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Fayetteville observer. (Fayetteville, Tenn.) 1850-1966, January 14, 1851, Image 1

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' lirtrn ii'nrnmt - " ' . . . ' V.T ' " ; !i ' t PUBLISHER PROPK1ETOB.
; ALrikED 11. BCKI!, I . v I "Let all the ends tliou aim'M at be tUy Country's, thy Gods ami 'mums. j V I - ! ;
tCPTvo Dollars for one Year It" paid ot
tiie iime o( subscription; Two Dollars
and Fifty Cents, without uiiritrioKi
alter the ex)iraiion of Three Monihs.
tCTAll XSills for Advertisenicjits; Job
'ork or SubscrijMion, consiJiert-d due
,-whfti! contracted, except agalust t(ibse vriih
- l!oni vp have Ilunnitij Afcouiits.
C?-o T;iper will be sent out cl :lie
Oounly, unless paid for iu advatrjre.
fCJAdvertisetuents inserted at Ond Iol
; lar licr Square of Twelve Lines,
or Les;, for tbe First Inseriion: Fifty
The Hand-Writing
in the Wall.
BY J. T. liEAI
One evening, a royal form
on the errace of liis palac
upon the magnificent city
his eye swe'pt round the- cijcu.it ol
iifty miles in cirCumfcrencje, and
dred atid filly feel high, at
dred lofty gatts of brass fl
beams, and the hanging
nearly four hundred feeltn
Outs lor each continuance.! A liberal ' w"" shrubs anil waving
reduclion lor Yearly' Advertising
lCr"ll) privilege of ea-lv Adveriisers s
slr.clft limi'ed to their oxen immediate and
IlfZtitar Business; and the Iiusine.of an
';, A!l vtytisiiig Firtn.is no! consideredi as in -;
i luJuig that of iis individual nieiiiPis.
ICTA limuncing Candidates, Three I)ol
i l'ir vo be paid it Advance in ejjy Case
fCpA Jireriisompnts ' 6ot marked wijlt, the
! riuni'wfr of Insertion when handed in, will
; bt ci 'iHaucd until ordered out, and payment
i xaci
i . Upertisemenl . can he inserted ffr
vf riienients of a Personal ature
: i.-irn -charged Jlnnlle Price,
ECjAJyejtisenients of Patent Afelicines
ihsetedat I'f hjity Dollars per 'Col
umn, per; Yeari. i
rt7olM'orU, y M.v Kind. i, Really
; dnae, oniev Type, and oh as reasonable
j 'iWins ijs anv" pfiice in Tennessee.
6CJyo Paper will be discontinued until
1 ;i!l ;arr4-a rages are. paid up e xefpt at the
vptionof thi Publisher, j M .
Liltle Goiisias.
' l Lauulr on fair Cousins,, for to vou
"ytt j All lifts is joyous yet; .
iYour beans have a things to pursue,
An-.j nothing to n-grci;
! ' ' Aml c v(' ry flower jo you is fair,
Arn every month is May;
You've, not been iritroduccd to Care
- iv ; , Latigh oil f-laugh' on, to-Jjiy!
" OliJ Ti'b tt lH' 'nS ''s cloudserc Idng
j UpJii ihlse sunny eyc-f; I
' 'fho voido, wlbosc every word is soig,
'j - Wi: sn itself toK-h-s;
""ojir ;!J!Lt sliiipibefs hopes arul fpj'S
I l';t r-l.cL il.ror Let iunv Ji I
I ' V IT "i"i'v i
To-iik.iniw vml Id fheuJijng toarsj-
i '! Laugh on, huigli on, tO;day!
;"i 'r. '' -; i '
Oh vos; ilf arv trut-h is found
In dull schoolman's uheme-t-
If friemlfhip is an empty sound, .
And! !o;e an idle dreaih
If mirth,! youth's playmate, ; feel 8 fatigue
Too soon on -life's loiijr way,
with you a league '-
At least i'j'il
Laugh on, Jaujjh on, to-day'.
iaps your eycq
As childhood"
You niay'be. Ipveliqr to the sight,
You mayjbe finlcste si II, ami sec
' - Thelcanh sii!
lltit what jyoti
r. i i.
ihe heart;
Lauah onl, lau;
I i'
green and gay;
jire'vou will hot be-
rrli nn m-ilr) vl i '
cr mo have jmanyj winters'crept,
' With csi of kief than joy; ;(
Ilut.I hav learnedi iinl toiled, and wept
L 1 amino rjiore a boyT .,
i'Vip never; hatj the gout 'tisjrue,
; My hair jsihardly gray;
l.ul.now i can hot laugh like you
i Laugh onl laugh pn, to-day!
I used lo have ns glad ia face,
! As shadowless a irow,
i lonce could run as Llithe a race
: As yjJu jajre running now:,
' rut never) fnlnd jiowj 1 behave,
Dun'ji! interrupt -our play; ;
4'ndihouJn-1 Jook'U very grave,
- Laugh Jn, iapgh; on, to-day!
ling vith fountaiits that, Ie
jayly decorated irchfS, and be
wilderness of palaces and! dwel
feet, his lips ; murmured, Tls no6
was seen walking
look in'
at his feet.
the wa!U,
three hun-
- .
d say their hun
shing iin the suri-
the heivens, load
Irees, and j.fpark
ped frDin benearh
ow ' ob the
nigs at his
(this great
light of my
Babylon that; I have built b
power and for the honor oil my majesty?"
And Well ha might indulge ia vain boasting,
and believe lhat-iiought ljt an earthquake
that should sink the land could shake the city
of Lis pride. Those massive vails broad
enough for eight or len arriag s to drive?
abreast upon them, rose high pV that the loftiest
ws sunk filled l
lire gates o'f brass
upon eacl
with strong tuwers between!
s;ire of our land, till the c louds seemed to
rert on their sumr it,wh'iiea ound k deepdiiph
the Eujihrates
mangonel or battering ram, while
of the four sides
defiance to
the boldest
might shrink from scaling those slippery
hehh's, I ilty1 streets, eaclJ a hundred and
Bftv feet broad and'-filteen ilnfed long, went
i -, -.. . !.
Irorn gate to gte, lined u'lia palaces and
temples, and tower crow
nil; the eve lathed with the
vessels they were, as they stood upon the ta
ble covered with sacred 'emblems, and made
holy Ipy their dedication to the God of heaven;
they seemed to rebuke those who were abautj
to profane ihen.i. But they only l'.ughed,
and filling them viih)wmet drank confusion to
ihe God of Israel and Upraised, thei r, gods of
ffo'd and silver and brass andstone;" la the
midst of their sacrilege, just as their mirth
and liiadness had reached the highest po.int.
i -t.
' - - n. ' 1 .-' .'II
Hie sudden liasii ot mat tim
ed with arches,'
jagnificence and
grandeur that met it at eveny turnJ ;': .
Bjt deep, down amid these cbstltrpiles was
a lar different scene. Ey the silreams and
fountains over which tie w Hows wept, ssl
a land of Hebiew captives, iheir harp3,hang
oj upm tlie drooping jtra ucht s, and iheir
leads bowed !n grief.
fjO the gay! promena-
1 1
jlejs who paused as they iassedi and asked
them to sing one of tlieir liative melodies.
ijy replied with tears: 16 that strange land
hearts were too
ThfiyWere the
uiv could not sing, lor inei
oi Zion and her sad fate
prisoners left from the sp
hut their 1 tears and prayers
s of, Jerusalem;
1 they sat there
Wrned and tles'ulaie, weiel sfJkiiig. that
n-rdud eiiv lo its overthrow.V lliStlle did the
haughty monarch think, as lie looked on his
strAiighold, that the cries, oi those neglected
cirjiives "wire bringing-.do
of heaven on its towers
anu lo redress 1ieir wrong
nieiit the voice Irom heavei
linl like a thunder-peal,
dEbarted from thee."
Years have passed by; an
.n tae liglitntng
nd battlements,
fclll at that; mo-
,- ..-!.; i . :
j which Startled
zar is in ins tomo, resting in niprejinan regai
splendor, -amid the despot
be! cire him; and another occupt
asj haughty and wicked as lie.
Too has heart!, but not heeded, the.
who. have gone
Ins throne
first mull-
teiiligs of the coming storni. -Tftie rersiati
sando have swarmed for a long time
rqi'lnd the hit v to overthrow It, and thu-ndered
may grow more bright Tinn' ijts massive walls and brazl-n gates itt vain
s hues denan; , Equally vain were ihe attempts to sc
vain were ihe attempts to sca!e
their heights from lofty trwcra.Of Jialm
trelfe; and so ; ihe baffled I e sat dowit ! to
starve the impregnable ci y into subjec
tion, and fur two years ha I heilged i Jn
wijhi a wall of men.. At ihls lat attemj't;
alspj the self-confident monarch latighl'oV
h'ii.ranaries1 are stored with provisions JorV
.'Jr? ah t.-..J J.
iwemf )cji. u piujuicia 1 ry
jjihe captives pray; he mucks pt ihem
ntinated hand out daziled the brilliancy ol the
Jighlei rooni, and as the slowfy moving fin
gers silently traced the. letters of fire; before
their eyes, terror and di-njay fell on the rev
el'.eis.i The . startled mo arch , turned paler
than the marble besidtj bin, the uhtasied gob
let lellj from his ."hand j anjd his knees smote
together., Those loudest jti their mirth'sud
detily grew silent as Ucjaih; .the seductive
look ibecame 6olemn and ;ansious, the rati
sicstppped ia its most jojbu's bursl, and st'.il
ness trokeriY only by the. half suppiessed
shViek jjf the fainting.' or tremulous sigh of
utferj lear.reigned through he vast apartment.
When he dread line was finished, ihe finger
still pointed voicelessly to it, say in- in lan
guage more imprssive-ihan loudest: thunder,
"Heid tht BopM." Old what asuddcn
change had passed ever that halt of riotous
mirth: every: mouth was s- sled, every eye
flexed, and die upturned laLes of the throng
Wore a 'ghastly hue in viie iiht oi that bla
zjng hati.J and those .'It-tiers - f flame.
1 At length the king bloke fe si ence, and
cried aloud fori his astrolosers and wise men"
i r i " ' I '
to readi the mysterious ;vri:ing:for. him.
They g.lzed and turned a 1 bewildered and
terrified 7 Then Daniel one of Ihe Hebrew'
captives! who had been brought a mere boy
from Jej isalml, but had grown) jnto favor
with the monarch's father, interpreted his
dreams jatid foretold his !doom v;it brought
in. Turning to those fiery letters j written in
hid owri language, he' slowly read, "Mi.tr.
mess'' trEKEi-j tPUARSti-." Tlieu looking
steaufasjly on'the trembling, pall'iJ king, he
unloldedj his crimes before him, auil pointing
above to the God he, had4 scorned, ; whose
mandates he had trampred underfoot, he
read ahiuJ the doom writien Iherean letters
ol fire o i the walls of his own palacer."God
hath-flu tabered, thy kingdom and fin''. shed it.1'
for "ihi'u art weighed ; in the j balances
and found wanting: ihy kingdom is divided,
given to .the Medes, and Persians." j: '
He mined away, jand scarcely had, his foot-
corridors, when a
he very ruins and thej "Arab now' carelessly
nurs his steed over the foundations of the
I- a
ormerglory of the world. .;
Turn back your eye for a moment a hun-
flred years before this great overthrow. On
he hills of Palestine stands, "a man whose pro
hetic eye piercesv the fu:ure, and whose
ongue of . fire-proclaims in language that
hrills th,e blood, the coming doom of( Baby
lon the mistress of the world He sees his
eople carried away captive by her Jerusa
lem laid in heaps the Holy; Temple, plun-
ered of her treasures, and the God of his
lathers held in derision. As he contem-
jllales all.Uifs, and , then looks beyond: and
s ees the day of vengeance, his soul lakes fire,
snd he pours' forth in the loftiest strains of
poetry that, sublime ode which has.no equal
' ' a Li ; e t i: f.r'
t lllUIU-1 Ul . rfCWJ 11131 I".-
n earth
ard and sing their astonishment at the over-
- . - - ; ;
i i row ot their Oppressor, ttow hath the
cpprCssor ' ceased! the , golden city
c eased! U When the whole earth breaks
1 rth into singing," and fir trees and cedars
ci Lebanon.
the antheni. shouting
sound of
It was
steps died .along the silent
distant murmbrr like the far off
bursiing billows arose over the ciiy
not the tramp and shout of the drunken mul
titude.' Sterner souhds ihan the hurrahs of
revellersj andsteadier.footsleps than those of
reeling men commingled there the battle
crv of chargitis thousands, and the measured
i -X i I i
tread of an army movfinff to battle. ! The Eu
i i '.,' t 1 , .
nh rates had been turned from its channel;
i ! I
and undfrneath the ponderous- gates that.
closed over its wateis the Persian.
Witprrd. and wereinow pourins in
ii n timbers
rough the
post had
ilie vast Oity was m an
it lo- lirn t ; rung the
swords clashed
stieeis. In a moment
uproar, and rrom lim-
cry of "to arms, to
pealed and ! banners
The scene then ,'changps to the regions of
!je dead, and by the .boldest figure .ever intro-
d iced jinto i poetry i jhe long line of the de
p irteJ monarchs ojf Babylon are made each
to start irom ins sepuicnre, ivnere uiey ncc
riposed.ih ghasjtly rowslor ages, and as they
ove towards the mouth of the gloomy cav
en to 'welcome the last ? of their .rape, they
chant to t'ie fallen' king, "H-ell from beneath
moved to.meet the'e.at thy coming it snr
th nj the dead for thee, all.: the chief ones
eartlij it hath '. raised up from their
a!Mhe kings of ihe nations. Art
ihfV exclaim in derision, "become
weak as we? Art thou become 'like unto
? Thy pomp is brought down to the grave
the worm is spread unuer inee auu uie
wtorms cover inee." 1 ins innereai anu scorn
ful welcome being over,' the peopled God
aj ain bresikf'in with the triurhphanr aposirot
plie, "How-art thou fallen from heaven, oh
Lucifer, sori' of the morning! how art thou
cut down to the ground that did'st weaken the
ndtions!" - ' . A y : '
A hundred vears . before the -downfall o
this vast empire, while Babylon; ru:ed the
world, was thisysublime and prophetic ode
sung uy.isaiaru' lne sceptic may oeriue i.ue
pr )phecy, buf'jhe' cannot escape the effect of
th sublime language in" which it was ut
leied. The orening of Byron's great ode to
Napoleon is a peak imiialion, or ralLer poor
paraphrase ' ol jit,
Tis done-byt yesterday a king
And armed with king's to strive-; ; I
And now thou art a nameless tlutigl , - i
cSo abject yet alive! r j .
s this the man of 'thousand throne?, ' !
Whostrewed onf baith with hostile bones,
. T. Bahiii2toii Macrailay.
. j1 i.1 Ji . if sAJh , w s.
.Mv Little IJoys.
1 have some bright litild
in a'p'vasant cbiimry hob
ypuf young readers live ii
I thought ihev might like. know-how' L-!
correspondent of the Boston Times gives
toe following! descriptidn,of the personal apl-
pearance of the great essayist and historian,
T, B'. Macaulay: .. .
j ;f n, English literature .there ' is but one
name now tha.l is'upon 'every lip, as his wri
tings arein every hand that is the name tol
Thomas; NBabington Macaulay." ; I ' saw the
great historian the other day, and . certainly
his looks disappointed me; lor, instead c.f the
tliin, spiritual countenance which P (coked
for-in the authnrf the enrhusiattic 'Lays' of
Akicient Rovne,'6and Iliston.'Vf England,'
which is half poetry,, I found a hale, bluff iin
tikriiiltial nf mnrp tlian ihiddle siatut. and I
i.Jn Inn. solid, oval facebrow sli2htiyreJi n) futhi r, or try. it aga
treaLg, and rather large neck arid sho Jlder,s. ,f "
ihliiihi.rii'1, a verv livelv aAd brr4'ht etnres-. - H1"11 I t(;u oy-.."
r-T ,U j.- 1 1 , i- L,: ;! th- winierf Cornell its
s'ldn v bburvtenance. Mr.Macauldy is spun a-. . v -. - , .;
,-f . i ,. I . ;vv, see th-j stars- ir. the mornn
- 1 ... I. 1 m . j- . rm 1 b. a fr tn- r,rk mae i- lilt f
,eu wu.u to..s...a..uu j about Christmas, Ther-j.
sntnp apiinre everv Hi Mil WJUCil iib-siivsl wiiu
w & J ...
could be -happy who have
or candy shops to amusu
boyt are as merry as th(
less one of theni happens
or another takes a snmib.
his hea'3:ibiu their trotihle
for 4i kiss fcon im:her,ir
emphasis. His iple-n did cntnbujioris ,
Ed;iuburg Reviey, while he 'was a con
rarv writer fur that periodical with M.
land', or rather essay on English history
boys, and we lave
lo soldiers, circus
ihem. uur nttie
day is. Iengi tjin-.
to stump his tbe,
or another bi;s
;'ik not.last Jqrig-,
v . . Clover; for IJobcs. 7 i
; ft is a common renurfc. tiiat clover hay, if
fed to horses any length of time, occasions a
cough, and creatlv acirravatcsi.if it does notoc4
V and as most of casion the Leaves. Ttwreareiiwo remedies for;
cities ox villages,.;! this. " One is lo deposit the, hay in a manger,''
instead of a rack Thf"leuves ofclover cored
alter the old fashion-, are so dry and crispy,
and then crumble and pulvtrlae asj they ar3
dra wa from the rack, occasioning dust, whidii
being inhal'j 1 irritates the lung?, antThence .
coughs. Sec,
mapger, no
Li taking up ths hay (rem the
duit. isj creiteJ, Another and
j uruut a-iLi-uy 13. iu cure, t iover in llie riIit
manner. By caring it in the- tok inctead of
u' from Lroi
ow tpriv. tney riss in
they contrivfe, to
kr. but that ii cin'v-
is a "real pi'jai v
nJ they; hav't? ii
and fiaVe ifin'e
juite 'opeVi. . ; As
i rcadv. anJ ofit'n iunti ii
! - J f . n wih-ii-ri mr toq i r
. j , . I 111 l U-.. 1VI Hi J . J 4I.
rary writer i..r,fiai pertouica! wun i. un- , , drissed.lut thev-O, raiu
tosh, Sidney Smith und Jeffrie?, won n y ''tt-i,Vcj,i,1(rj and take a run rxlihd the vard an.J
thusiastic adnwrauon, anu nis.-uis ory 01 t-ng- ,G, .iiali for r,Itl:n(;t kntJ
fee '...vi ho
hcltlicr 'the
And can he thus survive?
Quin ! a hi icnn I &n I ho TVTrirtntnff rstnr"
Nor man, nor fiend hath falKnlso far."
Vide Isaiah siii. and xlvii
!':'. "' I '" Sl!P7.
: Suez is a desert Anjhoiitjits
Iv rd'tleeminf? ouaiitv of frccci
A mouldering wall encircles it, ex-
Sce'nt where open' tb the seaj within
while shouts ,rr Sp-rrn1 annccs. rli florin or
. . , ", o
me expanse
Doc Days.--Tbe.tnquiry, says the iioston
Mail, is often made persons who ought to
be mloiinei)ri VheHsjubject;;why it is that
iheays intervfuiogjbelrteen the 30th July
ami the 10th of! September, are called -Dog
Day?: Many 'think! that during thijs jime
dogs are bUbject to certain diseases, their
ignorance ought to be enlightened. Thejrue
reason is an" astronmicalj one. The sun s
path 'as ill's called, jbijt more properijTj ibe
earth's oibi, tsi diviJedinto parts, which are
noted by certain fixed Itars. ,.' That from jJuly
SO to September: lO. ihi sun's path i upder
the star Sinus; jwhijh is lit1 the constellation
Cam .Major, or Great Dog., This constolla
jioo consists' of thirtjl one stars, of which
Sirius is.th brightesj, and 1. olten lakes the
name of the dogstari v
" Thiols what givek the name to Dog days,
and those who fear the degs will run ,rnad
r.;L,!arfirBi this lime, mav dismiss their
- I
girJIed in by his impregtable walls and
lesses, and surrounded by ,his"myriad
' 1 i i I -
(roofs, he savs: "IUvill exLlt iv throne
ami! the "stas of God,"
Ii is a niirht of Testis. and the baccha-
; I - I
nal's ong and shout ring ihr ittghi'the crowd
ed streets ol Babylon. Aroi od lier ancient
tow rs, the reeling muititudi cry hosannas
to their gods. ; Wine flows ike Iwater, and
lust ind revelry walk the stn ets 'unchecked.
In a magnificent palace, iprt from the
tumultuous' crowdj the kinfc is) feasting a
arms," and
waved, atici
and ihrirks swelled the tur.iilt that gathering :n r(lcnn fwim
Jl j , -j 1 ) . , 1 lil 111' IV.ij'VVtl I1VM , -v 4
1 rce St e ery step, now rolled likri ihumler up Uv:l10ut save Jthat tllCV are noisome
to theVe y gates of the palace. The streets , - , 2rn' , of fiUJ, anJ
(icrcu dv
)OUt to
v v ' , p : ; s, ,. wiiiriiJr'iicciiJiiuia.itoii ui i.
an nd ;r !rbT '3 4aVb-a1io that; tliey kvo bore
aVvanC-foe. the wejir mang d , . 6f-di
inenls of hhe royal arnty made a last stani.-i . ,J-
i.rWe nalace ates ofithef? master. ! He too Ored, houses 'Avhich seem ;
and ol bis (oids. It I is a gorgeous
column . within c'olunhn, arch above
Ions' corridors, magnificent statutes.
costly hangings, leaping foJnta
endless profusiori of ornatn1nts
a scene oTsuch dazzlin
the unaccustomed
ns, and an
combine to
splendor, that
spectator is
H. It is illuminated by
i . . - -1 ,. i . i
I rrhts Jronl gOI'ien canuieanvii, ucucaiu
...t.jpl. i st.read a' labile, loadkd Iwith golden
and lost in its mid
hces and nobles, wives
array I'd in splendid
turned at
bay, and) throw rng himself amid
apparel Jwomen W-hose
hisi'guaiUA made one brave effort for ,hi?-
throrie. . pverborne and trampled under foot;
he soon fid I amid his followers and the etitl
ted ,conqierors streamed through 'he ro'aI
apaitmenM- They' entered the !hall of the
revellers; !and ihe sacrilegious fell where a
morrJetit tefore they had shouted for! their
go'dsli T ie wiae goblets still stood on th tria
ble,' and the perfume still filled the roomhut
the HApri-wRiTiNO-, had disappeared, for 5ts
denounci ig Woe haI been fulfilled. JThe il
(uminatei yand gorgeous apartment the
jhiong ol princely leasters the hand and
Iharacien ofx fire-the battle and the slaugh
ter had si cceeded .. each, other with IfrigUt'ul
rapidity", ind now ihe silence ct death sucr
ceeded al . '; ; j. V . . .). -.'-. ,-.';
t Over the sickeaing . scenes- of tiiaj terrible
that w
-men of renoiwn the jaj, the volup
and the proli are the e.i making the
i rin" with their s.-riTS of revelry and
fe ol mirth. Eve and atlon come Diirsts
now swe ling irijimphahily out
lh the ampiiiude.-and ndw dying away
iand lulling caJencesHwile tne per-
. I v 1 ' J r." t' :
from burning censers, is waueu
over the intoxicated revfellers. '
th triekiiig.iexci.ed jvilh wtne.es-
siela ofj gold
taken from the Hebjews'': iviWpltir;
servant bSh, thetii lia. . Go
nigtll We praWiliie y uunjiu m ii i 7
and thronked city taken by storm anj -gives,
up to rap ne and lust, is pne of tin fejtv spec,
tacles that make us arhor fir race.j B.ut
Babylon jiad fallen, and- her gloij -g'6 n e! fr
everj tnla few years a. jmagnificeiit juirt was
plena or. ,
ored houses, w hich seem a
lall in and burv their sallow
itants. Koi !a green treci or
or a drop of j fresh w ater, and all
all that rtmain.ed of le former fe
Wild bealls and reptilesfswarmrtd - jthrou
hp'r nncieiit palaces thb owl hdotqd in, the.
. I : . i I l ;
presetnee thamber of kings, and li e yampyre;
fiapp?d lis wingi ini tire apart lueijts ence
occupied by the beautiful and thfe prpad
Her strong - towers anij battlemi nu .pw.I
-ri.m'tvlfl.tl.lmrt io their uriffinal d i ist. .and si
lenceJ arid-desolauon reigned, whefre
htJm of a michty population hddi sounded;
Theiiust bf. ihe desert has long sihce covered
supplies : fetched from a distance,
even from Cairo, i bcatere(,l about
are encampments of pilgrims!, most-
lv MimhrobvH Arabs., from West
ern Afr)ca, i whose sullen and half
incnacing apiiearancc ilisptxes one
to give tl em a wide berth. ! This
dead and (iliye appearance impo
sesa melanclioly to which one is a
stranger, in tlie desert and made
m6 v hurry backlto my tent , after
a vcrry shorjt walk throuHi the
b'azalir, and to th!e muddy beach,
along which are scittered some sin
gu'ar .vessels, built high ft the
stern like those of many age ? back.
Tile .only iiiteresting view was
that of the distant mountains to
wards Sinai, into whose defiles I
was now eager, to penetrate.
i. : . I.
as far'as it hasone, attracts pie irresisuujy to j moo-n; r.any other Strang
its pages.- Jo writer of the, present day is so , ducir.'T the r.iht. ' j
rich m thought as ftlacauiy, and -no on; can) At oniJ titne,.i:ieir tirst f
cloihe bis. thoughts in nobler language. .-But.; inpfVwiasno sit upm the. i
regkt .miriglesSwiih! my admission. Twice he I! wiiooj 'a vhoo." half a"x
repiresented EJrriburg id Parliament flj city ; they were answered by tw
worth t of a true man. Biu, in. 1840 lie last ; 0i a nejehbor's fence, am
his election,-nk because he was overrepchdT riin and 'meet ciih other,
by ihe electioneering arts of some . petty lory rofitp until .ihe-iprayer I.i;
pol'ihcians not because the ! eccentricit ps id r this bell rings- they heave
reijius niade him-.cne of those unp pular j theii seats,. anil 'liston nttei
great men .wboiire. so ofteii found in ctiie
meht, hut because he refu?e( to join in that
giand movement 'which -is vyeiywhei ; .mar
kins for'the ii-raising of the -' masses;, and
which ts destined to know no cessimmi,
though it niay feel matiy a cjieek, tilf turones !
kv,,urilcsi it hi' to
imped Qver.ithe
b thing happct.ed
fithi.-r reads t.hti Biluo' ai
tlien they siiy (heir, "pray
think urutliers and sisters
way every day iniyst lovei
than -those vho,'Io not what do Vou th
j After, prayers t!
fasi-uel!r tinu
ey are rea
on in the mirt?
:nce and siiror a
Lizen tniTCS . amn
1 oilier little-boys
ihen they wofrtd
and have n fine
I .rang. W;hen
their phiv'; take
live! v. while ttt-iir
I rra'Vs to Mod
rs together
who pray in
each other m'rc
!y f ir the hr
very well how
v , V- , r i i.i -i i'a'. iasi-Uellr unit tiiev Know very we.i now
andJtVine rights of kngs- shall pa? away, : ' - J, ; f i t ,t,!j,
i j. i v. . -, i... J T-, . -..'.ii ..io niaiiae the ence hoiiunt ind buckwlieal-
anu .uuny, a .v,.,, -T'-cakes, andi biscuits. saus.,g
rea cond.uon, as Hey are, ;nonv tb wa,?h . , i : . vvjmtr
wos of nations; , It was ; for- proving re- j yfc ... rti,Uld ,ht... brlakfast-table- and
crejint to these sent.ments mat the voters oj t:,u!k;but when v?gy comqs with the part of
Jj,dnt.urg oismisseu ine amesi anu iihm .i- foiling ivater, pit th-y goj I suppo Ujey
liant writer of theday, and chose iosteaahe yare.alVaid' of bi-ing scald. J with the 'dishics.
bumble paper maker- and sturdy republican : goon an'hihJr bell r'nigi,' and thev knbw
Cbirles Cowan'.; j They were not-cunten'o ';,a; jVforstuily. and as (the :rule "is 'dsity
have Mr. Rlacaulav taik speciously ol tin-i ; r,,-ct n,7rr ,,!,.Mire afterwards.' thev t.ike )
spreading ana turning agaiOjaod agam its
leaves tecome wilted,; instead ot becoming
crispy, and do not ciumble, j Thus not only
is immense labor; ini curing saved, but no in
considerable less in prumbling" of the leaves.'
to say nothing cf the pernicious effects spoken
.'!' .h . ' :! . ' I
Cure far SpaTin.
! Take oil cf amber, oil of spike, and spirits
of turpeniine,?(jual parts, say 4 ounces; waim
them on: some hot ashes, .with no blaze, and
apply them as warm asyou can to ihe spavin
by pouring on and rubbing in well with iha
bail of your thumb, (first have the hair offthe
: spavin); tins must be repeated twite a day
for two days, when, if well rubbed; it wilt b4r
comea jfinning sore. Wet a sponge Willi '
the'Substance, and apply it twice a day for
; three lays, then stop lor three days, and if
the. spavin does not disappear, repeat the
course three days longer, and letlhelore hea!.;
Wash it with plantain leaf scalded and suds
from cas'ile soap. ' As soon a e sore is i
'. closed,- commence rubbing with' lard or ran!i
butter, and iej spavin' will. 'disappear, and
the' hair wfil grow in the svVjc cuIjr. .
" ;" j : Fruit Trees. j ,
The new method of raising frtiii trees iy
planting, the scions, is a srreat desiderat jm in
tha a.rt ol obtaining good fruit
cip i
.and then as speciously give up these prin-- ; tf ,-e j- j(
!ei of which he might have been and was jWy' j,r(
eioected to be.the ablest .champion. But in i greatest plaguifclof al! lie ;wants to b
It has many
adj-antages over grafting, because it is rncja
expeditious,' and requires no stock nor tree.
They may lu planted where they are r-
1 . r -- ...v... . vuv M
ooksquhjilv. Spumes, h.rvevbr.ij Le suthcient toplant out enough for alar
re iiiteri iiptcd, and j, the bi.by is ie orchard.after the scions are : obtained. -rii
2 WiiJ
poems, in 'is'-issays and in kU, , niagnifij j busy as any hojly and bus i pfti tiea'ar uiic"y:
as! method of preparing the "plant-ia a3 follows:
travels over the? world,
, in his' bold conceptions!
in hispowei t'oelothe in
passionate thought the most
in philosej-hy, in its yigoro'is eloquence
lumlinous strensth he U surpfusfd by I'eVy
ancjeni and by ng he id nuidtr'n literature.
of general his-j b7r ihe drunkards in ihe ariihmetic.
and wondrous! When twelve o'clock Iconics they
hniinated.'vivid.r TreVas air ami laway the go. luucwe
commoa truths' j Carlo and Nero! to huntTa .L.i;s.or squirr
"Ca t) J ik bins or partridges, or: whatever t.sey
j 'One day (itjwas a birth
to look for a ribou nest.
iloui ihe bushes, ami nt las
fid flowers
l i ' I l.T
lirCilike yomcn III Hieiir l)eaiu wiiu rlnotigh there was. a hice.
tiiev OTIjirllt to grow , beautiful .eggs ai large as
IT, ior Kiev
1 V -r ' I : , 1 I
imita wv ,nw.i.?, i ound. n! i ve to
11 (,-l
were delighiUcl
SV(! Ot IKiS.S. so
7 ' i j T fT . I
i lo find aniKhi
fijid one. After
it happened ih:
ib'.v fotinJ thai. lone, and 1 dare say yoLr
mother will teM you if vo't ask Tier,
I AV he'ii the bdvs1 are lircd -f running abcU
, I o , M I . J . .' 1 i lerent colors. - 1 1 he Hnulri
looks complete vitljioul a w oman iii.jjjnd,,fivM aflCribatthey tri.
it, Imd no Svoinan over., wciiist fo frteStbui..thcythevvr did fi
lovely as when1 she !is! surrounfied j lg Hoc I toVlljiheni how
by jllowers.
hyy' they wojnii
thv.y looked i.;i
some one cal'c
jiid .it! ami S!sri?
: tig nest, am
len s i gg, out
were all of ti
Take the ticiort a3 for grafting, and at any
time-after the first of f ebruary and until th
buds-begin to grow, considerably, and dip
each end of the shoot into melted pitch, wax
II""' '
0r tallow, and buru it in the grotiad, liie lud
uppermost whilst the body lies in a horizontal
position and -ajt tie dlep'fh of' two or thiee
inches. We are inlornied that trees btained
iii this way wiil bpar in four years from the
f. . -.i.i - I
1 jtijs !iume ul P'antisg. -jVe have no doubt of the
practical):!) 'V ot th,is method of rais hg fmit.
BlacB Lcalt. The
wliilch pencil
conic from , t
letuli from ' t Levi often lin l down on -tl great piles bf
noihtS are Iliad1?, i !eadl leaves thatiare hi aped against ihe tetv
I i : . 1 . . t I . L
ie principal plum:;f-van1 8t'mtVs ""'l Vy uiem'J'T
litK-lMP t?liv
roWdalc,; C'jmperland, Ilglaild. j a- soon; a3 they ; have done they are reajtv
It iii situated ill a hill, and instead ( for a walk or a. hunt with faJier or broihjr;
vh.ntlv lil-oi sometimes ihoy. walk lour jr five milcsfj-
ui mvuh "Vy- 1 i ! Once they weiktlso far that one llula fellp W
otlir mines, is; opened once a year, i lircd o;i, taihen had to ride laoi
vhf n a Stlfllcient (lUanflty IS takcil 0., his back; and his brother told him lie
..4 tnrnXrJx- ilm worl.l for flip tnr would shoot at the moon, tjnd tried to pcf
out o,,u T.j w. -v- v- r:. j. - ; r. w, , . . , Im; Ano.i r
to )ei.wiicnjii is agaiu , "u, w- cu . ,iu!c lcl v
with strong dflors, bars and -.jocks, i about- lhn;ti yt.u,:9 itrJt was U much pleasal
niifil the IlCXt annual Supply IS re- Wiilr the beautiful clouds thit he insistuJ;ch
quiriodj ' iFroni tlie timl; of Queen ' a
t . ' , i . 1 1 . - . : i a i . x .. 1 1 l . r. ii
1U illlU !
Elizabeth it is kaul thatiall't
i i i . I W
npn'iti s in the world havei
king up to tne bKjv ; u . . t y
y the time i;!is dark tliot! ate quite reidy
cbtne in, aiid' sitting - by
thfir lnv Kifnlk and sinirl and hear iheir
made ofi'ihe; black lead of thisj fa'ther rea.I,or:tiill beautiful stories, and: af
ter i-ravers thtV are snu" V tucked in UcU
A sexagenerian1. repetiirig that hi did not
begin in early lifeto tile away his newspapers
sys: How interesting it would ne ko an otu
irtfen lo look iato papers which he rehd When
ha was twelve or loufieen -y'ears old! I How
many events would this call to mip3 whjch
kJ i,.'j orii,rr .:,.rTniipii! llow'uianv inter
ne; IIOU cu.r..l -!-- ; . jf
esting ussociatldns and feelings would U;rj
vi!.i9'--Wh9i- Viw. it would' sive oat ' of
nist riars! . What a knowledge it would
preserve' by assisting the memory! jfind how
many valuaWe purposes of a literiry kind
even mi?hi ii be reudeied subseirient to
. H - 1'' - - T . vi I--' fV I '' -
IspusTRvUEvery man shoiild remember j
that the world always has ami;. will honor f
indu'sfry. .Iho; yulgar una gstless idler,
whose energies of mind -apd bod): are rust
ing or ihe want of jexeriiise; jth-i mistaken
beTn 5; who pursues , imusiiient as , relief .to
his rfniervaied muscfes, or1 cngigejs in cxer-
Icises th;'t produce no useful etid, jmay look
with Scorn on iha laDoier engagtu in nts
toil; but his scorn is praise; Ijis contempt is
'an honor. Honest i lnclusnV, will secure re
spect pf the wise and tho g-wd among men.
and vielJ the ricli fruit of an easy co:i-
sc f'e, iind give, that heariv sell respect.;
w.j "j is above. ail .price. Ion bn,-then,
yoltin men and 'women. Bp diligent, in
business. Jmproye the heart and the mind,
and you will find the we'l-spriiig , of enjoy
ment jin your iowri ..souls, ancj secure the
confidence anj resptjet of all those j whose
respect is worth an efiort to obtain.
1 1 1 r - 1 ' 1
' . A Democrat office-holder in th Sixth
Auditpr's office, saved himself," -they say, by
a bonlmrd. lany men, ?ia :revolutionary
times have, as histoVy records,; saved their
heads I'm-that Waylj - I ! '; ,
' In'.ijii3 case, ibe ;; condemned; office-holder
acknowledged his crime of deiiiocjraiic pol
itics but claimed exemption1, from removal
under jthat clause 'of ,lie constitution whiqh
says "that- no person phall be scibject for the
"same dffe.ne; to be if trice put in jeopardy "j
he having been lurfted out by Qratiger, as; a
loco foco, in IS IV,
.... - , I . 1:. I l.-i..l
again. lhey;i(re vcrv iifip js mv-l
and I tliiiiik God is kind injleedUo waa? ub
,i i'i.-.t we. full he h.-uiiiv ! iW wln.TC, ItiW
oii'v try tl: do ill is wi.l.aniiio be hind hull
tectionato to all
WojtbERrct SiOACiTy or a House
The follow iiig iucidenl is I rtlutfd by lht
on"- Poin'. Advocate: "ill few days sinct
w .-. 1
as we were leaving our residence on our usu-
alj nibrnTng' vlt-U toj the Advocate office, &
sorrel horse bei'jngit.g to us gallopeil up and
caught bur amj and made : n attempt to pull
u$ in the direction he wishel tog, He theb
left, audrWeiitofTHt a q;iic gait towards 1
pasture on our farm about a quarter of a rail ;
dis:ant from our residence, la a few mmuteb
he approached us agin, miking an unusual
uii'ise.aiid seeiued by his ariiions to desire US
to follow him.; This we dif and when wfe
rear hed ihe pasture we obslerved the mate of
thie horse eutapgl'ed ia a bri.'ge, which brok
through with Dim. After ;ve had exiricafeil
r , - 1
A geniJeman in this vicinity the Usk season ,
planted about twenty scions 0! different krnds
of pears which appear tp flourish. The com
position he! uMd was melted shoemaker' '
wax. f Cultivator.
a roaring
his companion; from his da
tlie horse which had given
companion dan;e, came 1
had against uS,' sljowtbg
ireat satfaciion; i '
An editor received a leiier
er was sneli 'wethbr. Hd
woritt 'speli of wtajther' he
igerous posmoot
us uotice of til
p and rubbed Li:
evident signs' w
in w h ch weath
said it was ihd
ad evtr seen.
I I!--
Imprtace pF.ri.-Re Water rtR Cat
tle. .La -.vrence iu h)-! l-'armcrs amljGraziers
ll . i- l. t. I I t ' ' e ., - - I .
turnpike viuiue, ua;: ma loJiowing:
Dr Jenna, who conferred that great bless
ing on inankind-p the cow-puek Inocculation
considered that giving pure waier" to cows
was of more jmportauce than persons aro
generally awarelj There 'were farmers in his
neighboftiood, wh ise cows, while they drank-!
the pond itafer vere rarely ;ever free fronl:
red catcr .or 5Aelledudder$. and the losaVs
they sustained jfrJra hese causes, together
with the ' numF.Jrui abortions-, their cows
suffered, iucreateir, toj at) alarming extent.
One of them at length1, supposing that! tha
water they drank hhdj something to do with
producing1 their! djsnrder.i, sunk threa wella
tin diff.'rent parits of the farm, and puajpeii
ihe water joto itroughs for the caiile. His;
feuccess was gratify ng; the red water soo.i;
ceased tlie swell'in;;s of the udJer subsidfj;1
acu t.ie produce! ot lae reaovateu amaals m-j
creased boih'ln (uai tity and quality. Other
farmers followed Ihe same practice; and in'
jess than six months net a case of red water,
Ewcllen udder, 'or abortion, was heard of in
. he neighborhood." 1 ;
I .1 .'u.'iwy.ui.i.i l L J 4. C A4AJ1. ilil. . 1 umaii
jWhite, of Moa'gomery county, Maryland,
gives the following recipe by which the prtz
ham of the late mr wus cured;
"The pork should be perfectlpcolJ before
cot up. The hams should be salted witti '
bloom salts, with a poriiori of red pepper, and
about a gill of molasses toeich ham. Let
them remaii in salt five weel;s; then hang
them up and smoke, with hickory wood fur
five or six weeks. About the first of April
take them down, and wet them with' cold
water, and let them be well rubbed with
uuleached ashes, i Let ibem! remain in bulk
for several days, and theu hang them in the
loft again for u?e' J
! Another Suspension Bridge 13
being built across the '..Niagara, river
at Lewislown, about seven miles
below the Falls. It is to be one
hundred fee
at Niagara,
be the most
kind in the world,
lopger than tho one
tnd whet finished will
stupendous work pfthe
apprehensions, j J
and Ui
,'. i . . - . . :
' .- ' ' ... -
i1,.? i -- ?
; ;'- -,, .; '-.-;.

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