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The Bolivar bulletin. [volume] (Bolivar, Hardeman County, Tenn.) 1865-1888, September 09, 1887, Image 2

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.1 Iithitiu: 7"c:k2 i:
lha I'uV-is Gcod. Crural ir:hi
Icr tlit Vblio Cood-
two points in
the proposed
1 :i '
I 111' bill Un- : J.
it illilll tl ' jUte i ' It. !!-. ,
M d i n cuiit chiitr.?
.-57 ye r
oh!. ';ti'. nvt
;'ett h
J. S. Tillnia to Ten. A. T
i i
Denr Sir: Our old time acqunin
tai.ee, Ijf-jiuiius iluriiiR the war,
An . r'taii m ;nd - me mv vw'.l oe a sninae ut excuse ir i"
inr their iai.. v i Eu pt.,?Lx-o.; !,lny of i.udt flaking to point out
. . Mtrti- i--nit. v wnlttu to Mr.
w n 1 ! : rf 1 -vv JiU' tlifir -
,e. ur '!)".
in :
uul fr
T e tr
1 :w'iwi it (l.p Dioi'0eil amendment
to our tJoiiftituiion id a p Htical
(nit'siinn. but ilia not as you sar,
... ..i;m.-,! " It is in some
Ac. .f .St Louis during the ' ' ' . "i rti;,OU3 oues -
ticiit, tut hi no s-uisu a theological
o.'if-tH,ii. l'atnota una nuzeus vnu
; Ldito.i JiuLLK-riv.
j- Ilr.vm nuticd
I c-ooi.ecti u vith
uraeuvlent I v.ish to add some ad-dili-nal
ergumente to the financial
phme of the question; and then ad
.,.,., .i.liiiriDiurl ioi..ons why we
uu-v ' '
Uiioull support the jrohibition
I amendment to the constitution.
Our anli fiiends sti!i contend that
the traffic is a money making basi
:es to the Stale, hence, they are
unwilling to ive it up. It can be
ehowu by statiatiea that more money
is spent auu uH in prosecuting
criminals v?ho a:e led into cri ne by
the influence of whisky than the
royeuue amounts to. Hence, it is
clear that instead of the traffic be
element to the
4lJ . L. ' t i ' - ' O
mo tli n't AuKUiiin Pi) Gof d?, Gro-
ii ...inuo KI,ka lint ind
Ois aid Atr-.tid'tuial "jn.leir-.nts I io .he mpruaacy of the moral
U1 r , . , UvRtem ol 'he (Jli.ittiau religion can-
was tin- l;.iLt eur lii t. un, ai u ia
exp. t tittlo c l.tii.v t- thiot ihtut the
Tl Ial it i al lcit.w puhlirlci
i,t ffrl.Mlle, f;nk jlil oi the tlale
filler rs in I he i pilol l uild'ut- ex
cept Ti-er.si.rc r rll""'-f, are ilr l!,c
i-roliibiti..n Anibiitlmei t. 'J 1 e'ate
icrtahdf hart a soLfr i nd jncial
4-ori R of avails to carry on the
Ijus'uiess tf t he people.
svstem t'l 'he Uh.ittiau religion can-
l.ot ami oujiht not to iUMe in oralis
IV in ia.-d;iiii uptn public (jocstions.
The advocates ot the proposed
un ciH.inent are not, as you intimate
either fanatics or cranks.
The fust four-mile pre dnbitory
state, it is not self.eupponing. It
is estimated by high authori y that
5-6 of the crimes are the ofispnne
of whis-liv. Then would we not save
est hvber are traiisf rmed ;nto agents
that war against God, and all the
purest and beat interests of humau
itv. Bat it is a lVien.l to education
and the poor unfortunates are
cheered (?) by the consoling (?) re
flection thai d it ruin.? them, it is
the means of educating their child
ren. Voters of Ilirde.oan County,
is not this consoling indeed? If
the whissy traffic is a friend to edu
cation, why not have a. saloon by
bv every school house in the Slate?
If it is a a friend to morality, why
not have a grocery by every church
in the laud? Why will n t the two
influences work together, it they are
friends? It the whisky traffic is
calcinated to advance the interest of
the state, why have it taxed? or why
endeavor to curtail its influence?
Why mt encourage it by giving it
five acce-s to all the communities in
the State?
T.P,T. P
3S, Tiii! .
,V Si r--
mBHsrnijnEB. DIM J AH fetfl4.' 4 W x, i B i
i ri iv i i na u u iiijiiisiitii. i x,i v x v n ,. j h jjj k:k. i .ju a
Saw Mill Located at BOLIVAR, and Pianino Mill at JACKSOX.
LEMY'U,aiiufacturer of Ecugh. & Dressed LnmTjer, Doors, Sash,
Siding, Flooring, Ceiling, Laths, Shingles, Palmg, -bracket
07 THfc
Hon. Hire A. Titito and f'rank
BjivI tire making thetur fly in
the Uih (.Itiiigreniionul Jii'.ct in
j .int dcuaion, 1'u-rctt f r the Fro.,
hlbitioti Amendment and Cond
against it.
If protnbitiou i sucn a tdrnole
vil and interlerds with pemwnal
ldK-rlv. as cliumed by n opoiioiit,
have they t-t. hmg rid.'Uutttd to
not thai
law iutertero in like manner with
personal lihertv?
Gen. Dibbrell, the war horse of
wx i u r -
s thpi r?niirt ftKnenses to Dpimocracv in Tennessee and pro mi
il AtllO ' ' - - C 1 '
the people by removing the causer nently mentioned in couveunvj.
It is a principle of political economy with the Governorship thus writes
that whatever does not produce concerning tne imnajneui
Bomethin-of value for socisty is T-F Gibson, Esq. Dear Sir:
. . . .. . . " m-k . . . . : i
Kiatnte hutl its orcein with me virtually a pauper. xucu, Yours of the OUi msi. is reemTtfu,
friends and mana-ers of the Univer- ting principle, it is claimed that, m which you say tuat many of my
,itv ..t ill South. if it cannot be siuwn that the wms riends would like to know how I
Lsi'j are made to prevent crime ty traffic makci money fur the glarui on the Prohibition question,
m 1 ihe lUhanehinir of public and state, tl en it i a pauper, adestruc- n(1 that some of the whisky side
private morals ib well as to punish tive parasite u on the body politic, gHy j am for whisky.
tnui. and fehould be prohibited. I chal- I regret that anyone knowing me
Belling liquor was not a crime lnge the opposition to prove that anj knowing my past life would for
until law made it an offen?e. If the the traffic in whisky-considered as a moment think 1 would place my-law-niaking
P'er can mako it a an individual among us is i ot a g(4if iu orposition to religion, morali
cilmeat Secvanee, it may make pauper, I ctialle a them t show ty and good society, and in favor
it an offense at VunJerbilt. Ye do i(1 one inila in.tance where it lene- 0f whigky, crime and misery. For
not desire to "compound witti sins fits society in any sensa whatever. neaily 45 years I have been a mem
we arc inclined to by daa.nin-thoe But they cling to the old thread-bear ber of the church, 2 years a mem'
i . A -, rt u, (Tiimp, it. with the tenacity tho ftimd '1it ulars. and al-
we nave no ilmho vu, " i lchuu i 1-
tlesne to make men, young or old 0f death. I simply refer to the pro- way3 trying to ba upon the rich
Christians at one place by damning portion laid down in a ioiujcl wu
tho.e at another. cle, that, it it is darimental 1 1 au
t . ..K..,w i1, ),.llAwincr obiections individual, nhysicaily, financially,
to the uqut.r tr-flic iu Tennese, as and morally, (which is admitted
now le-idi.e.l, without any reference then it certainly is to a collection
to morality, religion or tlieohgy. of individuals a state. But, a L-
ru ie .i ntlicr business which mittiusr. for the sako of argument,
law makes a source of large profits, that it is a financial benefit to the
w.ti, tr ie or a tax lor ictenue State the question of revenue should
ine way nui"
e reform needed? I
The Anti-pi-ohibitionieU are using
jexojy tchtmeand argument imagi-
am il I'. lwVJlit tl)
, n ture t! e votes of the i e,pl. only, nine out of every ten now en uver stand in
'J i,..v set their traps tor voters, l.ke gagd in it would quit it. lieouir- reform. Is tl
Senator J one's old colored frion d
v b. vho said "I nose Kt gwino
1 sot
... . ,t.!i iTatn wile hoc, kas
cl;.t nap at ble i nds, ami am bound
to eotck ei.i gwine n comiu."
Tht'reisan instance of gnuu;e
prohibit;.. n in the i.Utorj of th
Jw'ws, Joel :e'.!s about if'
1 . i ;
Awake, ye drunkards, ana et i
nd howl, all ye thinkers ot wine,
becauxu. of 1 1.4? new wine: ftr it is
tut oil trom your mouth. Joe!, i, 3.
Hcrmtwuscut.il' mm them
prolii tiled.
i ..( l ti.'in I i-,m-o I'univ Thr licHnsesvs
inr an atu'-iai c ipuui n iiun
tS.A.AU.r in l.nv all the neeesaries tem is held up by the opposition
ol a quiet drinking place, the law H3 u model piece of modern eUtes-
xacls lio n twenty io fitiy times mmship. it the a:oon sjsioji ib
. A' I - . 1.1! .l.fllw
that au ouutfor the pnvi-ege oi ioi-j recoguizea as a puunu
lowic it. tivo to the Lett interests oi fct-cieiy,
His the only business outlawed has the state auy light to countenance
The luifce-a bunch or b .nf ns on
j cet.ud whs shipped to Mount Vernon
Jv Y., one day last week, it xneas-
rre.i tt ur feet in UniJth nd weighed
400 pounds. Some -d the I ananas
n.wifcured Kixtei ii Jn Hjjl' cugllv
Henry Watferst.n, ol the CVuriei
.To. una. i.: "Prink is tie evil
i tho oaient of five-sixths ot the
vd in the world. It is woman who
inoht suffers from the evil conse
quences of drink. It i h who
I ha.idi .vhiU
the drinking hush m.l slowly stag
gers down the abyss before him.
J t is she must toil to get a hviug for
helpless little ones, winle thrbiuial
hibantl t ei.ils his nil at the dram
fhap, It is sht who at last ,r.hs be-
.t. tot .l t low whicii drink
iuiVicts upon ail, but chif and
rsorst upon the weak and potr,''
ri nii.il i-oiiu !4 iiiit) the tiflktj
and eays "send mo y..r paper tor a
eai' that n cans b isaiess. When
one ays, "1 want your paper but
I ,r.i nvt-V l'DW." tl.llt U III!
rii,ht. V lien betakes it out of the
ptMt.llice f.-r seseral months and
cnd it back "refused,- Umts
me.inne. When a man spends
iroin ten cents to a dollar for cigars
t.r Imoi- every we Kami tys he
ao't atl'ordV take his home paper
that's no such thing. Wlmn a man
bo.ros hisneinhboi,B paper to read
rw.-v week, ihats cheek. Kuquirer.
A.l when he says, "I like it and
.i .. ; K, r iiMv.n't time lo
Wllll.tl O, -V.v .... .
in the country districts and confined
by law to the towns. It is the
ouiy business outlawed on a day oi
election, or near a church, or a fair
ground, or an asylum for the insane.
The only reason- K.r these rtstric-
bj found in the argument
that they liromote tcruKiaim : and
safety lor the young, the weak and
untortun ite.
Il the proi osed amendment is
iaLaticism. the past legislation is in
the same line, and a. so iu tha mter
e,t of the rich against tl a pot.r nnU
the few against the many.
The sale of liquor as a beverage
is a fifth wheel m cur political wa
iiIiiti.I there bv law. It is the
hump on the camel s bi.ck, wnici
the law cheated.
It widens the gap between pover
thet ii;:,litiou ot a fen
HIV v i ii v " " "
dollars an I cents paid into the
treasury? 13 it it is arguad that
hi'di license is what we used, ami
not prohibition. This does not mee1
the question. It makes no difference
how hifh the license may be, the
people the consumers have it to
pay. So it i.s no lass a tax upon t.te
people. Then this dt es not change
the nature of the article sold, neither
des it change its effects upon society
High license whisky will produce
just as many crimes, cause jut as
much woe and mist ry, destroy the
happiness of just as many homss
blight the prcspect of just as many
young men, as low license, or lree
"whiskv So I insist that our antj
lriauds stick right square to the ques..
tion. Let's have uo floundering
1 A
ays trying to ba upon the right
ot every questiou tending to beoafil
uiy fellow inau, or to build up and
encourage religion, morality ad
good government. I have had no
baud in bringing this question before
the people, but it is wj for discus
sion and fr action, and I think
every god meaning man who wants
to see his country prosperous, his
children and his neighbors children
bevond the reach of temptation,
ou dit to be tor Prohibitum and cast
bis vote so as t remove this great
est of evils that destroys so many
young men, breads the hearts of so
man good women, and renuers bo
many ionoeant children poor, dis
couraged and reckless and finally to
rum that nils our jails and peniten
tiaries and causes the destruction
of thousands ot lives annually.
It may diminish the faes of law
yers, sheriffs, and c!erk3, but it
lessens taxes, elevates society, en
courages cood morals, will aid in
building tchaol hoases, churches,
etc. And if the amendment is adop
ted will taake us more than happy,
contented and prosperous.
AVe will have the satislactiou ot
knowing that we have aided in re
moving temptation thatgod young
men have, and will probably save
the lives of many good men who are
uew, by the ue of intoxicating li
quors, rapidly approaching the
grava, I am for the amendment in
earnest. Yuuis truly,
G. G; Dibbrell.
Let every Tnnesseenn bear in
mind that Septemper 22, 1387 is the
...... cot onart for this mand state
reunion ot'Tennassee Cordeoerate I
and Federal soldier?, to he new an
the Fair Ground?, Springfield, Mo.
The Gulf and Frisc ) Railroads have
agreed to give reduced rates and
afl who wish to awaken the sweet
recollection of the endearing scenes
of early childhoo 1 should not fail t
meet and mingle with the vast
throng of Tennesseeans who will on
that day assemble west ol: the great
Father ot Waters, to hear Ten.
nessee's two moBt favored and be
loved sons, Col. A. A. i-ind Gov.
R.b't. L. Taylor, whose brilliant
campaign awoke and won tne au
ra iration of all Americans. ISot on
ly has nature bestowed her mcst
choice gifts upn them by eloquence
and melody ot her music, but iu
them are uuited two brandies el
noble families; their mother being
a sister of L. C. Haynes, -Whose eh
quence was as charming and grand
as the laughing uruohs auu wip
ing mountains trom which he gath
ered inspiration. The Haynas ami
ly were democrats, and it was from
his mother's training that Bob ac
quired the principles of democracy.
In bis frrst raw for Congress he over.
mi nrtvprse? niloritV ot thirty-
flCllLl ' al at -
five hundred and won the proud sou
briquet, "The Mountain liot Orator
T i.tir lather. Col. Iaf 'Jay lor, was
a republican and tor sere.al years
....... ii.a ..K!ot i-on.-f nlative. that
itiie iuc twv. .i -
Tennessee had in congress, lie
alone of Upper E.tit ronueee was
able to meet in puuho debate Andy
Johnson without being cru shed and
cowed beneath his poweiful intel
lectual blows. All. adopted the
political proclivities of his father
and for several years has been the
head light of the republican party in
holding high places of honor,
and trust. Nothing short ot hia pro
found .earning, his brilliant genius
and towering eloquence could have
have equaled the varied knowledge,
the laughable incidents and pungent
witticims that make up the genial
life of his brother Bob iu their late
campaign. Although they are
comparatively young men, the laur
els they hare won upan the f:e.d
f lame are as imperishable as tlu
glorious record .f the illustri
ous State from which they come.
Well do these noted s us and broth
ei-3 reflect the spiendid genius of their
noble ai.cettry. Every Tennesseeao
in Soutv e?t Missouri is expected
to be present and every Tennessaean
who wishes to attend is cordially m-
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Appetite, should suggest fho use of
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ing, enriching, and vitalizing the blood.
Failing Health.
Ten years ago my health began to fail.
I was troubled with a distressing Cough,
Night Sweats, Weakness, and Nervous
ness. I tried various remedies pre
scribed by different physicians, but
became so weak that I could not go up
stairs without stopping to rest. My
friends recommended mo to try Ayer a
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family, for Scrofula, and know, if it is
..i.... fitf,.!!,. tiiut; it. will thorouehly
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also prescribed it as a tonic, as well as an
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believe it to be tho lw,Ht blood medicine
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Dyspepsia Cured.
It. would be impossible for me to de
scribe what I suffered from Indigestion
aud Heada:ho up to tho time I began
taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla. I was under
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lief. After taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla
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peared, and my stomach performed its
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lator tho action ot the digestive and
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II. D. Johnson, S83 Atlantic avenue,
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
rpMed by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Ma.
Price 81 ; six boitles, S.
Jackson - - - Tenn.
sssiu1sn---T,,i.- var5..'.' -' - - - x,
All Kinds of Machinery limit and Ilepaired
All Orders Fdled mi Short Notice. Estimates and Catalogue Iiirnwhod on
Application. Agents for the A ULTMAN-1 A Y LOU
"Threshing Machine.
No. 000 IJ. D. Ii Vf Clinueery Court
of Hartlemaa t'-. 7iiue.K'f,
Sarnli Ji:tr:i!U El al.-. v. Jat. S. Usery
It ajipearing ?rom il;e orig'mul bill
wiiii'n it swim to in this cause that the
deh-iKlants. Ja?. S. l'ss l v nr.'l wife Aara
minda LVery, Bettie, Ida and Josephine
lni4 ff tlie state oi
dent ef the State of
MiKoiMinrii. and Kanilie! RiIrJ w liuse
... r t -i - - ,
resiilnees is unknown l cannot be
r t i tt:. I hv i i .r..l 1 1 11HillliV.
It tt. I fic-t-iro on 1 tiint UN-v luaKV
A MILLKIlj J). 12. DUKKKTT, W. CJ. HUloe x
V.T. MeNKAL..I'r!wileiit. AV.C. JOItION,Cnhler
Depository of the SUtfe . Deposits received subjert to sipl.t cheek
Kxcharge bought and Hold, and Collections promptly made. Notes th.-countcd
iVlone to loan on J ers'nnn" mur
vittd to be prtsent mi the 22nl of
t' t - . 1 . , . Ti'i'i.t U . ii fr JL' 111 IIP
" . I l. ! l : .. t i nr.urt Iwillflf
done to make the day pleasant and L ! ' ' '
Miwirl:iv in Sentem-
sgreeable and long to be remember
ed by all.
J J pn ii inn i ,piwi w ' .hi wmwmjm 'yJ
1 in i ! urn n.1- iimi
ty and riche-. It is conceded io oe about, no steie itsuus, ui CAl . ..
ndiiic This is a public effort
a Tiiii l vviiivii uvi-f .vw i m I.. . . -. r i -
It," i.at is an uiuuuifcatad,
b.-rlaeed .e,
i. : .. i. . i . . t NuiiiViiie. i he
i ve i ' v . i i v
P., use i-i.d tvlcUfiUd leauer ot Foi-
t.i o.d l.Mialliou in the Ute war,
:a,a tnown ai.d h-cd by all lie i hi
') h.uix el ihib oiui.tiy thus speaks.
hi tj.i;.ien u-e with less el
n. ii ev H i ion it.il. t i. i eniere;d, I ut
xlueu.lio t.t.lMM.V ot U.elotsol
j.Kid.veu yi.ur iumm entails .ion
U.-eun me u itl. h kH 1 n I M J, I Ul
llu, u.ur i.p in set in when 1 point
vu iui.vei.y m.vi tulltmg caused
, nuui oi.i.e- Voit threaten me
jxi.'i. 1- Ut v'" lu,u
uxv. v wht-u I ioiut to u,e tears of
I... win.,- iroin 1 broken., kaiirni
t.i xtr.aie t.rU'k
You Uneaten me
buyer and drinker, and ofteo t'.ces
himhaim. It makes no man vir
tuous or peaceful, but many itnpuie
ana quarrelsome. It makes no man
economical, but many men spendthrifts-
It ke ps none from the poor-
house, it semis some there. It do s
n. t prevent crime, i1 des t;U,(l1
s tnc crime, it makes no wile hap
1 1 m-.Lra nii'iv inu-.cra ble. The
.j, ...... -j -
contest now is between tb license
systeai and prohibition. Is the prei
sent system beiier than the proposed
If tho prerent jartia! prohibition
was resorted to in the interest of
temi.erauce and the general welfare,
vhv is it fat.aticism to make general
what is already j artiu.V 'lha i nly
excue for our pmtial piobibitory
ttatuies is lhat ti.eyare for the gen-
fial wehaia, talcty, peace and pros
perity. The wnu leason for op.ws
iug the amendment, in view oi exist,
ing statutes, iv, that prohibit ry law.
have accomplished all thai cm I e
jsccoinplished. When 1 cun believe
tl.nt ! lirin-ed . jiinLlip.tr house in
un" - - t rm
every town, set ii ga fie j lunch f
its patron t. will dt. more to suppress
ii .inr..il inciii.ation to cam ble
iiiv .-
than a ceneral law against ga.uiug;
whfr'i I cap leiieve that the licei etl
mn.nvss of a bKiinio, with velvet
earpt'ed jailors and blond js ami
brunettes as omameiits, will tk.
more ttpromote domestic happiuck!
and tfie gonaral . welfars.
linn a gei.eral law
agairstall houst s of id-lam?, then,
.,n.t .mt ml ien. w ill I Leiieve that
tho hcei.s.d ami wedl-appo;i.u.
saUam will do more to pranuiie the
per.co audsatety and pi ferity id
the tdste than a law of prohibiti- n.
lhc liberty of doing wrorg, or Ol
tollowing that which was an excitant
a r-ainet tbe saloon, and nat an in .
irinixnient upon personal liberty. It
is not a question of drinking whis
ky, but a question a- te whether
the state shall continue to grant
license to eH, or whether she shall
withhold that license. The law does
not presume to dictate to a man
what he shall eat or drink. "Those
who eudeavor to make this question
betrny their i. lability to meet the
real Question at issua and are hard
ly entitled to a respectful hearing
bv an intelligent pw.iple.
But our friei . of the q porsition
claim that the state cannot afford
not to have the surplus (?) grain
manufactured into whisky. Indeed,
The citizens of Nashville and
Davidson county are up to the boil
ing-over point on account of a fight
to carry a proposition to vote feJUd
COO to the buildirg of the Midland
railroad. The Eouisville and Nash
ville road contracts and Nashville
road contracts all the freight into
and out of the city by rail it being
the only line into the city. Const
nuently, this road is using all the
money and influence possible to
defeat the proposition, me peopie
are aroused, and are determined
that monopoly shall not rule.
ibis is a strange argument! It ifc
admitted that whisky wid not pay
a man's honest lebts. It will not
educate his children. It will not
make him a bet er father, or more
affectionate husband. It will not
make him a better citizea. It will
not make him laoor to ac jomph.-h
the obiect of his existence. Hut, on
the other hand, it is a d -triinent
. . w in 1 1. u vi time
uili i'" ',l 1 " J I .1
v, o.i u t. w.ti.. n . I ror.!r-eo;i.lr. is nowhere autu-TU
.... w id ot u.) - -
i:H.i .
1 lliii.t M I'WS
al iillll., Hl.d
i Ui iivei'
Wcrio '-e "1,oA Ui'
I, me 'Unl l.ni'"' U ' ' a"'-4
k .lit-
U.ii 1 a:u n.-,'-'
HK:x.l.i. l".
t kl m
ti-l iiott
U.e i;qi...t ti-h.cn. ad it-ph i.e.
curse to man in every conceivable
The grain produced by thestealy
veomanry oi the country is a neces
sity. It is given by the beneficent
hand of God tor the maintenance
of human life. It is as the manna
to the children of Israel. But it is
transformed into an article that has
no nutriment, no nourishing power
in it. St m. thing that spreads woe
and misery everywhere it goes
Something that contaminate every
thin.' it touches. bjmcthiue that
degrades and curses man and dis
bailors God. Ye', we are told that
this is proper. It would be a bet
ter investment for the State to have
this craiti collected in one vast heaj
nr! burned, rather than to save it
r ' .......
v . . ., , , ( i . i . i t , r u .t ! ... nrAil 111 'n Mil ; 4 I i M I wM W Is 1 t I
O i J i Ui v; jni'it i .... , j-,! Jin ii.ie., . w v v . - ' - - -
...,., Sin. iU MU ituri or tii- ; t-. Li iu-r ihvsical innnhool, ie
e it i- ut - 'iot ma!;-- wt-rso a p '..- gr1det h-r morals, corrupts her
I.. -d pnq-winou wl.icli can I e j l.i'.at:irt s, buvs the v to f fur
turned on reason and m the interest; ir,..-n)au and ruins the kappincsa oi
ui d gi'vernment, i.y ibe inTid i ' nwr citizen. No country can reas m
;., t inlievei-. Very Inly, our &Uy eX eot the smiis of a kind ?rov
1JKUll Jas. D. Iiu.mam. j iUe.ice wueii the re Wards of mm
Viop 1SS7 nnrl nlfHil niiswcr ordeinurto
.,,n'i.,l:iin:mt hiZ or the aallie Will he ta-
to thpm and set for
liearinsi expa.tw, and that a copy of this
i be Dubiished once' a week f-r four succes-
Bulletin pub
United in Bolivar. Tennessee. This the
28tU day ot July, lb,
C. A.& A. Milltr, Sol. for Com. -
1 . r:?il tx il
mjn 4 ru m mi
----' - ifi i i 7i ill I i 1M 1FI
Cash Paid for Country V educe.
n II H I k 1 1 1 II Ll J LI
II m -
mm. twtm f-i cs m X3 TT A TTO TT r r
Iwffl n vMwwr-r-ta Of
Bradflsld Reouui.tob Co.. Auanca, oi.
Using The Boycott;.
It cornea from pretty good author
itv that after the whiskey men
mide the reporter of the Nashville
Ameiican lenve their meeting last
Saturday at Tullahoma, they pass
ed an iron-clal resolution pledging
themselves to boycott" all persons
who favor prohibition, no matter m
what busines they mav be engaged.
The whisky dealers evidently intend
to "bully" merchants and others m-
,l !..,
to votiuir acainsi tne nuieuuiueni uui .
they will soou find out they cannot J Lumbago,
No. 901. It- I). In the Chsnceiy Court
of Hardeman Ounty, TenneMee. John
II. Duke, vs. It: M. Thompson and E. E-
TuiT.er, trustees.
It appearing from the original lull
which is sworn to in 'his cause lhat
the defendsnt, It. M. Thompson is a non
resident of the State of Tennessee, whose
residence is unknown after diligent in
quiry, and E, R. Turner is a non-resident
of the State of Temieea an.l a resident
of the State of California. It is therefore
ordered that they make their appearance
herein at the Court Uoune ol Hardeman
County in Bo'.ivar, Tennessee, on or be
fore the 3rd Monday in September, 1S87,
and plead answer or demur to complain
ants bill, or the same will be taken for
Confessed as totheiu and set forbearing
expart?, and that a eopy of this order be
uublished once a week for four successive
weeks in the Bolivar Bulletin, a newspa
ner rmhlinhed in Bolivar. Tenn. Tl is
1 I '
August 5th, 1S87.
A. J. COAIES, C. & M.
Tomhn & Paynes, Solicitors fur Com.
Tire best paper
in Tennessee, is
TIN. 81.
At a inccling of llio County Teachers Isold in llielory
i i r- i ol i ll... P.J Iin- mi- liklu
VaiK'Y JltirCIl H33(, MIU loimunir, MeMiivcj
Vere adopted for Hardeman County.
1". ice. j
12 CtH I
1H cts. i 10 cts,
20 cts
30 ctH.
85 ctn.
50 cts.
FOUR i ll "
IT Fill
"'--"-"""""""j i f,0n o,n,,.ttwl iliroii'diout TeniK n They
A lie ttutive ut.B mc utin,; mi"..! . -
are the freshest, most complete, and lowest priced scries publisl I-
accomplish their object. Fayctte-
ville Express
Silence is golden, but a woman is
perfectly willing to take somebody
else's word for it.
Never loek a gift horie in the
month, andneer inspect th heel6
of a mule of any discription.
Be aids,
E tings,
Aetive, Pushing and Eeliable.
Savage & Emerson can always be relied
upon to carry in stock the purest and
best goods, ana sustain the reprutaiiou of
being active, pushing and reliable, by
rs mru mend ing articles witta well establish
Mril anil Mich as are popular. Hav
ing the agency for the celebrated Dr
King'sNew uiseovery for consumption
eoldit and coughs, will sell it on postivi
guarantee. I w urtilr urd a By an
evirv s!5'.;ctijn f thruat, Iuujj, or chest
and iiiurler to prjve our. ciaiiu, wj as
yon tocili audg;tA Trial .Jj;ti. f'i-ji
f Witlt a TJ 1 1
oil Plug Tobacco, ask your I
"OD EI?."
Btiif Joints,
Hoof Ail,
Eaddld Galls,
.itr.atlvwbat Uclaltned
Kwmpiir.i!!i mi r-. j j
for It One J the reason for the irwut iK.ptilarlty ot
St Xostaoff Unlmenl m iounam
.lieal.llity. Everybody neecs uM
The lUosewifo teeds H fer general family use.
TbeCanaJer needs It for his teams and Lis mL
Tho Mecbaaic ne.ia tlway. on Uis work
The Miner noois It In case ot rn,crn. y.
The Farmer need. 1. In hi bouse, his stably
od nls 8ek yard. .
The StuambMt man or the Uoat-aa n
Hlc Uberal .upply flcuid ashore.
The Mr.-faclr neds lt-it S. hU b
Irland and safert reUaoca.
The ..r.w.r 7f"
Th.Ranr.ads...n"driU' - j
lns M Hl life U a rowsd or nam
jTike tt as aa anttJota for the dangers to Ufa.
Mmb aad eomfort which surround the pioneer.
TBS aierc " . .
hta emptoyeea. Accidents wUl happW and
Saeae oome th MontMig Liniment U wanWd at ooc
K.e. Battle la the Haaae. TUUw bea.ol
4KKeT Battla la tbe Factarr. Ita Uajnedlas
cm in cae &; aoolden-l sarea pala amd lo ot
Keep a Bottla Always la th eh'
i be . . .
Vti4 riWffSsT
ang rl'iir
05 Ct.
lo Ctfl.
fjO cts.
')'; cts.
)Q cts.
15 cts.
18 cts.
18 rts
yo cts.
10 cts.
'Jo cts.
no ct.
85 cts.
For Hnlo
T. L. Prewitt, 7
CS-. CrEtrrott,
Mercer zz jvLciaxxiry ,
1 1 V
Z2CIci.ca.leton. .
O-rcxna. crtArxctlori..
IPG C CllXO at 3-3
Toon o
3 3a.io"b :t"
I i . . .T nv.in;,m imco tnwilfj ir;inv merchant de.iteini'
iVIiy Olie WHO tltisncs IU ciannm. ui"'1" ' ' ' ,
supplies lor introduction and exchange, can make satislaciory arrango.nrieU
by ad,lreS3,na, TlMOTHY OEOITE,
i;tO Cirariesr Strett, IV5VV Orlo U ltK
General Arcnt for the Southern States.
II acta with extraordinsry efficscy on ts
tiver, Sidneys,
1 -rf AND BOWE
Malaria. Itowt-1 (inilln'i
l),.pls, r.radadie,
C4nHtiu(loM. Iliitousnpit,
kiriney AtTectln. JauuJIce,
v.ni.i liMirpuliin. ollc
'rzzzTrX-r Jew or y ,
; f S ! I f
!o.viffc ware,
'mm ciisms collet,
C I hi I i ; it I 1 U M U t - F I I t . ! T 1 -i
, .t: ltttTltt!r7 ! WUl Open its TliivJ Anunal Bosuon o tho' 3r.l! Day
I JciO hOuSBDOiu iuuliii us uuu'jui n, of Sopteinbor. Itiy7
hins-kcrttrealy lor Immedlfctettse. ,. , . i:....i t .i.t.. . il. ,...,.!. i;... .1 . ... 1
i.i ii
an4. by bel ns; ker v J' "f
will save mnj an :
many a dollar in time and doctors bills.
- .. . . .i.. '.tl red "7"
s m r w - . , . i
ea fro-t of Wr.posr. Preparad b f
J. H. Z El LIN A. CO,Se4. f-
The lot nt ion i. cxcectlincl v l.eaUIn ; the mnraNliut, th coure-t
, ;..;. ili(ln,ii"-b.',M 'Sti.facti' ti iru ir.inte :d. Send f.r ratal
anv ot the tisculty.
JC t)
A.J. Df.stov.

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