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I """ i i ti Ki-fj Limii unn-n t i i i ri r"- iwh a j '-, M11Ji ti 1 iwi,-
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"fi-'rSrrrr Printing OJi'cc.' '
I'AYEtTIIvil.Ifi:, TEN2T.
soriably hope to av
ri:i:i!A v.
J -c.-in!. T, 114.
Kiiil.-s 'of il.o V
.i!i"..r-iil 2 1 i Niv
broikori. and fjuick--
ourj lain., present
. t
thce ivno lcr.sit i:
i 1 "
ics of ivliicc leadorf
co u ii try. rWe v.
'and rsiv llml. r.fi
ill !
! f
tu- Ltce of. patrioll-m
103 i.Iamiii jck, 17l!i,
r.i'u.r, lCSi; of Cor.- ilid
Clieiiibitsc, 'il MoliP'
n s'abiliti'v of our
it I'cintr
i.f Che
Tu-c utility :
happy firm of
based upon the v pue and initeilienee
tf the people, if .follov." ak a conso-
, we must
and give
ld; t!ie linaiiv '
11 WllKI.K to :
hoin'sclvcfe to
tlie' poliiy of;
the pojfitieal
Arrival of ihc Franklin.
that he salvatioi
is iuM'iided: upon
y- Why? Jwa
i i
1 ii ni tin ,v.,w
h u';.st4f'tcn.V(
ierjotu.ite the
Q. remarks are
i rofii ct' har.shlv unon
pathotiMii of our v
intended to
lionesiy or
fiie'id.s, for
iwnrd lo the maHcs of tluit party j
c desire a
picne. that if v
ttnu of 'its colliding result
discard all parti' fictions.
place to
must exa
ntelliccencc and virtue wc
nine qu
and act iaccordi i;glv. Tlie doctrine I jTll0 motie VlLy in;Scveral of j
of letting our lo
r.ir politico! so
-vorv inovemen
nviy indicate, i
l.ut humiliatingjl
of an intelligent
importance of t
by the exercise
that our interest io a thorou-h
not ;only dangerous, : th(, ;anu0in ym;;
eyohd theendurance er(fej(.
! t ho exercise rf
UiMid to huild u
An allegiance
rriace of judgnr
Vonvictions of vjl
rive to the pen
'the country or
lvestigation oi
sed. is hut tM
hich will sooner
stioiis for
iu (he South aii equ;:
ingredients; "and, but
education, and rather;
obligations, whicji . a
prpvaii to a dangerpu
i ' : ; Kkw vim, -MayrlO.
The Fiankli a arrived four: days
later. The Africa .-irrivfil tint, hn the
i . J vjOwos lor Jsreoi 'n '
1. gO Still filH The T.r,n.L r-.Nrt,
v bnceding a cjianged, receipts, to Crystal Palace
o thousands in (per. day twelve hundred pounds 'ster- j "wIth 't'smri
L i 1 . ..: pill-. .-: i ! 1 1;
rfe fiidlv iiers'ia-;iinov x no prices tell lrom'oiie pound
i - j i .:m: 4 . j - i
io in e bi. limits. j naiionai oan-
i ifiiU'T itn ho vivr-n it ho Oiroio-n
pu- nwtMuo!0uini ,rs; McMannus O'DoucrhJ!
ise its members; crty an,l (J'Donaho have "been
r tk' p.rinci des ; leased from Van Diemand's land.
Tlie aniuvcrsary in 1'rance passed
oil' quietly.
0 The most important news is the
successful insurrection in Portugal
the Governor cf OiioKo m surren
dered without astruirirle, and Saldan-
na was vie
strijngent pariy
peara to us to
k' extent in their
ranks, there would lie, kit; one purl'
in -the Soiijth, ami tha
Democratic Paktv.
ourselves, j first Coisnrfssioial District.
umcilts, :
i.nn jnicture all the cou;itics in i tll
jtainingj the opinion
nd direct
people. Hence the ;mfl t
ing: fully posted iqi, Station,
of i a well-informed :n n.-
judgment, on'dvery: question which (jrec.Jlc
diticd sufiragc may S lowiii
lor pujll down.
' io party, at a sa
lt and the conscious.
at ' are really condu-
ianeiit interests of
a tacit assent, with
of candidates who
them f
ofiich id
ration an
; very nio
;il .d
isurc pro -' Tf '
1 i sin June!
ot letter?
iction of thd
K V rr .
jjenny hi
toriously marching towards
share of these j Lisbon. Kaldauna's cause was . rap-
throuir'iout the, king?
sales, 5,00 1) bales at half
hcr than the Cambria's
'orn was erpially enpiired
fr. J Flour firmer, owiniito the cold
Jt Blanches-
District, enter-
i -
that it is, dan-
! . J
organization, to
efficient and cn-
party, to have
lan one caniidate for each
have held 'a
Micville, the
county, and
ila'u to rcdu
jmblic meeting
county site of
doptcd the fol-
:e tr-e numcer
re jiiow before
k political preferment. They
from two
hai the Democi
strict . meet at
grounds an t
and after
or later destroy the !
their number to re
llopes .nnd Migljf tlie . l4si,ed! coed to Ivotc tbr some!
Wacli. .
If our jiremis
and; twer others to coint thcm, pro-
' . iho.nrthe s.sinr to n
strong the claims of partV may bej ' i m . ,
n.l the disposi on io uu,wb. of :evcry
:1 . A. ' I W
io one, democrat oi . . ; . , t
" . receiving the largest
and determined
i-vpf strong par
considered to bo
,we are noi con
X an index, merjc
ay, but are re
lentire ground-
t lie is bi
their obligation,
,vhig, can justify
a willing suppor:
from the fact tli.
ward hy t he par
heretofore acted
elude that a parj
llFonesty, qualili
jniality of scntih
lantbaspirant, sh
constituting' cvf y voter s
tlieloycr oi cnu auu "v-.i-i-l, fl rn,1ntv
mi J- ,"--4 uliwA. tii ! ii i
I M!S IS' II 1 1 LXUvll t iiiii vii, in i " i j ii i
1 131 f v--w.i" ; olinv (irtiin)iiiff 'ill t
11 ... ! 1 f X I 0
anow i jimiscii - iu: , , , , - ,r
ilUU ll'J LliJ H'q lllli., UUU U.,
s bo good
the men holding th
to a ndn merely
v can not
tu glit for
m he lias
shall Rf-41ared thd
nee of the Democrat
It is unle to con- - ; v . ,vn . i inTv nn.,n:manc:L
iio wrong.
id conge-
.1 X
lent be i when voter
uMbo'thd materials
;y adopted by the mietiug but coi
lially subscribed to 1
lidates-who were pre
v all tlie canr
We claim it as 01 rs, and aro prepared :ing the Mowing ektrajct frrt.i the
t up n it, hdw-f ( uion $ ; corresponuei t, aamits mat
o ad
1.1.. flinvrk !c ilium 4r:ltll
izans'we nrc jum.? 10 nun.
In ths matter,: that correspondents
ntto cA the part xpi-o-sqs its surpnsd
lvi.ointing out the .should to Sghtol
blvedto read thejof tk contest. by cro
his we bav
10 do, but
c! evrr.ical field withanuml
re ' es- for the same oflica. ,
hen the ;i th- I!ini;rr-niy cOmU
ill-It it our duty
i eoi: illv at tk r'sent tune.
P - . . N. i . I 1 ' il. .4 '
vistence of ; ur goverhment ; is sure mm, mai .uy.
t hreatened bv dcsiguitig and unprin- j Mown with the same ,(
, ir,led'm n,it)oth jfrom tlle'ortb and have only five candid.
tjv? aver in
bnct terms
ion to daniocr:
!.ld'.!C,'d t; J
orhplaint , wq
dek for Floatc
1 . .. ! 1- l?. 1 i J!,t" ;.J
As a t st to our I sincerity, in mis uisirici, ami uiuu.
ho ,11 siiveand:dis-!awlng. Uutto the.ctoct:
'lliere are in tins .0
about seven wln'cc ca$
Legislature, and two
ilidates. ; This is the
coimtv in West Tehnessce . where
there is a largo-whig tnajority.
)(. j K UU- Him
with all our devo
cv, wo could not be
btfj fbr Trovfk lor
Jovernor from iny other ecmsidera-
son than it nt the interests of our
: .J:
fined to fic
oiir connection w
1 . . t i
ltrvlimperativeiy demand
r-T'nc Whigs of
1 ' ui.rvrt'at -i large and enthuf
reason to behcACj r
, - 1
assumed and occu- i
1 gooa
ienUcratic party would
'iiallv retard tlie onward
our government to .the
f that degree; of great
5 bat fye shefu
: If we ha
tl'.at the po
.pled by tlu
teinl to ma;.
orogrf s of
and uHefalubs which she isdes-
oniplili, we wiiuld sever
ith that party with
Our' position in -politics
- i .1 . . '
not lnnojcnceti o.) jMiij mo .
"anions, emotions, :im, uyjpauioue
;res and the accompiiMii"-"-, ot
patriotic cnjls. j M; without laving
:ice, unanim
deiiy in 1S-j2, and hake.
the friends' of!
Unipn throughout the United
once to call upoi
Stajtes to.. rally afoun-
'ing iheni, t
7.C: lo'US SUJ'
jirinciplcs t
ChroniclCi states that even
opening of' the spring.
tioh lias re-comm
rl:iim tobettcr int'nrfii tion ainl dearer
thap that ot our wing
lie likrtyjof assur-
1:t Bkrt of a hearty and
f tho fuibi mental
fbuii'd only in the
ivl i... -.. ri
Li. .... . . lore ov Jir. viav .
i,. 4h.A ih -T,,.;,; A ! v . i.rown voieii ior uiu niuuuw
llluiy WML mo i.miiiiirm. nuiiiiii iiic
tbeV caniiOi rea-jlaui
.111 f iJi.ir v-:.'l rnlK-I
last jor any previous year, not
the long continued
:i of tie 1
of a pro
i i ;
weather; Philadelphia am
5iOa21. State, of trade a
er unchanged.
Xi:v Voiik,
Cotton . under the n
"ranklin advanced one qv,
f one thousand middling
0. Flour advanced
Mess fork is heavy and
o four for each
. -its
0f each civ
heir respective
ie 1st Saturday
electing ! one of
eivc the votes
one for Senator,
i i
Member. And
ic votes polled
Gov. Trousdale,
.The following pointed remarks of
tlie Washington Union will . be read
with interest. They are timely and
well put luul we commend them to our.
reauep: ' . - i- ; . ;
Wfc are i leased; to Lee that! this
distinguished. patriot enters inbj the
il' contest i in Tennessee
characteristic of his na
ture, lie has made appointments
with his opponent Judge William
l. Canrpbellh to address ! his fellow-
cilizen ht fjucli points in' the .State
as will enable everv voter to .under
sumu wnat general interests are in
May 19. :-
ws of the
arfer; sales
upland at
six cent-s,
election shall
to clerk of the
t !
11 compare the
, and the inan."
number of dem-
of Lud ofiices-regularjnonii-
c pa,rty of that
Banner in copf
thain poetry in
statement, and
that tlie whigs
tno importance
vdiugthc poht-j
No Pledges i!ikll--io Pledges ia
The Northern wings ard already
!isclosiiig their game. General
aylor gave jio pledges, siy the',
and (Jen. Scott must give
ione!" "We of tlie North did not
k a pledge from GenTaylor to sust
ain the Proviso, - and you of tlie
:kiuth inust-not be so unreasonable
s io ask. from General Scott .any
ledge to sustain the compromise'
idch is now the language - of the,
Northern whigs. Head in proof the
plowing extract from the Indiana
fctate Journal, the central and lead
ing organ of the whigs ot Indiana
vho in Legislative caucus have nom-
i'naled Gen. Scott' as their caitdidatej
I ; We regret to .notice a disjjiositiou
on thephrt of some of . thejSouthern
pper&i,oyrcquire cf Gen. Scott, -as a
condition pTcccnt to their support !
of him, (shoukniebe nominated bv
Items of News.
Price of the Next Crop of Cotloii.j
Anir.telligentwriter in tlie Chrrles-!
ton Caurier of May 2d, speaks as
follows ;
.. 1 ,i t i
at the ports, 233,813 bates of cotton,: WIM ""'rT 8 "
above our receipts last year aUhej?"'-"1 . .
CH0T.FT?i TUi, r.i t
ed at Kf T.; i-. i I,
I i,J I'd"
in regard to the stocks of i unt Jttttuitly.yy e learn Irom a igers. On the urv S 1
in tius country and Europe, gentleman who was a passenger on ! of Cholera aniw,av,r.M.,., H'
the price of the next crop: fl,e Reamer -Iroquois from New-Or- sengers and crew . i'Ai
r. . il.-. ..!. leans to Cairo J that tho rholorn inrrrwi' p..;,- . UUi Ul- u,'
same tjmej and yet, the stock iu port
is O,o09 bales less than j it was last
We have exported to Great Brit
ain 254,582 bales more than at the
same period last year;, and yet the
yolved in th 3 canvass ol the two par-; A n S() 000 bales less than last
tics at this time. Governor Irons-' Tll ,
uale has beca long the favorite of the now butg0 thcre waslastycor. A11
goo uia-la: bio bed demonic couu-;tlie lettbrs that spinners are
y of Sumner, havmg received there jony bavins fofimmediatc consump-
ms euucauotti and training, and nav-;f. m. v,Arflfnro. ti,. mn.nmnfinn
mg met her hiirhest expectation not I -;t if
only in tjio ield ot battle, but in ey-j ; i
cry civil cm .lovment to which he has ; T!e stook in niIr P6rts is - - r 498,424
been called, from that of rm attorney .nu.ion.a.D.al.ru . . -oou
x ii i j.I it n,- r ft - i
at tnc par to uie ouice pi governor oi j Toiat, stocks. ........ i,03i,424
tiie State. Ihere is no held ot glo-! The consumption fur
ry distinguished by our citizen-sol-,hir,y wks, from April
ilicrv iu t;l,o .outhcrn country that l,aS ; EJ
n jt yielded a laurel to this brave, hales of American kinds. :
.i .j.jv A i' Uli tl A4t-ll . tlliVt II V -------- i
are conlWh-Kf. that thn uporilnof Ten- 1 ii-consumption in A- ;
,w . ' Ji i i i i i- i t-.i mcrica is reduced this year
nes.ee, who have elevated him to the : (o mQ fiQ0 for- 5jx .
highest olbte within their gut, will. momhs j.. ,250,000
depreciatie tne value of these laurels j The consumption of iho ,
were buried alone the shoic before
the boat reached Cairo,1 three more,
.had died and six or seven others
t were in flic-last stages of the- dis
i i ...
ease. j ' ' '
There! were about 300 passen
gers oii tlie boatj.many ol whom
were emignihls and Calilbrnians.
A man byl tlie nan:c of Cone who
left-aJtaihily in Illinois, and bad
been to .California, was- stricken
down and died, and was buried
when within 100 miles of his home.
Lou. Com; 11 h hist.'
Cholera We think it proper
to allude to the existence of a very
few isolated cases of Cholera in
Memphis, this season, not because
they present a subject of alarm by
by refusing
civic wreatH
In ore
ence natiur,
ration of the olnce of Gov
criior Trous
dueed Jikk
otlic which
for military
to neutraliz
and avail thbm
portunity U
visions wbic
to entwine tJiem in the iCon,i,iem at i.ooo,ooo ?e
;.!-T,3i I,;. i atmm. fornix months- -
)1 .ill 1 IO UUL III 114.3 ami. f
o counteract the influ
t.-i. '.i. -..4 1 .
linrini- .r,,l, j l. i- " " "
i ere u i q at
i" uuaraiuinu below kSj.
Lou. tfottr. ' -
-.". lufuorougli, 3Iass., (hefc i
-M'tMi a manufacturing ,stab!
mint a laro mci.-iT ...i. ,
" uuicomiort m a cmid; ,A u,h,L...
as does thf; ini iiiM,, i ; i- ' .
eed. ho habituated i,as be be
come to its use that he must h!ave
it apd iv.lk.tallday m Uie cciltr
of he shocj,eivingau.;iv u.hj
good appetite 'and a great' reiisll-
a inan
I Deficiency - '
To be supplied by our future receipts
llv snnnnn from the
. , 1 1 I O O j j Vlil MIC aWWj Oil j ''UOjUI
usual serVick of such a man as Gov- j the deficiency to ; be supplied, and
Uale,tlie wings hafce m-;SUnp()ijin,r our licxt crop to be a very
3 Campbell to vac ite aa lare one; it will come to market in
o 4cuuitr iii;js liKe
end llf rill r-'lrrfc r I t
4 cii c pioitssionpiiy
icrmeu. in ucJi play je n6uk
uccctsiuHdiiy una a -soger 7 in
miouui until ai lengii, a taste ivas
lornieu fdi- Mm f,t,., trr rrl . f . tk.
I aji j. . ( ...v UlilLil 3 fit I!
"' "V ' ' "u ? increased and he has now becdme
gciiiicu iiitiiuis ui us j,m evaiciicc hi
circulation through the adjacent
country. I ;
We have endeavored to reach
the most authentic sources on the
subject, and we find that not more
-giducu as mail -a slave 'to
acquired appetite. ; -:
at all the ports, up to thellatest d.
;since the 1st h'efiember ist, amofcit
to 2,107,020 bales, mailing the
crease over last year 2l0.-luJ ba
d inlThe kcrease in the exports io
sallio11 P("s, is oSTtil bales;
than eiht or ten cases have oc-r
curred during the whole season.
and that these have all occurred
two. or at most in three families
livine together in the northern Dor-1 -rtiiern ports, ILVJJiTo bales.
tion of the city. Memphis m-Increase in the stock on haul d
at. i ' ' on slnpboanl at Xow Orleans ou
' J I f Jv . 1
ti jj r t- 4 i-' -tocn nist., as coiiuir'd with 1
to the last nuafantine report, tlie - 4-
ports of riVipoli, Alexandria, C'n- f
ra. Wo have bad
of cholera that have pro
f f r 1 1 1 1 L W.rA 1 j.J
' 1 lAlL I' 1 1 1 I . - ASv l-il'i
-ii fUU u muj.ciijauuui una lumm v .1 counl 0j tlie plasue; and the whole r-ot aLitnn, bat wo men! inii tti r.r,.,
4 ; I v 4T- I'll. Ill
. -trio
obtain power by the di-; 40,000 to 150,000 bales. There is
i h ive been created iii no WaV of supplyintr this stock, and
Tennessee respecting the best mode i the crop cannot sell below the present
of arresting thjj spirit of fanaticism ; rates, even it be j 3,000,000 j bales;
inthenoHkrn States. Hence the! because; at, the present rates, con-
keen eye and tlie eloquent tongue ot .gumption is stimulated.
tol. uentry coukt not let pass an op
portunity to call to the, aid of kis
Vcmonl Democracy.
The Democratic State Committee
have called a State -Convention at
arty another experiment, like that
""which succeeded with the name oT
Harrison! and Taylor, to put men mtp?AT . I Vl ' ,7a ;, .
but not pryles into the - !sent cundi datcs for (Ivernor, Lieut,
iiantslrai on of the government, which n, Ln(i Tir t, h cn.
a art needed to keep- the , ship df State ; tQ(1 b the Dcmocracv of; thc
where Wa)Snington, . Jefl.rsou anji ;tate at he elcction in September.
d i Jiickson .! placed, it. nat is the . mi . i il.i ..h i-
whigconventionjatn judgmen '.of' th?J country already- !
in rchtxon to jpies ion. aais mg out the combinations that were rc-!from whiclk it cmanatcs. It u:
of the existence ofshuen flese sorted to, to. place Gen Harrison in ... , M hnn(lfitlvnet with.
The language of i the call indicates,
fill ''u-iirt u-nnlil lmnoistlv nt ft'i th nrirl
the presidency. Is there, a single :corai;1Hy sustain the National Demo-
J i x -i ; o- T cratie party "Pon the PL'ltronn flraw
OYH1 tlpmon iino-lit. to remember that
thc 'whigs of tlie free states support
ed Gen'. Tavlou, without requinng
;im jiii.uj;vaiiui iiiiuu.. , y icn n lmiiiueuj io itjuf. iiu: 'M.inr)ip,i w
All thn la.Ws fpom: him were - to -rtx-iii' ii-"iil tl'iT.i ri.i 1 1 . ..-1 rl 4 v
iia iii' ' i iniiiuj unw mv-ii ihH iiiui in-ivi" 'wt
:. ...... -1 t . i a. .i i... I? . i . -1 i .. ;
n-e histkian will point as uaicient, b , thc h;d of: Siha Wright
,-en if so intended to repress the . m, ied b tho Bal timor6 Convcntion
anvevus wiucnwere tnen ueveinpea , oc j i u '
feifl.Mly-culo.cbll.cl w. enacted .iytfVliit of c,ioni .trife -nil ?lCJ "o i
.1. . .. 1 ' . -ii
uie newspaper, man nags .recently
contracted for closed by locks, in
stead of being merely tied, as has
been the practice heretofore
This is aiV excellent arrangement,
and wall insure greater security' to
this class 61 mail matter.
-iVtv.' Bunk in New York. With
in the lasi six months, nine new
banks have been established in the
city of IS'ew Vork. adding over six
.of the ports; of ;Turkey and )Df;lence of tk cholera, to admonish l
Greece are declared oto be suspect- ltizens to care and prudence so
en. ! jjo avonl the" coTeiiuences of i!m-
We learn that it is the intention hf !fcf'er; f JOtl and iI'roptr exposiire.
the Postmaster General to have allFntT? Is 110 causc ptrsons in
hot visit our eit The cases so
lave been confined to few persr
ml low and dirty districts,-s
earn. . ; ;
Various -rumors are afloat in 1
(Jou'ntry; tne above is. the true st;
ot the ljicts. JLniq)hisExjttas.'
Ked IIivePw Ciirirs. Tho Alex;
ilr'tn T?.r.,.t.t:. . 4" Al . 1 J ,
una Au ii;u'ii';,ill IU l!ie Oil lllSt. S:i
that the crops in that Section of tfit
State were Mitfcnng mueh fr
millions dollars to thc banking cap-ia want of rain. , It also complains
Coiiirrcss. Gen. Scott will occupy
the sanic' ground, .and with that the
Southern whigs ought to be satisfied.
(Art! the people of tlfis State ready
for 'this doctrine? Bring your State
into! the wliig line in j this election;
audii is the best doctrine you can
hone for from the whig party in thc
K rThirln-lwo . Mateo. The Clarks-
personaljimbition? ; And is not the th;U timeand who wouia cherish
observatif3n sun morg true iwiien ap
: . . . ' " . - : " f fana loiiow tne auvice oi vasmugton
the administratioit of Geh.-r. . kaat(s, in i,:- nnn.
n l . .1 . ...I.1 . .". L ! ai . i T ....v... ' J
layior, unuer. uote auspices r me . f cn t Mndinanflv frown nnon
uuKe, ai. i too oppnuujr u. g;ti alienate any portion of our
the U moi was almost lose, -and would jt ' from tho.restl or to enfeeble
eertaiulvihavD been so, but tor tk:ei0 , lvll:, i- i. tofr .,r
1-ordtral of ks auditors smiled at the rc- played upon you again; unless you jstructive hurricane which passed
mark' he stopped, and in an under! discard all minor djilerenees ol opin- j over that, city on ! Sunday), the 4th
an a"i tone ?' but loud enough toibo heard all 'ion, and rally around your prmcirJes. instant, spreading ruin andjdevasta
Jeffersonian says: "In the.
tcour.c of his .speech at Dover, - Gen.
in speaking ot the Con-
edeacy, said it was comjiosed of
r oi -candidate? ifurli-tKo states.- fceemg that scve
f it will
t, we can
l J i
ome extern i ,;an nnr, f ihw nrn
Uui tHV iiyuc.j x v
ihirfy-tico states. . After tin instant s
hesitation and reflection, he rais'ed
his voice to the concert pitch and'eji:
claiined 'yes, tthiy-tieo . stated An
old'gentUmaii sitting near us re-
fk-od th:it, ibe thirtv-second Staite
was probably the one 'the Judje j compromise of the last session.- 1
nru ho (ImU-nnr of. He. li(l not the declarations of Col Gentry, nr.
think he could come it in .any of the true; why has he not "thought of Mr
the first dawning of every attempt
timely interposition of those patriot- tft nfApni1 ih. n.nv
ic liicii who had been tfu-own aside by ! consult and act together for the com
those whb clamored loudest that st his ; mn 00 '- ; ..
succestliil General was not a partv
XtormJ Tlie j llaleijh
We say'to the democrats of Ten- fX. C.Vllccister of the 7lh- kist..
r v . w i . . -
ssee, thc same game is about to be contains anaccount ot a yeiy de
mnty (Carroll)
didates for the
emocratic' can
case in every
i. , ,, 1 t ...... I i A
as your soiaiers uiu against ine; iIOn in its course, so ijinous a
common enemy at New Orleans andistohn was never before experienced
m .Mexico. ininKomy oiyourjcouu- m uiaij latiiutic. its iracn was not
fly--olj.jtk old principles of repub
lican democracy and believe v not
those wlib telf ypu that tho support
ital of ihi citv
Factories at the South. The new
cotton factory o( Autauga ville near
Alabama river, is iiov in full ope
ration, and turning out exci-llent
fabrics aiid yarns. The ! Mobile
Tribune says,- that the Ablyuna,
Georgia and Virginia mills now
snpply thc bulk of negro osnaburgs
and unbleached cotton gojds re
quired for the planting Stafes. It
will not be long belure-.bleached
goods will be made to a hrge ex
tent. These facts show that th
SontlJ is gradually, freeing herself!
from Northern bondage. !
We un lerstand from Gen. Pil
cold weather, and savslthat if :i In
clli-.nl, 1 nnnnia I il .A I
-'"u'' vi.ui ii, nuui'.i iihio.i WiUii
ruin thcni. The river! was still fijli
mg, .Iravmg receded about tilU
feet fromt highest point i: h:id
taiued this season- i .'.
Thc population of Illinois, as
ported by Congressional districts, ch
titles the nortluTn iirion of t
State to two additioiiil membTs
mrii-p than nne hundred vards ivide.
the! direction Irom southivesi to a is confirmed. T)ie rebels
lahresi! pear to have no political aim,
I --O 1 i ft. T t -il ' ImA i
nnrthessL unrootinsr the
r,f wiiin-Uprv i'mV the support of the tr liffino- in some instamhes bous- have reached to within IJ.0 miles
v , . . .. . ' . . . . i r i . i
. ph. . a i . A .' . r i . i -iTirnTi '
4i rs irom nooi lotoiujiiuiis dim uiui y" ;
(irktown. Va.J
thirty-one liow in the Union.
i i
An Error. .1
. It is '' an error lor the .Whigs to
trating them to :the ear h,!6vcr
throwing clmnnevs and lenfccsl un
roofing houses, and nlherw
Clay or Mr Welister, who were the j
champions of ; that compromise, ss: heavy damage in its coursb,
the can('
iastic meeting ' cb.irgc that Mr. Wilmot, of Pennsl
iiislv. and ain- yania.-was the author of the first an-
litionallv nominatbdi'Jl- ti-slavery proviso. Trie first provifo
L as their candidatd
for the Presi-'ff this kind was contained in the or-
U.t tbp-ii.i i Jiuance for the government of thej Tdljlim
nau ine ini-i,T ., , ., 1 T....ii
North-west Territory. Gen. Tayl6r
endorsed that, inhislcttcr.toMr. lay
ior, of Cincinnati. The next prov;-
and support i so was that contained in the Missouri
i coniTtromise, of which Air. Clay
AMlGRrTIOX II'.OM lntLAND. A L j,, . -,n .0 i '
j,li cln-onclcnt f WUhdon ') 1-.!mJ w t.
x r ai 'iiuceu oeiore ii. uuiw o, A.j.t. mu
.lit hoover, o,,ly covered the
upon him to explain why it j-is that acle that no lives were los
UCilJ oeuLL lias oeea uouiiuitivu uy U' scene IS SaiQ u uaiv wwun
vast; number of the whigs in New appalling.
England in -Delaware, incw lorK,
MassachusettSj Ohio,- and Michigan.
to explain) why it is that Mr.
Clayton, General lavlor s Secretary:
of Stale has openly declared for Gen.
Scott, and that Mr.' Seward o the'
friend of Gen. Scott, is out openly'
airainst t he fugitive slave law.
I Insnrr
that he is making all thc progress
in the cnterpnze of rendering
river navigable which could reasona
bly be expected. We don't remenjber
the exact number of workmen he
at this time, but it is a pretty strln
her as rapidly
The China Tti:rEi.uox. The n
of -a rebellion in the interior of i (Ihi
hpwge l rade.of hey IVrsl.T
Sponge trade is creatn
sation in our midst. ;
utr oi our citizens ait- ciiacd
jrocurii-g it, and ate reaping
I. i j
iiaimsonie reward lor
Tlie sponge is cured,
into maikeL and sold
chants lor ew York
where they arc mil inlactusin'
beautiful article of clmhfrom it.
g quite a sc b-
A lare iituli-
tht ir labor.-U
and lrouLri
to our me
rce, and theviarc getting out 1 iii!T,ie di;covcry uas nia(Ie s,4;
;ras rapidly as, possible. Colun biasx. n;o,ilIls'a5,J 'f "'as so' vahK
able for such a purpose and now
the article commands, in this mar
ket, from ten to twelve cents k
' i t - ... i
pouuu, arm a nrst rate article, ui I
cured and attended to, w:ill trin
even more. There is always a dS
ihand for it, and it would tail sur
I prise us to see it, at no distant !av
Kr.OM the liio Grande The Bio one of the print inal comirjoditiek
Grande Sentin I of the .-0th .ult.Jol our section. 7iVv V,:;t (:;.!'.
se doing says that a; body of Mexican soldiers ! - v ' ' mm I . "
D. iTIie firvd nnnrtnTfv of ArioJ. AT.0NS.- I he first Mou
idate of bis party?" Call Register thinks it was almost a1 mir- were crossing the river! to attend vain7 ''' i' , li,c am.
.nit viuociui nit imi iu UlLcllU a l . lit "
The Mexican bill, opposite Roma. Two I ?Ci,,0tcl",al? h,e! ' a co !ln. vcn;
terr b y.'Amerirans werrv snvprplv ar.nnrlnJ i I V"" 4 11,4 L lu minaier candi
The Meztcap soldiers apologised for
Michigan.- Amonj tlae
adopted by the late Legisla
one abolishing all laws lor the . coN
lection of debt. Michigan lias now
in force the most of the national
relorm measures.' ' Nolandj limita
tion law has been enacted, although
the homestead has long been ex-
tioi in China. Regard-ijempted. A number of mercantile
nC!S! Tho f-.TvLtW hm o htitJrr h',lA
urcwasL.. ,i i i ... .a
loui.nim Huuiiuun oeverui men at
ing the, long standing insurrection firms and dealers in ivaiamazoo,
kibe province of Cangi, wo' learo since the abolition of the U w rcla
fron the Overland Friend lor China, ting to debt, have announced their
for last January, that the distur
bances i are increasing in violence.
Tlie insurgents were assembled in
great strength within sixty miles
of Canton, with tlie avowed pur
pose of subverting the present dv
cnu-d that of! l'r4:io to lho Oregon bill" He
3? 1 w i vod lor the bill in spite of tk pro-
: vis(, because slaycry was already e
1 II I . ! 11UI1H:I1 lll'lll till; IIJJH"! ' UH-'uiivu at.
' y ',1.: H the Oregon bill, through; the opera- j hcajd that it was thought mscerlair
u-ntir! tionsof Mr-Clav. Missouri coinpro:' I hjVcr his Celestial Majesty would
' . .'C able to! keep the throne. ,
intention of, publishing tho names
of all delinquents, beingwjell con-
no man
vincccV5 ns they say, "that
of good intentions and honorable
principles will allow himself to be
. i . i i r 1 i 1 1 ' i '
tnus posiqu; ueiore ins npiguoors
tiasty. The revolt has attained such and fellow-citizens." ' ,Thfc honor
in1, se-
of the man is hereafter to
foundation of all ordinary
(ions. i: 1
(Love's Rancho, near San Patricio.
TheAV'eatiier and Crops
The weather, during the past
month, has been unusually cool for
the season, and the - grow th of cot
ton, says the Albany (Ga. )Palriot
of the Dili hist , .has in consequence
been retarded. The stand is gen
erally igood, but thc plant is small.
Corn w as planted later than usual.
The pjlant looks healthy, and the
quantity planted promises an abun
dant crop
Tbft crons are r.inidlv imnrnvin
t -l J -""o
under the warm weather; thouuh.
be the
1 ft m ...
dales lor the Legislature. Rob!
M. Rugg, Ksq.,was nominated bv
dm Wl,; 1 A i ': 'i' xii ' '
4..v auu aM.'J.i 1 HI. JOllCS
by the Democrats; i
The Democratic Convention In Id
at Lynnville, Giles county, on Sat
urday last nominated Dr. Thos. J.
Kenedy of Cornr rsvilic, as thedem
ocratic 'candidate for the Slate Sen
ate. JLra. L,(il. n
A private'Iettcr, rccrived in Sa
vannah, dated 2d inst., states that
there was a slight frost in Lee conn
ty, Gcorgiayon the night of iho fit
inst. Cotton is not represented as
looking well, ou ing lo the continu
ation of chillv weather. 'I be pros-
ipectof the corn crop is llatiering.
The citizens of Wa ven'y, in M r-
great injury has resulted from the'gah ccunlr, HI , b( .M a fit ti.ig btc
cold and liiifavoiablc weather that 'Iy, and passed resofiiiions prohi!;i
preceded the present warm days. ! ting the cxlibiiion of rirnrscs mk
Memphis .rjrcss. ' '(similar amusenn-uts i.i'niat place.
I !
j !
! i

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