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Clarksville weekly chronicle. (Clarksville, Tenn.) 1865-1867, September 22, 1865, Image 1

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3 . 11,. t JU Y; ill UU K '. r".UMr l V
- HC K V!
tr ?r a T.r r r ,
CLAUKSVILLE MlfJmbAKP'MBER, 22.U8G5. V-V;,;'X', Old; Scrics,:: JvTo:.;:2i:';.: -rr--NUMBElUilr
' I 1 1 1'
tllf (' 11 ' "n
.no bi.r m It rr..;i a -t?:t -f ),..,, '
, M ,' -tr.lt run .
i nianidattnC lU l'fe jwliujea, nud the
undersigned aresuch.tbat Miridiaecrg intluyqrket
enn lie supplied by nj ul uill.fcfio'i, (
Sign of "TisNESSEE''IRdN!,,
At manufacturtn-is vtttf weight and insurance
,aff the AM-i4iriH'i? patterns:
.KanUitky , jldrvuitrn; ; 'uttlag Boxec, o (
(.'orn SholliT,
( Mt-rMill,
fivar J! ills,
Ciwk ' Ernjiorator.
Threshing LMiaan?,
liny Hi Kr,
Hay Korks,
Uniiti Crndlw,
Oniin lllnitts,
(ittllL'df "
VAterySB PIpw8;aiftTointI,,
And all kind, of" " '
FarminT Iijiplemnts ! !
QtV0 S-i'd, Irgii, Xuilii ult, 4I,vdtmiUt iny,
n Wngon itnd iBiipjfy Hubs, f,et nui 4
Kclloesjj l.'Moriv ;(1iii8,
Tubing arid Boxes..
I.oatlipr, OroceriM, Hullqwan;', I'owdcr it ml Khot,
Lend IVrcuwIon Caitr, Safety Knse, etc etc.
X At we hi lend keeping a full and roiMtant ninly
of the aW,iul .kiHiv thtirwUoW jtvtuited in
this omrk'etf -'at 'our Depot,' Wrepeetfuflyafk all
interested in rtttiiK .Hie ri)tlit ankle at the right
pri.ee, to VIVE JS A
With Old Merchant.
,.00 A TT'mTLUH .S.'iTTO
.IT.t'J I '
. i 1 1 ' i t 1 1
io' tiiirksvillc,
Til HE u'lidfrnfiiiioit h;i rclurneil
1 with u'girotf stuciiof '
- w , ,. .. v , . .. , :
Staple Dry-Goods,
i-.3 i3Juots mid Sliotis, . , r
A ndf fi m 4-im1 at Trtrnloj l-'tx'Si 1ld Stand,
with jl !, Kii;.-wv where he will lie jileiiwd to see
to iy CoiMi, ut
v -a : I T i v;i ;!
A I mil 'iteti'rinined to si ll .it the T.OVE.ST
Thiiukliil for pn-t liivurs, mid lidpc to receive a
shore of mtiiiaj!f1uHhe t'jitiiio.o i-. t
S cry lYSpcrtlilnv. ' ' '
4. I.. WHIT IK CK.
1 ' "" ' A nAR.Il.
I amliirM T"ifuj!r with Mr. Whltafcer, and will be
Tlisil trt my old tViemla nixl cnstiuncrs, and
will Ri-ll ihi-ni anv g od tlit-y nmv wiint.- i.
Silly U-tt' " J. E. UIUIADDI'S.
, .t . - -f--- 1 -r -t i
Wy.iKl A T T I L L,
a! -ItRAtEIV IS 'ti' :
,81 itorlYfjaooDsr AH
Hats, Cap3, Boots, Shoes,
i 1 1 v ." ? , ;
' f '.lit
Franklin-St,, Clarksville, Tenn.
Wliil. UK TO,, KKEl' AX
autl Well Selected Stock!
A.;.U:i;eii't.",i.M jj
,J It1.
14 If
4 I .1
51.' MATT IE. I..
- t soli-: ahk.xtb ron TIIK
ptiiawha Salt Company,
t koi i:rii:s l cuintky pkoditi;
Tin, Il;williii4 4(MciiiMMuVe, IH,
15QQ MMiftS, .svv ij,;.
V liivKsflllf.
,.l J.I IV
ii. i I..
J. A. tai.LIM,
.l.,7iJiKr:iV",;.,,w;ri!Y? fM,WV'1.
VI' 'yui iser In Aiimi It Woodnutt.V'' ' ! 'f
IMI-nini.-. A V II Jiillill ks uv
I) uSr a oVoairi"
ItU IWI Stixi-t, bet. Vine hi I lime,
July tin" ' rrXfl.NXATI.
Li. tii--
rnilh iunluiiiuu'1 . V uuW , mini in iluir liiind
JL anil the lull
that tlx
JoWelry 'ahd1 Whtch'' Repairing;
ltufiiiM-. ill U niihMml in the inline uinlcr the
ulnae n ial m K, m1 II iSIU'WIVk kiut
would il .i -1,,, iv .i.l iiulikc Uilioiiriue.
Vff, Ml work eiiirii-te. in ilii-iu uiil be can' -
U4 !''-i'H U.i.it.-nilc in. This .lu!v X, Wo5,
Jul.'l'f VAV. KIM1VMN.
,55 am
of W. J.
X Cntncr bis slock of
And will tonttmie
nie tin lame kirti of businow, at
(Thouiaa k Uro yld itaad, i'ublic
the nine itaud, ( rbouiaa lira
&mam I. i 1 f .jl .' S
They will any for thcmelvev In making their
bow to the piililici that every exertioa Will be mndc
on their part, to render" the how worthy of the
patronage and ofideiiea of tlij Jvftllm They ju-e
prepared to lurnish . i : , t
with the best articles in! their Him, nt wholesale,
and nt moderate profita.
; Tltr-f Witl sell tor t'.VSH OXLV, hod wisfc t kay
IMI'KKSSIVEI.Y, to all whobvecttiam witMIir
unless eaafi h iaitf at tiie timeBfnrchaM. This
rule tliey will strictly ndlter to, and no ticket or
nicniorandunii Wilt bo made. They cannot aiTord
to pny cash for gftod.s, and sell them on a credit.
THOU.tti I BROnt Old Stanr, TuVtt 'Squill.
Aug. 55 ly
Groceries, Wines and Brandies,
Ci'fivjulr .ArtvrtmeiUj , pncctian( iW
- ' (IrEXSWA'TlXWAuE " 1
a'nVthi'ng' des
As we intend keeping a
General Variety Stoi'q!
And will sell our Good as LOW AS AN Y IIOCSK
in the city. . Sept. 1, '03-tf
HLoen Bito's
7 (iJ't.H uvt rtspectfiillv iuform lif tMerii l
i i lai-Ksviiiv aim tne public geiivniity, inni
they have recently enlarged their store, und huve
Just Received from Stw York,
A I.AllGlj STtH'K Oy - j
Consoling of the most varied ond chu'en puttcrs.of
rori.ts, MEI1I0S,
' ' - ! baim6ra1 sk fiits,
SHAWLS, Etc., Etc.
We havejiiit received the most complete stoek of
' K E A 1) T M
" Boots, : Shoes,
Hats, Trunks,
Musical Instruments,
, -1 it m h ''Notions, Etc.
H o.stIzilii t) monts,
IIALTHKOI, an experienied Meichatit, and onenl
the best salesmen in the State, who will bo pleased
to see and wait upou bis old customers and friends,
A-.g. aa-tf- BLOl'II BROTHERS
Ba, Wanted in excluiuge for 5(KI)S or CAIL
Dried t'eacBes, Feathers, Wool, f iinseiig", Iteeswa
and Country 1'roduce geuerully, for Vhich the best
prices will be paid.
i l " ' ' ;
Produce and Conimiion Merchant
Winn (iul Liijuort, UarJiaart,1 Smltllcrif,
Hoots and Miocn , ,
vnA.vVkiir aftirKT,
A LL kinds of Country Troduce taken in ex
iX. obniice lur-iiundtf.-r . v
'-Advances fnade lai ToUicrti, Flour and ottoef
I'nMliu'e.lbffhipiueHt U l'ru;dj( jn l,ui'ille,
t'incfiinall or Xew York.
- T. BI.OLlVKIt,
' 'Lati of Liailsvllle, Kjr, with 1
I. iasKTKiis or and ukalkih im-
inA Slanur-tirvrs lotlilnr-
KtX- ' 'tirlteulur f filial j
So. lot) Pearl Street, Xortl
KtX- J'urtifuliir if l'(i"t Jtutl to ordrrs.
.No. liti) l'earl Street, North Side, and lit West
I . s'ltih.'S,,-4c, V"e n.U:ai-. H
j'(J.vtl-8inV V ci.S'i4vll.
Churcheir.a Geillery !
Aud have one nf 111 one
iCharminf)' Pearl Pictures TakerJI
l'lu-y nre quite ,tlM.sriga now, and tin-, try Ulut
lUiiiui iu PUototfmuljy. . sir, L'UnrcheU Uas mliwt
1 1 he price of C.irtra Jt Vuil, and all ultiur at vie
! I'K'tues, hs'" AtMcCwruiaek's Old Gallury, Pib.
lie SUre, ui-r tho Post Ollice. P
, Cl..ik--il:.-, AtiS. 11, 105. :tu
Oftire uiKtairs over Xiion I Store iu old Kail-
re upst
road ofllce.
8ept. 8, '6V 2m
C. A. '4.ENRY,-,&,T.fJr. .HENRY,
WILL' attenJ'toalT 1V bUslneSa onfided to
them in the 7 111 Judicial District and the
Bnpreme Court at Nashville, Tenu.
OfflcVon Public Square, ClarVatrDle, Teoo; '
Skw i, 'orr-ai . 'At . "'.'xut
. i i
' w. a:;quarl,:
'A. 1 1 b r ix!e y ' a t ' -XI aw,
Annua a. SMiin.r)..rj...i-.wi. a. rwm.
Attorneys & Counsellors at Lw,
Claim nd Bounty Agents.
iy-Will practico in the Slate and V. 8. Courts
of-Taniegse. OIBca on Strawberry Alley, near the
6vmr W Sept. 1, '65 If
i. C. MCMBLLIil,
Late Capt,
' U. S. A,
Late Judge. Adv. .
Dist, Mid. Tenn.
- ' - in rulu ifjFVTts1'1 ''r'
v mi . m ..v u f . i . j
Will practice lii the Stati an,d Federal 'Conrpi.
HAVJXG served. s officers in the V. S;t Asmy,
wllUiav faciliUet to prosecute sucoeiUully. all Ic
gitimAte claims against the UovernaienU "f;
v liirkKTUie, i fun., -vu(. s, ioo ,
rl.L practice Medicine In Clarksville, . and
V'cialtT Oftire,' at his residence,1 lately oc
cupied by Joseph Johnson. -. Sept, 13, '66 3m
DR. H. M. AC3EE,'
S i r g e o D'qn'tist,
fTEXDERS his services to the citizens of the city
i -and vicinity in the different branches of hie
profession. ' ' ' ' , , '
VA Xo. 1 SiTond hand cne of Denial instruments,
with plate tools, all complete, for sale., ."tt c (
nm,Oniee, at bis residence, one door east or Dr.
Uooper. : Jury J4-tr
Opposite the Market Houxe, FraiikHo-sl.,
...., I 'ni l..
Mar5 natnt'-aiHrUdunty 'Aencr.
Attorneys' and Claim Agents.
4 I
- of nil kinds of business wherein the Gov-
erniijent Jl llpr .They prosecute and collect
rlnkas 'nifaHisl' the ' t'arlcd ' Ktates fur Pensions,
Bounty, Arrenrs of 1'av, and for property taken,
u.'ed or destroyed during the war.
September 1, 05.-tf
Forwarding and Commission
ir.l K EnOVSET.HveT AW o Whir,
July 14-tf
11 A T$ AJ'D f.ll'S,
G roceriesf Ti-lii; &c.
Franklin-Sl CLA J Kfij, I Ll TJ-i .
July 14-tf ' ' ' '
w. s. p6i&dex!ter&co.
G II 0,,:G ISirrlJS !
Iron, Salt, Cement,, -.ficp..
Car. FranklU anii JfartttKM.
Clarksville ."IvTerinessee.
July H-Iy
Ft A 1
' 1 JJT' VBAXT, rrofrUtor.
UAVJVC4eaAiltM well kiieiVUoiien)ia II r.
C. M. Stewart, I am now renovating and re
fitting il for tho oecoinuiodutioii pf the Juhic.
When the arrnngemcnte bring piadeafe eumpieleil,
it will be a ilutel in all its appointments. The
public are respectfully invited to call, as the liest
the market sITurdsj prepared la-stylc, will le served
at alllthitos.) r- i ,f i
tvJT Polite and attentive servants will be in atn
tendauee in every depnrUaauU i
SvjT Mrs, Ei-l-W. a lidj' of lqfu ctperience, will
lave iteneral siiiierrision of the htdics and culinary
dLirlrtiiil.'f J -".Ail
Viid IIiais.at.T4it rJUtioa tviB.lK),Jepit aim, M
heretofore, fur tho, accommodation, rf,tbu truveiing
community; TU'siiectfullv.. ,.
July 14 tf T'M ' ' 1 ' .1. H. GRAXT.
6 it w wndit.t "
Dealer in Groceries and Liquors,
: A qT07sf'ApE,: v a
it-L-U-rmiT. trw? 'i'O'" I ;,
: 17 KKP.S constantly ou bund a full line of Family
;ru-rituf,ttr Ut-quii,ly, .nd oll'tr tjiu
of to il.n i,-l.!u- in.m leajuiiuijlv LliuiA.
j AriicU-s purchased at my Imuse, . ill be de-
livowd, free o( eliaijie, anvnbc in lb limits of
ihe city fitly It H J ' J. f.
Ck (iTIironklt
N E B 1, ES T T ! & CI It'A'N T ,
Terms-Tliree Dollars per Year.
. ,-triM i .,
lt-Jo nonw enitrtii M cur bnokilili the tub
Ktiptim it paid for. j(9 '"' ' ' ' '
Terms of Ad vet-lining:
Ttcelee Linet or Lea Gnttlitnte a Square.
One Square, one week,.'t-4....li....-l.; $ ;.l flo
One N)aae itW8 weeK..(J.crf,,.. -J J 1
One square, three weeks, ,
One ffcrmn, one month,
Ono Square, two months,. ..r......
i oo
' 4 :o
'6 oo
"9 00
15 00
5 00
e oo
' 9 00
11 00
18 00
, 7 fiO
On Hriitare, three months,.-.... ...........
One Square, six month...L....."..U....
One Stiaare, twelve months, ,...;..v....
Two Squares, Pn tBotlth, :..'........
Twft Mianrea, two monuin,. .......
Two Squares, three n)onthe,.,.i:..,...
Two Squares, six months
Two Squores, twelve montbfl)
Three S iiare, onennntn,.
Three 8iunrcs. two month,...
10 too
12 PO
151 00
Three Squrrcs, tbrce months,.
Throe squares, sis months,...,
Three Squares, twelve months,
20 00
Quarter poUimn, one month,..,...., 19 J
Quatferiitimnt:to moiHhs,.4w..i4.'..' j U '.'
JiciiUbaiu)n three montli,.l.l.tXA,X;.k I) '
Quarter Column, six months,
20 00
23 00
12 00
Quarter Coltmun, twelve month, .a...
One Third Cotiiinn, one montu,
f 1 . I A - .1..
uue mini voiumu. inu uiuuiub, v ij w
13 00
On Tlfird Column, hreei nonths,..... ' -20; DO
One Third Uoltimn, six nionms, j j uo
One Third Column, twelve mouths. 35 00
Hair Columtor. One raentl,.t...i.t.L.i..... la oo
Half Column; two months,.'.. IT 00
Half IMumn, three months,.X...44 f.22
Hal? Column, fix month's, '3dk0b
Half Column, twelve months, 45 00
Three Quarter Column, oue month,... 20 00
Three Quarter Column, twomnuUis.... !S;00
Three, Qivirter Column, time uontlis,, .- ,30i 00
Three Quarter Column, six .month,.. ,,. . . 35
Tljree Quarter Column, twelve uiuutus,..,. . b0 00
Oue Column, oub mouthy-. v,i.M--,.,'...j 21 00
(ne Column, two nionths,..w-.... 30- oo
One Column, three pionths,... .;..,,....,... , 35 oo
Oue Column, six moiitlis,...,..,' , . SO 00
Une Column, twelve month3,...-..... ; 75 00
Tht obov are prtdtelv the tnru. prior wt
tharged for ndntmUung prior lo tht tear. ' s
Judge; pampbtjll's Chayetq tlia. Qrand
' As requested, I herewith hand yoa a copy rf ny
charge, which is done with hesitation, and did not
expect it to appear m print. I
Very respectfully, 4i4 '" . " '
,"i 1 f" 0 rl
Cjrntltmtn of 't't Grand Jury , , . ,- ,, ., ,
You have been elected, sworn and einpqnellej'a
grand : inquest from the t ody :u , Montgomery
county; and it is uow the business of the Court, to
iniicnfe b) rou tlu; doti'S you arqs cnlltd rtipou to
."t.1' l 1 1 A. f.. It . rj
, In l!ieiaHiige ot jtliaT oalli yo lAveita(en(Tqu
are to diligently enquire, and true pruseutmeul
make of all onuuses, Rie-you in charge, or other
wise brought to your knowledge, committed or
triable da this county; you are to keep'secret the
State's counsel, your fellows and your own ; you
are to present no one from hatred, malice, or ill
willi. jtor leave anvwmreirreaenteiL thrauch fear.
f ivti ot alTertllon, or ;fur ittrewfrdl or proniUc, dr
line WiereJfV ou are to prfiMil nhe frtith, im8
nothing but the truth, aecoruiug to the best ot your
fkill and understandiug. . . '
All this you bare sworn to do, so you sec, the
law libiees yon qpou bigh rttud inMiortiidt broHndi
thut your lioaltron as Gnind Jurors, is one of no
mean imiwrUince, tut of gnat consideration, aud
As under your oath you are to enquire into
offences, it is proper for tho Court to say to you,
tint tbere are two mo&t by , which you mar ei
quire Into offenses. Oue is upon the jtuowle,uge of
eiiuer one or nil ui youj lue oiuer ujwn mc ivaii
monv of witnesfes.
. Jvo ?ewruuWaowtieutc pniscomjonrTJiprfVour
dwn" motion"; ffnlfss, it IB uion vodr "opi Icriuwl.
edge, except in special cases,- of which yon will be
advised.; , JJnt yqn are tp djligwvtly 'euqiim of one
another, us to the knowledge you may, respectively,
have ofjufTenses, aud each one is -U disclose to the
bbitTilyvJiis tib,"Ba- grand Jsif,Vwhat iitfem
of the criminal law, may havij fillen under his ob
servation. And should your body become Satis
fied fmni this iMtercommiiiiciition, that any
Indictable olTiinse iias t-utjit: I in this coun
ty, ypu ynav tFilhc jf file juibinfiinnnl preentntciit, on
hidi the State's Attorney wfH file art
or you mny request him lo nit-pare' a formal
srnlmenl,,r 'vrT'l?! " CJ v
You Vnunnf rend foT wltheslesTo MipiKy ny de
fect that may be found to exilt iu (he testimony of
one oT your own body, other than iu the siiccial
cases already hinted at, to which your attention, is
In tins connection, called: They are gamiing,
)fCii.llef Min! diatuf mif'Vbflc w ofsIJA
iviiifrfl-f-fo Vnbne' buildings. lnVirtg dnlawfuT tnllsf
al turnpikes or toll bridge gules.
In these cases, it is made ytuir duty to - send for
witnesses, upon suspicion 4( either of you, of a
violation of the law, in refcnjncq to, them; and sift
out who is the transgressor, if you cad. , See Code
sec. 5oi9. . " ;.!;: -Ti !
The Court will itortS remlnll you, that you will
not present a witness for any offence, in relation to
which be may testify Ix'fore you. '. . i , i ,
It is your duty to cast up iu your mlndj, l('con
ditionof the public ronil, terries and turnpikes.
And that yon may Inform yourselves as to your
duties upon these liu'sTSU sro referred to the
Cola. Page Art. n,nd mge 201, Chapt 7.
Ypu, must pvt. ,iif g'ect to read tlapter T, page
90.1 of the code ; for the importance of JliU chsple;
is f uch, tiint it is made the duty of the Court to
give it specially in charge. You will' team from
this chapter it is unlawful to sell os use bowic
knives, Arkansas tooth pMy ar other knife or
weapon of like shape or Ue. this statute is more
fully .given qn page , 851.' Hut in referenco to this
provision of the criminal law, the Court is emtwr
ramed, aud will therefore renuirk, that It U doubt
ful whether it would be wUe, or eren Jml,! W rigo
rously enforce the law in ihif )Mrtivuaf, iu asinnch
as it is Uejd In society,. ibat life, and pro;ierty de
pend, i mors' or' less, ikr weapons oi defense.
This is oue of the unfortunate consequences of our
unhappy' eivQ war. The Court cannot do hettcr,
than to leave this subject to your own sound djis.
cretiun, with the remark that ihe.eontlitiitn of Ihe
country, should enter, .largely Into your delibera
tion, ana control or modify your action In several
respects." -M'hllai 'Id some-iiaikMi as you might for-
beai ; in lhes, tom ilumkl'lte very searcliiiiK and
tqlkibM Ao) Jiriiiff .- to justice violators of the law.
A great dcaj of law b foiiuded in. public luHty,
and H auij W4, be ajtiis IrAMiuaili, Ihji in tint' aia.
lory of a country, a timo might occur when the
aieasnriucnt of lbe emVcpmetrt- of law might bo
directed by a wise and enlightened" public policy.
lint Xtijuitriee AT: saurder? roIjierV, "burglary,
arson, kc, you should not show a sparing baud, for
all lhi enwrteion to-saves m My and the supremacy
or the Uw. Keterence is vevy
especially had to
(luie ftHaanietyafrftli tM
waK"' YoVtrre eTtjoiffta nt oj'ltTt d tiugte bflcndifr
escape. , . . , . .
Hut as to ulft-nces before the termination of the
war, ao"o tAndw ..i-ojur f military authority, the
CoiuVdaes-tnitlusI OMltwrea toadviM you, but -will
leave the mailer 13' yMir own discretion. How
ever, if a pursuu should appiax a truei'uUir,ad
luakt pruuf thitt an oil'etiM is Urea uooiuiilUd, it
will be your duty to bud a true hill, and leave all
juration, growing out of heligrrcnl right lo be
M tiled it opcq court, upou argument, n'htl the
Conrt means fc, that it is not thought politic for the This, grhtlemen, II a dlgrMslam, nevertheless, it
Grand Jury to be as seasrbing, as to lb time be- i.mitj be indulged, as wt have again entrd the an
fore the period of the termination of the war, and ! rient temple of justice, to resHmc tlio execution of
the resViration of civil authoritj. as since that
time. , .. , . r. . .
Without further digression the Court will charge
you, that it is unlawful lo sell whiskey in a smaller
quantity 4han quart, or even in a lurgrr. quantity,
to be drank on the ground or place where,, sold,
unless the seller lias a, licensed privilege,. .And
then the seller U required to keep an orderly houac
and permit no gamblwijr. To be brief, . the law is
vet cautious as to the aale and traflio in liquor in
drinking places, and when it grants the privilege,
it Is done on terms and the party is held to strict
account, You are referred to page. 200. of the
Code, aud'sec. 48J? to 4861 inclusive, aadeujoined
to read th same carefully and scarcli put all
offenders, for it is io.be observed that this business
has lost none of its vigor or, prosperity from .the
war, but on the contrary is flourishiua like a green
bay tree over devastated, Holds, and the remaining
ruins of towns and cities. So get after the traffic,
and If men will sell wuUkey and drink it,, let us
hare it done according to law. ..' , t,, ,
Gaiming ,nnist be stopped. I is demoralizing
and injnriotts. The law in this instance, authorizes
you to seod ,for witt).e&ies and you should- piake
good use pf It, If" necessary, , to theck mule the
vice. Ills sol, only nulnwtul to gamile, but to
keep a house fof the' purpoje, or table, or other
device Tot the ehticemcnt of any jicrson to play or
gamble. Fof the law, al length on this suhj.mt,
you sre enjoined to turn to xige 87ft of the Code
and read It. for yourselves, louwill have plenty
iensure to rend the Ifov under Important heads
given you. ; Jt'ls proper for a grand juror to read
the statntes under important bends to Icnrn bis
duties. The Court "ml glit spend several hop rs in
reading and cnlftrgmg on the law, ttu It frotUd be
to little purpose,' as It would hardly be recollected.
So it is enjoined on yon, to give yourselvM tb some
reading and s'U'ly- .on nro men of sense. a')
will readily nndcrstnnd the law and your duties.
If, however, for want' ol fnmiliiiritT with any
statute or question of law, touching your duties,
it will be your privilege to call upon tup State S
Attorney lot advise,' as is his duty to ndvisyou
at all times; promptly and freely The Court, t'I3
furnish your Foreman with botes of WcrehcQ, and
direct a copy of the Qode to be placed at vouf
disposal. ,. ,'"-; '' :',';'.;k,
Whatever is wrong, gentlemen, is "against liir,
bear this in mind, and when yon are are pot lalis,
tied as to whether a rertm act, wblcti may ne In
your mind I' "bnlawful;. call'
direction. ' V"'"". f-
ipon your advisor. fyr
Allow the Court to impress upon your triiuds,
that in Ibis pecnliar junetare of our affairs, it is no
small part' the btisiness of the courts and grand
jaries of the county, to puisne such a coarse, as
will invigorate the civil law, and infuse Into It,
such-linj and energy as will make It potent for the
great end bad in- view by the founders of the re
public,' to-wit: the aubonli nation of military rule
and nqaxlms, to the civil law for the ijnpartial prof
tceUadof persons, lift; and ribciiy.':. .'':-
It is not uncommon a the' march of a nation,
for a rule of action to. continue, after the cause
whjeh eailcd 'it into ;reu,iiiji)nv has ecascdf k
hop this -wiH not be tile tote M out nation "t
believe it will npt to, an injurious extent But the
peope.ut dp Iheir psj mo1 jujtke same sncrifices
to aMoidt. ft vVi l yv
Warii'hacessnrily.radleal, ij4 rebelllnn against
tho national authority, made military rule necessary
in tliu pite. Hut now tow., rebellion nx ce.ied,
the reason for military' rule ceased with it. . And
as the Utter and : spirit of pur "pntloiial 'laws are
. i . .'... i ' . ....n i.: . . . : .. : i i.
inni uuiinr iuic i ik-vii iiifn-iu iiiD--f,-aii) ii
would be rebellion to hold .itself paramount- and
cluintbe right (a govern the -iwuntrjsjii tiihc of
nencc'Si ",'r--,',-v:,' '.--.'i
Biit tip-rf 1-i nn iipology for tlio : mtl;try jif.n of
the goWriuneui ex;r(1-iu(r-fnme rd!4 "In, this State,
fur which we showM have respect, and make allow
ance, , U js this; the people haye not, as yet, given
utitl 'Inctory assnraheo thaffhey' will' enforco ta
d1l law,' aud abide peaceably the fate of the iti
Stlttition. which' cave rise to the' rational trouble
and distrust, al least, this an anprehertsioit of
the governnjrfht.T Jf ',T T-T'T
You tbiwaee the preaenctrwf the military among
us is a want of confidence : It is therefore all im-
I portnnt tlmt such a course be pursued by the courts
t a ',0 n w ntmf,ay restore. conSdeucc.
o. the Lniirt will take tliu occasslon to sucrtresL
that fhe' adoption of1 apjiropriate resolutions on your
part, as Urand Jtirorsr pending tlis term, for pub
lication te the world, might Jiavo a salutary influ
ence in our Iiehalr ; and moreover, tend to the set.
ting and correction of public sentiment in this
county for Uic new order of things hkh are in
evitable. .UJCLIli-. i&jejv
)'P1 C'lfibt. :ia diiU- t yptirselrt es, yeur eUMdrea.
ana yourvniiowciuzens, iaae a rvfon,iiiie pari, an
adraiicefSfPrand-dq toipt0)U)g ltr tbe.opuinjou
The President of the I'nited Jjtntes, one of our
own State fellow-c-itirens, and a nmn as ttue to
liberty se rtre neeiUe is to lh:jlo, is working day
niiht ii ' Va.siiii(;toii, to save awx libcUes. aud
rights.' He wants our confidence..' We need bis.
Then do not let this -ourt pass without taking some
pronmt-cUtn (,f sjiycichariuiteythat will hte
its injjuen(ieJortlje ijtaceJJLnif.g4tuem.eiMi'
Vj J4e
We must not forget the present and the fill lire,
and try ai d live over the past. We must bund
ovor the nost to the bistoriiin, . and go to work, ( p
that wheu the f uture becomes the past, the liistuyia
will bave uiori) hnppy tilings tu recurd,,, ., v ,f
The ieople of Tennessee, of all former iilflliatuius,
Uit commifr f o ho amielji-arkatjljiitj artbtc-,
store or create confidence. First, au assurance of
nrcsent and future 'fidelity to the Cnlotf.' Second,
that the- in.tTioiivf (Slavery hits ocn.setlled y
UicatcfiCltCfl nmii i:utiikur cttii seilike'jlia) U.
an institution of whatever kind, wore cIluctnHj-
than war. , - i .,- r
.The Presidi-nl of the. L nitod States, within the
lost fWalayts'iH. n'WtA-io X lev. fcHarkey, r ills ,
snvs: "lhc (icople must, be trusted .with their
ffiivcrnineiit,"' and if trusted, my opinion is, thut
tkett-wI!-f tiagood ttuw restore fyW.
(VjinMllatiMUi relations; ,itli ihe SMltd) Mjtue
liniM" w- i I r Uirl wtvruw
tlcntlcmen of the Grand Jury this ought to
lictlitch and warm the heart of every' 'lover of
liberty and inspire confidence, as our greatest inter
est, nowjs, to. emerge from civil war withjiherty
uninijwliie JMf:u. :J caaa
Much more might be suid in this connection, but
let wluit Is said suffice. .However Ihe f'ourt will
take this occasion to say for' the' IRth Jinlieinl
CWiit,t leaHt, . that Ihert.is OTTVH'WIsuJBt
the laws' 0T tlie1ahd;'"tliat ""quiet and goon order
prevails, and that the Court entertains the opiniou,
that is hot because of tie preneuce of t mops, but
owing to the good sense, and honest Intention", of
the people.'.- And' fdrthcrmore, the Court will say
tjja it Jsbtjlieved, the trooni .qiurtenjd ij) . J;11
cintlir, aeinean iiein.eives eu.
The great Interest wb have been cousidering, In
no small degree, depend upon the wM mi, niodera
Lion, wd vycttruswenrving firmness pf tlie coHjts
of the country, whieii by tho way, eupukt not be
proslrrstcd fur individual or party 'inuirott ef -aims.
Tberefori In Ihe discharge Of yonr duties, lay
aside all passient and prxjudiee; ami edit' y.-ur.-.al res
uion the throne of jijstic.g, and know no man,
cause jik tr)anliar became he was a lit.
Let every situi yoii Uke. be wifb an y t the
authority and supremacy of the law, the pride nud it appear ii.. tj)e.r"(iih r South. Jy4
good' will oi' the country and the unity of tbej'tund where Ti!i9 of old, battling for t
iSlatea. "
We cannot improve the iast, but we can can do
much for Jjjs.pree.mt and the future,. Vy a just and
upright purpose. The fate of Ihe war bas made its
work In oat1 nation. It pjinta out to ns devkstatnl
Kalda. and lowas and cities in ruins. The tat coU
lector remind ns of iur (Jueg. ' This is Ihe reul
or civil war. Ann a in our quiy to rcsiiiiMie uie
tklds, rebuild the cities, iwv'pur Uses, sud go fbr -
ward with natieuec. hone and enercv. necarv
for the regulaiam otUvA labor and trale, aud
. i" .'I-.... ... .
me eiiimi ami jii luins u ail in piaia'. iv". it""'r .i ..,. . , .. .
Tbse great end 'art, not gained bv belittling her Wlllinguorf .to abide bj M dfsuin In good w..u ... -.,v....
authorliy, or a siiwer'of inactivity ,'W are aU,fi'b. .."'' i. t II- '""'"" " """7"
equally lntt-rcsteilh tb public wanl, for a I 1, Wktle I rejiite that tb ehelltoa. ku been sub- Tanuwjtbrr of the tnee ttsnvna S. B. Prrntiss, r
what is tb lu'.crnt of oat If the Iflkrtit oi H, Quad, ( m bsppy in tb couvHousnets of a duty Miftiipr', licdJo Prooklin o tfe) Hi' ,-o4 II ;
lbs end. ItrrlJ ns(Ml I aoaH soe en'y btv, j-oe, rut ' UhS .
laws which have stood t suspended, while the na
tion lias been iM" 'n SAnl and irrltatlncr nllos-
tt by onleni'r ur battle, whivh wtinld be
settled in any other way. AMsstf that,, that
great qncstjou is settled, in sach Manner as to
crontc netv relations and conditions, leaving much
rubbish, so to tpenk, around our temples orjustice,
the conrt and juries cannot' be otherwise than
more er leas embarrassed.' Hone in returning to
Ibe bench and jury box, and the bar, we find the
law, not as we left it, in every particular. . The
civil convulsion could not fail to modify it In Some
respects. Then, more, we find the domestic and
social condition of the country modified or disor
ganised, soil Is,: thai in some measure -we are
feeling for the righlpath and line of duty. , As we
are now situated, we need more legislation to. re
lieve our cmbnrrasinent, but the legislation should
be wise and well balanced, , .
It Is proper, ih lllis councptjon, to specially, remind
you that tin.' late amendments to tlie constitution
of Tennesse, have changed the organic law of the
State, very materially. in respect to, the negro race
among us- Vp to the change (if it can be said the
institution ot slavery survived the proclamation of
emancipation) hogroes in this f&ate wer4' slavei,
and bad been from, the organization of the Slate.
Cnder lh new; order of things t-they are free.
Their allegiance and fealty is no to the law, and
not to tlio master. - Henee, they are subject to pre-,
scnttnent and indictment, and penalties common to
the white race. ;
Hut it.is understood that some pretend, that the
constitutional amendment was irregular, Jcc. This
is immaterial to this, mstnnce," In this, "and ques
tions immediately proceeding it, .does not matter
how the shackles' of slavery ari loosened, -so that
the slave goes tree, lie If never bound agni Such
is the spirit of liberty. c -i - '
Perhaps it mny oe admitted, inni ine (lonticai
action hnq in tbis state in reference to me ireedora
of the negro, if it stood alone it would have some
weakness, but It 4ot not stand upon this alone.
Revolution,' produced by civiT war, instigated by
slavery itself, has thro era us Into 4 bcia-era. Has
chnaocd the circumstance of men and parties, of
intercourse and communication, to pay nothing oc
the mind in funeral of both races. Foreign coun
tries also take a new and revolutionised view of
the subject; and "would-receive Ike Idea that the
negro is free. . ' .-' 'I -,
Many things comprised to overthrow-slavery ih
Tennessee, as'. well as e be where and whether
right or wrong, the deed is done, and there is no
hcln fori, so it is the duty of the courts and
jaries of the country to "be governed accordingly.
So enter upon' the discharge ol your ounce wun
the ondeietanding. that the eye of the law U di
rectly upon the negro, as well as the white man.
But in the discharge' of your very delicate and re
sponsible duties towards Ihe negro, avoid a spirit of:
antagonism, as po douut vou.wut..- no reguiateu
in your action witb great wisdom said discretion,
not Ignoring the peculiar condition of tho negro,
and bis passive nature, and thut want of confidence
abroad in'Jbe nation with many persons, as time,
no doubt,-will evidence to tha world, that the
negroe s; wi'fare, is as much A 'matter of ' concern,
with the people of Tennessee as our fellow-citizens
of other States. Tho fourt ; admonisnee you
to avoid this spirit of untagonisin, for the Yooson
a dangerous antagonism is to be feared, and
not only v among us, but in other States. The
papers give us notee, that the o)dree States do
not ttvorthe settlement of. the nqjro amon thera,
and political meetings pass reaolatious agams1, IL
We shoulit -be just towards the negro, lie should be
protQctcd'in his person, ,ln Ilia property and In - his
liberty, and be allowed to travel nd make ; liis
h-,me where he rah, at least, until we have assigned
him a country, and provided f t bis emigration
there. !!' ",'--''' ' .
In view of the ncgrok'acondit'ori, there is nothing
gained by nn over vigorous policyt All is gained
by a wise, firm and steady policy., ..',.,
We should congratulate each other,' gentlemen
of the Grand Jury, upon the return of. iee, and
the Inauguration of civil government tu Tennessee..
It is unlortunnta lo f ml fault with the uiauqerin
which the State Government was brougbi about.
H it was done in an irregular manner, wenhould
recollect that' It was broken np in an irrcgtihir man-i
ner, and thai Irregularity ha,i been the diijor ef ihe
limes.: 'Wenuionly mako amends by bftving nn
eye lo tbe fuLure. mid becoming regular hereafter,,
si'vp by slcp, unti) there shall, be no more occasion
for irreguhiriiy. , If bad laws Jiave been passed,
tb'y will sooner or later be repeated. A nation' of
rational-' thinkers like ours will com: right in tho
end. It' 's-quite, nnreasomlblo' ft expect public
osnion (o yorrcct itself in a day, as it were, after
Us dislructiop n"d perversion, by civil strife.,. )Vc
must reason with each other, not Wrangle. Every
individual lir.s a duty to perform, esuiecially' the
imlges ami juror The authority -and rule of the
laws ii what .we niio at, ,.not . the aathoniy ef
parties end actions merely. , Jlaka the law your
polar star. And what latu lias decreed, , nn'j law
has recognire'd, confonn to it,' and advise your fellow-citizens
to do likewise, l-'or any other course
is folly, and tends to anarchy where liberty ends.
In conclusion, the court will say to you, , that It
' your duty to iuijuirc into .the coudition of Ihe
county Jail,' to see whether that institution is what
it should be, and. bow managed, sc., Alo, ii is
your duty id inquire Into.tb Conmjr Treanry,
to loarsc by inveitigatlon tho condition of bilkers
bunds, ;n4Vre they oorrect, and euflU-i.efil for the
cud (leigue; by fhe law 1. JU is made, your duly
bylaw, to feu to tUiis; and Ue court ,M.reid red
to call your hitehlton upeclally to it. Pec pec.
5079 of the Code. ' You are t-mitled.lo free access
to the oflice ol Ihe OountV Trustee,' to the Jail
and all either' ttaintt hildiliL'( to the examina
tion without charge of all county othues.. . .Make
the State's Attorney vour adv'u-oratid do all you
can to secure iuo puuuc inicreii,
i i ii. . i ,
Prcsldenf JohnSoii't Sptcin to the Soulfc-
. irn Tlil(.rntl(iii
'Th'o'fofloivtng'are tlje nfali"poinVof the very
iuqiortant eix h .made by' iVudrnj Juhnsuu to the
delegates of flic' Southern RtAtest ' 1
Centlcmen We hsvo passed through the rcliel-
llon. I v we for It was us wliv were nsnonsinle,
Yes, the South made the ivne, and I kuow the na
ture of die SiAithern people well enough to know
liittt DOrformance of that dny, ortwlrcd in the act
they undertake 15 performj tlvy do it bosrtily and
frankly ' Now Ibal tliey come to me, they under
stand mo as sayiae tliut wemailc the Issue; we set
Uji the union ol. States ai,auUt the iiutitutiou of,
slavery; tte obey limply theibilr8mept9f ths Cjqd:
ol ,patttvs;.lue argumciu was iuo tn oiu; uie uv
was fairly and honqratiiy met, , twin tue ont.tiout
iireseut have betq settled nfiiu'njt us, and We art
prepared to avcf pt. the I-shucs, I fiuj otj all side
this spirit gf caridor aud honor prevailing, i Jl U
said y M Ih luie was ours, uud ihe judgment
lum hei'ii agaiusi us. tho decision having Men
made sgaiiMl hs.i , -
We are bound in hum lo accrpl by arbitra
ment; iu doing this wo are doing ourselves no dw-
hoiiur. and should not feel liuiui;ialed or deimded.
bill rather that,! V aro a'ut jbliliC lUirarlvrt, by
these ailipqs, qd see should ft el that the (.liners.
iitatil baa HiW(l t umguaiiiiuoiMly, aud luvut the
iHjM'rnim ut iiimh ihe lru,t that U.hMSjomagnaiu
luuu.ly vlri,'w,:i Inr ea I (inuwoieiutM, purs-av.
ally, ,1 am ua lalliKiufd .by any bitvipe, a heik;t
he Constitu
lion and Vnioil (if the ' Cqited State. In doing
this I ktiott' I opposed yon of the f-outh, when
cession wnf beirig urge! on the country, and ynu
duclared your right to break np the OoveriTinei'.t
and disintegrate the In Ion. I stand as I hve ever
stood, firmly in the opinion that monopoly coin
blued agalust this cxiuutjy initft 0 down,,, n-id tir
hi"iij um p.
l Yes;(bluii Mf mweb) Ui Soitth tgiinsl
the OoverumeiiL and iaJ..oyerqnllt has triuinph
'd; and lbs Homh, true to her ancient aitriintua o'
I I. . I r. ..I.L ... ...... , ...... ,4 UA a-....-
the people of the world to know that whi'e I de
clared and (bared a d'Sinb-gratiost of the jftates, t'
am equally opposed to consolidation or coocen- -Irationof
powe.' bi:ve nnder wha'ever gniseor namn.
I shall still endeavor to pursue the -same elTorti tk
dissuaile them from this, but I say let some rates
be applied, as i have before remarked lo yon.
I am gratified to see so ma'oy of jrou km tn-day
It manifests a rplr'n that I am pleased to obwrv.
I Inow that It has been said of me that asy aspira.
tiona are sharp: that I had a viadMive feeling to
gratify, and that 1 should not fail tu yajl myself
or opportunities that wouli present themselves lt
jrnUfy such despicable feelings.- If my acts wt)t
not speak fbr me and for themselves, thea any p'o.
fessions that I might now make would be 'useleu.
But, gentlemen, if I know myself, as I think I Juj
I know I am of the Sou them people, and t love
them, and -will do all in my power to restore thctrt
to that state of happiness aud prosperity whtcfe .,
they enjoyed before the madness of mifguided men '
in whom they had reposed their confidence V-t
them astray. , , , ' - , -
If there Is anything that can be done on my part,
oo correct f riiiciplcs of the Constitution, tu pro-1
mote these ends, be assured it shall be doue. Let "
me assure you, also, that there is no deposition on
the part ot the Covernmrnt to deal-handily wltrt
the Soutbern People, . .., .- . . . ,, . . . ,
There may lie speechos published "from various
o,nftrters that may breathe different spirit, bat i '.
not let them trouble or excite yoa ; fent believe, ,
that it Is the great object of the Government to
make the union of the Uniwd States moro com-,
piete and perfect that ever, and to maintain It on
constitutional principles if possible jqor irrnlvv
than It bos ever before been. '
Then why can't we all come np tq the work In
proper spirit X In. other words, let us look to jlia
eonstltution,-1 The Nue hat been made and de
cided. . Then as wise men, mrn who tea figbl
and are determined to follow it at futUers and
lirotlicrs, and as mch-who love their eouhtry. In"
tbis hour of her trials and suffering,, .why caq't wej
come np and help to settle the questions of the
hour, and ajnst thetn according to the pincides of
honor and of jutice.'r fcr, . -.,-,,!.,,( ..
The instilulion of slavery Is gone. Tha formes
Status of the negro bad to be changed, and at ft-fetf
men, wo nist recognise so potent a feet, 4nd adapt,
ourselves to circumstances as, they surround us.
voices; We fcre willing to do ko. ' VeK. sirs' r'
re willing to do tai'.:. ,:2 .si.,.! -
I believe you are; or believe when yonn fuitU la
pletlged, wben yonr consent has been giveft, as r
bate, already said, 1 believe it will be mainuinea
in good faith, and every promise fully, sustained.
Oleey "It wUI." ' - ' ' ' -M '-T- '
. What' I desire of the South or KorH East or
West, is to be sustained in carrying out lh nilnei
pies of the Constitution. ' It is not to bo denied '
that we kare been great tnfferere on both side ;
Good men have fallen,' end muck misery in being
endured as : ecessory result, of such a contest. .
Why csn't we approach, each . other on princliilee,
which nro right in themselves and which will ba
productive of good to ill.' "
- The any Is not distant when we shall feci like
some family that has bad a spirit fiend-' in It, th
various members of which have come together and.
compared the evils and Relinks they, hid Inflict-,
edon each other. They bad seen the .influence of
their error and its result, and governed by a gcuor-.'
ous spirit' of cortsolidatloh- tlief bare become rn'tt''
Uially forbearing and fijrgiv island retorof to their
old h obit of fraternal kindnese, and become better j
friends tbnn ever., Then Jot nt consider . that Ihn
fend wliich alienated us has been ottled t'ani ajqj
tcd to their mutual satisfaction.' ' That we come to.'
gether to be bound by firmer bonds of love, respect '
and confidence tbah ever. ) .Tb North 'Oftaoot get'
along without the South, 'nor .tho, South . without ,
tho North.1 the lyut without thf Weetj norths West,
witboqt the East, and I cay it IS otjr duty to do n
that within otir power lies to perpetnatti nftd WnVb-'
. stronger uie nonus or our u nion, say lag 1 that It t '
fnr llm mmmnn ' twnnA a 1 1 I Kn I w,, l, n, ,U k.
united.- r-A' '-., ',-,;., if . r. .... ,.; .: f ,,, .,;
. I feel Uiat this Union is but tlie creature of s
century to lie perpetuated for all time, and U can- ,'
not no destroyed, except by the all-wfse Ood wJri
created It: (JonUemen, I repeat, 1 sincerely thahk
yo for lb respect ronaiftMted on ibl ootasion, nn4 :
for tb exprcssipqs of pprobatiofn4.copdoptn:,
p)cnse to accept my t)iat)ks. .,
, ine leader or 11,10 delegation replied f - ' ,
1 Mr. President, On behalf the detegntion 1 redirn '
yon my sincere thanks for your kind and generous, !
aye, mognVlmous txpressiuns ktudly' feeling tai I
the people pf lb j Soutj. TUu viiiuiM than ratiruJ. ,
'.JS The fpllyiving are tbe resohitious ailopteJ
by n meeting of the citizens of Maury ebunty,-T.w
Tlie prnamblo is loo.long for our limibyd space, 1ff.
SeiotrttL That vr nDprov and will. ialtiiAillv '
support the ttestpration policy of 'President Johnr."
son, regarding It as in strict accordauck with' the '
Issue determined by lbs late war, and at the wUo
an most prai Uculile plan for restoring- the South-1
ern States td an early nanlolrjiatiou in the ber.efju
of Ihn rVderul Union. " ' ' "
Suttvtd, That. we accept, and will faithfully
ahida by the reeni qf lb bfto war, ns a finul and
conclusive settlement of th great issue Involved '
therein Tij. th right uf peaceable Revolution by '
a State.' ' '
Henlttd, That we acquiesc in the finality of
this Abandon tr the iustitutioq of Slavery, a an ,
incidental or collateral issqo of the war.
, Rwlixd, , That we claim for. (ha peopl of tb
Sjutbern States all tho rights, which icgitimaf)jr'
beldrlrd t them liefore the war.' et.vnt thoia '
herein Mnrcdcd to hav been decided again ftiern)'
and amongst th right o claimed to be in roll'
force It that of couuyllifig and romtlaUng lh Elee
tiro Fraucbl.-e. ' , .
ficfolwt, ThaMt 1s Ihe duty of ail' citizens,
wtiertrer they hav been connected witb th war or
not, to acquiesce unreservedly iu all its result.
and exert all their energies and influence in main,
taiuing, upholding, and resluring order, aud peace
and tho supremacy of lbs aws. '
nei nta, mat upnst We Believe, that mor
liberal system of Amnesty than that adopted by
tk Prcsidw.ti might lmv been resorted to, with- ,
out danger or detriment to, Ih neat 'and welfare '
of th country, yet at w ar put dvkwd as to th
reasons or nta'.es, anicb way hav IiillUence.1 and ,
controlled biw, we are not prepared to exprtsssmy
dlsapvtrobativn of bis policy especially a we hav
reasons to nope and bclievs-, Itwtt be isn luatad by I
no unkind feelings towards those excluded front
the benefits of Amnesty. . .
Xaolvvf, That We Indulge an earnest bope, Vlinit .
the time is not distant; when we -will be relieved
from military law and military organisation, ami '
wheu civil law, wUb suhatanlialjeaca, will tw fully
ro-etabtUbed audtored.. , . .'
Nt.Jtvirt S. JjAisit who bas been known
aud. recognized as a loyal L'nion nuta during th
rebellion, offurtd the following HeolutUip, which
Wlri artnniinnnily adopted.
Rctplvttl, That it is due lo Ihe returned rebel sol-'
diets that this meeting should distinctly idrclar
tb. uniform quiet and order which ha msfkcrj
lliu'r conduct as law aid ling and faithful Htitcns. .)
Tin1 Hon. Jamo If. TiiouAa, eongratulathig th '
inetiir -upon tho harmony and nnanimliy abick
chursitAiriwd it, offered th pJlovtog rvsulstWa.
will, h trasaihiptvd uuaniiuontjy t , j
fiauilMil, Thut although till u a vry urge meet-.
h', and i made Up nf citizens from every art of1
M.iuty County, yt t entire uonle ar not beret
lait a e bellev that thl large awmublage, coming
from every nelghuorhood in the County, bavjug
nuaniuiously adopted the foregoing resolutions, .we
believe the same contains bm a full, fair, free a I
rank preKlon of tho nniversal ditrrminaon of!
i bit people of Maury Cuanty. he nt a well as hem
priM'tlt la yield a full and .hearty support to Ih
pripeiptk and declaraHuil that havsjust bi
idopUd.' ,
Gin, J. Pillow, Char.
W. C. WniVTnoui.1, Hcoy. . , ;(;.'
Tbs wbole uutuber of national hank Is l.4".

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