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$0UUU &r or Gentleman lit every town
od cetiuty I tu United ttt.-j,tp engtgt l
genteel business by which they can make frem
$1,01 0L 2,ll00 a year. .For particular adreo,
enclosing itimp, ' ' ' ' '
.. ..... S. A, DEWEY. 4- CO..
, ,. ox mi.riiiitiJcipWB, pa. ,
Mctainot)pcs Ambrolywcs, Spcrco-
.... . ., ,. Jl'' . ... . .,, '
IFyt wish la g4 pood and lasting Itkehest
tell at itlcCorninc Co.' ky und 'Stdw
IghtDaguerreBnGoHrry.weBtsid ol the. Square,
above the Democratic Reading Room,, tlie pnly
l.. vhm 1 1ml naw and bealllillllltvle Of UlOtQre,
the Melnlnotype, it taken they havlnfrpiirobwed
the right. Give them a coll, examine their various
atyles, and then judge fdr yooreelvee. ' Ambre
yti. put la Pliw and Locketa with the: freateet
are' ITJ'Airibrotvpet taken for 41 50. . . r
Clark vllle. Der'-VSGlf - ' '
Sep it
pMl :,0' VANCE,
por i thaPoWlo wa, a aliorttima aince
da onial. ' ep hP '""k"1" ?" ,euK"'
v.. r..j .. nraof about him of all tliechar-
Kea which wet prefeTfei agamat Mm. Tha charge
aiaiitat him or haB opened the moat complete
bext and oheapaat rtock of Drugs,. Medclueo fcc.
over broHehl toClarkavllle, i abundantly proven
by hundrede of witneaaee who hav calle, upon
fcim, at hia New Eatabliahmont ai the atore form
Kiy occvimed brThomaaqd Warfield... Tlfy all
i.ui;c ik.t ha aall better druff. better bargrtum.
and waita anon them better than any - one ela
ever did before." That he it a akilful- purcliar.
,A iAwm of druca.la aZao proven bv the
reputation which he haa with tha Erleru Drug
riHte of heintt a No 1 buyer, ,They nay there ti.at
lie bought allhis atock of either the MaMprioTuaaaH
orXafoatr, tndthua ceUing them of firm nauds
piocureddrugaot muoh better quality, aa Well a
m,,phebener than' uaual'. ' K hi atock ia (new
TiiaoofiHotrr purchaeed with unusual car tho
nrFlbeir Medicinet fbfsh and ruaic.woiiM
j iii ..Birnnize. him. Pmvocians. Coustri
MiaoHMiTt and wholesale buebs particularly rr
on.ai.H to tive him a call,.. at he is coufweril
he can ael them tt lower rates than they can b u y
this tiite the Eastern marneis.
shall rerievehis most particular attention. No
one in the tiore will be allowed to put them up
Kt .himaelf. Soruuuloua care acouracv ait-j
neatness shall be observed in this department and
none but drug of the finest quality shall be used
in tht composition of Prewsripticns. By riii-ting
a bell attached to the front Duor he cau be arous--a
. ... Knur of the nichl.' 'is turmsatesix
nnatha to nunctual dealers. Liberul discount (or-
His stock embraees every ininj usuaiy Kepi in
Drugstores, luuduiuou 10 .
Prugs, Paints,
Medicines, s ' ' Oils,
- Dye Stuffs, . Varnishes,
Brandiea, Turpentine,
Wines, ' Glassware,
I keep also, Burnin; Fluidt, Cigars Ic Tohacoo
tha but aosortmeut of Blank Books &. Statiouary
ia the place
Looking Glass platea
Rouge. Flesh Balls,
Toilet Preparations,
Gold Pens,
Tecket Knives,
Bruhlua, (ullkiDdt
Combs, . '
Raxnrt and Strops,
Toys. ,
Fishing Tackle,
SuorlihB Apparatus
Musical Instruments,
Porln'onnuies, '
Game Biten,
and Miscellaneous and
Fanev articles of every dencription.
july2557-ly WALTER O
John J. Jenkins, Vi. Mur Jane Bradley, formerly
Mary Jaue Joukius, und U. li. tiradly.
From the bllegntions in the bi'l and ih afliint
thereto annexed and It oppearing totheaatisfuction
ofl'ie Clerk &. Master, that the riefeiid.ints, are
noil resldeiita of the Slute of Tennestue, so that
tha orillnary process of law can m l be served
upon them, It !s theiefore ordered that publicj.
tin 11 be made in Ilia C'luks!!e Chroulrlo.a news
pnper publis'.ieii in the eity of CUrksville Tenn.,
for four sueeessive weeks requiring said non resi
dents to make their personal appe-iruiice before
tlie next Circuit Court te lie he'd lor the Coiinlv
of Moulconiery at the Court House in the cily
of Clarksvilln, ou tlie second .Holiday In January
next, lHj8 then and their to plead unswer or de
"lurto the netltion of the eomululiiant, or the
tame will be taken for conftaaed and set down
fur hearing eEparte.
Torest Nursery, Klkton Ky.
"THE under.-lgned wish to call the e-prciiil at
tention of ull lulereHled on the subject, of Fruits
and Ornamental Trees, to their splendid astorl
liient of Apples, Peaches, Pesrs, Plums &c ,
which will be ready for transplanting in Novem
ber. We huve Struwborry plants of the finest
varieties, including several extra and new sorts,
whiih are now ready for transplanting. Fur
further particular ee descriptive catalogue,
which will he eeut to ull applicants enc'obing a
postage stamp. Trees securely ucked to go uuy
required distance.
On !), le:7 riw.
7 Take Notice ! -
' BY virtue of seven fifa itsued from theClrvult
Court of INlou g-merv t nnuty lenn., 1 will ex
pose tn public sale, to the highest I iilder. for ca-h.
at the dwelling unuao oi jo. i . iye, on iMoiiuay
the 7ih of Oecm'ier I r.",7 , the f.illow.eg proM-iv ,
to wit: i liiirly Wejrrees, a woman ugeiibout
SiJ years- .'I Roys I uga nbint 10 yea-s, I about j
f, und 1 u'out 3 years rl.lj ulso I lliroin bc and
Uaruecs; I Hugiiy aui llarne-s, ami a quantity nl
llouaeliiilJ Furnilure, l-vl-d upon ns the property
of Jo. M. Dy to utisfy sniulrv ex-'eulinni-; o e ,
in I'uvorofW. D Uuyor. one in favor l F. A.
II.iiiiiiiiii; one iu favor of the Cnnniiereial llai k
of Ky.. and -1 in fuvo. of the Hunk ol T"n-.
against the said Dye. )'nle wilhiu lav. ful hours, j
1 una. li A mi. I . iierni
October!), lP.s7 3w pr. fee $'1-10. -
It' I", have Uf agency of tin Brevkeuridi!"
Coal Oil an, I Lauii lor M,inlomery I'o., and
will ill a few -Aeeks bs pn p in d le furiiikh il
ws'aaale or retail. It is dei i lcil y ill" innsl hni
liiuil light yet (ilFereii to tlie pu i . We invite ev
ery one tu call at our l-irn and e ll b irn,
Every bo iy can have a chance to buv aiuluuble
et iu Hie neai t oi I is town, an,i wnere urn nu-i
Beat must ineviiitl" go. .hey a
e allll ! I
T I . . I tslra.la.n,l s,,,l,
...... .... - - -. - -
btcie fot
U ... . !!!...-.. 1 .. -..!..
9411- , W I I UP (III I WI '('H WKaill
a Sr p aawilliaat (1111,111 auclian
y a e will bout puUllu eucliou
I t l Ipr.J
i I ' t
: And Its 1'rcmrttare Occline.
Jast Piblisacd,jfirMli,hlie'20ih !
A lew worueon tne ntuDim vohhwhs SVIVieuuwa
M'iclne,ef Spermatorrhea or Local Wenkneaa,
Notturunl Emissions, Genital nnd Nervous Debili
ilmpolAioyiaivi 'ltirdiniemsie' iHin'i-ragis pen-
erajly. itf K.'V Vwyi ns.- I- im lanpaviini
fnr.l that llteTh'a(in(ntfcooti4iiia,OrkrinU
til the ImprTiiH-nUe KodolitMdovotyojih,rtniiy,b
aally removed wrrhoCt Mr.oicrsiit, it in tins small
'trar.t, clearly demonstraled; and the. entirely new
ana highly succswrtut treauuet r, ns aaopiex. ny me
Atltlmr, lully explained, by means of which every
out ia enabled to cure himufu perfectly and akthe
least possible lost, therebyavoidlng all, the adver
tised nostrums or the day. "
Ci tn anv addraaa. crratta an! noat free In a
sealed eiit elapti by reiiiluTnp fpostrald) two! pjbaW
Bcestanrpslt)' DKB PKLASKYA -
I II llfpennra Direct, inew loravuy.
decemb-r 19ih. 1650 Iv. I' l 1 1' T
'i IJhudri' Dcale rf ftnd J NcfchitniM
A,odiiplfciaWmen jbf ttjeJOil JneCBasarvj
t muW and flavoring every rri6fyof 1ldor,
and directions for making cider without apples,
ami for convert ne: tbe. cldef to Bjli kiiict of white
and red wines, Climpalirn, &.c, and a package of
the a tides. used for C'ving rtiljcl;il .iirenpUi. to
llrfuors (converting J gallons of whiskey. to 100
trillions,) and every article necessTiry to corrirn'ehce
. ' .1, i r il 1 e J.O " a i
a Litquor More will fe lurnisneu iuf f vino
all the inlorrntitloit Tlereary to ROAduct thch an
dainlillvhm. nt. thus en ililinir the new beelnner to
succsMloJijI JKMPpUe; W'th Ui f ilea. UquOf lVU P
ert. Address through the rom mnee.
New Orleans.
4 'Lacour'tMnenntJa'tea1 Celif for Inliiiig Vine
gar,: ia put un.lt! 9 gallou. .iokugeijal$5jpackage
Quit liiiiklns . poisoneut Ljquotfs.
: -Patent Improved process for m iKing all Rinds ot
Liquors and Vinegtir, instantly, oy me a mo oi lm
rour'i Efsential Oils. These oils are obtained by
dislHhtion et lre.Chmicl,. i,e(ionary, Parisb, of
Jefferson, of I'lerre L,acour, autnor 01 uat-our t
rkmlcal Analysis. Lacour't Cheminal Munipula
tibns. Laeout on the Manufacture of Liquors- &c.
Purchasers nre particulurlv requested to return
the flasks and rettira their ., mouey, if the Oil does
riot give perfect salisf ictiou.
Laconr'sOII of Cogillao coaverts neutral spirit
in n annerlur Imitation of Imported Brandies, viz:
ntavii.s;ir;iev,Marptt CdgniacJ Po.ltuay.igncU,
United Vii'eyaru rroprieio s, asiuiion uuu uon
dn Doek Broiidics. .Uhese li.(Jiipr will have a fu'l
frtilly flavor, nnd a beautiful sparkling color. Com
mn wctiM Whiskey ilj bo changed, hv the use
of he oU p..i50giii to jwyorlt BinndfjJ'liia
Annie Brandv, Ac.
, I.iieoiie's Oil ortfve, ehart?e rectified 'hi"kev
i Mononir. helii R vVVUI.kv,.Qli Yirgiuia Malt
Whlkv. Hourten Wjiisky,i4-.i? f ' ;' i
' nil ol retir-11. cliunees rectified Wliiskev to o'd
Irish Mult Whiskey,-, and ,1 superior , arUcle pi
Scotch Whisky.
I till of Peach, changes common Whisky to Vir-
p nia Peach Rrandv. Ac. Oil of Peach and Oil of
Oogni 10 will couveitcounmoU-Whiskey to Apple
Oit- of Ginr oonverls the poorest Whikey to
Holland Gin, ?ch- i.iiim Schnapps, RoseOin, Swan
(Jill, fiipiiu WlllllW., ... ..
, Lacuur's Conentruted .cid, Will 'in five hours
after lielrg, mixed, chango.fivo,iioilars of good vin
egar and twenty live gallons or water to thirty gal
lons of the most uend vlnegui that can lie fob lid 111
the market. By the use of Laconr s t,oiicent rated
At id JYinegaf cm) be lniulefor onetloliar and six
ty e.tBtsi hnfr'-el. W 't- h.
f For making Liquors, -Luoour's Oils require no
preparatiopT-on'y pour. the' oil. into, the .whiskey
unit sha e-well.! Tha liquors thus-aisda will have
a fine uaturul oromu, a full rich oily taste; a beau-
t'ful trans n re nt color and a hue bead. Lucouj-'s
oils extract three distinct properties, in converting
euinmon whiskey to brundy, gin, Sea. Tho first
propi rly combines with aud su'isies in me lorm
of tiooH'ent parllclet the wuoicoi tne grniu in,( nm-
y lie Alcohol.. . I he whiskey is thus deprived ot
that pecliur irritating and burning tiste, und be
enmeaa ueutrul spirit; the second property con-si-ts
in an oily mucillagii pus taste imparted to
the liquor, which renders it oily and imparts ail'
sppeurutice of gre.H S'ej the third properly Is et-1
hibited in the ricli vinous uulty oilor tluit is iuipaW'
ted to the liquor, which renders distinction' Lroia
the genuine bruniln impossible. ., ' . '
Tlieae oils are put up in quart flasks,' eneh
flas i contnins sufiiciont oil for making three hniv
dred gallons of liquor. Fu'l und comprehensive
directions accompany tba bottlf t, ... Price two' dol
lars mr bo'tle. , , ' , . '
; For tale at the coiner or St.'.Chartes' and P07-
dras slreeta. 1
One hnlilrtof ihse(,ils. five- in nmu'ier.. will
serui-elvniiCked utii? shiftnefl sith hil l!o hiditiff, to
any paet of 1 he country, upon the receipt of $10 to
, lt ...-JlM.ua ftl , I. ,AI.I Ull.
.Janlri. l!?57-lv . ' New Orleans.'1
1'urcliusurs aro r.nuested .as a cuarraiite'i of
good f.itl'. to furnish' us the name ,o. shy house.
iu Mew Urleaiis, auu wq will si'ip ipepi a pacKaga
of the oi's.,, If lliey do not perform an tliut is
ol.iuivd for. thom, they will cost nothing-
Jack's Here!
At the same old stand, Strawberry' Allf v'. pay
Ing license for a Second CIhhS Hruse, I thitik
belter than soine houses Call, 1 will wait oi
vou as no'ltelv 4 I can to Sherry Cohlers,' Pjrt
und Clnrel Puiicl.es, Fancen es, l.errtdnafles, Ale;
Tdbuti o. t'iours.ic :. other liqddr by tlie qinrt
Ale anil Wines by the drink, and Aro naib; Bit
ters bv Ihe drops I am mil Irving to show big
in comiiKiiv. You .ull .fcfow PI I Turner. If
anv one I ket the Hhov melitt mad artu h B well
enoiiglulo 'all for them, pleura ; , avithe rinttliiu
lili ii,hs i nave a particular ' cv in iria w,ay
of doing biialness. joiin w.u.iL,r.
July 2t, I"!i7-3m ' " - '
Pl.'CCKSSOJt.'t xo.
. , , ri Eii
V 0 XT L E It'S II A L t,
4 doori above the Post Office, t
Have colislanlly on hand a laijjti ussurtn ent f
Druirs Perfuini-riei,, r.iiuU, Oils, Window tjluss
llyeslnfTs., Wines, Liquors, Cigars, Tobarco, Sur
I'lc il Iustruin-iiti. ad every other article usual
ly ki-pi in a first class Diug Estubllbhineut.
. Rem I' ed by the lust boat, .
., , 800 k-L's 'Mule I. 'ad, . .. , -,
300 do Snow White Zinc,..': v. ,;.,
I'O lbs Cliroine Gre-ii in cans, .. .- ,.
IOO do Pads d . i do
, 100 do Chreme Yellow do - . , .. ,'
, , 51 (.o Vauiiyke Itrotvn , do , ,
10 do I'rus-I ill llliio. ...
Also a li re- assiiriiiiani of Paints anil Yuruuh
rt, li. usl e. Gold Leaf, & i . ,j , , .
Mnifjene & Gomliuv's Extract for far tl
llamlkere' le tare ark nowle iedtfeit t- ho Hl'ienor
to ui,y i f the iinp irie ( 'I'liey Are diaiilhiU with
the n . an ' e re, m.d w III I"- loi nd to retain lln i
lieifu iiA fur a luuit tnueY- W have bva an eml
let,, vurley t,f p if Hints', (lie principiil of'whiuh
Joe v f'lnh
Miel .
He ii Irn ie
New Mown Hay
Kw el ll l.ir
PpperTau. .'
West F.llJ
A!m u lit' it" var ely
. , '., Mouaelu,vj;t-
M 1 1 ll o ia
" . Vb'b't
weet Clovei
of Tooth p.-ste sn I Powder
in,i btlu-r ail.i les for the toilet, 'or sale bv
March t'i, lC.'.-.lf.
New Music.
I'li'.'liis &. Co. respei-tfiillv inform Oie nnblii
' ' " j"-. . a rKI vai,-i , iii-w
. '"""''".'-" V. u l r I .ri,iC
- ,J ..a.v I,, .r 1.- . ,., r. v L...I I.
' --- la - ".'. ,.i ,u-u
I); . . . .
. -- r--- - - - -
J0"' A ure a ...ruiieu. ,-,a.,ot r
j the pr locipul luuuutsxturtiw, ttt1
It CO.
. IlrnrL-iiinii
B Y fTi If'i .A,vWfVn 'JSW riM" wrJ
I V In hn CI. A RK VI CLE,
il f mieTtieeti, Snedsn&.o , hic)i V ill sell
I.. in Knii the at entiMn 01 aariners i
West, lk&tiug of ij ij
Avery'a Cast Plows, nil kinds,
Peieock's Caleb-rated teelPlow. ty
!t jler, Win'gn ivCo.i 8tel Plew
U..H Ar Cr.u-r'.Sll I'lnwa.
r." ,U-;-rT Xr;T .cltivaYors.
wn . SModa'aStBirt Tirbth Cultivator. J -- t
Smith's Patent Levw Knife. J
Sanford's Patent Straw Cutler,
Slraub'a Mill, ,
dll.ar.nn'aHteet iVlll.
loice'a Star Qorn 4, Cob Crushers,
restsrn Corn Khelleri it R
It itnitl.V !rrtl ShelW, ? 3 J J i
I Wukefftld't Corn Planter,
Steptoe't Mori
Vowing Blades,
Briar bcythea, .
Long and 6hort htatdleU ShoveIs,, f
Grain licoepa, K ' U
Clover Peed,
Millet Seed,
Osage Orange Seed,
lue lrutoeo,
BnaHing l
fork.."' 1,,J; '"-'-N""
I Illi'-I
r( ailj 'n -t.O
Apple Pearers, ( lr f ;1 M1,
liir gea,
Church Bells,"
-tll i h.n. I j
I . .Laaia -luaM Mt II t I W f Tt
Vi iiniiiriiai
ib..fl,!A. rritmihh hst rrianufaOtUreTs.Hlsit
Wond'Ax-es:-""-' .. "
,; . , ' - " .sewing
w-is. Tht for J. M. Sinircr Co. celebrated Sewum Maclnnof, stid will rurnlsti any
kite at manufacturer't price, with freight.. UJefl,
- A . TrtA,
Rf Aktr-Hlrf.niWhai?10oSb0 pouaJ cUw
U.rkat nrlceiu cash or barter .
Jl '..!,' ft ..iS-RE-D B
Just reelved,'jOO biisdela fcagUah,Ay.litef, .jBarley, uper;or,:WUcle.ilfoj plater gracing, and.
.very prolific' . 1' Vi Sis-e! r-Ht'l . .' :';?nw I? 'rl0 v.
CUrksville, .Tenueeaee Jtfay 27V57
-J Hr-fl '-f
W. . at arv.MeLns,..JAt. M..ewirT..,wM,,
i .iv, .
' The above Mijl and Carpenter shop it now-iu
fill operatioSi auf We'are prepard. t6, jfurlish
Dressed Flooring, Dressed .umber,. Oo)ri, Sash,
Blinds, and everything usually MauufacM red in
tch-Shopsowlho shoctest noticeaud i the
niet w.wkftianllke' maimer. , We have- aecared
tbe serviceaof. Mrt E. M. Clark, whose name it
.,inmnm with s-ood work, as a foreman. - .
..-, I. ...
All peraouJ wisniug fur ouii
to giva ua a call, aa. we. are( determined to worlf
clieap.1,1, -in, .1 ,t i m.
. No work or lumber taken from the shop or
vara until paid for, unless by special contract. '
i H w M.&. McREY NOLDd & CO, ,
i April 3, 1857-tf., .... ,, Jr
' O IInk'msvillei' Mercury nd ' Rusjellvillj
Herald touv 2mo ami sand bills to subscriber.
Watsoa's T?n DoUarcjvlngMacIiIne
I WnrnirHTto ihe Public f
This' machine, i)s staled, below "is a couhferfeit,
...l .11 uninii ere hereby eautienert epnnsl sel'
lin, buying, ' or using themi ' WheiieveruuH
wherever tliev ere louna ine raw win oe airiuiiy
nfoneJ. 'All parties tiling tuee maciunea, as
well as those who vend tl.em, maKe tliemaeivee
liable for dumatr-s. ' '
About tha anihday of. Aujnat, lfpb. I wat
mt)lced bv MeR-fst Vi4laonr Wowtei & .Co
composed of Wu C .Watson, Morris Kuiglit.and
Gee. 11. Wos-ater, .10 manufacture Sewing jWa,
hines. wi.ii h were known as the"Wutson I en
Dollar L etting M tchilie." That ' thereafter I re
ceived a nuti- e from the counsel of U. B rotter
nd N. Wheeler; mentioned In tho annexed copy
of Injunction; iafarmingme that these Machines
were an Infringement upon Letters Patent which
ownedn and tlmt suits would be instituted
gumtie unlas I stipuld otherwise tettie with
them. "1 h s nr.rico t handed to iur.' it oosierue
of mv employer!. 1 i ' ' ' "I t .
A I . then made invuBlienioii m unrerinui mo
factsi and found that suid Muchltie, ns I believed,,
was tn infringement ol seid Fateut, nd I lu-.
formed said Watson that such was oiy opiniou.i ,
rusbsequeirtly a suit ws. commenced gaiust
s bv said Yaii-i nkid Wkeulee, and fntmsijiiitely
hereafter I so informed Mr Watson, and reques
ti'd'hhn to t ike charge of the defence ;6f h
same, and h" rt-fjsento do so, and I then told him
that I would have uothitif mora to do with It, and
I then cased to make 'the Machines; and the in
ilinetion. a copy of hich Is heeetn'annexed, Was
I sued anil served upon me. ' JOEL CHASE.
Dated New York. Keb.-Hth, lr57.
" In presence nf Mile t B.'Aiidrns'." ' " '( -:
I do herebv certify that the above Statement,
subcriuea by me, Is correct and trite, t H
J IAL-1 i'lllQP.
1 , .1 .THICI OP NEW ,YORK. ,, .. .1 ,.
Tht rrcMent of Ihe United Stjtti nFHinf'ririi tn
Jon; Chase, Alt AMwneys, irpants. Ajtttft, ana
WorllmrB, and tarn and reefy of Mem,-
GREETING- e, .- . r.
Whereat ittiTitli-been reprrsented- to ut m our
Ciiu'if Court of the I'nied fates, for the Soiitherti
Districiof Naw Yprk, fitting 11 a Court of Equir
tv, ou the part of Orlm.do II. Potter "lid N ithaniel
Wlieeh r, Coinplulnan't. thit they, the said Or
lando n. rolteraiiri ISethnnlii wn-eler. have late
ly enhibiied their Bill of Cnnihiint agaiusl oti
the sii'i Joel t'l use, the defendaut, to be reliev -'l
touching iiiatlrra then In rouialued, In which bill
it is, among oilier things, set forth, that you, the
.iiii deei duut, are violutu g en. I threatening to
violate certain exc'u'ivo riclits and pnvileget
vt'sti'd in sa i complainants, for coustrnctiug,
making, u luz. and vending 1 1 others to bo used,
ceruiu improvements in fewintr Mui hines, and
thut the actings mid doing 01 you, tne said de
fendant, aro contrary to Equity and good eon-
rieuce ; we, iher. lore, in consideration of ti e
prriuUea, 1I0 strictly, and until the further orders
i,f this Court, enjoin auu command yon, the suid
Joel ( li ise.unj ynur At tome) t.Servtnti, Agent-,
ami Wnrkiiieii, and esch and even one of them,
ui dor the peua'ty tint may full tlu-reont that you,
and each of yon. do from henceforth, altogether,
eb-olute'y and until the further 'order of thit
Court, desist and re rain from directly or indued,
ly, con-lriicting, making, woiking, using, aslliiig,
or puttipg Into practice or oirrotion, pr in any
wi e connti rfeitiug or itiiitaling the invenliuu or
improvement beloi.gti'f lo suid coniplbtiianta, and
le-icri'ied, el .lined, and eel forth iu certain Let
ters Pal tent of the United Stales, rn-ifsiied to A
B. IVilsnn. and b-aring dale the ii'd day of Jun
uary, 156, and now owned by theeompluinaas,
and from in any way er manner interfering with
the rifhts of said coinplaluauts uiulc-rsaid Pal-
rut, and from in any way or manner violating or
iufiiiigiug sniij Letters I utent, orauy part thereof.
. . UiiiM-ss the lliw. Koueb B Tankv,
S. ) Chief Justice of th Si;irnie Court
L" 'he Unid Statea.al the t it y o Nw
Veik, in sail Dlatrirl, this the 27 lit Day
of Septemiwr, lu the )e. r of our Lord ou ihei
mad eight hundred aud fiftv-tix. ,,
f - rony.l
GFO. GIKKORI. Solicitor and .of Coupsel
lorCouipl 'iiiaiit', J7 Wall ttieot, Now Yotk.
fcept 11, 'l7-9m
'-, flS-Si-SCM
1 ' " " Pi H. PORTEfR.
Sc Porter.
r.: :i
w A'irn stpvphs
TEN ESSEJE. , , , ; ... . . .
ia oinrrn i in i muioiwu cuminiuo i r.-
oa aa joid lerma, aa caa e purchased In to
O.I 'lei HI II :i I! T
Avery'a. Plow Points, all kiriilt.' ..,
BrinJey'sCelebrated SteelPlowa.,,
Ptubbln&. Duihitiil Steel PloW1
Ehryock's Kentucky Steel Plows
VCrinieWStwl Toitri Cultivator f
Trurobull's Potent Stiaw Cutter
' .Cuiiunings Patent Sir w Culler, '
: BurroWVMilK .'iM. , u) .
Encelsirr Corn Cob Crashers
,7 Kentueky Corn &. Cob Crushers
'South' Western Coin Shelter,
Randnll & Jones' Corn Planter, al
Charlton Cera Drill, i , : ., y
Ida Maebiue, ,.7 ;.j(.'i i.ub a-. -..i -;..'r
wlvA villus. vr.v, A - ,.
d,. ; i ii Scythe Blades,:, , (j 1 j.,-, '
l it iBtlar Hooks, .1 i .':.; , w.,
-1 tttiT l,ong and Short handled 8padi(, ;
,- iiHav and tiarden Raket. ,. ,, .
. Tirholhy Beed. V ,J.I . '
.a . vaanaa rroiinc uoru, . 1 :..,'. u.w
JietdaJaraas Seed,
Orchard Grass Seed,
Japaned WateOCooIers, '
RefrliretHtrfi-iti A-'-'l1
-,-rS ,l.w g""?8 Jfaket, .,. ,
-.11 .
h.;i. i.r:. -'.:;-w t.? '
a iuuuuri . ww,, uii,i ,, -
aLsni4 I tl T fTA i r V ei '
el r ijl
two. four and six hsnre Vlrginfe Wtgon. Trsn and
-.:.-- 1 , ,.i BltOCKM AN PORTER.
AVAacnines. - ' . " ' 1 ' y" " "
for cat only. . j .
.UHUtAlllAll OC iuil,ll,
' ' ' ' ' 'J 'S 1-1 ( J I. . .
washej Wool for which we'will pay the highest
Wl 1.: l.BRQCKMAN. & PORTER, '
A, E..L.E Y-, i. i ' .. ..'. ..
, id i ;if i a-ul; 'ki i!
a ii.1 . "' ".! 't ."; t
t, D. UORCAft.I. .o:j.ClirEY4.,.tT. C. M. MOROAR,
- '. wi! ' I. 'IP ll ., I m (i I ! ,. .1
TST.r.aO. Phl.nc !!oiisi-.NASfIVIH.E.-
' We have the pleasure of Informing our custo
Vnera.and the .trade generally, that we are-, now
j , . 'L ... i ! i i . li . .'-.( '
ouy reci lviug ana opening our usuui ran . ucai
which will be ready for exhibition by the SOthi'iuat
We invite the attention of the trade to tho ex
amination of this mock as we feel tint with our
long experience and the facUiUet we,njoyr- we,
hive succeeded ill bringing bbV tffi as BnTtiiiferit of
goods which chnnot failto' please,' ea 'regards
styles and prices, hit -Who1 may lavor ns wiin
carelul ejtamiualiun ot it. - , ,
Nashville. Ailr. 14. '5T'!,J
.'.'. li,'W ,
.r-,. t f
The greatest offer in go d potisj gold jfleueiJf:
golc cliaius, and goid walclws.tvct jpada, ,Eeu4
tii foilowiig: ...,) . -, ;'. -...t .
A SffcttlO UULU .i'h.fcUJ.UM worth, irom
five to one hundred (lvlUis.posilivtly given to uuy
person who san spare one.il iy iu a week, or ue
hoyr in a day, geUiug uplubs of. subscr.ber in
bis own and adjoining ne:gliborhoo4a, for tha bet
aud most poular Family newspaper now published.
No expeu-e, Outlay, liocapital required of ageuta,.
A n enlir" new plau is proposed, by which any
person can succeed in making It a paying busi
ness, who will undertake tho agency . A private,
circular, for tlie inspection of aeeuts only, with'
full list pf'premUiins, wift be sent to any one W'ho
desires it, on receipt if a stamp to pay return
postage. Some agents have earned a hundred
dollar gold watch in one weck. ..
. Eveiy family should read at least one riewspa'
ppr.'.froui New York City,' without interftrlng
wlth'lheirl,ocal Papers', which, of course caunot,
nnd should hot, bo'" dispensed With. But New
York being the great commercial and ..business
centre of this Continent, no farmer, mechanic,
ptofesBionsjl man, or merchant, Is properly pre
pared for the emerffehclea of hie culling, unless
he la "in communication with New York City, by
means' of one of Its fiiet class Newspaper medi
ants;' Sttch a medium is our LEDGER," aeu-
tral in polhics, bit giving- ail tbe fne'e,- ieme of
news, and thrilling incidents worn xuowuig
throughout the eoni trv- i -t "
"A-VALUABLE OIKT.'Eiich new tubscriber
will receive with the first No. of hit or liar woer
one of I lie new and beautiful glass pointed indel
ible Penciis, rct itirportad from Europe, eud for
which we-have obtaiiied the evolutive uganey for
this country. This is the most ingenius and use
fut little improvement of the present nge, and is
the oitty peud lever made that will write Willi UiXy
maktngMltjolh a' esji n4 a pencil of -1sokfia-t
quality at tbe tame time, It will last lor years,
and for pracirnl use is worth morejhau any gold
pen in tlie piarliet.
' -t ;H ArLU Si VVEST, PublisVrrs', N. Y- City
''!THtse Pencils BirpplieA to the trade at a profi'
.Ui rll.i.ana" -V ' -' . - ..'.'
, sepuU857;.. :;;'" .'"?'''"'
! '.;! ' npn v: i i i . il
. , ; '!at b. pIcsser &, to. .'. ., , .
.. - -, , i -'gtr.. ' tit"
We wriuIJ respectfully iuvite tho atlqutiuU of
theilizeut oft biiksville, and surrouudiag coun
try to the large aiork of Fall A Winter Clothing,
wjikh we rVcety'd l itelyiaiid I'ava for talulnirw
Besides yedthscrolliiiig, Hats, Gaps.-Boolat Sltoei.
Truukt, Valitea. Uvnt't furnishiiig .goods, rvrry
artii le usually kept lu a clolhiug .lurv All ef
whioli we wijl toll far ea U at prices that canuol
fail to give entire satisfaction. , ... . . ,
, Cash buyers are paiticauuly invited to try lis be
fore purchasing elsewhere, as we are determined
not to be undersold by anv house In ihe Mate.
. , , Respectfully, (5. 'LOOSER, Co.
Si p. 18, '57 if. ., , . . , ;.. .f
" , . KEW .KIRB-l'ROOF BOL'SB, s.
1 ' -''- Frfintitig- the Tarf.
AN business intrusted to my rare wrll receive
prompt and careful eueulioa. Uooda forwarded
witkeul doly,-i i , , , ,m j
- Soft,' AO Cypress aad Peplar shingles fcn tiand
ana ler se . , ti.il, KbtstL,
Claiksville, Te Apr- S4, .'S7-ly .
Extra "nour-Dest Brands.
I am prepared to il' liver, at shorXPotice, Batra
Hour, ol various well known brands, In lots
from J to, 1 000 btrrvlt le tail iiuri'liaeart. at ret
oaable prises. , B. O. AEB.-Khi
i. ii Brkk buiMiug, eu tlie W Uarl.
TO WHISKEY BUYERS I dou't sell Whit
key now, nor huve 1 1 ild any since the 1 5th of
April last, eituer ou my own account or on com
Aug 7, '57 -3m
l f Important Announcmtnt,
To all persona afflicted With Sexual Diseases,
as Spermatorrhoea, Seminal Weak aess, Im
potence, Gonorrhea Gleet, Syphilis, the vice of
Onanism, or Belf-abuta, oiij.- . . " .
The HoTvard Association, In view of the twfut
destfuMirlii ofhuinaB Lie, caused - by sexual dis
eases, "and the deception! practical upon the un
fortunate victims of such diseases by .quacks,
have directed their Consulting Surgeon, asa char
itable act worthy ol their name, to give medical
advice gratis to all persons thus afflicted who ap-
n v bv etler. with a description ol weir onsiuon,
(Kge, oocupation, habits ol lite, oco.j ana in case
of extreme suffering and poverty aud suffering, to
furnish medicinet free of charge.
. The Howard association it a benevolent lnstitn
ttoa, established V special endowment for the re
lief of the sick and distressed,. atHicted wi ,h "V ir-
Inntand t'plJomio Diseases, It.lias now a sur
plus of means, wnlch the Directors have voted to
exaend In advertising the above noliee.' If Id need
iest to add. that the Association -commnrnds- the
highest medical skill of the age, -and vu furnish
the most approves modern irratmeni. .. .
in.i m,h laiaii hv mis Atfaeeinf inn. a rsnort an
?nermatorrhoia,or Seminal Weakness, the vice of
, t . l....: air i. .. j .. 1 1
1 1 nanism,' musiuruniiua, ur oeik nuuiw, biiu nim
diseases of the.' aevual rgons, by' tlie consulting
Sureeou, which will be sent' by ninll In a Benled
envelope, free of chaige .on , the, receipt of twe
..Address iJK, utitj. ualiiuuji, Lonsttmng
Surizeon, Howard Association, iso. rsgutlt XVinlh
Street, rUHrOelptiia, ta. v order oi, me mrect-
ors. r.ZKA v. llrJ AKTW KLL, rres.
j : ' -GEO, FAlRCIIILlJ.Sec,
' ru U v 1 1 a j i
" . r . , . ... t ... ,. .... . ...
Wnlches' and Jewelry r ,
fJ i . i . l
HAS just 'received a new' supply of Watlie
Gold. Bsmeo." Moeaic and JeU settt, beabtiftrl
stylet,) Gold Bracelets, Bands, Breastpins. Finger
Rings, Earrings; &e.&c. which he wilt dispose
of upon reasonable terms Watches find Clockt
.repaired aud wutreuted... Silver ware wade to or
der- ..... i . i, , .
A ScotcU vebblc SjpccuicU'S
v v i.. uf..,u.... '.t..,ui ik.i
v jV W W O a WUUIU iu alia iiiiutiu I r uumiv t hu
-i iTi V " T ' l ,u .T ":r:rU
live yitionare,.Tequeated looalaud fjtammf
Jullreonestrdtoall .u..Bllla.. i . .;. ..,
iiv ii,Bi,r.iTr.,tHiViHW ,v p a.a.,cwvv-
' . J .. . " .. .. ...
June t-'itH-lt. -e..T.,. -t: ri.. k .1 .' r .-t4
1 li'TjitiSi
rV eh Is? 1 1 nnd II itm knon d,
rmj corr Ann buret irosi wobkkrb, - 1
J, jy. JJeblettJiaving removed to the build'
Ml IT ibwsm T siia.BUu us ii. r. uurri,, uu
Franklin Street, and awsociated with hirnth
fhe businessi Afr.Wm L.' Hemmoniran txrwrietteed
workman is now furnished with greatly inf reateu
facilities, for subplvtnglhe wants ot his customers.
7 he public will fire atthia estnblishment a Inrrtp
nd very Bplendid stock of Tin Sheet Iron Wane,
Sic.', which ttui always be bbWiined' upou tlie most
fcasoiiuble terms.
A lawbook StoVta of! various patterns. Every
variety of Parlor and Office. Sievet. OastiHg. Uut
tennr and rousa Knonuguone ni anon uuuca, ..,
'Thankfut'fer past patronage he sJioita aeontiu-.
naur-e of public favor, tad llatlers himsvi)., oi
stridt attention to business, lurompt exeoutiuu, ol
orders, and moderate tirioef to deserve it. i :l-':
'All work ereilrsd will be promptly executed one
inawtvte wtrranted to five aatialae.tiun. --. f
Old eiw.por, Pewter, Feathers St, BcemvajE, takes
in exchange for work. .i
Feb. Si) .ltfbb tt
Land, for Sale!:
The sutii-criber offers to sell, at private tale,'" !
beuuliiul aud highly improved Tract of jLentf,
In : Moultfomery County, Terin situated Iramr
lintety on the little west foili ol Ilea river,; auout
6ffinrlea from town of Glarksville, and about a
rriIiv Bf iUa turnpike load leading from said place
teflonkinaville. Thie .twet it beautifully. situs
led. lies for the most pert level, or sra-tusUy undu
lating, and ia welt ed ipteel to the utureti uie
different daona of the country,: particularly oi
W heat, and it aotitlguout to six goad I louring
If ilia, in tiie distance of from ouM ' fou mil, I r-
The land lies ia the form of a pi rallelograru. its
sides running North, South, East aud.WeUuo
from "Its rectangular foim. tlie proprietor nas peen
euabled. in tlie arraiigeiuent ef all lots, fields, 4 c.
to adopt the highly advantageous) lilun ot nnvtng
all tlie divisions laid off, with little exception, in
parallel lina- ai'dmg ereutly to the nealuttt and
suenrat Ol cropping. le.t T'.' ,'.' ;;!'..! ")
Tlie frm is fil) arranged for-
:r : . RAisfN(i,sTp .:r i ,
4ft6 BCrrs rieln? clejifedani under ao.o'l itakednd
ridered fence. and lilt) balanfe 'Stall timbered, hav
inn- iu the cerilral part uf the plantation a large
never fgilinr lion J, to which noerst is, bail firmi
nearly all the tielils. .Tbe ImprpveuieuL- i in re
gurd tn buildings, ore. yery . good j tlie dwelling
I ron it 51 feet, two stories, with a pa-is?" ad six
robins wilfl fireplaces, besides bas merit rooms'
All other boll, tint's are good and ample, Isu'oh as
n.-cro houses, baniB,' stables, ice-house, i alry and
sheds fjr various kii.ds of atock, Ac. i hure is
a well of never liiUiug wat, r with a pump; several
orchards o peaehea und apples, aud'a gurduu of
an acre and a hall, hamlaomrly laid olf into squares
and side beds ornamented with flawers, shrubbery.
&0. 'The- tubseribor confidently believes tha this
farm would plitase any eeienlilin agriculturist, be-
Inf fully impressed with the avantatree ,n nis
high and healthy location and the superiority ef
his arrangement!. ,;
.11 ' Jtlf fcl 11 M. fAUJN ll.f.rilir.
IHTN. B.-The land coo Id be divided' luto two
good find conveaient fariut. . ', '
AUg. 14, "31-11. : -I, i i r -.i.i
'Hnnv Mevuurv eory one month and forward
account te me at Ringgold. Ttnn. i , v
On Wednesday tlie 23d, a small, pocket book
contafnlng a an iii df money, and a lew puners,
for w! Ich Ihe' fiuder will bo suitably rewarded by
Havipglt ot the , residence Of If. COOPER.' '
10c.2 l, i57.tf. , .
B. O. Keesee. ij authorized to receive ull gondt
consigned to Kee, Week man. V Co.
- . -- by O. M. BJ.ACKMAN.
.- I also give B. O. Kesee authority to rocuivt
all (rnods roualuued lo uie. . ,,
, May 1, '67. O. M. BLACKMAN.J,
' I have a large aud commodious avarebouse,
frentinf the. wliarJ, where I apt ready to ftti f
and store every deacrlptl n of goods, and to
this-sliita, Spt 18ih. I have received a liberal
show ef pal ran ape, and 1 will eud-avor, as here
tolore to give geuerel BJtisfctia. ' 1
Russellville Weiald copy, aud chart') B. O. K.
Sept. 1st, '67 3m.
Au sdditioiialeall of 5 per caut. payaUa v thit
first of ) tuber and a rail of tame iTuivuul pay
able ea the first of November, has beta ordered
by the Hoard. .
W. B MUNFORD, rres't. ,
' ii-. r . . t : , ..... .,;f , V- ; : I
. .7,V5 ISiT rt"- a''aaBLrJ rvs"TJ,
iThe following Stheme will be Tlrawa by 8
3wAtt & Co., Mahage't of tbs Fort Gaines Acad
emy Lottery, In ea hot their L'tieihs fi.r Octo-
. . ... . . . . rM i ,t 1 . r . i . . l. . ) , .
ber, 180, at juiiijo i n, eo-gia, in wna.ii a,iy
f ey liave removed Jlielr frncipal Office. , ' . .
v. .. , ,c.l,a s s 5c.: .
Te be drawn in the City of Augusta, Georgia, In
FUUIIU V M . ... . .
. .a.tS w . -my i r. ..A Aes.. I
1 1 ..
,..'t .'. , , 1lltW -.. ! . I , It
m r . .l . f.sr .
To be drawn in the City of Augusta, oeorgla, in
public, on I ' ' ' '!.''? !' .!'' :.' ' t ' ,ii
Sittorflay, uct. ium, is. .. ... :
, ,. .. CLASS 59.
fobedrawit iu the City of Augusta, Georgia, In
pabHe, ) I -' -i t 'j,, . ' lf..
SAX L Ull A X ,ucK)Dcr a i,u, in .
' '' ' " '"" CLASS 50, ' ';' :;" v
To be drawn In the 'City of Aoguetai Georgia,
pabl c on
SATURDAY, OctoW 'lthj 1857.'
' C L A B S CO, ,"-u-L .-,
To. Hs'drtwnlu Via. City of Augusts, Georgia, lb
public, on ... . .
SATUHDAY, OCTOBETi 3l ttt, 1857.
outhe Tien of SINGLE NU MBERS! -,;
5,495 PHIZES!
iNear.v one Prize to every tf-Tickets. ... n
' I st-i 'TO BE WAWN '. i .. 'v .' '
Priiea of.1,,
i i 1 ttt,.,f..aa,iiot
i .. : .12,50
T. a ;.'..7,IH.O
..5.t (!0i
Mi . - Mi,.!.iiA.;l,600i
10 i
f t..-rJ ,0011230
Approxlmntlon Wizen
4 rrizet ot J apxmgio sou uuurnzoaresi oun
. .,r k. 'i- r . . rf r . .
- n mu-v r .:M2ooi-.i ... too
1 i ''."in'o lw''1'iOori ' '''""JoO
it, a- ert it , en I li. I, am r
is.i . a. . l ' t !T t,n. ,)-';::, fLVl
- w ,. ., -rim
i '. , .... ,. .
'..,495 'iPrnea ejrioantiBg,to,.,,.l....$.120.,00,
H'holc.Tickt $10 ITtulvcs -r
' " ' Vit'RTKR V 311." ' .
i .j nan oi ine ijoiiery-i s
The Numbers from 1 le 50.000, qsirrepontiug
I'wl'lt 'hose Humbert on the Tickets printed On
'ij separate etipt f p4iertre enciro'.ed with tmull Uu
lupes e.u-1 p" i'1 o ,u ," ......
i The first 4(7 Trizet, similarly printed and en
clri-led. are nlacsd In another Wlieet, im .s. ," i
Tim wheels are then revolvfd. and a number is
Jrawu from the Wlieelof Numb- rs, ati 1 at tie suuie
time a prize drtwu from the other wheel 1 he No
ind' prize r.ruwu out are openea and cxiiii ited in
:ie audience, and registered uy in" iommiisiuners
tlie Priza belue nlaced cainst the Number drawn
, J'his operation it repealed until all the prizes are
JraWA out.
' inniinsriinnflon Pi Izrsj.
1 Th two pissceding aad two ' tnocetdlug Nttir,.
Hers tjs thoirf drawing the Jirst ( J Tiz t win oe ea
tiled to tha aa Approxlmuliun frizi-s. rorexatn
pie: r4:cilUM) arawsT the 9tittHlt J-nxi', these
l lcketa, bdrpbered l24d. J1V49. 11251. 112.12,
will each k enlltle.! to $11'). ' If Ticket No.:5o0
'draws the $10,0 t Pr iX, hMW.Tic'ti'ls nainber.d
48. 519, iol, 5j2, will each ue entitled to $:10J
-tiici ton sconrdiui to fie abnve scha'ii '
I 3 UOOl'rizos ofS'JIIwi 1 be dMeriiitiied nvrne last
rlure'of Une Number that draws sull.OUU- l'riz-
t or exauipl--, if the ISun berdruwing tho abti.uiiu
Prize ends with No'l.th-n all the Tlnketa where
the i ninlier nnds Ui ) wl I be enlill kI tu -2 ). ,. If
the-Nnailierends, it)i No 2, then ull the. Tick l
here' tlie ' N'niilhi-r edd't with 2 will be entiMed to
iii). and sa on tut), 'i il - M ' . 'I .,!
Certihcutes ol r ncKnres will ue sold at tlie lu low
ins rate which Is tl.e'Hskt ' '
Vorlificaie ef Package 1Q Whole TickeU, $8ti
-. ' . 10Hiif.
"J.V "' '10 Quartet" SO
r ill ,i ii ; :.. . . 10 J-hihtb : ,:ii 10
- CATE-s -i
Enclose tip) mnnev, to our address1 for the tickets
ordered, on receipt of which tiey wilh forwurded
by first muit.-ri-l'ilrcKiiters can have lluket ending
iu Buy. figure they ifiiiy uyeitMie, , . '
i The list of drawn numbers ami prlz'-s will be sent
to pbreliw erit iilimrd'iilely after 'lhe driwlag'. i i
' Pur:huseia will;p'euje wrte. their . siguuturoe
phiin aiid give their'post ofllce, county and Stlite. '
tLn Kemeinuor that every I'rixe is drawn, sua
payable. in lull without rii-iliirtioii. , ,
nLT All 1'rizesof 1 1,1)1 tl.uU under, paid immetii-
ately after thedrawiug otlmr Piizeaut tile Usual
lime ol thirty days. . , ,. ,'(..,
( Allcoinirtunlcations strictly conh lentlnl.
Address orders for Tickets, or Cerli fiete ui
S. BY' 4N fit CO,, Augi a a Ga,
.' IPTA list of ihe pumhert (.hat are tfrjwn rini
the wheel, with the anion nt of the1 prize tliut ruth
one It Pntitled to, will bo publislnd alter every
driiwing, ill thq lollowing. pajicr:--IM I . Delta,
Mobile Register, Churlertoii S'tam'ftrd'; N.-shville i
Giiiet'e, Atlanta lotvlligeneer. N Y ii VVekly ,
Pay Bunk, Savanuli Morning News und Hicli
muiid Disjrilcri; New Yor Dispatch and Paulding
(Mjaa.) tllatiea., - i ..; !B . i ; .i I -;k ( ,
-Tbe und-'reigned luvies tmmflliiite piopo-alsSfir
grading si(l iiiacadaml Ing Col'epn Street froni
Front tftr- et to the City limiisf and al -o for the
couBtrsiuJlos, of a i ft it-fie: m acadanilsrd street
from the foot of Commerce street along the heart
nf Union Wharf to the foot of College street
College street it the one tliut rum out from the
lower ti le of Smith's Purk house, iu front of
Stewart College, to the C Ity limits ,T
T lie hist roil Sr ef nit lalier An College street
muat be 30 feet wide and ii Im lies deep.au i a sec
ond course i j leet wide and b inches i'eep. i he
grad to be that laid down' in the cily leap of.
grades, wliich.may be teeu at the liecordyr's
otTice. , , ' . .
The work' required on Front street ,l the let-'
ellisg of a wagon-yard about 20 feet "ul- Willi
cuurre oi inetiiiii g i j locl es ceoji. I he terms
ol . lujymeiit will be at'd-d lo tins tiivertl'Sniroi
in the next paper In the u eantima the atb uUou
or contractors Is aikrd to thr i'rniosed'ok:
;,) -.; , ( . . CIlAKIit' JVf. HITCR.:,
i , . ,. . Maypr uf, CJurksville. ,
, iAog.ff8,'57-tr' '"' ' J - "' ' '"
i j ) ',
.'t 't
l:0r5 : I.V
Medicinal Preparations, for the care
THE unil-r gned. having been apprinled sole
Agenis for Cl irssvillo, for the tule ot the M die.
iuul Preparations reeommviidrd in Dr, Freese'a
"Combined Sjstem of Praciiee for Phisicl ,n and
lainh es," would reaueoifurty 11' r then) losuth
of our citizens is need a reslnratjuu lobealth.
-These prep,iralinna are eenipeunded from the
recipt of the liintt celrbrui d fysicuiiit aud Sur
geons o1' Europe and America, sun uiil ixhx v
ar Kinoea ui.tsi il,at iaat a0 ' within the rent-h
of remediet ; TlUy hsve beeo t-tied fee years by
Prof Freese, aud other eeh-braiid hys i ians, iii
their dsilv practice, and have been fuiind iuvarl
ably effectual. ,
For luther parliculsrs, see Dr. IVeese't ' Com
lined Syitnm of practice" tog-iher with curus,
pesters.elo.' , J ' i
Bo III lbs bonk. Medicine tnl Chests, may be
bad of Ihe uiiders vue ', at ther Drug-store.
Franklin Street, Clurluville. Teuo.
Junt V, lS57.tim
At (he old ostoSke stand
Clark fcvtlle, l eAkiwee;
' T HE rnderrlgned would most respectfnlly calf -the
' ntlentloa ol gentlemen of thii city and conn ' "
trj , te hit tin stock of BOOT & SnOKri miita.
ble for the preBcnl so ison, rf his ovnmanuhic- t
tore, consisting of the most fashionable stj lea, and
of t.ie best material, and of workmanship superi. .
or l an) In this or adjoining counties, which I
will warrant lu all reBpetjts, is h-presented. M -'"
stock embraces the finest French and rhiltdelpMa ?
calf skins ever brought to this market. I invi'.l'
and solicit 'art xanilila ioa of shessme. cinftdent rv
as I am. thnt it-will Vr the tTlctest tcvatlny and.
will please the most fastidious. Ail work made to
"ler, fooin the rt'htcst In tha heavii at beats ninS
ho-. . 1 keep renstunlly on hand, the bet French .
and Phnalelptila calf skins, and oak Untied tele '-'
leather. Terms, cash, irvatlublvi-"'' ( n--i y!.!t
Ma'chl837 . 1 "" - ' C ' '
i i i. i ., ,, ". , ,,"i,,.iivi'i -fcr-n ,t
.'; ' ' CELEBRATED '
YE R- M.I F, U G,E;;,;
It MVEK Pii.i. : ;':;
Twe of tbe best PrepataUont of Iha $,-.
;.'j V.t ' ...... 4v k !f,1
I mended -a& s UniversaL i'i
Cure-alH, but 'simply1 for1 h
.-.a,-.t v..i- a ,.v .t ,.rt..., 4 -i .f ,-i,ir
what i-.their.r, name , pur-,
. pOrtS. " T -( v! i'.!irirr ,d) mnr.-i
Ine .. Vermifuge 4 For
expelling.it Worms o from,7
: the " human!1 iiytem, ' ha' ",I
also, been , admmtered.,;,
with the m6st satisfatttdrv'i.
ft''''T s J ;:ri - rr 'r-T,'-,i
. j
subjecti.to Wormsit"
-Th' Liver ' Paisforr
. ',, I 1" '' ' t'l- il i.il H ,l'.ll ill-
; tne ..cure ol f Liy;ER,;CoM7.'i(
plaint. 1 all . Bilious'?: Df
'ACHE', &c.'i .it. l: .s. u di a:a-;,u
; Purchasers1 will rt hlease1'.
bev particular, to askv for n
! Dr.' C, McLane's' Gele-; :
, 'ii lii'l . '-f i !- r tli"V STlt
brated ; Vermifuge ,,aia)l
Liver! Pills', prepared' by '-i
"";$:,,i'!1wft,' ,",'"vx,' .''v.v-.mAU
'j i.hff
(ii! ( I ri! . 'li'.-:.is i,,.!,,'H '" ;iajl
SOLE proprietors,- Pitts- i
bvfghi5' Pat; v and'4 t&eVhb:ft
other, as there art? various, ..
other .preparations1, now' ;T'
before the public, pur-(
porting .to be Vermifuge
and : Liver ; Pills. - All '
others, ' in comparison
..with Dr. McLanes, 'are;,.,
'worthless;: ' -''"''''i
1 he genuine AlcLantt s,
vV5rnifuSe, .." and; ;, reiver, '
iPills can; now be ; had rati, i
'!''resDect'able "Jl
"'-1 Hi' : .tl ll;. .J'JOtl-i
btores,',.. , . ,;.n ..
i!T -
60 W6or' St.; Pittsboroh,' PAj '"
', t -t T ri .' ' Sole IM-bprletorfV'h
Pnld by Fcovil A. Meiid.'l l'i f Chest nut ttreet '
F" .Q.I. 'a us, Ceueral Vbvlrlt geutt; ;, . lty
John Shillitoft5if Co;
No's ioi, lOJ and i( 5 itert Pourih Strei;'"l
;-: ! CINCINNATI) ' I.- .-r
f -i ; I I- i i i ' i a i "j.y, J.iKi ,ivm
Importen of, Dry Qmdt -und' CurjHting.t
Respectfully ea'l the attention df theii1 oilsl. Jiff,,
eis and Purchasers generally to. th opei-lng of
their Now Store, tin Monday , tho '3M lutti, tvltli'
tu extensive and Vliil.'d ascoitment of -
Dry ftoo!s,farpc(ins, Floor oil Cloth
'Families, Merchuutv, Hotel keepers,' 8te.a-5
bpat owners, sn i rlraugerH aiay d 'peud upon find-j
log the beat i-Iubs of goods, wlio'esalp and retail,
nt prices as low as Ihey can be purchased lu the)'
Ejstcru rl let. " . ,, ,. . .,, . ;,;.,
Aug. aa, '57-2,i.s' ' . '
Sewing Machinea.
' WB ha. e Accepted the ageney ot1 drover 'il
Raker's p'ewfng Auchines from !'. H, lire Kwsry
or iM'Bhvi le, sole proprietor of tills Mle. 1 hi
is armlit'd to be the most prai t cable bf any yet'
ofleri d to the public. - We sa-ll at the rime rice
that the ,ropr lor does BlNhlvilV tbute bp ) ing
Torn us cm nuvelieibts to this.pd, t., I tin w
interrst'-d In having ; work done with dl-ipatrrr
will plvaie rull uud tannine tha iiiacliisej ,i v,,i
do ipore work, in three home than the best seam
stress ean ill a week, -- Teims. cash enlv. I il
TllO.MAii &,,lItUTaKU
,. ,,ili it ill
Utlll.lULti lihMUtiML 1MH MLbrf
I orTer for aala the hous ' and lot where I reklih'a
part of Ihe Building Is marly new, a I'uubleKiti liJ
en sod sepsrste room fur servants, Bilck emukvl
lioiise, a woo l house i'iid ' new stoblo, built tbit
sp. Ing, ps ssessiuii can bs given by Ihe first or fit-'
teeth uf November. For Terms apply le uie., hi
sepsis, -ci-if, , ... ,.! vi i, n
All Persons' having Vatohes ia my, rhop, left;
lx tnoatlie and over are requested to uali aud got,
ihem away by the first ot October, i.
- ' i t . 8. SIMPSON.!
II1L1I II I 111 n liririkii(',n s.wk
Dissolution of l'artne rshlp, 5
THE firm of Bo.' tee, Wynus Sl Mm kbee.'fori
mrty per i a rt in the manufai lure of Pig Metal
tt Eclse rumors, Ru-warl County Tennis ri
was oil the U th i f bepti mbtr lb.'7 ditsolv, 'd.
The uuiirtsigiied havii't sold out his I uteres I tn
laid euucarii. ai d having to further ouuutctiuu
(SrhMlavv a-l.t. au... '
Orti.lier 9, l7 3w

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