party of 100 excursionists, from Michi
gan, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and
Pennsylvania, looking for sites for new
homes, are looking around in Texas.
Captain Eads has informed Direct or
General Burke of the World's Exposition
that the Great Eastern steamer can be had
for the Exposition Hotel. Correspondence
is now passing looking to bringing thegrgkit
ship to New Orleans.
Joe Noel, a drunken man, shot a little
negro, Tom Bridges a Harrodsburg, Ky.,
a few days ago for laughing at him. The
ball entered the back of the neck and
lodged. Noel xvas caught and lodged in
The steamer Harry sunk her barge in
Deer Creek, Miss., with 1,000 sacks of cot
ton seed for the Memphis Oil Exchange.
Freiburg & Workum's distillery burned
recently at Petersburg, Ky.
Six counties in North Carolina have been
3wept by tires. Many houses were de
stroyed. Confederate Decoration day was ob
served in New Orleans in the usual manner.
Joseph A. Mower Post, Grand Army of the
Republic, participated in the ceremonies.
Nancy Mouse, a colored woman of Dal
las, Tex., aged thirty, dropped dead on the
street a few days ago.
Caledonia Chevarria was placed on trial
for murder at Laredo, Tex., and convicted
of murder in the first degree.
Chattanooga, Tenn., has a new furnace
with 100 tons daily capacity.
S. Sugar lives at Monroe, La.
The sentence of John Thomas, sentenced
to be hanged in Fairburn, Ga., has been
commuted by Governor McDaniel to im
prisonment for life.
In a railroad accident near DaechftfH,
Miss., caused by a rail lieing torn up and
laid across tbe track, the engine, baggage,
express and smoking cars were con.pletely
wrecked. The engineer and firemen were
seriously injured. The baggaee-mater
and three mail agents were slightly injured.
Passengers escaped unhurt. The railroad
company has offered tJ,.Vi for apprehen
sion of the party guilty of tampering with
the track.
Colonel Breckenridge of San Antonio has
purchased -, 501,0)0 acres of land in Tamau
lipas, Mexico.
The grocery firm of Clere ft Addison
Louisville, Ky., was victimized recently by
a New York sharp to the amount of $Ji.
He pretended to purchase the store, anj
while an inventory of stock was being takes
learned the combination of the satu and
skipped. Tbe man gave his Dame as R. D.
Fuller, representing that he was a capital
ist in search of a good business locality.
He was a gentleman in appearance. He
dressed well and was a smooth talker.
David Martin, a watchman, was killed bj
some negroes near Vicksburg, Miss., a few
days ago, xvhile trying to arrest a colored
uutu charged with murder.
Gathered From tbe Recent Klectionn and
Conventions Straws Which Indicate the
Prevailing Current in Various Localities.
Cincinnati, ., April s.
Returns from all the precincts except
three indicate that tbe Democratic ticket
is elected xvith a small majority; save the
candidate for Clerk of the Police Court.
The Republican candidate for that office
will probably pull through. The vote is
very close, anil rumors of frauds at two
or tluee precincts may change the com
plexion of the ticket. Reports from all
parts of the State show Republican gaius
on a light vote.
At Columbus the Republicans gain 550
over last fall.
At Cleveland there ie a Republican gain
of 5,000, with the Council evenly divided.
The liquor men were disgruntled and
would not vote. T , -
Fostoria elected the entire Democratic
tiekct. , .
latoi went Democratic.
In Indiana there were Republican gains
throughout the State, except at Indian
apolis. Cincinnati, O., April S.
Reports from a large number of
small towns throughout Ohio say the
.election yesterday turned mostly on local
issues. The galrfs and losces were about
equal bevween the Democrats and Repub
licans. Cleveland, O.," April 8.
The Republican city ticket is elected h
an average majority of o,100, iucludmi.'
twenty-one Couubnihen and twelve mem
bers of the Board of Education. The
Democrats elect eleven Councilnieu and
seven members of the Board. The City
Council is a tie, fourteen Democrats and
four Bepublii aus holding over. At h ast
two Democratic candidates for the Coun
cil xvill contest. J. P. Urban, Republican
candidate for Police Commissioner, car
ried seventeen of the twenty-live wards
and has a majority of 3t450. John II
Farley, the Democratic Mayor, holding
over, was elected last Spring by 3, '100 ma
jority. The city has beeu rcdtetrlctrd
within the year, making twenty-five
wards out of eighteen. The Workingmen's
ticket polled 500. The total vote was 2v
500. r .
Al.l.t;.x-TOW!f. P i., April 8.
Randall has captured the State Conven
tion. The Democrats of Pennsylvania will,
elect a delegation xvhieh will be almost
if not entirely solid for him. There will
lie no fight : it will be a Randall conven
tion out and out. The tariff plank will
be that of the Ohio convention, and the
remainder of the platform will be id favoi
of Randall's policy economy in Govern
ment expenditures.
Nearly all thx- -lei. -gates have arrived.
though the district delegation caucuses
elected delegates to the National Con
vention, every one of whom reported for
Kandall for lirst choice, a very strong uu
dercoTrent exists for Tilden. The per
uhiieiit chairmanship of the convention is
conceded to R. Milton Seer. The nomi
nation for Congressman at large has two
seekers General V. JJi H. Davis and Dr.
T. E. Forwootl.
Bani, Ii.f... April s.
The Republican County Convention held
here yesterday to appoint d legates to the
State and Congressional conventions, in
structed tlie delegates to vote for Logan
for President, Oglesby for (iovernor,
Hunt for Attorney-General and Cannon
for Congress. The latter instruction more
than insures the re-nomination of Joseph
G. Cannon at the Danville Convention,
which meets to-morrow, kho 'Jth iust.
The Democrats are still undecided as to
who they will nominate for Congress
against Cannon.
Carmnviiak, riA.,.April 9.
The Republican County Convention was
held iu this city yesterday presided over
by Hon. J. D. Metcalfe, of Girard. The
convention passed resolutions strongly in
favor of Logan for President , Oglesby for
Governor and Rinaker for Lieutenant-Governor.
Delegates were selected to attend
the State and district conventions to be
held at Peoriaand Vandaiia. The Repub
licans of Central Illinois will present as
their candidate General John I. Rinaker,
of this city, for Lieutenant-Governor, aud
will make a strong light for his nomina
tion before the State convention. No
liouunatiydJS for county oflkers were
I.ittt.!? Bock, Auk., April P.
The Republican State 'convention met
with a full representation. The pro
ceedings were harmonious. A resoliitljn
was unanimously adopted indorsing t"ie
administration oi President u-uur. ..Tfic
convention adjourned at nine o'clock last
night to await the action of the rlelcgates
from the various districts who wiil assem
ble at nine o'clock to-day and report tie
selection of delegates to the National con
vention. A prominent delegate remarked
at the adjournment that there was a
slight probability of the National dele
gates being for Arthur and Lincoln if in
structed at all.
Atlanta, f,A., April Si.
The State Convention of white Re
publicans of Gcorsiamct in the Senate
Chamber of the Capitol here yesterday.
About fifty men were present. The negro
was religiously excluded. The body was
called to order by Jonathan Norcross,
who addressed the convention at length.
He thought tlte new departure would do
the Republican party of Georgia much
good. That party within the past few years
had lost nearly all its power. The party
would get along better if the whites and
blacks held their conventions apart. Corn
and wheat flourished best in separate
patches. There could be no harmony In
mixed conventions.
A committee of three appointed on per
manent organization reported in favor of
Wm. Markham, of this city, as Chair
man; W. L. Clark, permanent Secretary,
and appointing one Vice-President from
each Congressional district. The
report was adopted and Messrs. Long
street, Norcross aud Smith were ap
pointed to prepare business for the con
vention. After being out a short time
the committee reported a series of reso
lutions -which were adopted, the sub
stance of which was for a free ballot, fair
count, honest returns, civil service re
form, judicious protective tariff, and
Blair's educational bill.
The Jeannette Investigation.
WtMmMTOX, D. C, April .
Before the Jeanuette Committee this
morning Seaman Nondermann testified
that it was his opinloa that had the party
ou the retreat been properly guided and
equipped with uroier instruments they
could have reached a jioint of safety on
the Silxrian Coast by a journey of 300
miles. He had neard complaints by some
of the officers during the retreat on ac
count of delay. There was special com
plaint at the delay of ehrbt days at Ben
nett's Island, and had there been no delay
he believed a place of safety would have
beeu reached before the severe weather.
Two Brotlers-in-L.aw of Promiueut Niag
ara Falls Families Finn t n Tragedy on
1 una Island The Body of One Found
Shot to I.ath The Other Supposed to
Have Oone Over tbe Foils.
NiAOAjtA Faci.s, X. Y., April 11.
A startling double tragedy was enact
ed Thursday night ou Luna Island at the
in ink of the American Falls. A wealthy
and influential citizen of Suspension
Bridge shot and killed his brother-in-law
and then walked off the icy bank Into
the cataract. It appears, however, that
the men had family troubles, and the
most reasonable way of account ini; for
the trugedy is that they went to the is
land to settle their dilticulties, and one
killed the other aud then himself. Luna
Island is much below Goat Island and is
reached by walking down a long flight of
steps ami crossing a bridge. The sur
face is covered with snow and half
melted Ice, the protecting railings at the
edge being nearly buried in the snow.
The icy spray blowing over on to the
stunted trees freezes as it falls. Alto
gether it is not the place where men go
for amusement, or to have a friendly talk
about their troubles.
Tlie facts as gathered by your corre
spondent arc that Thomas Wilder, the
wealthiest man iu the place, and his
brother-in-law, Van R. Pearson, went out
to drive at five o'clock iu the afternoon.
Pearson did not seem disposed to go and
Vedder urged him to accompany him.
They drove from Suspension Bridge to
Niagara Falls, and at six o'clock went to
(ioat Island. The gate-kefper who let
them through is the last man who saw
them alive and he noticed nothing unu
sual about either of the two men. Ved
der. promised to be home for supper at
six o'clock, and as he was punctual in his
habits, his absence excited some com
ment. At about ten o'clock his brother,
James Vedder, with whom he lived, and
Howard Pearson, sou of Vedder's com
panion, became much alarmed and
scoured the village of Niagara Falls for
the missing men. Toward midnight they
ascertained that the two had gone on to
Goat Island. The gate was closed at
seven o'clock, bnt they aroused the gate
keeper and ascertained that they had not
Policeman Hurnsaud Roland wen- then
summoned and began a search of the is
land. Lighting their dark lanterns they
traversed the muddy roads until they
reached the northern promontory, where
Vedder's horse was found tied to a tree
and coated with ice. The spray had
fallen for hours on the animal and when
he was released he could hardly move.
The policemen, closely followed by the
other searchers, went down ou to Luna
Island, and close to the brink saw two
dark objects iu the- snow. The first was
Pearson's body. The head was covered
with blood which had flown from two
ugly pistol wounds. liurns felt of one
of the cold hands and shouted back:
"I've found Wm; here's Vedder!" How
ard l'ierson came running up, and look
ing at the chastly face rev ealed by the
liylit of the dark-tauter rr, burst into tears
as he cried, "No; it's father!" He tried
to throw himself on the dead body, but
was led away by the policemen. Wel
der's brut her came up just then, but was
not allowed to see the corpse.
The policemen resumed the search, and
near the body found Vedder's overcoat,
undercoat and scarf, neatly piled up, with
the vest beneath them and his hat on
toj). Tracks led from the clothes into
theriver at the edge of the cataract.
There were no return foot-prints, and it
was plain that after Vedder had killed
Pearson he had walked deliberately info
the falls. Whether he xvas seized by re
morse, or made insane by the events
of the night and weird surroundings of
the roar of the waters, can never be
known. There was no robbery, for Pear
son's watch aud money were in his pock
ets, and there was money in Vedder's
vest. No Indications of a struggle were
visible. Pearson's face wore a peaceful
expression. His arms were thrown back
naturally. His hands w ere not clenched,
ind the physicians say that death must
have been instantaneous. The revolver
was not found, and as one of the shots
could never have been tired by Pearson,
then? is no basis for the theory that he
killed himself.
Pearson was married to Veddrr's sis
ter. I Ha first wife was also Vedder's sis
ter. Hp leaves a wife and four children.
They Mve on Main street next door to
Vedder's house, which is oue of the larg
est and finest in the place. Pearson was
cashier of the New York Central Railroad,
a position he has held for t vventy-six years
eVcr since the road was started. He
came here frpin Albany. He has been
very quarrelsome for the last few weeks.
He drank hard, and was suspended bytba
railroad company, but last week his
frieutls secured his reinstatement. Pear
son was proud and refused to return to
work. Ilia friends contemplated sending
him to an asylum for the insane. Yes
terday before- the fatal drive Vedder and
Pearson's wife were seen driving at Sus
peusiou liridge. Pearson was about for-ty-lght
years old, of medium height, and
wore a full black beard.
Thomas Vedder was unmarried, and
was worth t250,f)00. He had been a
partner of his brother .lames a score of
years in the wholesale grocery business.
They lived together in an elegant resi
dence ou Lockport street, Suspension
liridge. An unmarried sister, Catherine,
and their mother, live in the same house.
Vedder was tall, as straight as an arrow,
and of dark complexion. He wmtr a full
black beard, tinged with gray.. He was
it. out fifty-two years old. People who
knew Vedder say they do not think he
would harm any one. The body of Ved
der lias not been found. It is probably
beneath the Cave of Wiuds, which taunot
now be reached on account of ice, ex
cept by a rope, and none of the guides
were willing to make the venture.
The Condition of Affair in ( nh.
I.omjon, April lo.
A correspondent of tbe timet writing
from Madrid speaks as follows: "Signs
of tbe approach of a serious economical
trial in Cuba arc daily increasing. The
continuous fall iu sugar is bringing ruin
and disaster, and uub-ss radical meas
ures for relief arc swcdily adofited, I In
long suffering Cubans will he driven to
courses disastrous for all. If Cuba is to
be saved, the cost of living must be re
duced, the system of administration and
taxation improved, and freer markets ol
taiued for her products."
An Alleged Oynnmlte Plot.
Ottawa, Ost.. April 1V
A few weeks since a man from
Chicago, sty lag himself Dr. Cosse, wrote,
to Sir John Macdouald, informing him
that he knew of a plot being matured in
the L'nited States to blow up the Parlia
ment buildings with dynamite. Sir John
Macdonald gave him permission to go
lhcad with his detective business aud re
fused to give htm any remuneration until
events proved the truth of his story aud
be accomplished what he promised. Dr.
Cosse, since bis arrival here, has been
staying at the principal hotel, and stems
kvell provided with inonev.
An Aged Couple Murdered in I heir Bed and
Then (Set Fire to in Order to Iliite the
( rimi -Till- Fir Prematurely Discovered
and the illiast ly KviUn e Revealed "
picidwloiiiti to I lie Hired Mmi.
Mattoos, 1 i.i... Al rll II.
On Thursday night a double murdci
was committed near the Tillage of Rar
din, in this county, six miles northeast gf
Charleston. The circumstances attend
ing make it the most atrocious and mys
terious homicide ev er committed in the
county. The names of the murdered people-are
A. Nehemlah Fleetwood and wife,
aged sixty-seven and seventy respective
ly, and the man ac'Used of the murder is
James Winkleback. The Fleetwoods
lived in a two-story house, tlie older peo
ple sleeping down stairs and the hired
man Winkleback sleeping in the room di
rectly above them, while across the hall
upstairs slept the grown daughter Bo
ma. The family the nitrht before retlreil
early. About ten o'clqj-k BmHM wan par
tially aroused and heard Winkleback, she
thought, talking with the old folks below.
She dropped off to sleep again, anil some
time afterwards she heard another noise
below, but was not wide-awake enongb
to know whether it was the sound of a
revolver or blow s with a hammer, s-lu- had
been loosing a good deal of sleep on ac
countof attending toa sick child, and was,
consequently, hard to rouse Again sin
went to sleep, but was soon awakened !
the smell of smoke. She saw that the
house was on tire and called across the
hall to wake Winkleback. He pretended
to just wake up, and told her she could
not get down that way the stairs lead
ing from Winkleback's room to the
chamber below where lay the o'd folks
but she burst through the room and down
the stairs to the old folks' chamber.
She with hurried efforts put out the
lire and cried to Winkleback to run lor
help to the neighbors. He brought no
bejp uutil ho had beeu sent the second
time. The fire out, the daughter found
the dead bodies of her father and mother
lying ou the chaned remains of the bed
stead. Their clothes were burned from
them. Stove-wood had been carried iu
and placed on the bed to feed the lire.
Neighbors arrived and found that the el
der Fleetwoods had been murdered before
the fire was kindled. The old man had
been dealt a crushing blow on his head
and his head was completely severed
from his body. The old lady had been
shot, the ball passing in at the corner of
her eye. Her throat was also cut from
ear to ear. ;
Evidence points to Winkleback as the
murderer, although he denies all
charges; yet his actions have been c
culiar. When it was suggested to search
tlie well for a missing axe he protested
that he had left the axe in the woods.
The well was pumped dry, ami iu the
bottom was found Winkleback's own axe,
covered with blood and gray hairs.
Stains of blood were also fouud on his
This morning he appeared dressed iu a
clean shirt, and refused to account for the
dirty one be had discarded.
The Cormier's inquest is in session but
no verdic t. has been arrived at. Winkle
back has been arrested and brought to
Charleston, the county seat. A mob of
5W) people gathered at the scene of
the murder, and it meant ven
geance. Nothing will probably be
done until the Coroner's verdict.
The object of the murder is unknown.
The old folks had no money. It seems
that Winkleback was In love with Emma,
and had iu aiu sought for her parents'
consent to their marriage, but this would
hardly give him caUse to lake their lives.
The two lovers were the only other per
sons iu the house at the time.
ClilMnRM, III., April It.
Deputy sheriff D wyer arrived yesterday
from Rardin with Winkleback iu Charge
and lodged him in the County Jail here
He had difficulty in C'clling htm away
from the mob. He took him out tbrottgfa
a side door and was miles away lie
fore the mob knew of his escape.
Everything is now quiet around tbeiaU,
although knots of men are standing
around talking about the murder. Fears
arc entertained thai the mob from the
country may yet come in and try to break
the jail", which is rather a frail affair.
Winklcbanc was very glad to hear tin
iron doors close on him.
unwarra yfipOHTk aci&m.
A Young Laly. the IniMneiit Cause of a Sal
Tragedy, IMivrn From Her 1-.ii.il r
Biles ol Fmplo) meiit by a sy-leiiuit ie
1 1 eeliig-Otit on the I art of IVllow-Woi I,
St. Lotrm, Mo., April III.
The case of young Shook, the drug
gist's clerk, who killed Sullivan, the rail
road clerk, on Locust street, near Elev
enth, about a nionth ago, is before the
Grand Jury, And that the evidence of
witnesses examined by them may result in
finding an indictment for a much more
serious offense than man daughter, the
charge upon which Shook was arrested
subsequent to the killing. NtM Nora
Nash, the young lady whose playful act of
tossing a potato peeling at sliook, was
the cause of the ill-feeling between the
two men, which finally resulted in the
tragedy, is now in Denver. Col., and it is
said that her absence from the city was
the result of a freezing-out process on lint
part of the employes in various establish
ments at which she song III work after
having lost her situation iu Mills &
AvcriH's coat department on account of
her innocent connection with the sad af
fair. After leaving this place, it is said,
she applied for positions at several dry
goods stores, among them at Scruggs,
where the forelady declared that she
Would resign if Miss Nah was given em
ployment. Her last application was made
to Crawford & Co., where the yoana lady
who had been engaged to the late Mr.
Sullivan was working, but Ibis forlorn
hope resulted in a failure, as the employes
combined in a successful attempt to keep
her out.
ForrpaiiRir Whit- fj) F.lephaat.
sjl. lip 1 1 Ul t Pa., April 11.
George Gillespie and Robert Hughes
animal trainers from Liverpool, made an
affidavit before the Society for the Pre
vention of Cruelty to Animals that the al
leged xvhile elephant from Siam belonging
to Adam Forcpaugh. the showman, was a
common Indian elephant painted white.
sj consequence warrants will be Issui,
to-morrow lor the arrest ol Adam Forc
paugh and his partner, as a prominent
veterinary surgeon has testified that the
elephant will probably die iu consequence
of the coloring.
I I.. Cuhan Filihutr.
Kr.r Wkst. Pi.a . Apiil 10.
Adv ices from Havana state that Aguero
landed without resistance and numerous
factions joined him iu bis inarch to the
interior. His forces eucouutered troops
several times but obliged them to retreat.
Great excitement prevails, especially in
Havana, owing to the concentration of
Jargc forces of troops. it is supposed
the Government used the Aguero incident
for the display of its force to intimidate
Cubans during tbe next election. The
Government has telegraphed to Siaiu
for more troops. The censorship over
disoatches has been re-established.
A camel will annually shear twenty
pounds of hair, which sells for f20
per pound.
There are 1200Q natives of Italy it.
the city of New York and Ul, COO natives
of France.
Tho New York street railways kepi
12,568 horses last year nt a cost of
92,716,316, or $107.:8 each.
There are more than 10,000,0.10
iron car-wheels used on American rail
roads, and it requires about 635 pounds
of pig-iroa. to make one wheel.
There are now In this country over
600 horses able to trot a mile in km
than 2:30; and 290 that can trot a mile
in 2:t) or better. Chicago Tribum .
The Navajo Indians, of Arizona
number 7,000. They occupy a reserv a
tion, own l.OOO.OOOsheeji. MOOO borne
and 8,000 cattle, awl live peaceably.
Denver Tribum:.
Charles White, of Thorndike. Me.,
lias three yoked of oxen whoso united
weight is IflflQ pounds. INm mke
measures eight feet four inches, and
weighs i,86o pounds.
The money expended by Americans
for the purchase at pictures In Francti
within the last twenty years amounts to
200000,000 francs, which is equal to
$40,000,000. X. i'. Sun.
There arc supposed to be a' out
1,000,000 special in t no animal kingdom.
Of beetles alone over 100,000 species
arc known, ami the whole number of
insects is set at 880,088. Ot the higher
animals there are 1,200 mammals, T.otltl
birds, o.oo ) reptiles and lO.OiX) Jjshcs.
The great drainage sy stem for tho
recovery of the Florida BWTdpS now
covers tract 2tMi miles long and PO
miles brosai Nearly 1,000,oim) acres,
half of which goes to the syndicate and
half to the State, are wholly reel a iniecl.
Land that one year ago vvns two tcci
under water is now four feet abov e, and
is being; planted with sugar-cane. Cit
cago Journal.
The most expensive kind of false
hair is natural silver while, ft is worth
IH to !'2 I an ounce, more than lb
weight in gold. Hleached w hite hair is
worth only -'1 an ounce. Natural hair
of ordinary shade is worth from Lo
.1'0 per pound, except the hair collected
by ragpickers, which bfih st only from
"j1! to -f;i. The value of differenl colors
of bair depends on the fashion. Yellow
hair, not golden, is almost useless. X.
Y. Orctphie.
The clerk of the House and the
Secretary of the Senate each gel 96,000
a year, as do tho slcnog-raphei s in Con-'
gross, the two Comptrollers of the
Treasury, a number of Surveyon of
Customs and the Commanders of tho
Navy. Pension agents get 84,000 a
year, the Civil-service Commission!. r.-t
3,500, the. two AsiisLani. Attorney -Generals
85,000, eight Justices of the
Supreme Court 810,000, nine .Judges of
the Circuit Courts 86,000, and lift -three
Judges of l'nited States District,
Courts from 83,500 to $4,600. 'Wtuh
in' i ton Pott.
About 80,000 able-bodied men are
al present working in the mines of Cal
ifornia. The output of gold and silver,
though not as large ns formerly. Still
amounts to 820,000,000 per year. a
iksl' California produced gold to fhn
value of 816,800,000, and leal year the
prodm t would have been materially,
greater had not several large hydraulic,
mines been enjoined from working by
the farmers of the San Joaquin Valley,
who complained that the displaced'
gravel of the mines was washed down
upon their farms. San nvrnttat
The bejjgar is the only man in tho
universe who is not obliged to study ap
pearances. Lamb.
The greatest friend of Truth i
Time, her greatest enemy is I'reiudice,
and her constant companion is Humil
ity. - Tho man who was hugged lv a
grizzly remarked, n being rescued,
thai he never bad such a tremendous
pressure brought to bear on him before.
liurlintfton Free Press.
Enjoyment: Charming young ladv.
loip : "Oh, I had ssjcA a lov ely time
wit h Grace this Afternoon: we were -o
delighted to sec each other (hat
both talked so last that the Other
couldn't gel in a word. Life.
The hour1 wc pa-s with happy
prospects in view are more pleasing
than those crowned with fruition. In
the first Instance we cook the dish too'll"
own appetite) in the latter, nature
cooks it for 'IS. -(Jo.'tlstnilh.
A fashionable journal says that
women nil over the land are calling
for more pocket"." They should have
them, for they have drawn upo.i lh-
men's pockets for . their jflpess ties
about long enough. Norristottm Her air.
"Have yon weak cyei?" said a lady
loan applicant for a kitchen position,
who wore blUC spectacles. "No,
ma'am," -aid the applicant: "but I
scour pots and things so thoroughly
that the glitter of them hurts my
sight. " SomcrtHile Journal.
A sweet thing in bonnets A horie
bee. - ' A great mark is sooner hit."
said the bad boy as be shied a brick at
a store window.'' Shakespeare said
that there's "good in everything."
Then were no sums in his day and gen
eration. Jam is a drug in the English
market a There was also a superfluity
of it on the ilrooklyii bridge the other
day. -V. T. Morning Journal.
"My son," remarked a father,
"what do you pay for those cigars!' '
"Twelve dollars a box," tho youn
man replied, and they are cheap atthat.
Try one." "No." said the old man.
" I can't afford to smoke such expen
sive cigars. 1 am compelled to get
along on two for-fivcrs." "I am sorry,
father," the young hopeftf responded
with some compassion, "but you i-o
you have mother and me to support."
Once upon a time a traveler arrived
late at a hotel rind found all the roonw
engaged. Here was a, stut ca.se. lint
his ready wit did not desert him. He
walked into the gentlemen's room, and
standing in the middle of the lloor.
said; "CenLle-mcii, I am happy to see
so many of you here to-night. I am a
bKk agent and I want to show you "
Below he eouM utter another word tho
whole company had taken to the wood,
and h had his choice of apartment,
ilfjafrsj I'on1.
A drummer, with a package of
samples tinder his arm, determined to
attend a concert in St. Louis without
having to pay a cent. Just as h- was
passing the man at the door that gentle
man detained the commercial traveler
and said "ticket." "I haven t got
any." "Then you will have to nay or
you can't go in." "All right, the per
formance can come off this evening
without my solo ou the flute." "Beg
your pardon -didn't know you were a
imrrnrmcr. no rent on m ..--.
I - r-

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