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Fayetteville observer. (Fayetteville, Tenn.) 1850-1966, December 17, 1850, Image 4

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f : 'v f)--- "'' I"'!- h -v 1 ,- ,
. : i: !- ' 1
: I i 1 , Hi -:-: ! '.j T , ' V ' : H 1 iH
rr 1 ' ''Til ' U ' r ;i ' ' $ " '
i ' ' J j -i ! ' i ' ' ' .:
! - W"Vl'fii.-i fvTTT - P T " ! : 1 :
ty- ! :-rf, ; '. ..
i i i 1 . "V i- : i - ' I ' ' . .' .
W2I AXTJU III Irnrt Ik. i T .L . I h
'; ' - - I .! ' LiMC. lit iU '
!. i - I H. -I
I 1 i
. ; 1 Kcmcmbcr, !
1 rememoer, I rmomli i
W hen 1 j jusi lpgan to creep,
low I crawl'cf straight in:o tijischtcf-
llo'.v 1 would iiii o to sIqcj)
How 1. pu'.ii'd UiQ.'tiible linen
T W i ill its contents on the floor;
How mnitjtlie'f.spariked mjj for it,
Till my tender' ik'sh was sore.
rr'nvjmbdr, I remember, , j -.
When 1 first began toj talk;.
Arvj I also do remember j I '
j Weil the day I tried id walk; (
Firm 1 grasped , old Jowlfrs collar,
I But he gave a sudden
So into a pan df water.
Jowler spiix ihis chi'd
I remember, I iemcmberj,
1 jr When I wad a little child;
' jllow niv fancy used to load me,
Into scenes ijnost s;rang?. and wild;
llow 1 thought that tho loud thunder
Vas a. chariot swiftly .driven,
jsotne big and mighty !giant,
'f; en-si op."
Thro ihe roc
i-pave J streets of heaven
'Among the mai
that iny profession
make in the swam
forded me more p
ry .Wilson, sor of
resident some few
Shingle. There as
manlv and frank i:
our icciins wera i
traded towards hilirJ
it prdved to be 1m tua
to take the same in
enablpd me to
no ; one .;tN
akurc than Jpri-
sniali Aplanter
!es : from my
something s()
s bcarins: that
resistably it
and we, soon becne bosom friends!
A severe attack lp congestive feJe
that I carried jiim through successj
fully, riveted jhin tc me foreverj
and Jerry, upon all and every occa?
sion, stood ricailk'. tq take un the
In my case
1: he seemed
crest.'-' in nie
fraunlkl in'mvide
ly as in his own.
ular in tho neil
net, as willing.
BeSn very pop-
Hborliood, lie be
i .
r?membcr, I remember,; . .
W hen I usedto"gi to school, '
IIovv I kept a watclrftil eye on
The school master's rod and rule;
I3ow I cut up monkev shines : i
livorv time liss baeK was titrneu-
If ow I sometim
Whin I'd n4t mv lesson learned.
js uteil to catch it,
rem en; be r,
WJidn I wen), to hoiking peaches,
ow a log came and caught me .
e baekiaido of my breeches;
iurig ntJto the bushes
How ihedig,hun fust to me,
Tillimy crying bnMibta man who
FlqggeJ mo )nost awfully.
reinent'er I
When the! gi
Illovv 1 thought
Uui "ave it i
rcmem b;r, j
ji!s I us' il to kiss,
it rather funnv,
o extra bliss; j
Xow it seizes iiie with rapture
;i 'Now it fills
Yet with all
I Would tjh at
ny soul wi:h j-y;
tmorous pleasures,
lwere still a bo v.
came of great assistance to me,-by
advocating my c
ing, by Liis favor
tiouS, my circle of
The plantation
lamer s was posa
broken -dowif-VirJ
wz dissrpated oncl
forming to the
lasliioimble life!, h
swamp, to en
lions, in order tlJ:it he ! Imight re
cruit his impovcri
Adversity; or
had I taught him
prominent foible o
msiine State- pi
qunt itidividtial i
mind iwas irepar
ch'e proper ,. critrri
out regard to tliej
cumstances of birih, wffalth, or na-
ililtll iii ffJVCS
- i
I believe' lor beinlr the
Ma'ior. Si
jthe- race tit ; seknlu led
The SoHtarv Traveller.
Oh ottic cold
of July,
a oor
4iifu:-rsVi'l;iy. in'tho month j lieglCCling by
njan, clad in all the -habilj- ;estjll2L if not
was not ;wi F. IV;
proved to ; me tii;
one of Ihe" vcrv lia
i Kiit,i in describing
ciiaracler of I ho s
ter- a sweet
use. and extcrid-
iblej representa
essed by an old,
iniah, jwho, havj
fortune in con
rcqtiiiincnts of
id cpmerinto the
its inanv nriva-
oniethirrg better,
the ! folly of the
the 'iVjirginian i-
ide, lanicHconse-
portance. His
to test-men by
)n menu witii-
advtlniuious cir-
the- meed,
airst one. of
ire mat lie
deritly as if the avowal 'on his part
bad already been made- Almost
daily she saw him, eagerly she
a waited a declaration. but poor
Jerry never could get his i courage
to-the sticking point; like Dob Acres
it would ooze out of: his;-fingers'
points, in spite of himself land his
determination to bring things to the
condition of a fixed fact, i '
Matters were in this jstat-e when
I became acquainted with them;
she was w illing, he was willing, and
yet, if j tliej; kept on the way they
were pursuing, they both bid fair to
remain in single blessedness for a
long time to come. pecjjily intc-i
rested in the welfare of both parties,!
I thought I could not manifest. 'my
sympathy, better than by,-kidlylin-terferiiig
and producinglhat crisis
which ,1, knew would accord with
Vac fcelinjrs of both. 1 :
A slight attack of fever of the la
ciy's, not requiring medical aid, but
u hich a father's fears magnified,and
would ;iorl3e allayed until I was
sent for, introduced me fully to the
confidence of the daughter; and a
trite-experiment j jvbich I tried upon
her, convinced me that all my friend
Jtrrv liad to-do was to ask, and it1
would be given. j M
: Holding my fair patient's hand,j
which,1 resting in mine, looked like)
a pearl in a setting of jet, I placed'
! my fingers upon her pulse, and, pre
tending to number it, accidentally,
as it were, melitioned Jerry's mvme
the sudden thrill that pervaded
the artery assured me that she loved
lifting my eyes to her face, I gave
her an expressive look which suf
fused her beautequs countenance,
as if she was passing into the sec
ond stage of scarlet , fever.
J My next'duty wajS to se?k Jerry.
I found him seated on a: log, under
ii n i il im i m.miwi"JBMim
This method of address alarmed
Jerry, and lie promised he would
do as b directed.
iVccom'panivinff hini home, I saw
Slim fairly Uresscd, njnd then left
lim, as Jlho demands of inypa:4
icnts were urgent. ji
Jerry lnquntetl his steed, and
?et oil at ' a jbrisk cantler for Maj.
Smith's. I It was only a mile and
half, and would have been trave
lled in a (i darter of anhour, hatf
he steed kept his gait. (But somei-
how as the distance shortened,
the canter Cjcased, and a pace su
perseded it; he last half, his gaitj?
Irrfd moden.ted to a walk; anjl
when he ma 3e the 'ast turn in the
joad, his horse was browsing thjj
gtass and banc. Up to the last
few hundred yards, Jerry was as
brave as a panther with cubs, and
determined li following out my
prescription; but th.e moment the
house, with its white cjhimneys!,
commencc1 .ippearing ound the!
ljcnd. of the Layou, the white pin
feathers began to peep,ut in his
Heart,1 and verily, nothing", I bej
lieve, but 'my threat, if lie proved
courting her
rjecreant to-lay, of
myself on tliejmorrow, kept hin
om giving -up tne enase.J and re
tracing his steps home
Hut the
the hearty
ding him alight, cut oil all retreat1.-
lie was fairly, in it.
Criminals proceeding 'to execution,
tlian younz peopje going to'pluck
grapes, they. sought the garden; the
gate was j closed pemnu tnem, and
in! a few moments more they stood
under thej arbour, i j ; ; ; i
J ! The grapes were hanging down
upon all sides in the greatest pro
fusion; aiid, twining their purple
masses together, seemingly cried
'Come eaj: uslr,' ,jj ji . ;' .
Jerry was the very picture of ter
ror! Oh'.jhowjh wished he was
safe at home! jBut it was too late
toi retreat hej could only procras
tinate; But still, men had gone as
far as walking in a secluded garden
with a lady, and then died old bach
elors. .But then that infernal doc
tor to-mojrow the die. 'was cast,
he would go on. The qiieslicn was,
how should he annioach the sub
ject so asjnot to destroy life in the
lady, tvlicn his C'reautur business
was announced? 'lie must prepare
lier for it gradually- tfpe grapes of
fered an introductory the impolite
fellow, not to offer hefj any during
the long time they had been in the
arbour tjiey liadj just a second be
fore reached it. ! :
ji Plucking off a Iargcjr bunch,'1 lie
handed them to htrahd selected ,3
similar one for himsdif. They were
, it;,' - i
where the digestive, ifparatus certainly does",
Can the grapes halve anyihing to do ivitl
iheir qtKer iconiortibns? "Heavens!" Jerry
cries, as a horrid suspicion flashes over hw
mind, "The choleraj The cholera! IJeares
we wilT die jlogethe locked in each other's"
arms!" and Jerry sopght to embrace liis fady
love; but she was stroxtched vp. I believe the
ladies' term it, aal as: he had assumed the
same globular positipo, approximation coulff
not be effected, and! death bad acquired an
other pang, from- tllt-ir having to meet, hitn
separate. j-
Ik use was reached, and i devoured in silencb, jJcrry too badly
fvJiccof the Major, bidr I 'gHtene to speak, hnd Mary woji-
Jerrv cot
down, left ithe yard
gate carefufy open beEiind-hiniL
leu ins liorsoj up the Major's line
frrass-wnlk to tho riTons. :ind vni
o T -r -7 j
about bringing him into the lipuse;
when a scrvtint
him of
a shady wil
bayou, pole'
venlcen, at the ti
rite. Ah! she w
emplar of her sol
eye- so lurrmious,
il.l an 1 tinSul of i the rich,:
i wis-Jf.org i along. on lirs 1nck, in a.i
I ojin' j. t, over a,long an J dreary dusurl.
X,j a! It'll, tree, nx:k, or spk' uf green,
i appoint to cheer him in his teJious ascent
! uf ihe mountain jnhich i.-ty out 1c fore him
in'fefulu! heajis.s far as th-j eye-qast reach.
- il,LVi inreribides lav'scuttered in tiis path.:
and Over and rnon woii!jl his foqt-sps;' and Tar llov 11 lil
mingle in sweet cad; rncc :viih tho black; jvatCI'S, VOU.COIlliI h
; waters o'. tne yc i;ov skv, over noaa, pre
': cip'.tolus j.l'ains he scramh'.ccl vi;h all the
it'nlity ijf a p.lir of covr-h'dd uoots which cn
j cased! Itia boss in a red ft .'iy laspect.
I Egyptian darkness had now settled down
tipoirtiSiJettriti. and ih'i noon-day sun threw
1 hiscoM qui tm'rciag n.vs full in the fue of
i iVin ii ivc cr. as Jie pursued ms nortnern
hicii confession ! le anglings
. he reallr : wak hue and ail
t ol the land.--j-
the father, I am
he most mtcrj-
mostt importaliit
ne o!
is the
I cotirsi tuv.-irds ihi beautiful, streaks of light
thai nbwjilluap the ea?t, Ic.-uHod by the
of tb
ol i.te scuting sun, in ttij nun .utstance
sent 'futur
Tho iojn cast bet pale
jniJniht.darkness o'er the
inky : :,ight
arnbtinniiig hen-coop's, whose bUi5 rliys of
coat t:jils,Kd ft .large box oi lranJreilj s pills,
gr(:at!y apsisted i him in bis precarious pas-
..;r,. ..i-.'-rUhe lleo:) crassy and verlureless
lake. ! ! s-
At length, while ; ibm in ilent granu2tir
be stalked along.be met ai!aged man, whese
silvery locks of j' t black hue , hung in
r i. i . - t - it
jiuburii ciirs trom the white oaK uramuie
of a centuVy's growth, which li.ied the sides
of a largejdandy.lgray russet, sky-bitie-pitik
fi.lnrcd nirtiide.:' whose lnt whirl was
i,r.,.r,l r.r niiles. b'.mon'ed 'close: up ;to the
its dreamv
ee ii
purity and feeling
ten id tier vtuce-f-
forest bird, on th
houghf gave 'forth
melody, as wheiri1
cd away in a laujg
and timidity voii
wil l fawn, wlien
brink of s6;no nl;
its beautiful image
witters thus !ira
licrsf'ii, wjjic-n voice
or admiration stole
and yQt,-ith all h
serve end timiditv
was Iq'ved: Know
bachelor, think no
f uliO yo'tdt before rnentionei
that mjf swelling h
open anew .wounds
philosophy1 have' his
heal. ( No! my ! f
friend siie ras, an
died in my1; heart (.h
or headl
mcnt frbnii
auiilit ol: t
, J vouth, on whose downy chin thegrity j'lvriiijkk lU
I -Wuid. brown htms from-hi. eye , erai ,J
in'ir im.,rJs in" one concealed
c!,.,!lv Jmsif-ned to tur.i o.Ver the
unproifie jnie, and
ead oi
i i v brow
isat. cars' ar
I I , 1 1 I ' I V. II I . I I
..11-. 1 1 . ' ' I ' W.A
. , ' "I. - . i
noi-ih-easi Lord! Lord! 1 have
1 his
eel we're ejnased in a !arg3 tvooiler
.ithk-own over his shoulders In; rich pro-.
Il .'. in - vi.ll.iw IV.I; fcnat of
fi,.rv red. I and k-arrying Ins. noso, which i -k " M', p
slilil'.turjied up at the cn 1, under his left j had WCjddf
a r.uiJbe presented jan appearance that wus ; l,rathcr i
"nu.fl, and ahogeihcr sthking and, piclur
When our p'Ustnan jfirst tuned tlie creascms
Tlancjeflif bis withering n.'iso upon ihp fair- j anxit'tji; to
frigid bri
side iff I breaj and;im"k cheese mafiufac- j spring IlU V'C dl'Oppe
tjred ofihe best D.ttnascus "stec!, whose: wil- j a(J . i
low brainches of the toughest oak atiorded a n f . , I I
ffratcf-ulj she'wr ofKn summers, j . i M J
i Atjlebgth, ten .years alter, on the same! vuieu iiiuiulm, aim
day, ihey sal down in a standing position toj in ail Ccqupl itlteilS
a su.mpt ions repast o me c-, , ... l,er jove; l.t:t dowai
si vr 111 1 S I irMV 'Uau umuuivw unwn-t . i j ,
iix oVacreenish black, cast
tro tho bind wheel ol-; lb
harseV 1
t5ut rJow a change came o er ilvi spirit ol j tan.-
prevei toil an
part, and tr.o two lo
dwelt in a liMifcious
iji.-ir dream. 1 i
i lirrhtnim's rtiiK
th'; ktr-oll trees
wilIl Know
nr.n ret' l Di'J Iv-m, tun .
..... r - - . . M ,
i.-rriiit? lonciits upueaving liont the slial.-. ; Uieir 11 .SC either
errvuas the I
thl-biigh t
i ii
L b'.w debs of; the-troubled wait rs of the j f()Q tjc,)rclel (or
I . ,... . .ii.imni r 1 II V I I It . -
Ciiltii ati
drv' ai
individuiltlV ovlexthc boundless Jejutoj ol j UIOUUl
UesL pOU
on lite d.
1 d
.irk i an sailing earth,
ntiJ gaa
jf ntnure
itionths j
for liomi
the presej
arrived then
I placid
by the I
coVcb.ii.g rain, roamed in dompottnd
im u-
li-'airiei and th,e sim in wra h y Clilni- knew a rCipected
f.l forth whole' sIiopk of vutcr, up- a . ot r i
i tl lll'll 1 i Km I ' 1
. i would have mer any
...i.vltM'U , .".1 I ,1 llilll tlllLiIVl41
,lr ih beauties and harmonies lutioil, Strength, or a
rr-s.i!vea from thai moment ten fjfe CQllld Overcome,
rev.ous, t) make a straight wt ;t,e conseqlieiiCCS
. ...l siro.iWSinirlv'fivo veiirs ffwm.i.1 , H , i .
j. mor; anu yea. no oar
anu aecoruiniv
L. . .:,. ..'.,. ,i;.iir t,i mine, am
in iiiii'3 j , " - o- --- - - ! i:i ,Ti' .,.i-,f :..!
ic-o. ntr nave i ii' l icn a iiiiiy ui
twelve years
ihcj- been seen or heard of scc. i l
her, and wbld be
ami sorter (I
1 ' . t . I IL . " ' 1
ihe lolloping cure for he otlwtchk; taken , .
frutn a cilriop worK (rtnteu in juo.-'.
Imcre terrible ih the
With an ron nailjrisso and cut the giim a VOWal, than fightill
from aboijn'the touih tfl!; tt hiecils, ana j Jndians, 01", Strangling
. I C!r
some oi "ie - j )C p,)or
.Ifivo it into a wooueii neaai i:p to uie iiu.tu, , .
0'1U " " "....' t, Lt- i nrrrn inn .
is dune von sliaii n:vef Jse ;u:e ; j"- -
jjn v,nr
'ccived that
girl, wit!
hjr sex
ferrv Io
, i ...
(T imihpi'lnir. lie-
anil bever vet
such a gush of
rose and melt-
Sin i oi se1-
which I
bright ekf
Look in her
eo tender,
w gems of
: a i
seen, the
on the
e, it sees
ed in the
as if into
f loveL or praise
ilo jjcr ears
majidenly. rc
she ilovedjand
ow, by the edge of the
in hand,; assuming to
The tense state of his
occasional quiver of
the pole, indicated that a Dsh was
hooked. ' Patesing unnoticed by him
l i )
a siratiger -wouia nave come to
one of. three". conclusions': thfit he'
was1 deranged, in love, or a borii
fool. ' " , .
Walkipg up. -to-him ; briskly,
without his hearing me, although; I
made considerable ' noise getliiig
down the bank, I slapped him on
the shoulder to attract ; his atten
tion, and as I had several patients
lo visit, anu ume . w as precious;
without'wailing for the usual saluj
tations of the day, commenced hiy
address in a real quarter race!
manner: . '
"Jerry, for aj sensible man, aiid
a fijilow of courage, you are thej
d Ldcst fool);u)d coward unhungJ
You love a irl the girl lofes
you. You know that the old peo-J
i- .
the task by carrying the steed to
ith'Cr stable. Not .hoticinsr the air
of astonishment w ith which tlie olti !
rejjarUiriff him, hci
l ie world was to
dcring what ii
come next ; i he jgrapes were con
sumeti, anpther pjur of, bunches se
lected the sound of their champ
ijig jaws ias all tljat brjokethe still
its. Jerry's eves were fixed on
liis bunchJand INI; rv was watchinff!
. r i 'i i r,-.W'':a!tf)I!Ot
ine motions oi an ngue snau. lnei i ,
. Fortunately for 'then ,, the Major had got
his sleep oui 'some- hoVr before, ajd, becoin-j
inj anxious at ill tin jHrolouged stay, set put
to seek iheor. A he garden was a qiiet,
secluded platje, herliught them most likely
lo lie there, and iljere he found tlieiin, labour
ing under ihe influin e, not so much of love
as the iruil nitisi out an , overdose ; of
grapes; anu ;you kiidw liow ihey allect the
i Stcanu ; :( '
How wonderful are tbe revolutions which
. i 1 i . :
steam hath 'wrought in ihe world! The Jia
mond, we arej told, is pure carbijn; and the
dream of the alchemist' has long been to dis
eniomb the g'erii, in its translucent purity',
frtjm the Scxt mass dug up from the coal
field. . But if Ihe visionary has failed to extn
cate the fair, spirit from its earthly cerements
the practical philosopher has produced froni
the grimy lonkp-a gem, it comparison to
which the, diatnqnd "is. valueless has evoked '
a Titanic powerjbe fore which the sods cf ah! '.'.
cient fable could not lio!J their leaven for aij
hour; a power wieltiing the tl.u,nderto!t of
Jove, the sledge of Vulcan, ti,e;club of Ilcri'
cules; which fakes)' to itself tsa ta.'aria of 'f
Mercury: the speed of Iris, anil the hundred
armsof Criareus. ;Ay-e, the caibon gives usr
indeed, the diamond aJter all; the white ain " .
A boy was despaj: hed posthaste after me J feathery vapor that lises from the panting uuq
Fortunately I . wsp at Iibine, and quicjtiyi is ihe priceless pearl of the modern tttiliiarfin
reached the spot' jl, reached the house, and W'jihont steam man is" nothing a mere Z(J
. ,, I 1 1 . .'. i.fiogKtal speciman Lord Monhoddo's ape
whpre holll. the nalitils lav. A o mi- nil F. . t . '
I I, it t Iflllll
their condition anJ ,position explained the
cause fully of'iliieir ilipease, A hearty einetic
efi'ecteJ a cure-, and the firsl chdd of Jerry
and Mary Wilson as di.stmctty marked on
the left shoulder wyl a Luiiijh tf grapes.
Facts abadt Ifelioii.
The gastriq 'juicw is essential to digestion.
nto tho stomach as
is introduced into it,
It is caused to flow
soon as any substance
. i ... i
i t! 1 1, a A i I -I ' - e ''
uumtsauum rioogauon oi me verte&ra;.!
Villi steam, man ( is everything. A creaj
tore tjtat unites i:i jfuinivlf the' nature and;
the power of every animal; ciore wonderiull '
than thj ornfthothi'nehus he i hsh. fieshj
anduwj. lie can,' traverse'; the illimitable'
ocean. with the samplings of the porpcisej
and the Jsnori pf tbe whale; rove through the!
regior Is if thej eaMlwith the
whether it be a piece vjf leather or a piece of c'.vmi
beef stesk. jThis jUice contains ah acid, ihij' s
and the ' inor.e ' indis-tible any article of jas ve
food iSjithe grater ampunt, of sourness does hi eifjn
the gastric juice contain; hence when per-! And. I a
tfarh wing of
sons eat something thsi does not agree with'; js chiltly
ttient, mat is, not easily digested, tl
I ; ' i ei-iofs
article of fooj is folk we J by sour stomach ! L .,.,
i ,, ......... i we n.ive
ui mvu ruling inai .iiicie la iiaru 01 uiires- i -..ir i '
. . i . . . . vv a
jitiai stomach, nnvJ otignt to be avoided
atiieast, it should be taken in di-
4is pinions
Ibeit' our '.
! J
ecu line J
tton to
cluster wap in process of d.sappeari x &loms d:r,mihi; anJ !
ance, wnen jerry, summoning ms wi,flt
whole cnerics.commcnced his dec-
was ...
shook- hands
the nejro lor!
Iq motion:
Miss .Alary, I have something lo impart'
here he. canijp.tp a full $toj, and jlooted up.
i very w
! must a
i i i.s m. .n i
u ouaiititv. i' bit do not torset that I !l
i VI i i
II ll . ..
sagrees with vp:i to-dav, may aree I .1 i T " a
.Mai. Sdith, and Ik wing to a Iardlhfire 1,e can,P a fuM VV a,,JL ilooted T , ,
,-,lL,. J-otLin. ,1 j" if draw; inspiration .from heaven ; but , always, people
' . ' lilt" II Til lii.loHiiii'i litlfffi'r III I'r I I t-II It: 11
1! next monijh, and
! ' . 1
i h tiiiloreu, However
Some time s. howe
eat so
"Miss Alary," and
the performance lb!
in a large basket; o
JeriVyieldins: of Ills
l ;j uie umiJraeous loiiage luieitejncu uis view,
then tinishcdjl and onl the srapes. met ii is eye and their
sitnng down
eggs, the sud-
scat, and the
iughter of both father and dauir'i
tcr, aroused him to a full con-
; juice, requires.
' era processt
eii:a?r.ce can be drawn
rju;iinti'ty, hej' swallowed!
throat, which
and harth.
to be "one tSirough wiui sev-
before much exhilaration cr
from it. rincking a
them, 10. relieve Ins I
1 1 t .
was becoming strangely uiy
SciouSlieSS of how ifidicilloiisly he' Miss Mary j, poor sir?, was sitting
Was --mms. Ilia-j a pologies and J vy mTn:h"confuJed, busily ' eai.ng g
ovn!nnktmn Anl LLa ne!?,,er she kn iv,-tvh:lst Cui
bis view, ' gastric juice or! acid
then it ferment, prod
paiii3, sick Stoimtcl
Therefore, colnmoti
of ihe propertjejs of th
other known guhstanp
great advantage, espec
h a vew cak-st44ac h ss,
rr, snail I say nearly
pi;ch that there is hot
OMgh to dig"st fi)bd;
ibes h
explanations only . served to render
had .worse, and he hcrelo're wisely-determined
to tae a chair and
say - nothing more. - Dinner .was
shortly announced, and khis he
concluded in very respectful tstyle
'without making, anymore serious
mistake than cjatind cabh;jgcwith
a spoon, or helpihg the lady to"the
drum-Mick of tlie chickenf A ci
gar iwiis smoked after dinner, and
then 'the old Major, givi rg a guess
how the land Jay ! declared lie
must take ins altcrnoon nap, and j
retired, leaving the. held to Jerry
ing'to eat,-therfuaiiii.ty jthaf they had con--suined:
their ihoughtsl were olsewhere.
iliss Alary,' agaih iipspoke Jerry, you
must have seen Ions
yourrbunch iseaten-fla
Miss' Mary?
aniiijst much
othef package
ilie lovers,
belcre this "but la!
e some more grapes ; tajns n
like iWem very, much" and
of grapts
'Jerry's fix was becoming desperate; time
wpy flying japidjvj anJ
tvbuld soon be exhaustbilt
and .champing, an
was warehoused by
he knew one subject
for he couldl eat
g that. I. am a
in-llilis recital,
art 1 is tearing
which limp and
enabled me to
ur inend tor
is never. l;in:
flames of love,
hefore I
wamp Doctor1
ks : and calling
t not an
1 1 :
eany m
smooths the
be age
e, ; bii
r waiting lor you to nop thei
pie are willing,' and that, the girl island the daughter. "JNow'or nev
i3iy7 was Ihe motto w ith Jeriy.
The old Major, i,n addition to
planting cotton,; retrieving a dissi
paticd fortune w as a great dabbler
in horticulture, and had bejstowed
great . attention upon the cultiva
tion of the "-gr'apc." By mutjh care
and grafting, -he had so improved
question,1 to say, 'Yes:' and yet.
instead 01 havinu tlK
like white folks,
bijt S"ew more grapes, J Oh! how he wished
fist fight. ' had bpen
itialittes oi societ y
assumed, 10 be declaratory of the soft" pas-
how -jnickly wolld his bride be wooed!
the head of a respectable family
here you sit, like a knot oh a treCj
with the moss commencing;, to"
grow on your back, pretending to
hh, and yet not knowing that upon the common varieties of thr
a hig cat is almost breaking your
line to sliivers. 0 ! .
u2sow I want to do you a ser-
tafctmy ad
oiitrtakh the
i uce
rcUejsH my
d upeui my
was! the fa
withott doubt,
v rec
tate i
on must tak
vice.; JerK tliat Iisn
hook out !of his mouth, and then
put him back in the bayou per
haps his sweetheart was waiting
for him when he got! hung; and as
you are in a like, predicament,
you should be able to say to the
gal, 'Thai mercy I to others show,
that mercy show to Vine!' Go
home, pu
,on a clean shirt, shave
that hair off. your face and upper
hp; ior
ad hi th-
ji poir h'is
iid one, to
ajbrifjy of men
wtjjrld with
o eidvateu or
sensible woman never
yet ficceptcd a inar), with nothing
but the tip ot Ins nose visible from
its ! wilderness of hair. Dress
to render tlientf
a cdward
ot exi
)eril tl
but .1
a more
M. He
at reso
inpt for
fear of
the least tre-
J not for his
that' lie loved
hly pleased,
i w -
j'kled, toj), if she would
I here
ea of such a n
bears, l ugging
the ubtmlivc
yourself decently,; go up to old
binuh's,! wait till j'ou get rested,
then ask tho girl to take a walk
in' tljie garildn gardens are the
places to make love in to, look at
the flowers, to eat radishes, to
pluck grapes anything&Jf an ex
cuse to set her thereC-and wlien
have got her under tTTe arbour
country, as
siigiitlv lnlenor to the choic&t
.foreign specimens.' An eitefeive
arbour was in the jmiddlo of the
garden thci finest ;and rnlost ex
tensive in ihe swanVp and "--this
was literally covered w ith the rud
dy cluster's ofygrapes, now in the
fullest tide-of ripeness. (; ! ! .
Now (or never," it say, was
the word with Jerry. ; Making a
desperate effort, -he faltered out
4Mis .Mary,-youi- father I has a
very fine gardenlshall we go see
tlie Wrapes? I am very fond of
them, V Miss 'Mary! do-iyoii like
grapes,Miss Mary? -IlajlJa!?'
the cold sweat bursting out from
every, pore.
ijig that they have not. the ; qlialdy
ot being exoticsvto rccom mend
them to our taste. l will r.ctom
pany you to las(e tliem'wiili much
iu-uay . uc
LM si Marry. ; they
colne expressly to
buhiih le-t ine insist.
t lip rrtiilil tf-vr Ar
what he meant. We 10 S:,ve us
that fighting a panthei
ninde one of the conie.l
a r ij J
si: ti
I B'it those infernal ward
iranuje them so as to express
j"Mi!ss Mary, you muai know lhat I saw Dr.
Tdnsas, to-day; he llold tile have some more
1 lliave come, Miss Ma
rr J to prflposc another! sman bunch "Ma-
- i . . i ! . . ....
ryj l have couie," ne almost stiueseu, "to asK
you jto have-rj-only a lew, more Oh! Lord!"
hqA he wiped; the cold stveat off. Poor fel
is oai-
tho sttiinach
fickle it mav
cning, co.iUUy
and ihj Iikli.
tastric juice than
is often used to
ally by persons
to aid the stomach In
dig'jsiin ariicli'S wh icjli are known to he
fiVult of Jisii.on. ice1, vinegar isplcmi
fully used with cahbffc ntw orfboilfd, witli
cucumbers, fed. Ilince, too, is it! that cat
and the patient strefagihl of'
essays to fly through
of ihe ;
the j
the air with '
eon, iho-igh.'j
l:tt Icarian.
the aeronau
are not well iledged,
U'.vn s eam aer-niavigaii'-ui
p thosi i!'Juntirr'CJi-
icy say;. bote ("is terne liarbifv r'nl.V.l SLn..i...-, lu
jj i j. i 3 ...... M vnui. nu uiau-
'?? ) waiclt we now an. thrn take at
icje of an exploding Wiler, yei may
gOfd ll'I? (hat oir r.in.lrliil.l.r.
le !o"t:iiie jthe wings ot loe morn
sip jhcir'cip un at l!iin. II
un h iim.-tn, bad little less than di-
aVere! Ari;tbtl.eiive, he wouirrfei
M'r yet 'tiiniHial sentieos." but "an-
imal Va i omits." Tre .t is, doubtless, that
man alar e can epjuy his joke., lie baih his j
pen the monkey can but ,riu anil
trliis!i!iipliiii he' tLa'res wit'i !i
the dpgan I thi elepji.in:; but who is iherei '.'
up ihe st-iiabrit man? -1 'i
y wV'i an. trn;,i.,l. tafortth:" ,
nl vjigejjbnoi Siej.hJ-nson'a pat- j
resjitire engines agaiusl our cook's !
laugh, w
the apej
man c4ii
' M m" !
and we '
ei:t high
potato siiarner, that Dr.
our dtfin 'ion.i
lutelj will allirin
; 1
foHthving'froni aln exchancr
p. ranter inini
tlie;sanie time! contains
ent, but at
i 'i
some irood
sups of varibiisjkihhrc eaten, and sour-j klai ICS, j iliiish .primping before 'j
crout almost digested by tli'j vinegar ii con-j J'OU jcOMe oil-.! the street'it lunki 1
eh. iK nce, ioo, it is bad ,lot ice a lady pinning her cape' '
ofce. iowds an, cured orplillitig o her gloves" alter shei!
of good tart fruits un- Unc Jr.fi 1I. . . , i i
! j 1 " f l,I,J " '"se a i.i i . tuen you i
j should ijesnlate the powder'on yoiir
ifacclbefprthc glass, andlfiot have-
ytiu have i
that some cases of lao
1y eating plontifijllv
cooked, ns they! sup; Ij sourness to dijesl
those undigestetl arti.e es of food which give
rise to the diarrhoea, ; nd are not of a bilious
character. Hence-, tco, a good ripe apple or
two, a little sour:, after a hearty breakfast or
dinner, is advantageous rather th.in other
wise, provided not much more than the mice
The 'letter plan, hv far, is,
pat sj mncli as to reomre an
from Ithe eifjets of our i.-n-
is swallowed.
however, not to
hur-tyou. IJiave
you have another
Livery, pure. i
. "Very muIi,'; Mr Wilsor, and
la's are really N very fine, con sider-
don't fall on vour; knees, or any of
voijr fool novel notions, but stami4ver wore.
pleasure," replied Mis&lMarv
tripping into the house. 6on
peared, with the sw eetest littlf sun
i . - . . . -. -
that witching; dd
had lohg per
bd her as
straight up before her, take both
of her! hands id yours, ; look her
dcacj in the eyes, and ask her, jn
a bold, manly way as if you
werd pricing pork to marry yob.
'Willi you do it? Speak quick!
I'm 'interested in the matter for
if j-ciu don't do it to-day, by the
Lord, 1 will, for myself, to-morrow.
I, have held offfbr you long enough;
and if you don't bring matters tb
a. Close, as I say, m tne next jvreny
ty-four hours, as .cold w eather ik
cominsr on; i ll try mv nana my-
in the courting line von
doctors are the very devil
id 9
loa.'.ins diuck wouiu not noiu out
,Mary, frightened
nottliinz. but ear on mechanically, anxious to
icir what it was that Jerry wished ,io dis-
ciok. - ; i-
i23in he njarshailed liis forces: the sun
fras declining n the west, and the moVrow
jvould perhaps, seej ihe"Swamp' Uocter,"
witli ms "Ho Wtonsue. Dreathtns his vows
Ajiss Mary, j I lve grapes no, you
grapes will yjoti have me somelgrapes
iharry me noj grape yes, me! ;Qh! Lord!
it Is an oven, n iou wiil-bless youl must
have a kiss. Ybu haven't jconseiited yet but
vou must!" The barrier seemed to drop, the
sjpejll was lifted OlThis tongue, and Jerry in a
spreami oP native . eloquence, running the
fiercer for being so long pent cp, pjead bis
cause: could it ! be unsuccessful? Oh! no!
A'laty had maitJ up her mind long ago.
j ide by side),' liow, all their difhdence van
iihed; tliey sat under tlie tlessed arbour, and
disqouisedi iheir past j feais, aud bright
hopes for ihWffJj'tur! Jerry held Ihe head of
his mistress jiii leal and! noble breast, and.
a s in z sweetantj pure strain he pictured forth
tile quiet dpmetic life they would leM when
irjarrieu, iwafy, couuicarcei
iuipudent felliiWi who' now
men- a I3ap
Methodist, and
met by
to wipe and rub
Tilt VpRIGHT SlDE. '-l-'i'hrre
shine ihanj rain-i more jny tlian
love tnai Hatt-fmore sm
. , : ...I ' I.
woru.j iiose who say
would; not chi.i.ise Iot
es nan tears, in.iiiib
i) the. cii)t,iry-, w
',r coii painjns.;
oon as -"race was said, me v. am
olic rose, arnjcd;iv fli a knife and
fork,trml takinsr about one-third of
IJ II L - - I ' l J II i
i . t f dm i t i i . i i
at his vehemence. saidiUlC HSfl, COmprel cnumg UlC Il0ad,
removed it to Ins plate, cxciainiinij;
as he sat dowjn, with great self at-
! ' 'If; ' . I . 1 I - t " .
1 ; v . ; 4e- gptu! heart, the fender Uings, a,l .Jm'
PlT l'f. FoUr plcr2y-i,,le r'f' ' " d,'!Hj''on. niake'U.lhes. love $ r
ist, a! lVesbyteriatKaa"'lUf' i,eTry wLt"re- A sPf U
alloman :Catholic J 1 - 5 a 1"'-- ?,t"-0' suhiie n.thff :ir
agreement to dinejon a !tish, V 7 X 7 noIsttB Lf1:' c.,? ,l ,
behind.a c oud, to him who .hmli, he has jw j
friend iji the w;.!e world 'ftie rtlif '. oil affer i :
tien, h)V
isfaction lPciAa csl a
'the Pope
church.' Im
dist minister
ely believe lhat the
iuipudent feritfj who now talked so glibly.
i . ! i . I ' :l. . . . f l ' . i. i. . i -
anu ,oie, in pie oi iier reouses, Kisses un
nijtoabered, w'aj Ule timid n ?rvous swain of a
few jiiiiiiutes before,, . (
Dull lu behold, what a si dden .(tianiforma
:ti((s!j Has Jtiry ttrutk soi ie discuidant note
J ia his sweet melody of the fumrel-for Mary's
'.features are contracted, as if with pain, and
IllSel'hejr pretty face, in spite of j ierse'f, wears a
. ji lilies to Commence the shrew -ifl am wrong
i , lady (reader, attribute iheerrijir to ihe ignorance
llltj of ;an clJ bachelor. Jfrry, foo, seems to par-
nil ccclcs'iuej
is Ithb head ol the
ly the Melho-
arbsr, and helping
huhself to about ont-jthird, embra
cing the tail-iea 'himself, sa) jng
' Finis coronht! iriwi.1?,' She ejnd
crowns the work.t (The Prcsbvte4
rian ritiw ..thought it was time for
him to move, land, taking the re
mainder of the fish to his olate. .ex
way ol jlif. !
way on ear
C"iusler Veil
rilliantly it shines in ihi d.,
A thodsaand gems nrakV a "milky
l, more gluriou Ittwiie gforijii.i
Nigut. Kigit is beautiful itJli k-t st.U I
ul in ass3Cta:ions. Is is'nv linked
ib our cares and toiis-t'he bui
ittlehess of life. The Sunshine i
it action; we rise in the niunnn?, '
is before us; and night; cm?.
more beaut
as day i.4, w
mess aiid
brings with
and our tas
and '-villi
not of dreaijis ;orgetfulne?r rqr wakin- is
claimed: iLi mcdyi
'truth lies between
tremes.' Ourj Baptist brother had
. . -1 'I . : I.
nothing fciorp nip
plate, and, the prbs
dinner,.and fetching up the liowl
of drawjn, melted jbtifter, he dash
ed it -oyer them, exclaiming: Hgo
Uaplizo ros, 14 baptize you.
the inidnigh
CSl VCriiasr- Mheshalfcw
. 1 I I . lr ll Imi)
tne two ex
but an empty
cctof a slim
Jerry, frighteiied nearly to
at the awful propinquity of
"question popping," could scarcely ! la lie of the sour coritagion-i-he statnps upon
stand, lor his"-atiitatiori: and poor
Miss Mary, apprehending from Jer
ist th
in it ine ?ran en was
the recipient of
destined to become
some awfully hoi rible avowal 'per
jhaps Jerry had n urUcred somebody
and his conscience
to disclose;or he Ihai;
an insurrection c l
Ivas forcins; him
discovered that
he negroes Iwas
thtj ground, writhes his body aluxit, and
prtije3 his hand upon his somnch, ignorant,
insume; of anatomy. He meant to lav
thin 6yer his heart, poor Vllow! be got loi
lojiv Jown. Mary, too, isjevin.'ing the -ar-debc
f of Iier affection; and with)ihe same
depltrable rgnontrice of - the locality cf jil.e
o'rgars. Verrly,! love is afTt-cnng ihf m m
gulaily. It may be pleasant passion, jl.iit
that :ouple, whoxcetainly have a , fretdi, f
i f ay genuuie,' oiuciie oi love,
Contemplated; or SUrcl)' llC wasl'1 anything but happy accepted lovers).
vnot going to ma ce a dedaratio t j wl3.ca e iii;niajitej. Kriny have jusi
i i. .... t T.i i ! .i - i real! an extract from: one 1 of Cownpr' Im.
P icocs-.but can poetry produce soch an efTect?
of the principal
mv lord is 1 to
On the day of a.n eclipse, wh'en
an . ttjc. luiutuiiaiiis oi, i aris were
...ui'.u ii A.I-1 -i ... -l I r
wi,uio,ul Munis.; proMtueu w iui jteie-
scopes aiid pieces of smoked "laks
an, ' Lnghhman was seen drivih
furiously along ond
streets.. ; ! ;'
I 'Wlvere does
go? said the driver
To "sec thej eclip;e," exclaimed
the Englishman1, thrusting his head
out of the, I coich window! 4ionly
drive up to ,it as, near as possiblb,
lor, 1 am soi t siglitejd.77 f j
Yhat arc ym aaut, my dearr
said his crandmother I to la htlli
in the heart
moonlight f.
heart would
amid the hi
srtilest. jiouH
our headj.
-'I !-
est.. If we leave sleep, and ask
OUJ- employ u.ent is thought.
has thrown her glories areoud
tlie orb of heaveii; the sileitce.
seeped in pae;ry. Even
crowded city, where the
lis upon pavement and roof, the
be tfieru-d, and mind e!eate.I.
veliaess.of night's deeprst and
. ; -
Jc Easr for XothinirJ
Fluid. One pint Al
cohol, ond phi! Spirits Turpentine,
two ounces of iAmnjonia, one ounce
nphor. ' i , ;-;
' flhi'it-rt In n' IwtI i Tallin, i
Tshake before ; using.
Usi.VjC. Three ta-
Put ,th a
keep tiht
spoons ftLl
of the mixture to
enc pint ol soap, of its equivalent
I uar-soap dissolved in water.'
Toj- five gallons ol nvatcr this lis
boy who was shdingia
and casting iuruve
ons tlie' room
glances at p
oh, no! she knew it was nothin
that kind Ibejiai
Jerry ;s trepidation. - More
like I an 1
groac, and vfriure their bodies about.
'iufU press ihtfir; hearfe if,thry only fay
rentleman who was! paving: a vis;!.
Tarn trying, i rantlnarria, to sfeal
room, with
enough. Put clothes to soak, in
wsjerj to. which vou have added the
mixture, and 'soap. Let them soak
tweniy or thirty minutes. Ihin
lliem -oat am wul; m pure wafer,
use no more' ;'soap. Kir.se ilicm
and hang thenij out, no nibbing
needed. ; j '" . -
Colored clothes put in the same
water , in w hich I the white u ere
soaketl. j .; j . ' 1, ' ; ' M ;
The, Mayor of Pitt'jilrg has a somtiwhat
i -. i . i i ! i .
n.ina's. hat out bf- the
out letting that! man lee it," said i0Pioa jJea f raitiistetiai. cutfe in to
he. nointin-td the kr itfcman.lbtf ?arJ 10 . " compels then,, be-
" Vrtf IVIrrl t ihUX' Ul knt .lxVn ptesetice, to take the temf?.
rane pidg
i t
1 1 .
. v,-- , -
t-.--,T.;i:. .
? 1" '
' i
i. ; f , ; :
! J M,;.".i-:;
f- 'fi:. !1
; .- -1 ..j. I. '". : '-''
i r
I: -X -:' :'; I. 'vi ':
-- ' ' - : ' ' ' . :
'' '. : ' ' r '"

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