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, .1. Jill
Jt alt the cuds thou aim'st at be thy Country's, thy Cod's, nnd Truth's."
- V
VOL. 1.
3 JIZ: StB.TO.'StsS J
(C?Two Dollars (or one Yeai
f jvaid at
.v,U.,m,nl subscri noon: TWO uouais
und Fifty Cents; without ojtrution,
af.r Jierepirtibn of Three Mpnths.
k-iA.ll Bills tot AUyenisemcu.. -
Wdrk or Subscription, cuu..v-
nTn.r-.ci-J.eicent azainsi uioc .v-
U lie m we have Runnins Accounts.;
. !... v..nv n,ill l.o tent Olit til
Cointv. unless fau lor in jj :
ftViaveCt.seine:it3 inserted at Oiic tu.
iflaJpcr.Sawnreof Tvclv Tines,
or Less r the First Insertion, '"J
."Mits lor each continuance. A liberal
lejiictioo fo Yearly. "A Jveitisingj. j
Sfcp-f he privilege of Yfa-ly Advertisers is
Mtrilpt'y limited, to their own immediate and
lltkular Eusiness; and the Dusiuess of an
Adlvertising Firuijis not considered as in
clujJiHg thai of its individual membeis.
yjAnnouncing Candidates, Tlirre Io-
rs; to be paid tl Jlioanct in bticry yo"
Advertisements not maiked With j the
mlier of Insertions when naniieu in, win
be continued until ordered out, and' payment
ttt?-lVj Advertisement i can at nisei led gra-
erTlAdverus:ements of a I'ersonal INaiUre
intiarial'u charged Double Price,
J, Jveriisenients ol Patent Medicines
nsyrted at Thirty EX:iars per Col-
Zhoi Work, of all
doue.f on IVcV Type, and on as re
Teinns as anv OHice in 'l'onnessee.
; !
tttTTiriO Paper will.be discontinui
.... t . i
k-a 'unni
II larrearr.ges are paid u'.) crcey.
I at 'the-
pption of the Publisher.
Babbalh- Evcuii
ioly licie. 'Jlie evening Mini
Sisals with a'cufi control
nature, ns a t
asiKlit of Ik-uvn
Btais o'er the human sou!
d bvery ray from yonder blue,
id bvcry drop ol laliing dewi
ems to bring down. to human. woe
kJi Heaven a miss-ago of repose.
erjyon tnll rock the solemn trees!
And shadowy groups incline, ,
ko gentle nuns in sorrow -Loivd
AVdund tho:ir holy shrine;
idl.Vrthem now the i light" winds blow i
Si still nnd calm, the, inu.sic
tho mysterious voice of pioyet
fi echoed in the midnight air.
Tft. U,;T! likR incense irom in? ra
i hi i
Ri'se to a Gotl be.lpvcil, I
ltd L'er tho waters move ris erst
e Holy Spirit moved;
L)t rent's voictf. the wnye's low
S3 j
Ji the far notes of seraphim,
ill earth's thousand voices ra
r aor.gsof worship, love and
ftcnilo histerhood of flowers
nd low theit lovely eyes,
aze li rough trembling tears o
U to the lofty skies; j
And the pure stars come oui uuy
UU sweet and blessed tliy.gs ol ovo,
t ,i.itsi?nu s in tnc cttrnm j-v
to'cuidoT.ie parted spirit home.
there' is a spell of blessedness .
In earth and air and heaven,
i i iii i i..
K,U nature wears inc uieaseu k,u
jOf n voung saint torgiven;
m i tvhn. at such an nour 01 io-,
k'an "tze on an. muu",
. .! i i,r.o..l down upon me s i
Wlitl. nature's salf to worship Ci).d?
A llili I III nnvv m
!T7 m-Jihuii OuAucsl These
prisoners to the number of Myf
nTrrntid before Judg4 uitncr
,nnf lWroit,on thc 2Gth ultimo,
he sever
; 1
all plead nui guin
nrlinrmonts; and the
its of which are us follows
. 4 la 1 i i inr. i rri t 1
. i t' i
t i1 1 1 i r i ri - i.r w
" . -r ., i T..i. in ItVio nirrht-
auJi i" ""'"'b "
r..;.fi '
' .4.1 r.on?t.irin2 to bum the depot
.p! k Ceutrall llailroad
Company. - i
' Uth. Conspiring to burn
the depot
..f ilm Michiirau Central
Company, cm the first of April, 1S5J,
bv avails of a "march." . ' '
;th. Attempting to burn the de-
-riot'of thq Michigan Central Railroad
,panv in the night Urnfe, &c
fter'somodi?cu?.-iou hy counsel,
I A frr
tl!cl trial ! of-most of them was ijet
;ra was set
firm, of the
'.U c.r ihc reirular
Circuit Court in Wayne c unyhich
colicnccs oiV the .il3t i of May.
ThA r.risoners were then donveyed to
111 wi""5" i
The PhrenoIoakJ."
I never recollect a warmer en
ast tlian Professor Leyden.
he spoke, he seemed to ; forget Jill oth
er worldly circumstances, all
subjects, save the one engrpssing
tonic, on' which, he was engaged.
His evei wildljr dilated, saw.no bbject
save the bright imagery creatdd by
his fertile brain. His voice was im
passioned. His every pulser beat
high. The professor, at the t me.. I
speak of. was just two-and-thirt y, and
ranked himself the very leadbr of
Giill and Surzheim's energeti'! dis
ciples. On the subject of phr molo-
crv he was discoursinc: when I edtcred
the dining
room of the laron ti.Lv.it
in jr.' i
was a fine rfummer even-
Strawberries and. other flruits
Jccoratcd the board. The well-iced
Johannisbcr, the cdlar-cooleq La-.
fitte, stood temptiftgiy. on. a pble,
around which about a .dozen young
men, with the worthy baron', add the
professor, sat. i It appeared that, in
the height of m enthusiasm, Ley
den had, to plcaso the company, ex
amined their heads, and with; tnany
wild looks pressed the bumps,! which
-he declared to be the unerring indi
cations of the ! human characte: " and
passions. Some unfortunate ivight
in company, however, had evidently
shocked the examiner by a de mon
stration of wicked propensities, for
he strenuously refused, on this occa
sion to pronounce upon the s veral
orjran's, declaring he "might gn e bf
fciicej" lie "might be wrong," 'in
desd it might appear ' invidious in
shor'f, afUp, making several similar
excuses, t ie professor sat down in
roedititivo silence nor could he igain
be brougH to-spefik, save'and!e tcept
upon thegcncral merits of the sys
tem, a subject onwhich he never Tailed
to enlarge. 1 1 is a curious fac , that
I licvcr ii my life heard the si bject
of i phrenology broached without a
laugh being raised at its expense,
which very .naturally annoys the
supportcj-s of this theory, and brings
on the whrmest argument. It vas a
dfecussion of this kind, that iroba-
1 r .
)lv had raised the fire, whicn llustiea
he check of Leyden on the evening
of which I speak J
The conversation had now; taken a
new channel. . Ai dreadful . murder
id been committed in the neighbor
iidodof the Black' Forest ..A' young
irirl had eloned from her parents some
weeks before, lhe companion pi
her flight was supposed to be a Voung
man who had been staying u; the
neighborhood; ho had . disapf eared
about the same time. She bat just
been found savagely mumereV hlQ
the supposed partner of her guilt had
re-appeared, and declared that lie nan
with difficulty escaped from the hands
of banditti, who had, without any
apparent motive, seized and ltinpns-
' i i
o'nod him. To prove this, he snowea
several severe wounds which he had
lk-eivcd in .the successful struggle
lie had, with two iof the gang ita. his
dndeavor to liberate . himself, f This
itorv. however, appeared so irhprob-
ible, that no belief was attached to
it, and the young man was nurriea io
prison, there to abide his trial, j This
story had been repeated with ; sinful
minuteness by Carl Hofienon, i hand
isomo" young man, 'who liad -lat ly .ar
Irivcd at jladen, whose mild ard gen
tlemanly manners had alrea'dhr won
c. h ho. rrolden opinions of. all
!the society -assembled ther;. "No
one was more pleased with bin,' than
the old Caron. It was even b Sieved
that he ranked so; higil in ino; goou
mans opinion, that it was rumored
that he bad proposed and was actu
ally accepted byi Clark Hart mann,
with the full - sanction of her tather.
As a narrator, few; could excvV him.
His vivid description lent life to his
stories;" and when he chose (as 6n the
present occasion) he could harrow up
the nerves of even the njost a pathet
ic, by depicting horrors in tfip r most
glaring most appaUing e&or$ One
burst of indignation, as:he corjcluded,
bespoke how truly he bad interested
hk auditory. A tnousana
tiona were heaped upon the' head o
the uunappy youth, who appeared
piaicjv.1 incoiitrovertibly, from 'thd
go to see his. execution my
could enjoy the death tortures oi
such a wretchindignantly exclaimed
the Prince of Olsebach, a young Rus
sian, as he took a pinch of Isnutf, and
handed to his neighbor his splendid
box, which dazzled the eye by the
richness of the diamonds encircling
it. Jf snch a wretch existed on my
estates, I'd have liim racked.1 'And
well would he deserve it; a cold-hearted,
cruel assassin,' chimed in anoth
er. . 'May he be punished in the
world to conie!' fervently ejaculated
Carl. 'Nay, nay,' said the old Bar
on, 'that is saying too much." It is
true the man deserves an earthly pun
ishment; biutyou are allowing your
anger against a vice, my dear boy, to
carry you ioo far.' And the old no
ble good naturedly pattedCarl on the
arm. : '
Thus various subjects wero dis
cussed and argued; i but' during the
whole evening Leyderi spoke not a
word. Atjlast the hour for breaking
up ! arrived; and according to eti
quette the' prmce moved first; Ere
he did sof he requested the return of.
his snuff-box.. The person to whom
he had handed it declared thit he had
passed it to the next, who, in his turn
denied all knowledge of it, afe did the
rest1 of the company. Every one
had seen it, every one had hindled it,
but none could how produce it. The
room was searched, the servants had
not entered 'the apartment, the door
had never been unclosed, none had
stirred from the table. The affair
began to wear a serious aspect.
The old baron felt his honor wounded,
but! still hoped it might prove to be
an ill-timed pleasantryJ Under this
impression he . rose. 'Gentlemen,
some person amongst you has doubt
less concealed the box, intending
thereby to give our illustrious friend
a fnght, and .in good faith he de
serves it for thus carelessly forgetting
to look after a trinket said to be
worth 50,000 florins; but as he seems
really uneasy about it I .must be
the person who has taken
jit, instant-
ly tjo return it, and confess
the joke,
and Hart-
And the noble affected td
Xofie, however, responded
mann saw with increased
that he must now take up
the matter
more seriously. 'My fr ends, yoti
cannot! feel offendedwhen I offer my
self asithe first, person tj undergo
the ordeal, an ordeal I almost ' blush
to sav we must all submit to. Me
must b searched! None but the'guil -
ty can
feel annoyed at this
Professor Leyden started
Heavens I d sooner die.
was of
th6 ame opinion, and object
ed to undergoing such an
which it the very least J implied a
doubt Poor Iiartrnann 1 aoked like
aghos :. He glanced app;alingly to
wards Leyden, who now rose. 'Let
the door, be locked,' he said in a"
grave voice;-let it be well secured.'
This was done. 'Now, gentlemen,
you must either acknowledge the cor-
rectness ol the measure auopr, or
I, the disciple of a juggling science,
perish!' and he drew from his pocket
a small pistol.- 'Nay, start not, my
friends, against myself alme I mcan
to use this weapon, and that only in
case I wrongfully accuse an; individu
al 'now present You miyj remember-before
dinner I phrdnologicnlly
examined you all. Therd was little
to say about you generallj; but there
was one amongst vou in whom 'I
could not be mistaken-ne whom I
wishe not to have named, whosej
presence ever since nas inauo m
shudder. I see the gentleman io
who,m I allude, already ; turn pale.
Nay, attempt not to smile. I am
either a. villain for allowing a. false
theory to mislead me, or .you, Carl
Hoffenon, are both a robber and a
murderer?-1 ;
- A thunderbolt could have caused
le63 consternation. The baron start
ed up in rage and agony. The prince
believed the professor had suddenly
gone mad; while the others looked
with searching glances alternately at
details gives Carl, to heme perj
petrator : of the DiuOdy deed. 'I'll
TENN., TUESDAY, MAY 27, 1851.
Leyden and ;Carl. The-vformcr had
coolly resumed hishair. The lat
ter sat pale, immoveable; what could
it mean? Old Iiartrnann was about
to speak in no gentle terms to the
.man who thus had insulted his fu
ture son-i2I-Uw,when waving his hand,
Leyden quietly added 'search' hik'
The baron, in his eagerness to defend
his profffjc, at once flew to do so.
Immediately! the sriuiY box fell on
the tabje. The worthy old m;m sank
overcome in a chair.! In the breast
pocket of Carl's blouse he had found
the box, which the cjther had unre
sistingly allowed him to draw forth.
Tora few moments there was a dreadful
death-like pause. The partv seemed
petrified, while the trembling Carl
seemed to struggle. with his feelings.
At length, as if .suddenly awaking,
he started up1, and incoherently pro
nounced, The hand of God is upon
me! I would, but cannot flee his
judgment. Professor Leyden speaks
the truth: II am a. robber and a
murderer! tinder the name of Gratz
I wooed and jwon the peasant maid of
whom we spoke just now. In mad
ness I espoused her. Tired, however,
in a f ;v short days, of being tied
for life to one uneducated and low
born, hearing! that Clara Iiartrnann
possessed unbounded wealthy and
knowing that my rustic wife alone purpose, but the Board; of Ord
presented an 'obstacle to my wedding ! nance were enabled to supply theni
rhis in.lr bpiivw T c;lr-w hprnvp ! selves advantaireouslv, and made
cruelly slew her, and caused her lover
to be scized-j-to turn the finger of
suspicion towards him. Had he not
fled, to-morrow he would have - been
stabbed. As; for robbery, I can only
. : f
say, I long have headwl a bold band, m QnQ pork mer.
whom-even now 1 11 not betray, i al-ichantaa contracted for 2000 to be
though they lllaugh at me with scorn ,!(lelivcrea at the al kimng time,
when they first hear how foolishly Ijf Co -n - ; '
fell into the hellish net .that Satan
laid for me, and call me fool for not
having the powered resist temptation.
That cursed box was far too . bril
liant Some $pell lurked m it, which
drew me with! a force I could not
stand against,! and made me rush at
once upon my ruin: but why : thus
moralize? Let monks go pray, it is
too late for me; let common felon's
suffer on the blockj it is too mean' a
death for me. j .Thus I laugh at Fate
I'm never unprepared.' And I ere.
a single arm epud move to prevent
him, he had swallowed the . contents
of a small plualj which afterwards
proved toTuive been filled with- prus
sic acid. The) unhappy wretch who
confessed himself to be the same who,
under the assumed name of "Sand,''
:.4.,l-4 i.ha'
U1UU ill lunuua lou nuiuiui.
scribe. The acpusec
(OUL llllJOVt-lll I
L. tho rmnl
i youth was hberatedJlrom the goal,
and in three months (jJlaraV Iiartrnann
became the bride of the professor,
whose! love of phrenology had thus
led to the discovery of guilt; -the
operation,'' manifestation of innocence, and the
. 1 i. r . ... ii. - J-n: .l -i :
acquisition of the prettiest girl in
Firinri at an American-Steamer ii
ike Wort of Havana. " e are in
! that as the Steamer Falcon
was coming out ol the port of Ila
vana," at
night, she was met by the
inan oi wansieatnei i iiai
- i i:
ro, who
her, the
fired two loaded guns ai
balls going M er the Falcon
Harsteine immediately col
lectcd ail the old irtbn, bars, chains
&.c, he bould find, iind prepared tcf
load the
only piece ol artillery Ii
had aboird, intending to return the
fire of t
ie Pizarro, in case it was
continued. Explanations were
hovever, made by the commander
of the Pizarro, and the t alcon pro
cecded tin her voyage. 1 hey must
veVuig scare on them in the ev
faithful Isle. A'. O. Delta, 2Zd.
Connecticut.- The' democracy
have a maiority in the Legilature
ot two on joint ballot. Thomas II
Seymour (dem.) has been elected
Governor by three majority, : one
whig member being absent. Green
Ilendrick (whig) has been elected
Lt. Governor, and Thomas Black
(whig) Treasurer.
A young man has been arrested in
New Orleans for : stealing petticoats!
j He never-took anything else.
We find the following in the Bal
timore Sun:
South Carolina Military Frepa-
'onS. The South Carolinian
ch valrv, it is known, have recently
appropriated $300,000 for bloody
wejapons, and some Massachusetts
Yatokecs have got lhe job to make
thfjtn or a part of therri, at least.
A frinnil in farms the i editor of
the YVnsocket i .Patriot that
"Messrs." Waters, c! iMilbury, Mass.
have obtained the cCJitraCUor the
small arms: viz: 6.000 mUSwCts, V.
000 rifles, and 2,000 pistols. The
field artillery are to be made in
South Carolina, and the authorities
were very anxious that Messrs. Wa
ters, should nianulacture the sm;ill
arms there also; bjut this could nut
be, and get the arms completed
within the time allotted by the con
tract Messrsl Water?, i however,
have contracted to establish the ar
mory in South Carolina, after the
completion of this order." ;
We are authorized to say that
this statement is utterly unfounded.
No arms' for South Carolina, are to
be manufactured North oi the Po
teniae, and the small arms will
be constructed within the State.
Offers yin abundance (were made
fr'nm lhe Northern States for that
their contracts accordingly.
- : Charleston Mercury.
. Theerre Haute (la.) Courier says
that contracts have already been en-
On tho nvenincr of the Gth of f
April, near Rodney, in Jefferson
county, Miss., a man named Wil
liam Lewis, from Tennessee, and a
soldier in the jMexican war,, was
killed by a nian named Patrick
Newlan. ; Both parties had been
drinking freely, when a quarrel
arose.- ta witnesses were prcsirnt,
and no evidence was adduced j ex
cept the statement of the 'survivor.
Newland was discharged by the ex-
A t I M .Imr
amiiung mngisiraie irom cusiuuy
for want nf evidence
D ituadl i v:th Mexico. A
patch from Washington states that
a formal complaint ha$ been made
by tli. Mexican Government in re
lation to the Indian outrages on me
frontier of .Mexico: against which,
, , . , -frr
liv iIip terms of the Treaty wuh
f r , , 1 I
Mexico, the United States agreed
to protect her. Congress having
failed at tl,ie late session to make
the appropriation asked for by the
War Department for the duty, the
the service has not been performed;
and Mexico now refuses to rainy
the Tehuantf pec Treaty,1 unless Hie
provisions of the treaty of peace
are first fullilled. It is assencu
that the return of Mr. Webster
to the capital was hastened by the
occurrence of this difficulty.
A railroad convention recently
assembled at Tew Orleans, and w as
in session scleral days. James
Robb, Esq , presided. After vari
ous propositions were submitted,
the convention finally .determined
in favor of a road to run from New
Orleans, Iituisiana,to Jackson, Mis
sissippi. The track marked out is
along the banks of the. Mississippi
as far as Baton Rouge.. !
. Woman's Will. Dip the Atlantic
Ocean dry with a teaspoon; twist your
heel into the toe of your boot; make
postmasters perform their promises,
and subscribers pay the printer; send
up fishing hooks with balloons, and
fish for stars; get astride of a gossa
mer and chase a comet; when the rain
i6 coming down like the cataract of
Niagara, remember where you left
your umbrella; choke a mosquito
vjiith a brickbat; in short, proveall
things hitherto considered impossible
to be possible, but never 'attempt to
doax a woman to say she ully when
she has made up her mind to say she
; vont. .
''.Westers Tks.a. An article in
the Washington1 Union states that
about forty miles from Brownsville,
in a northreast direction lies . the" fa
mous Salt Lake called the Saldel
Hey. It covers about 'four thousand
acres; and such is the saline j quality
of the water, that there is a clear,
pure bed of salt, about a fooi deep,
extending oyer the whole surface, and
if any part be removed, in twenty
four hours it is completely -replaced.
In early times, this Salt Lake yielded
a large revenue to the Spanish Gov-
ernmefit, and is believed to bd
ca pa-
ble of supplying the whole
with a most excellent article
of salt
This property, ai well as mos
of the
lands in Western Texas, is in
in law suits, and it will be a y
so before the title is settled.
par or
New Bank Bill in Soctii Carol:
ka. A bill has been introduced en
actinjr a similar system to that
prevails in New York and several oth-1
erbtates. j Any number oi persons, was devouring an egg it was Mr.
not less than five, may associate for i Spriggins desire to instruct. his boy
the busincsj, of banking, with a capi- 'my son,, do you know that chick-
tal stock of j not less than 100,000, eas come out of eggs?'
and may procure- bills fojr circula- Ah, do they lather?' - said the
tion from the Auditor of Accounts, young hopeful. 'I thought that eggs
by pledging not less than 100,000 camc out of chickens.' , :
in stock of the cities or towns in this ; The elder Spriggins drew back
State, in the Stocks of any of the . fr0m table padly, and gazed on his
New England States, New York or of;SOn, then pat on his hut and went to
the United fetates Lrovcrnment. ;.
A Fast Funeral.-! Face to the
Grape. On Saturday last, two fune
ral processions of unusuaJ length,
on theiravay to the cemetery in Cam
bridge, Mass., the; drivers ofjthe hear
ses endeavored to see v:hikh should
; . i 1
-caeh the yule of the cemetery first.-
By a great application of the whip,
a sample of fast driving developed
itself, but the race' was of short du
ration. The coffin in one ol the
hearses was thrown out on the ground
and before the cortege following could
. , , ,
up, it was run over by three orjtne honeymoon
lacks, and seriously mutilated. If you don't wi
four had-
New Iron Hotel. An iron house,
far a hotel, is ablut to be erected in
Philadelphia, in jThird street, near
Arch. It is five! stories high. Sev-
eral iron warehouses are to be erected
in that city this summer. The iron
business in this country will be im-
mense in a. few years, from tho ercc-
tion of iron buildings alone.
The cost of obtaining letters pa
tent for an invention, for Englanl
alone, is $500 for the! whole of
Great Britain $1500.
United States $30.
Cost in
According to the New York pa
Two steamers are now building m
New York, intended fat navigating;
the Chinese waters., . lhe celestials
! prohibit the employment or impor
tation or such articles as these, built
in fareign countries, though there is
no ban upon the importation of the
materials .far the making of such
craft. To comply with the law, there
fore, the builders are obliged to P.w
up the timbers ot the vessel and tnen
take them, down again lor shipment
to China, where j they win again oe
put together. 1 ;
Poverty in California. -A wri
ter from California, in the I far I ford
Times, savs: "I believe . there are
more poor people, in California in pro
n r u.hr nv ai;. vers ty oi Virginia uciwecn soint;
pers, Cluetp Justice Sharkey, or Aiic-1 J o
sissippi, and Mr. Pennington, of Ntw lhe s udents and the civil author
Jersey, Lave been appointed to ther,lics "h,c 1 M caused considerable
i t m mUnArcVmifi rj;rr excitement lhe quarrel coin
to Land Commisfcionership in Lahior- i
i 4 menced with the I rotesscrof Mou-
ma. .
portion to. the number of inhabitants. jQn j'jy morning last, G
than in the rest of the United. States.' j joneS) president, and; Cols.
'.m.... w t ,r. i.Jrranand Beirne, Directors,
Three Miseries. To walk
miles for 'the purpose of begging .a
Civor and then feel too modest to
name it.
Bowing to a j person whom you
rrmteikf for another, and retting but
a.yacant stare of surprise for JouTj
To be in a scrape every hour, mere
ly 'for want of nerve to'say no.
.'May a man, 'marry hH wife's sis
ter?' is a question which can only be
rroreilv answered by the sister her
self, when the widower pops the ques
no. 20.
A western "paper . describes tho
dress of ii lady there, during a No
vember rain-storm, when mud, is an
kle deep, A' fur cap, a boa twisted
four times round her neck, silk stock
ing, and French.kid -slippers.' The
above paper might have described
this costume, taken as whole, by a
synonyme somewhat in this wise:
'A terrible cold, a racking cough,
diseased lungs7- and a mahogany cof
fin.' "
Lovely. An interrogator' of sil
ver sweetness, and an answer of dia-.
mond beauty, are contained in tho
following method of 'getting to go
home with her: c
home with' yoa to-nigln!
Answer, I
The sta
s do too:
I don't qare if vou do.
and Egc.s.- Mr. Sprig-
irins in a Dilemma. 'Mv son.' said
Mr. Spriggins to his little boy, who
Sharp Retlv. Two country at
torneys overtaking a wagoner, with
two span of horses, and thinking to
be witty" at his expense, asked him
how it happened that his forward
horses were so fit and his rear ones
so lean. The wagoner, knowing them
j replieJ that his fare span were la;
.n.tu piinnt '.''
yers, and the other clients.
A late philosopher says that what
.the approach of dog days is. to, tho
canine species, so is the approach of
h. - I i J. iL. I: L
to the human race.
h to 'go mad,' there-
; fpre, never snap at calico
A man wa3 one day
wheeling a
barrow across a church-vard,
twenty miles from Manchester, when
-he was threatened by a clergyman
with a condign punishment for hi-i
daring outrage, in polluting the con-
secrated ground by his wheel-barrow.
The man scratching his head, said 'I
didn't know but the barrow was con
secrated too, for I borrowed it of the
sexton.' '
The Alexandria Gazette says:
We have information that a serious
disturbance has occurred at the Uni
versity of Virginia between
em Languagcs.and he handed over
j the .belligerents to "the macistrates.
Qne account savs the students res-
cued one of their tniuiber w!io had
been .committed to jad lor hi bad
conduct. The Piohssor had been
treated very rudely.
The Charlottesville Advocate, i
reference to the above, says: As the
matter is now in the hands cf
civil authorities, we do irot feci at
, liberty to say any thing about it,
eXceit that it has nothing whatev.
cr to do with the University, or any
of the Piolcssors. .The whole a!"
fair look place in Charlotttj-sville.-
There has been no attempt to res
cue a prisoner from the jail. j
The HuntsvUIe Advocate says
Gov Jas.
r.f iU.
(...TUUiluu ? 7 --
n Mil I .1 M I I 1 f IfllLLLUIJ. II I LlltT
Jlempnis auu viwut-awu imwi
Co., accompanied by Gov. Clay, Col.
Mdls, and Hollowell, 1 left this place
! for Augusta, Savannah and Charles
ton, for the purpose of procuring ad
ditional stock for the Road: a most
influcntial delegation
Deeply interested as, these cities are
in the construction of this work, we
can not doubt but that they will lend
a liberal helping hand; and that the
amount of .stock requisite to author
ize the Directory to commence ore
rations in Alabama, $200,000, will bs
secured for the -work in thtia.
k of officer

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