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Clarksville weekly chronicle. (Clarksville, Tenn.) 1865-1867, September 15, 1865, Image 1

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;:;:yOLQME' 1; YlivV:;, ;;01d;Serics, , YolAl3;-r- i r-iGLARK&VILLE; ''ttINN't:!:PlllDAYv7SEPTEMBER '.'15;': 1805.: ;"VV . -i .:01d;! Scries.' $0. 20; "
-...- !':.' ...'I I -..-I ......'; ..i '. , , r.. .1 . ,.
i. ! ,. .,. . . DEALER IX - vi.V'
V 1 JDRT 1 GOODS! " "
Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes,
..v.j i CliOTIIHSTG, TZ,
n k
-,i i r-i i "'I i: -i m.: 'i . r. y
I . ". V I' J. It
: llr.it
'1 1
H.:tl I
II '
in '! s .in.
Franklin-St.; Clarksville; Tenn,
i ll'il
:. .., li t
' , I"' ' T.I
r- -1' p! U l'lH'1 1''! il
-f ill
AniI and Well Sdec led
Stock !
r 4,!' ).ia ,vn' v I? '.. if-'
And will sell tjpon m -
STOClCaiid lniCKS !
t.-.u !iTV,,1,Iir.lVm.inallhropr n .w.
.'..t;! rt i y 'i I ii. ri- i! iflM t i ;r. 1 i' ?..rt
tilAndg Ijelilnil tlvo nontitey, rrlvly nnd ilUg lo
WMt tipon all who may favur u witb tuuir patron
geni..l..ivj ) ii 1 i i'rti. .( t- .1 i I i:.l .. I
l.f.-vi.".. i. 'i . .M. Bf ATTILI:1
X: Ja)y:14-tf I ri v 1 : " . !.
New' Store , and New Goods!
J11-" With Old Merchant. ;
'rjUIF- nndersiRiicd luu reliirutJ t tltirksvillo,
' J. -Uittl a good stock of ' ' -' . :-. ..!'! :
U''. I . i , . . ' T. - i 1 ' ft -II ' I. 1
Staple Dry : Goods,
' Boots Mnd Slipcs?i ;;,
'' "..! hats, ftcoftc'r',' m
nd rim I found at Turnley & Vox't, Old Stind,
with 15. O. Kfesee, where he will be iilcnyd to ste
ii;gt chutohiein, and a$ nnitliy now out M V'80
to buy Goods, at,. -:
.An t nih rtcirmlflfd roVll .itthe LOWEST Witoi.
Tliiinkliil tor iHKt fnvorv htid 1iok; to receive a
shnre of jintiirrmpu in tho future-.' ' , ; "
.1 ..... Very' it spect fully, 1
: 1 " A.'!.. lVIIIT.tUCR.
I nin now liviuir wiLh Mr. Whiukvr, mid wiUL
(li iist.l to .o my old frivudd mid cuBtutncrs, iui
will si'll them any gjods they may want. .
,:;ty.:U-tf ., ... .,..: J, K. CROADDLK,,,
.Agricultural .' ami' " Garden
: : . ! . i i IMPLEMENTS ! !.
, 'J,-;. ' sole' Ati'EXT.i-oa;4Ur' i' r ' ;
'Avfcry's Plows and Points !
,, X tiiiiiuifrtctiiiersof thu'ubove. articles, -and the
, uudvi'6i)(UuU are. suvh that iMU'cliasent iu this markiit
'fu be wpplicil by ut.Ut our Depot, . . .,,
Sign bf " TENNESSEE . IRON ! "
' Kranklln-Nt., ( LAKKSY1LLK, TEXX.
"At manufacturers pi -ices, with freight an4 insurance
ndih'd,Tth moiit iijiroveU patterns: j
Kvfilucky Kurvi'stcrs, Cutting Boxes,
'Keupfrt, ; .,. Corn Khvlkrr, : . i; '
Miiwer.., Cultivator.',
.t;ik UUU, '. 'I .: 'I Uay.Vorka, '.W i .'. i
fuinir Mills.
t liiaiit UindM'S, i
tiniiu lllailej, ; , ti,:i . t,
.Uriuv IHmU'i,;,,,!' , r
i Hjudej., , , ,.,.:. .,, :
l.tuiki's l.vKjrntur,."
"Thrcidiiiig Machine,
liny lUapir, , :,
;. ; Avory's .' Plows and Points,
(in '' i And all kinds of . I t ..i '
'Farming Implements ! !
(ra!is iron, Nails, Salt, Ilrihaulta Limo,'
, Wajron and liujrpy liiitis, iSKikes and
. . t'elloos) i Cistern i Chains, . : .
i -i . . Tubmit and .Boxes. : - ! - '
,Xtlu r ('.icvtie lillyi-, '.Pewiler and .Shot,
. . l.tiul 1'rrciwsuQn, t K)i, tSHIoty Fiiil, tic; etc. it1
As wi) inteiMl keefiltift it full and constiint buiiI"
of the sUive,' and .IHjiuy Dtlii r articles wanU'd in
this market,, at oOr Dejiot, we rrsiiectfiilly ask nil,
iluthicsted in pltiui. tho rijjht article at the right!
pii.e, to GIVE I' 8 A CALL. !
AuV. S!Myl t-A-i j KRUCU' i- fO.' 1
Groceries, Wines and Brandi&S,
. . ; I . ..', i .
General. "AttorUncnt of ' Cbi'ettlonerittf
1'RANKI.I Jt 8TP.IET, i '
' , ' " ' Al mi Intend keeping a ' ' '
G t i 1 1 un 1 V"n A-i c t y H to r o !
And will sell our GooJU as LOW AS ANY lU'L'SE
In the city.'. ' ' '. '. ' pt; 1, f-5-4f ,
j. ; I i.i. is,
Formerly uf Audi rm, Jluiiihue k Co., Louiovillo,
. Kv, with ,.. ... ,
J; Siuvi 'r tu .V'Juii & Wmuliiult. )
, I ll' iIB AMI JK.HIkli. I't I
l'V)l ' 'i -f ''it.. 1"' l"'l I'.' 1
J'l .J .111 '.J.N '-..'.
WOTTM) Wiont feKiiectfully Inform the pitlwnt of
riarkTlite nd the public generally, tlint
Xhtf bT receittly eBUrged their itore, und have
.M l Jiist.BereifCd tMta HtiT ltrX,j..
. , v . .. .. . i. , . n
ypnsi?ting of the most varied, and cho;ce patter of
; PLAIDS, De XAISS, ' . ' i ' -. t.
I.Jt.'f V M'i
W bavo'Jurt' recolrexi toe most coffiplet itook of
E jUB f V A J) IT
4 i. - a (fc ..... .., jj...
1. Boots, Shoes,
!"''. Hats;' Trunks,-1!?
' 7 ' i:f Musical Instruinehts,
, Notions, ,Etc. M
15 o s t ; Induceriie nt s ,
we have coxsTAKTLt;,A , :, .
i i ... ' 41. . u . '. . it.t
'VTe'teturn bnt'most ferafcfiil thohkjto thecltf-
ehrt of Olarksville and the snrronndinfc country,' ftk'
the lioeraf patfonap extended te -w -ior several
yean past,1 and bor to ' limit a eodtrnaance'of h
Ang. 25-tf ! BLOCK BROTnERS.
Bgirantcd itt'eiiango for OOOD3,o'rCASll')
Driedl'eachem TeatMcrs, TfcoF. GlnScnK,. Beeswax.
ind Country Produce Mncrdlly, for which the best
prie will oe paid. t r , y-rriyni')
NE W : F I RM !
ti-; i.i
THE "u'tiilersifened" hn'vff purcbiuiul ' of'
Citstnor his stock' of ;". ' 'J-;- '. ,
; 1
l ...
And will continue, the Mime kind of buaincAU, nt
the same stund, (Thomas It lira's old stand, Pulilk
Hiinnra.) '' ' ' ' ' ''
1 1;hey Will say for' rhemlielves,! makings their
bhw to tine public, that every exertion will be mndc
ott thir part, to render the hOHse'worthv of tin
patronapeund confidence of thc puhllc. They are
prepwrort to ftirnisti 'i .;; r; iii:. t'U-'n
i. ... . '.ii" .1. ; -:i
with the test articles in their line, at wholesale,
and at moderate prohta. . i - .
Thev will sell tor' CASH OXLV, And wish to say
IMl'KKSSIVKLY,'to all who favor them with their
patronnire. THAT THEY IK) NOT WANT IT,
unless ciwli is inid at the time of -purcliase. This
rule liter will strM-tly adhere to, and no tickets or
mebwirandtin.i'ill lie ilc.f iThcy tnnnot nffotd
to jiny cash for goods, and. sell them on a credit.
' . A ... . . ... . .. f, ,i .; n. , ... ,
THOMAS & DUO'S Old Stand, rub Ic Syiiare.
- . CHAPMAN. &. CO.,. : .i .
Pirottuce and Commission Mcrthauts,
r.. . -.. .,i ''. :.. ifcAtl!lisJ W1" ''
I .'I
,' ... I. ...
,iriHt,a1.?i(il Liquor,, IlardicarflSad'rjj.
' u' " Hoofs nnil Shoos," ' :
i - WOOD and WII.LQW WAUR, i
u WsCAPfy tow fcq, jacApft frc1.
.... CLARKSVILLE, TKNN.. ... ;
AI.L'kiiiila'of CoiiutrJ" Prodrifo taken' tit ex
'rhnhjfB liir tloodlt.'" ' "'. ''. .. ; h
Advances Hindu'' on To1ii,ci,iKSriir nn-i other
Prodite lot' iMrtpment t oiiV IVhitU In- Louloti
OinrlnnnM w'S'er Yoift. " " 1 ' '
1 July H Oni 1 ' ' . - '
tub 1
1 ; t
BZauawha , Salt
' ; " ' 1 -AND 'blAttuS IV"
,' I.li i 1.1.1 A ' I, I : !!!-.
Tin, Hard ami (ucriiNiyurc, OJH,
i .u '.. '. .i '. .' i
, , , frunlliH-Si., Claj'HsvUlc.
; July A4-t(,.i!(,lr ,.., y ......ii., V
"I- i'- - T. M.OIjITEH,
f I t. I . . ' ' . I , . - ' 1 I .
,' Late of Lovisyllo, Ky, wilh s ..
cloths; assimers, vestixos
And MuiiuUtrt urcri of ilotlilng.
BirtX. Itrticulur attention pall to rjcv.1' ' ' I
No, 10C Pearl Street, North Side, and 1 IT West
1 I Third Stn hsU Villi' sud nac- It ' 1
July 21 3iu. . ,-. ' CINCINNATI.
Special Notice!"-
fPUK undrrfiyued Would .inform their Irumls
X and the public puin-rally, thut the
jewelry and Watch1 Repairing
HusiucsH, will In oondiM icil in tlm tutuie under the
limine imd stylo of A. & 11. iSlMPOX. And
j won lil solicit a sluww 'i. puhlio patioiint:.
! EPU.AII woik ealrimul In theiu .M ill lie care,
fully :uul promptly itlluudi d to. This, July 1, fC,i,
July ir-II" . . JAM. MMI'SJN. 1
JL ujiv
JIOI ,S:.s M ,(lTS- well impinted.
4 lVwwt lluw i.iv.'.'l l.d ''for -mI'.. Amdy
M ,ll.IIN.Mi, oi '
w .V 1 .W l.Ul.i. .
f.Di HOR.fHraoim:...,......!.. A.......J.Miit r. hoxe.
ttof tieys' at Law,
I..',,".'!, t'tAKEYULE, TEXX; J, I',',.,
' Office upstairi over Nixon's Sto re i a old IIaU
ri; ..-.LAW XOIIl'E, ,
'- si
riLiatteail (J all 'law ImwIik conAiUtl to
Supreme Coart at Nashvillct, Tenn..' i :t V.
()fnce on Public Square. Clarksville. Tcnn.
A t t"c3V txfe E't w,
Sept. 1, 186 5-tf uu- .r.y ,!. .-y-.
SMITH 6c rvt z&ii,
Attorneys & Cdiirisellors at Law,
Claim and Bounty Agents.
? t' ! 1 (
tg?Will practice In tne Stale and U. S. Courts
of Tennesse. Office on Strawberry Alloy, near the
Square-- - , ... .Sept. lr'65 tf.
Lata JuIk Adr. ,:.
. r Dint. Mid. Tenn
J-, iilflU
v, a.
! 'fit m
.V!"'';..l::n .tD n. acexts; 1 : v:v'
j WUi'raici In the. Shite aod pderal Court'.'
nAViyO served ' ft officers iri.ibo U. S. Army,
will have facilities to prosecute successfully all 1c-
tlarksvuje, lenn., ,;ug. 4, IHbp- . . , . ,
l. DR. H..M. ACXEE, . ,4
S iv r g '6 o n ' D e? n t i t
v. v ' PT'AUKS.yjLqE, TENN., ,,u
rPENDERS.bis servicu to the citiieiis of the city
JL :ud vicinity, in the tlitl'erent. branches of bis
profession.. : i r . j' .in. ; ,r: f i . '. '.
r A Ha. I Second hmid case of rxntal InitrurocnU,
with plate tool, all comirfete,-for sale, i i (
iSLOflice, at his residence? one. door east of Dr.
Coopers. ; i , . ,v ...-. Jjoiy 14-tr-
. DR: J. MPIRTLE. - :
OTTICE at his. residence corner of Main and
fourth Street, oppose, .Ciimberhuid Church,
Liarvsviiie, lenn. ,, juijt ji-r-jui
;;;;;;.:ambrotypists,', ;." ;L;
Opposite the. Morfcet ifouKCyrnnklln-st.
t- .,V'...cURr;sv.lil4Ti7t'l,.'
'Sept. 1. '6j&j ' 1 i I t i i ,'. '
War , tlaiai and Bounty Agency
'.v'.'smitia & iT.frEn, J.:,!:''1
Atarries ; and ' Claim . Agents.
HAVE iiBSurpfftsed (itcilitiea for the transaction
-of all kinds of business - wherein the Gov-
erurucat'is a oruty. Tlwy -prosecute and collect
rliiims ncrainst lue L nitea atates lur i i nsion?.
Bounty. Arrears of Pay; and for property taken
lined or deatroyeii during tliC'Wnr.
September 1, 'p5.-tf i ,!' ,: Ju:: )..
Forwarding and Commission
wrrAl!ElIOUSK-Loer En&of Yhirt oHj
uiy t-fi
.t ii;
R ; H .
"Ui,t. is"- '- " '
-July 14-tr ..- '. ''.:
,;, , WliOf-tS ALB AND RETAIL,
13. IX
... .
i MJ i'i I 1 1 AMD MltAAtfRilJH .
Iron, "'Salt. Cement,
L 14 ,1 . ..J'.v . , ' . li'l . .-l .
v! yn (M. 'Friilklin rai? Market
Sit. '
ClarksviUo Tennossoe
I .."I nil
AViXU Leased this well known lloiisofrom.Hr
U. Mtewart, 1 urn now'Tenovatinf and re
(IrtiiiR it far the accommodation 'of the publit. t
When, the artmgteuienu being maueara coiiiolotud,
14 ailL h b. Il.iiiil in &II Ua nnnni.ilnieuLi. Tht
oublic are teaiitcUiUly 4ivitei) to call,' as the lust
the market atl'ui ds, prepared in atyle, will be4rvi)d
atau Bines. .., hi .'l ' 'iHi )
. Orjy rotitt and altunUre 'aurvautl will b iu at
tendiuioe in every departmeu .. .. ... ;.,,.'..'!
i gioMra. Eli.ih, a lady of Iobr Mlicriente, will
wve-K'uenl ei'lHirviaiun of the litdies aid ciUiuaty
deonrlawuts. . i . i .11 r ... i .-i .i
The lluusa at Tuit's 8ltion 111 be kept wy,.AS
herttoforo, for tba aeuoiuuoilahua of the tiuvchn
oniiiinuity. Ketipi;tluJly, i : , .
July 14 If - S. B. GRAXT.
' " DEALER IM ' ' ': '
Dealer in Grocorioa and Liquors
.. w , QUEENSWARK, .
. i. ' ...... i -
V 1,'r.r.i. on-rfantiy on luin.f irA,J5ie "r TmnT
JV tiiuiericsi, pf Ow IhisI qil.ull.v, u J gUVrs thuu
to4b.aililii' up.ni t'l-l iiuabli; ltii;
WW .Ktii-Ky l'U.Vh,'wV
mI my Lor e, ill 1 He,
4 u. uf io ui
IU 11. c
itiu. i-V.
I .fj
f ; . i ..'i.O.' I ' v,i' '-lc vnh
ptrBLunrm ano f uopniETons.
BB?" A'o nam mint on 'kr"o till tht tub
trnptioA it prtiX fef.JOti"' 1
Terms nf Advrrtlalniri
Ticeti'e 'Lihct 'Wticst ' Contli(uli ct: Squad.
One Square, one'vwt;ek,-..'..'.'..',..'.V;.J $ I 00
One Square, two weeks,... g 1 50
On Ptiimre, ibrie" Week(i1.j;,:.,U,.tA.; l a 00
One Sqnare, ono month,.... ' 3 60
One Square, ttoo monrhs,.w'.Ji.iv:i.'.'....U 4 50
One Square, three months,. ..'.ii.":i.. v.1" I CO
One tuare,.Bix mohVh:;i.&.;...i.K,:Ai' V'ob
One Square, twelv monthy.4..WX.-.t"f1S' 00
Two (Squares, one montn, ' 6 oo
Two BctnaTe tv"o montrnl,,...ltt..'l'.rtK... 8' 00
Two Squares, three months,. ......Ui.i.'..... 9 00
Two Squares, six mont!is,..x.i.i..'...;.;.-' VI 'oo
Two Squares, twelve months, Jj'OlB 00
Three S suures, one month,. 7 50
Three Squares, two months......i,l.vi.... 10 00
TI t.' . ILw. Mnnlha
12 00
15 00
20 00
10 00
12 00
15 00
20 00
25 00
12 00
15 00
20 00
25 00
35 00
Three Squares, six month. ....'.'....
Three Squares, twclvo months,,'.
uarter Column, one month, J ,
Quarter Column, twp nionths,
Quarter Column, three months,
QiiBrteY Coftinm, Six m,ooths,
QSttrte uoiiinm, twelve mnnius, ,
Oua Third tiolumi, bam montli
One TbivA Col6mn,.wo nuxitBl
One third Cpluratv threa snonths.4.., ,
One Thin! Comiiui, -ix pion'tlis.!.,.
One Third Colhrnil, twelve hibnth.' '7:.,.,
Half Column, one monib:A.17.'iiV.l.i.l.i
13 00
Half Column, two montlij.i.'i.J.i.... 1 17 00
Half ColmiHitfthrue tik)nibsj.i..vii..iu..tt - .117.00
Half, Colymu, ifU onoatiuu .UMMM.ii'iW' W
Half Column, twelve montas,....;...Utt.Ja l i 0
Threa 0nscrr Oolutcn, one month, 20 00
Three iQuanX Column, twomoathj,.....; 25-.00
Three Quarter Column, three months....... 30 00
Three Quarter Column, six month 35 00
Three .Quarter Column, twelve mouths,.... 60 00
One Column, one month, ... 25 00
One Column, two months ... 30 00
f f.r . i i. . o nn
lOue fcrftBmn, six noriiy,W.rt.t.'-i...A'rfJ.A'o0
One Column, twolve months, 79 uu
63?" The above art preeiitly the utme price tee
thargeil for attvertittng prior to the tear.
"Out again to-night," .said Mrs. Hayes,. fretfully,
as her hosband rose bom the tea-table and dohned
his sreat coat.
"Yes, I have an engagement with Moore; I
hall be jihnjirly; liajveBtpflrt inlhc libmrr Geurt
nfehfllUUd wltu-atailti noi U m llol
tl.a room.
"Always the way,'1 murmured Lizzie Hayes,
sinking back upon a sofa. "Out every night. I
don't believe he cares ene--bit about me now, and
we've been married only two years. No man can
bnve a more orderly house, I am sure, and I never
go anywhere; 1 aiu not a bit extravagant, and yet
i aon t ucneve us itves pk nny motet., uu, ucnr:
why is it? I. wasn't rich; he didn't mnrry me for
my money, and hoiuoiv (um Jioyija aia.ittiMr
why doet he treat mb with so much neglect?"" And-
with Iter mind filled (witl uch frigUtful qucne!
L.IZ7.1V naves leu asieop-ou ne som.-
Let me pnint Tier picture as she lav there. She
wnijft blonde, m ith a srusll, gmccful figure, nnd a
very pretty face. . The hair, which showed by its
lich waves its Batumi, . tendency ' to curl, was
brns'ied smoothly back and giithered inpa a 'rich
1 ... ill Ji. I. i... L...u: iak.... i .
Kl.oi anile Tiara -u whs Dii. I. t. .'inner ... nil . n,
he said: her check was pale and the whole face
wore a discontented expression. .Her di ess was h
neat chintB wrapper, but she wore nelthe'r oti'in
nor sleeves. "What's the use of dressing. ip just
fur William?'' ' ' "" '
Lizzie slept totindly for two hour,' ind then
awoka suddenly.' ' She sat iiry'gUnieitav thecitock
and sighed drearily at the prospect of the long in-
ti rval still to lie sint tietora lieu-lime.
The library was just over the room in which she
ksnt;- aad duwm th. Juac Sivy tlirowg tli f regit-
ter, a voice came to tne young wiic ears ; ii was
her husbaai'. 't,fVi tttl n tt f 4.
Well, Mooro, what' a man to do? I was dis
appointed, and I must have pleasure somewhere. 1
Who would Inye, iapricil. Hint, lizzie varvis, so
pretty, sprightly and loving could change to the
Prtltrul diifv-ttiolsil?)lTit!WlnJ rantm to tfiyitt'
home to hear his fife whining nil the evening ahouty
ncr trouniesam ervanuyaiiurnej aeaiacue, ana an
sorts of bothers? She's got . the. p.nejc of thnt
drawling whine so pat, 'pon my life I 'don't e-,
lievc she can .".peak pleasantly ." ,
Lizr.ic sat as il stunned. as this true? aha
looked in tho class. If not exactly dowdy, her
customc was certainly not suitable for an' evening,
with onlv AVil'iam to ndmtro. ' She rose and softly
went to her rennrvwrtli filter, loniiwluk thoughts,
and a Itrfn' rVMtrrrtinirwfh
bnclfhrt' Husband'
heart and then, his love remiiucd. to keep it.
... . : ! V - n r .. ; . . . i i i.
1 lie H01I lliurillllg . il.litui eauic llliu ill iireniv-
Utyw'W with-Uw.4iN ciii'1h Mtne.HiO
brl-ltr'srt csmoMMjliipiis h'saw' Lirfie.il
iiretty clunlz, .with, neat collar and alecves ot
snowy striiHBt- wfHI a'ealtli bf non, lull curls,
liadLiilh" ;ut;tmoniljasQd her; while ba hlu-Ji litr
nijbiriid:3dmir1i1g grance'earlea tip Wf fnec'k
did not detract from her -bitauty. At first William
thought there must b,e a. guest, bu,t glancing Around
hefbund they were alone. ' ' 'r ' " ' 11
'Tome'" Allliam,' yont colTeo will soon bo coiJ,1
"it musi ne coot UN. swe. u a my ureiiKiusi
with a kiss." said lief Viusbaud, crossing the room
Ui her side, and LtateT 1ri!nrtT)ritlhiled as she re
Uxittiuicil Uie old lover Aone aad maniierC.,'1
Not on fretfnl Vpeet-h; hbtne1 'eonrmtntnt fell
upon William' eat ;lhrott) thei mealt' ' The'new
papeK tlie usual solace at that hour, Itiy imtOBMied,
as LiHio chatted gaily on wry-Trtcyisant subject,
she couli lliink C'vAinif'ty:fcls' rUful inte
est nnd cordial ninnneA' IT M '.if. .Ill' 1
"Yon will -W at ndinc'td dmnTr'she 1, Is tu
Mn,l' I'.l. I' . .:-.: - .CMl:w'J h-ki hi: if
Tun't tdJ!y, l.ir.tle; I'teilttisines out of tbwn,
but I'll le hfime 'enrry td tea. Have .something
substantial, fur I don't ex'intt( line ' 't(4hyet"
and tlio smilin; nok; Wdrm k awl lively wnistl.
WeVew MiarTiefl'eimtrli ta bis lounging, carelcs
tniif the previous evenins. ' ' ' ' I I
' "I'WiiJ tfie Vi1t"'pMhV''sniVLir.?.iI(
i Tor t v
wl;i.-ir, ''Ol.AvUat a .fool I, have been Tor two
years. 'A fietftil diiwdy !M lVilluiii,4 yca sjiall
..v... .v
Lizzie loved herlukiVissl wiU real wifely devo.
i:,,n and liar 111 l.i.l rtlilUrl Li t t.Mlt f.l it Tit
eotifidcnce'to hi frhmd Modr'; but a llkt a' trlve
lirtle womiih, she st ill 4d back the hitter reaUgsaal
trlpiied off to perfectiher plan. 'The 'grand plaab,
silent fur month, ira npen4.i.' ahd thtinti0Tor'
takeur from, tha' farulturo, Lizzie thinking, "II'
shan't find any parlor more pleasant thaa AUs tfwa,
in determined." - -
Tea time rurhe and William came with.it. A
fitt'e figure, In if tasty, bright silk dress, ift(lh
cnrV, and nhf'stiHt a lovely brush nni VmrT, tVw4
reidy to wtlooin AV"i!!lMm M he earns hi'; Taad tea'
time passed as the miming meal liad'donei'' After
tea tliero v..i no hiiiWitirm as usual toward the
"hat rack.'- WHliKm stood Up beside the table, liugy
rring and chatting until Lizzie also roM. 'Hh h:l
Uiiui to tlie Ugld Miirm parlwrs, iu their Uft'tl'. glow
tof Uistofiil arrangemf pi, and drew .litiuUnti on
ti a
(kifa besida Ucr. lie foil nj if )i was eounrrip
2!UU. as.hu watched her finiers b ty Willi
,....(9 Ikney lir.vll.vurk, '.and li.eue't to the,
fill vui.:i.e li M..1 li.ied .1 iharlv U11 vr.ii I
- hee?
f" ' What.aie ..'j making, Liszie .'"
'A t'.'iii u. .hi'' . -. 1 vim icm.iiil'tr I
Termshree DoUafs per Yer!
much, you admired the paifl wwitei for j rou-gli 1 1
ever so long ago?','. .., .'. .. I
.' "I temerabes ulack. velvet, h With, flowers o
tlwni. .1 used to put my t-cl i the Vcmlcrs. and '
uiX yrenm pf Jilus, eyas aniL LrWht curts,. and
wished time would, move faster, t the day when I
could bring iniy bounie . co w ife home to make
music inimy bouse. . , f j. ...
L.uiie. face, saddrucd. for . a moment as she
thought of lue. lft.-t lo years, and byw Jiltle music :
slia had niiult fur his loving heart, gradaally wean
ing it irm us allegiance, aiil Uicu she said: . .
. V) n outlet if. J'OU love uiiuii; as mudi t& you did
theur, . r .. .. . .:; . .. . . . . .. ,,
"Of course I do.. I oftea drop in at Mrs. Smith's
for noihiDg else thnu u hens the ipuic. ,i, ,
.. "I riin iiIav nnil &iiifr bnttAr tltut. ir). Smilh
said Uuic pautiug.,.r . ( " , . " . , '.
VHiit you Blwujst nX),'you ,ore out pr practice
wlwa I auk yojW', .!,ij' , ',, ' , , ',
r ','1 had the piuji dnicJ this iiiorr.mg, ...fv'ow opeq
i 'and we wiile liiiw it soiindV t . ,
, iiuain oncya. joyiuny, ana. .tossing asiue ucr
sewuig, l.iz..i luuktl)0 puini). iLiml. , fihq . hud a
very sweet voice, not powerful, hut most musical,
and was a.vcry fair perfoiuicr ou the piano,' ,
01'Ballals, .-UakX, ' , ' ., ,. .
i. L Ji .J know you dislike openv jnusic in a
parlor- ,.,'., .'.'.(h,. ;,''.V,
tlno song after another, with a nocturne,. or
livr'y inslriMnmttitl.-jnAi'i. wnionnllv. between
filled up aiiotlierTiourjiicftsautly.
I 1 he Jittle inautel clock iU uyk eleven L f
"Elvcn! J thouiiht it was aluut nine. I oulrht
lo npologir,, Lizzie, .a I.til U) lio, -for staypigsv
.ng: ond I . can truly any,.', I did thco, thatjtue
tunc ims pHsae. ou tcivsuuii, k enn scaiceiy roeiievp
it itc.r y , ..: , ' ; . .-,;,' . ;;.
..'.TlieiiiaitP rss closed. Liars worK..rHtt in ib
biplieL. ai)4..WUiata was ..ready .to go up tatrs;
mui y:i!iiivii!g u:h&, ..ut.., ilia uiaiq njiv .tci'v
tho fire-plaoc, Jier. Ii'anils cl.isip, her .load jbcot
and' large .' tears, fiilliug ffvut Jer cyesj.UjB was
btsido her, Sit Au.lnstiiniJ,,,. ..r
'."LWj 1dar!mg1.w' Jflft, fyfa Jfyi-iU
' "Oh, HViiiiaV.Jmve'ScfD'sne&'ab .' 1
heard you tell 'JfrVJIopre last evening bqw'l ,684
disappointed 'you bnt 1 'will ; try. to (make "your
home pleasant. 'Indeed I will, if you will forgive
and love me." - - -
kLove yon f Oil! Lhaie, 'yoa tan "guess how
dearly t lov you "; '" ' v.' '
As the little wife 'lay down "that Vighs (he
Uiaupht:-"' ' '' ft " ! -t .""i " '
i"l havn'wan hlra baok agaial -TietUf than that,
I hav learned the way to keep him I" -: ' ' "
-ii ':. ' v ".r I ,;
To ' thfc Colorerl Tcoplft of Allien; South
- .' Carolina, nnd Vicinity. '';.-;
''Rtncij nl' nrrif al heje, t ' have 'seen ' top much
Idleness and Vagrancy, I enhtioh your to guard
ngainet it. If you artf glad tlujt you are frqo stay
At homeland be ipdustrious', tf j'ou want t I'c
respected and havp friends, keep out of idleness and
remain at homo. ' If 'ton haye .not good homes W
patient get better Cries w heuypu can, iul dou't
break loose from those ton have until you can. see
better one?. ' A poor home is better than none. .' If
yon have-hopes for future; and faith in the Govern.
ment which has freed you, be industrious, "work
work; with a will, sucn Its you never knew before
Frecddni should inspire you 'with hope, with
courage, with pnergy, svjth patience, and antes It
i.4pne .(here i n dark, .prospect before you. .Vnke
;Hi, iue,n, and look Uie intuie buldly lit tin face;
hear , and heed the. advice pf your friends turn
Miway from bad oouusel as, you would from a veno
mous snake, a here are. bd connsollera flmetig you,
men who, havUig a little nowkdgoj deociMcaltom
selves nnd you. - .
,,i'ovcr,in. ,tno woijd was tlisre a people, needing
the sympathy of ibpi-a atoiind them, agyou iucd t
.aow ;,iiu4 unless by yoaivsonditctyiu muk fiiends,
yoit have, no future .but,-, sulforiiig.' Some. iof yon
are going about witli words of hate for those wbora
youuouut do,.evry,.uct to conciliate.'-sod arc
free but you little understand the use of freedumi
you have yet to lenrn the vnluo and tlio dignity of
UWWJH4WJl3CiiilMin. )iwtuiuk.
Unless yon comprehend the importance of the
blessing which bu.bt'eu JitstoVcd upon you, it will
be a curne. . -
You are free but you are- not (o b insolciit.T-
You.nrc not frcg fa Iieouniijunbout froia place to
place, neglecting your families, and lining by. Lcg
giug.or fii'ubng, for both. ry crimes.- lie honest,
lie Uut JilVL, . bo polile'-i-jbe jafl ,whjoi the luy o(, the
hind and the law of G'od 'rcquir of you, ,u4 yon
...in t.A..A r.;nn,i. h. .'...1.1..
Ue as mmiy cryrnmre now, and vour ond teacliers
wouU'. make yon, amtfJOf Ivni disappoint your few
friends nnd plcnse yo'ur enemies, and your cud. Wiil
ho bitter.
Manil of Ywi nt now- vlolailmi ronr eohtrort, or
njreemeBtj wHH those-witti whom yira have niiiqe
them. I warn you ot the danger you are in
Many of you, refuse to,. make, rniy contract at all,
and you. areas cuilty as those who make them nnd
vlomtB-rnew.itfcitftse' you tiave nctn directed lo do
The same GDVernment ptotecH yoa that "pro.
KutJ nifi(;oiKl tho sarae-. Government protects Qour
former pfislerq nad,.Hii8trcKrji thtt (k)(M s,i arid
their rights arc as aiiered at yours, AOd;.when ypu
eacroniili upon them, you know, not what you do
thcj'e is a prayer, for you,. ,but.it will hardly auve
yod if you sin against' evtuy light,. "Lord fprgiv
them'', they 'imow not what they do,"' wlH lim illy
be ottered nip m t ameitTor'Tou tf yon persist iu
the wronir'cotStsiiUyv ' . " " 1 ' ' '
in Yu aj-Q fir K-but yuo are pdor yon don't 4'wn
a ii;islS.nwe.Pfi.lJ1lV "JfW aever wi nntil ou
earn it. Voiir tonncr nuistcr and owners g n All
the lauds 'ahtflldtises you nre now depeinhnl upon
mem tot iiW'.Hnoiinr wincn 'proiecis yow irom ine
41m. aud that-.ttpwll protest ynit from the tutuia
cold ot the coining vw iiijer. . iluny .of .dun t
t link or lb'. 1 011 are ni'O'ilJ. anJ buaoilul a
Tndepcndcnt. Allot these faults will bring you to
suUciAg. rW'J'-j fikvail-Hthcrf is anutiu f j year
citiig .iwiiwaaiiiuii-.nejr year, ttovrn
mont wun t compel your lornier .owner lu-urovuli
yon with.' You me freo, but you are jioor. Xuu
IWftttXtll A; M DWllialutU And ) oU'BittYOA.!.
.iV .1.. 1 t I.. : ...
tliem difigvutl.
y apd cunstnully or ypu, willdii
Krcediiin initio.
bo.3,h fluly diHju you which voii Ii
uuJiiiiiil, l)ni yrunust leuiu it. 1 tell
you tlio
Untli;: ami w,hUiwr yon: lieliera 1t abit'ortiot, yn
wi auotiur i'Uuk,rHlva ti -.J' could ule kin
ii' 1 wal like omei .pf J.ouf own Hwlisk ones.,!
nuke yau. bclifive n 11101 u palmnlile dose, and you
auiuld liock aiouud 111 -nnd cull pie yttnr friend;
but, I eaiiuyt 4yae t JMi. 1 Yoa ara free..lmt you
aveMhVJ.n labm lirfbre yon a- fifo of ti)if iiu l
tII"iTltrfy 'btrt il will be a rich fife, - if you acrViii
the roit an a bft-ln, wich it renlly -is, anj not a
limner ahi fclf-ahat remains--for" toil -to doll to
-work -pray, learn and wait nnd all will bT well.
fnl J. O l tif 1 c. I'nt.Vtv fAtlKKK,
W hat AulltortiifRovt-rn In Touucsi.ee, t
UVll, Of Miliur) J , , I
.T'S-nrf SCujexvbJit interested In knowing wheth
er the civil law is iu full foic Iu this country, or
whcbo ttaJIrejifiiU'feJftiithilriljr oi'h' pulila.
ry.' It luu iiewwinumtiiood thai, l)i civil hrv wal
in full.fiirce 1i Teitilcssei, but we baie .clear
utinilt!ilcatle'rvrdcnra thak thrf facU pyTnot t&at
.w.iy.', ":: :,'i'7V "i"' ' ' 1
'"Wo are ndt'dlsfceY to 'bniptalri at nh. ftir more
rttlemanlt' riVen hrV'iiof to be foriiiiT any wjicre,
tlum the ipilitaj y meu iu auttioritr nrre. on
ly wlnh to know c6rfninly bow uialters do Stand, as
It prodnces great 'eonriision Biimug the people in not
knowing w ho is to redrew tlicir wrongs, or wpetli
er It is to-be dou In a eirM eourr or Ucrore a mili
tary tribuiul,.., WiH,oui pit who kaows the Met
pliase answer. , 1
V iyoul.1 ,1'l.e particularly to know whether
olfi'ii qoiuii'i'utod liy the "frcdiuuii," we c.'gul.
zaLle in tlio civil Courts, or whether this whole
population, art tin-iroriy . i'WibJi to. -tlio Kiee.1
uien Unread." 4 e acW thfs qnetilou 1fi all kind-
iirsi, t e WQUI I like 11:1 to KUuiv oiuetlilng iu
rertrenceio in'vn'.ngiirivm'7os, ajiu wneinevwncre
the Stale authority uthorize a Yti'tvilegi, and re
ceive tionj the partly taking licvn-a tho aniauut e
nitiiwl, the I'lii'i'lStnte intthdritjei can liin-e
- Ttli rrivili'Te. We.wduM like i' t )nun' whelh-
cr lUP'Tnib.'d Pt-uiis Can llrenso c pitvili-tn nnd
'priite.-l tluiluirtv l'i the rsen-ise of It III ykiliillrtii
ol ;hv 1 .n. J' 'i.' '-i tc (.' :.i.." A'-n tj 1.
... . . ., ,.
trt nnothet column ot thia issue Ot Tne J we
po'dlsh an advwrtisemeii t that extends in Its appli-
;aUon from onli nary busiuest Into, patriotic result.
Invu'.viug, as it does, flat ofily the true measures of
iiieeling a great material ilillu;nllj ol t(ie nouln,
but also of rcmedyinir the political evils resulting ia
that dltltculty, the subject n Into the dignity of
a qnc-wina oi sational toiuum,,
The lii.Hir Question muit tie settled nrnrtifallv a.
the ISouth U'fort riejft "Spring, Tho agitation of
fie yro mffrape, maintained as an irritant among the
great Imdy of the local laborer of that aeutioil un
til, perhaps, evea the viose of the next session of
Congress, there is grave reason to fear that even the
pinchingsor want limy not have sobered the blacks
of the South into settled industry in time lor next
years plowing. .1 -hi. t w . .- ! C
liutcven now the unsettled condition of houlliero
labor casts ominous shadows upon next year's pro
duction. ' Many Of tho fairest fields of the South
lie' this moment waste. Karra buildings, of even
the most essential description 'are, in numerous
casus, wauling. Kven Intoning for the labor work
ing southern hinds remains, in very many Instan
ces, destroyed. " r enees nave throughout wide
tvnofa of the region have! beon 'consumed to even
the last rail bv tea thousand cantp-hren. And war
has lyrncd igto ashes Uie surfuce of thousands of
farms, while thousands of othi'rs have, in that lux-
urHint foil and climate, been clird In -a dense'' covr.
log of 'bnhwood or weeds. -1 rtlanmary labor It
oeccssnry iu all those pumeroui .instance to pre.
pare. the fiu-ms of tho South for tho work of, seed
time; H tney are not to be lost to tuo purposes ol
production next year. ' "; ' i ri' :i" ''':' ' 1
Looking-ithtf .fact of the lalior. tipply. bf the
South directly in the face,., there ran bo uo doubt
that sound policy demands that she take st S to
supply herself with white labor at once. 'The ad-rei-tiseinent
whi.ili'has luggesled those remark
tliat of .JIrr Uesoh-rrpouoee to bring the buuth
into the general labor market of this section., . Our
conversation with that gentlemen ennblcs lis to
Sttbihlt the following view on the-'tulijtjct a hint
bf Yital importance to t lie- best ' interests, material
and jioliUcni, of the bootuern peojihs., ,., ,.i ,-...
. In. the Northwestern flutes and In the Canadas
farm are 'torked ,"oa shares." In tlie British
Provinces and ' in scverltl Of the Northern States
Hand ia turned to acconnt at a fixed rental per acre.
,., under the rental system the landowner supplies
notliing but the land,. Die fencing and the farm,
buildings. The rate paid per acre varies from one
dollar to four dollars, according to the tjunlilty' of
tne tana ana the character or .the. improvement.
. Farming, "on shares" involves generally the
supply Jjy the owner of seed, implements and horse
power. That system also supposes for the use of
the laborer' family, a cottage, a vegetable garden,
range or pasturage for one ot two cows, Ave or six
sheep, and three or four hogs. The tite of division
of tho harvest in such case varies according to cir
cflnistnncc3l'rora one-third to two-third for tho
proprietor.. .The proportion of the crop depends, in
making , these contracts, in the character of the
clearing, the quality of the land, etc. . .
-The extent of farm cultivatable by one 'man.
With the' incidental assistance Vif his wile and
children, varies with the proportion and the com
pluteues of the clearing. . Twcnty-liv acrea.oi
range, fifteen cf mcad.ty, nt'. about fifty of grain
and root-crops, represent tile limit of the capacity
including the assistance of his wife and little
oncs-pt one good laborer.. ; (. , . .., ; .
1 he systems de.Tibed hero are those under which
large part bf this section of the country is culti
vated.'' Tht-peculiar circumstances of tho South
wili,4iawevr, suggest to practical men some par
ticulars in which tlese jiy stems ought to lie modi
fied in order .to place that sectiou undir favorable
conditions iu tlio general labor ' market of the
couutryj '''i'i v..i;i'. . n 1 i '. -i n , 1 : ; i i
In pioilifying tlie usage aS laid down here,' the
Southern hmdoivner must recollect the peculiar
condition of tlio nun addressed by Irs demands for
labor. His projiositioiis on the subject must, as n
general rule, iuvolvo title or' no titk. and lira teatt
pwiUe amount of onlluif on the paxt.of'tb work
man. 7 he degree to .which thoic cjindions hall
have complied with in Southern overtures for labor
will regulate the amount obtainable In the Xorthcrn
or the European market. . H " '' ': . ' ' 1
Iu competition, with tin seclion for' labor the
South will find it expedient to oiler special Induce
ments. Tho fee suniile of a small homestead may
be thrown into Southern overture for while labor
-with good ell'oct ; but whenever introduced into.
labor contract, .should, be Binds couditioa'illy, by
way of iruarantee ot the eood tiuth of the laburcr.
Small farms ruiglit in other case be sold to large
fa in1 lies of working people, on the condition thnt
tuei purubaso money bo mnduiiayalile i. lubor at
the rate of o certain, number pf days', work per
year. The iridividual'proprietor will find no diffi
culty in combining the hint thrown ont hero oil
the subject into a form f proposition that, white
suited to his own circumstances, will find a ready
response, ia the labor iuarket-T-Arc;Ki; 1 ..ri AVuj.
' ftk3"'The Bolivnr (Tonu.) Ilullclin, nys: '.'fjofo
nization societies are springing Into lifoin the North
ern State, .tbeir'object being- to famish the South
wHh a numberli-ss host. of arhito iaborers, who arc
h till the toil .latttiy worked hy.jsiavcs. But the
mik Abolition paper are striving to put down, the
enterprise, as tliey say itloi)s and wiil conflict with
the lutetestrfW the lre4sliue. liud tlieylo not wish
td tee white lauof ' pitU-'d ngiiiust the oll'orts'ofi the
hlaaka.r luey uamtaia thnt it is the bounden duty
of the Souihu u farmer to emsdoy the negro; -that
us l.a liaa wuikudithe cotton ami tha augar fields of
the South all thu course of Ins lilo without compen
sation, tt is i.othiuf but fair that he should tie given
work :uow- at a reastuiablo. remiirienition fcr' his
lormL-r iiufc.urr.1 iThe fact In the case isliirulv this,:
They.iiava got 'tlie- elephant,, and do not knon
what -to do with bim. j.Thry dou't want Culley to
cotife among, them,, neither .do they wish .to
reside whra ha, dwells, or they all .know tliat
Li'Uuiuiiira ifO'Ufnchanlmeiitlo the view," and that
if tlm)' should have to mingle too freely with the
nerru. tlie. might eventually aav to own up to
4he. fact that Sauib 1 lias hi-va cousiiUaably crt er-
rubvd Jiy .Uisrowhiw oiaking plulaidlirupy fu hun
a. stepping Hot to a ei.tniilinii - Hint benefitted
tuonui-lvei. ' Slavery is d'itb. and till) niro is tied,
.bnt his,ujnit4tMin Ui notwliat lint, aroat lanjority of
thent auticlpiit ftor will it be lor .ninny a long
year lo come, most probably never, n lute in ser
vitude, both 'aduiut and children, on an average,
ca t the tiinner eiglit d illiiM per - montir earn p.r
their uiaiiitainance, and this, too, .when the planta
tion supplies were bought or produc ed iu bulk, and
and at uiuch. lower figures than the sumo staple
..... . fcJ , ....I r..m ...I.la.t
arncies can ue iiureiut.-M 1 '.. ...... a. .imd ui.i.
the freeilmen throughout tlie farming districts of
the South, are not earning an average of elht
dollar per mou'lh; and they haye to deduct for all
lost lime, in,v fur their own clothing mid medical
treatment! purehaso their own lut p ies, and have
tha cares of their faiiillie upon them, which hey
never did or had before;' ilicn they have to contend
yiilh the high prices prevailing, and the uncertain
1 V 'of steady' employ ntent. " They beglo to learn
nr.w tlio-." Untie told a rlatterbnr tnle." and arc in
luauv, vcry'iuartv, instances reluming to their old
noun,'' .pud .begging their former owners to take
tho.n iiack-'agiin. Tlio reuuest Is, -in many In
stiuiecs granted, but In many it Is refused,' because
t'.fe rulntion Between tho form .r 'muster and slave
have liccn so changed that 'the: planter know too
well how unreliable would be his dependencies
niH.it the fieeduien at a time, perhaps, ' wIm-u his
sei'i iccs were needed moHt. A lima lUI, iIlmis nut
know the truo li.ariitlir vf the negro, might uhtnt
hiscrop piuaiists, int'le. but tu Mrnuir, win)
hat .worked tliem all hU lifii, knows better. Ibe
oerro Is arte beyond all riouU or eivil, but that his
coiiiIIwvb in lile U bettrrol w. dmiU v.-ry much ;
and time, tit true Itejl rf all imleitled swwtiiHHi,
wiil iltlurunu. The nrgtci U to be pitied, not
liluinati; Uia oiaiditioit that lie U in m ut
braubt atut by any action of Uia..'.., .
Ik Iteptmky, Gurrnrd' fproUivcry) tm.Jr.rlty
(! State TivWuror U'lU. Lijt ...II Mcflullun
uainlily wiu aPOlll ?7,0)n. InJ lh.usu will
taml t)pp.l'it, M; I'Wiutf, S.3. I tie ri -nnie
(tpp.ltiiil. I 8 1 I llli.ll, 1 1. Itl.llai'l mm i.ien.
n'nit liovernor Jucoli favors tne a:.:ii. liui.it.
' . hi i ;i t ii- 11. tt will tatry it in t.if .weiia c.
in 1 - -
: . w f mux tlie LcnUvill Wknv I'tcs. -LouIhvUIc
!iIo(llfaSiV,hol-A lo)I I'rotrsf,
, . ''..rKitvit Alba.w, AuSl. Iili5.
Eds. fsFsa; There apiienred in tho ' ta of
August J8i Ii, an editorial notice of the ''Cuiveniiy
of Louisville Medical department," from wh'iil '
I lenni that Scniiturs Fuwcii, tlolloway, fk'niin an t
Itaylesa are prolotson of Ibe institutiua, and lh.it
Hollnwny and llemiAS hav lieesj recently clectwij
by the Hoard of Trustew. That lb.ejo gentleui.eui .
should have liccn elected to positions sa important
so. soon after their return from the army of retnllion
ia a matter of surprise and astonishment ta everv
loyal man in our country. Much ha Wo, said
atMiiit extemliug kindur& to returneil ti-Kikirs and "
treating them with courtesy and clemency, to most ,
of w hich 1 Konrtlly subscribe. Cut at present It
seems the determination: of the, Siun purtirs oat
ouly to treat "them with kindness, ' hut to honor
them nlmvc other men and phic.o tliem, (it i.ih avid,
resimnsible positions. ' ' " A' .
It Is a well Known (qct that fortor Pemls left '
the eily of Louisville imnicdintoly after the war of
rebellion CQtumunred, joined Jhe o-cnUed Cnpfeile,
rate army, and remained witb Unit army until il
Was compelled lo surrender; lie came Lack not
willingly, not from a (ruse of the wrong tin Inn)
committed, not evincing repentance for hi ell'mla
in breaking down our Government, hut he ramo
from, peecssityt after every vestige of Imjie f.tr ih .
Siici-as of the relielliuii had been ihmrnya.1. Tins
same, I believe, is true of Doctor llokiowayv -,
Were these gentlemen possessed of extraordinary
inU'ligence or gifid with grent capacity fur teaeh
iuj, if they towered Kbove the ordinary inen.il.cM
Of tho profession, then there might be the shadow
of an excuse for tlieli appointment. - Hut when it
is remembered thnt tliey are remarkable fur neither
tho one nor tho other, that they are more noto
rious for thiir act of rebellion and treason' than" 1
tor high proteasiunat or clontifio attainment, fhUf
appointment seems strange beyond rimcupUoii. v
:.l readily admit that they are intelligent and res
pectAblcin their profession, but have nut attained .
to emrnence nor are they onaf it a number of
loyal' Surgeons of your own city, who hover noldy "
suatainod the Oovornment, and whose skill aad ac.
qHiremcnts arc upcriur ta thoso p the Vroh?scM:''
jn question.' ' ' - ,
If returned rebel are to bb kindly treated anil "
honored, that kindness and those honors should be
extended to the common soU'.icr; the men who
have been misled, deceived and driven into rebell
ion and the commission of acta of treason contrary
to their convictions. Let kindneas and PourWmy s
also ba ghown tho offiocra, aud the intelligent, ri. '
entant surgeons; but lot them not be tttrttt ,:iir
ward to occupy tho prominent, positions and place
under the Government they were So madly and
Wickedly bent on destroying. 1 "iii ;i'
' Yon, Mr. Editor, opposed tb election oMalL ry,
Uardiag, Shanklin aud others lx'caiiscyod.i'vii.i;-' (i '
them symiiulhizer with the rebellion. You aro
opposed to tho pulpit teachings of 'Mobcrtanii,tHait
and Wilson because, of their known trcasonahia
tendencies. You opposud tho instructiont j-f somo
of th reboh female teacher of tlio tiijh oho'iis of
Louisville because tliey were imparting n ii.'iiroper
bia to tha tender minds of the children.'' ' Can yon,
then consuitcnlr ad vocal the claim of teacher of
medicine who have just returned front tha army of.
rebellion; whg camo not back; from love of coun- '
try? Can you consisteuly eulogize and exalt uch
men above your loyal neighbor who have stood
shoulder. to shoulder with you in the great struggle
for crushing out tho rebellion -and disarming
traitors. . . , , '.-'. . "
' We have Just passed throntrh. and aro cmercinsr
from Hi effects of a rnSSt tcii'iidO'.wnr whi. h bj
cost us million of treasure and hundred Dt rtroow
nnds. of lives, ensjing uiiou our people the park
shadows of unutterable woo, nil which sprung
from and had lut orlgn in the teachings ot such
men as compose the majority of tho faculty of tin
.!.; 1 tt- . . ... , ... .....
mc'iitm uvpmiuicui ui uie liuisviiie vuvversiijr,
I it wiso to reinstuta them as teachers? ... -,
I have noither tiuio nor space to write more at
present, but hope, In future, to continue the ubject'.
1 will only add that tho Medical Di imrtnieutot
tha Louisville University; 0 now organized, vf il!
not only not have the support and encouragement
of the loyal men and tmrgeon of the country, but
it Will meet with deckled, determined and unwav
ering opposition. ; ... ot x - ' hi : 'i'l 1
We are all wiliiugia treat returned rebels kind
ly and courteously, tint we are utterly opposed to
have them a Instructors fiir our sons 4iutll tlma
shall have softened their feelings, and rvnentanca
and good work (hall hav effaced from their skirt
the, dark; spat jWhich tnauita hM..pUatcd.wiott
.v.u., , , . . - f .... f
1.. TttAMP, TRAMP, TKAMPI cm e i
. .Aaiericnns are peculiar ia one thiug-rthejt'wil
si tig a song tn death, , In our brief existence we can .
rf ca II many iustancos or the kin I. We reinonilier
how often "Old Han Tucker" was taunted with
being toc' late so come to his evening Total; bow
Utile rest wo gave "Oh, Susannah," (we ,Ojm- Su. -suunah
a weighty debt) and bow antrancedly we
alluded to tho cyeB of "Dearest Mae'those orbs
that rcndcrei! tnoohlight Irntirely suerilnou. for ,
long tinie. "Thol'oors.)ldSlAe" .wasalluwadlitU .
repose, nltbougli he had ostensibly ,"gone to rent. .
'The Old Folks at Home" were ruthlciy t"t
from thnt quiet and seclusion" whloli their age and .
Infirmities imperatively demanded, and forccil to do-'
duty in evwy minstrel and concert company in
tho land.. Old Dag Tray," the failblul old pup,
was for a long 'time drawn by the tail through nil
manner of bring Instrument, wound up to an
agonizing pitch by piano key, and mad to howl
plaintivoly in,' .four voices., Tbo ''Siivejr Mooa''
jiad.to " roll on," by day as well as night, cor.it,i:it!y
p-rfiirmtng the tinreniilnemtive task of guiding.
ihe rravc.er on hi way," apparently regard Ids a
ti whether "the iilglitingalei song: was. in tone
or not. "Home, Sweet Homo," una been soauecea- '
fully divested of oil its attractive features, that
iriany pcojilo have been salUified to become wan
dererk for the remaindcr'of their existence.' Oeuk
tie Annie" was a grout bore, for a timei li hough
w were rpnsUuily assured that "thou wiltvome uo
more, Oentle Annie," the still kept emit g.' Tlien
thero was no end to those winds that "Ulew lrii(i
cross the 1 Wild Moor." Wa got ry i.k ef su
iniiolk "Uuwing" pver tho moor, pihelio, the
Moor of Venice, wasn't bio v'il over more. ",Vollio
w.u a lady," saiig ertrvbody. Well, nii pilJht
Ivrv-e ben,'buVw)ierb an assertion of. that naturo i
unula so oftn ami su iewiuintly,! we ore inclined
lo(uC4tUn th foupilntjon. for the assertion. . V
haxtlitard young ladies singing " Who will, euro
for blither now?" while their old mothers wcra
iroiring themseljrM out in th kitchen over tlm
family washing. Then, there .is "Julia llrowti's
Body.", Instead of being permitted to.ile u mold
erlug In the grave," it was kept "manliloff on,"
with uugh knnpsai kv Mstrap)ed upon hut back
to supply a fegiuieut with that neo.m5a.1y article of
-uwp and gnrrison equipage. "Vbe this cruel
war is over ' hud a pretty good mo. The iieartiutt
congratulation that were indmil by the i. fuiina
tion of the war aroso frmn the V4 thut iile got
ovvrsiugiug "whea.lhi crtmd war Mt':t. Now lha
popular tongue is tinging and whirling "Trainp,
tramp, tramp, tho Imijs are inarching." , We ure in
great danger of being tramped to death with It.
Your hear it out th street, iu th work-lm;i ana
in tbo billiard saloon. tlcnwitb lhr starry II i
we aill brentho tha air again.' W hud l;e. n
holding our .breath, or else breathing "chloroform
dp lit tilt period, we tuppnw, but now t"W! brenthi
Uie uir again." That uo- it breathed by v jfrmt
many pi-oiile almiil tioir. W hat next? Wanit
tlie reply of tha unpulur song writur. F.n, JVu.s.
' pTfAt.mo I'msTiau ()ri'aa. ,:niiklT,;iineriy,
of tlie La CriaM iM'ltanral, ha hi Abolilnui r.in
Uiiup'irieii, II say f "The press and t)-w on liii 1(
the Fond dil Ijic Ctnmoitvnallh, a U.'puMi '.au p.
per, is printed, was stolen from a printing tl.ee at
Columbia, Twmrm, by its present liter, i-.lil ir
nf Uie tnimo)tutiltk. There il a pn,; .'it ,.f ii a
Inral' couliscalionisl coming to crinf 01 r it .
It,. 1
uli ican iirinlincr omee iu tins cur i..i-.f
tweivad lot of aw-onu Bund type .i,..vn
hen the ownrt was away, w aauiiroa 11
renti ni.no iinm .. , -
unai'i i.. . .. " .M...'. r
siean-ra voum ....."...... "
ilune tuny wuiinl lia.e nevn U'li.f on mi
h'i ii..l a jiiy ll.... iu"i i ! otvi.
" ' '
j ii
, . a

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