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: 7 r " I f"w w I KY . .It . . M . a : .7.UU I r l rl . W 1 1 i 1' 'v, , 1 1 , . I r1 I. I rrsL II W
OLD SERIES, NO. 8. : !
'. ."
First National Sank,
Of C1AR tSTIltE,' j,
1 Cornet f Public Squire, opposite Katlonaf
HoUL . . ... -
Wltfc TO A .
' General "Banking
1 ElcirAVeE.BCsiNEss.
Intwi TtoT drcnletloB Inrtrf ad risk.
8pcdal attention Mid to collection! and re
. niittancef made en daj of pajmeni,
Ceo. Hi Warfieid, fhoel F Petua, J, W. Ed
. watda and O. W. BlUmaav ,
B. r. BfiriOJT, Prea't
W. f. HFMF,, CMhler.
Not. 10, '-y y '
a. v.mira, wm, .nranar, OBaa. w.m-aa.
A. p. sinro & go.
J Suoceeaori to UcClore k Conrla,)
Tobacco Factors
Qu Special attention gina to the tale of
Frelehta and ProdiK promptly fcrwarded.
Jan. 4, 1B67-I2m.
jVtuoio r. am. a. waiatr, ta.
AKO ' 'I' '
. Commliclon Sloroliant
.-. 1ND .
i alwayi on band. .
Consignments aullcilcd from all qoarteri.
Dec.-7, '66-tf
' Will fill ordere (riln(r special attention to
AfelBpIng ke. Alio attend to the Sale Of
TOQMf O in lb market, unargea moder
ate. Oire me a trial. Refer to tbe trade
Clajksrille, Tcnn., April 6, 1867-6m.
if Xtw Orltitat, of Ltuiriari, a Kg.
(Succvaaora to R. H. Fraser,)
. . Cottoif and Tobacco Faotors,
General Commission Mcrcbants
OllLlAIVS. .
MfF No biUi accepted witkoat produce In
land. V - -
Feb. 8, 18C7-Cm ,'
Cincinnati, Ohm. Mrmphit, TVan.
" dell; harris & co.
orleaxs, lav
"Cotton and Tobacce Factors
General Commission Merchants.
Referring to the above, we rrepectftilly
aollcit couiiennieota from our iwndt.
" . Rcapectfiilly,
EVrve Mow(. Beaumont k Co.,
ClarkavlUe, Teun D. N. KeaueJjr, Clarke
ille, Teun.; Measre. Ki rat ton, C'bene, k
Roy, Nashville, Tenn 0u. R. L. Carutb
era, Lcbanna, Tcna.
Jaa. 4, UOT-t '
Wholesale and Retail DeaUre
t.i all mna of ' ' 1
roastoR aro ooaaerto
Llquers, Wines, FruttsandVats,
II uicut of the above frod, and are de
termined to aell iU tbe lowrnt cash prioea,
and deliver tbtsa any whare iu tbe oily free
of cbarge. &'lt 'c(! 17-
A. C. aiR-BOR.
Cotton and Tobacco Factors,
So. 41, Brot4 St., NEW TORE.
Uexr. David lK.ws k C"o, New Tork; Gil
bert Outturn k Co, C'iik'innHti; Uregg It
llughea. ChU-agq: J. U. Aleiander k Co.,
MU LKMiiat Wm.H. klojvtaon. Esq., Indiauap.
ulU, la; W'iiulow, Uuicr 4 Co, Baukera,
Mw York) J. U. Barret, Kau., Cashier Citi
ceul BMiik, Louisville, Kyi N. U. Curtis,
Ksq., Cashier First NatioiuU Bank, Peoria,
III.) Junes E. Reeves, Km., Free t First K
tioual Hank. Richmond, 14 P. S. Davis,
I'rus t First .Natloual Kauk, Memphis, Teun.
' R. I will make liberal advances Opon
hiiui'uU of Tobacco, or otlier produi'e, to
the above bouse. U. II. CLAKW.
Clarksvllle, Dec. !0, 18-flm.
W. A. VEVFELl -ittornri
at Law aa4 (lalai
cau-e aear the Court Uoum,
Jfarrk i 'T-tt f LAltHSVft.LE.
TILLB RAILROAD, in connection
with Memphis ft Obio, nd Louisville k
Naehvrlle Railroad. Through to Mempbii
aMd Loaisrille .
Wilhout Chanqa of Cars.
' Two through Xf preas Train daily, for
w i i - i . n i A T iIlt- -..tl
close connections at Hamboldt with Mobile i
Ohio R. R, for alt potnU In tbe Sontb, and
direct connections at Louisville with (reins
for all Dolnt In tbe North, Fast and West.
aJtUROCOH TICKETS can be pro-
cared al all principal ticket oQloea. v
Condrnud Time tdrd'of Arrivals and
" Dfpartnrti. ;
lieaves Louiivllle at 8.00 Vclock p. tn.
and 8.30 a. m. -. '
Arrirea. at Louisville at 8.48 a., m, and
1.00 p. m. . , ,
Leave Mrmphlf at 6.05 p. and 8.00
a. at. T ' ' '. .!
- Arrirea at Memphis at 8.30 a. and 4.00
p. m. .
Arrives at Nasbviuaat s.oo a.m.;
Leaves Nashville at 1.30 o'clock, p. m. '
Leave CUrkevllle going South at 6.00
o'clock, a. m, and 6.10 p. m.
Leave Clarksvill going norm at 8.UO
p.m., and 4.00 a. m.
All pasaetiget train atop at New Depot,
at Clarksville. .-- .
Passenger and freight train (top at all
stations when 6agged ibr paawngera.
, Superintendent.
O. 0. Breed, Ticket and Freight Agent
Mny 10,1867-tf '
R. H. Birr. N. L. Tdrnib,
Tfnoleiale and Betall Grocers, Pro.
dace and Commlsilon Merchanta,
W8 wonld respecfnlly Inform tbe trade
that w will aeep a general Stock of Groce
ries, Wine,
Cigars, Tobacco, Provisions and Produce.
We will give special attention to consign
ments, and make liberal cash advance on
same when desired. -
June 7, 1867 tf.
E. C. ROACH & CO.,
(Successor to Gold, Roach ft Co.,)
Cotton and Tobacco Factors,
Commission Merchants
- No. 38, Carondclet Street,
May S, 1867 6m
W. a. rolNDRXTRB. a. ottos, w. a. carr
(Successor to Ricbarda, Crenshaw ft Co.,)
And Commission Merchants,
sWL.Will keep constantly on hand all
kinds of Lumber, Boards, cut and drawn
Poplar 8ii ingles.
Nov. 10, 1868-tf -
. Tobaooo II role or,
OFFERS Hi aervleet a agent fcr fb pur
pose of BUYING TOBACCO In this market
All orders promptly Attended to.
Feb. 8,'67wtr.
Cotton and Tobacco Factors
Commlaalon Blorclianta
Ko. 9, ITnlon Street,
Ma. S. B. Seat, Agent, will attend to ma
king advances on Produoe consigned to tiiis
Sept 14, 1806-ly
Wilson Pitts Whiskey!
AUg. 74 tr.
Paper HniifflittT, Olaz
taiir, A: o., Acn.
W. P. Iiindlcy,
Fire Screens, Faints of Eve
ry Description, Window
. Glass, Futty, &c.
Two or three good workmen wasted.
Paints mixed read; fur uso.
nsi,Hliop at Fowler Llall.
Sept. 14, 18C6-tf
A sure cure for Coughs, Culds. Croup, Bran
rbilig, Diptheria, Caurrn, 4'lles, sore nipple,
L tiers, o, Ac. ,
Xoulatvlllo ICy.
For Sale rTnos.riSlET. Clarkt-
tHrc, Tenn.
Feb. 6, 'C7-6m.
OALLi;ilVl . .
WEST fill! pVbUC SQl'Atl,
ClarUacvtll, .....Teun.
Must 1, 1147 -
. . SMsaaw
V;" 1ST, $111,859 81. ;
120,000 Bonds Deposited with State
- Comptroller, According to lam'
Inxares Homes, Merchandise,' Fnrnl
Ure,' etc against loss ..', '
Damage hy Fire. : -.
' vjamjs f. BOZEXAy, PresT .
D. F, W1LLC0X, Sec7.
.-' ' CLARKSJILtB, tenn. .
March 1, 1867-6m.
New Orleans, . Nashville,
Of Woods, Teatman ft Co., Nashville, Tenn.
Cominission. Merchants,
71 .CarbndoletSt. 71
The Beputatioo of Mr. Robinson Yeat
man, a a Tobacco Merchant, and bis experi
ence of thirty yeers in New Orleans, should
be an assurance of pur ability to promote the
Interest ot shipper. GoruitnmenU Solicited.
To First National Bank, Northern) Bank of
Tennessee, and business men of Clarksvllle,
generally. -
April 30, 1867-Sm.
DR. H. M. AC2ES,
IDerxtal' Surgeon,
. clarksville.'tenn., .
Office on corner of 3d and Madison street,
immediately between the Railroad Passen
ger Depot and the Court-house.
Jnn. 1 1, '67.'
Late Judge Ad. Dist ate Capt V. & A.
Mid. Tenn. ( . ,
Will practice in (he State and Federal Court.
HAVING served as officer in the TJ. S.
Army, will hure facilitie to prosecute
successfully all legitimate claim against the
Government ,
.Clarksville, Teas, Job. 14, 18G1 tf.
J. E. & C. D. Bailey,
Office on s(rawberry Alley.
November 32, j 860-1 y
nuMpnKErs & daniel, -
iVttorneys at Law
Office on Strawberry Alley,
October 19, 1866 ly." J '
Clarksvllle, Tenn.,
' ' B. S. BISBIIL, Proprietor.'' '
August 17, isci-tf.
Hubacb II. LrjRiaa, F. C. Maort,
1 Clarkmille, faa. Kiuivill, Tenn.
ClurlcMVille, Tenn.
Special attentlo paid to practice ia Courts
of Bankruptcy. : :
BX.Onice, ob Strawberry Alley opposite
the Courthouse. ...
Feb. 16,'67-tf .,'...
T, D. SCOTT, Proprietor.
t, . & ' 1 , - - , ' '
Fab, 9, '6-tf v. ... , .,
Dry. Goods Merchants,
No. 10, FrankllB Street,
ruenta aa will compete with any bouse
West of the Mountains. We resiiecMully
request a call, and solicit an examination of
our etock.
Mr. M. O. Pltmnn U with
us, and reiueaU all of bl friend and ac
gnTanaa Caad.
lUispecil'ully, ,
Sept 14, 1806-tf
Clarlcssvllle, - - Teun.
easawaw .
Will attead to tk Sale of Property,
either on the street or In theeovntry.
May 8, 18H7-4m.
1)11. J. ?t. LAUUINN
may be fooud at ai oKce, 14 Boor of tb
Cbronlcl building, at- all hours, unless pro-
feesionally abavnt. .',
Menu 1, 17-U
For tb Chronicle. ' "
Like tb lone, lone dor thatknowt no mate,
He brood in aadnts o'er bl lonely fat;'
He mourns o'er the heart that silently sleeps,
And o'er bit blighted hope, la bitterness,
ween. '.
For they are buried with bar, In tb cold si-
'. ..lent tomb, ... ' -
Enshrouded In sadness, with darkness and
' ' , gloom, ,',
But ab I well be knows, all tear are In valfl!
Tb Idol, tb darling tbey cannot reclaim,
A vole that h loved more than Ufe, 11 bow
And vain I tb teat that In sorrow baofi
gushed. -t : .
Sb bhs pasted tbe dark valley, the shadow
of death V) , v ,
Ha left on bee brow, bi cold fey breath.-.
The eye that WM brightest shall beam never
more, ' ' '"'
But will glisten, ia beauty, on Heaven'
bright shore. i V- . . .
Tb band that has pressed, with friendship'
Sball yield ne'er again to love's tender grasp.
And tbe ear that halh listened to every fond
' tone, ' '' ' '' ' '" "'
Ah I now it Is closed, e'en to sorrow' sad
Bnt sad one I awake front thy dream of dea.
pairl ; ' , V '
There' a land all beautllul and radiantly fain
Where fond hearts never with Borrow are
' riven, . J ''
It is Lore,-It is Llfo, It Is Home, it I Heaven,
There, tb crown shall b worn, on that ra-
diant hori ?
Tbe cross shall bind thy sad brow no more
There, link of affection death ne'er can dis
sever, . ., .. , .
But Love's gentle tone tbon (halt hear
tbem forever. ' " v
Then lone one! dry that bitter tear
sue ha passed away but Heaven 1 near.
Frllow-Citizrkr: The crisis now opon as
a more important than any, except perhaps
one, which has ever arisen In tbe history of
our Dtate. to glance only at the past, our
people remember, what ia not fully appreci
ated by the outside world, how ardently then
were devoted to the union and the Uonstitu
tion, and under what circumstance of rev.
blutionary confusion they were lad and
forced into the late unhappy rebellion. With
little assurance of protection from tbe Ken
oral government, and overwhelmed by the
power of a revolution originating in more
noutoem htates, tbe state of Tennessee yield'
ed late, and only in part, and that after strong
resistance, to tue dominion or a government
which successfully excluded tbe power of the
Union, and held nndivided sway over the
entire commonwealth from tbe spring of
1B81 to that or 1863, nearly an entlr year.
The power of the general government to
snpnteM tne rebellion and preserve the Unioo
was, during moat of the war, doubted by
even it friends ; and its success was regard
ed by it enemies and by lookers-on as ut
terly tmprooaoie.
Under these circumstance the ma? of onr
loyal people at first acquiesced in what they
considered inevitable ; and from this by an
easy step tbey we:e led into participation In,
and sympathy with, the unfortunate struggle.
The inevitable circumstances of civil war,
tended also to alienate tbe feeling of tbe
people from a government whose army tra
versed and destroyed their country. This ia
the "great crime" of which our people are'
beld guilty, by which Radicalism ay tbey
("have acquired the legal right to be hanged.
and tb divine right to be damned.' But
we know, fellow-citizens, that thongh many
of yon fought gallantly, with naked, bleed
ing feet, and nnclad, shivering limbs, In tbe
service of a cause which you bad learned to
regard as Boiy J yet. when overpowered by
number and subdued by want, you laid down
your hrms and .returned penniless to your
desolated and impoverished homes, you sur
rendered in good faith. You were ready to
return to your allegiance to the government
of the Union. You bare sine acted in good
faith. A more quiet and orderly people, at
the end of a long and civil war, wa never
leen on the face of the earth. You have been
met in bad faith. Your disfranchisement lias
been made more and mora absolute. The
law of disfranchisement In this State bas
been made tbe most Infamous that ever dis
graced a statute book In America, as toward
you who participated la the rebellion, and all
who ever sympathized with you. And yet,
In the administration of that law, the law it
self is dally violated, and It provision wrest
to your disparagement, and to detest your
few remaining right noder It provision.
We say tins, fellow-eitsieas of Tennessee,
not to discounts you. We would arouse
yon to one more effort the first effort wblcb
you have bad tb niportunity to make to
regain yonr lost liberties. Under the first
franchise law which tbe Radical minority
passed, tbey wet beaten, thongh tbe Radi
cal party carried at that time sot a tithe of
tbe Inlamy oa their shoulder which now
bean them down. They passed another; bat
noder it fonnd their success but partial and
unreliable, auguring certain defeat In the fu
ture. A third Infamy wa enacted, by wbtob
they hoped to succeed. I their tureen cer
tain under the new law f Why should you
think there ia no cbauceT Tkw ttew law is
but an experiment an untried experiment.
Fearing themsvlve It would not succeed, the
Radical passed another aad fourth act or la
fatuy, more bare-faced than any which bad
preceded It The Legislature assumed to
perform tb judicial function of declaring
void tb registration of tbe single county vf
Davidson "Hie registration herotosor ha L
under Hi fraacbise law passed June S, 18(36,
so that tbe work might be dun again by aa
appointee of Urownlow. Another section of
tbe bill extends the "provision of this act to
any otktr county in tbe State," etc., ai the
discretion of lh Ooverncr. This ct of in
famy confers no power on tbe Governor to
set aside any registration any where but such
a bad been hud before tb pasaag of tb
act, and under tb law of May 3d, 1848; but
no cooslderatioB of ooasoience or of law will
deter tbe iucuwbeut of the Slate ctpitol from
doing any unlawful thing. Tb power is
eemlngly placed in bl baud to euforoa bl
naked will a lav ; bat w ar sot discour
aged fur all tbi Brow alow tanaot, with
all this machinery of tyranuv in bi bauds,
hold and keep in aiaek subjeoLiuB tbe will of
a million of free people. . U you wm arouse
10 tb eoBleet, bihJ go fortn to susa your
selves, tbe c bonis wuitu bind your llmo wiu
be parted asunder "as a thread of tow it Wo.
ksn when it loucbah tbe 6 re." You can
win t'ols contest if yoa will arouse to work.
Our neon! bav been loug used to D tree,
and when tbey awake faun tb tlamber Into
which llivir wearied energies have taltea, tbe
clamor of thtlr Indignation will b lika tbe
voice of many water. The danger is, fellow
citixeaa, that you will too long delay yoar
action, aud then yoar vsngeaac will aol
(top Short of unlawful excess. For let ty
ranny than this w tee, have king lost their
bead. But we would have your engine
tempered with moderation. We feel no fear
from the canting tbieai of military or mill
tie coercion daily thrown ont by pitiful pol
iticians, who Judg yonr nature by their own
cowardly Instinct. Tb government of the
nation l not going to Interfere to restrain
tbe lawful efforts of our neonla to retain
ther freedom- The people of Tennessee, for
tne enk or peace, bav now placed them
selve upon the broad platform of universal
suffrage and universal equality before the
law. Tbe public opinion of tb nation would
not tolerate an outside Interference, to secure
tb continuance In power of a pitiful
and hateful minority which dare not so
oeior tb people or tb state oo term like
these. A to Brownlow himself, and hit mi
litia, tbey dar not confront a determined
people. They did, indeed, begin a career of
robbery and outmcre in one of our peaceful
counties," which culminated in a cruet and
cold-blooded mnrder. But when tbey pre'
entjy beheld the gathering wrath of a people
"cast down but not destroyed," they dunk
away Into a cowering quietude. Oovernor
Brownlow cannot raise bi tight thousand
militia. There are not o many outlaw in
the 8tat at his service. Re and his Legis-
latur and other officials have to bankrupted
the Stat Treasury, that be has no money to
pay or provision such a fore. But In fact
he dare not raise them till after the election.
The good tense and better feelings of eveu a
portion or nit own supporters is already to
shocked at the barbarities of bit militia, tfeat
he will not likely dare to increite their num
ber, even if it should II within bi power.
The people took upon these outrage more in
anger than in fear. But, if the full quota of
eight thousand outlaws were quartered opon
this one free people, we should be unworthy
of onr former honor to permit tbem to con
trol the result of tb coming election. One
hundred and fifty thousand nisn aroused to
struggle for their liberties, and nnused to sub
mit to oppression, cannot be beld In subjuga
tion by such a force.
Notwithstanding tb wicked machination
or tboa who nave organized "loyal league
throughout tb state, the colored people can
be induced to vote tbe Conservative ticket if
tbe mass of tb people will interest tHWn-
selves actively to instruct them as to their
duty and interest in this regard. Tbey will
nadily understand that tb "leagues ' will
not support them, and that tb Radicals .will
not be able or willing to give them employ
ment at wage, or to feed and cloth tbem,
and give them shelter. Tbey may soon be
taught that their interest lie in living in har-
mooyjwilb tb whit people in their midst
Much has b ecu don already in that war,
wherever the effort bas been made, and there
can be no doubt of uoces if our people will
mak but half lb effort tb importance of
tb cat call for.
In tbit trial, fdlow-cititen, let us act like
men. .Let u not forget our former freedom.
Let us not so sooa forget our former hon
or. It was a grav error to break down tbe
barrier of tb Constitution erected by the
wisdom of our father, which stood between
Ibe people and the arbitrary power of those
who would oppress tbem. Maoy of you par
ticipated in that error. And bow, when you
so some of n who bav not been compro
mised by tbe untoward events ot tb lad
four year, slrainiog every nerve in the effort
to restore to yon your dearest rights, will you
lie idle, with your arm folded, submissive to
the hateful nomination of the oppressor? In
memory of tbe past let it not be so I If each
one or you wbo ia disfranchised win nse
every esertion to secure one vote for tbe con
servative ticket of course tbe result cannot
be doubtful. . If each one of you will make
tit (fort, the result It certain. Many of you
can secure many vote. Win all tbe votes
in your power. Indue those within your
inauenc to withdraw from their treasonable
league. If tbey continue in such aasocia-
tious it must work their ruin. We owa it to
these poor people, wbo were one our ser
vants, to rescue them from tb wile of the
unprincipled adventurer who are bow seek
ing to ruin the colored man for tbeir own
telGsb purpose.
. No time is to be loet. ' Perfect your organ
tzatioa in every neighborhood. Have your
barbecue and publio (peaking, but above
all things, ate that tb right voter be regis
tered, and that tbey rote, and rota right on
election dayr Obey tbe law, unjust and op
pressive they are and sea that your op
ponent obey then!. IJo to the polls oa electwn
day, and lee that election are beld l and
cats (Aaf tie rs kU irlv, and lit ruult
reported truly. Let those who oast a rot to
continue tbe enslavement of their fellow-cit
isena, be noted; and let them know that here
after tbey shall "tie to you as heathea men
and publican." Where tb issues between
political parties involve only reasonable dif
ferences of opinion, we condemn proscription
for opinion sake : but Radicalism bas brand
ed you as infamous, as on a par with him
wbo baa been convicted of robbery, or theft.
or burglary, or arson. He who rotes Ul sus
tain Kadioalisni, cast a stigma npon your
honor; and bas no right to expect any thing
else thau your honest and honorable enmity
and indignation. , : .
Within the last few day, a correspondence
bas been published, between two agents of
tbe Freedmen's Bureau, the Intention of
which I to intimidate yon In tb exercise of
your last remaining right, to employ wbom
you please to labor on your farms, or ia your
workshops to require you to feed, clothe,
and shelter tbe man wbo will rote lo deprive
you of your laalieoabl light, to strip you
of your liberty and property. Fou are not
sufficiently bumbled even yet to tremble at
tbe petty threat of insolent officials and ve
nal editor. The ana who rotes tha Radical
ticket iu this election, rotes, that you shall
sever b allowed to rote vote that yon
ehall be taxed without representation -grooad
down with taxation a only the uarepresont
ed eaa oa taxed. He rote to continue over
you a mercenary mllitm of outlaws, who
search your house without' wafrant (vise
your property and appropriate It to their own
use, insult your wive and daughters, aad
mutder unoffending eitisen with circumstan
ce of cruel barbarity scarcely xereeded in
tb bistory or tb most savage race, lie
votes to sustain the man- and party which
speaks of mchlng across your now unhap
py land once again with tbe sword to kill,
the torch to burn, and tbe surveyor's chain
to divide out the desert which shall remain.
He votes to sustain the nartv In ronr midst
which Invites s rapacious and cruel fcetlon
In the North to lake possession of your es
tate and coofiscat the earns without tbe
least regard to' your lawful rights and In vi
olation of tb plighted faith of the nation.
Sod, fellow-cituMia, ir tbi tcbaai or eon.
"tb 1st war ended too soort," shou'.d be put
In force, we can tell you now whoa proper
ty will be taken. It will be tbe property of
tboa woo aave It. This ruction care not
for loyalty or dfsloalty. Tbe man who bas
hereof to take a spoil, will be to them dis
loyal. You ca hardly esrap by timid tub
servieoey to their arbitrary will Tb ran
wbo role tb Radical ticket at the coming
election, rota In favor of, or to give sanction
and eounteuaac ta, these art af tyraany
aud oppression, aarqitaled I the annate of
otvtiiuiiou. And yet the in sole ot mid ions
of tyranny threaten you, that unleae you con
tinue to patronise and employ, aud feed, aad
clothe, and shelter the me a by whoa lnstru
jBeatality they rtk lo perpetual their pow
er, and to continue your humiliation, aud to
bring upon yoa tbea other aad greater tn-
dignities aad ulamillrj, ther will aaark you
and rleli yon with auuimeni after th most
improved rule of military rascality. Take
bo counsel with yonr fear. Cowardly high
waymen rob tb timid. Let tbe me know
that the war is over; and not till the war b
resumed agala will military assessments come
in us again among a, r ; . . ,, ,
On tbe first day of tb present month, the
Governor who now seeks hi re-election by
all manner of unlawful and unfair meene, is
sued bis proclamation, which most of you
hart teen with Indignation. In this Ouber
nalorlal proclamation, the dictator boldly as
sumes to th Executive department, from
which the constitution has expressly withheld
that function, tb authority to declare, con
strue, and expound the law. He otters bit
opinion liks the rescript of a Rcmsn Empe
ror, and arrogantly threaten tn Judge of!
tb uonnty Uourts with punishment if they
shall presume to perform those judicial and
ministerial function conferred upon tbem by
the constitution and law. The law shall be
according to his interpretation, and vengeance
shall fall oa tbe beads of tboa wbo disohey.
He, tbe Governor, is a candidate for n-elec-tiou.
Tie has tbe power to appoint the com
missioner of registration in all tb counties,
aad assume tbe right 10 chang them at
pleasure. Hi commissioners so appoinied
by tbe on man power, shall appoint the
judges to hold the election, and all other offi
cer thereof. Under our law dieriff Is not
permitted to bold an rlectlbn wherein be
himself is a candidate; and common decency
would debar any but the most shameless from
exercising a controlling loflneaor over bit
own election. But there seems to be no in
famy of degradation to which th present ru
ter of Tennessee will not descend.
In reference to this matter, fellow citizens,
wc advise moderation and obedience to the
mandate of tb oppressor that be may be
left without excu before tba nation, whan
be finds himself beaten on hi own ground
by th Indignant role of a people determin
ed to be rid or bira. u tb disfranchised
and oppressed masse will arouse to the effort
though only th colored men of tb State
were enfranchised, they will not rota for
Brownlow or hi party. Iu counties where
the court bar appointed Judge, end where
the commissioner hare don tb same, let
ine appoiuiee m ine latter aoio in election,
but let tbe lawfully appointed Judge attend
to watch the manner of it holding. Let
these, or if tbey- will not erve lu that capac
ity, let others appointed fbr tbe purpose, sit
ny and lee tbat tue ballot-boxes are not stori
ed, aud tbat tbe return are made correctly.
Let the ballot-box be everywhere protected
from unlawful violence and fraud. The un
armed tod sober people can do thlt if they
will, and no small bands of tbe tyrant t arm
ed militia can prevent It. '
Can you not fellow-citizens, enfranchised
aud disenfranchised, make this on effort to
regain your liberties T Brownlow and his
men seek to provoke yon to commit some act
of violence. Be not entrapped into tbat er
ror. Protect yourselves from violence, but
commit none. Do not permit the voters,
white or colored" to be intimidated by out
laws. Commit no fraud yourselves, and per
mit son to be committed by them. Brown
low hope to be kept iu power only by tb
aid of tbe general government, through it
Congressional majority.' Give bim uo pre
text to ask Congressional Interference.
Johb Lelltrtt,- . '
Job S. Brie,
W. Matt. Browv,
Taso. TRACtitNicHf,' '
' Ex. Com. for Middle Ttnnesse.
July 4 1867. '
W are permitted to make tb following
extract from a letter received recently by
one oi our old eitisen from a son settled at
Honolulu, Sandwich Islands. - It show bow
laborers are obtained there, and wbo are th
readiest purchaser of tb coolies: . .
"HojioIulo, April 26, 1867.
a . , . , e
"A vessel (English) arrived in tbi port
who about two hundred eooue. Tbey are
consigned lo an English house here, aud are
to be suld to tha highest bidder. They - are
now in a pen above tb town, .and guarded
by the Government troop. I reosired an or
der from tb Goveromeat, yesterday, to ex
amine tbem, and found a great many sick.
Tbey were stolen aad picked up, through
inisreprescntatioaimad to them, and spirited
way from China. - Tbey are told lo pay tb
expanses of bringing Lhrra here. Ibeygen
erally bring $100 acb, for which tbey work
( including clothing and lood I for eva year.
And If tbey do any wrong they are fiogcred
and put to work again. . Tb Yankee are
tb readiest purchaser."
Tb Ysnkee are tb readiest purchaasrt,
Of course tbey are I And the hardest flog.
ger of tb eoolle slave to be fonnd on tbe
island. We suppose when tha United States
Government passe into th hands of tb ne.
grocs, a ia contemplated by tbe Radical
managers, tb moral of tb Sandwich Is
lands will be regulated bi genuine Yankee,
or Asbaota style which, it will hardly
matter. Out. Eng.''
The Tax oa Cotton Where It foe.
Not a bale of cotton bat. been told In
Montgomery, nor do w suppose In ny other
BouUicra city, sine tn clone or tk war,
witboat the payavnt of the three per cant
tax required by law to be paid on each pound.
Th payment of fifteen dollar per bale ought
certainly to afford a fiua revenue to tbUov
era meat ; yet we And tbe startling statement
recently made that tbe Government bat never
derived one dollar of benefit from this tax.
The wsy it is disposed of I tbi, according
to a speech receully made by tb Hon. Kd.
Coooer. a member of Coniireas from Tennes
see. Mr, Cooper tayt that not on cent of
tbe tax goes to pay any of th dubUor officers
of the United States. Those who manufac
ture the raw cotton Qeasral Butler, fur In
stancewill manufacture, say ons hundred
thousand pounds. Butler goes to Washing
ton, presents his bill of lading, thowlug that
he bat shipped that day so luany, ons hun
dred thousand pounds say, of manufactured
cotton snd draws from the Treasury of tb
United state three cents for every pound that
the bill of biding calls for. II Ibis be so no
wonder tbat tba pure-minded iongretsuiea
(rum New Englsud so violently oppose a re
peal of this odious and unjust tax upon tbe
energy and hope of an already deeply op.
preasea people. have but on remedy,
and that ia either to quit tbe growing of cot
ton altogether, or rear manufactories iu ta
South, aud thus sara this tax, which thepro-
feesed Wortbarn manufacturing friend) of lb
Government filch from It If tbi tax doe
so la tb way stated, tbea It is direct robbery
of th cotton-growlug people, black aoAJ
wbits alike, for tbe eorlcbmeut of pamper-
ed "loyalty," tbat measure patriotism by tb
pay it brings. What do tba black men say
lo tbs Government taxing tb cotton from
which they gel their wage, nd putting It la
tb potkel of Senator Wilson, Coogn-seman
Butl ed otber manufacturers of lbs aorta.
Afoafgenwrjr Advertir.
Fbasisb, TsssiUolm k Oo, wb rooeatly
failed la Liverpool, have mad xbibu of
their easel. Tbey stale their gross uaUliUra
at A4,00,000, aad their asset at 81,410,000.
Tba private sstat af O. a, rrioleaa exhib
ited $40,004 asaei. Tee affair of tb arc
are to b wound up under th iotpeetio of
committee of creditor, and tbi weil-kaowa
bom will pioKibly par, yv of ejwiei.
They bar bnd Horace Greeley before the
Smelling Committee of tbe House of Reotrv
entaftvt tt Washington, to find out w hy be
wnt npon Mr. Davis' bail. - By thl they
bar tot toad much, tf aayOjiDf.v Mr.
Ureeley staled explicitly tbat ho was aevsr
asked by th President or by Govern ment
officer to act in lb matter. Tb following
conversation then ensued t
Q. Did any one, after It we kaown tbat
yoa proposed to go ball fbr Mr. Davis, apply
to you not to do so, or writ to you about it?
A. Well, sir, there was a hubbub st tbs
tims I ws here, and Senator Wade and Sen
ator Chandler talked with me about It
think Senator Cresswsll, of Maryland was
lo present. 1 do aot recollect any other
person. .-.
Q. On what ground did tbey argsyo aot
lo go ball for Jeff. Davit T '
A. There was a conversation of half an
hour between us on tb suhioct I can not
state definitely what particular reason they
urged. They thought it would be bad policy,
and that it would hate a bad Influence.
Q. That It would bav a bad effect oa th
Republics nartv T - . . "i , -
A. I believ so. Tbat wa th Impression
i naa. . .
Q. Were there any other persons endear
oring to prevent you going ball for Jefferson
Davis t -,
A. I do aot recollect There may bav
been one or two personal friends doing an,
although it was not generally kaowa that I
intended to go hi bail. ' .
Q. Did they put their objection oa party
grouoos sione I
At Generally.
Q. There wa no princlpl Involved ia It?
A. I do not recollect Tbey made uo im
pression en me, other tba that It would be
injurious to tbe party.
Q. Did you tell them tbat It w a party
question to bail Jeff. Davis, ha having been
imprisoned to long T
A. No, tir. Ia tb nnrt plao I wa deti
root to bring on th trial. Th first ysar I
thought we could compel tb Government to
bring tbe prisoner to trial by a writ of kabeat
eorpu. Finally I thought tba tim for a
trial to any good purpose htd passed. -
Q. Did you go bail for Jeff. Davis with a
view of having him tried T -
A, No; I wished to bar bim triad if the
Government should ever with to try bim.
Q. I understand you laying that woo
thought tbe tim for trying bim to any good
purpose baa passed away r
A. Tbat was my judgment
Q. It tbat your opinion now f "
A. Yes, so far at 1 know tbe facts. If bs
had anything to do with assasslnatintt Presi
dent Lincoln, or poisoning or starving pris
oner, l with bim to be tried.. J do not know
anr facta that iuatifv either charm.
Q. You know of no facts on the subject Of
bit connection with tba assassination of r res
ident Lincoln T
A. No, sir, bob tbet would connect him
with . , .
' Death $f Col( Theo4or lara.
"Many heart throughout the Southern land
will receive with aorrow our announcement
of th death of Ool. Theodore O'flaru, af
Kentucky, which veut took place a abort
tim line, in Barbour county. Alabama
Sine tb close of tbe let struggle, Colonel
O'Hara had been residing la our community,
engaged la th cotton busineae witb a rela
tive until a short time sine he removed to
tb country, to devote himself to farming op
erations. n wm widely and favorably known
throughout tha whole country, both a sol
dier aud a man of tetter, lie wa an' officer
of the old army, and served with greet gal
lantry and distinction In th war with Max
ico. He gar th aid of bi (word lo Gene
ral Liope in tbe ineffectual effort to republic
eanite Cuba, and wa for a tim associated
with General Walker In th Nicaragua! ex
pedition. At the commencement of our late
itroggl b jolaed lb Southern army, and
erred first opon tb (taff of General Albert
Sidney Johnson, aud afterward upon that of
General Bragg. The first named General he
received ia hit arms after tb fatal wound
which terminated hi Ufa at- tbe battle) of
Shiloh. ' During th absence of tb Hon.
John Forsyth a Minister lo Mexico, Coloasl
U llara conducted tha Mobils Register at ed
Itor-in-chiof with great brilliancy aud success.
He wa a poet of uo mean repute, aad bat
left behind one piece which alon would es
tablish bis, reputation as a wooer of tb
Muses. Ws refer to tbs pice entitled- "Tbe
Burial of our Dead," and writtra on th oc
casion of th re-Interment of lh remain of
tb members of th Kentucky regimes! wbo
full In Umwi.
Tbi piece baa recently bad lb singular
compliment paid it of having selected from
it as an inscription for a monument recently
erected in Boston to tb Union dead, of the
foucwiag llaas:
. "Ou Fame' tarnal camping ground,
Tbeir silent tents ais spread,
And memory guards wltb solemn round
. Tbs bivouac of lb dead."
O'Hara, tha modest geatleiaaa aad fearless
soldier, bos gone to Join thus witb wbom
be passed thruuerh dangers and trials seldom
allotted to the Ills of ou individual.
We knew htm long and well, aud It Is a
Mtiafactloa for us to know that la lb lan
guage of hi owa wag, quoted from above,
mat, ,
"Your own proud land's heroic soil,
i Shall be your fitter gravel .
She claims from war bi rk bsat spoil,
" . Tb ashes of her brave."
OolunJmt (04 ) Sun.
Tub Bshatiob or tb Militia. Th Gal
latin Stammer says i
W would call th attention of tb
United State authorities berr la th outra
geous conduct oV Brownlow' "meliah," at
their quarter ia Iowa. We are informed
that tbey have a practice of firing tbeir gun
near tb turnpike and in tba field therea
bouts, to th great terror of passersby, and
that several persons sava beea thrown from
tbeir horse. . A lady came vsry pear being
dangerously Injured a tew day ago, her
horse becoming frightened by their firing.
w bear, also, that aauod of arms aegross
have been ent tbrougb th country posting
np bill for Radical meetings, aud insulting
person with rloleal aad luraaataiaf to
A Aiaa case same before a Jostle la Mil
waukee tba other day. A youug womaa'
who bod accepted Ibe atteotioas and clvlll
ttlof a genllemaa fbr soma time at length
wa married to aoruebody !, whareuuoo
tha deceived individual sued fai bill of
$104 05, tb amount be had paid ia bur be
half iu taking; her lo soared, operas, pic
airs, ride ud ice cream salooas. As aa
offlwt be e rod i ted her with sundry klsse val
ued at $a S, aeretai aqatcza of tb hand,
$3 $7 J I on unrelarned photograph nd a
ring; saaklng lu all a total of $37 43. He
recovered tbe bill, tb Judg allowing tb
plaintiff lb klsaa at hi owa raluatiou,
T dsatb of trt last ueMeadeut of Zwlu
glus, the famous Swiss facmr, I cbmokled
In tb BwU papers. He died al Diltikoa, al
lb age af Sixty, leaving behind away iIh
ljt bad beldid to bi ijl'A.trii v.UV.
jMsna si tvia vaaav 4Aisa
env.na a a. rt . h m . .
a -
From tb Chatesaoog Union, of th SH
alt, wUkth following report of aspec
mad by Col, Job H. J sum, whaterysd kh)
country futhfully through th war, at a
Conservative meeting tb night bofes t
Fauow CiTiMxi: I ra a member at ao
political party, but I am a ConsorvaUr U
tbs true sense of th Word. If' there is a
true loyal man In th Stat 1 think 1 am on,
and bar proved myself an. -But people
must leant to lewve off tbeif old avejudicea, '
I am aot sure tbat itbat party Is doia their
duty toward tb people, and think it would
o well ir a sew one could be organ It d lo
pay more regard to tb lateresta of tba peo
ple snd let to tboa of ta politic too.
Brownlow ia aot competent lo no Governor. .
I wrote an abolition letter to Brownlow, ia
which I praised him as an of th greatest
patriot of the day, In order to ad ranee tb
interests of the colored people snd allow these
th right to rote with tb maa that w fought.
in dung this my object wa lo reconcile tb
wbol people so tbat w might b w aa w
were before tb war. But It wa at no avail.
Brownlow claims to bar infrared from tba
war. Now, I bav board of me suffering,
but I don't tbluk b did. II 1 tba astir
man In Tenneste who received any tfiptct
from tb Rebel aulboritie. I want to know
what be suffered. ' If tt had not beou tut
Cro. Ramsey and Wm. II. Sneed, b would
have been a big a Rebel a any maa la .
Ttanestee, and I defy bim to deny it II .
may accuse me of every critu ba pleases,
but I will my tbi for bim. Ha was captured
at Knoxrill by hi owa consent tt was
put ia a separate room from lb other pris
oners a carpet was put na lb Boor, aad
when b ws aot satiauod wilA. tb coantry
grub b asked and obtained 4rmlatioa to
bav mi family supply bim ; aad th com
mender of th prison, Geaeral M ansa rat,
brought him soma more. Then, after a while,
he had a guard to escort him North, and ha
wi th only man tbat rr did. -
w tti b got aorta b wnl to ueUfurlna
hi sanitary lacturet la the principal cities,
and I paid a dollar to hear him. . H talks
about hi (uffering now, and waats tha
sympathies of loyal men. 1 Tf!U-4y Mr.
Brownlow to come up and my that b bas
ever taken an activ part for a loyal maa ia
Tenoessee. He has dona nothing but to ag.
list and org tb d taf ranch is sxnl of bis
superior. , -
With regard to bis militia, I will mr that
it wa not th Interest of th Legislature to
call it into service. It wot started In accord
sues with Mr. Brownlow' representation. -
that tt wa dangerous to travel through tbi
Stat without a guard. Tbey first paamd a
resolution to request General Tboma to fur
nish troops, but tbi was aot dona. But I
drfy Mi. Brownlow to say that ha M not
request Gen. Thoiaa not to fumiah tb
troops, but let bim (Brownlow) raralsa bi
own. saw the UtUr. ,
Now I'll tell you what ha waats tbos
Stat Guard for. H want them to totnpel
men that don't agree wltb htm to rot for
him, or to keep tbem from roting al all aod
I'll defy him to deny it
H talk about bi sympathy for the lojsl
people I Now I'll defy bim to prov tbat ha
ha ever extended a single fbror to aa maa
iu Tennessee, outsld of bis owa kla or in
tended kin. H Import bis very staff from
Germany or iom other Stat.
I tell tb colqrod poo pi that when Brown,
low tell you b Is your savior, A tt a fto
lis hi never moved a peg or to aalL aad
has never mads a (peech To your favor ia bis
life, sad I defy him to show it ' Before th
war he was your worst enemy and ba never
pretended to be your friead until a wtd
your rot to be elected. Tbre i nothing ia
hit dirty little paper of news or mum; out
bnt of hit old neighbor, and In favor of so
one bat hi advocate, f A nd wbo are hi ad
v&ateti There U Houk, on of bis Judge.
Didn't Houk go about abusing Brownlow un.
til Brownlow gars bim an offic to stop bli
mouth. Now th beat tbing for ta people '
of tbi Sut and of tb South Is to got good
moo, wbo are not allied up la polities, wbo
have served witb sillier army, la whom yoa
eaa rsly, snd sleet tbem to oBca, aud fix op 1
a good, itrong, ctabl peaetabls govsrnmaat',
I bop to le tint tliortly.
I kaotr that I bav been tb ntaf af
aumyaf yaahera. Bat ta war tt or now.
Wa bar ooqtwr(d aod yu aokaowladg it.
Let a forgot by-goaas, aad a friood one ,
sore a ( aid. 1 ha aa to ssa tba day
wba very eitiae of tbi saasjary. bissk at
hits, without regard to what a may have
been heretofore, shall bavs tbs right to rot
snd take gsrt in tbs government. So far a
th Rebel, are concerned I am aot afraid to
trust tbem. I bsvs been, 'sine tb war,
through tbi Stat aad through nearly all tb
Southern State, and I am aot afraid to trust
tbem wltb as equal share ia lh government,
and w shall never be at peace until w do."
1 , , . r"
Mail Siavu s st the Soutu.-W under
stand tbat the Southern mall service, restored
as before th war, which wot Into operatioa
on tbe st Instant, includes about ao tboa.
snd routes, and hi as completely uadsr eoa
tract with rsepoasUil part lea as at any for
mer period, b e effort has been (pared be .
tb Department to fUrnlab th best service
iu regard to ;bs frequeucy of trips aad b-i
oonoaoUusa, so tbat tb most reatot part of
each Stat my bs literally wtbbsd with post
offioes. ...
.1 i ia.
Tb EvsnsvlUs Cmrier of tb fith sayii
W regret lo leara tbat Ex-florornor Pow.
ell. of Kentucky, I lying a tb point af
death at Henderson, bi plao of reaideae.
Dr. Bray, of thl city, wa sent for at a lata
boor yesterday sv suing, aad weal ImmadU
ataly down. W sloosrely hop that wa
my bav lo chronicle lu speruy recovery
of tbi eminent gentleman, for w eaa, at
tb present tims, illy (put such i
A lady who, though la tba autumn af
life, bad not lost all drsami of its spring,
said to Jarrold I "I cannot Imagia what
makes my bsir turn grey. I aomtlmea
fancy it may be tbe esseuo of rosemary witb
which my maid I lu tb habit af brushing
it' WbaS do yoa think 7" "l should b
airaid, madam,'' replied tb distinguished
drily, "that I Ul ttssoc of
A new paper at MidUletown. Connecticut,
classifies lis marrUg, birth, aad death
aadertb beeda'tcoasUeaeuCadrtatutuV
nd "certainly ," which I as bad a tb west,
era editor' btcbd,H "matebad ' and "di.
patched." . .
A boot 11,000 acres of land, yield'ag rich
lioa oca, ba beoa purchased ia Canada, about
forty miles from lk Gatarto, and tba MIL
road eoaaeetiog witb Coburg will soo bo
doing a larg business ia traasportiag tba
or lo market Tb rout to tb tmiuss was
opu4 last weak.
Nw Oblbarb, July ft. A Fmrch or.
vU bring aews that Vara Cru fell oa tb
!lh. Ther wa BO bloodshsd. Tb cap.
turad aoUia, aud sua were seat to Mobile,
Santa Aaaa wa shot a lb 164b at Si.
WAasnssTua, July . JuIg Swy a, t
tb Supreme Court, died to-day af lypboH
Why I a maa annoyed by a foal tk oaa
wbo falls In tb leaf Boceiu Is a ma
vr uyUj.

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