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Fayetteville observer. (Fayetteville, Tenn.) 1850-1966, December 17, 1850, Image 2

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: -w-
!,. : 1 v I ; ': r ' , -! r - If '
tcsf-M.' A (.i$vW:Svn . A i paper
server. i-ri:;t,u-i C'tfcr. ' - I
!l Odr Foiikon.
In l;d;in:r '( harire bf a noli
we nctbssitri!y assume
l a yi-vn; c VJJ ,1 isj; ... k
ri5t4I;i, U---:;.- 1?, ISSO. i
t!s. YVe, con m que tit iy.
expect warm and' decided up
ment d
yulh a arie iy haleulaleil to
! harms and
bosed to shrink. itrom i
fdtl-c people ef L nrbhi Coi:iilv, 'we ar'c ...rd
j.lufiwcniing. flilW sficct to vourkhc task, nor
i.peciici and; to noiir approval mnri th,; . .v.W,.J nA...-.L
..,xpe-py? feel ;drsjj..Wd, in acsibiliijes,' bid c ;in, as we do,
uuu a wctMcnenkn. and a U ,n ..V.t .!-.. '
red' observat r0 of uihe wr.nU- !t 1.1.' J J. ...
orafi?. to
are we unwilbn
.l,'? Hfournii; ! iK-oillUrcabiiilJtaoIll, Ivikl
Hic of our;.rs:nid duties and of jiuo SleaLNaiioial Pol tifalPar
jyojir invests. H T' knot rActipxubich nlkc utJ
. 01 on
as !ii rctcft
x.ni;cs we ntet ; sav i l nM;.
.discuss i?rdcs! upon na lonal pr
to declaim iliajt "ve. dre, ;4CSa Xh6.Jiiirj.trL-: is licvUlmorc
lli'tf1 Till llilf! ilirr.,l ! ! .. i I 1 I' . , I J :
uu-jv, o arc, j nowever, true to at
nd uncJjasicablo! Dc-moJ'tU .i.1..!JvJIJL. ' '..".
V'f- Vi cuu i ui up io aureate the ; ticn.
ITi: h hartv '.nu . nniii
r.f f iofar3ncj&.cordn,:tnmh!,s, mak- lead to .xcps
uibe 4 v.riac--an4 no longcK ' !;:i ealest public -ood boi , urn.
jshajl ;cbWier 4.:tHc fAr ably list sigh Ancl his extr,
1 i i -
jopes o !an
f that ;Q
'it t -'
amic.M;l adj pt
elioii: and- jab
!ibi:gh!the lcgjijlt f thcli labors is
now piducin a coinniotiun equa
Kiiniobi io revqiuuqn irom one out
kf this'rniihtv
we can not, w
lie Republic.-
... i- ! r t f
conntrv lo the. other;
jo, w ill not despair of
The northerri abdli-
ioiust 'and-- blinded faualijci and
Southern uUraist and fire eatir.may
succeeid ia their elbrts lo ca ry oul
their IpliLutpm r;piVc -idea'1 llo"ai
eoiunlijah which ,thev are wiliinj: to
. .. . ! ' i L
ast tovin and city of lhs
if.innire Ad States, wranned
t . . -'
dutyat all times, to( jincidcate !in joande'ring toipartv nLps'is.
our com ii) is a love P co nithvoftt.n. .. n..ik .; ,L
j - I . r ' ! ' i .!. . 7 '"'J' lY St kiiclL'l. ull UU Sail
pi iramy, una. ol , Dcihberatic rule,!opi
;ijfboib State! and Gi -Serai -Govern Jfir'
sec th
Ut a lii i
(!oat upon odr
;osilion to! the existejice ol Mi-w
Cur desire is to furnjidi you with
. : ! I I . . . i ' I
ties, and the only cvd toj bo reas
II ! 1 ' . I
;auiy, compia
ment piade
1 t A- ! ! 1 ": ' 1 1111
a weekly iSewt paper jjurwassins in ' r
. i 1 : . I i O I
size, matter,! and usefulness, anv' i '
paper iictcloforp; publkhet in -ocd' r . D:,
obi I.iiSrntn l Viri- 'J....L ..,..,.1.1
mailers, we .
experience in! thch
ki ow w ill be lor
. t i . : i, i ' : -
well as for our o A
may be able I to
wishes, and - aid
yourselves' legul
- ri
parsing events,! a
'r.u t ?
1 I'll
I I't
posing! ine ei
ned vd j i;l a; govei'
ip efthe jLpular uil
jhq pcoid. ;We in hintain tha'
Hilar opini( In is merely
ceit two iNjdional Par
2; tloblcjof fire;, to see the
ode brijl a it starwbich now
Couutry's Flar sp
Ur the
ldod-Hjft we
torn from it, and scattered
I .1 - !
fo'ir winds of heaven, and
i. - 1 1 i -
onous coutitry dilugfd jn
will not, we" cap not
idtter from SeiiaKr BickitisciL c
N; Y, tolhe riiikdefpliia Unioit
; -Mpflinff. . v ; i r
aGAMTow, N. V.. Nov. 10. ISr0
Gsij.Tii.t.MES Your pohie, note, iavitioi
rhe onl bi'hiiH of the friends ol ilie I Cifis!iiul
tji'n, tv (. litiul 1 1 1 i . ' r t i 0 1 1 of paily, tt-i ijf-ni ii
lite city aaJ CTTrw-t42iu!aiI.4!4'lii lo at lerit
a puMx nire'-ing ic.saiJ ciiy'on ilie iwerwy
lirsl iisiaut,. was duly receivfd, atij I rrgre
that iirrangeuieiiis -revioulv iiiaiie, wi'l ,m-
enable me totfave home for the Souili at id
tarljl !ai!ay. ' "; - ' V ' ' : "
1 liave j eruiejihai part oiiYoui k$d ccni-
nutnipauoa In wlrcli you so tnerousiy cent
iHencii my ex?r;i.r;s in ihe puljliv cjuuiisels
witn the prclouiuitat f nidlion; anil in isinjH
1 The IclliAvlinz no'iea
by ihe Ktstniasltr G
Pusiniasiers tliroughouii
Ii is IvelipvdiJ tiiat mirsy
Jaw are cniiintitied wi:!i i impunliy, lhringli
private ex;
pn ilie pa 1
I Miers and
land pampi
: and a!! oiti
1 m! each c.f
in weight;;
' ; . -i 8reral t-alS -I
has been adJrpeJ
Ilie United Sliest' . tS, number is 1 j.OOO. of . "VVi, ;
; ntPARTMT.? Jria avtmj cf1,530 jier aniinmi; rn iIil-so. ,i ,
o?. I, ISrA 5 : !,;. yrj; ihpen Hlatibn ofiNmYotlk ciijr ! CjlutoDn.s
ly viclauo ol it.e u "i.Lcl 140'(M)O. Thd ItlnsSlV " 'f ! Gob- - -
f inpuni.y ' ili'ji bi ; A hereT;(r. j3 9:, erjni to ? f The M.vorat KVashUrpn l gen r. t:,c O
tra.uMuie .ur n 'A.,:s isa hb .avrnta.t probn-) ,0 the fte;n,Er, MMH rnr lTt V
KVi Jilpub" !vWarPr,at as the cities of !vre.-;.he ciTV! or -n.U and sy -hat .Uv
eis havm arrived in
iaa. Keitsa; ihe j.ruduitioi of II
i 1 i-i r '
.v t r ....
T:. fv: V TVn.nlir wive? tin ncctKtr I . . i. . . ,4 ' ..- t... .- .......
nt-ral u the- iariuus- . " ? . p , , . . . f ihe lion, jartminpnier, ie i
.. , i - 1, t'-firin .rter-Ufntr.a. a en -cjiufrii v .....
II Uiotncl t l V einmi.r. i
Psreral half?
IiOiidufi: nri; M
: that E up re.
hsta rtTp-trraUon of 17,-
ii-Mses, liotii censurable Jgnurance
t fjf l'oFrmvtisiers,
, wanl o: knowledge ci ti
. r..i ,J, .,.., ..r .i
ill iittr.fiuifiiEiLrii.ii ii r ni I u itirf I i' .1. I l til. ill iiil ....-.. . .
, - -'i r , . . . . ' it.. ' . . i i ' .1 . . . i
The act lieclares mai able niair to be all t an'd lets, Uicre woiidi)s 1 nous?s on ui j i Tiie iiy o fft'ena, lEltnn. hat la "
I J - . . I. 1 . . I, I : T 1 . . . .1... A . ...
newspapers! and ail maiaznu-s ! ic r,.-f, srotimt. In t:h vonrs .tl.r; tnt n, l.r.hnane prl.i bitn;2 : Motunz j;
lets puhiisii.Jd in a 'regular sen..-, ho.viiy" of New Vrk" has coiered; ' ,)n jainLof a fefc: ity i ijot te tha: flit ' u
r priiiud or written matter, wltere-
)J ithall U4ii 'exi eeii eiht ounces
thus eiiibracihg all iiuraitce pol
i-ri s of land1 with! houses,' an I iia-i ihtu exceeding SCU
r.ueh inio a id.tt ta tlio nctiial Tfiiy
Uig niy high apprp.-iai.oa ol us valu4. ,c;t wne'fi'r ; Blank or B
jvispi .ne orny irmaie i t un i.ner, ' ""! 1 handb;lis artd wrjtltn or brinted nultces
yiiuv icuiut'iiia ' i lyMH jui never 1
:jeatierr wti te.ir me wur.rss inai 11 nas i.eeni
: i- f ft- .. ,
The Shelbtvi Ij F.!i;'r "V-a M"1 ,"p
i-p of I r-ork ir i tbar seriioti will rt-.t irj
my anxious desire tt tist;hge. with' fidelity,'
dtjiringa peiiod of unustralj darkness a nd kialj
a re:.ponyih!e tiUfl;'at:ijJ jinoiigh hui.leJ,:by aj
liiadiess so enduring ihai' it yields not to 'hei
itjji!uij:if e j 'of the nioon, . and . a o alignjiyj
wriicn tias- oeen itepnvea oi us long amticipa
teiJ banquet 'ol tficial .spoils, rhe: plaudits ol
1 nil . 11 .. 'rrt . . ... 1 . ...;,.a nf1 r.nfif III
ir,iN uiNiuini.-,, i'nr.K. iio project .ls-tnat me fmrsi 1 1 - i , ji,-
what-' . . .. .-il. ... t i ".. I . -i. .. L ..' ' far from tS.-J "?f ii'in .;KM.
, '.''.' ri ' '' ft t1"- -i i iW h?nrfl a crr.r,i:eloa asiiiri; 5.4 oJ fe?r: Memphis, tva
lir.rKi.Idtl,ii PARVAvtniio r.ri iP tiV . . V - 1 ' i .
"'""H ,T . V i ' , iilOO lbs iM other t.uv. 1 J he pir,k is good 1 ihe JaM ;Congre
the battle aittlliiLe' Ifa,rwllc ieliow-cmzeiis, wnhc-ui poliiical
t tilTjiStHteicru1, more than repays me ; fori ii, and
bran' s life highest rewards thai a puljie ser
vant can leceive. 1 v I. " '
Tile tiine has at last arrivi'd, thaftk tleaven.
whe pretention will soft-ililv he divested of
if si ilirgui.-tes when the detnasosuel will be
cove ed with the laihtng and sfcoru wliich?!'-
v e troraiioii.,meiis when faniticiiin wili
receive its appr pria'e share of piiy at d deiis
iijn, and w hen the n;ask will be torn from ihe
sely watjh fig and ex
liroiR ot fltf (l liit v. irr.
.. . ! . .' I I 1 - -- - - ,
! 1 : j. i is but tittle danger 01 fuller accom
. 1 1 1 1 I 1 n T tx- t
iplishiitg-a-ny very serious evis to the
:smqp dletciminetl us to irivo it our
'siipporj.' Ii is true, it does not se
cure all liiaUh'e South had; a right
to exptTt; yet, wdo not sep that.it
ucs.wm fciiisii our ... . , l ' .'.-i;
you in j keeping :inslan I ;t!lJ kn0.
h.m u up ... fulj ,v 11. that, to retai l t tanosiii n
p w ell1 as to furnis!
tne mean? p( m.ructit.g yoiir
little. onesHri Icttcr:;! and t) poiliit' ,
' ! .-rl-l ,. . i . ; r ; people
..v A . . 1 . 1 ' i I 1
uiu 10 oui; cii.iun n 01 i a arircr
lin,Ibh;it. rnuU scrUidoush! Uoid .doiiiiTf
to exercise the. 'inestjuial
u !ii!f
growth how they inrv becdme fittfd ;f .-,
lich will irive ptft uce to t hi'
who placed ti.jpnlt in lower
Li . - I, m
iiioseiwiio! arc in llic unnorh
. in in
5 1 1 ivi to supplant theii? riv
I -v . - c : 1.11 r
c I 7 1 bv Pttif!!i" run- f;il;r klr ji tbov m
1 cues 01 reeinen. wc ask on fo l . ..I
tsibsciibc lMr. the PavktteviLle
make. Cot spfiuontlvl tliev -:act
r I
rbrrks to riirb olborJ illftYliv roil
-!.. - p.. i 1:1. 11 -i 1 i ii 1 1 i P
T5"1!'1 I ! '1 - J "- :' j" Ureal siren
. l v ourselves, we declare -to yoii T, , , ! P
inai in ine cieni.01 your givji)ir us
a. unite sijd seiise5: t
h and buln ark jrd" t
a genu
- t I 1 in.:
ons; supho.t, wc will spare;. . ,i
- 1 ;r - 1 1 ' 1 .1 . - - 1 1.1 ilviuuii a
;r ntin. tsni vn'tKf -vru! lu.'Mni i
. ..' i- l -i' v l. J-.-! lional, sMfis
in laying bejore you suciii a pancri . !!
i It,1, P . iM. ir J . ;i r I'm It nous fa.cta.oi
as u;t lc a Scuice ot ii.st pride xl ; . il,"
' C I 1 .' : w 1
oils' Uepuuhe, and iiiitllis; way
Ilaviipg thus 'made
tw w J1 1...,
hy aiid
1 1
5, Whip
or thi:
on 1 bow1, and !
For these a
launched pur uhv hbui!t M barnue
..uVoii tbrrrjeian b. typb, we! invpe lbccn a ;ParlS!
I.noifab.'je bl i tzes lorj in r b'oili all ! V p i uu
whom she may! meet; and: promise! I'1 'JiC:'i' s a
..Jf'tLri ,uJT.J,'il ... ,!'.! mocratie op
- nut lJ U'v liju Jii 01 I'J Ktll iiiji iu; l0lj.t Tj : j
the uinil tut of thc1ai!s 1 1 1 any 'A 80 Viel1
miirht be divenJ wkj. are and hayi;1
other Tfj
i i
tfTT" feci era! friends will receive
v The . Ii
m tips; w;
i - 1 1
Keep down sec
i i
i, fanatical mid fain
ii Weild be sub
sorj i( rfstrai
id bther rtfalons hi
zaa; but, in i k'ing
izealous sujpiort to t
id measures f the 1
ty thjo tenets of whi
Lrnmy-n!lhat we. deem
iUxry. to cfltan't :non th'd
the earliest cjneeb
;tiou of! ilie do .Trine of j noh-intcr-
vcrJioR in otlicrj wbrels, a rigid ad
j he rente b the guarantees of tlie
Const; ution linon the snbiect of
i . i ;f . J j
jbliverr we have cordially 'subj
sijribeti to it in ,itsj ftdlesU. sense.
lfiii; . ii i i m st -II
;i f ne tu ar approacn wmcji me uoni
promisj Hill m ikes to thi doctrino,
i'tdgctljcr with, the belief that it was
; the best that ccujd be obtained, all
private exp'resses maknlg stated" ur i r.gura
ifips from, joule place lb anolhpr,' jbetweeaj
which the United -Nate road is trnpiteil, 01
antj mailal'.n. mutlsr' telatever, except news
jiipers Jor's alj or djsiri tition to! subpertbers,
and except also, panphleis, luagazijties, arr
pr riojicals, tchen m t marked, or dWeiledrJior
ulenikfo itmfledia'e d:stributio"i to nitbscri
keraor iikers but intended N,for sahr jBS mer
!r.K.tntdise. and tent or co lsined to some lo-
;!m fide ileaipr lor fluent tlhereof; and subjects
fVrl pfrson titits. ri'(ig, or aultns; and ai-
sisltnz Ikcrcini 10 a pen.iuy in -jiJor eucn
ioflence. ' : ' I ' i '- i .
lit subjects ihe ownersof ,nny vehlcl-? or
vessel by which, with the 'knowledge, ur con
nivance of 'the owner, driver,' conJicior, or
L . t. ll. ..-..f ij
Iacpl,f ih h-no-tit Tt.o,o l,..Pn iiinms ciimge ..c.ruj, . i.TJ'
hj.lf.fya, ludgment for cajculaiing anl .Jces- Pf50" a-'V 8 ri"Jf T'" ,
siL ..nittirnc i i. ;:. t." . 1 ; ..... lactuaTy in possession ol (orh.dd. n -ina ..ibl
sitiotfl-s politicians through, w hich ihe I insiuu-
tioosi ol our stsier Sta-es-can be afai'eij and
ihejjpirit oi the ConsiiiuM'-u, violated. ; The
ai-iion id' the late sessional. Congress disposed
o :" prosisaisin and ail its srupld and iniscbie
v usj jconconiiiar.is, ajul ihr-re is no practical
eaetnent of strife and ' auitation lefr: biilr'thai
; the, circumstances considered, Ion" hf sfi "1S c";,nc,,'r wll tlse aboje l
: i . I f ' ' . ; . . cH-parljisui consiqeration, and, uxres'isted -will
;! i J .
: 1
; (tuchtit
i ploifiret
jmon w
Setnent of strife and ' agiitation left."
arucjle ol the c,ons!tutioii which provider for
tlie liestorHlinq ol lugitive slaves.. Lei this
qUestion be proiiptly ,aud fairly met, ajid lei
iljosie who atienipt lo subvert tiie rousiiiinion
stand forth in thtir ludeour, (.'eforrniiy asjrnjS
lj bjefor; man as they are guilty beiare Gll.
It ia.a q..es:ion ifrauglit iih. results of, the
iilitical orraniza
r with an lugli and
law-arid order .on
other those black
jniauer' to a penalty of $!l 30 for ench plfence.
t subjects the owner ol any velnc.e or ves
sel making (stated -trips! and conveying, as
and the price is ..ioodl hut i wlU-re is tho:: New Oilt-aus
money ioome iVonil TTliai's tlisi question, j Qn, 0f c,r,e bikri
at ieina. ai Alexandria, and in S.veden ! Ihe rouuty .a
t i ' r
j -if lit II 5 Jtnn.J; a L-oi j
1 .
The Cnilera has! again bn !j
The Cliirle lon .Coiir er srJ
ihirtvvwea!ihv ti.i2-r.s of J!a
ri ved at that place
ihg connj-cted With Geiii Lr
!e n p.rt t . Delivery 4 y.
1 atUdletl to lile district ol
bed rif.t .-piurna'
il in .r..n a!t(Sd i ,e rr4iw. v liu , j.
en , in E,- !
md i!n S.veden 1 Tlte rouutv roi.rt rd Il'JiWoid lia de-
I -juriaine-l to l-ui.J a new: j-u i
ys, Hut about , bjrough'e J
,!(.. find
Tliey ard suspectfd ell
lere are irtni r
traits jiiftnuUctureJ in
'incinnati annual!?.
It r stateil rliat' t
M 00.000 wotth of
and jviirrtPi! frnm I
. ! T il.n.a 'wa m severe
oreen.iKe. i fti... v , - -i - of ilnee aid a h4l!
o .. . i n i Ir e-siendtid aruuiiil i r.
PHUW OtUIUI VII l"t - - - j - ; I
jhat place for lien mi'es.. i - .j" . ,1 Wifhim. M;
The pbru'aiiqn of Mem;'hi, Tenn, is sow
! I .ot j.
Dori.--ir,U'st ' Pi.:cir.Vor; there '. wyre . .
dt a;hs in JL.ost!ti
ThefiVorfa Kai'road u,ii .P.trM'irg Com
pany .hivp der
Texas has voted by ja large majority to sc
of jt the boundary' proposition.! :j
aforesaid. a..y Ijorbidd,-., hiailaWe "''' '. The whole number of voters i Kentucky
II V. conflicts.with the Coh-
- . .1 .(,.'. i i !
i. finally,-regarding it an
e adjustment of the Slavery.!
n j in which the faith of the!
and South are mpliedry
to', its support, wc in. ccm-
izens, v
ith all good !aw-abiL!.hip eili-,)o.ijliy. ai-l hae no ieas' f.
ti i . ,. lV jit-n the question is. once Jair
111! SllbmiJ SO long r.S the lfc)re the American people, Ui
will do likewise-
1 We
.Tirst isd
of iTsahl
receiv't 11
lictuniiiii Thanks
ermit I
e; nimt
.1 te iro to
our heart
and no
us, our
m-css, witbout.rc-!.
It 1 1 thanks for tin
y substantial assiij-anccs
I which wc have's iajrcaov
. - Our jSubscrinlion iLi-t
sweep awav all present
jiibn. Ji will brim logeiln
iholy ir.otive thejfriends of
lihe Tone hand, and on the-
with treason an Jt spotted ifith treachery; and
diilnion. Let; the Irienils of the Omsii-
iuttbnWd the fJiuion set tlie battle in airay,
)y declaYjng. thae ihey will under no circtiin-
i stances ass nt lo a repeal of the law for 'the
recovery ot iugiuvte slave, nor to any change.,
or aio(!i!!catioti winch shuU d.jsU'iy its' nh
cieiicj' or.bring it below '.he reijtiireincnt? ol
the consi'tuiii;!!, ahJ we shalh then lesni
w hether there is yei'., virtue ui-.d inte'ligencel
totjhcild our social , latn ic, or whtjheij ii
Piatids by :he suflerance ol the weak ajid itht
desfcnmg. Let ili.sissue be luken, and "thai
K,,iti.. i i.,.. t-.J t. ,i2 . U.l
n't nil; ir3n
rlv and diiectlv
ley wilt Aindi.
e the. irtiesiiiv f 'heii .institution '.frnl
assaults of ihe spoiltr, nn J consign him
a pui)isiiiie:ii more intaii)iiis titan tnu
Ilanian. I ne ' n ouster disiini'-ni'wiu-bi
en beyon 1 o-jr borders by the stnnig arid
if Jnanliood its curses will "tremble on thej
' l pof ihe aged the ger.lle vatce c-f. womai
wi-S pray ih its accuTsed iuft'iences maJ
- -1
do?c n 1 upon -her cff-piirg, and childrei
will taise iheir lntie hands agaiin-I it as a (e
oui spirit wh cf:i has come tuther to lor
meht iheiij lu-ldire
person, in . .cl
offence. I
vehicle or vefesl, nut
oilier mailab
ins; caruo or
"iehe'Jiev sea!t
in such pern
Il suljrct
sirt'i send or
press or tthf
mailable matter
18I5.N..S. 1
4?8. 4S.0.
The attci
called to ieg
irhl a. st niii-i,l,llT3l JviderJ
per cen:-', -;--:: --!''.:
rrl indic(ed for s'ai.'birg I.. .
Ci:ar!;svi!i'. has tied Irtni
'ed'lus haj!, fl.CC'). t -
: t ' l.,,n al
r :. . ..,-...1 r...ul
i i " I i
' -I'.1 . . ' , .
A Law Drpartmeni has been eMarni.M-ei
taxes w
West 'lVnne?
. i :l ... ,.f aim
erwise iiihii h ii t ne : itiah, i ac une -n fiuw i . , -,.- rt
and thedrivfr.lcondacto h- cainor oihei .n? returneo "J ' i c - i i t T V!
arge, ; to a line f 5U fr eai hj : ihe SUM tor ' .v-'-
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nl'.Jl.. mail -f Uiipt ni . " . .. J -1... : ma Willi ll.t HIW? r.l(-"Mir v.. ..r.u.
I The PiiNhnrg
t.r n.ni ' sr-n of ' len.' II
V t . -
"T T '. i : "p article of bagg.na ma.ierom
e matter njat.ng to o,vpm ; pxI,neiv i the lu.
'Zf'L be Sou.li and Soudi-we.t
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i:gi. i. as ietuiurtl in me a i
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ii the. rtV Uld cl his; htlrtr jnr
II . 1 ' ii 'a ni.ni. ,i
''t'"01' ,11 Good v.nwn -The directors ...
' n;ln;s,1,-Ver' r'? A.ui.a Unutacti.MPg Coioptiny have j . ;
cU lo be mil,-by pnvn. j ' cUA a v.dend of .;;.,r ceu. m f ut;f
r unluvful M.eans any forb,;.len ; , u? C(liriIr;y, pavale or, de- ; -y'j
iter, to a pebl.y of f.r fach j 'ou ( ie odls (, llie !a, six months '-
: ! . ... ,,Jp " ; This while the m. lis of the Nrth are c-o ; T!;t. l:jt.
ttons nrescr Sed bv the1 FosTina- ! . ....... ., ... i ar.v better v.
:ie t
l'h is whi'e the mills of the Nenhjare c:o The IMchn.c
See legti a tons preser Vd l.y tIoTina! .,(11.,s, n., e need any he.ifrv, n,,,..1(.e , liie ,
UrC't T'iiw .ban this .hat the; So.i.U ha, h ill(,rehtVs, n
1 4.-l,.4o0, -J-':- nnver'Lo ompeie sfcesvf.,!y : . U ' "h--, tt a3 CIU ,au i
io enforce-
O .1 I I
a of-PosLas,e is specially orl!' m ,.",nu
ions 492j4'.)3. and 491. .f -SawuW. AeiM.
Z ilENjlV WAUHEr?. J, . J i ,"
. i .
Seicbiid .assistant t'oVtiuasier-General
SbcTiJ Ca
ac'.ure cf Co ton Goods.
Incke v. of RtPTirs; In I? 10 iher-.- wete
; P an.es y. n
;.bul.t-l iefai-r, ut
1 sa. ;
in, New Voik and Hie iihmed.;v:e vi o itv,
o- i
LECIstTCaE. We Uaptl ch n he?, 17 p:iOtorsI: and 0.72 '?" j
a specimeOol Souih!- 1? 'e are! 4T ehu,, hes. TV; A
to !
, .. j. u i j
uuv uti fLvjeec's our mo
-. jexpeethtipiis...
l i ameSjC(bntinue to come in;
idly as lley have
rw-1 : .
ost sanguine
If. Sllbiclibers,
as raps
liiherto ddiie, the
4 ;':U33Eiika?? u dl have a ittircula
,e;tio:i! of 1,000
til can '.ncyeribccom'c lli'J vehicle
e. in less than VI months Irom l.'this
, ' day. Lincoln, ranks amoncrthe firsH.
Cojinlies in jTenniessee in point, of
population and: jntelligcncp, ;and
j we
believe. her people are wil
0jj givea. liberai. support ton
topics cf this jNo., vvho hac nod j; jesigiiins-" fc!nagouei who M ; Ncjtf s pa m pu bl iicd in.their
aninorcujiis io piacp ibeir names urged iorw; rd by blind al in ! c : t'nper lb s bebetwe hav
i. , onourbbolp; . ,Vc adopt this; plan, ; K,f pf "personal or fanatic d scheaeJ -menced pi icratiohs
--r ; ' i ,
i aJielpIpW Ikhdif the appcarancpltbeirown bettv endL to the i del
1. . 1 :- - " L I I ' . i I
it .t ii . ' . . l. i
Willi nope inai in -y wm jenu us !,vt14Cr, ,,.n b.nrb tL mh-anU ..vi i . i : . . ' .
" - ' ' I - ,1 ' iyv..v.SJ V"- H' um...vv . r.f r- IJK !,'! Ilflt 111 I IV 1 tmjl lfl'
,i ' Li : . . -- -i in: r-
; paper fdr a short tide, in order that
: we may! hear fromtur friends in
diiTcrcnt parts of the CPunty. . As
' -Uon, aiu
; ijct p it,
iDt bek
..r c-'l ii.:..: .!... ...i t j
,'". UUI -T ti ,,;t;i, Va,I! al l,,ovaf-'!mcnt of t! c commhi !i: tcr-ests
II I! diife friif irn .. ... .,.1... !. , . j-, r- ' I I.
ii " v.. . . vi.i.v- uui i ii miuud-' ii (rrrr 1 mi Pi:.r!irti-iJ hn tiillr
' ' . . I I . . ' " I 1- 1 .1 ' -
isyvorlil tliC ami. unt asked, .rnntrnt r. Jt will V.Ur
icontrai v, it
and you wni l e considered ; tQ meahire
subscriber; if) r.oi, return it to t si,c -" iistolei
put to ll
atlt. and
Jer and your narnc wi lfu measure of their
nlcrcpjon our IJist. p Jfe,, dbingjihip;' the ati
ijthropist, the selfsacr
i v and j-trire-.jj'oM! as tlitoi x repo j-ts .arc .-received,
C 1. 1 UldiilU .;' .. ch o II fMnnilfinrir. nnnntmnc t-r
.. Ol..,.. VVUI 111 V. 11 ljv t 1 U .IVlUi IV
n fc;
m venal, the; fariv
desjits. ' Put
iot; ahe phi! ah
i lcii i g anu ut;
Ye: are iuudcr the necessi v mocratic mcasurcliivink pdrtioii !of
. i i -. 'i : c . .. : I r 1
I ; ;':i
vt asking-, the ! indulgence of t! c i this great ivepublic
Ppblic, for the irSews1' Dejiartmcijit ;phidl )iot oi
ly rrcei
c on
wijj be wiihiyoi
Sa spirit at your stlierinc:
usav God sipeed- vour patriotic, elloris. 1
I hive penned (ins letter amid con.-iant uiler
lion and in;, gieal baste,- and have, only
e tojsuhsCiibe 'myself your frien.l Mid lei
i I - I I). S. DJCKIN'OX.
bts. Josiah Raud .11, J.'-I'm V. - . Forney
10 t,i
n..l.li..l. iI.a l..l1.iii.iniT ah hiipi'imiph
l'-'ll.ll I IIC I U II'. . II. t ... - w T i III! t
' ; j.. . . , i . ; i 'tors and '.Lli.'.Hjy mem
l,:ariitM legislation : i- - . - a
Mr.' Josiah li. Perry sbbniiite I the hilloxi'
in? preamble aod resolutions, whti;h were or
dered for consideration ti morrow, aiid to it
I. !
lo.iiie un w; r a:nab'e asa
the'mnjority jieihe late C
?iat?s; and wjrreas, it
andiVumiliatiirg to us,
equals in the L'bnVdenu
interou se with tlie p
pi , i a ml a oinh of .note
. i-
4','0r ik.emi.ers, pasl-iis aad .2i church.
- I . ; 1 - ' I . r . !'hghteu'd
Cottcn. Thmn AEletk. of Mis.rss-p i . 'J.Xlhjal
the j.gneiilitiral :
jrterras. it is well a'scertainej that tte 'l'b U- l'u aypoe.ina. .m ais.pu ,
.. ..i ;...,. i. r'..,i;..i ; u ,,!,..ln 'on. it is exceeding V tl4.ut)i.fui wn.-i.i. r i-i-.
.iiic ui uuum V.UIUUII. . in", iii.-.., um.... t
The locitive
was fiq-'J'-' :
tin, il is fi ecuing y ttt'OKwui .... ij-j,, 1le
crop of this ear will Wt ;tha. ol ;l.f, am! ,;, J ',,,1(:, .
ifj-lanteVs will throw their flops - mm mar- i l(it.ilU.li , ,.,
eraten(;uan.i;;ies..and ) .. ,0 ,ie 4
unntiiion of pow er by
lirnrresw ni ir.e I n:teo
vouMi .be dleg.a-.!i?; sjeailily anJ- n n..
hs ; freemen and to- ; ' uietr-iacmr io.i ,j
.. 1...1.1 ".,rtiii..r i .lieir-couon vM.l.coir.rosi!
"'""" a"J.."V"'-i...- . . . . . r.L .. i... ;.. I
U.-.l f iinh. HV as E lower mie. n't- iua, i h '
J!,;h,.!1l.:.o stales, hut Jt IS ilie Jdiiliv V.f the '.b'fs ronclll-inlis. It is
T.U!ai.ire,'t' SomhC ir.ilina. in i-arrviii-T . Consideratlo.l of planleis
ou tithe will of. the pet j'e of the tate. io . jrf pniirei-dVht of TeJas isloificialiv slated i L'nson in jh.i. sip.oLM' iliiriyy. o..d tht-y
eww !'!' M.u,i.;n .... tl;1V! .....
J that pr;cep read- ! T,-y M j-j -i,,. j,,-;,
ei t'ullegif, ai 'Jac.aon.
P.l.-t savs j !.'!. Jfhr, I'.i.btcio'
iMismi, wiWf tr to o'i'oi;
ha ml ;
ti-L'-m t
i-;( rLcrs ; .r ,4.tV -ljt
enlrat Ky.tlroiid-4- , ,.
it r .al ril.isi II .
: ,
id '1'iu.es si-jtes ih.nt in cor -
,1 t-j - weti-il t-r. rod ji t
st.! steal tit'.ii ol t'iJfi-i
1 1 r
pe i v-f : f ; j 1
i j '!.;
v V'fik cj'y -.ire' l to -'. er
to 1 H. per Lairel whoie-
t :: i :.'
' I A J 'I
- I
t!:e f-il
of iCosnia
b-Iave 1 1 w v.
I . 1,
1.1 I
nvi;i;r; S rt I c ! j. j
I lit of enj ji
Irimri the?; i!
.erce; i
is passed1 becai'i-'f'.!
i. ' -
(..fjmn i'ompai, .'a
j ei'.r.tiidi'J eJ Jtlliilniei.i c I
Ii e ol llie- I'tjui'c: iiiea.trei
i-ori;i;otii s-e Tp'ie exi esu ely
ciUir:, and v
is S-oie e.vlciii-ni-if i.i
L .: . ... ,k
l 1 'f T F-.. ' ' !
U' t.4-:
t inv.e ex tp,;r.i
fivesi lltg!:l t(
iiU-.iyt! 'h's jj.'v.i-
l sj Cl'.r"'(St quel, : - .
ij iiil: ( Vn. Ti.tttf . :
;iil!s thaw er i!- .
Hi. !Te liijiiiv-.; j
ilie l ej!.!s ol i..e '
iake all steps within its power prrparat.Kv ' f crrMUlOOfl in a renor
to a final severance ol oor political ! con ne'e- I (tire ' iW, it is treruu
lion 'wult jsaid iHin-slaveho.'diiig Slates -f- i ,'0-.Vn the debt to .hie tup
Be i.t there're j i ! "j'at the t.me it was isstied
7." in fvnl 'Thai t't-s f. (rUlalnre will m.t. ... i i
(lu'rincr ihe present W-shln at' least. ' elect ja :' A genilemaa of-Sjirin
nnainr to lilt ihe viicanplv ofrasioneil bv llie !''n Mount Tom a. h'w. (
decease, of 4h Hon; Job I Cald wellUJallioun. snake imeaurmg f'glu
I Fair Sample. ! "
Flic present No. of our Paper
cpnsiderctl, in workman
--tX-l-lrX S C tT-k , 4- VM. will
llOtUCrlJOpTl ,;,!i': " U'l aaiiijiiu ui nimi i t; wiu
When the New-
ima he
annlai so i issfcie et ry wccK. ,
. i ... ...
n. ..'and stumor but nm 7.i41 bus rn i ln.-iJ VPes wblcll we
facilit'ics 'tor obtaininRcadln" Mat-! crajion, .Then jto -test in lcti.-nl'-ivc-aijdjthcy wil be due' here in
ter of th s. order have been limited ;Bdj to curb faiuiticjsm, a hose tcb-a! e,r iayf we will possess laciii
lave ore
-i-lia vini access to very i few Ta- i dciiteisS are to run riut i:Ji?d swep;tirf lor jss ring a rtC plain printed
PrTs:-Lmt before5 onr .6suelawlvf4 "vf p'ah are Vm !-j Newspaper! .vlircii few0S
. , ' i i .,. - r . -... . . u i : . . . m ,
liaac Ilijzelhorst, 11. M. Le, Charles J b
U The Xorliierji.
-i;iiserve ol late, a n arked impnr?
ment in the ton'e of the Nnrjhen press on bc
Subjjt-cl of ih jpeare measures t.-f Congres s1
and other col'ateral topics, through ihe rp
eranon ol u ti-ioU comnuttees and union tuei
. ... ... .i . -
cuuers aisjwg i oiling ii recover tiiw
cm. i e,i w ho understand belter than
o.ilYers.hoiiv abolition tyranny is brought
jir upon .the public press, have cc-mmts-
era'tJ in ore Jtian we pare bUmeo, Mi cnnl.
tionicf ' manyy edit irs i:i the interitii, who
wi'J) subscriber", Sic,, bare I j suiFicient to sus
iain-1 their establishments,' found themselves
Jiivln to t he tilternattve ol .abandoning their
business and means of.suUsistance, rr yield
i:ig tk) ihe siorui. Iii iiiost cases they have
p re t r red ihe la' ter; and ihe eoiisequence. is.
ihat sn artificial public j serjti:riPiit has been
cre.tu d and sustained, even )jv mUitiiiid'js who
at htartj were disgusted with it. Pulitician,
ever eagjer for votes, have b.wed i-hsequiousli
to a i elusion whifth they despised , Clergy men
l avi; bern drawn into llie voriex;and thus tlto
whol'e North has seemed io l e i.fjrahd hot-
t bec ol Abolitioijisni, when in fact, a jar"-e ma- i
j .rity jof the people were sound and censerva-jj
live, j' From this miscrahle ttiritldotn. nothirP
hut a united movement on llie part of these
who (had 'any independence le t, could hav
iescueJ the conimtinity. W)i:n the emanci
pation is complete, the freemen , if we mistake
pot, will revenge themselves upondtheir tor
mentors'. Abolitionism will le abhorred and
uesptied. Clergy men and others wilj-recov-k
er their position, and insteauof 'MeniihousaiTj
pulpits" belching lorlh de'nunciatiorl.s against
slavery, slaveholders, aiid everything south
ern, .the vuit'p of the preachers will jbe direcl-
lo the Uie I,eisla i need i. 'Iv-en -n-jtw-tM I.
ed, is afier .-calir.il t-'o'Jth Camiiii.t. il-Uigt.t.ia'. d
pot-ed specie value ! fin'i it no la-y ti- i '
. i I i i ' .ppot.eiils:. W lii 'J
.;it-v wcuU h.ive U-
.. .. I t : . 1 r :
trieid, ms , k iieu ;.,... , n
ays since, a i.iacK ;-: .. .ilin- e'lKiivftl.-n. 'frj lit i mnh 1 1 -.
i he II
U ; 4,v
ii..T pany. n
bssbslpPi Will.
iibl irj itsU:ooi. :
trde J )!ve iw
iwjiiarj,' Ai-d
rU. ii-t( e le r-;tii.
teel iu length and i a ,tltK ,t:,h: iviil .tariy ul lit. ny J i.'h
Thai our preeir 'seve.n inciies m c'ircumteieiic-e. . 1 ! thai iuv40ii i.j .' the! r(iiduiiitiii nuh-ix ie" f
l I 2.1 . it . ! f . t ....... r I ! ' .11 ! I! 4-M
.1 llll IV I IP 1 ? UI' - . .1. . l l.l ..I ...1..II...... ..1... ... . .
- - i- riu..it.s u.e s-Li 1 1 c in . t;
of li'tmivfc slv;.-
rvtd;. J, T i.ii S i ?r t.r.ii
ai the N)rih av- iu i I-
c i .,...' - - I T I , . - .
rio,,.r tl... Ilrf lA P P.. uler. be flint t h bell-2 O1VII.0. 4 111
hereby, nisi rucipd, and bur ! representatives rels.'were louiiu, wlm-U nan nppareii,iy ; j-lU-(t choi be pi-l-.
' i Li:.- i ....J ' e n-atl.iwi. ! Hir 3i f( a bier.k'asl. lllS II i. I. i ( v., -
oe. a no are nr re I. v leu litiMru , iini iu itr ui.i u - i - - - . i ii i ie i. w.i t -..i i
nv their sents irl ConirreHs. or, until otherwise i about ihi largest snake oi this- species we , , ,ho ,.3,, au luW-usiiViiU "?, adieit. t ut
I ' t .1 - ' . .... t . - 1 ; , t . w 1 1 .
directil by theif proper hnd constituted au-.pver beatij ol. . i .' f . j Sviih. ft abr-oijl s all utlitt (lutt-.H'-a.) l.vi u
,tbort:its. 1 I, .1 ' I ..- . 1 .he jany l.ufs aM vh.ty.fif-l. fi-U t.
. I 1'cnr.ic em-TiTt-PE fv iew in. yn : . . b :il ut h V. lheiaii.ih n cn ii.-.u,-.
We intend toj continue the. publication o1 states that ia. liie poor IUuse ol that cry M ; v'.i-s and dem-vcra;?,!!
I ; I,
xtracls ; I'ro'tu Northern journals showing a 'a man, ilyinjby incb-s i old age and n g j W t(. res.,v.JJ!iiio iuttiointi ahdl
imiii ffgar-i In p,.K! y
Wart which is noi d.n.,b'ed by any but thoe leci, who-e portrait can I-- seen in toe Gov- 'p,Jtre ,- alieady ti.uth ! tuf
fwho will nol siie, 'thai the. majority o the 'f mor's rNOin a. Ihe Ci'v lilail; in a ra'n':n? IWeen a t.urtum of til j di-U
ifree States are dctfrinuied
lna resisting 'tie execution
:fi Li . ... .11. L IV-.:... "V ..!
i.sssvrr I.IW. I r ttw i via , 1 uui-r-. m nit ,-in;cni:n in"i .. i'".'"""! ....... ...... - ; tM ... ,..,i i,.,..1,iii
ivcises.an inlluenl-e uphn more mind nan'! less and 'an inmate of the Poor limine of the ; ' ' L,.r ... ...,.1 .,, ;,, bj
tany other np-ri in iie L,fii'Hi. on ine cnnciu-j; cpy ana iounty ci newann, is m. ; nevvr be a iijiio.hI p4r.:ji
tie majority o ihe -'f mor's rNOin a. Ihe Ci'v Uail; in a r-ainltng j twet.n a ,or?l 0t tl j dehr'.i
'Uied. iipoo nntiifyinfri placed lliere as an h.inor to arrhonoied name, i ( ( ,llt; w,,l;j j irtyithtiii i
in ion - .if the' fosiuve ; and a relic l ihe"! most .glorious page ol 1: , ii,e...iie ' p uty.
V irk Tr bone, which:' American lusiory! The,iiian, who is Ineud ' .r,,ssiUre H j;j aoc.i.iiplis:ii f's
sian of along ariiclej sayst .Xashcille lmer- f rave semiao yho pulled. rhe b-jv oar o. ihe . cm, a t.anftii.! piiriyJ it "7o'.pi!iu
lei sjjiiipil.'.jf t-'--I
(' 11: Ui.d . pof -edv
je dt.'L-icnt
K i I 1 U i:n.re
- f?-ii:t. j ; F. j..i
il.tioiii p?-tv t-it-i
A LIll:
oil p tf y r
fijc'txchangcs vviif chmnience roil- mai!& by u huckie hatrLtjc statcsrss. Ijcan and will print a Pa
U -ij'liti, and then we will-serve np!ma hsk z,vd 'wiin,.iitin ib t. safely jPr J,?t, h (liis particular; w ill corn-
if n intelltctmd jFciast suited to ylljguide thti Ship of S,tate. will coj
SiwtcW to vixh -ianj,: person.' yiijl jstitutb'a landalle tfirt p ihe
rTTCVir.LS Un.sr.niT.ii
.... -t . .
! A love of hi? Constii
! the LUiion as they j art
:"V"'ba "lad to sit down.
tBiM ar xro! aiid ViU
.. V- i'lie attention of tor.jv-Kai.
alscI' ; alarming crisis lhrou"h hi
a --- t t- 1 " i " . . - 4 j ! 1
1 ---tt . .'t- ji 1 aiikx. etui in . f iiii'ii n.-i 1.1 yu r 1 . t j: ii
X ?. ; !, ' j ."::''. -'4. ; jS ii.iiii.ui ia lu.tiLu i u. ; $ jjpw psssin , cons 1 ra ins usio pijiv-i t;jTi '
r j i I s I " V"JUiptv;iy Ne-ro-' and -jEstray?' j cami 0ur posit'l6n nplon ' tliej alnic'tt !follr;i(j
: A- i "" - at :J. ?j tf. i...i ".. Li....-L!. ! n't.:., I ! t-' t -' -v I. it ..' i ! iii i 1 1
,i .; l, 1. ut5, iu. uutsiuti cuiuiijii. j x ti7 j-ovcrvviieiinnig jbuuj.eci p f .f Wijt ; liberal. .
is n nox feature' ih iewsbarNer en ! ih. rnmnmmi.m. Aft'fjkrTii'. lait! I:
1 i ' ' .1 ' -- - J ' M i I""" I i ' V I I I .1
) t- i. - . . . .11' ; . ! y I . t ; 1
..AT1'. -! iicssec to Ailont this; Vdali.
'h"! Congress upon the jedj:
The ! the Slavery Question. .
' I-its will be. pbblidiedr'ogtdarh. with; the snnouncctnent pf
-W'' ' siichj'. additions mav be entered composing ttc jSenatP
j' -K.f ! ' on the ..jngers . Books',' of! this 'of TlurteA' raised tf
"sii - r - CJSiTyvorv.pUoh'shed m
W1 TliC :Ciu::C;esr.'
to rtraft
I any!' adYw1is since been denomihaBed
j Comro!nisc Bill
parje fayor)ly with any qther
. 1 ifbnat which conveyed .lie heroc Perry Iroti..' tt 0,j,...M,; li'lh'ioti '.--iiuii.ibi ' - '!" !
il to be excitement.J' his dismantled ship to the ship Nia-jara" at .y ij,..,ve:, 2rilll, -jiu( !Sj Li, a ipanr . j
on?!) unsteady a -j. :, his glorious victory on Lake F.rie! l '. ; nre.att rasti-r1 7i.ii Miiy.-n.d al-iiitu iii4n ! ' ' J .
Thus there cannot f;
knd probably .increased l!i
Uitumoi.t tv h i !e ?t 1 , w iv Llin'.l remain n:i the!
P"" "-1 " I . . T . .r -ttr -. 1 t. . ! .1...:.
tatnte b'.ok: coyering it in and crowdms 11 a ne nusincss 01 hi.iuiS i-uet-p n.t ( v
Jowii'will only iiender H more intense land ; nere U cle ami ta.io.v is ra.rieu on tpu e n
Universal. The!surc-l wiv -m allay aaitation t r.sively a. Cincinnati. lite houseslauhter
!a-n.il.i be lo icnral or I i-sSeotiallv modify the ' tl'.O head of siiepp .daily hle s'ms are la-
st-l; the! next best would .He .0' lei it stand ffn- ilea off, and ihe whole bo.jyj ?'rvm t-red out
jxecnted a dead letter oh the staune - boot. ni laito-.v ;:ie meai leirj unuv.11
2very case of slave catciing under. ;it will hogs. I ' . r . j ,-
TiVe 5 e xt L'-'S'iairs -f'i
Culleiiti publi-h'S a Very1 : lUieking Ir"
i Inladripni t. :
V. ': : :
r.irw tJu-
estilt ; in sendmg one -more Member ofj
.......... -. I..T..V . C I ' O r I, W d 1 1 1 I I Mn I . .-. I . '
tr jui its senior edittir datil '
It c-i' c!u le a loJIo-.v-; I
' With Ihe probaule Jos ol 13 .0 20 rtietn;.
bets in Nev iVork an I Ptru'.oiy Ivan lay th-r
I is of cuuie but little ;hi!j.i of a vlHig l.'Mi-e
in ihe new t'ongies, ai.dLMf Fiiloivre is'
. f . ' It- - !
j- lity agi;t
hi.'lj.ai.cic oS ,
Conrre? in lavnr of its repeal until its hacshl " in nsawnee ol ine- fx'riior.-linary, Ury iberelore ilest r.ej to havea p
ir provisions arie ffiaced. That . i-fiectetl,' Iweatl t 1 thi fall, very mamy ol our Ijriner-, hint in both boa-.il.e. duii.-.g;
there may he loipe ot- a coinjiarati ve not :naf ut'i y.i snweu uitr t-a., n": j ma r...
1 i.n'iir. fin -cr.iv in .-"pinri-, iit i i I ii I ieir:
' iv! 1.1,1:. i ' L t, l-frt ntt'ttiber of l.-l!iince ! '"Mlt.ht ' UTOVtKl AT Al i UtBoMol fiiU.
asre ol Mavervi aittatioii-.- . . - 1
o ' '.-v ' .vi : u 1 ...1.... .............. - .iiii-ls crurtiu ti .11 Ltunnii'ii.-r
I.. j I ' - ! - pidllli.ll, US III il Hl'm: llUll'uri w, 1. tur. j . : i i 'ii
1)ma;cs Fko'm I.vtynlTtow. The ars-i! 'be oiasn did not germi'iatp i alt, or 11 it ini j Acc.iueu.aily, mm : Jearoiea . Uon i our
orbl Tensas Parih,Lrmisiiiia.hasfutni-h.(l to ; .lie, excessive ttroughl ''as c niii :i loJie oul- triend, the trfcrV "nandLd-df Jari represent Mas
1 '... ,rt..o -id J?i w.;.:,.rt., :.. . ero ol iievr vear . wi arrain ? a short one. i l' Alt tftioto, l.ir. lie ou ..ctaa.iy Mq in
l .1. " I : .h' ...l.i.lv en !:ir or lnao nc T-jjcJ 'IVni'.i'.-.t.t'K I4 I'nlifPMi
irOlIl lUc IRUllUWIlUil Ml IHPJ 3 1? ' VVIllMi ur n.WJi j rv.-.
ni.ys, is al Uasi fune hunufrJ jvr tent Jflow Uti
!'. II
" i
is concern j fac'irv' 1irte ta'-t, c in! tr" w ip jf ' - -'-" . j, ' J
' if ' ( . 1 -Ml .x ; 1 1 1 1 ,
l lie a-S'irss us ibnt-yr, i.it he (ieve, ,.H' ,
two vessels; thought of its gelling iit'o 'the jpa'prll lii.ri Sf .
tCJ' We invite particular atten-
1 to cur S Description' .and' Ad
nldf t! l verlising Terms, oimlie: First Page.
rjINKufeinesa-: Men and; the Reading
C C;U!nlInb!ic arc requested to examine
carefully. They will le
wc think, to be exceedingly
IU . . 8
iSfl ?-sr7:;Vo have a srilendid assort
ts nientof New-Job Type, of all sizres
.! .'!'. . ." ii " - r' - ,'- - '
s early
ie I na rinjjs ' and stylcs,-and are nc'tv prepared to
- . . .- K -.1- - V .
onhmillefc e:o!every Kinu oi-rnpting Ijin man(-
1 1 11 r t : f 1 1 ... - 1
It ivmai j ner unsuppassctl, and : oh as fair
Clak til terms as ailv oirice in the South
i West:! AU
i. ' ' - .
wc ask is a t: sal
, .Vc'w York U.S. Shniftpr. Ilamilion Fisb,
ihe present Governor!
Oil New York, is likely.
e Legislature, iht some general arnl tfiecl
,'e plan of Jelenee against the common ene-
Al may be ad-pred. and p . shed f rward wnlj ' f; - j ,; , U ' ' r is o raise funds. ; Tbb -.tilrtse .ode v-e d5
all Ihe energy anil resourc e ol the State gov-j 1 Iew aj'c Jo 'ru- o iCmimeice of ,1 . . 1 -. r . ' - !p ' .
eliiient. ' .; 1 , .he Cth. ntt., jay-'. Tf.o palue; o1' coMon 1 not c.jrarly conipf:u"rj J. 'Ui nci.-.iitii.el s.iy-:
f -4 i '. ' 1 j 1 shipped from .his pirt during ihe' last moniri "It'iaj Toiitemp'aiH'i t j ili'tw '.he' jx-rt-grl
' "Sver g a a v 3" a " IVo.oi.T heaps - is rqual J the whole s'.rr..ri..of Hnmi.c iM.,,, p-.i.U ,eceii,in cfall kitt
TJhts Site, IWwi) ork, has been lau.ous h" :prtd'ice lor the saiut wunthlol the prev ous -, 'V'- , .'l-U-i . f '
j giving new names to party; politicians.' The year. . ,i: ' -. t-f wjetchajidise!; alijV..ij:cuji Crvetnmeut
ihori ol two- liuiidred thnnfcand dollars
li "This is independent of; losses, Sv the de-
. 1 .. .U . 1 1 A ,n
ed agauist .1 e s.ns of his own peoplt.and il1e T' c,:tJn ,' , r " . L 7V" iT "Y
'..,.. 1 , .... , I , 4 shts to high lands abn'rk.,e reach ol flood.
n..rin,r,e rjeam, tn t.eir ! A M l;,cts aTibese w
own ey e, iiiSieau ot tnagniiyittg inp moie in ; ,
their brother eye! into a niouiitaii, filling
the tanh and. piercing the heaven? Theii
we hope that the Gospel will prcjduca its
legitimate fruits, msteadef barrenness and
desolation, the fit reward of sowing lo the
wtnd.i JV. Y. Journal of Commerce
Sot'THtRs A.lAupicTCREi:s. The Savan
nah Georgian says:-Jt (gives us plea ure lo
notice the pmgress ol nianufiieiures at the
Sonth , Messrs. Godfrey &, S0I01111 ns. on
Bar street, have leeeived ten caesol !STor.h
Ca.olii-ia Casstineres -from, the Rock-island
Factory, which is ry very cond ar.cltj, and
can .bej- lurnished at irom 374 to 73 ce'n'is per
yard, j When such goods ran be supplied at
home, the peoie ot tlie Souih have, mo ne
cessity of . going jNprtli lor such supplies.
nd that ihey can be furnished -a nd the
mauufactuiers derive a good profit there
from the experienced of all such. Southern en
lernrists t'lillv. nrnvp.i I v
I - , ----7 !--
le actual lilw h i , , i Pit rears kto ihpre wprri hot
Ten : iiegibe'drownedj worth S?lf; o2 f -any'liind on Lake Sup rior, and nufinore ' , 1 r.il'J.i . J jx
I , ... ..1. it. r.ivi 1.0,1 ,.r euiiie l ' 1 r ' . i. . the t It.i ion n'j t t v ea of the e ect: jo ' t rtii
(.orses worth : H,-3.Ji; 0.VJ head ol tdltie, than une or two white ftlti Jies ! cmi'l be i I- , : i - '
;vonh S3l,540:;; 1531 ihead cf 'sheep,.! ;,()Iij wl,inn.tilr luntU inies.'lroru ihe ; '"''5t'"'a'i-t',;! -o ,mucli fr.fjn him. -At
Urorth 295t?5 x9 head f jgoa's, worth . for. . SdUv j0 p.jpue. .jw .here .are . three Uo lgeville, the stoppige wasjiri orCt r to j ui
iTotU a mount, Pc,4cic."' '-. ' Jarre rronel.'ers .'and s ix or -l-ven sail ve.-seis.!; 7...i..i ' i.i.i ;..: .1. " !.i.i 1.. .' .
., 1 ..it- .- J. ,r . 1 I ... 1 " 1 1 : i;i a ivutrti ji u'niMiiniT in i n 11.13. ut en
, 'Ih' InUllwenCer isnmtfs the lOt.l lO-S III F,jllr I.tIiI lmmSrs buve beiii ererle, Kv ihe hi i I : '
uhe four parishes above Lteid river ni not'much ! nMnL, ..! t lt,..... ;i. r.f.. f sf,,ri45j bl' ' P',!i'",n tlown atJ
ants are scattered along the coa-f. :! bud-, lour -luues -aa wrje. Jaunt on iJtut.' .
The wheat ejop of Ohio is estimated at j A Mkxicaji Uisf. i (it tRRBThe
2fJ,0"O.rifi0 htisliefi. ' - ! Pwnrville .Seutiri -i 'st.itec. thai C..I. Purti!:..
- J.i :' .1 : . - - - : 11 1 - 1
WfctcU nave, inouLeu ' . t,,,.... Jnnf. ,...;m4,'. I,A nr.Ia, i .-;rt. rir..-...l. .f .-.I. ....I..J ..... . t....
salt olA i,i;9,Ii,,i.i.. .nunn r. i . . ' ' r ' .7 .? !" ' " f .
VJ . 1 UIOII.l !UU . L V. II I ! It V t I V T
wh at crop ol ijus s-a on a 7.0(Hj.u)j more . Mj!a,ll0r;l J a r,.w 'djvs imoe f-Jr the interior
than .hat il lal vear, m hi'.tli! was 4,UfX)J0X)0,
makinz 11.0W.000 bii-hela ifoir export
of Mtjxici j and ihatj it is. whil-pere-J Wis object f
is o jraise funds. i'T'1? ".tji'e .i;i'".le v.'e dij
: ,1 - , ' . 1 -. : I . ' -Ir !- . .
noiclrarly coimpreiie-jil ;u: ii.iU.ntii.el s.iv-:-
-.4lioe riucn iti Ir uti.il I r. iii ir L in ila no mi. .I-.' I
....... ; ....... ... T..-, T: ... , r i- . -.- . ' .
irlu2!rers.&.c.. in! aloretimta. as now With' . "" """"" '"""IJ" M"" 1 "" 'r t
ihe..f.i.rt imriL-er.'i ami I 'i,:irn.l:.ir.,. r.' tluny-iSiree thousand rVc.-iiilyl visited bv .he
wil! be ir.hiriiied of ltht fac?, ir.d heore an
answer can le' rei'ursf -Jj rihl fr in favor r
es all oriinaiirig th NeW York, . j 'lD!e Society, were il'esiitine id that sacred l agiiiut ih-i opo.atioij, vufjcijiit tnoeeywill
wo new pariiei halve rejcenily tome 'wo ,0,"-n,e. ' ; t jdiave heeu raiei :oi tiieer die e iils dtsucd."
tenee. dividing ihejwhiis as ihej 'hurAers' A Lcckt MiS.4Tlie Ke. ' Dr IlavAes! j i H j
barnboroersJidivide ilie d'e.-nrt(rattr, and ahiiears tube iiuue! a taeori'.i with his. pa j ccwi:jgs. In,., oixatk, j.,.teir; a man
ihk-seare already chrisrenedliiver irayi' and
'wooly-heads.' The 'Jtica coiiventioti bill
rri re. men are nicknamed ' silver-giaj s.' and
Ihif. Syracuse Seward met are utcUamed
wnoly heads. ; '. I ; j -
"These nicknanUs are net without, mein
ingj ' The 'silver grays' are from the chirr,
th grayer part of jihe tvhig party, who have
got! cured of their ms, i( any they ever had;
and ihel "wooly heiads'; are t'hose wan,, with Lou. regard U :colo
Ihev can thibk but vervl little iot the
i ' ( . T I ' - 1 1 i
e man. f3iiver-gTys' aid wooiv-heads'
therelore. the Djckoarr.es ol Ine new par-
in the whig paruV
- " . , r -J , . , am inei -wooiy iienos"! are uiose wuo,. Willi
to be the candidate of t! e u h.gs of that Staw j GoUrnpr Sowa.d, 'think so n uch of .he m-grcl
Daniel S. Dickinso
M l i"- n unt woiild have j wh
been the candidate had he be?n deflated for arel
Governor. . ' r'i - I !' ".- 'I... : l,esi
i, Naw Ynrk. j by the name of Gordon, with pn arc ornp!ice,i
ni preeo. of , crjmmei.ced the '"oiy'st'eriiius ,knockinf," at
bed a house for) ' ;-- ;., .! I .'. -,.,a . ..
.ii uujs vi on r.ut iijr, Ji wu,w lauy, WItit
nshionerSr at Calvary Chure
They nave, it i said, made h
Sin.tV'O.have rented and form
I,; I. :.;,, I liia ht liJ till (1,1(1 nil
have agreed li give him a sali'V l &5.U0U. wbo;a the former hudngia
kear. .
. Detroit has just given lZ7y votes agair.s.
to I'Jtj lur, ttpjal jBup,age toiiil menj wH&-
; ; j vcfc gomg ori swunmiuglyl
In one dv.l district in Gri.inger county,
(inliliiii.,irr itt. nr kin hltntlieid 11:1) abl tail tS'.
...... a ih'ui.i . v v ( -.- - : '
not a smgle death is repotted to) have occurred
xlndryV apMeareJ iriih ;"uLrlial musi; ai;d
miliiajy pomp," and dema
with the tpi,it. Gordon di
aid. an ominous looking ba
in the la-t ye;r pteieilmg
I I , I ! i -" v- - v
souie of the party. Sdieli ickiitml v..v
UfKiy n,ea
,. !' utiii .
to pjns
iated Liuself, a d
Uiihl "Eusi'ii
ided- an mtervieiv
toverirg a kettle-
sc; tne hands cf
t n k o u tv U'.! .Virtf't ;tc tr:
i,W0 r-i';': I L
ri;:-v . .:.!-. '- i'-'i
; i
- : . - L . v. ' -.- JI. J-'
.i : :.
-r i
""?'y '-r-'ii'-U:..:;- '
- i
, v
' ;.-
- (-
. . .'. r. . ' "
'V -j '. j . , -- :- y - ..
1 ' , - -' - '- - -. "KSi-'-'-'y .-
. -sv,..- . '
1 a. t . - '
- -v - - - : VI

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