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V I 1:1 i I Ml
NO. 13.
3JEWS in brief.
Rkncral B. F. Bcti.eii has boon sued for
f ir,(XX) of money which was in his hands as
treasurer of the National Home for Dis
abled soldiers, and which, it is alleged, he
lias never accounted for.
The Navy Department issued an order
rm the 2d detaching Ensign John J.
Knapp, Fifteenth lighthouse district at St.
Louis, and ordering him to prepare for sea
The will of James (iordon, a wealthy re
tired Cincinnati merchant who died re
cently, which was probated on the 2d, be
queaths t-.",)00 to the Home of the Friend
less, and a like sum to the Colored Orphan
asylum at Cincinnati.
bail was fixed by Judge, Normilo at St,
Louis at STO.UX). '
The lata H. M. Hoxie by will leaves all
his property to his wife.
Mkssks. Morhisov and Carlisle have de
cided to push a tariff bill in the next Con
gress. Mrs. Geo. M. Kite, sister oT "Doc" Wil
son, denies his 8try that he is u son of
Millionaire Moen.
JrixiMENT was rendered at Boston on
the lid against lieu Jiutlcr in favor of the
Soldiers' Home for over in,0M). He will
CrtMi-Tuoi.LEii DrmtAM has decided that
Mr. Cox, late Minister to Turkey, is enti
tled to tho salary as Minister and Congress
man up to the time of his re-election to
Two Republican officials were arrested
in Orange County, J inl., on the&l, charged
With using money at tho last election.
Wm. Knait, af Groveton, Ind., applied
to the Government for back pay as a sol
dier, ami is now locked up as a deserter
during the war.
Tiik board of directors of the Sedalia,
(Mo.) University refused to accept the
resignation of Rev. Mr. Edmonson, presi
dent of the faculty.
The Secretary of War, by direction of
the President, has ordered Lieutenant A.
W. Greoly to take charge of the Signal
Oflico during the temporary absence of
General Ha.en, tho chief signal ofllcer.
Kki-kesentativk James, of New York,
has secured the indorsement of various
prison reform associations and philan
thropic organizations for his bill to estab
lish a National penitentiary and will en
deavor to secure its passage this winter.
The President's rheumatic leg was
worse again on the Sd, so that he was con
fined to the private apartments of the
White House, and did not receive visitors.
He suffered severe pains in the tendons
running from the calf of the leg up tkndur
lieath the kuee, and lias so far been unable
to Hud any remedy that would quite meet
his case.
('11 a iu.otti: Sm itii wants to be chief of
police of Washington.
On the 4th Michael J. Hess, a laborer,
jumped off the Brooklyn bridge and won
u wager of twenty-five dollars. He escaped
without apparent injury.
On' the fth the eeond session of the
Forty-ninth Congress convened.
The late President Arthur's will was
filed for probate in New York on the 4th.
With the exception of a few minor be
quests, his estate is left to his two chil
dren. 1'nt-f ipent Ci.evei.axi vviis no better on
the4th, and continued to deny himself to
cullers, remaining in his room. His at
tack is mainly confined to his knees, and
is unite severe.
On the 4th Mrs. Louise Parker and Mr.
F.ngone Oudin, who take the parts re
spect ively of the hero and heroine in the
npera of "Josephine Sold by Her Sisters"
with Hie McCnull Opera Company, were
married in Detroit, Mich.
Tin: ofllcial canvass of Michigan, just
completed, shows that. INI.sst, vntcs were
cast for Governor at the late election, of
which Luce (Itep.) received 11.474: Yaple
(Fusion, 174 01.!; Dickie (Pro.) i", 179; scat
tering, I'.M). Luce's plurality, 7,4:SJ.
Oscvii Wii.m: is icsthctic no longer, and
lias discarded "smalls." Since his mar
riage lie has grown positively fat.
On the 4th Henry Groves, Congressman
elect from Ferry County, Ind., was thrown
from hi carriage and was so severely In
jured that his recovery is very much in
Hon'. AniUM S. Hewitt indorses Morri
son's Tariff bill, and says he will again
oto for itscoiisidoration in Congress.
The report of Vnitod States Treasurer
Jordan states that the receipts or the
United States Treasury for the year were
,$t'..7r..0'.'. greater mid the expenditures
$17.74::. 7'.H' less than last year increase in
net receipts, :U1.4'.12,S'.,.".
On the 5th Rev. H. K. Ilawois astonished
his audience in St. Pride's Church London,
by hulling a succession of heresies at
them from the pulpit.
ckimi: ami casualties.
On the "d the Cass Drug Company's store,
of F.au Claire, Wis., was burned. Loss.
MO.OiO; insurance, $.':i.oH). Dr. Day, who
hud no office on the second floor of the
building, loses $-2,UtH; insurance, fl,'M0.
The fire started from the furnace.
On the -d Patrick Riley, William Mc
Carthy, Hugh McGinty and Henry Nei
lniusor wi re terribly burned in the eon
verting department )t the Edgar Thomp
son Steel Works at. P,raddocUs, Pa., by the
accidental lowering of the converter
Uilev and McCarthy may die, hut tho
ethers wifl recover
The Detroit Pipe Foundry works were
burned on the ltd, with a loss of SHKi.OtM.
The Turners of Chicago protest, against
the prospective execution of the con
demned Anarchists.
JUvtis N. SrnvTTON-, a lawyer of Mt.
Holly. N. J., committed suicide on the :id.
Skveual arrests have been made at New
York for attempts to tamper with the Me
Quade jury.
Two residents of Brussels. Belgium,
have been charged with the recent rob
bery of the mail t ar on tho Ostend ex
press. Mks. Ei.izaiietii Woupev died at St.
Joseph, Mo., on the M. from the effects of
an overdose of morphine, taken to allay
Aknoi.o's flouring mill at St. Cloud,
Minn., was wrecked and burned by an ex
plosion on the night of the -d. Loss, $ I. -1;
insurance, l.YOoO. Gus Krause. the
night miller, wus badly burned, and will
probably die. Twenty thousand bushels
of wheat were hu r:ed.
On the 4th Sylvester F. Martin, a fugitive
counterfeiter from Kansas, was captured
in Indiana.
On the nifcht of the :td burglars robbed
and burned the residence of E. M. Hulze
at NVcnah, Wis., tiest roving .".! kX) worth
cf property to secure tifty dollars.
Fikk destroyed llerog's opera house at
Washington, 1). C, bolter known, as Lin
coln Hall, on the ot h.
Eaui.y on the morning of the 4th. a ter
rible light occurred near Chillicotlio, be
tween four policemen and a parly of bank
robbers, in which two c f the burglars and
three of tho officers were shot. The rob
bers escaped for the time being.
Thomas H. Hai:i:Y, of Humboldt, New,
b.ew out the gas in , Jersey Citv (N.J.I
hotel room on retiring, and when found on
I he morning of the I' h, was thought to be
beyond recovery.
On the 4'h three dwelling houses located
rvi r the Fiiirnmunt colliery at Cork Lane
near Pittston. Pa. .went down wit h a crash,
the ground beneath them giving way
The inmates barely escaped with their
On the4ththe spring unit axle depart
n: i.t f S.r.gcr. ni U( Co.' steel work
i.i t 1 1 ti)',:i j; I: Fa.wa totally destroyed
by lire. 1 i.o0; fully covered ty iu-
Ox the night of the 5th fire destroyed
the power-house of the St. Louis Cable
railroad, together with a largo number of
On the night of the 4th the steamer
Charles Morgan burned to the water's
edge at Cincinnati. The boat was valued
at &50.000; insurance not knows. Incen
diarism is suspected.
Ox the night of the 5th Jacob Nagley, a
Whitley County (Ind.) farmer, was badly
injured in a battle with a house-breaker.
Drnixo the first four months of tho pres
ent fiscal year the total receipts from in
ternational revenue were ji'.i,4i",441, a
decrease of 1,1W,'-M:5, as compared with
the receipts during the corresponding
period of last year.
San Francisco customs officers on the 2d
seized ".30.000 worth of opium on the
steamer Rio Janeiro, recently arrived
from China. The drug was found in the
coal bunkers.
Tiiekr is an epidemic of diphtheria at
Wilkinsonburg, an eastern suburb of
Pittsburgh, Fa. Over two hundred cases
have been reported, many of tlm quite
serious. The cause of the trouble seems
to be a defective system of drainage.
Debate on the Military bill occupied the
German Reichstag on the 3d.
The sale of a million acres of land in
Old Mexico by St. Louis parties to an
Eastern syndicate has just been consum
mated. The Dublin Corporation adopted resolu
tions on the 3d, condemnatory of the. pol
icy of the government.
The San Francisco mining boom con
tinues unabated, the excitement permeat
ing all classes. Several failures are re
ported. A BniTisif Cabinet council on the 3d dis
cussed tho advisability of further prose
cutions in Ireland.
Memphis, Tenn., is considering a propo
sition to enlarge and extend its water sup
ply. Am iron tower 440 feet high i3 to be built
at London to commemorate the Queen's
The French Ministry has resigned on ac
count of an adverse vote in the Chamber
of Deputies.
Tiie convention at Philadelphia laid out
a plan for celebrating the centennial of
the signing of the Federal Constitution.
The Amalgamated Association has de
cided not to be present at the Trades'
Union convention at Columbus, O., next
A stout printed in New York that the
Standard Oil Company had purchased tho
Caspian oil fields is pronounced false by all
The W. C. T. U. of St. Louis adopted a
resolution at a meeting on tho 3d, express
ing mortification tlurt Mrs. Whitney, wifo
of the Secretary of the Navy, gave a din-,
ner which was attended by Mrs. Cleveland
and other ladies, nnd whereat all drank
The Comptroller of the Currency has
authorized the First National Bank d
Shreveport, La., to begin business with a
capital of 3x 1,000.
Retokts from Albany, N. Y., are to the
ofTeet that thirteen grain-laden boats en
route for tidewater are frozen in the canal
between that point and Little Falls.
The receipts of the recent grand opera
season in St. Louis by tho American Opera
Company aggregated ."i.OOO.
A rnoFOCND sensation has been created
in Peru by tho publication of a pamphlet
referring to occurrences within the walls
of the Merced monastery.
Di king the present month the commis
sions of sixty presidential post-masters
will expire.
Di m. in advices intimate that the Irish
executive is preparing for a determined
struggle againstthe Irish National League.
Reports from Belgrade are to the effect
that the Bulgarian regency will make
overtures to King Milan to induce him to
become a candidate for the Bulgarian
The Porte has sent a note to the Towers
asking advieo on the solution of the Bul
garian difficulty. The note betrays an en
tente between the Porte and Russia.
Montehev (Mexico) advices stale that
a bloody civil war is among the probabili
ties for our sister republic.
The Cunard steamer Umbria refvsod to
receive the British mail for New York, at
Liverpool, when it sailed on the 4th.
On the 5th a he.ht occurred between the
police and participants in a National
League meeting atFinhalla, Ireland.
On" the (th the American Opera Com
pany, Theodore Thomas, president, ceased
to exist. Its successor is the National Op
era Company, Theodore Thomas, first vice
president. A (iovEHNMENT circular has been issued
to the police throughout Ireland forbid
ding them to assist in any manner in the
inforcement of evictions.
Thk Secretary of the Treasury eti
mates the amount required to defray the
expenses of 1 he government for the fiscal
year ending July next, at "J32",lS."J7lt.
Mr. E. YiKDtx, of Jackson, Miss., has
closed n sale of 4,0tH( acres of land lying
in Tallahntchie county. Miss., to a Chicago
capitalist named Verriman.
Tiik great stove works of Perry it Co.,
of Albany, N. Y., are to le removed to
Chattanooga, Tenn.
IJTliE Forty-ninth Congress met on the
(ith, the President's message w.is read nnd
a general bund-slinking iuduled in, but
little business w ns done.
T.iE iss-.ie of standard silver dollars from
the mints dui'iug the week ending on the
4th was $.-Sl,01 1. The issue during the
corresponding period of last year was
Riotixo was renewed in Cork, Ireland,
on the (Jlh. The police were hooted by
large mobs, but so fi" as known nobody
was injured.
Gov. Hi'OHKS on the ( th appointed Mrs.
I'.mma 1). Mills, of New Yoi k City, com
missioner of deeds for tho State of Ar
kansas. Tkn business houses were destroyed l.y
fire at Yazoo City, Mis., oa th t;th.
The President is not near so ill ih re
ported; lie is subject, to infrequent attacks
of rheumatism which usually seltle in the
tendons about the kni-
The commissions of s xty presidential
postmasters w ill expire din ing the pres
ent mouth. On tho reassembling of Con
gress the President will havi? the appoint
ments of about l."0 postmasters made dur
ing the recess to semi to the Senate far
eon I'u ni.it ion.
John Mii.lfr, aged 81 years, w as frozen
to dentil in Summit eouuty, Ohio, on the
3d. He attempted to cross a swamp, nnd
fell into the mire. When found his bodv
w as frozen fast in the mud.
Citizens of Chicago are organizing to
build an opera-house to Cost ?l,.VKOiio,
greatly exceeding the usual size.
Thk steamboat: St. John dropped her
guards on the 4th forty miles lilow Mon
roe, La., precipitating 1000 bales of cotton
into the river.
Snow Ml at Hiintsville, Ala., on the
"th to the depth of cij;ht iucl.es.
cotton and a box car were t urned r.t
Grcfuville, Miss., on the 41 h. The lire wus
the work of au incendiary.
The Kteanilxat Cherb i Merman, pKing
between Cincinnati nnd New Oiiean,
t urned at Fulton, Ky., on th 4th. Loss
.V"'; partly insured. She had not inn.lc
nnv trips this fall
The fiftieth Cmrss coi-s'sts ,;" p;
Democrats, l.VJ Repubiii-aus uuj ,, i;r in
Southern hotel-keepers, it Is said, feai
that the earthquake will decrease their
chances of becoming' rich this winter.
A farmer near Manchester, Tenn., baa
an eight-months-old heifer calf which,
gives one-half a gallon of milk per day.
In Decatur, Ala., recently, a manwasar.
rested who put a counterfeit in dollar the
contribution box and took out genuine
coins in change.
The jail at Somervillo, Tenn., was de
stroyed by a fire, lighted by a prisoner, a
few days ago. Nine men in confinement
there were transferred to Memphis.
Louisiana boasts tho largest plantation
on earth one hundred miles long by twen-ty-fivo
F. M. Levy, a prosperous merchant at
Baton Rouge, was accidentally shot and
killed a few evenings since.
A. & S. Rosenfeld, clothiers at Atlanta,
Ga., are insolvent, their debts and assets
balancing at $45,000.
Granville Be own, a boy of Mt. Vernon,
Ky., was caught in a burning barn a few
days ago, and perished in the flames.
In a quarrel at Petersburg, Va., a few
days ago, Mary Sprigg threw a lighted
kerosene lamp at Susan Sparlock, who was
almost roasted alive by the burning liquid.
A collision of trains near Greenwood,
Mo., a few days ago, caused the death cf
Eljah A. Magoffin, postal clerk, a nephew
of the ex-Governor of Kentucky.
Tho destruction of the Winn Parish (La.)
court-house by a fire of incendiary origin
occurred a few days since. The building
had been saturated with coal-oil, and burned
so rapidly that no time was given to save
the records, all of which were destroyed.
What is known as "the wholesale block,"
in Montgomery, Ala., a new building occu
pied by wholesale merchants in different
branches of business, was burned a few
nights ago. The block is situated in tha
centre of tho business portion of the city.
The wind was very high and the fire was a
fierce one.
Fresh cucumbers are being shipped from
Florida to Northern markets.
A Georgia farmer has a partridge that
follows a hen and her chickens about tha
There are only thirty-three inmates in
the Mississippi Blind Asylum. The build
ing cost tho State 00,000.
A couple of sportsmen in Lowndes Coun
ty, Ala., recently killed 143 squirrels in on
The Arkansas Supremo Court has decid
ed that Sunday can not be ignored by thosa
who observe Saturday as Sunday.
Little Maggie Hill, of Fayetteville, Tenn.,
although only six years old, plays the
violin almost as well as the best teacher
in the State.
During tho past few years land in many
Florida counties has doubled in price. Tha
population has also doubled.
One of tho richest men in San Antonio,
Tex., is Chop Hop, a Chinaman, who ha3
an English wife. He is now on a visit to
tho Flowery kingdom.
Mayor Guillotte of New Orleans has sus
pended Chief of Police Pachemin for in
competency, charging him also with em
bezzlement. Dr. Bradshaw, of Longview, Tex., was
recently relieved of his wallet, containing
$4,000, atDallas, by pickpockets.
The Capo IJatteras (N. C.) fishery was
very successful in catching porpoises this
season. In six days over four hundred
porpoises were caught. They are caught
for their skins, which are converted intc
The recent fire at Raleigh, N. C, in the
cotton yard, in the heart of the city, de
stroyed 1,219 bales, causing a loss of ?43,
000, all save ?S,000 covered by insurance
Salvage will not exceed ten per cent.
A negro inmate of the poor-house at
Anniston, Ala., is attracting a great deal
of attention by his peculiar actions, which
tire said to bo similar to those of a ilog.
He eats, drinks and barks like a canine,
and it seems to bo his chief pleasure to as
sociate with one.
Four years ago Fred TherwTanger was
tho poorest man in Jeffersonville, Ky. Ho
didn't have a dollar, but his son had four
teen dollars, and with this Fred bought a
keg cf beer, a jug of whisky, some glasses,
6nd rieged up a rough bar. Ho is now
Worth over ?10,0(0.
The cotton planters in lower North Caro
lina are said to have experienced much
trouble in securing labor this season. Last
year laborers were paid thirty-live cents
per hundred pounds for picking, but thi3
year they demanded fifty cents per hun
dred, and a number of planters refused to
pay that amount.
On Lookout mountain, a few days since
u man named Bryant lost his life by thaw
Ins dynamite in a fire. Both his legs wTero
torn off by the explosion which followed.
Immense forest fires recently ravaged
Bladen, Brunswick and Columbus coun
ties, N. C, and large tracts of timber have
been burned.
Two Chinamen secured wives by cioping
With white girls from Augusta, Ga. Out
of these events grew a feeling of hostility
which led to attempts with fire and dyna
mite on tho houses occupied by the Chinese
In Winston County, Miss., recently, a
young man conclueled to get married in a
new suit of clothes without paying fot
them. Ue went to a tailor, obtained the
clothes on credit, got married, and re
turned them to tho tailor the next day.
claiming that they did not fit him.
Willie Hincs, the seventeen-year-old son
cf a well-to-do farmer of AVcst Point, Ga.,
eloped with and married Miss Ncwsome,
ten years his senior, a few days ago. In
order to keep his father from following
him, the young man smashed the family
carriage and threw the sadd le into tho
There was a serious fire at Aiken, S. C,
a few days ago. Kight buildings were de
stroyed. The total losses aro estimated at
f ,'4.(VK, and the insurance at $2:2,00.).
The residence of Mr. George Phillips,
near Oddville, Harris County, Ky., burned
to the grouiul a few days ago, with all its
coutents. Loss about $2,f00, on which
there was an insurance of $500. Tho fire
is supposed to have been the work of an
A parti-colored baby is reporteil to have
been born recently at Aberdeen, Miss. Its
father is a very black negrs; its mother a
light mulatto. Half tho child's body is
black; tho other half noarly white; tho
hair on one side of its head is kinky; on
the other, light and straight, while one
cyo is black and tho other blue.
Georgia has had her first Arbor day.
Hon. Jordan Stekes, one of the most dis
tinguished lawyers in Tennessee, died at
his home In Nashville a few days ago, aged
sixty-nine years. He was a man of unu
sual attainments, remarkable information
and great forco of character. Judge
Stokes was a native of North Carolina, but
removed to Tennessee at an early age. He
leaves six children.
Joel Wright, a Cherokee Indian, left
Fort Smith, Ark., a few days ago with an
ox wagon, on which was 2,500 pounds of
Hour. He was drunk. About six mles
from the city, while asleep sitting the
front of the wagon, he fell off, and was run
over and killed.
A railroad to Mammoth Cave, Ky., has
been completed.
Citizens of Chattanoogo, Tenn., are be
coming interested in a story to tho effect
that some years airo a miser buried a tin
box containing $1,000 in gold in the earth
near Old Stone Fort, "'ail J several parties
have recently been .n gaged iu an exten
sive search for the treasure.
Humors are current in Richmond, Vs.,
(hat Cluverius has made a statement giv
ing an account of his whereabouts ou the
night of the 13th oT March, ls, the nitrht
of the murder of Miss Madison, but they
can not be traced to any reliable soui e.
tie will doubtless do sc, but it is not ex
pected that it will be made public before if
goes into the hands cf the Governor.
What Secretary Whitney Reports as to the
Nary Department.
Washington, Dec 4. Tbe report of
Secretary of the Navy Whitney, given out
last night, opens with a renewal of his
former recommendation for tha consolida
tion of bureaus so as to insure responsibility
In purchase and care of supplies, and states
that so far as his power extended he had
consolidated in one bureau the general pur
chases of department and the care aud cus
tody of stores, creating a system of book
keeping by which the responsibility for
care aud disposition could be had. The re
port says: "There is at present no real re
sponsibility for the care aud disposition of
property. In one bureau a property ac
count is kept and in others none. Property
lost, missed or stolen can not be traced or
accounted for and no person can be heid re
sponsible. The Fourth Auditor In his re
port just issued calls attention to this re
markable circumstance which was also re
ferred to in my last annual report. The lu
veutory shows a very large and unnecessary
accumulation of stores and supplies by the
different bureaus, aggregating over twenty
millions of dollars iu appraised value. The
board reports between three and four mil
lions in value to be obsolete and useless at
the present time, only entailing expense for
keepers and coustaut care to preserve them
iu condition."
Regarding the new cruisers the report
says: "The experience of the department
iu its first attempt at the creation of
modern vessels of war has been such as to
excite the greatest concern and disappoint
ment. When the Dolphin, Boston, Atlanta
and Chicago were projected and contracts
for their construction entered into it was
well known what speed ought to be at
tained and what weight and character of
machinery per ton of displacement was
necessary to obtain it. Commercial vessels
had at that time attained speeds ranging
between sixteen and nineteen knots and
cruisers were being built in other countries,
or had already been built, attaining the
same speed."
The Secretary compares (rial trips of the
Doluhin and Atlanta with English and
French boats only recently completed totlie
disadvantage of the former. The Dolphin
was designed fur 2,300 indicated horse
power and developed less than 2,200, while
the Alacrity and Surprise, English boats of
3,000, developed 3,173 and 3,079 respect
ively. The Atlanta was designed to attain
3,500 horse power, but her engines devel
oped less tUan that. The report s;iys:
These facts -are stated without any inten
tion of locating the responsibility or blame
upon any person. It is impossible to ascer
tain where it should be placed.
In considering the matter of constructing
the additional vessels authorized by Con
gress in March, 18S5, it was decided by the
department to exhaust every effort to avail
itself of the most advanced thought and
knowledge attained by our own aud other
countries upon the subject. The report
says the department has accumulated a
large amount of Information which will be
utilized in the construction of vessels in the
future. The report then gives a resume of
the bids and awards for the new cruisors.
It also treats of armor and guns for moni
tors and ironclads at great length and dep
recates that this country should be content
to be dependent upon manufacturers of
any other nation for the fabrication of ar
mor and high-powered guns.
; The report says: "It would be a great
i benefit at the present time if the appoint
! nient of a commission should be authorized
' to lay before the next Congress a compre
hensive scheme of construction, such com
mission to bo composed of both civilian and
naval expert's fit to deal with the subject.
If Congress should at its next session
1 make provision for the manufacture in this
country of armor and of high-powered guns
aud should take steps for securing broader
and more intelligent consideration proper
. to be undertaken, no time would in the
: end be lost and mistakes would he avoided.
' Meanwhile it is my duty to call attention
' to the urgent necessity for Immediate
Concerning the expenditures the report
says: "In the adjustment of the accounts
, for the fiscal year ended June 30, 18S6, and
! after paying all liabilities for the year,
i it is believed that there will be an uuex
I ponded balance of from $000,000 to $050,000,
j almost one-half of w hich is pay of the navy
! and pay of the marine corps, showing an
expenditure of $13,500,000 or upwards of
$500,000 less than the appropriations.
These amounts do not include tho expendi
tures for steel cruisers and completion of
the double turreted monitors." It is cited
that this is the first time in many years
that the expenditures have been kept with
in the appropriations.
The Secretary recommends that the Naval
Academy course be shortened to four years,
as recommended by tho commander of tho
academy. He also urges that apprentices
be admitted to the academy, and says: "It
is the desire of tho department that the
naval service should not bo open to any
charge of exehisiveness the sole exception
to this sound and wholesome principle of
our national policy. To this end it would
recommend that measures be taken by
which, under proper safeguards, admission
to the Naval Academy minht be given to a
limited number of apprentices, who should
then be subjected to the same course of
training and examination as the other
cadets, and who, under the application of a
uniform test, should stand or fall solely ac
cording to the strength or weakness of their
own merits."
At the Kml of His Hope.
Worcester, Mass., Dec. 4. Mrs.
Geerge M. Ilice, of Uxbridge, was at home
iu North Oxford when Levi Wilson was
born, ami she had watched him grow up
from an infant to childhood. He was the
son of her own parents without any ques
tion. Mrs. Lnian Porter, Wilson's mother,
who lives at North Thompson, said
emphatically yesterday that She was Wil
son's own mother and that Jonas Wil
son was his real father. She also said
that the record of Wilson's birth at
Oxford was correct. She thinks that Wil
son is not in his right mind and does not
know of any mystery. She is sixty-eight
years old and is broken down in health.
Wilson is the perfect picture of her in the
face, especially in the nose, forehead and
expression of the eyes. She says she never
mivor heard of Moen till of late years.
Her husband is a shoemaker, and is sup
ported mostly by Wilson. Porter says liin
wile avers that Wilson is her legitimate
Incendiary Killed.
Temple Tex., Dec. 3. This city nar
rowly escaped destruction by incendiaries
night before last. Tuesday afternoon a
man named Harton informed the officials
of the existence of a plot to burn the city.
A special poliee force was summoned and
the city put under the closest watch. At
7:30 the incendiaries appeared and poured
oil on the wall of Williams' saloon in the
rear and applied a match. When the flame
leaped ui Special Ollieer McMahou de-
j manded the sunender of James Nash, the
j man who applied the match. Nash lired.
i MeMnhou then fired, killing his assailant
j instantly. The other conspirators escaped.
St. Iah'isi, Dec. 3. John Sweeney and
Dick Kenner, tv joung iieiiro waiters,
were eating break fast together in a cheap
restaurant, 7u2 North Lleventli street, yes
terday morning, apparently the best of
fiiends. A discussion arose over the pocket
knives each carried, nnd they called upon
Al. P.rown, another waiter, to decide. Then
John Winsiow came into the party, de
claring that he had a better knife than
cither Kenuer or S.veeney. Sweeitey Uxik
the knife, and looking at Kenner, said: "I
ci-uM do you up w ith this," and plunged
the I-line into Keuner's heart, who fe l and
immediately expired. Sweeney wns er-lesied.
labor Statistics.
Colonel Wright at Work on Ills Forthcom
ing Report.
Washington, Dec. 3. Colonel Wright,
Commissioner of Labor, expects to complete
hi3 second annual report about January. It
Is grappling with some important aud far
reaching questions. First, he asrrees to
have a complete Investigation of convict
labor and its effects upon free labor. The
result of this inquiry will show that, taken
as a whole, the value of the product of
manufactured goods produced in prisons,
and of work done by convicts, bears a shiall
proportion to the total products of the1
country. Examined, however, iu details,
the facts will disclose that certain lines of
industry have undoubtedly been seriously
injured by the employment of con
vict labor to the detriment; of free
labor. The total prison population of
the United States at the present timo
is 57,331 of this number .2,739 are
at work and 4,593 idle Of the total num
ber at work 48,838 are male and 3,901
female. The methods of employment are
interesting. There are under contract, 14,
939; under lease, 9,2ai; employed at piece
work, 2,'JSO; employed on publio account
1,697, and in prison duties, 8,850. New
York enjoys the gloomy pre-eminence of
having the largest prison population, aggre
gating 9,033, aud Pennsylvania ranks
second, with 5,533; Massachusetts conies
next, with 3,819; Illinois, 3,329; Ohio, 3,221;
Michigan, 2,628; Tex:is, 2,539, and so ou
down to Mr. Bayard's pocket borough-
Delaware which closes the list With eighty
nine. These convicts are principally en
gaged in liiteen pursuits, as follows: Agri
cultural implements, boots and shoes, build
ing, carriages and wagons, clothing, con
struction, farm, furniture, iron goods,
laborers, leather goods, mining, stone worir,
wooden goods, prison work. The average
contract prices paid for this work is
from 40 to 50 cents per day. The effect of
this is undoubtedly to depress prices and
labor in the industries in which prison lahof
comes in competition with free labor. For
example, prison labor in the manufacture of
boots and shoes has depressed the prices of
these goods, some say, as much r-s twenty
five per cent. The States in which tl e con
tract system prevails are Connecticut, Illi
nois, ludiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland,
Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesjtat Mis
souri, New Hampshire, New Yo! k, Ohio,
Oreeon, Pennsylvania, iihoile Isl.in 1, Texas,
Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia hi d Wis
consin. In three of these States, htftever,
the contract system has recently been
abolished by law. These are New York,
Pennsylvania and Ohio. The contract sys
tem has also been entirely abolished recent
ly in California and New Jersey. In these
States the piece plan has been substituted.
The Atlantic Const und the Lukes Furnish
Several Casualties.
St. John, N. B., Dec. 4. The schooner
J. W. Dean, coal laden, from Jogeins to Sh
John, Is reported to have foundered off
Quaco, with all hands.
Halifax, N. S., Dee. 4. In Little
Grace bay au English built boat, name un
known, went ashore, and is in a bad posi
tion and her spars and boats aro gone. Four
men were seen aboard her, and if the sea
abates an effort to rescue them will be made,
in the morning.
Poistland, Me., Dec. 4. A sloop sup
posed to be the Superior of this port was
sunk in Mink Island passage yesterday, and
the rew of two men were drowned.
IIockpokt, Mass., Dec. 4. The fishing
schooner Nellie Florence of this port an
chored in the bay yesterday, being unable
to reach port on account of the wind. She
was seen to drag or part her cable and drift
to sea in the afternoon and has not since
been Been. Much anxiety is felt for her
safety. She is a small vessel and carried
only one day's provisions.
Chatham. Mass., Dec. 4. An unknown
brig went ashore at Handkerchief shoal
this morning and with a gaie blowing
dragged down toward the east. Hoats from
the town and from the Monomoy Life Sta
tion were unable to reach her, but w ill make
another attempt to-morrow if the gale mod
erates. Vineyard Haven, Mass., Dec. 4. An
unknown three masted schooner has been
ashore ou L'Homniedieu shoal, Vineyard
sound, since yesterday, with signals for as
sistance Hying. Owing to the northwest
gale, no assistance can reach her. The sea
is breaking over her and she is covered
with ice. It is believe that she is the Wil
liam T. Donnelly, Captain Bassett, from
Baltimore for Boston, with coal.
Chicago, Dee. 4. The schooner Hays
Fair from Muskegon for Chicago, loaded
with slabs, went ashore Wednesday after
noon ou the beach near Michigan City, Ind.
Her crew took to a yawl and managed to
save themselves. They were all more or
less badly frozen, and suffered terribly
from exposure. The Farr is on the beach
completely covered with ice.
The schooner Wanderer, loaded with
stoves from Grand Haven for Milwaukee,
was driven -ashore near New Buffalo, twelvo
miles east of Michigan City, yesterday morn
ing. The crew escaped. The particulars
ate meager, as none of tha crew have yet
lousiness Ixttins.
New Y'ork, Dec 4. Special telegrams
to UrudstrctV s point to moderate gains in
the movement of general merchandise from
Boston, New York, Baltimore, Detroit,
Milwaukee, St. Paul, Minneapolis, New Or
leans and San Francisco. Except in so tar
as this is due to increased breadstuff's and
other exports from the Atlantic seaports
named, the gain is due to a stimulated re
tail demand for dry eroods, groceries and
notions, owing to cold weather anil to the
approach of the holiday season. There is
no material change at Philadelphia, Pitts
burgh, Cleveland, Louisville, Chicago, St.
Louis aud Kansas City. At most points a
widespread confidence is reported in the fu
ture of general trade, notwithstanding a no
ticeable check to the movement of goods
from Crsthands in textile and other lines.
The.total bank clearings this week at thirty
two cities show the unprecedented in
crease of 262.000,000 over last week, the
total being $1,263,740,793 against S 1.000.
000,503 a week ago, and 1,097,24",690 tor
the week ended one year ago. 'this is an
increase of 2t per cent, over last week and
16 per cent, over th- like week last year.
The week's gain at New York alonn is
154,700,000, or about 20 per cent., due
very largely to the heavy speculative trans
actions in railway shares and bonds and
petroleum and produce exchange dealings.
Oreilt liritaiii and Ireland.
New Y'or.K, Dec. 4. The following
special cablegram will be published here to
morrow: The British Government has de
cited to prohibit the guardians of the poor
in Ireland from devoting special wards iu
the woi khouso to the aceoininod uion of
evicted tenants. The local board lias noti
tied the New Koss board of guardians that
unless they abandon the use of special
wards for this purpose which was created
by them in obedience to the command of
the Nationalist leadeis, who, says the local
bo;ird, seek to convert the workhouse into
garrisons against the landlords, they will
immediately be suspended.
The Legality or Pnollnjr.
Philadelphia, Dec. 4. Upon the peti
tion of the Attorney General Judge Butler
yesterday in the United States Ciicuit Court
made an order granting leave for suiis to be
brought in the Court of Common Fleas of
D.iuphin County against the receivers of
the Philadelphia & Heading Bai'ro.id Com
pany and the other railroads concerned, foi
the purjMise of testing the legality of the
trunk lino pool and to enjoin the defend
ants from acting under mk !i m-n emeut.
Another petition asking for le.ive ' bring
su.t against the liebdimt KaH toad V Coal
.V Iron Conip.my, to test the v.il.il.ty of Hit"
I anthracite pool, was also grant? d.
The Many Obstacles in the Way of
tev. T. De Witt Talinage Telln How the
Shackles of Itad Habits May Be I'nrlv
ited, and How the Paths of Vir
tue May Be Regained.
Cleveland, O., Dec. 5. Rev. Dr. Talmage
preached in this city to-day. He took for his
text the. thirty-fifth verse of the twenty
third chapter". 6f Proverbs : "When shall I
awaitet I will seek it yet again." Bis sub
ject was: "Off the Track How to Get oil
Again." The sermon is as follows :
With an insight into human nature, such
as no other man ever reached, Solomon, in
my text, sketches the mental operations of
one who, having stepped aside from the
path of rectitude, desires to return. With
a wish for something better he said:
" When shall I awake I When shall I come
out of this horrid nightmare of iniquity?"
But seized upon by uiieradieatad habit and
forced down hill by his passion he cries
out : " I will seek it yet again, 1 will try"
It once more."
Our libraries are adorned with an ele
gant literature addressed to young men,
pointing out to them all the dangers and
perils of life complete maps of the voyage,
show.'ng all the rocks, tho quicksands, the
shoals. But suppose a man ha3 already
made shipwreck; suppose he is already off
the track? suppose he has already gone
astray, how is he to get back? That is a
lield comparatively Untouched, 1 propose
to address myself this morning to Sut'H.
There are those in this audience who. With
every passion of their" agonized souh are
ready to hear such a discussion. They
compare themselves with what they were
ten years ago, and cry out from the bondage
in which they are incarcerated. Now, if
there be any in this house, come with an
earnest purpose, yet feeling they are be
yond the pale of Christian sympathy, and
that the preacher can hardly be expected to
address them, then, at this moment; I give
them my right hand, and call them brother.
Look up. There is glorious and triumph
ant hope for you yet. I sound the trumpet
of Gospel deliverance. The church is
ready to spread a banquet at your return,
and the hiernrcha of Heaved ta fall iuto
line of bannered procession at the news Of
your emancipation. Ha far as God may
help me, I propose to show what are the
obstacles to your return, and then how you
are to surmount these obstacles.
The first difficulty in the way of your re
turn is the force of moral gravitation. Just
as there is a natural law which brings
down to the earth any thing you throw in
to the air, so there is a moral gravitation.
In other words4 it is easier to go doWn thafl
it is to go up; it is easier to do wrong than
it is to do right. Call to mind the comrades
of your boyhood days some of them good,
some of them bad: Which rrost affected
you? Call to mind the anecdotes you hare
heard in the last live or ten years some
of them pure and some of them im
pure. "Which the more easily sticks to your
memory? During the years of your life you
have formed certain courses of conduct
some of them good, some of them bad. To
which style of habit did you most easily
Ah! my friends, wo have to take but &
moment of self-inspection to find OUt that
there is in all souls a force of moral gravi
tation. But that gravitation may be re
sisted. Just as you may pick up from the
earth something and hold it in your hand
towards Heaven, just so, by the power of
God's grace, a soul fallen may be lifted
towards peace, toward pardon, toward
Heaven. The force of moral gravitation
is in every one of us, but there is power in
(Sod's grace to overcome that forco of
moral gravitation.
The next thing in the way of your return
is the power of evil habit. 1 know there
are those who say it is very easy for them
to give up evil habits. I do not believe
them. Here is a man given to intoxication.
He knows it is degrading his family; de
stroying his property, rviining him, body
mind and soul. If that man, being an in
telligent man, could easily give up that
habit, would ho not do so? The fact that
he does not give it up proves that it is hard
to give it up. It is a very easy thing to
rail down stream, the tide carrying you
with great force; but suppose you turn the
boat up stream, is it so easy then to row it?
As long as we yield to the evil inclinations
in our hearts, and our bad habits, we are
sailing down stream, but the moment wo
try to turn we put our boat in the rapids
just above Niagara, and try to row up
Take a man given to the habit of tising
tobacco, as most of you do, and let him re
solve to stop, and he finds it very difficult.
Twenty-one years ago I quit that habit, and
I would as soon put my right hand into the
l":re as once to indulge in it. Why? Be
cause it was such a tcrrilic struggle to get
over it. Isow, let a man be advised by his
physician to give up the use of tobacco. Ho
goes around not knowing what to do with
himself. He can not add up a lino of fig
ures; he can not sleep nights; it seems as
if the world had turned upside down; he
feels his business is going to ruin; where
he was kind and obliging he is scolding and
fretful; the composure that characterized
him has given way to a fretful rest
lessness, and he has become a com
plete fidget. What power is it that
has rolled a wave of woe over the
earth and shaken a portent in the Heavens?
He has tried to stop smoking! After awhile
ho says: "I am going to do as I please. Tho
doctor does not understand my case. I am
going back to my old habit." And he re
turns. Every thing assumes its usual com
posure; his business seems to brighten;
the world becomes an attractive place to
live in; his children, seeing tho difference,
hail the return of their father's genial dis
position. AVhat wave of color has dashed
blue into the sky, and greenness into the
mountain foliage, and the glow of sapphire
into the sunset? What enchantment has
lifted a world of beauty and joy on his
6eul? He has gone back to smoking.
Oh! the fact is, as we all know in our own
experience, that habit is a taskmaster; as
long as we obey it it does not chastise us,
but let us resist and we find we are to bo
lashed with scorpion whips and bound with
fchip cable, and thrown into the track of
bone-breaking juggernauts.
During the war of 1S12 there was a ship
set on lire just above Niagara Falls, and
then, cut loose from its moorings, it carao
on down through the night and tossed over
the falls. It was said to have been a scene
"ui'illiant beyond description. Well, there
i.re thousands of men on fire of evil habit,
coming down through the rapids and
through the awful night of temptation
toward the eternal plunge. Oh! how hard
it is to arrest them. God only can arrest
them. Suppose a man, after five or ten
or twenty years of evil doing, resolves to
do right. Why, all the forces of darkness
are allied against him. He can not sleep
nights; he gets down on his knees in tho
midnight and cries: "God help me!" he
bites his lip; he grinds hia teeth; he
clenches his fist in a determination to keep
his purpose; he dare not look at the bottles
iu the window of a wine store. It is one
long, bitter, exhaustive hand-to-hand fight
with inflamed, tantalizing aud merciless
habit. When he thinks ho is entirely fi ee,
the old inclinations pounce upon him like a
pack of hounds with their muzzles tearing
away at the Hanks of one poor reindeer.
In Paris there is a sculptured represen
tation of Bacchus, the god of revelry. Ho
is riding on a panther at full leap. Oh,
how suggestive! Let every one who is
speeding on bad ways understand he is not
riding a docile aud well-broken ste,eJ, but
1 is riding a monster, wild and blood
thirsty, going at a death leap. How many
t here are who resolve on a better life aud
t-.iy; "When shall I awake?" but seized on
I n their old habits cry: "I will try it oueo
; ..r.-; I will cH it yet again!" Years
,.. there were some Prmctou bUKteuts
who were stating, and the Ice was fii'f
thirl, and noma one warned the company
back froni tll air-hole; and finally warned
therri entirely to ie"arJ tho place. But one
young man" with bravado, after all the rest
had stopped, Coi outJ "One round moro I"
He Swept around, and Went down, and was
fertfaght out. a corpse. My ffimdsf there
are thousarxis and ten of thousands of tneil
losing their soul that way. It is th
one round more.
I have also to say that if a man Wall id
rturn from evil practices society repulses
him. i?c's!riig to reform, he says: "Now,
I will shake off liiy "VI associates, nnd I
will find Christian compan'fCsbip." And
he appears at the church, door son'.'e" Jal
bath day, and the usher greets him wiih it
look, a much as to say : " Why, jTou
here! You re the last man I ever expect
ed to see at cltjlr'ch f Come, taka this seat
right down by the door?" instead of say
ing: " Good morning t I airi glad you are
here. Come, I will give you a nrst--fat
seat, tight by the pulpit." AYell, tha prod
igal, not yet ifnuraged, enters a prayer,
meeting, and some Civilian man, with
more zeal than common sense, ?ays i "Glad
to see you. The dying thief was saved,- nd
I suppose there is mercy for you." TliS
younsf man, disgusted, chilled, throws him
self back on his dignity, resolves he msv er
will enter tlw houaa of God again. Per
haps not quite fully disguto"d alwut refor
mation, he sides up by some highly respect
able man ho used to know, going down thu
street, and! immediately the respectable
man has an errand cwn some other street.
Well, the prodigal, wishing" !r otrn, takes
some member of a Christian Assoc'iffUoir by
the hand, or tries to. The Christian ycill is g
man looks at him, looks at the faded apparel
andfthe marks of dissipation, and instead of
giving him a Warm grip of tho hand offers
him the tip end of tho long lingers of the loft
hand, which is equal to striking man in
the face.
Oh, how few Christian people under
stand how much force and gospel there is
in a good, honest hand-shakmfi I Some
times, when vou have felt the need VI en
couragement, and some Christian man has"
taken you heartily by tho hand, have you
riot felt thrilling a through every fiber
of your bodj iiiirtd mid soul en encourage
ment that was just what you needod ? You
do not know any thing at all about this un
less you know when a man tries to return
from evil courses of conduct he runs
naainst repulsions innumerable. We say
of senile man, he lives a block or two from
the church, or half a mile from the church.
There are peoples iri our crowded cities who
live one thousand miles from church. Vast
deserts of indifference between them ttttd
the house Cf Gad. The fact is, we must
keep our respectability though thousands
and tens of thousands perish, uhrist sat
with publicans and sinners. Bu't if
there come to the house of Gol a
man With marks of dissipation upon
him, people throw up their hands in horror,
as much as to say! "Isn't ft shocking?"
How these dainty, fastidious Christians in
all our churches are going to get to Heaven
I do not know, unless they have an especial
train of cars, cushioned and Upholstered,
each one a car to himself! They cuii not gd
with the great herd of publicans and sin
ners. O ye, ttho url your lip with scorn at
the fallen, I tell you" pkinly. if you h ul
been surrounded by tho same iifMi?ee.cs,
instead of sitting to-day amid tha cultured
and refined and the Christian, you would
havo been a crouching wretch in stable or
ditch, covered with filth and abomination !
It is not because you aro naturally any
better, but because the mercy of God has
protected you. Who are you that, brought
up in Christian circles, and watched hy
Christian parentage, you should bo so hard
on tho fallen!
I think men also are often hindered from
return by tho fact that churches are too
anxious about their mtdrbership and too
anxious about their denomination,- "d
they rush out when they seo n. man about
to give up his sin and return to God and ask
him how he is going to bo baptized, whether
by sprinkling or by immersion, and what
kind of Church he is going to Join. OI my
friends I it is a poor time to talk about
Fresbyterian catechisms, and Episcopal
liturg.esj and Methodist love-feasts, and
Baptistries, to a man that is coming out of
the darkness of sin into the glorious light
of tho Gospel. Why, it reminds me of a man
drowning in the sea, and a life-boat puts
out for him and the man in the boat say.i to
the man out of the boat, i "Now, if I get
you ashore, aro you going to bvo in my
street?" First get him a-ihore, ami then
talk about the non-essentials of religion.
Who cares what church he joins, if he only
joins Christ, and start for H javenl O, you
ought to have, my brother! au illumined
fuce and a hearty grip for every one that
tries to turn from his e.'il way. Tuk.i hold
of the sanv.i book with him, though his dis
sipations shake th.i book, re:nembring
that he that converteth a sinner from the
error of his way shall save a soul from
death and hide a multitude of sins.
Now, I have shown you these obstacle?
because I want you t: understand I know'
all the difficulties in the way ; but I am now
to tell you how Hinnibal may scale tho
Alps, and how tho shackles may bo unriv
eted, and how the path3 of virtu s forsaken
may bo regained.
First of all, my brother, throw yourself
on God. Go to Him frankly and earnestly,
and tell Him those habits you have, nnd ask
Him if there is any help in all the resources
of Omnipotent love, to give it to you. Do
not go with a long rigmarole peoplo call
prayer, made up of " ohs" and "ahs" and
" forever and forever ainens !" Go to God
and cry for help! helpl help! and if ym
can not cry for help, just look and live. I
remember in the late war I was ut Antie
tam, and I went into the hospitals after tho
battle, and I said to a man : " Where aro
you hurt?" He made no answer, but held
up his arm, swollen aud splintered. I saw
vhere he was hurt.
The simple fact is, when a man has a
wounded soul, all he has to do is to hold it
up before a sympathetic Lord and get it
healed. Oh! it is no small thing, when a
man is nervous, and weak and exhausted,
coining from his evil ways, to feel that God
puts two Omn!tob:rit arms around about
him, and says: "Young man, I will stand
by you. The mountains may depart and
the hills be removed, but I will never fail
you." And then, as the soul thinks the
news is too good to bo true, and can not be
lieve it, and looks up in God's face, God
lifts His right hand and takes an oath, an
affidavit, saying: "As I live, sait.li the lord
God, I have no pleasure in the death of him
that dicth."
Blessed bo God for such a Gospel as tldi!
"Cut the slices thin," said the wife to tho
husband, "for there will not be enough to
go all arou id for the children; cut thn
slices thin." Blessed be God there is a full
loaf for every one that wants it bread
enough and to spare. No thin sue h at the
lord's table I remember when the
Master street hospital in Philadelphia v.ts
opened during the war a telegram came
saying: "There will be three hun
dred wounded men to-night, lie ready
to take care of them," and from
my church th"re went noma twenty or
thirty men and women to look after these
poor wounded fellows. As they came, some
from one part of tho land, boiii-j from an
other, no one asked whether this rnun was
from Oregon, or Massachusetts, or Minne
sota, or from New York. Thero wa1 a
wounded soldier, and the only question was
how to take off the rag niimt gently, and
put on the bandage, and administer the cor
dial. And when mjuI comes to God, He
dexm not ask where you came from or what
your ancestry wus. Healing for all your
wounds. Pardon for all your guilt. Com
fort for all your troubles.
Then, also, I counsel you, if you want to
get back, to quit ull your bad associations.
One unholy intimacy will fill your soul with
moral distemper. In all the ages of the
church there h:i not t-en an iusture-e
where a man kept one evil associate and
was reformed. Among the l,4ot .ici,tj f
the race not one instance. io l.x.ie u day,
t-i;u your desk, tuko out letter imiwt.
stamp ftn3 envelope, and then write a let
ter something like this :
"My old emanlojis; I start this day for
Heaven. Until 1 n persuaded you wiTlJoin.
me in this, farewell."
Then sign your name, end wnd the letter
with the first post. Give up yemr bad com
pantonn, or give up Heaven. It fs not ten
bad companions that destroy a mil a, nor
five" bad companions, nor three bad com
panions, but one. What chance is there for"
that young man 1 saw along tho street, four
or five youngmen with him, halting in front
of a grog-shop, urging him to go in, ho re
sisting, Violently resisting, until after
awhilo they forced him to go in? It was e.
summer night, and tho dor was left open,
and I saw the process. They hold him fast,
iid they put the cup to his lip", and they
forced down- the strong drink. What
chance is thero for such a young manl
I counsel you, also, ek Christian udvico.
Every Christian man is bound to help you.
If you find no other human ear willing M
bsten to your story of struggle, come to
me, and I will, by every syr.ipathy of my
heart, and every prayer, and every toil of
my hand, stand beakh? you in tho struggle
for reformation; and, I hope to havo
tny own sins forgiven, ami lnpo to be ne
qiiHted at the judgment seili of Christ, I
will not betray you. First tf all, seek
God then StfeS Christian counsel. Gather
up all the energies of body, mind and .tul.
and, appealing to God for success, doel;"?V
this day everlasting war against all drink
ing habits, all gaming pructiees, all houses
of sin. Half-and-half work will amount t
nothing; it must ho a Waterloo. Hhriuk:
back now, und you aro lost push on, un-i
you are saved. A Spartan General fell at
tbe very moment of victory, but lie dipped
his linger in his own blood and wrotn on a
rock near Which ho was dying: "Sparbi
has conquered." Though your struggle t
get rid of siu may dwis almost a deiit.lt
struggle, you can dip your linger in your
own blood und write on the Kork of Ages:
" Victory through our IamI Jesus Christ."
Oh, what glorious news it would 1C for
some of these young men to send home i
their parents in tho country these holiday
U'ht-'h are coming. They go to tho post
office every day or two to see if there urn
any letters from you. How unxioim they
are to hear! You might send them for u.
holiday present this season a book from mm
of our best publishing houses, or acomplet-j
wardrobe from the importer's palace; it
Would not please them half as much as tin
news you miKht send home to-morrow that
you had given your heart to God. I knov
how it is in the country. The night come.
... . .1 ,1... ,.i,.Xr
on. lno cattle stnuii uiuu-r iu-- "i
through which burst the trusses of hay.
The horses, just having frisked up
from tho meadow, stand knfrt deep,
in the bright straw that invites them to
lie down and rest. The perch of the hovvl
is full of fowl, their feet warm under their
feathers. In the farm-house at night no
candle is" lighted, lor the llamos claw their
hands about the great black log, and shalu
the shadow of the group up and down tl.rf
wall. Father and mother sit there for hal f.
an hour, saying nothiug. I wonder what
they are thinking of. After awhile father
breaks tho silenco and says: " Well, 1
wonder where our boy is in town to
night?'' and mother answers: " In no bul
place, I warrant you; wo always could
trust him when no was home, and since he
has been away there have been so many
prayers offered for him, we can trust him
still." Then at eight o'clock for the v re
tire eariy in the country they kneel down
and commend you to that God who watch"
in country and in town, on the und land oa
the sea.
Homo one aid to a Grecian General i
"What was tho proudest moment iu your
life?" Be thought a moment, and sail:
"Tho proudest moment in my life wa
when I smt home wont to my parents that
I had pa hi CM the victory." And the proud
est aud most brilliant moment iu your life
will bo tho moment when you can send
Word to your parents that you have con
quered yo:ir evil habits, by tin) tfraeo of
God, and beconto eternal victor. Oh, de
spise not parental anxiety !
The time will come when you will have
neither father or mother, und you w ill go
around the place where they used te watch
you, and find them gone from tho hrus?,
and gone from the field, and gone from
neighborhood. Cry as loud for forgiveness
as you may over the mound in the c hurch
yard, they will not answer. Dead I Head I
And then you will take out the white lock
of hair that was cut from your mother's
brow just before they buried her, and you
will take the cum: with which your falh'-r
used to walk, und you will think nnd think,
and wish 1 hut you had done just as they
wanted you to, and would fc'ivo the worM
if you hud never thrust pang throu;Tl
their dear old hearts.
God pity the young man who has brought
dlsgraeo on his father's naun! God pity
the young man who has broken his moth
er's heart! Better if ho had never lieeit
born better if in the fli'st hour of his life,
instead of boinir laid against the warm
i bosom of miiteriitil tenderness, ili had been
Coffined and sepulchered. There is ilo imliu
powerful enough to heal tho heart of oic
who has brought parents to a sorrowful
grave, and who wander's about through thru
dismal cemetery rending the hair and
wringing the hands, and crying: "Motle rl
mother!" Oh, that to-day, by all the mem
ories of the past and by all the hopes of t ho
future, you would yield your heart U God.
May your father's God, and your mother'
God, be your God forever!
Tli Mrl rr See All tliw Tlrod IIimIUm it ml
Weary Hearts mid 1 1 a u (are for
Watch the faces as they go by you on a
crowded street, and just not iv wh it :
tired look many of them wear, if wffouhl
reiidalltho hearts around un, we we'ddl
find multitudes who aro weary in spirit,
and sometimes cigh for a pillow iulh
grave. Home are tired out with life's h ud
ftruKgles, with bearing the he;'.t and bur
den of the day. Others persist in pih.ig uy
anxieti s as hih as an old fashioned p-U
dler's paek. They carry a huge load of ;ira
as to how they ph til make both ends m !,
arid how they shall fool, the bills that ac
cumulate, and how they shall provide f r
all the hungry mouths and scanty vvurl
robes. One is tired from trying to do tod
much, and uuother of waiting for some
thing to do. A grievous biirjen of sp r.t
ual despondency miikes Brother f-im ill
faith's heart aeh", and puts un . Ir.i
wrinkle in Sister Wealcbiiek's cotmU-iianee.
Here is a disciple who is tired of waiting
for success, and tle'r-i is another tired of
wating f r answer to prayer.
Do you suppose that tho dear M'i'ter
does not see ull tie-he t i red d ies and ex
hausted nerves an I weary hearts? To
those who are honestly run down with
honest toil. He says: "Come ye apart into
a quiet place, and rest awhile." liodUts
a night of sl"ep ufler every day of w.r.c
for this very purtxisis of recruiting lost
force. To Christian with small pursus H i
kindly says: "Your life couninteth not in
the abundance of things yo possess. I
counsel thee to boy of Me gold tried it: Ilia
fire, that thou mayest lM! rich. My gr.e '' in
sufficient for thee; at My right hand k-o
treasures foreveruior"." There j i,t n id
ly money enough in this land to give ii-yy
body a fortune; but there are proit im-i
enough in tho Bible and gract! enouj'i i
Chribt Jesus to lual'.e every b mI v rich r- ull
eternity. Just think what n millionaire
twin is who h:c a clean conscience
and a clear hope of Heaven hereafter. To
poor Brother Hmallfaith und sorrow f ul
Mrs. Weakbaek he gives a wonderful hit
in thes." word.: "Li!I am with you al
iv.iy. N man shall pluck you out of My
hands. It is My Fuller's good pleasure i,
give you tic) kingdom." Dr. ''. .. t 'uuUt,
A BOK is a livi:
voice. It N a soirit
? of the earth, it u-
walking upon tin; f.ice
tinucH to be the living
sep.u'iUt 1 from us by i
I bought OS a )! ,u
pace Ull I f In .'I 'tl
pii away; mou;m-'fit crurabl" ' '
What it-iiiitiii'i und burvivei is h
tr .ouyht. JsnnU a.

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