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The Bulletin.
THVK.-1'AY, JI I Y 3.
Chtircliea and Secret Orders,
KXTUIITtf OF HONfUl. y- 1- fir-t ami - -cuiiil
Tiulav nights la "Hell tuimMj,
MMUt W'jRXF.NT, l it..
A.J. WlNEBliAl, H'-porlcr.
LJM M..mUv BM ir ran
J. A. I'AKKH. V. M
JfaXll tAIHKR. .tv.
KxionT) axd muia emi soil mi
third and Mirth Kriday nleht" in . h hp ith.
A.J. MUlMtdilt 3c Malt-
I'UKMt YTKIll A N Ul UHCll V. WW.. Ki:A
bt. 1'a-t .r Krvire avery Strtvlay morning ami
til flit. rraycruMiiif! Thursday night.
Haal.ir. Menrle-weviry Sunday morning and night
rTayuriurrting VVrdiieMtay lilRlit.
tflHCWl'AL Cn'TM:i1 Kkv. W O IUvtvFmi.
K... i r. aerek" pvwi Mun.L-iy morning ami
ttgbl imily "raira i:'Op. ni,
BAIT T ClliWtCIt ll. . F- U. McX al, PMatUl.
B-rL.fB, -e-viti.l Siioliath in evb inontli, MuruMg
ami uV'i.
Illinois Central Railroad.
TaAIXs COIXO NllttTIl, Lfave BMttaV
Nrj. 1 Pa,m;er, :
Ho. 4 PaHsafiger,
2in. 7 Ix-al Kreiaht,
4:01) A. M.
9jM a. m.
4 40 r. M.
No. 1 Passenger, : :
No. 3 rasnaaajer, . :
io. I l.oeal faljatlt, J
-"tH '. ' 1 'i.
lt11 r.
i:05 p.
X A.
late of Ioi.ivr, Tf.s.,
Attorney -at- Law
And Solicitor in Chancery.
WM praeil.ro In th State and Ffefl Courts
tnrtagbut the State. Biiwtal attention tll
I.. Bounty and P'tiilon Cialma Bgalnst C.H. tio
muaint. For tlis win of tttftj MM nU tlx- Mall
can war.
Uarf tirwaa : Judgea of tlio State Osssta and
0anty and Slate o IB rem ihmiiKhont tin- 'Mate.
i to-rt St.. MAMi'ltif, VtSMX
Practices in all tbo Ocnrt-, -Prompt at
tention to all Busings.
IS'or. Invest rnnicr TuLlic Square.
- AMI)
OAce Weal uf Ofit Unuarr, ItoMVAlt, TKsN.
0-Prompt atlnnliun given la MlNapnaAMstia.
A. I". MaJtCAL
Attorneys at Law,
f East aide oi Court 5'4are."r
C. A. fc A. MILIER,
Attorneys at Law.
Will practice in a1! the OlMrll ot
Hnnlcman and adjoining counties.
(frmajMwatouu tU kited.
IlOUYAll, tens.
Practices it) all Imt Cotirta Of the State.
Mliti NVcal silc pflMk Mjiutrf, ovtr (!. T.
1 urjratit & CoV.
K At-iKfi, M. n. A. A. run, M. I.
Homeopathic Physicians and
Epocial attention to Chronic Dft-o8.
TVuJcis his professional services to Ihe
people of Rolitar ami surrounding country
and solicits their patronage. Satisfaction
guaranteed - terms reasonable. Ultuv over
Drs. Tate ci Moore "s office.
In ceni lice! ion with lite FCRNl'l CRF.
ht'SINKSS I have u lin-t-class stock of
which I will sell CHEAP fOB CASH.
fee Cream and Sodawutvr always on
h md.
All kinds of work rfcn ir. most ini
proved ftvlc. ll V"u Mt lii t-ci.uv
work cheap, call to roc mo at W, II.
ReynaliW Pnroitnn el w I wii -main
but H li"t i nine. ,
'1 herninrti-or - rfed iiot.
Days arc ix-giiiningto ahorten
Picnic- at Ihinlap Sirintj t-lny.
Next Monday i County Court dny.
OnitC a party from Molivar were at Twe
Ttnutadajr atttiuHu Jm canPGitta of Ttjo
We are eatpclltj to loavr- out cnmmirni
catiop. from lriiir ntnl Xew CanUe this
wcvk, hut tlicy M ill appeaf in otir next isue
Tlse Nottliboati4 train thai paaaaa liere'at
10 a ni., was (ti laynl IVaaadsj liy a frellit
Irate isimtioff the trad ju.t Ulow Holly
The rain lln- i-arlv part of Aria wevk was
pretty gnu-fat we Uii.ti-rstnnil, and caine
jnxt in time to do !!iiloinnled myl to voting
corn, ami cotton.
IIoMitalily i.- the rule i::.te:id of the ex
o-ption at TaaaM Kvery iiotc in the town
wns thrown open In the oi ToOfM In-
tiiute aM Thwiaafaf.
Mr. Jaa. Carter was very ninelt agitata!
ov.t the linnpcarnnce of Lin hors.- List Sat
unlay night, hut Sunday morning he was
foiiuil in tlie M -ijhlirhotal.
Dudley Jone", vho some month? ago
horned a n and ntole a horse from Mr.
Bobbin, near PSnaon, in Madison county,
was eonvi. ti d and sentenced to tlie pciliten
tterj lor eight years.
Tlie alitor of the Bnllctin will !c alwen!
for two arecka on business anil what's left of
us will try to keep the Ihtlletin up. He
amulr, if anything is wrong, he U not at
home and wo arc not responsible.
We nndi-rtaiul that the Illinois Central
with its iiMtal progressive spirit, will in p
few days, put on its regular through trains,
elegant palace dining and sleeping ears
coinhined. It will t lion In- on eiptal foot
ing, so far as aeeomniodat ion are concerned,
with any of the great eastern trunk lilies.
Ir. V. Swain, of No. 21-3, Stcond street,
Memphis. Tenn., will he in Bothra! at the
Acton House, on Wednesday, July Pth, and
invites all suffering with diseases of the
Rectum, such as Piles, Bintal Ulcers, Fis
tulas, Ac., to call to see him on ahove date
as he will rvmain hire only one day. No
charge for examination.
Arthur MeClellan desires to inform Ids
patrons arwl tlse public generally that he
has recently moved his Harlier Shop to
the stand formerly occupied by John Jones,
where he will he pleased to have them call
lor a nice shave or hair-cut. He has made
several improvements ami you can always
find his :i iaat shop, with clean towels, sharp
raors and reive polite attention.
C. J. Kogcrs A Co., of Grand Junction are
patting up some elegant marble work at
present. One particular monument is that
of fr. Pniliam, which cannot Ik; surpassed
in the west. The cost of the monument is
$950 and it could not he duplicated for less
money by any house in the country. It is
interesting to lok at the designs of Messrs.
Ifogcr V Co., and they take pleasure in
.-bowing them.
We failed to make proper notice of Prof.
Price's school in Inst week's issue. It was
not intended to make a public examina
tion of the pupils until a day or so before
the close, and no provisions were made for
it, and it is conside red as wonderful, the
manner in which the ' ittlc boys and girls
i-tsd the most ririit examination.- by visit
ors anil teachers. Prof. Price is given up
to lie one :f the most thorough mathematic
ians in the State, as well as all accomplish
ed educator in all the branches, and his
school ibis term is n credit to himself as
well as to the town. There should be a
more genera! interest taken in this school.
It is rapabable and is conferring a more
lasting good upon the community than wo
can ever measure, and it is the fluty of the
corporation and county to put it upon a
more solid and substantial h.isis. Let Hol
ivar vote a sjK'cial tax and make a graded
school of it. Other towns of less population
have such schools, and thus., who opiose
them on the start always fall in and become
warn supporters after they have been in
operat'on a term or two, a any rate, we
congratulate Prof. I'riee CM the excellence
of his work this term, and each of his
students upon their diligence in the jer
formance of their school work.
Par Sale heap.
One parlor and silting rHm set, carpets
Hiid hat rack. One cooking stove and fur
niture, and othtr household gttods.
Kmpiire at residence m Bolivar.
It Jacob Kaiix.
We offer tor sale at cost for cash our en
lire stock of cassimere clothing, men's and
boy's straw hats, and ladle's trimmed hats.
HuiKixset Dt uKirrr.
Tu Subscribers.
The red cross on thi margin of your
paper means that oiir term of subscription
is out and that your paper has Ih-cii stopod.
H reduced the subscription price to j-1 ,(M
so that all could take it, but must have the
MUTT IN AHVANi'K or on a liixeel dale
Mexican veterns and widows married he
Ion1 discharge of soldier and remain ttnmar
rted will learn soine-thing to the ir benefit
by addressing Tllos. Siika, Pochahont.i-.
Attent Ion.
Pivse riptions Moat carefully and prompt
ly tilhtl with the purest and frenhe-st drugs
in the market, at hours, loth dav and
night. Phase give mc a trial. Lmrtal
prices and pe'rfcct sati:-fact ion c'larateed.
B. V. llrMwr.
At e-e-rliein season cl" the year nearly
ewry prtvrm suffers to a greater or less ex
ii ni from impnritjr of ihe bhmd, hUteaymam
&c, ec. Thin should be remrdieil as s.-on
as diseiiveaed, otherwise' serious fi aalt may
follow. abarmauV 1'rickly Ash Bitters"
will ellei'tually reuiova all taint of dise-ase
and rent rue ran to health,
Iteat Cnal HI in Bal
onji drug store.
n. v Hud.
-he l.-: md i.. . t reiia'ule Patent Mc.li-in.-
it 1 1), una hi lf to be found in Hud'
son's splendid stock. Call and see.
( omits, brushes nnd toilet articles of eVe
ry doeripiion at rftatlaaarV
Always ,,, haml a choice lot oi baat
FYcvect candy at fludaoajiV,
McCora- i k M, Machines
'lhoiiias Hay Bake - ! u -..'e iheiip.
Closing Exertkcs Toonc Institute.
Monday, 2"k1 inst., the closing exercise
of Toone Institute, PVof. C. P. Hudson,
Principal, !egan. The programme wa
very attractive. Below we give it :
Annual address by Hon. Cacy Young, of
Memphis; annual exhibition, Thursklay,
Monday, 'J3, 8J a. m. Examination of
class-s : English literature, Swlnton's word
hook, advanced grammar, second reader,
Piaililf, fourth reader, prim ;ry arithmetic,
music and elocution.
Tuesday, 8j a, in Latin reader, United
State history, first mental arithmetic, gen
eral history) third reader, advanced geome
try, music and elocution.
Wednesday, 8i a. M. Latin crammar,
primary grnnimar, advanced arithmetic,
OHM, intermediate arithmetic, primary
gettgl aphy, intermediate geography ; 8 p. m.
anniversary exercises ot the Clionian
Thursday, 8 1 a. m. Primary geography,
algebra, musu:, elocution ; literary address
by Rev. Frederic Howard ; S p. m. annual
The programme wascanie out to the let
ter except that the Hon. Casev Young was
detained in Washing'on and could not bo
present. The remarks of Rev. Frederic
TovaraWete appropriate and well received,
and marked the sjieaker a rii; scholar and
an drxiicut orator.
We regret that we cannot command space
to mention each of the students of the school
who so eloquently reflected the hours of
patient study to which they had devoted
themselves and the thorough instructions
they had received. Too much could not
be said in praise of Prof. Hudson and his
accomplished wife as educators and mem
bers of society. As the orator of the day so
happily said, "they are pioneers in litera
ture" who will leave works which can never
be obliterated. The exercises were okied
Thursday evening with a delightful concert,
including dialogues, recitations, etc., etc.,
by the school. This was one of tho irost
enjoyable features of the week, and a very
large congregation attended. The elocu
tion was pronounced far above the average
on such occasion, the music was excellent.
The whole affair was a gratifying success.
Prof. Hudson, has abundant cause to con
gratulate himself, and Toone ami neighbor
hood, and the whole county, has cause to be
proud of the school. The attendance from
a distance during the week was very large,
and the people of Toone, as is characteristic
of them, extended the visitor.- unbounded
hospitality. Thursday, the last day, though
the cro d was large, there were many of
the leading citiiens who failed to get as
much company lor dinner as they had pro
vided for, so general was the determination
that all should le taken care of.
We cannot in a notice like this do such
an institution as the Toone Institute and
its efficient principal justice and v.-ill only
attempt to say that the good the school has
already accomplished is inestimable, and
that we hope Prof. Hudson may yet attain
higher renown as an educator and the pat
ronage of the school may widen until not
even the state mav be its boundarv.
Vom Middleburg.
fitikn Rufttlitt; " .
On the 24th instant a masonic celebration
was given in honor of St. John, the Divine.
It was attended by a large mass of people
from different parts of the country, who
feasted with avidity upon the stipe rfluity of
delicacies spread e.ut before them.
There is a small boy (entered) living con
tiguous to this district, whose prodigous
noddle, became entangled with a large size
water bucket, antl unconsciously slipped
into it. The bail and hoops had to be tied
in two, lWore it could he extricated. He
is about 14 years old and his head is not
le-s than twenty-six or eight inches in cir
cumferenee. No doubt had he lived dur
insr the medieval ages it would have liecn
taken for a battering ram.
Miss Cigah Mara, has returned to her
home somewhere in the State' of Alabama.
The yield of the plum crop of this portion
of the country is greater than was ever
known before. Cp to last Friday, two
weeks ago, S2ii crates wei-e shipped to Chi
cago; 823 crates or cases being equivalent
to 621 bushels. There arc very spacious
reasons for believing the apple yield will
tlf.o be great, judging from the number of
green apple pies at the picnic.
Misses Tennie and Nannie Clift have just
rctarned freun a visit to Sau'.slmrv.
Gkrky Bat.d.
til.Ass HOUSES.
"Those WUo I. Ire In (ilitas Houses Slionlil
Nt Tlioev Mama"
"The wicked flet!i when no iiian jmrsueth."
It is amusing to ste how tender-footed
certain Mood remeely proprieteirs have be
come of hit". They make lunch ado about
''ais-s and imitators," when none are in sight.
'Ihe proprietors of B. B. B. would sny
most emphatieaUj that their remedy stands
upon its o-.vn merit. Should we attempt to
imitate, it would not In; those who do not
understand the 'moehf operandi of that
which they offer. Our own long experience
in the profession precludes Filch an idea.
The field for blood remedies is large and
hroacLaQording ample room all present as
pirants. We do not desire to close the door
against others, neither shall it be closed
:igainsl us. B. B. B. is the quickest remedy,
docs not contain mineral or veRotallc poison,
dot not imitate and fa in tlie field as an
honorable OOanpatttoC for public favor. ju26
We offer for s.de at cost for cash our
.-lock of cassimere dothihg men's and boy
straw hats, and Indior trimmed hats.
H arkiss it Dcnjuerr.
L1MK. W.
load of Lime.
have just rece-iveel a car
O. T. INOKAM eSi Co.
Sot of Alabastine at B. V. Ilnd-
I wact one hundred head of grazing cat
tle. Will pay cash for them.
tf W. S. HoKSSBT.
Mason'.-- mif jars anil fruit cans at
IV V. Hudson, Bolivar, Tenn., sells Dr
J.n ks. n'a Bnol and Herb Cordial which ia
be j usrd doiii-t the vrre-atissi IiIimmI purifier of
the age. I'se nothing else until you try ene
Watches, diamond-, silverware a-d the
beat of solid goods in every variety at
V . B. T: layer'.-, who never nii-preprese'nts
his goods. Repairing of fine watedies and
y. weiry sjMTiallies. Xu. 'Jli j Main Street
Memphis, Tenn. febl-tly
rheii a Mflttteg that weirries or issodau
erOnssal . badt oc.gh, it will ke-e pone awake
: II aight and finally results in se.me bad
lung diseasg. Then don't wait for it to
v e:u oli it mav we.'.rvou rt'. Ti v'one hot-"
Miss Lilla Itcdd, has returned to bet
home in Whiteville.
Misses Knoxie and F'vie Clift, are visit
ing relatives in Arkansas.
Messrs. Hugh Harkina and Billie Iiyd,
visited Memphis this week.
Mr. P. W. Austin spent two or three clays
in Memphis on busincas, this week.
Messrs J as. Withers and Dick Deshieh, of
Jackson were in Bolivar, last Sunday and
rctu-netl home Monday.
L. J. Brooks, Est., of the Jacks,,n Whig
attende-l the closing exercises of Toone In
stitute, Thursday.
Miss Eva Allov, a charming yming lady
of Forest City, Ark1( is Visiting Miss Nan
nie Carter, in Bolivar.
Miss Mary Adarrts, who has been Visiting
in Bolivar, for several days returned to her
home in Corinth, last Motvlayi
Mis cs Annie McNosilj and Annie Turner,
two beautiful and papule r yotmg ladies of
our neighfxiring town, Iag! ange, are in Bol
ivar, Visiting the family of Mr. Geo. (I.
Misse? Fannie Coppedge, Fnnnto Overton
and Laura Hudson, from Toons were visit
ing in the neighborhood of Whiteville last
week accompanied by young gentlemen from
Mr. G. P. Smith, returned last Friday
from a trip of several days traveling in the
West. lie reports pleasant weather, fine
country, etc., and was gladly welcomed
home by numerous friends.
Mr. J as. Coleman, who formerly lived in
Bolivar, but'now of Jack son, is in town vis
iting his sister and old friends, Jim is a
genial clever young gentlemen and we are
glael to have him among ns.
To one.
The past week has been an eventful one
for Toone. It had ierhap.s more visitors
than on any former occasion since it has
been a town. Mississippi, Arkansas, Mem
phis, Brownsville, Jackson, Bolivar and tlie
surrounding village's, and country were rep-
tesented by friends, who caina here to wit
ness the closing exercises of Prof. Hudson'
During the process of the examination
several teachers were present amwiig whom
were Profs Price, of Bolivar, Futrall, of
C'lover t, McDaniel, of Henderson, and
others. To te-t the fairness antl thorough
ness of the examination, the patrons and
teachers present were invited to examine
the different classes; several of which were
examined almost entirely by the visiting
teachers, nv the case and readiness with
which thev answered the questions, solved
the problems, or demonstrated the theorems,
illustrated the efficiency of the work, and
the advancement made during the session
j.i.-t closed.
The elocution was remarkably good and
btfihly appreciated by the audience. "Hor-
atina at the Bridge," recited in concert on
Thursday morning, was enthusiastically ap
The entertainment of the Clionian Socie
ty on Wednesday evening was well attended.
The- participants of the exercises acquitted
themselves in snct. a manner as to reflect
honor and credit upon their iu.-!i uctors.
The Clionian Sciety is now recognised as a
valuable addition to the Institute. A very
large audience assembled early on Thursday
Hon. Casey Young was absent because his
presence in Washington City Was impera
tively demanded to attend to some local
measure, in which his constituents are deeply
The annual literary address was delivered
by Rev. Frederic Howard, P. D., Jackson,
Tenn. Dr. Howard is a native of our moth
er country, England, he cine to America
about ten years ago and is now wedded to
the South. He is a true Seiuthern gtutkj
man in ev-ry sense of thf word, lie deliv
ered one of the most able addicaaes it has
been our fortune to hear. His theme was
the ''Art. Science and Literature oi the Fu
ture South " To cover this broad gnbje t it
required nearly three hours, but the appre
ciative audience listened with profound at
tention and interest to the entire addfuaa,
His peiwerful eloquence as an orator was
ardeiHly admired by all.
The annual exhibition came off Thursday
at 81 p. m. A well filled house greeted the
young performers, and no pains had been
spared either by teachers or pupils to make
the last hours of the school term the most
pleasant. With declamations, dialogues,
songs, tableaux, &c, the evening was spent
in a very delightful manner. Each acted
his part admirably, and the ease and grace
with which they performed, elicited praise
from all and showed ihey had been thor
oughly instructed.
Thus closed sue-cessfully the third scho
lastic vear of the Toone Institute. Under
the management of such abie and thorough
teachers as Prof. Hudson and his wife it
cannot fail to be- one of the best schools in
the land. Visitor.
Dk. J. F.rahkiki.D : Dear Sir We have
for the past fifteen year handled your Rem
edies, Ioth at wholesale and retail, and in
no instance, se far as our know ledge ex tends
have thvv failetl to eivc satisfaction. We
have sold more of your Regulator than of
all other similar rrmedies combined. We
regard Pryor's Pile Ointment one of the
best ; and Mother's Friend r know to be
true t its distinctive title, "the Mother's
Best Friend.'' Yours, trnly,
Wholesale Druggists, Atlanta and Ma
con, Gfaa
Treatise on the Health ami Happiness of
Woman mailed free.
Bkadhki.d Reoit.ator Ce,
jun2(rtw Box 2.S, Atlanta, tia.
Delinquents Take .Sol ice.
On the 1st Monii.iy in July itrxt. at the
Cntirt House door in Bolivar, Tenne'sscc, I
will ofler for public sale all the real eLte
Ulonging to eh linqnenl Tan layers, a de-
Mjription of which reul e-statc can le seen
upon my hooks in my office.
.. C. SAVA'Hv, Trustee
Ileadquartris fer sch(KI
encils, pens, inks, str.l ionery. etc., at Hui -son's
elrng store.
liny your Paints and Oil o every
script ion at Hudson's- -they tre cheap.
Tombs, Moniuuents, etc., tip in the
most elegant (h-siges by While-head ft lk
den, Jackson, Ten. M. Weatherly,
agent, Bolivar, Tenn.
i. T. Ingrain A Co., calls attention to a
e.'ir load of Lime, just ree-eivul. tf
tteaeeasher tu Bui lei in oi.lv costs you
We are (tuthurizetl tu amuMiaec
a raadkfauVo Utt re-aleetlnu t.i the effice at
if Wardimar! canvtj . Electa firt Thu
August, taai,
We are autliorix"l to announce
a rnmliilntf for eleetion to the oflu of Ti
llarilemiin eouirty. Election first Thilr
August n.-xt.
Two Cases of 1!!ihmI i oiso"
nrte of
'utiirrii Curei'.
TowAi.KiA, Oa., May 24, 18.il.
Blood Bnlm Co.: We haVe been selling
your B: B. B. less than 12 months ami we
find it gives better satisfaction than any
me?dieiile W-? ever sold. It is decidedly the
bivt Blood me'dicine we ever knew, ami you
can't say too much in its favor.
its cures are so quick and decided, and
costing so little, that our customers are de
lighted with it. We know of two C!ses of
Blood Poisou and one of Catarrh eui-ed by
its use.
One of the above Caeea had taken about
four dozen bottles of a noted blo-xl medicine
without any benefit, but he was cured with
SEVKN BUTTtaEa of B. B. B. We can't h U
any other Biood Purifier now. licping you
great success, we remain,
B. C. KiXAHW a Sox,
General Merchants.
Ten Wars St-.iiulin.
Atlanta, (Ja., July, 1883.
I haye heeu alilieted with a chronic run
ning scrofulous ulceg of my leg for a num
ber of years which has steadily resisted all
treatment until I secured B. B. B., a few
bottles of which healed the ulcer and cured
me. My brother for ten year:; had an ex
tensive running ulcer on his leg which
couhl not be eureel, a few bottles of B,
B. B. acted like magic healing the ulcer,
and imparting strength to his whole system.
1 live at Morris,' mills north of this city.
A. V. McDonald.
"Oh, might I kiss those eyes of tire.
Ten thousand scarce would quench desire ;
Still would I steep my lips in bliss,
And dwell an age on cverv kiss."
That young dude needs i-onictliir.g for his
blood ; he is utterly too fresh. B. B. B. is
the best thing for him, because, one. bottle
will cure him. But that dude is not all
alone in his terrestrial glory not by a "jug
full." Many others are c uisideralily "rat
tled" just now about that Blood Poison
business, P.. B. B. will cure for ihe least
money anil in the shortest time. The boom
is coming. Purify, purity. Sohl in I toll
var bv B. V. Hudson.
The leading Paper of the fsouth.
The largest circulation.
The best advertising medium.
Nashville, TBjrtr.
The only member of the Western Associated
Press in Nashville, and the only paper
Issued Every Dav.
A snleneid eiglit-KUe fitniih ifcr brim full of
news. Latest dispatches by tele'Ki ajii, iii to hour O
I? ins precis, from all parts of the uorlil.
TiiK Ka it&iKft wants it for its wi-ckly review of
X.lM ille home aasrlcet Oe rrvp rrp rl.j p oU prie'e
!ist of bis prixlurtR.
Tiik Mi::ieiiANT war.!- 'i ! r its I legrsplkti rjnota
tiontof the eastern ami fure-ijrn markets.
The I'oliih ian Wadtti it for Is fall reports o
proeeediiiys of Cuajftesa a:i,I Tennessee Icgtebtare,
ami KjIitieal aewa ami e.litori.ils.
Tki: Wife wants it for its bouselioM ilepai I incut,
fasbior. articles, society gr.ssip ami uiiscellaueous
Tin: Pill I aaaa want it for its sbort stortes ami
sketches ami evawraj. iuforinatiou, furnisliius a lii
eral e'ltueation.
K VF.itTBimv wants it because tbere is no letter
paper anil no cheaper paper iu Ihe south, anil it can
get to you quicker with the bjlett uewa than any
other paper, if your pesi.etliee U ill Tennessee,
Southern Keiilucky, North Alabama or (ieorgia.
Daily American, 1 rear,
S12 fiO.
10. oo.
1 Of.
Kxeupt Suoday,
1 year - -G
.'3 months.
An extra
ku baei f bej a.
Rent free with every club of te
tiii: ..?.:i:nf can.
N.isbvitle, Tenn.
In the Chancery Court of Hardeman Coun
ty. Tennessee.
Sit. Agnes Female Academy vs. Mary Faby anu
J. O. Johnson.
O. A. Bill No. Sfil. k. P. In tiiis cause it appear
ing from the original and amended nil's filed, which
are sworn to, tnnt defendants Mary Fahy and J. p.
Johnson are non-residents of the .Slatt: of Tennessee
and that defendant 3Iary Fahy is indebtisl to the
St. Afcncs Female Academy iu the sum of SliiS as
evide-nc si by account, and it farther apfNartatg MMat
nil aKi hmenl has issueil and Iccii retjuyaed,
e i.sl upon the following real et4ite as the pnper
ty of Mary Fahy, to-wit : A tract of 7? acres of
land in Civil Pislrict No. 1 of Hardeman County
Tennessee, being the 7J acre oil' the .Southern r
tion of the I8J acres deeds I to l atharino Fhy
bv N. II. Prewitt on 2d of Fehraary, 1S57, ba
queatbed tu Mary Faby by the will of Catharine
I'. Wood., And also levid upon the one-fourth
latereetaf ia!d Mary Fahj in tbelui katsrs-hoaae
and lot fronting on '.be Memphis and Chai leiloii
rai'read io the town of Urand Junction, TeunesMe,
Civil P'striet No. i of said e-ounty, and known as
the W. J. WcksIs ston-house and lot, also bequeath
ed to Marr Faby by said will.
It is tlie reform ordered that said def udants enter
tlicir appearance here-in at tlie Chart house in Boli
var, tistdeaaaa Cuur.ty, Tennessee, on or l-fore the
First Monday in August, 1884,
and plead answer or demar to complainants Bill, or
the same will lie taken for eoiifoasod aa to Itn in,
and set for hearing expert ; and that a copy of this
order lc published once a woek for four successive
weeks in the Bolivar BoSetla, a eewapapef pub-li-hed
In llolivar, lennessee.
By order of Court, tliis'.':H June, I31M.
A copy attest. W. U IK)ION, C. A. M.
C. A. A A. Mttirat, R d's for Conipl't.
Excursion Pate;; to Chicago.
To accommodate those who desire
to visit Chicago and attend the Donu
ooratic National Convention, tlio Illin
ois Central Railroad will sell I-iouinJ
Trip Tickets from all local stations to
Chicago and return lor 0'K Um.im
itki Faiie for the round trip. Hale
of tiek ts to berin Ju'v 5th, and con-
! tjue uli Juy Sth, to retlll'II
until July J 4th, inclusive. A fine
opportunity to visit tlie great city.
Gen. Piiiss. gt.
Second Street, 3d KJIFU IS, Tl-.N.N.
Cures all elisease of the
without pain or inconve eence to ih- pa'
ticnt, withnul the use of ihe knife, ligature
or eatitury. Will be in Bolivar the second
Thursday of every mm;h. Rnnms :ii the
Acton House. No enarae for exaiHatiof,
Ittder !" H. Mansfield, W. N. U ilker-on
atidli. F. lla.-bins, Drai. Col C. KinSe v,
Aitui ar at L.iw, i.el Jnu. Fails, Cotton
When ami How it Originated that a
Wonan Can't Keey a Secret.
Written for the Bulletin.
SbS iL . - 1
Perhaps the idea ;("rx dawn-el a pot) the
pure and guileless brain of Adam when
Eve first shared with him thu delicious
swectuessof the forbidden fruit, rendered
even more delightful to her by being forbid
den. Yet if any such thought occurred to
him, We know it was prompted by gratitude,
love and admiration.
Being very amiable, docile ami nbedienl
himd, k. would have been perfectly happy
anel contented to have remained in that
charming little garden forever. It wasVery
delightful to him, to lounge on bedhol roses,
to watch the birds and beasts in their sport
ive innocence and beauty, to be fenl, waited
on, caressed altd ettcd by beautiful grace
ful Eve. Ho would never have exerted
himself to hunt up furbideh-n fruit. No!
not he. But Kvt lieirlg the "last and bp s;
perfect work of Ood," was of course more
highly endowed, physical. y morally, and
intellectually, ami that smooth running state
of things, after a lime, became Banootorroos.
Wearried ef the insipid sweets' of Eden, and
doubtless con iel era bly. bored by the contin
ual society of her godv, goody spouse, she
wandered oil alone, to explore ilie untro.l
len pathway of the forbidden ground, at
tracted by the unrivaled beauty and exquis
ite fragrance oi the tempting fruit, it was
but unuiral that she should desire to taste,
and baring tasted and "found it good," sur
passing ail other productions of that won
derful garden, her first impulse was to share
her delightful discovery with Adam atitl he
would hays lieen an ingrate indeed had be
failed to appreciate her generous kindness.
Wc- have no evidence to prove that he even
reproached or reminded her of the (so
called) violation. But we have it ill biblic
al lore proven as a fact that "he dial eat"
and enjoyed it too, but finally when sum
monsed up to account for his disobedience,
just hear him throw the weight
of the whole offense on the frail
white shoulders eif gentle, tender Eve. The
whole nature of man is so revealed in that
craven cringing plen "The Woman whottJ
thou didst give me," bah! how like a man.
Any sensitive, true-hearted woman knows
just what Eve thought of him them, but in
the August presence of her accusers she was
silent, another noble characteristic of woman
to ta-ar unjust, unmerited reproach, un
complainingly, exemplified here 'n the very
lirst trial of weman, and faithfully Unified
by every one of her fair daughters. We
have no historical record to prove that she
ever regretted the violation of the law.
nor elo we 'hink it probable nor eve-u possi
ble that she could have done so. For to all
reasoning thinking minds, ii is a plain pal
pable fact, that she only obeyed the will
and desire of her Creator. And that was
only the beginning of her grand mission, to
man and to the world. If we doubt the
wisdom, ami forvknowledgc of Clod we arc
worse than the infidel, if we admit and be
lieve in it then we most certainly believe
that he created her for that very purpose,
having planed and executed that most per
fect piece of workmanship, is it peaaibie
for any rational being to suppose that lie
did not know just how to use it for His
pleasure, honor nr.d glory? Who could for
one instant believe that this "wonderful
beautiful world," with its Ueming millions
of immortal souls, was only an afterlh n- !::
of the OninijHitenl, or that their ' existence"
Ls due to accident, or to the willful .diaobe
dience ef an ering woinanf Ail enlighten
ed and civilised people could never give
credence to such ah.siird doctrine. Old wo-m.g.'.-
tales in the Cuiiunct ('tu ne: and Y'0 -Mrp
r'haeaa, were oracles ol wisdom man par
atively. In violating the law, she only ful
filled the mission, for which shew .is created,
and predestined chosen by Cod an ilia most
useful, active, intelligent agent. She
was fined and planed on a higher, trsitrs ex
alted scale of being; tender, setisatiyo anil
true, her pride her energy, her ambition ai.d
aspiratit-us arc of a loftii i purer type, Ood
knowing and uudvrstanding her as no mor
tal man could ere do, displayed his his di
vine wisdom in the jn (ihibitiwi, had It been
a co:niii.?ndincnt instead, Eve would never
have ventured ncaV;, the tempting fruit
Our grand old world has been an empty
void, a vast expanse of space. Adam would
have lived on, his ignorant indolent life,
not ".-vcn knowing good from cvil,:' unbles't
by the companionship anil affection of chil
dren, failing in every sense to appreciate the
wisdom and Goodness of God. To the influ
ence and superior knowlevlgc of woman
man is indebted for all the pleasures of this
beautiful world, and for his spiritual fitness
for the enjoyment of heaven. And tlio' he
may boast of his power and his exalted po
sition here, he is only woman's slave, her
willing God given subject, tu kneel and of
fer up homage to her, every hour of his life.
Tho' the chain with which she binds, him
does not chafe nor oppress, tho' he feel: n
the weight of iia silken letters, they .in
firm s adamant, and strong as late. Th-,'
he holds the reins of gnvcrnnie .t, a woman's
white hand guides them. Tho' his voice
alone is heard in halls of stale, a woman's
smile, a woman's kiss is the "power bansted
the throne." His victories, his honors and
renown, all that he has ever' accomplished,
that ia grand, glorious and sublime, a'l that
he has, his verv existence he owes to wome.i.
'Tis a sad reality too, that in many in
stances, men tail to appreciate (he divine
influcnw, or to profit by her pure uprifrbt
example, and regardless of her most
earnest efforts to the contrary, his native
meanness w 11 crop out, and when she finds
hiiu so far beneath her moral and mental
scale, tis better to leave him to his fate,
than to stisip to his level, for while it is her
her happiness and pleasure to
"liaise a mortal to the skies,"
its eepially his delight to
"Drag an angel down."
And 'tis such fallen v. ivtches as these, and
sometimes a Crablied old bachelor, who has
aimed too high, and arfrt the mitten f.rr his
(rains, or at other time's a cross grained hus
band, who never deserved a good wife,
who are the autb'acr of these unjust aectisa
tious, which woman h.iHi:ver lee'ii sublet
to; tirmierite-l, urrjiisff and from ' i
to end, base tissue of imatitrg I I
hand. There is no sOch a word as coat in a
worn, in's ves abalary,
Bat when she aays .be will, r'.ic :!!, yoa mar .1;
penl ox. it,
And when tiie says tlie vront, she wont, art '. thet '
t!u; enel oil it.
An.i i -si. S:-intifir ar.t MatlK-ntslieal SfTi'xil
fjrtiir!- oti ! J..y. I,.s-, . ..:. r! .
of Taw !i:itin, 'JUfXf.nvxx. r ..iK y , T io. ir.--paren
f"-r oil. , eir Teaelon., tr II -io a. At
triii jW) to If -1' '' " t f f Hit tne t H,e at el
Trtieiiii rail tenn iMgM Klrt. .Moiut.iy lo
July. .w eiu itl -rs, aAlTOns
teul'JOw T A. KL1 HA1.1,, T.wuc. Tcan.
21 & 23 Poydras Cor. Front St , HEW ORLEAIfS, LA-
3P. O. X0-' 30S9,
Commission Merchant.
- IMPtiliTli
Jb ovoign
I'iil A NS, ( )BA.tils,
ND te:
N i
!) Povdran and 40 & I -
Prompt attention friycn to :;i! ofdi -s , r
refereiuvs in Tennessee furnish eel If rejniiv
John BuiiTUcc i.
And Dealers in Fruits and Vegetables.
No. 4 Poydras, and 46 Front StraatSi CPvLEANS, LA.
Oosignnments Solioifced -- Ordera Promptly Filled.
Ncv; MempJiis Advex ; tisomcirtst'
241 1
243 & 245 MAIN ST ,
412 Main Street,
Pistols, Seines, Nets, J3Sfc
Ami all kinds AMU3iITI0X, .
rP.lCE List i'UItNIlSHED Olt Ai'Pl.ItA'ilUf;. 1
W"or sham ' se,
Corner Main & Aduir.e StreeU
m. WIT&SfiJiN
Wholssalfl and Retail Ecaiers and Pt,b -horn and Solo Affenta for tho
Celebrate d
Steinway & Soirs, and Knabe
E. Oablor Piano?, Krar.ich & Buc.'i Vinum, Wboalock i'liin
, 3 1 1 Piano.,
IkM k Mk, Ckgh & Wairat m h;i I
A full line of Text JJk.s 1 tli vocal auU instruaientaL
uicnt of urrtall Iiistrttnienta uf nil ilscriptirna
i'liin is" its i-:t-irr stuingih! a fjrc
fie9 l'ia::os au-J trgan ioItl an '
LeaVti orler, ur acntrcsa coainiiiiuciitiDiii1
WAUitiiOils, 2X1
mi orvj
iatnUlilt;il In IMi.J. ,ivm( )rSMr Hilumt In Ihi Hnnth. :, -'
timber Xtt, HHJ. ?-1t '. JJiith-r flTsjumai Hi Hi,., ,, ',
I i 1 1 ..... iimrtl u mi lltntlm.
Pupils reeeit'-d at any time ami i Imrnnl ;it nitm of 2.f j.-r vt-cei from time .if MleTisa for U week-)
or l-sst e-Ksas of fesr. The (raaaMtes' of litis petti) art- tiling l.:;-!,. , t ' io-,s a 'i'i n bera uu.l
l.Mk-keier in tin; !tMli and Wteti .it aaJarte rjnlHg hutu C'ifi i 9UH6,
Telsgraphi ig, ShortiLmd, Typo Tritinar and Efocntion TS30L
TiO piiys lor lull liitniness Conine' of twenty art . li , irw lueljng Po;i.,l. Tuition :inl DMnflia
No Text thok useil In this departrnetrt. 'II. prfneljula iUi wtfatctl 1 y actnaJ mlam
For rr.tal;ue ah'I eouiiift.; itiiurnCetiou, j T --, NKU, WIT. 1. 1 .MS, tTfwMii" Ci.cii Mr
Wis inraiituu the-: u rates aral ;ij;iee i . , . y ill! net- nrjr fxp.i. . ,. . t ( j
Bolivar Market Rcpoit
:n (ir
i'i k
M; At:
el ni it
MKA 1. (pel bind
.o.li.ii kVFVK..
ei ' i.Kli S'KAI.I!
iKiteii i : a I '
-WW T I ll'AK
ir War in the Ui-itod States.
Furniturs Po'.isa zl tfiMCt Sxtrmi2Ut9i
SOT Sli'l "rtnlB lt'Jth to (l.:n. ii lii.-'. Ant
;.ie Xki i-k . ?V )
E j ; '.- i . '. s
Illl S.
f I U )1I
Gum, Psfies,
C - K
I " iiio-i'hlv I fHtallment k
Aii2 21I1LCYED BY T22
13 L'CUSE.
to tin- hnnae. tatularues Irec to tint odtln
::iitl 2S8 . . .
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Advw iiwiuonntB.
: -y : .s
in j
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?.rf s t r1 n L'aytp

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